Cancelled Show List

Cancellation Anxiety Intensifies: 10 Shows in Danger of Getting the Ax

We wish this were an April Fool’s Joke: There’s a decent chance one of your favorite shows is about to get banished to the MIA network.

As the 2016-17 TV season winds down, the major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW) will be forced to decide the fate of their remaining bubble series. And there are still some tough calls to be made, particularly at ABC, which has more than a half-dozen series teetering between life and death (including Sunday stalwart Once Upon a Time). 

We culled our handy 2017 Renewal Scorecard, weeding out the 10 most closely watched bubble-series cliffhangers. Scroll through the attached gallery — click here for direct access! — to get the latest buzz on where each of the 10 series currently stand, and then tell us which show(s) you will be lighting a candle for this weekend.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Anne says:

    The originals deserves a quick, embarrassing death.

    • Mac says:

      Why? It’s still one of the strongest Shows on the CW

      • Ratings wise no it’s not and that all that matters

        • Wordsmith says:

          CW is the network that seems least motivated by ratings when they make their renewal decisions.

          • brandydanforth81 says:

            True but still ratings do matter ,they do still do cancel shows with /due to low ratings and CW only has so much schedule space which is filling up fast

        • Gospino says:

          It does as well as or better than most other CW Friday programming.

          • brandydanforth81 says:

            Dosent matter.Zits at the point where it will have enough episodes for steaming & syndication & CW usually cancels shows at 0.4 or lower at that point.HoD did better than done shows and got cancelled cause it reached the point it needs for Netflix,syndication and had a proper ending:

      • Chase says:

        Very true for me it’s hard to find a show that catches my interest and when I do I would like for it to come on for many many seasons ahead

    • Gul says:

      Eh. Should never have happened and given the tvd finale mess, it’s better to put this out of it’s misery too.
      Also tbbt (which hasnt been funny since season 4) getting 12 seasons but b99 being in danger of cancellation when it’s been remarkable consistently, is everything wrong with TV. I really hope it pulls through. A solid cast and solid show that deserves it.

    • Meg says:

      Hell nah, it deserves a renewal. I don’t even know what other shows are, maybe it’s just me but compared to the Originals I wouldn’t spend my time watching all that

    • bluepasj says:

      At least a shorter final 5th season!

    • Lisa says:

      I never liked TV until the originals,and The 100, Now I can’t get enough, so LET THEM STAY !!!

  2. MelindaB says:

    I can take or leave Quantico. I watch it, but honestly, it’s often more confusing than compelling. I haven’t watched OuaT since the end of season 4. AoS would be missed a lot, although I’m still annoyed that the better (IMO) Agent Carter is gone. As for Elementary, it being on Sunday nights (and often delayed because of football) is a factor in its difficulties, IMO. I can’t count how many times we’ve started watching a recording on our DVR, only to find that Madam Secretary makes up a significant portion of it; one night it ran 45 minutes into Elementary’s time slot.

    • rehabber says:

      That is the reason I record the news and the show after the news on CBS Sundays. I wish there was nothing I liked on CBS, still have not forgiven them for axing MOONLIGHT. ;)

      • ragnar51 says:

        If you are speaking about the show with Alex O as a vampire..HEAR HEAR!! It was a great show that deserved a chance to end properly!

    • Kate says:

      CBS has hampered or outright killed some shows by putting it on Sundays. CSI: Miami, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, to name a few. They know exactly what they’re doing–avoiding expensive raises.

  3. Kevin Tran says:

    It’s going to be very hard for these shows whether they’re getting renewed or cancelled. 2 Broke Girls, Elementary and Once Upon a Time might get proper final seasons respectively.

    • Kevin Tran says:

      Also Quantico might get the ax even though I totally quit watching it after the first season ended and hasn’t been doing well to re-invent the series.

    • Andrea says:

      If Elementary got a 13-episode order to wrap things up with a final season, I’d be fine with that. The others I either have never watched or stopped watching quite a while ago.

    • Elementary might just be the target one of those well-known CBS miracle renewal. It earns a lot of syndication money and international money.

  4. Cindy says:

    They can all go…. Have watched most of them at one time… But stopped for one reason or another.. Now they just take up space…

    • KLS says:

      Key words there,”they just take up space”. If the networks have nothing better to put on, then they’ll keep there space-fillers. (See most of CBS’s comedies).

  5. Marie58 says:

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Seriously?

    • Lauren says:

      I had no idea B99 was on the chopping block. I love that show! They still have stories to tell. I previously said I would like to see New Girl have another season, but I would rather see Brooklyn Nine Nine saved if I had to choose.

