Arrow Olicity Episode Season 5

Arrow Boss: Oliver/Felicity-Centric Episode Will Offer 'Full-On Exploration' of Why Season 4 Breakup Happened

Coming out of the next Arrow episode — which Stephen Amell has dubbed “Team Arrow vs. Team Felicity” — The CW series will deliver an overdue deep dive into Oliver and Felicity’s infamous Season 4 breakup.

Amell first teased the “Olicity”-centric episode last month, tweeting that he was filming the “first episode EVER where the same actor shares every single one of my scenes with me. Going to be great.” He added, “And by my scenes I mean our scenes. By definition. Super cool episode.”

Amell was referring to Season 5, Episode 20, which is titled “Underneath,” airs during May sweeps and will revisit, in depth, Felicity’s termination of their wedding engagement after learning that Oliver 1) had a son, 2) didn’t tell her, and 3) then didn’t include his bride-to-be in the decision to send young William and his mother away, to safety.

“One of the things that we’ve always wanted to do, and I think a lot of the fans have asked for, is basically deal with the consequences of Episode 415 [when] Oliver and Felicity ended their engagement and broke up,” Arrow co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim tells TVLine. “They never really had a full-on discussion or exploration of why that breakup happened. Felicity just sort of reached her breaking point and walked out the door” — that is, after the tech that remedied her gunshot-induced paralysis kicked in, allowing her to rise from her wheelchair to her feet.

“This is definitely an examination of the state of their breakup,” the EP reiterates. “It comes out of the events of 519 [titled ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ aka ‘Team Arrow vs. Team Felicity’] and, quite frankly, all the other episodes that led up to it. Something happens in 519 [airing Wednesday, April 26] that really tees up this conversation.”

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Wow. I can’t believe it and it only took over a year! I’ve been wanting to know why they acted like they were never together or almost engaged. It definitely threw me earlier this season. Sounds good. Can’t wait.

  2. Karen says:

    I thought they broke up cause it was an early birthday gift from Marc.

  3. I am so excited for this episode!! It has been a long time coming! The final 5 episodes of the season will be amazing!

    • Lizzie says:

      Same. I’m more pumped for these last few episodes than I have been for the whole season. It’s been hit and miss for me but these sound so good.

  4. Red says:

    felicity will lead a team, oliver will lead his team. a lot of action and olicity finally rise again

    wow!I can’t wait to watch it

    • i dont think olicity will come back right away, but i think this episode will allow felicity to finally understand why oliver keeps secrets. He doesnt want to expose the ones he loves to true darkness. Something felicity can understand only when she experiences darkness, and realize this is exactly what oliver was hoping wouldnt ever happen to her. This, in turn, will lay the foundation for a potential revival of their relationship.

      • Liz says:

        Agreed. If Olicity are getting back together, I don’t think it will happen yet. Maybe not even this season. But this is definitely a step closer. The fact that they’re acknowledging their relationship again after almost a whole season of silence makes me hopeful. I was losing hope tbh.

        • Stacey says:

          I agree, I don’t see them getting back together this season, but I believe they are most definitely endgame. Regardless, really enjoying this season! Prometheus/Adrian is a great villian!

          • Liz says:

            The endgame thing is difficult because obviously I want them to end up together but I also want to enjoy the journey & this season hasn’t been great for them. The break up drama was even worse. I just hope they stop relying on contrived drama. Olicity are great together & SA/EBR have fantastic chemistry so they really could just let them thrive on their own.

            Agreed though, Prometheus is awesome. Better than Slade, imo.

          • Stacey says:

            I agree on the drama aspect. It was quite annoying last season. I’m glad they’re finally going to address the issue. And yes, they both have amazing chemistry!

  5. Lex says:

    Well it’s about damn time someone commented on the giant green elephant in the room. I could comment about how *twenty effing episodes* is a long time to explain character dynamics, but I think it’s just a weakness of network seasons being so long.

  6. patty says:


  7. Freddie says:

    As a massive Olicity fan, I’m not holding my breath. The break-up made no sense. Maybe, for some, the couple made no sense to begin with and fair enough if that is your opinion. I’m not arguing that point. What I am saying is that, whether the couple made sense to you, their break up came out of nowhere. An “exploration” a year-plus down the road won’t change the fact that the show’s PTBs violated the one cardinal rule of TV: show, don’t tell.

