Grimm Series Finale Recap

Grimm Series Finale Recap: Did Nick & Co. Defeat the Devil in 'The End'?

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from Grimm‘s series finale. 

In the end, Grimm‘s devil is defeated by a tiny detail.

Granted, that detail — that Nick must willingly give Zerstörer the magic stick in order for the otherworldly demon to complete his all-powerful staff and bring on the apocalypse — doesn’t make itself apparent until the eleventh hour, when our hero thinks he’s lost everyone he ever cared about.

And the lead-up to that moment is truly devastating: One by one, each remaining member of the team falls prey to Zerstörer’s wrath, until Nick and Trubel are the only pair standing.

But then something really awesome happens, and then something even more awesome happens, and then Grimm winds down with a happy ending befitting a show with fairytale roots. Yay! Read on for the highlights of “The End.”

PORTLAND’S DEADEST | When Nick wakes up after Zerstörer bats him down like a cat with a moth, he immediately presses the stick into Wu and Hank and begs it to bring them back to life. It doesn’t. “Why isn’t this working?!” he screams, but no one’s around to hear him: Everyone in the precinct — including Officer Franco — is dead, and Zerstörer has ghosted. Trubel arrives on the scene, and they quickly reach a consensus: “If bullets won’t kill him, we have to do this the way our ancestors did: Cut off his head.”

At the Spice Shop, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve think they’ve found a spell that’ll stop Zerstörer: It involves mixing the blood of a Grimm, a Hexenbiest and a Wesen, and it’s rarely used. But their excitement is tamped down when Nick, seemingly in shock, arrives at the shop to announce, “We tried to fight him, but he killed everyone.” (Side note: If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to reduce me to a heap of feeeeeeeelings, play me Silas Weir Mitchell’s masterful reading of the line, “What do you mean, ‘everyone’?” The way his voice breaks! So much grief packed into so few words!) Gobsmacked by the loss, the trio fills Nick in about the potion and he’s on board. (Side note: If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to make me squeal with excited glee, play me Bree Turner’s masterful reading of, “GET ME A THERMOS.” Such. A. Boss.)

Grimm Series Finale Recap The EndEVE, OUT! | With the potion nearly done, Monrosalee head to the cabin, and Eve and Nick plan to follow soon after. Eve laments that she’s no longer a Hexenbiest and can’t contribute her blood to the spell. Still, she defiantly states, “I have no regrets, and I am definitely not done.”

It’s a great line. Too bad she dies nearly immediately after uttering the last syllable. Zerstörer busts in, throws Nick across the room and forces Eve to stab herself in the abdomen with the knife she’s brandishing. As the monster disappears again, Nick grabs Eve and holds her near as she starts to die. (Again.) He calls her by both of her names, but she whispers, “No regrets” and is gone. He cries for a second, then carries her to the bed (I’ve said it before, but that poor bed has SEEN SOME STUFF) and rubs the magic stick all over her. (Not a euphemism.) It doesn’t work. So the enraged Grimm grabs a battle axe and smashed the shop to bits.

Eve? Still dead.

THE RING THING | At the cabin, Adalind and Renard take advantage of a rare quiet moment to apologize to each other for, basically, Seasons 1-5. “We did one thing right,” he says, and she replies, “Diana.” Aww. Their discussion of how she hasn’t tried to take off Bonaparte’s ring since his death — she’s afraid the mojo will still hurt the kids — is interrupted by Trubel’s arrival: Nick has dispatched her there to keep watch, but she’s not happy to see Meisner-murderer Renard there. “You’re supposed to be on our side now?” she asks sarcastically.

When Nick arrives, bearing even more bad news, he’s all business: He and a woge’d Adalind and Monroe stack their hands on top of each other, then Renard (with Trubel’s help) pushes a dagger straight through the middle. The resulting potion is superpowerful, and it’s ready, which is good. Because Diana alerts the gang that Zerstörer is on his way, and he can find Nick by tracking the stick.

Grimm Series Finale Recap The EndAND THEN THERE WAS ONE | When the devil arrives, Diana opens the door for him like he’s the cable-repair guy. Thanks, kid. And then everything starts to move very quickly.

Renard is the first to go after the beast; he’s also the first to die, on the ground outside the cabin. Monroe then throws the poison potion in Z’s face, but it only slows him down for a moment. That’s when Adalind realizes that ish is getting really really real real and screams for Trubel to take the kids and run, but Zerstörer locks them in the house. Adalind uses her hexy powers to wrest an axe from the demon, but he takes it back and buries it in her throat. “Save Kelly and Diana,” she begs Nick as he runs to her side and watches her kick it.

Rosalee grabs the staff; Z turns it into a snake that bites her in the throat. Monroe woges and grabs the reptile off his wife… and then it bites him in the throat. They both fall to the ground, bleeding heavily; Rosalee succumbs to her wounds first, dying a moment after she and the Blutbad share one last look.

As Monroe is gasping his last breath, Nick speeds to his friend’s side and takes his hand. “You can’t, you can’t,” he chants, but Monroe does. Nick falls on his best friend’s dead body and yells an anguished “No!” into the night sky. At some point, I realize I am laughing in that terribly inappropriate way that sometimes happens to people at funerals, because good Lord, we’re only about halfway through this episode and EVERYONE IS GONE.