      • Matt Ceccato says:

        I was about to say the same thing about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” I knew the hiatus has something to do with Chelsea Peretti being pregnant, but there’s still life in the show. Besides, if they make it to next season, repeats!

        • Marie58 says:

          Isn’t Brooklyn Nine-Nine the only Fox show (currently on-air) with Emmy, Golden Globe, etc. nominations and wins? I find it hard to believe it’s actually on the Fox chopping block.

    • Danielle says:

      I would be so bummed if they cancelled Brooklyn 99. I’d rather see New Girl go. I still record it and it just sits on my DVR.

  6. Alex W. says:

    I love B99 and OUAT and really hope they come back. I don’t watch any of the rest.

  7. Michelle says:

    Maybe Once would he doing better if they hadn’t decided to make this season all about Regina and her whining. I know I’d still be watching, anyway.

  8. Donna Salvi says:

    Get rid of all of them….

  9. Sarah J says:

    The only series here I’d really love to see renewed is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Still funny, not yet tired.

    • Whyohwhy says:

      Yup! I’ve watched most of them and stopped for various reasons. But I’m really looking forward to more Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  10. Mac says:

    Ratings wise The Originals is doing better than The 100, Crazy Ex and Jane. Why cancel it?

    • It’s exspensive,cast is moving on and its reAched the number of seasons/episodes needed for syndication,Netfllix and the point where CW cancels thier low rated shows

      • Ken says:

        Thats incorrect. At the end of this season, they will have produced and broadcast 79 episodes. 88 is the normal required number of episodes for syndication (down from the past number of 100 episodes). The cast is not moving on, they are contractually bound to the show. And as the above poster stated, it is doing better than Crazy Ex and Jane which have been renewed but doing far worse ratings wise.

        • Pedro says:

          Crazy Ex is the #1 show in California, US largest state, on Netflix, which has a billionaire deal with The CW for its show. Also, alongside with Jane The Virgin, it gets awards nominations.

          • Gospino says:

            Awards don’t translate to $. And there is no way that Netflix has a “billionaire deal” for Crazy Ex. The show isn’t worth anywhere near a billion. Clearly you’re just making stuff up.

          • ninergrl6 says:

            Is that so? Huh, go California!

        • First,yes 88 is normal for syndication but a few shows have been syndicated with less including CWs Nikita at 73.CW ends thier low rated fourth seasons at 70 some episodes-Nikita(73).HoD(76),BatB(70),Reign(78).CW does things differently than a regular network since it’s a netlet.Second yes cast are moving on.Claire Hokt joined a pilot,Daniel Gilles joined CBS Navy Seal pilot and Jisrph joined the XMen pilot,
          Thirdly,CEG,JTV are award winning show show do they’re going to be renewed regardless of ratings not to mention they’re cheap to produce while Origibals isn’t and JtV,CEG are CzbS produced while TO us WB snd CZbS shows on CW get more leeway with bad ratings than WB.A couple years ago,HoD was doubt a few 0.4-9.5 on Fti,better than CW Min shows and was still cancelled.BtW,Jane has soso gotten 0.3-0.4 this seadon just like Originals do its not going” far worse”Leatn how CW operates before you spout off your B sense Agsin ok?🙄😊

          • Sarah G says:

            @Brandy I hadn’t heard about Daniel’s potential new show and can’t find anything about it on google for some reason. You don’t happen to know where I can read about it do you? Thanks :)

          • Ken says:

            Claire Holt is not a series regular and hasn’t been since season 1. She is only recurring. Joseph Morgan did not get an X men pilot. He did a favor for the producers and was at the table read for the script for another actor. As for Daniel Gilles, I don’t know anything about him booking a Navy Seals pilot but he’s always had secondary shows that the producers worked around. Again, they are contractually obligated to the Originals. Many actors audition and book other shows during pilot season but they will be in second position to their current show.
            And I know all about the CW so I don’t need your poorly typed post to educate me.

    • Temperance says:

      It’s not good, and never has been.

  11. I think Originals,2 Broke Girls will be cancelled & OUAT renewed .Those are the only three I watch /care about in the list.I hope 2 Btoke Girls ,Originals get renewed though,OUAT too

  12. fernando933 says:

    Cancel them all, these networks need to be bold and reach for higher live demo and views. I know it’s tough and these shows have fans but live tv is awful at this point, it’s time we find shows that improve live ratings

    • KLS says:

      Agreed. The only break-out hits from the last few years, Empire (FOX) and This Is Us (NBC), were totally different than what was on everywhere else. I seriously doubt the next “different” show will come from CBS (the no risk network), though McGyver was a surprise. ABC keeps trying, but can’t seem to find a groove. Maybe Dungey (ABC), in her second year, can surprise us all.

