The Originals Spoilers

The Originals Season 4: Are Hayley and Elijah Putting Their Romance on Hold?

In a perfect world, The Originals‘ Hayley would have ample time to divide between protecting her daughter and finding love for herself. But, really, when has this ever been a perfect world?

Phoebe Tonkin acknowledges that Hayley “spent five years thinking about the moment where she’d get to see Elijah again,” but notes that recent events — including the arrival of an ominous new threat — are forcing her to switch gears.

She tells TVLine, “As much as Hayley is happy to have [Elijah] back, her priority is still Hope’s safety. She can’t focus on a romantic relationship that might become too time-consuming. … As her daughter gets older and becomes a little human being, Hayley becomes even more protective. So that’s her focus, to protect her kid.”

This echoes what executive producer Michael Narducci recently told TVLine: “It’s the height of selfishness and irresponsibility to not put [Hope’s] needs and concerns first. I’m not saying Hope is an obstacle to anyone’s happiness — far from it, since she’s the source of their inspiration and possibly their redemption — but she’s going to be the center of a lot of what’s going on moving forward.”

In fact, Tonkin says that Hope — in addition to the season’s new Big Bad, which will begin to reveal itself over the next couple of episodes — is pretty much everyone’s top priority moving forward.

“Not only does she have a mother and father who are willing to do anything to keep her safe, but this little girl also has all these very protective aunts and uncles,” she explains. “It’s a nice thing to see all these grown adults who are just completely devoted to this young girl.”

We’ll have more Originals scoop in advance of Friday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c). For now, drop a comment with your thoughts Hayley and Elijah’s future below.

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  1. escarlata says:

    I Hope they broken very soon, i prefer Klaus and hayley

    • Emily says:

      never gonna happen

    • Meg says:

      Yas!:)) Always happy to see other Klayley supporters

      • Jane says:

        For some reason writers and actors have always been very clear about Hayley not being a LI option for Klaus. It is strange because when it comes to ships JP usually likes to give vague answers and have all characters sleep with each other. I don’t know how come Hope’s parents together were never an option but mum/uncle ship is okay

        • Hallie says:

          Klaus LI don’t last long from the begining they were not an option and yes JP likes ships but TO is not as shippy. Not to mention they have gone really far with HE so I don’t see that ever ending from spoilers they may not be focusing on there relationship they are very much together. Even if they weren’t it would be more of them pinning for each other I don’t see klayley ever happening.

          • Jane says:

            Me neither, they’ve gone too far with HE. I just found it strange they went for CK and HE before giving klayley a chance, normally JP would at least try. Like she even tried Caroline and Alaric even though they never even slept together, at least it wasn’t confirmed that they ever did

          • . says:

            It’s a good thing that wasn’t comfirmed considering she did sleep with almost all the Leading characters in the Show. That was so annoying I wonder why JP wrote her like that.

          • Gift says:

            Male leading characters I meant

          • Bree says:

            It was confirmed by Stefan when he said they were sleeping in seperate rooms and Rick was only about angst for SC and to explain CK mat leave

            As for KH and HE they have gone way to far with HE for her to ever be with klaus. The show never seemed to want to go there and I don’t see them ever going there (as long as DG is on the show). They set this whole love thing (similar to DE) I just don’t see them backing out of that so as I can see KH finding away to co parent I think that would be the extent if something was to happen it would have happened back in season 1

          • . says:

            Yea that is a lost cause now but they should have at least tired. Whatever the case I still love the show as I would.

          • Gift says:


    • Lee says:

      I agree. I want a focus to be on Klaus and Hayley, maybe not romantic in nature (yet) but standing side by side in protection of their daughter. They understand each other in ways most other characters on the show do not based on their upbringing

      • Jane says:

        I am sorry but how is their upbringing similar? O_O Klaus had abusive parents (just like his siblings, obviously), Hayley parents were killed when she was a baby.
        Klaus had his siblings around for as long as he wanted (till he started to box them up), Hayley is the only child and didn’t have any family growing up.

        • Gift says:

          I thought Hayley was abandoned

          • Jane says:

            Her real parents were killed by a werewolf later revealed to be Jackson’s grandfather.

          • Gift says:

            And she still married him? It’s not his fault but…..

          • Jane says:

            Apparently. I’m telling you every freaking ship on JP shows is wrong or toxic in one way or another lol
            As for Hayley’s adoptive parents, as far as I remember they kicked her out after she killed someone when she was drunk and triggered her curse and she was like 14. I mean, a teen werewolf with attitude who gets drunk etc… is somewhat difficult to handle for human adoptive parents

          • Gift says:

            Oh so her adoptive parents were humans how then did she hide her werewolf Nature from them? Throwing a 14 years old out like that it must mean her parents weren’t good people in the first place. This stories have left us rooting for the bad guys while in the normal Sense they re suppose to be seen as the mosters. I watch shows from before nd compare them to the ones we re watching now nd I see that Things re turned around. Now moster re seen as heros while any human trying to hurt or stop them is the evil one. Do u get what I’m saying? JP’s show is all kind of messed up I tell u. But but, we still enjoy watching it. I can’t imagine not watching the originals. Times from now I will still watch the Vampire Diaries over nd over of cause forward through the parts that annoys me. At the end of the day the show was one of my most favorite even now.