WELL, TWO, ACTUALLY | Oh wait, not everyone: Trubel is still inside with the kids and — oops, I spoke too soon, because Zerstörer kills her, too. But when Nick and the evil creature come face to face, Z brings Trubel back to life and says he can reverse everything if Nick will just give him what he wants.

“I can give them all back to you,” the strapping villain says, and Nick is just about ready to give in — despite Trubel’s vehement objection. “This isn’t about us or the ones we love,” she reminds him, but he doesn’t wanna hear it, and they wind up coming to fisticuffs in the forest. Still, Nick is determined to give Zerstörer the stick and be done with it… until the sky clouds over and he hears a woman’s voice.

“You can’t do what you want to do,” she says, and when Nick looks around, he sees his mom (!) standing next to him.

OK, GRIMMS, NOW LET’S GET IN FORMATION | Yep, the original Kelly Burkhardt is back — and she brought Aunt Marie with her, too! Dead, schmed! They fill him in that he has to willingly give Zerstörer the stick, but he mustn’t: “If you do this, you will sacrifice the world to endless pain and suffering,” Marie warns. But his Grimm blood will see him through, the women remind him, and they’ll be there to help. So Nick walks back to the cabin to fight, flanked by the powerful females in his bloodline, and with that shot of the three of them leading into commercial, I AM OVERCOME.

The final battle doesn’t last that long, and #TeamGrimm wins — though Trubel is unable to see Kelly and Marie fighting alongside them. When Zerstörer is nothing more than a smoking skullface, Marie and Kelly task Nick with guarding the completed staff with his life from here on in. And “take care of my grandson,” Kelly adds. “I like his name.” Then Marie and Kelly are gone. (Aw, guys!)

EVERY TIME A BELL RINGS, A GRIMM GETS HIS WISH | Nick realizes that he can use the staff to bring everyone back… but then Z’s body does a weird thing and turns into a portal back to that other creepy world. And when Nick won’t let go of the staff, he’s pulled through the vortex…

… and he and Eve land in Monroe and Rosalee’s living room, just like they did in the when they came back from the Black Forest-y looking realm. In fact, it is the exact moment they came back, and everyone except for Diana is completely unaware of the events we’ve spent the last hour witnessing. (As for Diana, she was able to see Kelly and Marie, and she confirms to Nick that Zerstörer didn’t come back with him and Eve this time.) Also? Eve is still a Hexenbiest, which is good news, which is serious evidence of how far we’ve come since the series premiere.

Even better, Adalind’s ring is gone, a fact Nick notices while he’s hugging everyone like it’s his job. “I felt what it would be like to lose all of you, everyone I ever loved, anyone who ever meant anything to me,” he says, having time and space to process intense emotion for perhaps the first instance in the show’s entire run. “My family.”

He kisses Adalind. He rejoices when Trubel, Hank and Wu show up. It’s all very It’s a Wonderful Life there in Monrosalee’s front room, complete with a group embrace to round out the scene. And when we hear someone narrating it — and a title card that indicates we’ve jumped 20 years into the future — we learn that Kelly does, in fact, have some powers: He’s now a Grimm (with some very Season 1 Nick hair), and he, a grown-up Diana, Nick, Adalind and Monrosalee’s triplets are carrying on the good fight — complete with an airstream trailer command center where Zerstörer’s staff is just another weapon in the armament closet.


Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the series finale? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to expand upon your thoughts!

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  1. James says:

    Amazing finale in every sense of the word.

    Forever Grimm!

    • H.H. says:

      LAZY finale in every sense of the word. It was bad. WHY did Nick magically go back in time once the big bad was defeated? For no other reason than to provide a happy ending. WHY can a Grimm suddenly see the ghosts of his dead mom and aunt? For no other reason than providing some finale fan service by bringing back dead characters. WHY does the big bad need Nick to give him the stick? For no other reason than creating motivation for a big bad we’ve had next to no time to understand to kill everyone creating a plot shortcut to show us he’s extra super evil. Good sci-fi and fantasy creates a universe that exists by a different set of rules, and if there’s an exception to the rule there has to be a logical reason why. The motivations for everything going on in this finale were not rooted in the rules of this universe; they were rooted in lazy plot devices meant to create plot shortcuts and fan service nods. That’s just bad, crappy, lazy writing.

      • James says:

        You know H.H., if you hate the finale so much to the point of starting your own State of the Union address, you can just write down your preferred fanfic ending.

        • Gospino says:

          Typical reply of someone who can’t accept that other people are entitled to their own opinions.

          • RUCookie says:

            Except that HH has written (more or less verbatim) the same reply on every Grimm finale page MULTIPLE times… enough already!

          • James says:

            Or some people are over-exagerrating to the point of putting out a long speech detailing every single moment they did not like about the finale.

            Considering more people liked how it turned out, the consensus is more positive.

      • Dysturbed says:

        It seems like most people are able to look past any flaws in the finale because they grasp that it’s ok to attempt to enjoy things for how they are and why they happen as opposed to for how we (in this case you) want them to be.

