Sleepy Hollow Finale Recap Season 4 Ichabod Soul Devil

Sleepy Hollow Finale: EP Breaks Down Crane's Stunning Deal With the Devil

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 4 finale.

Well, would you look at that: The road to hell really is paved with good intentions.

The Sleepy Hollow season finale on Friday finds Ichabod offering Satan a lien on his soul in exchange for The Philosopher’s Stone, which the Witnesses use to revoke Malcolm Dreyfuss’ immortality long enough to wound him. Then, thanks to a ticked-off Jobe — who doesn’t like hearing that he’d be nothing more than Lara’s babysitter in Dreyfuss’ dystopian future — the demon henchman grabs his former boss and immolates him or transports him to another dimension or something equally horrible.

Long story short, Dreyfuss is a threat to the Witnesses no longer. And for that, they have Henry to thank (kinda).

During an attack, Crane gets his son — aka the Horseman of War — alone long enough to point out that Malcolm isn’t his equal: He’s his master. And Moloch’s former whipping boy does not like that one bit. “We both value freedom above all else,” Ichabod says, asking if Henry’s vengeance is worth swearing fealty to a tyrant. And though the former sin eater says he’ll never forgive his father, he stands down: “Even in war, there can be a truce.”

So Diana, Ichabod, Lara, Jenny, Alex and Jake free the president of the United States, whom Dreyfuss had kidnapped and threatened to kill, and are slightly taken aback when she says they should continue Agency 355 and report directly to her. And when Ichabod points out that he’s not an American citizen, she makes him one on the spot.

Sleepy Hollow Finale Recap Season 4By the end of the episode, Molly is no longer a Witness: The mantle of responsibility has passed to Lara, who goes off for a while to explore this new reality. And Diana is incensed when she learns about the bargain Ichabod struck, but he’s sanguine about the whole situation.

“This? I’ll fix this,” he says, gesturing to the fiery pentagram burned into his forearm. “No, we will fix this together,” she responds. Then they go to figure out how to subdue a kraken as AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” plays in the background.

We asked Sleepy executive producer M. Raven Metzner, who also wrote the episode, to break down what it might mean for next season (if the still-unrenewed series gets one). Our discussion included courtly bows, unexpected smooches and various other areas of Sleepy interest, including:

HENRY’S CHOICE | “While Henry might be angry, he would choose freedom over tyranny, which again is very true to his character over the past few seasons,” Metzner says. (After all, he killed Moloch, remember?) And The Warlock Formerly Known as Jeremy’s decision not to off his father “does leave their relationship open” and presents an opportunity for future returns from John Noble, the EP points out.

A MAN IN FULL | Giving Crane a win was crucial to Metzner as he worked on the script, he says. “I really wanted to see Crane successful after having been put through the ringer,” the EP adds. “His son, his wife, his best friend and partner. He’s lost so much.”

ADDING THE ICHABOD TOUCH | Metzner says star Tom Mison added a few touches to the episode, during the speech at The Vault (“He came in that day and said, ‘Hey, do you mind if I throw in this extra little bit here? He put in this line of poetry that is just so beautiful and so heartfelt.”) and in Crane’s farewell to Lara (“He ran out to me in the middle of shooting and said, ‘I think I want to bow.’ I didn’t want to ask. Tom’s very careful about who Crane bows to, and when.”).

A JOB FOR JENNY? | The EP reveals that a line that more clearly cemented Jenny’s future with Agency 355 was cut from the president’s final scene. “I think it was a good choice to leave that a little more up in the air.”

KISS THE GIRL | Alex and Jake’s romance hit a high point in the finale, Metzner says, because “we want to be a show where people kiss each other.” But in the script, Jake is supposed to smooch Alex… though the episode’s director told Rachel Melvin to plant one on co-star Jerry MacKinnon first. “Afterwards, Jerry was like, ‘I saw that coming!'” Metzner says, laughing. “We were like, ‘Did you?'”

NO SYMPATHY FOR THIS DEVIL | The Fox drama often closes its season with some version of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” “But this time around, because we actually had the devil, we thought it was a little bit of overkill,” the EP says. Hence the AC/DC tune as the finale goes to credits.