    • Liz says:

      I agree to an extent. It’s definitely way overdue to talk about their break up. I don’t know why it has taken so long. I also agree that the break up came out of nowhere. It was messy and so badly done but they obviously wanted them to break up for a while & just went about it in the worst way possible.

      Something has been missing on the show and between these two & I’m just glad they’re acknowledging it again. We’ll see how it plays out though. I won’t be holding my breath either simply because I think they’ve done Olicity dirty this whole season so far & I’m wondering how that’s gonna suddenly change.

    • Emily says:

      The more I’ve thought about it the more I think the Olicity break-up makes sense if Felicity found out after the accident that she a) was pregnant and miscarried and/or b) due to the damage she wouldn’t be able to have kids. Finding out Oliver has a kid and is not planning on being said kids parent would be much more jarring if Felicity was struggling with her own feelings about kids. That being said, I don’t honestly know if that is where the show is going, but I’m excited to see Oliver and Felicity together again even if it’s just as close friends. I’m also hopeful they are planning an Olicity reset for next season.

      • Lizzie says:

        I always thought the break-up would’ve made sense if Oliver didn’t want to be in his son’s life because it was dangerous but Felicity disagreed because she grew up without her dad so she can relate. That would’ve worked. Not the absolute rubbish lie concealing William’s existence. To this day it still makes no sense.

    • Lex says:

      They violate the show, don’t tell rule on a regular basis, so I’m never surprised when what they’re telling me and what I’m seeing don’t match up. Susan Williams is the best example of this. She’s a good person? Really? Meanwhile they tell me Olicity is over and from what I see they’re married af.

    • kath says:

      I think their break-up came out of the mandated “Hey they’ve been together for a year…time to break them up!” that TV does. The problem is that it was so badly written, it didn’t make sense at all.

      As to why it’s taken so long to explore it, my guess is that the backlash from the whole Baby Mama/Oliver lying storyline was bad and the producers, attributing it to having Oliver and Felicity together at all rather than the very crappy writing and WTF Oliver?ness of the storyline, decided to pretend it all never happened.
      Of course, that just made things worse.
      If you make a mistake, you have to know what it is before you can fix it.

  8. Adrian Donovan says:

    Ugh…tired of her…kill her off the show

  9. Emma88 says:

    Finally a real discussion between olicity about their break up!!!! Can’t wait for that episode !!!!!

  10. Death says:

    [etta james voice] at last

  11. Carla Krae says:

    Don’t care.

  12. kath says:

    Color me cynical but with the “Oliver and Felicity had a mature discussion over the summer hiatus and now they’re moving on” in the early interview, it feels like the producers never intended to go back to that. And that they threw this episode in when they realized how badly they had messed up.
    Still, better late than never. I’ll be tuning in.

  13. ktc1986 says:

    Guggenheim has delivered a top shelf season of TV with season 5 of Arrow and not having “Olicity” drama has been a massive help. Hopefully they’re not getting back together, the show needs to move forward, not backwards.

    • Iris says:

      0.5, 0.5, 0.5…

        • suzi says:

          yep ,but@fiacresgirl those figures started plummeting when olicity happened.
          olicity and it’s shippers are to blame for TRUE arrow fans leaving …

          • L says:

            Um sorry but that’s false. The 0.5 demo happened THIS season where there has been zero Olicity. Episodes with Olicity in season 4 were still getting 0.9-1.0 demos. 401 had the most watched season opener since the pilot and featured Olicity together.

            And I’m sorry but who are TRUE Arrow fans? We all watch therefore we are all fans. I really don’t understand such a statement.

          • AMB says:

            That is factually incorrect.

          • kath says:

            If you look at the show’s numbers, ratings were steady season 3 through most of season 4. Stephen Amell even tweeted thata it was one of only four shows that didn’t lose ratings the previous season. The ratings dropped after Oliver and Felicity broke up. They stayed at the same level in the episode after Laurel died but after that, it’s been a steady slide downhill for the show both in terms of ratings and number of viewers.

          • Dawn says:

            What the hell is a TRUE Arrow fan? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a while. The level of entitlement is at peak levels with this claim.

          • Azure says:

            Funny, that’s not the numbers I see. Presenting a few alternative facts, there?

        • Iris says:

          No they don’t, don’t they? :)

      • AMB says:

        Ding ding ding ding. All the people saying this is “the best” season are ignoring the ratings, the closest thing there is to an objective measurement. They’ve been in the crapper all season.

        • Iris says:

          Hence the showrunners are back to their good old baiting tactics with the audience that brings the ratings in. Only I’m not sure it’s going to work this time around.