  13. Wrstlgirl says:

    Well I don’t watch any of these shows anymore. Guess I’ve been making pretty good choices lately :-)

  14. Sharon says:

    I hope The Originals is renewed. Still enjoy the show! Ratings seem decent and a season 5 could have so much potential with TVD over.

  15. Danny P. says:

    Quick comment: it’s “getting the axe”, not “ax”.

    • Katie_Mead says:

      ‘Ax’ is now quite an acceptable spelling in the USA (*), although it is usually still ‘axe’ in the rest of the English-speaking world. Spelling, language and grammar are all constantly evolving, except in dead languages.
      (*) Although read worldwide, this website tends to focus solely on N.American TV, and is aimed primarily at Americans, and so there’s nowt wrong with using the ‘ax’ spelling. Besides, t’Internet speaks American English, of sorts.

  16. Tatjana says:

    Agents of Shield, I love this season

  17. Last Man on Earth is easily my favourite of these shows. I’d hate to see it go.
    Quantico has improved significantly since they ditched the dual timelines.
    I still think AoS would be better suited on Netflix so it can go darker
    Brooklyn 9-9 is probably the safest on this list
    I’m expecting OUaT to be announced for a seventh and final season. If not, I hope it gets a decent series finale.
    I don’t watch the rest, but I hope fans are happy with whatever decisions get made.

  18. S K says:

    It would be nice to see Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at least make it to the all-important 100 episode mark (which a half-season sized 13 episode pick-up would do); also, I still really enjoy this show and don’t want to see it go away (on a more personal level). With the start of The Inhumans next year, that might work (slapping both into the same time slot, maybe, with Agents starting up after Inhumans is done?), though the current disconnect between the MCU and the Marvel TV properties doesn’t help the case much.

    On the most personal level, though: I’m SO NOT READY to say good-bye to Coulson, Quake, May, and FitzSimmons. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME!!!

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but, I’m pretty sure that 100 episodes is the old mark. The new mark is 88, at least that is what I’ve read most recently, which they should hit by the end of this season.

  19. Sal says:

    I don’t want B99 and Last Man on Earth to go just yet. They’re such good, wacky comedies.
    I’ve enjoyed New Girl this season but if it’s a good finale next week, it’s fine if the show goes.
    I’m not too attached to The Originals, either, but it’s all I’ve got as a TVD remnant. I’ll def miss Klaus and clan, if the show is axed, though.
    Elementary quite bored me this season. I’m waiting for it to end so I can binge-watch.
    Gave up on Quantico midway through s1. I assume the quality only declined?
    AoS got better this season but if it’s going to be shelved, let it get a good ending and it’ll be fine.
    OUAT is meh for me now, the last few seasons the quality dwindled.

  20. Amy J says:

    Still hoping for AoS to get renewed. Second choice would be The Originals. Everything else…. meh.

  21. ndixit says:

    If B99 gets cancelled, I will be very pissed. Thankfully, it got a syndication package deal for 5 seasons so even if Fox doesn’t renew it, K think it will be picked up by Hulu, like The Mindy Project.

  22. Kay says:

    I LOVE New Girl, and I would really miss it if this is the end, but I’ve also been very satisfied with where things are at for all the characters. If it ends, I’ll be okay with it. Better than going another season and screwing everything up.

    • Alex says:

      Totally agreed. You said it well. I love the show and would love to see it continue, but if it’s given a good resolution next week, then I would also be okay with seeing it go out on a high note. It’s a better alternative to it becoming a once-good show that dwindled away.

  23. Sarah G says:

    My guesses:

    Renewed: B99 bc it’s still doing ok, New Girl (with final season announcement), Qntico (I think they wanna keep it despite ratings), very likely OUAT.

    Cancelled: Corporate synergy might save it but I 75% see AoS being cancelled.

    IDK: Originals. Ratings say it squeezes a renewal (and I would LOVE for it to get renewed) but CW past history + fullness of sched says it goes. Maybe squeezes a renewal with Candice aboard????? (Not a CK shipper, could just see the CW making it a renewal requirement like insisting on Spike being on Angel to make S5 of that show happen.)

    IDK or IDC about the other shows lol.

  24. Carol C says:

    I really hope the TV gods keep Elementary around for another season.

  25. broncfanwa says:

    Of the 10 I’ve watched 9. The only one I would vote to keep is Elementary. The rest can go the way Of the dodo

  26. Broadwayfan says:

    Of the 10 programs listed I only watched one, ELEMENTARY. “Watched” being in past tense. Last season it just became a chore, and I wasn’t enjoying it much at all. So I stopped.
    Thus, none of these shows are one of ‘mine’.