A COURTLY BOW OF HIS OWN | “This season was a real test for us. I think a lot of people thought the show couldn’t live on after the events of the finale of last season,” Metzner says. “I’m just grateful that people gave us a shot. That so many of our fans stayed to give us the chance to see if we could tell a compelling story… I just want everyone to know that we’re really grateful.”

What did you think of the season finale? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments with your opinions!

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  1. Julian says:

    The title of this article is a spoiler.
    There is no excuse for it. Period.

    • Delia says:

      Nonsense. The preview attached to last week’s episode showed Crane saying “Shall we strike a deal?” to the devil.

      • Julian says:

        Nonsense to you, sunshine.

        The title is a spoiler is the point and
        there was no done deal in the preview..

        • jshayrebellion says:

          As a big part of the preview to the finale, Crane clearly conveyed that he was unflinchingly striking a deal. The mystery was not that there would be a deal, but rather what was Crane offering that would buy him what he wanted. The title of this write-up didn’t tell us what the deal was; only that it was stunning– would you expect anything less from a deal with the devil? The title was a teaser (like the preview) not a spoiler.

  2. Alaine says:

    I enjoyed the finale and hope to see it back next season.

    • Lisa G says:

      Me too

    • byron says:

      I just want to say, as a true fan of this show since the beginning (I believe there is a silent majority of people who always loved it – even when things happened that were hurtful, and maybe even impossible to come back from – and just were not vocal about it,) that finale was payoff for the faithful! It was amazing and massive and touching and sweet…AND THEN the low bow!?! I was gushing, and I am a straight male. Which is why I say that was not only one of the greatest season finales (and, if it must be a series finale,) of all time, but additionally, that was easily the best story of the potential apocalypse being staved off by an intrepid band of somewhat unlikely heroes whom we have grown to care about.
      Across all mediums.
      I certainly do not think it will happen, but where they left it – having shown what the outcome would be based on where things were headed, clarifying that it was a changeable future, laying out the plan, following it and creating a new future ALL while staying true to the characters and explaining how that future affects their interactions going forward AND clarifying the rules in this universe, or near lack of them, going forward – there is a vast opportunity for much more to come if it does get renewed: I, for one, would love to see it!
      #TeamWitness #SleepyHollow

      • Alex Jesio says:

        Well said! I concur.

        • Brenda says:

          I also concur. I hope that Fox will give it another go and see if the numbers improve. I love this show and I really like the cast. So if the head honchos at Fox read this article and see all of the comments, please renew Sleepy Hollow.

      • Mary P says:

        Very well said. All of the fans MUST keep tweeting or posting on the Fox SleepyHollow Facebook page that we want it back. Always send to @FOXTV and tell them to renew. Keep on because the squeaky wheel sometimes wins out. It is perfectly set to go on with lots more stories to tell. #RenewSleepyHollow

    • Alex Jesio says:

      This season exceeded my expectations and I was definitely considered wary…. Can’t wait for the next season….please- so much potential!!!

  3. Alichat says:

    I’m disappointed that Henry didn’t forgive Ichabod. I never understood why he could forgive his mother……who was really the cause of all of this pain…..and not his father. If they do miraculously get another season, I’d like to see that resolved.

    • GraceM says:

      Especially since Icabod originally died before he knew Katrina was pregnant.

    • rowan77 says:

      I know, that never made any sense to me. Ichabod didn’t even know Katrina was dead (or a witch) before he died. Henry isn’t a stupid man. All of his anger should have been aimed at his mother since his father was victimized by her behavior as well. If anything that should have created at least the beginning of a bond between them, no matter how manipulative and self-serving Henry is.

    • Laurel Lane says:

      I agree completely. Never could understand that either. How can you blame someone who never knew you existed? It’s not like Ichabod abandoned his wife; for all intents and purposes, he was ‘dead.’

  4. Bill says:

    I liked it. It ended the current story and shows that Crane is still out there doing his thing. Considering this is most likely it for the show I’m glad it didn’t end on a cliffhanger

  5. Andrew says:

    Well, they have a new, casual viewer next season if it gets renewed. I liked it.