        • H.H. says:

          You say, “…it’s okay to attempt to enjoy things for how they are and why they happen…” but there wasn’t any WHY to why things happened that was rooted in the show’s mythos. The only why was that the writers wanted to throw a bunch of stuff in but they didn’t really know how to use story’s logic to connect them so they tossed in a bunch of deus ex machina plot devices in — which are lazy by their nature. If the writing weren’t so lazy you wouldn’t have to “look past any flaws.”

      • Sb says:

        I guess the writers were drunk while they where writing the last episodes. Starting from Truble return “What about black claw?” “It’s gone”. Ooook. What a shame, the first season was so much fun! I will erase season 6 from my mind.

        • K. Wade says:

          I have to agree. This could have been much better done, even given the limitations of a cancelled series. I love this show, but not this episode. Poor writing.

      • Wajietaus says:

        Grimm got canceled so they only had few episodes to end the series. Thats why it was only 13 and not 20+ episodes

      • PattyH says:

        Horrible finale. But hey, will be great for late night snarkfests with popcorn and booze. I cry at Clydesdale commercials in the Superbowl. This finale – not one tear even threatened to fall.

      • canadian ninja says:

        The simplest explanation for why Nick had to willingly give the stick to Zerskullface is that he had bonded with the stick – when he went all Gollum on it and further evidenced by the stick zapping Eve away when she tried to touch it.

        As for the time portal well, yeah that was weird but aside from saving Nick the trouble of using the staff to resurrect everyone the MAJOR thing it accomplished was to undo Nick’s spice shop rampage. Ya don’t mess with Rosalee’s shop Nick!!!

        Fantastic recap by KRoots – keep your day job :-)

      • Aaron Foster says:

        Actually the biggest explanation of why Nick goes back would be tied to them talking before about Schrödinger’s cat. Parallel worlds where we don’t know if everyone is alive or dead. It’s complicated by the staff and living through both, but that phrase was in there and repeated evening in the opening review for a reason. Just a bit more unique take on it. Otherwise it’d just have been the same where he brought everyone back with the stick.

        And the nature of enchanted things that you can’t take is a common them in many things and has a lot of ties to religion which was used in the show a lot. It just wasn’t a stretch that needed explanation. It really went well with the whole “Satan” brand they gave him.

      • Adyon says:

        Also if you don’t buy that, we saw Rosalee actually manage to take his staff only to have it attack her. The stick defended Nick a few episodes ago when removed. Even without the religion based side, it makes sense that Nick owns that piece currently.

  2. I’m going to miss this show and cast! Great finale to a great show!

  3. JP says:

    Though Grimm will never be a critically acclaimed show, that must be in TVlines greatest series finale list of all time. Staying true to Grimm mythos, we got to feel the pain of losing every character we loved, said hello to characters we lost and then got them all back without saying, “not possible.” Though I am saddened to see this show go, the finale and time jump could not have been greater… (though did that ending open up a spin off in future?)

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The husband agrees with you,” totally”, in the finale being fantastic. I agree with you on its quality staying true to the Grimm mythos. The deaths and comebacks were so fairy tale in impact and audience acceptance, sheer brilliance.

    • H.H. says:

      I don’t get how you think this stayed true to the Grimm mythos? What part of the Grimm mythos has Grimms seeing ghosts ever or coming back from the dead to kick weird interdimensional monster butt? What part of the mythos explains WHY Nick went back in time to get the happy ending where everyone was alive? What part of the mythos explained why Nick needed to give big bad monster man the stick, why he couldn’t just take it? What part of the mythos explains what would be the result of him taking Diana as his child bride or why he wanted Kelley at all? The mythos doesn’t explain any of that — just bad writing.

      • lee says:

        Woah, chill out! It’s only a show! Jeez. I’m sure most of the answers you obviously crave are on the cutting room floor, since NBC took a hatchet to the series and trimmed the initial 22 episodes down to 13. As for WHY Nick went back in time to get the happy ending; fairy tales always have a happy ending. You know Grimm is based on fairy tales, right?

        • H.H. says:

          The original fairy tales hardly had happy endings. You’re confusing Disney cartoons with their darker source material. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a happy ending IF IT MAKES SENSE and it could have made sense if they did better plot planning — but they didn’t. And the 22 to 13 episode excuse is weak because they knew the episode order was trimmed down before they started working on the season, not in the middle. That’s enough time for good plot planning. There were some filler episodes like one where everyone got doped up with love potion that could have gone in favor of expanded plotting.

        • K. Wade says:

          Just an FYI, the original Grimm tales didn’t always have happy endings…

      • Hythlo Dæus says:

        Totally agree with you bro. just less passionately. This was a subpar regular predictable ending that i guess they did cuz they did not have much time. But they could have done much better. Not a single part of it made any sense to the entire series. including why Eve lost her powers, how the hell did Trubel not no some other force was there? did she think the devil was just getting beat up by the wind? Total CLiche everyone died and then time reverses saves everyone and no one knows what happened.. smh

    • J2 says:

      I could not agree more. Yes, not every storyline had closure, but they also managed to end it so that someday the show might come back. 1000x better the the finale of Lost. Going to miss this show.

