Prison Break Recap Michael Alive

Prison Break Recap: Did Fox Thriller's Revival Hit the Ground Running?

Michael Scofield is alive and… fibbing?

As Fox’s Prison Break revival got underway this Tuesday night, we almost immediately spied the Fox River 8’s brilliant ringleader holed up in a grim foreign prison, where his picture was being taken with a makeshift camera. Some time later, the notorious Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell was being released from the aforementioned Illinois hoosegow when he received one final bit of mail — a manila envelope with eye-opening contents.

After being chased down the streets of Chicago by thugs to whom he apparently owes a nice chunk of change, Lincoln Burrows found T-Bag on his modest home’s doorstep, wielding said envelope. Urged to take a gander, Lincoln pulled out a provocative, grainy snapshot of dearly departed Michael, behind bars somewhere. Lincoln rightly suspected T-Bag of working an  angle, but the one-handed bandit insisted the well-postmarked package was legit, their lives fated to stay intertwined.

Lincoln traveled to Ithaca, N.Y. to deftly loop in Sara, who has remarried (and whose son Michael idolizes his “mythological” father). Sara refuses to believe that Michael is alive, let alone that he would keep that fact from her for seven years. Lincoln too has doubts — until, after uncovering the hidden word “OGYGIA” beneath Michael’s photo, as in the name of a Yemen prison — he takes it upon himself to dig up his brother’s grave, only to find an empty suit. Afterward, a mystery man hacks Lincoln’s car, compromising the controls until Lincoln steers himself through a guardrail and off a small cliff into a lake. Catapulting through the windshield midair, Linc survives, then hides from his attacker. Lincoln alerts Sara to the threat on his life just as an icy, pistol-packing blonde infiltrates Sara’s house, putting a bullet in her husband Jacob’s leg before being scared off by approaching sirens.

Speaking of appendages: T-Bag celebrated his freedom by cruising his email for prison groupies, but instead found he had an after-hours appointment with a “Dr. Whitcombe,” a cutting-edge researcher who has been retained by a mysterious “Outis” (meaning: “no one”) to outfit the ex-inmate with a next-gen prosthetic.

Resolved to getting at the truth — especially after learning that Michael Scofield has been “erased from history” — Lincoln made tracks for Yemen with C-Note, who now is the respected leader of an Islamic center, has “contacts who have contacts” and, for good measure, can speak a bit of Arabic. (Michael’s “best friend” Sucre, alas, is tasked with riding the pine for now.) Upon arriving in the infighting-ravaged Arab country, Lincoln and C-Note hitched a ride with the wrong driver, who led them to an ambush, though they were able to fight their way out of it (“Greetings from the U.S. prison system, bitches”). Their proper contact, Sheba, then arrived on the scene to whisk them away to something resembling safety, where Lincoln was told that the “price” for visiting Michael is his U.S. passport.

Linc gladly gave up his “ticket home,” despite C-Note’s warnings, and then paid a visit to Ogygia prison. There, he came face to face with a man who sure as hell looks just like his brother, save for some (conspicuous?) “new tats” on his hands.

Indeed, this prisoner — who goes by “Kaniel Outis,” as in the name of an incarcerated, infamous, ISIS-sympathizing terrorist — insists, “My name isn’t Michael. And I don’t know who you are,” before abruptly walking away.

What did you think of the new Prison Break‘s kickoff? Why is Michael languishing in prison under a terrorist’s name? And why would he have kept his “alive”-ness secret all this time?


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  1. Lee Bryan says:

    Was as awesome as I hoped corn.

  2. Ange says:

    If it keeps pace with tonight’s episode, I’m in.

  3. Diane says:

    Looking forward to the next episode. Dominic Purcell is selling this.
    Don’t trust Sara’s ” new husband”.

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    The flashbacks killed me. I missed this show so much.