    • I haven’t watched half of season 5. The writers sidelined all the major characters, reverted Felicity to a previous version of herself with no explanation, pretended that Olicity was never a thing, and forced like 8 new characters on us, including new love interests no one wanted. PASS.

      5×19 and 5×20 is what I’m here for. The last several episodes have been good too.

    • L says:

      I think there’s a misconception here because Olicity fans don’t want drama either. We just want to watch our couple be together and kick ass at the same time. It’s simple really.

      • Lex says:

        We are perfectly cool with a Coach and Mrs. Coach (Arrow and Mrs. Arrow?) situation, where their relationship is happy and stable enough to FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND and let actual, well thought out plotting create the narrative tension. But no, because CW.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I am here for Arrow and Mrs. Arrow, should you ever start a club or get buttons or something.

        • Liz says:

          I’d legit kill for Olicity to just be together in the background to the point where everyone just accepts that they’re together & always will be. No drama. Just let them be. Focus the stories around everything else & occasionally show Olicity’s connection & it’d be awesome. But sadly we’re on the CW. Stupid network!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I am so excited for the next two episodes of arrow that we get to see why Olicity broken up in the first place and I hope Oliver can see what he did was wrong by not making her not a part of what is going on in his life. Can’t wait to see how they move forward after they talk with each other and their relationship for the rest of the season. I hope Olicity get back together by the end of the season

  15. Luis Roman says:

    Frankly. given the nuclear missiles and the business with Dahrk, it’s hardly surprising Oliver and Felicity didn’t discuss their relationship during the remainder of S4. Given further that Oliver is a dumb asshat who would rather be ruinously tortured than talk about his feelings, it’s not surprising that they still haven’t managed to talk through those feelings. Is Dr. Phil going to play couple therapist?

  16. T.W.S.S. says:

    Well, I guess, congratulations to the fans who asked for this. I honestly forgot that Oliver and Felicity were engaged and living together last year.

  17. modwildtv says:

    Why plot driven shows are terrible example 6,137

    • lilyb says:

      Didn’t you ask Emily in an interview how she felt about people thinking Felicity ruined the show? Not surprised that you don’t like this development!

      • Liz says:

        Actually I think modwildtv was commenting on the fact that this development is happening 20 episodes later than it should have because it’s all plot driven and not character driven. I’m sure she dislikes Olicity, knowing her previous articles, but this is badly plotted.

        • lilyb says:

          If that’s the case then my bad.

        • Azure says:

          Liz, did modwildtv actually ask Emily that? Ugh. Wow, that went beyond rude and unprofessional. Also, reason number 6,138 why people who aren’t trained journalists shouldn’t pretend they are.

  18. Lol. Addressing issues from last season. She broke up with him, because he lied. He;s too much of a cuck to tell her she’s constantly lied to him.

    Kill her off. End this whole olicity thing. Arrow veered off course when it followed this path. the only way to course correct is to end this relationship once and for all.

    I fear it’s too late however. The 2 previous episodes before last weeks showed potential for a return back to the first two ( and best seasons) of this show. Yet again they through everything under the bus with a psychologically broken Oliver miraculously healed and ready to fight in the space of one episode.

    Pandering to olicity fans has killed this show. Now pandering to laurel / black siren fans has negated any impact her death had by rehashing this relationship and moving this show backwards.WE had the perfect opportuntity to bring back the darker edgier and better Arrow Of easlier seasons and that opportunity has well and truly been wasted.

    The darker and grittier Seasons 1 and 2 defined this series and launched the whole DCTV universe. Arrow was essentially Batman the TV show. Now it’s become Greys Anatomy.

    What an utter shambles.

    • Lex says:

      Don’t let the arrow hit you on your way out.

    • kath says:

      If the two previous episodes “showed potential for a return” to the best seasons, what about the first 15 episodes of this season which had zero Olicity and was promoted as “back to basics”?
      I guess I missed the episodes where Felicity lied to Oliver about her secret child.

      • Back to Basics,, with Ragman, Artemis, Mr Terrifci and Wild Dog? it was just repeating mistakes of the past and added a lo more unnecessary characters into the mix

        YOU must have missed the episode where Oliver and felicity were living in the suburbs and felicity was lying to Oliver everyday by still helping the team as over watch behind olivers back.