    • Hythlo Dæus says:

      seriously? I love Grimm and this finale was totally boring and flat out lacked effort. Im just not pissed cuz it was cancelled on em and they din have time to do what they wanted

  4. JP says:

    Though it will never be a critically acclaimed series, this must be included in any “best finales of all time.” In staying true to Grimm mythos, we got to see characters we loved die, characters we thought we’d never see again come back, and in the end, all is good and it all seems plausible. Though I am saddened to see this show end, it capped off a fantastic run… though anyone notice a possible backside spinoff at the end with the time jump.

  5. Adelaide says:

    Loved this show…cant believe they took it off ….it was a great ending but there was so much more that they could have done with this show…..bye GRIMM really going to miss yoh

  6. Adelaide says:

    So sad that it’s ending ….so much more they could have wrote about….i must say it was a sitting on the edge of my chair ending….just remember you never know WHO’S a grimm and WHO’S wesen

  7. Alichat says:

    I rather expected that most of the characters would die and having everyone survive would be rather lame, but I like the way it went down. (Except Nick and Adalind together because I will just not be down with that ever) I was glad to see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Kate Burton again. I thought at one point we’d see multiple Grimms from Nick and Trubel’s ancestry fighting the Zerstörer.

    I am wondering what was up with Nick’s stick-nesia. Everyone is being killed and he’s like ‘Oh nooooo!!’ and I’m saying over and over ‘The stick is in your pocket….get the stick out of your pocket!’ He always remembered the stick after someone died. “Oh no….don’t die….don’t die.” ugh…*exhale* “Oh wait….the stick!”

    Oh…and a couple of side notes…..good job with the casting of adult Kelly. He looked like he could be Giuntoli’s kid. And did anyone else find it odd that adult Diana said ‘Mom and Dad are waiting’ instead of ‘Mom and Nick are waiting’?

    • Alichat says:

      I forgot to mention, when Trubel had to help Renard put the knife through Nick, Adalind, and Monroe’s hands, I said outloud ‘Leave it to Trubel to be able to handle the hard stuff.’ which was backed up later when she fought Nick so he wouldn’t give the stick to Zerstörer. She has become the one to do what needs to be done, no matter how hard.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought “mom and dad” was an interesting choice. I liked it but it definitely caught my attention.

      • diya says:

        yeah, what do u suppose it means. Is Renard out of the picture? Its definitely unusual for Diana to call Nick “Dad”, if Renard were around.

      • jennifer says:

        The whole mom and dad thing at the end, and the section in this article that states” at least Diana got to see her grandma and great aunt..” Its not thought out. Nick is not Dianas father, Renard is. I get that it could be she calls Nick dad, but unlikely seeing as she has a great relationship with her real dad and going by the way Renard’s character is portrayed he would have taken issue with her calling him dad. I think this whole plot was rushed and there were storylines that were just left hanging or went without explaining what exactly happened for example Renard and the while ghost box thing. And the while black claw thing was wrapped up too quickly given its significance to last season and this one so to just end it with trubel saying black claw has been taken care of and they are all gone, and even with a couple people threaten Renard about leaving black claw but never really goes after him..unlikely event given the shows way of doing things. All these things make me think they had already written season 6 and possibly started filming when they got word the show was getting cancelled so they had to try and shove an entire normal sized season into a little over half a season so storylines were dropped in order to get to the bigger picture so they may have had to choose what storylines to continue with and which ones can be dropped with very little to do with the ending. The mom and dad oversight was either intentionally done thinking audience may assume she loves nick like a dad and calls hm that or to just show he ended up with adalind in case we still had hope he would end up with eve/Juliette, or it was simply that they were in such a rush no one caught the mistake. I have to say getting to see Kelly and Diana grown up was a treat, id have liked to see the triplets grown and how the cast looks 20 years later. Lastly id have liked to have known exactly what Kelly was… We assume he has Grimm powers, because we see him writing in the book in the trailer and them gathering weapons, but does he also have hexinbeast powers as well?

        • Diya says:

          You just echoed all my doubts and sentiments. Lot of things were just left up in the air. But I’ll really miss Grimm.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Sasha posted on Instagram yesterday that the cast knew the show’s fate at ComicCon last July even though it wasn’t public knowledge yet, so I assume the entire last season was planned out with the awareness that it would be the end.

          • Alichat says:

            I think they knew it was the last season but not how many episodes they’d be given. It was wrapped up a bit too neatly, but I think more fans would have been upset if it had not ended happily.

        • Alichat says:

          I think the Mom and Dad thing was an attempt to let us know that Nick and Adalind were still around….still alive. It wasn’t a well thought out plan of course. Then again maybe it was just careless writing because they had Diana reference Kelly and Aunt Marie as ‘the other ladies’ which I thought was odd because Diana remembers Kelly as one of her mothers.

    • Walkinthewoods says:

      Ditto to never being down with Nick and Adalind romance.

    • Irena Słoma says:

      “Except Nick and Adalind together because I will just not be down with that ever” Ugh same. I just can’t ship them at all. Nick&Juliette forever! But it’s not even that, I just can’t get over the fact that Adalind basically raped Nick and as a result they had a baby that she forced him to take care of. That’s not a base for a healthy relantionship and for one thing I can’t believe he actually decided to stay with her.

    • Irina says:

      As a step-kid AND a step-parent myself — it is totally normal to call a stepparent Mom or Dad after you have spent many, many years growing up with them. Diana was calling Nick “Nick” at this point in time because she was still getting to know him, and Nick and Adalind weren’t married (yet). 15+ years later, she would most likely call both Nick and Sean “Dad.”