  6. Its really a shame more people didnt give this “reboot” a shot. This season was actually really good.

    • Angelfan says:

      I thought this was the only “good” episode of the entire reboot. Put a fork in the show it’s done.

      • bobbie says:

        Reboots rarely work, but this one did, if only fans would have given it a chance. The show is cancelled, these are CW numbers and this isn’t the CW.

        I have tried to be more optimistic about cancellations, don’t mourn the loss, celebrate the fun hours you had with the characters. At least that is what I keep telling myself about SH and Grimm and I don’t even like horror, I actually hate the category, so that means that these shows are pretty darn good shows. Well, at least IMHO.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    I haven’t watched this series since last season. No Abbie, no show.

    • RC Hooper says:

      Well, how sad for you–your loss. This season was very well done. I enjoyed it.

      • Lisa G says:

        I’m so glad that someone else has agreed with me on this one. No Crane no show. Everyone else is expendable.

    • Vincent says:

      Then you’re doing yourself a disservice. This season was the best since season 1.

    • Cali says:

      Well get over it and yourself..”Boo hoo, if you don’t boo hoo put Abbie back in the show boo hoo, I won’t watch”…Please. This season next to S1 was clearly the best one. Everyone that was on the show this season really wanted to be there just by the performances the gave and it came through in their body language . You could clearly see it on their faces as well. Not so much for S2 & especially S3 when one specific actor/actress was essentially there but couldn’t have given a damn and it showed in their body language. I think the first 3 episodes of S4 were a little slower than previous seasons but this was because they (the writers) were setting up each character and the nuances of said characters that we previously never met/saw. Each epi after those initial 3 rolled very easy and flowed with the story arc. If you missed that all because of one speciific actor/actress not being on the series that is your loss. See the thing that many people with your mindset seem to forget is this simple fact…THERE IS NO SLEEPY HOLLOW WITHOUT ICHABOD CRANE! Period. End of subject. Washington Irving did NOT write the short story with Abigail Mills in mind. Hell in fact he never mentioned her because she was never conceived in his mind. He did however mention Katrina Van Tassel. So in theory the writers could really have kept Katrina and ditched Abbie anywhere between the first season and the end of the second season (which according to reports out there at the time the actress who played Abbie would have been more than fine with as that time frame is when she started her machinations). Be that as it may the writers didn’t do that and unfortunately that problem continued thru till the conclusion of last season. The story arcs were so rich this season that while Abbie was initially missed, by the time of the 4th episode rolled, the plot and characters were moving along fine. A testament to the actors on the show for moving it along and not missing any beats. That was bore out in the +3 and +7 ratings which grew anywhere from 100% to 129% in viewership. Again a testament to the actors/actresses on the show for moving the arc along a such a pace to keep the arc fresh each week.

      I truly hope that TPTB look at those ratings plus what ever the international audience is before making a decision. I’m also in the hope that if FOX doesn’t pick it up for a 5th season that maybe SyFy or FX or Hulu or Netflix may pick it up. The viewership is there. People really do want to see the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th tribulations with Team Witness. In the previous poll by TVLine on whether to “Keep” or “Cut” SH over 68% said to “Keep”. This poll only a few hours old is saying 59.91% say the S4 season finale was awesome! So you tell me…

      • Lisa G says:

        Oh don’t tease me! If Netflix picked it up I would be over the moon! There’s no show without Crane. PERIOD.

      • Lisa G says:

        Or FX

      • delorb says:

        Are you kidding me? When Irving wrote the short story many people wouldn’t THINK of putting a black woman into the story. Let alone an EQUAL to a white man. So no, Abbie wouldn’t have been in the original, but the fact that she wasn’t isn’t a reflection of HER but of our past. Do me a favor and get off that train. As for everyone being expendable, that’s not true. Nicole took millions of fans with her when she left. If Crane were the most important why have the ratings been in the toilet for months? If Crane were the most important why give him a co-witness in the first place? I understand he’s your favorite, but there is no reason to make stuff up. People have been bailing on this show for various reasons for a long time now. The sidelining and death of Abbie was just the final blow for some. The Crane drama (which Crane was one-half of. surprising how so many of his fans put all the weight on Katrina for failing to carry that DOA relationship). The awful episodes that didn’t advance the plot. All things that contributed to the loss of viewers. But if Crane were the most important, none of that would have mattered and the ratings would have shown it. But it didn’t because he isn’t.