        • kath says:

          I agree about the quality of the episodes focusing on Curtis, Evelyn and especially Wild Dog but it is the show’s attempt to go back to the street fighting and superhero creation of the first two seasons that people who love the comic books were asking for.. But there was zero Olicity in those episodes and ratings kept going down so it’s not Olicity that is killing the show.

          I’d argue that lying to his fiancee about having a secret child that she would be on the hook for a lot of money if Samantha ever decided to go after Oliver for 8 years of child support is different than Felicity helping out her Team back in Starling City. It’s not like she could have told Oliver because he didn’t give her a choice, it was either go away with him and leave the team of or stay working on the team without him.
          But working through issues like that is the kind of adult interactions I would like to see on the show along with the costumes and masks and street fights. Like others have said, Coach and Tammi on Friday Night Lights had that kind of relationship.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Amell’s expression in that screencap is me watching this season, and I am that screencap. I don’t even care if that wasn’t intentional, it absolutely made my day, because hashtag truth. (That being said, I am a sucker for these two and in it for the long haul, even as I wouldn’t trust this writers’ room with a fake $3 bill.)

  20. A year later? Why are you such terrible writers?

    I’m going to guess that you what you mean is you are going to retcon it, probably into being Felicity’s fault.

  21. jj says:

    Olicity … barf .. Felicity is awful.

  22. Diane says:

    Too much water under the bridge! I stopped watching a few episodes after the break up thinking they would get them back together. It’s not that I’m such a romantic, it’s that they had a bit of quirky chemistry, she was funny and snarky then and the skill sets they had combined made them a good team. Tried watching again recently and between the bad wigs and ridiculous plot points, I’m done!

    • Liz says:

      Just watch Olicity scenes on youtube then. A lot of O/F fans have been doing the same this season, lol. Not that there’s been much to watch, lbr.

  23. Hodan says:

    This conversation needed to happen like a year. Trust Arrow to always be about the plots and not character developments.

  24. brenna says:

    That scene where Felicity learned to walk just in time to walk out on Oliver was absolutely the worst written scene ever. It’s a case of choosing a twist over a well written story/ characters. It’s not the only time these writers have done this. Please just write a great story with great action and a few twists. I still love Olicity and the SA/EBR chemistry. I just don’t really trust the showrunners/writers any longer. I love the cast and will stay with the show however!

  25. Kristina says:

    FINALLY. It’s ridiculous they never even addressed it. I don’t even need them to get back together, it would just be nice for them to acknowledge the fact that they were together and it ended.

  26. suzi says:

    OH GOD!
    i just really hope they DON’T get back together, that would be a disaster ,
    and most true arrow fans hate olicity (me included) and some even hate felicity since that whole season 3-4 debacle
    i just hope this episode is a one off and finally puts to rest the toxic olicity relationship.

    • Lex says:

      I love how whenever people hate on Felicity they have to mention that “most Arrow fans” hate her too. Where’s the data? Or could it be a combined case of confirmation bias and spheres of influence? Reddit is mostly an echo chamber.

    • Emily says:

      True fans ??? Lmao also seeing a comicbook fan talking about a toxic relationship is so funny lool !!! I bet you think oliver and laurel are goal ?? Anyway Mr true fan you know if you’re clever enough you would know that this show can’t go on without olicity by looking at that 0.5 they are getting this reason but again most comic stan are’t that smart so whatever

    • Rana Kercmar says:

      Wow you had the Lance sisters taking their turns on Oliver but you call Olicity toxic. And i love how you claim to be a true Arrow fan but everybody else is below you. Ge a grip.

  27. Verena says:

    Wow, over a year wait to have a conversation about why you broke up? Very realistic, especially if you see each other every day and still stand beside the man during everything else. What a lot of crap. sorry.

  28. darkn3ss says:

    Well as long as this mean that Olicity is a thing again than let’s do this.

  29. AMB says:

    LOL, the things a .5 demo can do.

  30. Erica says:

    Waiting an entire season to address the breakup?? Sounds like a reaction to backlash to me.

  31. Erik says:

    Olicity is the heart of the show. Almost all great superheroes have a love interest and especially those that are successful on tv and in film. It humanizes and grounds the superheroics a little more in reality. I root for Oliver more because I care about him and who he loves. The explosions are an added bonus. Whether people hate Olicity or LOVE it. I’ve never met anyone who was ambivalent and it always creates buzz for the show. Passionate and fervent response is what matters is good successful storytelling and this couple certainly adds that to Arrow and then some.