      • Alichat says:

        As a step-child for 32 years now, I will have to disagree with you. I have never called my step-father Dad. My step-sisters never called my mother Mom. My sisters’ step-son has never in their 13 year relationship called her Mom. My niece, her daughter, has never called my brother-in-law Dad. That may be your normal, but I don’t believe it is the norm.. When I have heard of this happening, it’s in very specific situations…..when the other biological parent is dead, and the step-parent came into their life after that death and when they were young, or when the biological parent is not involved in the child’s life at all. So when Diana said that, my first thought was that Reward is dead and has been for awhile.

      • meret says:

        After she saw that Nick fought for her and Kelly after no one else could, you bet she would call him DAD! That last scene with Kelly and Diana was perfect! And they share a bond no one else does: they remembered what really happened.

      • My husband calls his stepfather “Dad” and his stepfather is only 10 years older. Known him since he was 6,

    • K. Wade says:

      I agree about Nick and Adalind…not that I had intrinsic issues with it, but I never saw any chemistry there like Nick and Juliette had. It just seemed contrived, and they didn’t sell it well.

  8. DG says:

    Rarely can I applaud how a show ends, but this was as satisfying as a cup of cocoa on a cold, winter’s night!

  9. queensgirl says:

    It was perfect. Thank you/gracias/merci/danke/arigato to everyone at Grimm.

  10. Melissa Grimm says:

    I loved this show, I wish it would have been kept on longer! I started watching this show after a loss and it made my world a little better. I am so thankful to all the actors and writers for sharing this with the audience. I literally found myself shedding tears after it was over. I am going to miss this show! The ending was the best and I only wish it was longer.

  11. This was a pretty good series finale, though I’m not a watcher, it was pretty satisfying. The ‘alternate dimension’ wrapping things up was sort of cliched in my own view, but it worked given the previous goings-on shown in the opening recap. Still, it was good.

    • meret says:

      The ending reflects the cat in the box paradox hey poke about. when “the box” or vortex was opened, they were alive.

  12. TvPeong says:

    So many great moments tonight:
    Seeing Franco as one of the dead cops. He’s been in the show throughout, glad that they thought of him.
    The scooby gang reacting to Hank and Wu’s deaths
    Monrosalee looking at each other as they died
    Creepy Diana, who just watched everyone around her die (even her parents) while she did nothing
    Trubel being the voice of reason, and having the strength to push the knife through
    Nick’s mom!
    Aunt Marie!!
    The group hug at the end
    I will miss this show

  13. Redep says:

    Nick went back in the same time line or in an alternate time line where his friends are still dead?

    • dacia m robb says:

      He went back to the moment they came through before with the exception yhe bad guy us dead and he’s the owner of the stick. Killing him reset his bad deeds on earth.

      • Redep says:

        Thank you, I was afraid to still live the case of the reboot Star Trek. I would have had difficulty appreciating if Nick had gone (not by choice) in a new timeline leaving Diana and kelly as orphans

      • jrex says:

        It was a kind of magic time travel reset, with big Z dead Nick now has command of the completed magic staff, he’s able to heal everyone by being pulled thru the portal. When he emerged the staff was with him and Adaline’s ring was also gone so everything he experienced was real as confirmed by Diana.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I’m glad that Diana knew the original events before the reset. Otherwise it could seem like, as Kim mentioned, It’s A Wonderful Life or (worse) the Dallas reset with Bobby in the shower. Having another character acknowledge what Nick (and the aideience) experienced makes it real rather than something in Nick’s head. That’s VERY important IMO.

        • Sionnach DHu says:

          This is the second time I’ve seen someone post about Adeline’s ring being gone as if it just magically disappeared, not mentioning that Nick removed it from her finger after she died. I’m still puzzled as to how this made it be gone when he went back & “reset” things, but then the whole “reset” wasn’t very well explained in any case.

  14. Dani says:

    Honestly, I think that might be one of my favorite finales. So many shows have a hard time of giving closure while also showing how the characters will keep going about there lives. I loved the flash forward and would 100% watch a spinoff show based on all of the children. Sure the stakes may be low because they now have a magical-cure all stick, but it could be branded as more of a comedy! Extra bonus, no need for older versions of the actors because hello magic stick!! Basically I’m just saying please green light a spinoff…I can’t handle that this is the end!!!!!

  15. SK says:

    It was a great ending! I had my doubts when everyone was dying left and right in the beginning. Bravo to the cast and crew of this amazing show! I will definitely miss it. Been watching from the very first episode.

  16. Alichat says:

    Did anyone else’s local station cut the sound out when Nick cursed while trashing the Spice shop? My station wiped out the sound for like a full 30 seconds…….*eye roll*

  17. jrex says:

    If it had to end this was a terrific finale!

  18. Drayke adkinson says:

    I loved it. I am very pleased on how grimm ended. My heart felt it every time a character we loved died suddenly. Then seeing the 20 year jump with keely and Diana, very cool. Forever #grimm.

