Major Cromes Season 5 Finale Spoilers

Major Crimes Boss Previews Finale: 'Explosive Punctuation to the Season' Almost Ended the Series

Given how Part 1 of Major Crimes‘ Season 5 finale ended, it should come as no surprise that the conclusion (airing Wednesday at 9/8c, on TNT) has some earth-shaking developments of its own.

Explaining the decision to close the season with this particular two-parter — in which a Marine slayed his father-in-law merely to lure his ex-wife to a Los Angeles funeral, which he then targeted with a bomb — series creator James Duff tells TVLine, “We’ve never really had a mad bomber before, and we’re always looking for stories about criminals that we haven’t seen in our previous 198 episodes.

“It’s hard. All the low hanging fruit is gone!” he adds with a laugh. “But we also wanted to put an explosive punctuation to the end of the series, if that’s what we were doing, and instead it was an explosive punctuation to the end of the season. And as season enders go, it’s pretty big for us.”

As Duff indicated above, the events of this Wednesday’s eventful hour were originally conceived to serve as a series finale, seeing as “TNT was so unsure about whether or not they were going to pick up the series” for Season 6, he shares. But aside from a tweak here and there to some pacing and the catalyst, the storyline remained largely intact after TNT ordered a renewal.

The other draw of this arc is that fact that while the Major Crimes team at this point knows who they’re hunting, they perhaps don’t truly know why, yet. (Hint: the photos that bomber Cristian Ortiz was seen snapping from afar at the cemetery “will loom large in how the case gets solved,” Duff says.)

“The mystery of Major Crimes isn’t just about who did it all the time. Sometimes it’s about how you catch them,” Duff notes. “That’s one of the things we like about the show, that tonally it shifts and the formula shifts. We don’t always have a whodunit, and our finales very often are about people you see committing the crime at the very beginning, and… making the connection to who they are. And since this whole ‘back 8’ winter order has been about ‘connections,’ we wanted to do a two-parter about when you assume you have connections and you don’t, or that your connections are stronger than they are, or that things that should be connected don’t seem to actually work properly.”

While viewers should probably count on another bomb going off (“Ortiz has a lot of C-4 left…,” Duff warns), and yes, a new assistant chief “will be chosen at the end of the episode,” on the personal front, someone’s love life may go boom as well.

“What happens with Gus and Rusty in this episode is typical of how a lot of relationships might end in life,” Duff previews. “It calls upon Rusty to do something that I think is very mature, and I feel like people are anxious to see him do something  grown-up.”

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  1. Kim R says:

    “A new assistant chef”. 😊😀 We’ve watched since it was The Closer and have enjoyed every episode.

  2. makparis says:

    As long as the new Assistant Chief isn’t Winnie Davis, I’ll be happy.

  3. Gern Blanston says:

    If the new assistant chief is Camryn Manheim I might have to stop watching the show. I’ve been watching this series since season one episode one’s first airing and her character is enough that I might have to quit. She played the exact same type of character in Person of Interest and I seriously thought about quitting that one too until I found out that she wasn’t going to be around on the regular. It’s not her, it’s the type of character that she portrays. That kind of character just drives me nuts. Bossy, mean for no reason when attempting to get along with people would serve them better, and a know it all. Makes me want to change the channel.

    • nblackburn01 says:

      Now I am really hoping it is Winnie Davis. People who say if this happens I’ll quit watching are ridiculous. Either you’re a fan of the show or you aren’t. Given that James has said another female is joining the cast, I really am hoping for Camryn. She is a strong enough actress to hold up against Mary.

      • Andrew says:

        @ nblackburn01 – I agree.

        Personally, I like Winnie. I wouldn’t mind if she stuck around, either. I don’t mind her abrasiveness. Sometimes, you need a character like that to shake things up. I’ve found some of her lines funny, too.

        I’m sure Camryn Manheim is enjoying every minute of it too.

        It’s funny, though. When Major Crimes first started, everybody on the squad thought Sharon was a bitch. Now, they respect her. They could do the same with Winnie, if given enough time.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I’m normally with you. But, the character really bugs me that much that I would probably stop watching. You’re fan of the show argument is asinine. You can start out liking something and slowly have it change to the point that you don’t recognize it anymore and no longer care for it. I am not at that point with this show. I think that it is as good as it ever was. Even better in some ways. And I’m not one to complain if this person hooks up with that person or if the writers kill off a character that I like or a story takes a turn that I was hoping wouldn’t happen. I normally just sit back and watch and see what happens. But, I hate characters like this to the point that I have stopped watching shows over them. I have stopped movies half way through and never finished them when these deliberately obtuse characters show up. I just think that there are better ways to create tension and tell an interesting story than having a character that just says no to everything that the main characters like and yes to everything that they dislike. It’s lazy, easy writing that takes zero creativity.

        • Vicki akryszak says:

          I agree with you. I think her character distracts rather than adds to it

        • Eran says:

          Except we don’t know her character at this point any more than we did Sharon’s when she initially started popping up on The Closer as the antagonist to Brenda. This show is a master class in character development so I would not at all rule out that were Cameron M. to stick around, the writing would make sure that we were won over before long.

      • Ron Williams says:

        Characters like Davis are reason enough to stop watching show. Shows are supposed to be entertaining not purposely anti-consumer. Her character takes away from the quality of the show. Mean for no reason, stupid and incompetent. I have enough problems having to suffer through Rusty and now this character too?

    • cruisemama98 says:

      I’m with you. The character shows up, my hackles go up, and I want to put my foot through the TV. I like Camryn Mannheim but can’t take Winnie Davis. She’s the type of character that gives female bosses a bad name.