  5. Jason says:

    Why do I have the feeling the season going to end with the murder of Sara! I just don’t think the writers want to give Sara and Michael a happy ending. Really hope I’m wrong

  6. Coach Taylor says:

    Sarah husband 100 percent in on it. Hence being shot in the leg and not killed. But it would be a nice surprise if he wasn’t actually.

    Don’t understand Michaels need to fake his identity tonight. Thoughts on this? And then in previews he is normal etc. odd

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Those tats looked like eyeballs to me meaning they’re being watched. Maybe that’s why he’s lying. He may have taken the terrorist identity to protect himself and his family. Just my initial thoughts.

    • He looked at the camera before saying anything. Like he knew there was people watching, so maybe’s that’s why he had to lie? But the look on his face when he walked away showed he hated doing that.

    • Gift says:

      I think there was a good reason….. Maybe to keep his wife, son,brother nd friends save he had to.

    • Azerty says:

      His memories were erased by the The Legends of Tomorrow during an adventure on the CW.

  7. DAMN says:

    It is annoying how they have messed with the timeline of the show.
    At the end of the series Michael’s headstone showed he died on November 4th 2005, but now his headstone states he died November 4th 2010.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Simply because it would be confusing to repeatedly say he was dead for seven years, but show a 12-year-old headstone. The original headstone date was based on premise that original series only spanned a year or so on screen.

      • But couldn’t he have been dead for 12 years? Would it have made any real difference? I found it odd they had to change the timeline.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          LOL – then people would be saying, “How could be dead 12 years when the series ended just seven years ago?”

          It’s all good. Just some numbers carved in marble.

          • DAMN says:

            Fans of the show would understand that though the show ended 7 years ago, the timeline means it been 12 years since Michael’s supposed death.
            It would have been better to keep the original timeline.
            If people were confused by the ’12 years since he died but the show ended 7 years ago’, they could have just googled it and seen the timeline of the show.
            Now its just annoying because it makes no sense.

          • Its not the year that matters, but he events. So I think we can ignore the years, 2005/2010. I’m fine with it.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            The husband didn’t even notice. He said to give it “The Highest!” grade, too. The 2010 got my brain running some numbers, automatically, which was a momentary distraction, but no biggie. They should have just put a bunch of flowers on the grave, hiding the date’s end number.

          • Shelly says:

            Not only that but how is Sara able to live in the U.S. again after breaking out of a prison in Miami? And now the grave is no longer at the beach. They really need to explain things.

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            Shelly ~ it was just the first episode. They’re not going to answer everything in the first hour. Sheesh.

          • Billy Bob Johnson says:

            Not to add any more nonsense into this nonsense, bu the series ended 8 years ago (May 2009).

          • Sarah says:

            You’re talking about a show that managed to take a bordering-ridiculous premise with the sheer number of times the same guys had to escape from yet another prison, but still managed to stay awesome. A bizarre timeline is far from the craziest thing they’ve done…

        • Gift says:

          Just Ignore it, it’s all good since it started such a blast.

      • Shelly says:

        Wrstgirl – Yeah no big deal that an escaped prisoner is walking free and Michael’s grave is clearly moved. Why would they address those glaringly obvious issues in the first episode. Are you for real?

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          Yes, why would they answer everything in the first episode. There’s a story to tell here, let them tell it. And yes, I’m real, I have a heart beat and everything.

          • Shelly says:

            Gimme a break. You’re real. Okay. Lots of story to tell with the remaining 8 episodes and they still could’ve addressed these big issues on the first episode. At least with T-Bag they alluded to someone else having a hand in his release without telling the whole story upfront. So yes it can be done.

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            Having a hand in his release, lmao!! That’s hilarious!! Anyway I never said it couldn’t be done, I just see no reason why everything has to be answered and/or revealed in the first episode. This premiere was about finding out whether or not Michael was really alive. How Sara got back into the U.S. is small potatoes compared to that. I don’t need all the mysteries tied up in a little bow right from the gate. I’m patient, I can wait for answers. That’s part of the fun of watching. IF by the end of the series they don’t tell us then I’ll question it.