  19. Jason says:

    Not the best finale of all time, but it ends with everyone alive and living happily ever after, which makes it swell by me. Plus, it allows for the possibility of further adventures down the road, because I would love to know what everyone does after this. It’s a shame they couldn’t find a way to fit Bud into the finale though.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought about Bud a few episodes ago, but with the break-neck pace and intensity of the last 3 eps, I just don’t know how they would’ve fit him in.

  20. David says:

    Sorry they did not bring back the appliance repair guy for the final show. Sorry forgot his character’s name. He was in so many great episodes. Going to miss the show. Friday night will not be the same.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Was that Bud? There was an interview somewhere where they mentioned he wasn’t available. I’m with you on that…drats!

  21. Barbara says:

    Gonna miss them all! But can we get a Oviedo something bring the new generation into the foray o4 something! We want to ALL the cast to have a, this is what we look linke 20 yrs.into the future!

  22. Janette hunt says:

    So devastated this show is over there is nothing else like it on tv, would also love a spinoff!

  23. PatriciaLee says:

    TV movies! Can’t we start a fund-somethinorother?

  24. Mari says:

    I know I am in the minority, but I was a Juliette fan.
    So I dropped the series when they made Nick and Adalind a thing.
    I mean, she has been a terrible person, and she’s the one who ruined Juliette life and – I know people won’t agree – basically raped Nick.
    Still, since the Ep wanted to make Nick and Adalind happen, they ruined everyone.
    How come Nick didn’t realize that all Juliette did and become was Adalind’s fault? He could stand Ada being an heixenbeist, but he would recoil when Jul was one.
    So sorry, no Grimm for me

    • D says:

      I understand your point, but I think the big difference is that Adalind nearly killed a bunch of people whereas Juliette succeeded in playing a part in his mother’s death. I think it is easier to forgive maybes than it is a definitely. I think its also important to point out that Juliette knew what she was doing was ‘evil’, whereas with Adalind I think had the show started from her point of view people would have a different opinion. She was working with wesen royalty against a grimm which she had been raised to see as a threat, then when said grimm ‘killed’ her by taking away her identity she fought back

    • Jason says:

      Adalind and Juliette both did terrible things, each with their own motivations. The point is that, after everything that happened, they’re trying to be their better selves an earn redemption. Nick and the gang are good hearted and forgiving people. They recognized what each was going through and remained supportive. When Nick and Adalind were forced into such a personal relationship, where they needed to lean on each other, they were really getting to know each other for the first time. Adalind, for probably the first time in her life, felt truly safe in a relationship. Here was a man that wasn’t out to use her for nefarious ends, and who genuinely cared about her. Of course she fell in love with him. And Nick was confronted with a woman who defied his expectations. She was kind and supportive. She was a great mom. Everything was easy with her. Despite the past, they just seemed to click. It took longer for Nick to realize how he felt, but she really never gave him any reason to doubt her sincerity or her loyalty to him. Outside of their bizarre circumstance, they would have never been together. But that’s just the vagaries of fate. I always liked Juliette as well, but the circumstance of their romantic dissolution made it impossible to go back. Nick forgives her and loves her as a friend but those betrayals were more personal, and some scars never fade. Both of these women are strong and true to the people they care about. They’ve struggled with their past, but how can they do anything but move forward. I think each of them are where they belong. Adalind is the matriarch of a badass family. Eve is a Hexenbeist warrior, finding purpose in the struggle. And for Nick, he ended up with the woman who best suited him. The Grimm is about legacy an that’s what he’s building.

    • Nelly says:

      The difference between adalind and juliette is that adalind did bad things to nick when they were “nemasis”, she was kinda raised to hate him. She even tells him in some point that she was scared as hell when she first saw him. So it kinda more easy to understand and forgive the things she did to him.
      On the other hand juliette goes psycho on him and helps the royals to kill his mom just because of what?..because she finds out he got another women pregnant..and her feelings were hurt because of that?. I mean come on…you just don’t do this kind of things to a person..who you claim to love so much.

    • Susan says:

      I agree with you, Mari. Juliette became what she was because of Adalind, and her desire to help Nick remain a Grimm, even though she was not always happy with what it did to her and Nick’s relationship. All she wanted was to marry Nick and grow old with the man she loved, and that was ruined thanks to Adalind. Juliette did not ask to be a hexenbiest, and the betrayal to her by all of those close to her must have felt absolutely horrible; how does anyone know how a human will be affected by becoming one of the worst wesens? Obviously it was not good, and the descent into despair at the knowledge that you are not human anymore and in fact something way worse because of you and your partners’ enemy made her crack, especially with all that came with it. She became “evil” because becoming a wesen affected her mind extremely badly, and where were those “friends” then, that asked her to give her all to help keep Nick a Grimm? In her defense, she did not know that the royals would kill Kelly, and felt bad about it, because she still realized in the human part of her that it would hurt Nick, and she never wanted that. I think Nick realized that also, which was why he cried over Eve/Juliette again, and I think he really only stayed with Adalind because of Kelly – the child he would/should have had with Juliette. The writers did Juliette a great injustice; as several critics felt and one said,” at the end of the day, Juliette deserved better.” I can only hope that if the cast comes back later, the writers utilize the plot point that because Adalind stole Juliette’s DNA to transform her totally into Juliette so that she could steal Nick’s DNA in the manner that she did, that Kelly actually turns out to be Juliette and Nick’s child.