  4. Haz says:

    I have to ask what is going on with TNT? Isn’t this one of their highest rated shows? I don’t get why they are treating their higher rated series so awful. I’m still trying to comprehend how they expect to have less commercials but majority of their shows barely get a million viewers. Take Claws for example, I really don’t see it being a breakout hit. I like Neicey Nash and Carrie Preston and I hope Claws is a hit because they are great actresses but it is very out of the box for TNT and I don’t see anything to pair with it.

    • Robin says:

      TNT hired Kevin Reilly that’s the problem. He used to work for F/X and I think he wants to make TNT more edgy. Just bring great tv and great stories.

      • Mary Miller says:

        Kevin Reilly is responsible for ending TNT’s all time #1 show, Rizzoli & Isles. That show was consistently the top rated show for TNT for 7 years and he just threw it away!

    • Mary Miller says:

      TNT cancelled Rizzoli & Isles just because they said they wanted to take the network in an edgier format. Even though R&I was TNT’s #1 rated show for the entire 7 years it was on the air. In fact R&I came in 3rd in overall cable ratings, only behind Game of Thrones and Shameless. And still they cancelled it. TNT is a joke of a network. Major Crimes is the ONLY show I watch on that network, and if they get rid of that show, I am forever done with TNT.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        “3rd in overall cable ratings, only behind Game of Thrones and Shameless”? Seems like a certain zombie show, among others, might be missing from that mix….

  5. opus says:

    How have the ratings been for Major Crimes with the move to Wednesday nights? It was a fine time for me but with big hits on NBC, ABC and even CBS opposite them, I can see that a drop was possible. If so, TNT should move the show back to Monday nights. No matter what, TNT is crazy to consider dropping Major Crimes.

    • nblackburn01 says:

      They continue to hit most watched for the week. Although they have def. dropped they continue to pick them up later. I was shocked when even James said he hopes they don’t move the show back to Mondays so it doesn’t have to compete with MNF. So, TNT must be happy them. TNT can’t even think about dropping MC. TNT needs MC right now more than MC needs TNT. I would LOVE to see it go to a new network and broadcast would be AWESOME. TNT’s “new direction” shows have been in the toilet. IMHO…the only reason why Good Behavior even got renewed was because they have NOTHING to put in its place. The social media footprint for shows starting in 2 months are garbage.

      • cruisemama98 says:

        I’m a big fan of football, college and the NFL but I don’t watch MNF even if my fave team is playing. The reason? The announcers! MC would definitely be a show I would dvr as well as watch “live” so to speak.

    • Dryheat says:

      They’re not dropping it…it was renewed for a 13-episode Season 6. ;-)

  6. ragnar51 says:

    Try this on for size guys, in a normal business, Police or not, a direct subordinate relationship would never be allowed to happen. IE. if the wedding goes on as planned, Sharon or Flynn would have to leave the unit. But, if Sharon gets promoted and Provenza takes over the unit, problem solved!

  7. The Hut says:

    As long as Provenza is around and Julio is there, I’m in. Who cares about some Asst chief?

  8. Yolo says:

    We still have to deal with rusty though. Ugh

    • Ray Avret says:

      He brings a loyal group of fans that helps the ratings and viewership and if i have to watch a stupid relationship side plot to get to enjoy the rest of the show then I can live with it

  9. I love Mary and the Lt. from MASH and Police Academy. The other members are great too.

  10. Artist says:

    I have been a big fan of the ensemble cast and that is what makes both The Closer and Major Crimes interesting to me. Mary McDonnel had some big shoes to fill and she has done an excellent job.

  11. Konabean says:

    I am sure somebody’s already answered this but did it get renewed for season 6? I will be heartbroken it is not renewed. It is my favorite show.. I need my Provenza

  12. Ray Avret says:

    One of my families fav shows on TV hate to hear they are thinking of ending it. Also hope there is a good choice for assistant chief.
    I even like this show the way it is more than I did when I was the closer

  13. Beth A Meyer says:

    Please get Rusty off the show. He is ruining a great series. We fast forward through his scenes now and don’t miss any of the storyline. Therefore he is completely unnecessary.

  14. Sandra says:

    Great show,good actors , good story lines,I don’t want show to end

  15. llob taylor says:

    I love Rusty. I hate they turned his street Davy character into such a whiner. I expected more steel like the first Rusty. Someone who went out of his way to report a crime that might have implicated him because of his lifestyle then ought to be more considerate of others.
    Right now its Gus doing all the heavy lifting in that relationship. The episode was the best so far. Serious with everyone having their game faces on. I really really dislike Provenza when he does his buffonish comic schitick. He sucks and I pray he retires by next season. The new guy am scratching my head on. Doesn’t bring anything to the team. Awesome show. Glad to watch a new season…no matter how short.

  16. jj says:

    “What happens with Gus and Rusty in this episode is typical of how a lot of relationships might end in life,” Duff previews. “It calls upon Rusty to do something that I think is very mature, and I feel like people are anxious to see him do something grown-up.”

    I hope that means no more Gus.

  17. Yoko says:

    Don’t like Winnie. If TNT hadn’t renewed, after Suits ends I was done with them. They need to go back to the good show formats and stop some of the crap they have been throwing at us. Love Major Crimes.

  18. Gloria Savignano says:


  19. Judy says:

    Love this show and all the fabulous characters. Wouldn’t miss an episode. Too bad we have to wait until fall. So glad Winnie didn’t get the job. What a hag.

  20. Kenneth Toombs says:

    My wife and I both love major crimes. Is one of our favorite shows. We hated it when they canceled the closer. But we fell in love with major crimes. Please, please do not cancel this great show.