        • Bwine says:

          Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment; I totally agree with everything you wrote.

          Also, this nonsense about this season being on par with season one is just the most delusional garbage I have ever read. I loved this show and the characters so much in the beginning that I have continued to watch, hoping that the writing would improve, but it never happened. This season was just as terrible as the last one. However, I do want to tip my cap to Tom Mison. He didn’t ask for the crappy writing or for his costar to be let go, but I truly believe he did the best he could with what he was given, and he handled himself admirably, and if this was the last season, despite the mess that the show became, I will really miss his portrayal of Ichabod Crane.

        • Angelfan says:


      • Alex Jesio says:


  8. Dot CHristiansen says:

    Bring Sleepy Hollow back for another season. Tom Mison and the entire cast are great – as are the evolving story lines.

  9. drhenning says:

    I agree that this was a solid 13 episode season but if this is it, at least we have no cliffhanger.. I loved seeing the Kracken at the end.. It would have been fun with some Greek myth monsters.. All in all, this season was worth it and I really liked his new partner.. I do find it pretty funny that all these TV shows that have introduced a POTUS have almost all been women this year… Hollywood wishful thinking..

  10. thewizkid95 says:

    Haven’t watched the show since it aired, I’m very happy in the direction it’s headed. I know Fox was reluctant on renewing the show for the fourth season, but I hope they keep going and give the show a 5th.

  11. Lisa G says:

    Don’t want you to cancel my love for the show! Plus we NEED to see Ichabod get his soul back from “please to meet you”(nod to The Stones). I’m liking the way they’re trying to get around Abby”s death. Do not cancel. One more season. Let it ride Fox. If you can keep Empire on (blah) you can do anything.

    • Leslie says:

      GET SERIOUS PEOPLE. Fox made the mistake of using a white man and a black women as the lead actors on the same show. And If you didn’t fall in line and praise every word uttered by Abbie Mills then you must be racist. BS! She was awesome in S1 but then everyone tried to hard to have Katrina,who was also awesome, removed from the show. Jenny did all the work,Abbie took the kill shot
      Boring. The show is much better with Jenny in charge and Abbie gone.And no need to attack I am native American not white. So let’s move on to S5

      • deerpark85 says:

        I doubt your 100 percent Native American I’m part Cherokee and Powhatan but I’m also British Irish German French Russian Ukraian czeck Dutch and Jewish no one is 100 percent anything anymore espically native Americans or folks who have pre colonial ancestry I have one family tree dating back to Jamestown .

  12. EE says:

    The do deserve all the praise. Terrific finale,amazing season.I really really hope they get one last season.

  13. Rustynutt says:

    A great season finale. Far far better than the Grimm series finale. (Grimm really stepped it up this year though). The new cast members fit in very well, and transfer of Witness responsibility from young to old (slightly, will she show up out of the blue like Trouble?) will keep the show on track.

    Honestly thought the knock at Ichabod’s door near curtains, he would finally get cable tv :)

    Nielsen ratings really should be dismantled :)
    What of Person of Interest?
    What of Grimm?
    What fate awaits those of us in anticipation of season 5 of Sleepy Hollow?
    Maybe a button in every household?
    Or would the Film Industry worry viewers would vote their favorite, not what the cigar smoker behind the golden desk wants.
    My vote is for Sleepy Hollow, and Ichabod to grow his hair long again!

    • Angelfan says:

      Not even good enough to be in the same universe as Grimm

      • RC Hooper says:

        Sorry, that’s your bitter opinion.

        • delorb says:

          Or maybe it’s just an opinion and YOU are the one who is bitter?