      • Nelly says:

        Sorry to burst your little bubble..but in the end nick was in love with adalind..yeah he still cared about eve/ a way he probably still loved her..they really did have a lot of history together..but he was not in love with her anymore. There was only a deep friendship between them in the end. And to your theory about kelly..haha what are you 12 years old or what?..kelly is adalind/nick really get over it already.

  25. Greg says:

    ?( As for Diana, she was able to see her grandmother and great aunt) WRONG! Shes not related to them, Renard is her father, not Nick

    • Jason says:

      Very true (Although, I like that she calls him Dad when she’s older.) Would one call a step parent’s father or mother a grandparent?

    • Jack Hagerty says:

      In that vein, I had trouble with the whole flash forward at the end. Kelly is wrapping up the tale in the Grimm book (OK so far) even though he’s half Hexenbiest (wonder how he resolved that internal conflict?). But then his half-sister comes in who is no amount of Grimm at all. Both she and the triplets waiting outside are full-blooded Wessen of various half-breeds. Why would they be going out on a Grimm mission with “Wessen to kill”?

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Monroe and Rosalie (and eventually Adalind and Eve) helped Nick fight Wesen even though they were Wesen themselves. Diana and the triplets may not be Grimms by blood but there’s nothing stopping them from helping fight the good fight.

        • Jack Hagerty says:

          That’s a reasonable read on it, especially since the series established there were “good” Wessen and “bad” Wessen. But Monrosalee et. al. never said “lets go kill Wessen,” it was always the particular one they were after.

      • Nelly says:

        I think they wanted to show that in this 20 years that had past by nick played a huge part in the proces of raising diana..and that is why she refers to him as dad. And that he had a lot of influence over her..when she was growing up. So in the end she probably sees hersalf more as a grimm..

        • Jack Hagerty says:

          Of course, we’re all assuming that she was referring to Nick. That’s probably the case since she wouldn’t have said “mom and dad” to Kelly if it weren’t. That only begs the question, what happened to Renard?

    • AnnieM says:

      Remember, though, Kelly raised Diana from infancy until the Royals took her. That would be plenty of time for them to bond like a grandma & granddaughter

  26. Mary says:

    It would have been nice to have seen the triplets rather than for Diana to just have mentioned them. We are hoping for a spin off.

  27. Shely says:

    It breaks my heart the series has came to an end… THIS truly has been the main series of.any I have kept up.with…Very much have enjoyed it the cast and the stories…. I do hope.there will be a follow up….ty for the years of joy…

  28. Ellen says:

    Thought it was heading in an unbearable direction then it took a good turn THEN it finished up going in an awesome direction which brought it to a PERFECT end! Thank you, it was a magical 6 seasons, you will be missed! 😢

  29. ninergrl6 says:

    It took me a full 5 minutes to stop crying at the end of the episode, not because of all the deaths (that were reset) but because of that lovely little bow of a final scene. Kelly writing about Nick in the book? Bawling! And the thank you shot at the end? Totally wrecked me. What a way to wrap up a series. As sad as I am that Grimm is over, I have to hand it to the writers for going out with style. THIS is why long-running series NEED to know in advance (preferably a whole season) when they’re ending, to give the fans a full-throttle finale that stays with you forever. I’m completely satisfied. Sad but satisfied. Thank YOU, Grimm family, for the wild ride.

  30. Jeanne Moore says:

    I loved it! I’m so sad that the show ended but thankful that you gave us the happy ending that I needed!! I hope I haven’t seen the last of the team!!!

  31. CB says:

    I will definitely miss Grimm! I do think it ended soon,there are so many more mythical characters they can show for sure. I do hope they continue it with a revamped Grimm with Kelly and Diana and the rest😀 please please🙏

  32. Jasmin says:

    It’s a great finale. It won’t be easy to guess this one right. The magical element of the show practically justifies the plot. My husband and myself will surely miss watching Grimm. Thank you for providing us with good entertainment throughout the years. Well done to the casts and the production staff! :-)

  33. Ann Covello says:

    I am in my seventies and this one of my top five favorite finales ever. AWESOME!!!

  34. michaelA says:

    The worst thing about it was that it was the end. I believe they tried to include as many past characters as they could just to maybe define their roles in the series. And for that, they did a good job. I kept watching the clock as the hour went by. Was saddened know that the end was coming nearer and nearer. Friday nights are once again going to change as a piece of must see TV is now over with. Goodbye Grimm. And thanks for a great final season. Will really miss this show.

  35. Marie says:

    I will miss this show so very much. It came on the air just after my mother passed away, and it was one of the very few shows that both I and my father loved and would watch together – it really helped us through a very very bad time and helped to bring us closer. I have a great deal of fondness for this show and am grateful, not just for being entertained, but also for the ways in which it helped my father and I deal with our shared grief. I’ll really really miss “Grimm.”

  36. fran dicaro says:

    This show had the most exciting ending anyone can wish for. The magic of the theme of this tv show was evident with the display of the creatues we where introduced to. The actors made me feel that I was part of a loving and courageous family. They were truly believable and had me excited about what adventure I would experience with every new show. My favorite character was trubel, As a woman I liked. Her charachershe showed strenght , and attitude. Tribal and Nick was a great team playing the Grim characters. I can’t believe that NBC cancelled this show. The shows that are on now at have this type of drama can’t compare. This was a show for the whole family could enjoy. NBC putting this show on Firday nites was the worst mistake. I am hoping NBC considers a spin off with Trubel and some of the other characters.