      • Hallie says:

        What are you talking about klaus grew up the same way all his siblings did and haleys up bringing was completely different

      • Bree says:

        Klaus and Haley will never be romantic and I think all of the mikelsons will be there to protect hope

    • Bree says:

      As long as DG is still on the show KH will never happen HE is the new DE

    • Kate O'Neil says:

      ew gross. Klaus and caroline duh!!!!!!!!!!!!! but hey i respect your fandom though. i love this show! no matter what i hope they all make it. i HATE marcel. what do you think about him? I am so sick of him lol

  2. Gift says:

    How sweet! I don’t owe anything against Hayley nd Elijah but it’s so much better If they’re not together. I can’t wait to see how Klaus handles his little girl nd how he reacts when she is hurt. I also very much want to see what kol inputs to this little girl’s life. He is her uncle after all. Can’t wait till I watch this next episode. If possible heir the entire season at once. Hahaha.

    • Jane says:

      Isn’t it funny how now haylijah can be together and writers just put in on hold. It looks like they really can’t have a couple just being together, there must always be something in their way or if there is nothing really, they just put it on hold lol
      I’m also interested to see Kol with hope for some reason. Have you see recent trailer where Klaus meets hope and she goes to the garden? Oh btw I left you my review on the 100 under your post (an article with Octavia pic), just have a look if you want haha. I just realised that TO is not getting 16 episodes like TVD, it must be less like 12-13. Saaaad

      • Gift says:

        Are u serious? Just 12-13 episode, oh men, this is so sad. This show is making me not miss TVD so much. I really really really hope it gets a season 5. If it ends now I wonder what I’ll watch of cause I have other shows but for me this one is different. Even when I complain about it so much I still watch it. Now I’m feeling really sad. This show needs to be renewed soon. Like this one I hope they cut out stories from here nd make it a different show. Just hoping. I dropped a comment for u in the 100. Besides klaus, I think kol is my other favorite in the Mikaelsons family. I like the way he talks. Hahaha. And he would be an interesting story to focus on don’t u think? My other favorites re Elijah before Rebekah, Finn then Freya. Now Hope is another story. A good one.

        • Jane says:

          Yes Kol is also my second fav after Klaus. Then Elijah but for some reason I never really enjoyed any of “his ships”. Like Katherine or Tatia or that girl that Klaus compelled to kill herself. And it is not like I ship him with someone else, it is just so far his LI were okay but nothing really to care about. I liked Kolvina and I will probably not like Frey’s LI lol But will see what they prepared for Rebekah, she’s getting her own story line this season. About time

        • John says:

          They need to build Freya’s storyline up a bit, its a bit like she is an after thought, a bit player with the story evolving around klaus, elijah and hayley. But if this is the last season they may not have time to write in a good story

    • Bree says:

      They are not breaking them up all that is going to happen is them focusing on different things haley’s focus is hope Elijah’s is not letting his brother revert back to who he use to be but once the hope issue is solved HE will be back to where they are now

      • Gift says:

        No one said they re breaking them up but ur point is correct. When all this is all over they will return to where they are not. It doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t feel right.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    This seems like a smart direction to take. I’ve always felt that Hayley and Elijah work best when their attraction simmers quietly in the background rather than becoming a center of attention.
    Stolen glances and an occasional swoon-worthy romantic declaration in a moment of crisis are enough to keep me happy.

    • Gift says:

      That is true, then we won’t have Elijah abandoning his brother nd rush off to her. I hate it when he betrays klaus for Hayley but I guess they re past that now.

  4. Lucy says:

    The Originals have never been good with their romances. Personally, I’m a fan when it isn’t there or at least in the background, that way it doesn’t take away from the characters (becoming too OOC) or the story. My favourite romances in TVD/TO were the background ones, the ones that didn’t involve a lead or leads because they didn’t become a focus and a few episodes without the romance were allowed, therefore no unnecessary angst. That is the problem with romances where a lead or two are involved, they can never be truly happy, they are often put in unnecessary angst and sometimes don’t even learn from it to improve their relationship.

    Although calling off Halijah is smart, their priority should be rebuilding the family, the Mikaelsons have been away for 5 years.

  5. Jane says:

    I don’t mind Haylijah but from Hope’s perspective it must be creepy. Mom who sleeps with your dad’s brother. This is just disgusting, even for Julie Plec’s show.