          • RC Hooper says:

            Nope, I’m not bitter. If I don’t like a show for whatever reason–character changes, bad writing, not liking the direction the show is going. I stop watching. I gave Sleepy Hollow a chance from the beginning and stayed with it. This last season, a certain “fan” base appeared before and after every showing, bad mouthing it, even though they claimed, “they were not watching it”. I get not wanting to watch it anymore if you are disappointed–I don’t get the constant weekly bitter grousing when others DO want to watch it and enjoy what time the show had left. But, maybe that’s the difference between acting like an adult or acting like a spoiled child.

  14. Hope to see Sleepy Hollow return again in the Early fall. Love that show even with the new characters. Miss Ms. Bahre.

  15. Jan Steinbrenner says:

    I liked the season finale, and looking forward to next season ! Glad Jenny is still on !

  16. Jackie Keaton says:

    I wish Netflix would pick it up. I think it belongs there than on FOX.

  17. Dwight says:

    We still moss abbie. But the new characters and new depth yo the storyline.

  18. Lorraine Condon says:

    Love Sleepy Hollow and enjoyed the season finale. I hope the show is renewed for next season, I would miss the show so much. I like all the characters in their parts and just love Ichabod, the actor plays the part so well. I have a mad crush on him. Please, please, renew this show!

  19. Uma says:

    I loved that touch of seeing the fiery pentagram on Crane’s forearm. It leaves my imagination running wild! I do hope that they bring it back for another season 😊

  20. Jim says:

    Will there be a season 5

  21. Laurel Lane says:

    Yes to bringing back Sleepy Hollow! It’s not the same show it started off as, but it’s just as good. Just different in many ways. But the humor is still there. Love the characters and the new direction should be quite interesting if they give it another season. Beharie was great but she’s no longer there. No reason the rest of the cast should suffer. I want to see how they get Ichabod out of the predicament he’s now in – can’t leave us hanging….

  22. BL17 says:

    I just watched the Sleepy Hollow Season 4 finale online — it was good! Ichabod and Jenny are the only two characters that occasionally draw me to the show. I really miss Abbie “Nicole Beharie” Mills. I’ll never be crazed about the show again, but it has a steady following, so it should get a 5th season.

  23. Bryce says:

    Please end this show. Tom Mison is a great actor and deserves better. I dont see how a big network can justify renewing an expensive show like this with these ratings. Second lowest ratings ever and it was the finale. That tells you everything right there. Should’ve ended after season 2. Could’ve saved money and spared pain.

    • Laurel Lane says:

      Really? Wouldn’t have spared any pain for the people who work on this show, before and behind the cameras. And there are many of us who still love this show.

      • Dexter says:

        It is unfortunate that people forget about the huge number of individuals employed by these shows. This show films in Atlanta, and if/when it goes away, who knows if another show will be there in Atlanta to hire those who lose their jobs. Ratings are just one piece of the renewal decision, and are not determinative. It’s amazing how people who don’t like the show anymore are so anxious to have it cancelled. Ever think of anyone but yourself? Apparently not.

        • delorb says:

          Do you do this same flawed reasoning for shows you’re NOT a fan of? Because I don’t think that you give one wit about the behind-the-scenes workers for shows that you don’t watch and don’t care if they’re canceled or not. But when it’s YOUR favorite show, suddenly people are supposed to ‘care’ about the key grips losing their jobs. Jeez.

  24. D says:

    Great show love how it entwines history through each episode! The creatures and acting is awesome! Can’t wait till next season!

  25. Trina Mosley says:

    Sleepy Hollow is a good show.The show kept my attention the hole season

  26. Aolani08 says:

    Is Abbie returning

  27. Torchwood68 says:

    I was ready for the series to be done during the early part of the season. The last 3/4 makes me hope they bring it back for more. The last 3-4 episodes , to me, have been very good and I loved the finale. The ending was funny and perfect.

  28. Eve says:

    The season finale was all that I wanted it to be and more. If it is the show’s ending, they left it with Crane finding a home and purpose. If it goes to a S5, then, they have a start of a very fun story line. I’m in for it, no matter what. S4 has been really good and on par with Season 1. The reboot was well worth it. Seeing the comments above, a good majority think so too. (Except for the few that still come in to comment on a show that they aren’t even watching)

  29. Jodi Weiss says:

    I love this show. Especially when Crane courtly bows to say ‘goodbye’. And the makeup of the different supernatural monsters. Well done, Mr. Metzner! Keep it up!