  37. Robyn Green says:

    I’m so glad of the way the writers wrapped up everything. No loose ties. And as corny as it sounds everyone lived hapily ever after, unlike Lost where I fell we were all screwed over.

  38. Vincent says:

    No matter where you go, people can never stick to a thread for more than 2 posts without attacking someone elses post. I cant imagine enjoying anything on TV if i was filled with so much hatred

  39. rahsam says:

    I wish that there could have been a happy ending for Eve/Juliet. Yes, she did some awful stuff but it was because of Adalind. This is just my opinion.

  40. Savornin says:

    Why end with “…we’ve got some wesen to kill.”? Seems weird after how the series cultivated a sympathetic view of wesen and lamented the bad old days of killing wesen for the sake of it. Especially with “mom” and Diana still being.

  41. Whispergirl says:

    I’ve watched this show from the first episode and have developed an attachment to so many of the characters. I felt that this last season had flaws (too many ‘Wesen of the Week’ episodes when I really wanted the main story to advance), but I appreciated a lot about the final episode. My one objection (which I don’t think too many of the fans will share) was the time jump featuring the adult Kelly and Diana. I’ve seen too many stories, from Harry Potter to the X-Files, introduce a “next generation” — I don’t know if these time jumps are attempts to keep the storyline open for spin-offs or to retire the original casts, but I loved the quirky, unusual diversity of the Grimm cast, and the next-gen actors just look like models. It makes me concerned that any spin-off will be generic and formulaic, and not like my beloved original Grimm!

  42. Stacy says:

    Gawd is was a good show! Hope a spinoff is a possiblity! How great will that be!

  43. Susan M. Mattson says:

    I haven’t cried & screamed so much during one episode of tv in my 63 years, & I take my tv shows very seriously. I was amazed at how much I’ve grown to actually love these characters! I never thought I’d love any show as much as the original Star Trek, but Grimm leaves Star Trek in the dust. Thank you ALL!

  44. kirads09 says:

    My one burning question. Why could Diana see Aunt Mary and Momma Grimm helping Nick, but Trubel didn’t/couldn’t. I would think another Grimm would be able to?

  45. HB says:

    Love he show. It’s a shame networks cancel programs that deserve to continue. Great ensemble cast, interesting story lines, and a few intriguing romantic triangles.

  46. Jack says:

    I’m kind if back and forth about the finale. The acting was powerful. S.W. Mitchell receiving the news about Hank and Wu, I was almost in tears. I do have to the agree with H.H. in that the “it’s a wonderful life” ending was cheesy. But hey, it’s a tv show. How much can I fault the writers as they had 13 episodes and only 1 hour in the series finale to wrap it up. All in all, above average conclusion. Would’ve liked to have seen the triplets though.

  47. Thelma Wright says:

    Really sad to see the show go! The only thing, I think more explanations should have come out . Why didn’t Z actually say who he was? There was so much speculation on his identity. Also in the end after the 20 years is Nick and the crew still alive? All in all I enjoyed the episode. Just really hard seeing everyone die.

    • Nelly says:

      I don’t now about the others..but nick and adalind are still there

      • Jack Hagerty says:

        That’s presuming Diana meant Nick as “dad.”

        • Nelly says:

          Yeah she meant nick..i think that even the creators/writers of the show confirmed that in some interview. And it’s kinda logical..diana acts almost like a grimm in the i guess they wanted to show us that nick played a big part in the process of raising diana..and that why she sees him as her “other” dad

          • Jack Hagerty says:

            Actually, that’s my take on it as well. It’s just that it seemed a bit of a writer’s’ trick: to state something that’s obviously implied, but literally ambiguous. Gives them an out later if they need it. Of course that leaves the question of Renard wide open as well.

  48. Robert SF says:

    I liked it, but I couldn’t help but notice they left lots of loose ends. What happened to all that royal family cloak-and-dagger stuff where Renard is the enemy? I don’t remember anyone answering Trubel’s question, “Oh, you’re on our side now?”

  49. Paula donovan says:

    Is this the end! I loved that series!

  50. Jake says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this show from the beginning, but this finale, in fact the whole last season (with maybe the exception of the assassin bug episode) was just weak, thrown together mess. It reminds me of Castle, though Castle was worse.
    As others have mentioned, the whole Black Claw plot was just a “oh yea, we took care of that” throw away line? Why not just tie Black Claw in and reveal that the reason behind the Vessen Uprising was that they were secretly anticipating the the arrival of the The Destroyer (the English translation of Zerstorer) and the uprising was in support of him?
    And where did the whole religious story line come from? I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t watching the finale of Constantine. They’ve never mentioned in the mythology of this show that Grimms fight Satan. It just seems totally out of character with the rest of the series.
    And I wasn’t crying when the cast was dying – rather , I was cursing at how dumb and contrived it was. Sorry, the story just seemed to be a last minute amalgamation/ripoff of bits and pieces of other shows (Constantine, Harry Potter, Supernatural, etc.).