  32. Chris says:

    So I admit I haven’t watched since around the time they broke up (not at all related to that fact cause I don’t give a damn about Oliver Queen’s revolving door of relationships) but I feel like this is very indicative of how Arrow operates and the major reason I stopped watching. No follow through or fallout on the big moments until everyone’s stopped caring about them. Olicity’s break up was convoluted to begin with – I cannot imagine this “hash out” will be done any better

  33. datdudemurphy says:

    I was pretty ok just knowing that they were broken up.
    No need to drag this back out.
    Kill it with fire.

  34. please god no. What completely ruined Felicitys character and in fact largely the show as well after Season 2 was the neverending Olicity crap opera. It turned Felicity from the most fun character around into the most funless, tiresome and overly melodramatic character in the entire Arrowverse. Emily was born for the fun, quirky Felicity that people fell in love with but seeing her endlessly crying, throwing accusations and being a self righteous b-word ruined her in every way. This is why Felicity works much better on Flash – because the smiling, fun, lighthearted Felicity is pure gold.

    And the whole Olicity relationship has been so exhausting, toxic, cliched and forced. And when it took up the main focus of a show that should primarily be about Oliver becoming the Green Arrow fans know and love, the show fell into a hole and became at times almost unwatchable and a FAR FAR cry from the golden standard it had been in Season 2.

    Season 5 has brought the show back to that kind of level because they went back to what made Arrow great in the first place. Gritty, brutal action, badass villains and a very deep exploration of who Oliver is and what he needs to be to become the Green Arrow. The show is about his journey and about the Green Arrow again. Its a comic book show again. The story revolves around Oliver and his struggle with a personal enemy, not around romance and Olicity anymore. That was a much needed direction and Felicity is finally her OWN character again instead of being defined by her feelings for Oliver. They are simply much better as characters when they are NOT lovers. Season 5 learned that lesson and Arrow is much much better again because of it.

    Dont ruin this now but going back to the very thing that poisoned and nearly killed this show in the first place, Both the show and the characters need to MOVE ON.

    • Rana Kercmar says:

      The glorification of s2 is ridiculous. While 2A and last episodes of 2B were good. The rest was trash and Lance sisters melodrama hour. If you want a show with no heart and pure action i guess this is the show you would want.

      • Your opinion is ridiculous. Season 2 is widely regarded (even by Amell himself) as the best season of the show and was when the show had reached the peak of its popularity. Pretty much everyone with common sense agrees that the show went downhill after that. The story of Oliver and Slade Wilson and their rise as Arrow and Deathstroke is still the best thing this show has EVER done. Manu Bennets exit was a blow from which the show has never truly recovered, he elevated everything to a whole other level. Why do you think Season 5 has a villain who is incredibly similar both in story and tone to Slade ? Because they knew what they lost and this is their attempt to get it back – at least as much as they can (Of course nothing will ever be able to replace Manu).

        And I am sick of Olicity fans claiming that that crappy soap opera is what gives the show “heart”. The show had already plenty of heart before Olicity ever took the center stage. Olivers story as the Green Arrow is the heart of the show and always has to be. If you had any respect for the source material you would understand this.

        • L says:

          I wish people would stop going on about respect for the source material when this show doesn’t even follow it exactly. They take inspiration from the comics but it’s not verbatim. TV is a different medium to the comics. Stop acting like they should be followed like some sort of bible. It doesn’t always work like that.

        • Very true. Season 2 will always be the BEST Arrow season. You really can’t top that. Amazing storylines, the best villain, Felicity was in her best time, amazing scenes of action, the best fight scenes, etc. S2 put Arrow on the big spot, and they could’ve continue to be that great, but bad writing and too much drama’s relationship killed the show in S3 and S4. Now, Season 5 is really bringing the S2 spirit again. If you check all the principal sites, forums and stuff,(including the cast of the show, pretty much everyone agrees that Season 2 was Arrow at the best). and everyone agrees that S5 is being awesome because it remembers S2.

        • Maria says:

          You know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of people like you always trying to use that stupid “soap opera” excuse.

          The whole show is a soap opera. Oliver slept with two sisters basically back to back. He’d go from one to the other. He slept with his father’s mistress. People come back from the dead every time. Classic soap opera is that. Shipwrecked on an island, coming home with a goal. Soap opera element. Secret child, another soap opera element. You people have the absolute worst insults. This show has been one huge soap opera since the beginning. Olicity is fresh because we actual saw their journey together. We didn’t really witness Oliver getting to know Laurel. That’s why Oliver and Felicity worked so well and still continues to work better than all of his relationships. It’s about OTA and Oliver and Felicity + Thea. Because these things were shown to us. Don’t get pissed at Olicity fans because the because comics pair didn’t work out. That’s on the chemistry of the actors and the bad writing for Laurel and also her bad acting that made people not like her. It’s not our fault people only started liking her because she got some leather and a mask that was unearned.