    • CIP says:

      I think, overall, Elementary has been better this season but sometimes the writing is inconsistent and I don’t even care for the resolution of the crime. I love the leads though.

  27. Horus says:

    While I do not think Elementary has been great this season its Sunday night time slot means it spends half the season being pushed-back and starting late due to various sporting events: Football, March Madness, etc. There have been many times when I thought CBS would be better to put in a 15-25 minute filler and then starting the news rather then starting Elementary 35-45 minutes late.

    • ragnar51 says:

      Absolutely right, in order to assure getting full copies of elementary and Madam Secretary I generally end up specifying a one hour extra on my DVR. I realize this may not be possible for all DVR systems.

  28. NolaNola says:

    Keep ELEMENTARY, where the Queen’s English is spoken correctly. Love the plots that come up.

  29. Joey Padron says:

    Hope Agents of Shield, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Last Man On Earth will get renewed! Love those shows so much!

  30. TV Gord says:

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine does fairly well during awards season, and I’m sure Fox doesn’t mind the potential of more. The Last Man on Earth is one of those rare shows that could build by word of mouth, if they could pull off a few more big-name stunts (Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm…although didn’t that one backfired spectacularly!).

    I’m sorry to see that Son of Zorn is in trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season.

    I hope New Girl continues. It still makes me laugh. 2 Broke Girls still makes me cringe, but I keep watching out of the morbid curiosity of how much worse it could possibly get.

  31. Casey says:

    The two on this list I watch are Quantico and Once Upon A Time. If I had to choose, I would definitely pick Once. I hope they give it another season. Unlike most of the commentators on this site, I still love and still think the story has creative potential. I think getting rid of Snow and Charming and teenage Henry would actually be great for the show, breath some fresh air into it and still keep the most popular characters that will keep fans tuning it. I’m also in the minority, it seems, as not liking the Quantico reboot at all. I enjoyed season one, and while I agree that season 2A got way too complicated and confusing, I don’t think the dual timelines were the problem here. It really wasn’t confusing to keep track of which timeline they were in. If they were in a classroom, it was the past. If they were in the middle of a hostage crisis, it was the future. The problem was trying to keep track of which rogue agency was good and which was bad and who was on who’s side. The reset has changed it into a cheesy, formulaic, case of the week, CBS show with younger and prettier people. I don’t really understand what they’re trying to do here, but I think the network is fundamentally misunderstanding who their audience is here.

    • 221bsam says:

      I agree with your post entirely.

    • jjolie says:

      I agree with you I love once upon a time but they should leave storybook behind and go back to the enchanted Forrest as Emma being queen or something,just take them out that Town and give everyone a deserving happy ever after.that should be season 7 everyone getting to go back to where they came from snow and charming can live in a mini castle where they visit once in awhile,Henry becomes a real author and so on etc….Put leave off with joy this bunch has literally been to hell and back,give them season 7 to show that good wins and lives happily ever after…Just a thought

  32. Diane Himpele says:

    Lighting candle they keep Blindspit, Quantico, Elementsry and my favorite Once Upon A Time

  33. kmw says:

    I don’t see LMOE going despite ratings, I only see New Girl possibly leaving because they would have to deal with Zooey’s pregnancy again which would mean a long layoff and the shows ratings are so low now that wouldn’t be good. However like you said FOX owns it and maybe they will abbreviate for a final season. FOX shouldn’t give up on B 99 but I can see them doing it. Almost everything else I can see them cutting except OUAT and Quantico and maybe AOS.

  34. jj says:

    None of them. They all should be canceled.

  35. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    P-L-E-A-S-E cancel Two Broke Girls, CBS!!!!

  36. Jon Spell says:

    Elementary is one of the two shows I most look forward to each week. (The other being Designated Survivor) I love the writing, the case of the week, and most of all, the dynamic between Sherlock and Watson. It’s brilliant!

  37. T.W.S.S. says:

    Three of my shows are on this list, and while I’d miss New Girl and B-99, I wouldn’t be upset if they ended. However, Agents deserves another season.

  38. Denise says:

    Blindspot, Quantico, and Elementary would definitely be missed! Of course I am one of those that DVR’s both and then binge watches on the weekend. OUAT is one that I got behind on and just gave up. If CBS would do a better job of scheduling Elementary after games it would help a lot!! my options on my DVR only allows extending up to 30 minutes late so I have to record part of the news scheduled to follow so I can get the complete episodes. Gets frustrating after awhile.