          • Alex says:

            Agreed. I just finished watching the show on Netflix and as soon as I saw Sara I thought okay she’s in the US now?

          • Shelly says:

            Agree to disagree. They could’ve said something without giving all of the story away.

    • Antwon303 says:

      Who cares? My show is back and the premiere was VERY good. If you nitpick stuff you’re just going to be annoyed vs sitting back and appreciating the fact that a good show has returned.

      • Damn says:

        Clearly I care. Its not nitpicking, its a pretty big change in the timeline. A 5 year difference which has messed with the continuity of the show.

      • Gospino says:

        Yeah, it’s being pretty picky. I’d rather just enjoy the show than complain about little things and be negative for no good reason. Loved the premiere.

        • Damn says:

          A 5 year change in the shows timeline with no explanation from the show is not a little thing. If they had just stated before the release of the new season as to why they change the timeline then OK, but they didn’t and they just expected fans to accept it.
          And I’m not being negative, I enjoyed the episode. I’m just stating the obvious.
          Maybe it annoys me more than others because I just finished re-watching the series in prep for the new season.

          • PotatoMcCain says:

            It bothers me too, and I don’t think they can explain this canon-wise… But considering they’ve released a new season 8 years after the series was allegedly finished, they had enough time to think how.
            What matters the most though is that this was a good premiere, and I personally liked how they kept the original soundtrack.

      • Gift says:

        Right I’m with u

    • the whole series on screen is only 2 to 3 months total for the 4 years its was on, they believe people are too stupid to notice and no one remember sucre’s girlfriend that got pregnant and gave birth in those 2 month or so lol how is that even possible? so now they expect us to follow this bs timeline lol yeah there is more but i won’t bore you if you watched the series you all would have notice things

  8. I went in with fairly low expectations and thought it was great. Great character development with Sarah & Lincoln and I loved the flashbacks. Hopefully they can maintain this up throughout the entire 9 ep. revival. 24 should take note on how to do a revival.

    Like others have pointed out, Sarah’s husband is totally in on it. There’s no reason tey would’ve cast a relatively well known name like Mark F. and have him as a series regular if he wasn’t going to have a larger role to play in this season. And having him around just play the supportive husband wouldn’t be meaty enough of a role.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Season premiere was good. It was good to see flashbacks of the original series. Good to see most of the old gang back. Surprised the people who are erasing Michael’s identity are trying to kill his love ones. Can’t wait to find out why those people want Michael out of existence. Excited to see the rest of new episodes!

  10. DD says:

    Just got up at 5:30 AM in Israel to watch it live on tv and I loved it!!!! Can’t wait for next week! (Small note – pretty sure C-Note said he speaks Arabic, not Aramaic…)

  11. Loved it so much!! SO excited its back!

  12. Chuck says:

    I thought the first episode was a bore.

  13. Steve says:

    If those are the questions you are asking then that’s nothing. How about the fact that his headstone was was in another country at the end of the series! Remember they all flew to go see it, and Michael Jr and Sara were speaking another language. Which brings to the bigger question. How are Sara and Lincoln even back in the US? Sara was in prison and Lincoln broke her out. Are they just pretending that plot didn’t happen? Also, it would have taken that female hitter about 10 more seconds to go kill Sara. That was silly…

    • ameraleigh says:

      Perhaps they put up another headstone in the States when they went back so that they wouldn’t have to keep going back to Panama. There’s no law is there that says you can’t have multiple headstones or memorial spots. And perhaps Kellerman also helped to clear their names after Sara was broken out of prison?
      Would that woman have had enough time to kill Sara and still get out of the house without being seen? Or did she just have enough time to get out?
      It’s only been one episode, perhaps they will explain these things.

  14. Ben says:

    I really enjoyed it! My brother pointed out that Michael looked like he was lying when he turned away from Lincoln, he does know who he is, it’s just not safe. He also knows the Linc will stop at nothing to save him and won’t be too discouraged by this. Can’t wait for next week.