    • Lucy says:

      To an extent, she hasn’t had a normal upbringing, she hasn’t got friends to compare families with. But I’ve seen other shows where the mother dates their dad’s brother, and no one complained.
      I just enjoy the co-parenting and not having a traditional nuclear family onscreen.

      • Jane says:

        She is older now and she will learn what’s okay and what’s not. And it’s one thing to live in danger etc and another when your own mom sleeps with your dad’s brother. Or are they planning to screw this kid on every possible level

        • Gift says:

          Hahaha, Jane the kid is already screwed in every possible way. Look at it, she related to the Mikaelsons. While that might be a blessing, it is also a great course. She gets to see all sorts of things. Which one is seeing her mother date or maybe one day marry her uncle. I mean at some point she might wonder is klaus really my Father? Hahaha.

      • Gift says:

        Lucy it’s awful. Pairing her with someone else would have been much better.

    • Meg says:

      I agree, no matter what anyone says about being open-minded, it just doesn’t feel right

    • Gift says:

      Yes I still can’t digest it. I mean in the real sense it shouldn’t happen at all. I guess JP likes to write stories like that, I mean look at Stefan nd Damon. Even klaus shouldn’t be OK with it.

    • John says:

      It was a one night stand, not really that creepy. And their only half brothers. Its not like klaus and hayley actually dated then elijah swoops in to steal her away or waits for them to break up, to steal the girl.

      • Jane says:

        When Hope complained to Klaus in this episode, he called for Hayley and she run out of the bedroom in Elijah’s shirt no less, after she just had sex with him. If you don’t see how sick and wrong it is from Hope’s perspective at least, there is something not right with you. And Elijah’s closer to Klaus than to Kol/Finn, so you comment about them being only half brother is neither here nor there

      • Gift says:

        A woman had a baby for U nd is now sleeping with ur brother how would u feel about that? One night stand like u put it or not, it is not right. Even if klaus nd Hayley doesn’t get Intimate again Their lives is already connected to one another.No matter what, Hayley will still be an important woman in Klaus life. She will always have a position there in his heart because of Hope. They don’t even see klaus like an half brother. And that isn’t a point. Jane good point.

  6. tory says:


  7. Dee says:

    Love the originals. Keep the story going.

  8. Meg says:

    I never liked seeing them together. At first, I thought they were gonna be friends which would be lovely but it really turned out to be tiring to watch. I guess I was more interested to see the relationship between Hayley and Klaus trying to protect their child and facing their differences. So I hope they really end “Haylijah” for good

  9. Michelle wilson says:

    My question is can’t you guys please!!!!! Bring cami and davina back i absolutely loved kalus and cami together

  10. Stacey says:

    I am indifferent to Hayley and Elijah, so whatever they decide to do is fine. I am just hoping for a S5 so I can see some Klaroline! Really want Caroline over as recurring guest star!

  11. Guest says:

    Never Klayley and no more Haylijah! Horny shippers and Phoebe Tonkin are destroying this story that should be about the Originals – note Pure Perfection Queen Baby Mama’s adventures. They need to downgrade Hayley to an off-screen character with Hope making periodic appearances. Watching Elijah fawn all over Hayley (Mary Sue Prime) is awful. Elijah need to separate from Hayley for good and Hayley (if she MUST be around) needs to stop being written like a self-insert blow up doll/sex object.

    • John says:

      Hayley and elijah need to be separate for most of this season, so that elijah can find out what he really wants. Since being trapped in freyas spell all that time has changed him and not having to try save klaus anymore. They need to return hayley to the character she used to be when she first appeared.

  12. Cas says:

    So many haters. Haley and Elijah have been the main romance since season 1. Maybe not main but it has been evident they have feelings for each other since then. I love them.

  13. Maryanne says:

    Let the two of them be together for a change instead of looking from a far

  14. S M Wright says:

    Just watched Vamp Diaries final… Was disappointed in the ending. It really wasn’t nearly as good as the previous seasons at all. Elaina was only in tiny short flashes, the significant final losses of the major characters in the series was far too much, and the ending was very sad.
    When will Originals Season 4 be on Netflix? I think Klaus could still end up with Carolyn.

  15. zed says:

    Yes to Klayley!!!!

  16. zed says:

    I seriously hope we get season 5- so we get Klaus and Hayley realizing they are the real thing. And that Elijah was just Hayley’s mad infatuation. To me, Hayley and Elijah are all about lust. Their interactions are so staged, even that picture above- like they are in drama school and now they have to get into the love scene. When I look back at all the scenes Daniel had with Nina, whether it was Elena, Katherine or Tatia- there was this natural ease in scenes. and to me- Hayley and Klaus – are so much more natural, if you get what I mean.Their scenes are gold. I wish they bury Haylijah forever, because it is a washout. But I know they will not, unfortunatelly. Everything is already filmed. Klayley should have been the one couple this show should have explored – and their personal tug of war would have been great to watch.