  35. Dawn says:

    Fixing a badly written plot from a year ago. Ok, I’ll bite. Lets see if they’ll attempt to mansplain away the reasons why lying about and sneaking off to see a secret kid was aokay. A year later. This is my biggest issue with Arrow, I’ve never seen a show handled in such a manner.

  36. parstl says:

    This makes no sense a year later. felcity was one of the three original trio with Oliver, Diggle and her. She deserves to stay but the relationship has been awkwardly handled. they mishandled and killed off sarah too soon and olivers mother. Thea is a mess and Diggle has disappeared. No wonder the loyal fans have stopped watching. Thank god they havent totally screwed up the Flash yet.

  37. Rana Kercmar says:

    So excited we finally get an exploration into the reason for the break up and a rebuild can start.

  38. Kar says:

    So it took ratings sinking?

  39. Nikkie says:

    How low can the ratings go?

  40. Darian Lewis says:

    I don’t anyon above the age of 17 gives a damn about Olicity. It was what ruined the show in season 4 in the first place. I took it as a damn gift from heaven when they broke up.

    • Susie says:

      Well, if this not generalization..please don’t speak for others.. Thanks

    • Lex says:

      Are you asking for a roll call? Hi. I’m over 17, and I like Olicity. Thanks for your condescending attitude! It’s always nice when fanboys confirm your worst suspicions about them.

    • Liz says:

      I’m 29 and I love Olicity. Thanks for generalising though! Goodbye.

    • Maisy says:

      *sigh* please go look at the ratings data, which age demo is routinely highest for Arrow? I wish you guys would just do some homework before shooting off comments, if you did you would find that Olicity has never killed off ratings (quite the opposite) that LL death caused a very minor ripple in ratings and that the age demos as well as little browze around at the context and content of comments would promote that your comment is untrue.

      Your attempt at dismissing a whole fandom as ‘vapid, silly teen girls’ was wrong, because thats not true. Also in case you didnt know, girls are awesome, and it might blow your mind to find out that they actually have their own value and worthy opinions.

  41. ANITA says:

    Everybody is going addressing why Olicity broke up in the up coming episode are they gonna mention of one of the reasons for the break up is Oliver’s marriage to Nyssa Al Ghul and is she coming back to fight her sister Talia

    • Betty Boop says:

      Oliver’s ‘marriage’ to Nyssa had nothing to do with their break up and was dissolved when the League was dissolved, not that it was ever binding in the first place.

      This conversation is LONG overdue and this season has suffered terribly without their chemistry and dynamic being used to full effect. I hope they get back together and stay that way for the rest of the series.

  42. ANITA says:

    Did Oliver ever divorced Nyssa and will Nyssa come back to fight her sister Talia

  43. ANITA says:

    Does anybody know if Oliver ever divorced Nyssa Al Ghul yet . Will Nyssa come back to fight Talia in the season finale

  44. Gift says:

    Can’t wait watch!

  45. Gifist8 says:

    Now I gotta kill myself

  46. Rendezvous says:

    This show is a lost cause and the showrunners are hopeless fools that will never learn from their mistakes. Olicity needs to be done and over with..and never return. Cant stand fecility at all! First half of this season like every other thing that came out of here mouth was “can i talk to you for a second” Wish she was back to a recurring role or just dead.

  47. SDPMitchell says:

    I just started watching Arrow a month ago. I don’t watch much TV because most shows suck. I was very sick, needed something to watch so I started watching on netflix. I became hooked. I had zero knowledge of the Arrow comic beforehand. Seasons 1-3 were bad ass. Why?


    It is the greatest team of 3 people ever. They screwed up 4 by breaking Oliver and Felicity up. They should have gotten married and moved the relationship to the background and brought back the banter between the three originals with assistance from speedy.

    Now it has to be addressed for character development. The coldness of the team interaction sucks but the story line is awesome. Fix Olicity and get back to seasons 1-3 awesomeness with Oliver accepting his path and Felicity accepting his and her own path and be the light she once was.

    OG OTA.

  48. Elva says:


  49. nick says:

    Olicity please stay forever dead