  15. Thank you Fox for bringing this show back to us. Let’s hope it is gonna be hell of the ride! :)

  16. Smith says:

    Digested this episode and can’t wait for the next. So many reason to be careful and trust will be dangled again

  17. Dominique says:

    this was an excellent episode, it hit all the right notes and it really gave that s1/s2 prison break feeling, which were, imo the best seasons. i loved that this episode mostly focussed on lincoln and i can’t wait to see where the rest of the story will take us. michael’s new ID sure is a tricky one, i wonder who’s behind it all. obviously kellerman’s going to play a big part in getting them out of the country, given his knowledge and status.
    THIS is how you do a revival.

  18. Gift says:

    Awesome!!!!! Of cause not everyone but I saw most of the people I want to see. Looking forward to this amazing revival.

  19. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Everything it ever was, and more.

  20. Susan says:

    I’m not sure if anyone noticed but there was a really cool Easter egg for “The Odyssey”. The name Outis means “nobody” in Greek. In “The Odyssey”, when the Cyclops asks him who he is, he says “no man”. And the tattoos on Michael’s hands are of a single eye, like the Cyclops. Will be interesting to see what other Easter eggs there are for “The Odyssey”.

  21. Jill says:

    I don’t get it…yet but I am fan and watched every episode of the original series. Can’t believe the guy from Royal Pains is Sarah’s new squeeze.

  22. Ann says:

    I loved it!! This is so minor but I was annoyed that the guys chasing Linc at the beginning for money made absolutely no effort to get out of the car and look for him. Then after their threats where does he go? Home! Wouldn’t that have been the first place they’d look for him? Even if he wanted to go home and grab a few things to hide out, there was no sense of urgency from him nor did he look around the house at all before going in. They obviously needed to bring him and T bag together.

    • Gift says:

      Or maybe those guys don’t know his house. Can people quit complaining nd let us watch first? We will have Alot to say later. It’s possible Sara being in the use now her name might have been cleared. It’s seven years already like they said. Alot might have happened. Let’s leave the fillers for later.

  23. Wrstlgirl says:

    I have a question, hoping someone can help me out with. When the show ended they had jumped ahead 4 yrs to everyone at Michael’s headstone. Then in the movie they showed us how he actually died, or so they thought. In last night’s premiere they showed a “dead” Michael in that beige suit before burial. I don’t recall ever seeing the actual funeral though so was that scene last night just for the revival or am I completely forgetting something.

    • Gift says:

      Yes they didn’t show the funeral, And they didn’t show us if he actually really died that day. He just didn’t come out of there. I think showing that part he layed dead, this revival is going to use that to explain to us how he survived nd played everyone. For a revival, this show has done very well for their first episode. So let’s wait nd see what happens then our questions be answered.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Don’t confuse me with those who need immediate answers :-) I’m fine with watching this play out. I just wasn’t sure if that scene of “dead” Michael laying on the slab was a flashback or if it was done purely for the revival. So you think Michael has been playing everyone, that never even crossed my mind. I figured he was caught and forced back into prison and for whatever reason someone faked his death. He was unable to contact his family. Guess we’ll see.

        • Gift says:

          Yea but as we know there is no prison Michael couldn’t break out from. He may have fake his death or not but one thing is clear that he is In that prison to hide from something or some people. Or someone put him there so no one can find him but if someone else did, Michael would have escaped by now. He is either trying to protect Sara nd their son or his brother.

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            Being there to protect his loved ones is one thing but playing everybody is different. Playing people implies undermining someone for your benefit. If he’s “playing” anybody it’s his enemy, not his family. Unless he’s turned into a total arsehole.

          • Gift says:

            Okay I might have chosen the wrong word, he actually might have kept them in the dark for their safety. But he is certainly fooling someone.

  24. Stephanie says:

    Loved it!

  25. Getting better each week! Cant wait to see what happens now that Michael’s plan is ruined.