  39. ella jasper says:

    The network should never have moved Blindspot. It’s not an 8pm show. I do think it has been better the last couple of weeks, not so much time spent on Sandstorm. I think that was the kiss of death. And the storyline with Reade having a drug problem is ridiculous. But please give it another chance.

    • Temperance says:

      I loved Blindspot, but they’ve gotten so far off track. Torturing the characters pointlessly, repeating the Jane storyline, the neverending bore of Sandstorm… which should have been over long ago. I think the fubared this one with bad plot.

      • Yeah I did really like Blindspot, but I got half way through this season, and then lost interest, for basically the reasons you mentioned! But then I also lost interest in The Blacklist too, which i didn’t think was possible, but it I might go back to someday, through reruns or online/streaming! Quantico was another one I lost interest in, I only watched the first season, which was good! I never even tried with the 2nd! I want OUAT, AOS and New Girl to stay, I still enjoy them!

  40. M says:

    With a shorter season, I’m hoping for tighter storytelling on The Originals. If this is the end for it, I hope they are–or have been–able to give it a satisfying conclusion. While the 22-episode seasons meant for a lot of stretching, when it’s good, this show is very, very good.

  41. 221bsam says:

    I’m all for more Once Upon A Time, it’s the only show in I really care about & I still love it six years later.
    Elementary became, as one poster adeptly put it, a chore, I have t watched it for a while. Quantico grates my cheese as I feel it could be really good, Russell Tovey has been an outstanding addition (not that I’m biased about our talent at all *cough*) but he has. It’s just so all over the place, the title makes zip sense! If they knew they were going to be transferring them to the CIA then why call it Quantico?! I used to love it but It took me three attempts to get through the latest episode as nothing was going on, I don’t see this going much further.
    The Originals just never had the same draw for me as TVD did (to begin with) I really like Joseph Morgan & Daniel Gillies but the stories are just weak, I can’t get invested in them.
    ABC if you’re reading this, please, please renew Once!

    • jjolie says:

      I love ouat my family has been watching it together every episode so this show is what gets all my family together for least. Hour

  42. Ray says:

    Of these shows, I’ve already quit watching OUAT, Agents of Shield and Last Man on Earth this season. I’m ready to give up on Quantico as well.

    B99 should definitely get renewed–there’s creative life left in it yet. As for The Originals and New Girl, I’d be okay either way.

  43. Jana says:

    Renew Blindspot!

  44. Katie_Mead says:

    I really hope to still be watching MAoS for another year or two, or at least most of the characters (& Bobby & Hunter) in a spin-off or reboot. Naturally, what I want has nothing to do with what the networks decide, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this following Agent Carter off the schedule.
    I’m actually hoping to see Blindspot and Quantico shuffled off, so the casts can be reshuffled into other, hopefully better, shows. I don’t even care about OUaT or Elementary any more, both seem to have gone stale. Comedies, I don’t watch at all, so have no idea what’s worth keeping or not.

  45. Lone Browncoat says:

    As someone familiar with quick and premature cancellations {talking to you Fox network}, I will admit OUAT, unless the writers get some new creativity, has probably run its course. It should come back for one more season, tie up loose ends, then conclude because I like closure, ABC shouldn’t leave us hanging, but it has been a good run, more airtime than the original Star Trek but some of the story-lines are getting stale, To Fox, ditto for Last Man..if you’re going to least give us a satisfying ending. Grimm at least had planned for that and I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, and it seems, at least for now, we’ll always have the Winchester’s.
    As for Sleepy Hollow, let it die.

  46. Carla Krae says:

    Too early to say anything on The Originals. 1), the season just started, and 2) ratings are good for CW Friday so far, and 3) the network likes working with Julie.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      Lol.The network dosent like working with Julue-she went off on them on Twitter last May and they have two of her shows,three actually and have started not picked up her pilots/shows in devlopment

  47. David says:

    What about Designated Survivor? It’s an excellent show, and deserves at least one more season. Any word?

  48. Teresa says:

    There is only one show I want all the time. Once upon a time – still one of my faves ! I hope it is renewed – it is an original concept.

  49. David Hess says:

    I think a seventh season of OUAT would be fitting because the number 7 seems to show up a lot in fairytales. They’d have a season for each dwarf, LOL!

  50. Teresa says:

    Hope OUAT is renewed- it is Or final and entertaining

    • Sabrina Soto says:

      OUaT used to be amazing. After a while, they began to reuse the same storylines over and over again (oh hey, we’re happy now. oh no, [x] got sucked into another realm! here we go again!!) also, if one of the main parts of the show is couples always finding “their true loves,” make the couples INTERESTING. On the show, they never fight, and even when someone does something awful, they are forgiven 5 minutes after because “they did it out of love.” Come on.