  30. BrianR says:

    Why is it stunning that he had to make a deal with the devil. Of course you do when you go to hell. Its a given because the devil isn’t going to help Crane to be a good guy.

  31. dr says:

    Good finale, not awesome but good. Writers could have been more creative but the storytelling was good and the reason why a lot of viewers watch. Still interested how the new witness was connected to Abbie’s and Jenny’s bloodline, but did like the fact all 4 of the horsemen were all together. A lot of potential story lines are open, guess the Fox boys got some deciding to do.

  32. Susan Sarna says:

    Who played the Devil?

  33. Mary says:

    As much as I miss Abby, this season was pretty darn good! Maybe because it was shortened, dealt with one big bad, or the addition of Diana, Jake, Alex, Molly and then Lara/Molly, plus Jenny being back, I really liked the season a lot and I hope it is renewed. My friend and I both watch andhave said how good this season was, better than we both expected.

  34. Karen says:

    I have watched from the very first season, and will watch to the very last season. Just hope this is not the last season. The season finale was really good.

  35. barb says:

    glad I stayed around for season 4. Awesome comeback from Season 3. Please give another shot for5.

  36. Desi says:

    Please don’t cancel Sleepy Hollow!!! I have been watching it from day 1 and absolutely love it! The new characters are great and i thing will be great if we can see them again in season 5! Season 4 were very interesting and the new demonds are GREAT. The last episode was WoooW :) Renew!

  37. Cheryl McCoy says:

    I didn’t see Crane selling his soul! He’s a witness! He is supposed to stop evil mo matter the cost, I would say he paid the ultimate price. They will find a way to get him out of the deal I’m sure! Great season, the finale was awesome! I can’t wait until next season, I haven’t missed an episode yet!

  38. Mary P says:

    This season was about setting a new pace and retrieving old and new viewers. By episode 6 the numbers ticked up and L+7 doubled. Sleepy Hollow is a great show and rabid fans aka Sleepyheads know that if given another season and good publicity the show could go back to being a winner for Fox. With syndication close and excellent ratings in other countries I hope TPTB give it another chance. On Facebook and Twitter the number of new fans has risen. They discovered the show from good reviews and from the vast Sleepyhead postings. When so many shows on Fox are either doing well or sink before they get started, and other networks having so-so ratings (the exception being NBC’s This is Us) I sincerely believe that Fox should keep SleepyHollow. There’s no doubt that with proper PR and the worldwide following they’d make a huge mistake in dropping Sleepy Hollow.

  39. Kathy says:

    I have watched Sleepy Hollow from the first episode. I was sad that Abby Mills was gone, but the writers have managed to keep me watching through cast changes and moving from Sleepy Hollow and Washington DC. The finale was excellent. I laughed at times and gave a goofy little sigh when Ichabod did his courtly bow. I will miss this show if it doesn’t come back. What will I do without my weekly dose of Twistory?? Please FOX, bring them back for another season!!

  40. Mark Peltier says:

    Don’t know why the cut the season to 13 episodes, was waiting for the 14th when I found out the last was the finale. Hope it returns for another season, always happens when I like a series it gets cancelled, I have to watch on line after it has aired on TV and these stats probably are not taken into account for viewership. But I’m sure many are the same as me and can’t watch original broadcast. So again hope it comes back.

  41. Waltwr says:

    Great Series! That being said, this must end for his mission is over. Damn, will have to rerun the series from the start😃

  42. Francisco J. Agostini says:

    Fiting for the best show on television!!!
    Can’t wait for season five to comence.

  43. Sleepy Hollow was a great show, sad the powers to be didn’t feel the same way. It was enjoyable because of the History , forget about the Monsters or the Headless Horseman but the History from the 18th Century to today’s reality! That’s why I enjoyed Sleepy Hollow!!!

  44. Augustine says:

    Oh my God thats heart breaking, cool ye for crane i think it’s should be continued but i watches season 5 abbie mills is dead but her dat says no!!