American Crime Season 3

American Crime Season 4 Poised to Tackle 'Women in the Workplace'

Should American Crime be lucky enough to score a Season 4 pickup at ABC, the acclaimed anthology drama will delve into another very timely issue: injustice in the workplace.

At Sunday’s Emmy-themed Contenders event, presented by TVLine’s sister site Deadline, exec producer Michael McDonald revealed that a potential fourth season would center on “women in the workplace,” before citing the recent sexual harassment scandals enveloping Uber and Fox News (Bill O’Reilly specifically) as examples.

McDonald then acknowledged that despite the continued support of the network and ABC Studios, a renewal is far from a slam-dunk given the series’ anemic Nielsens. “Unfortunately with broadcast television it’s very hard to get an audience,” he lamented. “Our audience may not be there right now.”

American Crime‘s current third season is tackling such weighty, relevant themes as immigration and financial inequality. “If there isn’t a Season 4, I’m so honored that this is our last season,” noted franchise vet Felicity Huffman at the Contenders event. “I think ABC has changed the face of network TV and what network TV can do.”

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  1. Austin Book says:

    Loving season three, but I can’t imagine it getting a pick-up. I think it’s ABC’s lowest-rated show. I could see a streaming platform picking it up to capitalize on its award-show potential and anthology format though.

    • Garbo says:

      Exactly, this was made for Netflix, hopefully they will pick it up. And on the completely other end of the spectrum – from deep, worthy drama to silly, immensely entertaining fun – I wish the same fate for “The Catch” in case ABC opts out. There is still hope for it though, its ratings while bad are not completely anaemic and it IS from the Shonda company so the ABC board may not wanna piss HER off. Here’s hoping cuz the second season is shockingly good and great fun, they are doing everything right and it is much better than the first season was.

      • Tennisnsun says:

        I agree with you on Season 2 of The Catch. I think the addition of TRKnight late of Grey’s Anatomy was delightful and the episodes are much livlier and spicy. I am hoping for Season 3 also.

    • Aubrey says:

      I agree, this should be on another network if it gets cancelled or even picked up for a new season. Netflix or Hulu would be the best place for it.

  2. abz says:

    I’ve been a bit disappointed with this season so far. It’s definitely not as good as the second season which I thought was great. I’m just not enjoying it. Sure, they could be working up to intertwining the stories soon, but the storylines just feel so disjointed like Kimora’s baby storyline. Plus, I was so excited to hear that they brought on Sandra Oh and they’ve barely used her.
    The fourth season sounds like it could be interesting but who knows if it’ll be renewed. Ever since I watched this show, I knew that it shouldn’t have been on ABC. It should be on Netflix or cable with less restrictions. Enough of black screens used to censor cursing. So annoying. A show airing at 10pm should not have to censor its dialogue.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Sure, sexual harassment in the workplace has only been going on for a few hundred years – so, yes, timely.

    • Hannah says:

      Sexual harassment in the workplace has also been widely ignored and/or dismissed for a few hundred years, but that has changed immensely in the past few years. So right now, yes, it is timely.

  4. LizWebberFan says:

    ABC should continue the series on-line. They already have some originals on their watchabc website. They could just add American Crime to it.

    • Haz says:

      Are any of those shows longer than ten minutes? I don’t see that working unless they try to do something like CBS All Access. They have a deal with Netflix for both American Crime and Quantico just let them take it over.

  5. harryr11 says:

    American Crime reaches back to the 50’s, the great age of drama & experimentation with the new medium, a new way of telling stories. Yet it also has roots in ABC News, telling American stories to illustrate issues that a regular newscast has difficulty presenting in a way that the audience truly understands. I hope ABC recognizes the unique vehicle they have in American Crime to renew it for a 4th season.

  6. Bobbi Potter says:

    I love this series and am hoping against hope that it will be renewed!

    • Torri says:

      I absolutely agree!! I’m hoping against hope that it won’t be cancelled, drives me nuts to have to chase shows all over the place when they are cancelled in one place and you have to figure out if someone else picked it up to see it there!!

  7. kmw says:

    No matter how creatively good American Crime is ABC cannot bring it back with the ratings it has. Nothing other then Designated Survivor has been remotely good for new dramas this season and with the exception of Grey’s Anatomy most of their older dramas have really tanked this year. Like FOX ABC needs to house clean and start over

    • James says:

      Well HTGAWM didnt tank… its not the monster it used to be but the ratings are pretty setady all the season and on par with season 2 B…

  8. Mel says:

    Sexual harassment is not a crime; it’s a civil – not a criminal – wrong.

    • kalli says:

      If the only issue that comes under ‘women in the workplace’ is sexual harassment, then the writers have a very anaemic view of the state of things.
      However, sexual harassment in itself is an anaemic term for something which can be far more insidious than what those examples suggest. It can include several things which are unambiguously criminal, including stalking and sexual assault. But you go on minimising that.

      • jp says:

        They could also include other items such as corporations who say they are ‘family friendly’ but find a way to eliminate women after they have children because they now are not available 24 hours a day.

    • Mary says:

      Sexual harassment crosses into the criminal when the person committing the harassment becomes physical. Then it is assault or depending on how far the aggressor goes sexual assault.

  9. Ram510 says:

    I’m going to guess that both American Crime and Once Upon a Time get renewed. I can see ABC using American Crime as winter filler

  10. William H Hoffman, Jr. says:

    If networks aren’t willing to at least sometimes opt for quality then they should just cede all of that to cable. I can remember when NBC stuck with Homicide:Life on The Streets for several seasons. ABC should stick with American Crime at 10 pm for at least one more season. God forbid that it be accused of opting for quality over numbers. And given all the commercial breaks they don’t seem to be hurting for advertisers. Quality acting, Emmys, and I’m sure they are not losing money on AC. What’s the problem?

  11. I think this will be the year that American Crime finally wins some Emmys besides Regina. If they get enough traction from that, season 4 will be more likely. However, if they want to continue for many seasons, they really need to pick more of a “hot topic” crime. Women’s rights in the workplace is a noble cause but I wouldn’t say it’s very commercial and will attract new viewers. They need to do something like trans rights or terrorism. Something controversial that will garner more attention.

  12. xwiseguyx says:

    I see this as an easy fit for Netflix.

  13. pickles says:

    They need to put this on Thursdays and more gritty drama and put Shonda shows on a Sunday. Greys use to be on Sundays anyway.

  14. Cynthia says:

    Such a good show!