    • . says:

      I wish that would have been the case, not that all u’ve said Is Wrong but They’ve already Destored the chance of Hayley nd klaus being together. And thinking of it nd seeing them together they would have worked very well. It’s also a good thing in some ways nd for some other reason, we get to hope that klaus never forget Caroline nd they meet again some day soon. I’m a big fan.

    • Gift says:

      Zed someone made that point lately about Elijah Not being Natural in his role. He was more comfortable nd more natural playing the part in TVD. That was why nd what everyone fell in love with the first time we all saw Elijah. Now it seems like he is forcing the character. Like (Jane) said u either feel it or u don’t. But Klaus everything just seems so easy nd natural.

      • zed says:

        Yes! Elijah in the Originals is like- not himself. And- well, he hasn’t been himself since Esther had tortured him and he found out he killed Tatia- so, from that point – yeah- Elijah is way more messed up then before- and then, the way he is now- make sense. And the whole Hayley-Elijah so called love thing in the last episode showed how both of them are deluded- the whole talk about – you’re good- so laughable- but we know that Elijah is looking for the good that Tatia i.e. Katerina had. He doesn’t see the real Hayley, but the illusion- and she tries to find in Elijah what actually Jackson possessed and she actually loved. And when – if- the masks fall- both of them will realize that it is not the real thing they have. This is why I see Klayley happening- because Klaus is in no illusion about Hayley, and she knows exactly who Klaus is. This why they can bring Klaus and Hayley together. They are the real thing.

        • Gift says:

          Zed It’s really not going to happen. Klaus nd Hayley never going to happen. Even if she nd Elijah breaks up, it’s still not going to happen so let’s not hope on that. But! Klaus nd Hayley looks good together if they were to go there.

  17. Erick Voshel says:

    Tonight’s episode was amazing! Loved watching Hope & her father bond. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  18. Gift says:

    Why do kol nd Rebekah have to leave all the time? I was really excited to see what kol is up-to next nd how he bonds with his family nd little Hope. As always that is a disappointment. Why do I feel like in last night’s Episode Rebekah was saying her good byes. I hope not. Also Rebekah nd kol leaving together is more like Another story in another city. I feel there is more there. Klaus nd Hope’s moment was adorable. I couldn’t get enough. Marcel is scared of the Mikaelsons no matter what he claims to be. I knew they were going to play the cure card. He should rather die in my opinion. He seems to be showing fake concern. He only cares about his throne or whatever. I love the way Vincent does magic, his incantation is fun to watch. Seeing what hope can do while she hasn’t even practiced I wonder what to expect, it’s going to be an handful nd very very powerful.

    • Jane says:

      I think we will see more of Rebekah and Kol, because MN said that Rebekah will get a story this season, plus there was a moment with her kissing a guy in a promo for S04. As for this episode, I really enjoyed Klope moments, really really. But overall this episode wasn’t as good as two previous ones. Almost like a filler, which TO can’t afford facing such a high risk of cancellation. I like Vincent as a supporting character, but I don’t like them focusing on Vincent’s backstory, they could’ve just put it in dialog b/w him and Marcel. But they wasted precious time out of only 13 episodes. It’s like in the last season of TVD they started focusing on Matt’s story and even on his ancestors, I was watching it and thinking that tvd writers must be really ready for tvd final, because they’re clearly completely out of ideas if they started writing about a character that didn’t have a story for 7 seasons.
      P.S. And why there is not recap for this episode of TO. Now I’m almost sure I wasn’t the only one who felt like it was nothing much

      • Gift says:

        I hope to see more of kol nd Rebekah. It’s just not complete without them. I did also feel that it was fillers this episode nd the Vincent back story was not necessary but u know I like Vincent mostly the part he is doing magic. He has his own style so I’ll let it slide. Yea klaus nd Hope’s moment was amazing. She was acting just like him while they paint. That little girl is brilliant. I kept rewinding it back to see their moment. U do knw despite what Freya said Marcel will end up getting cured right? I hope that happens soon. But I did appreciate his concern this last episode “a little “. He should quit giving excuses that while ruling with an iron fist he was protecting Divina. He was using the girl for her powers. How come no one see that. I don’t buy the she was like a daughter to me. But what the heck! Everything thing in this universe is screwed up.

        • Jane says:

          Yes I also think Marcel used davina for power, otherwise a regular vampire would never be able to keep control over other vamps, witches and keep wolves exiled from NE. Sure he grew attached to her, but it was in that order, not the other way around: adopt a kid, discover she had abilities and then occasionally use them.

          And I liked how in this episode writers confirmed, using Freya and Elijah’s lines, that Hayley is not mikaelson. That’s exactly how I feel, she has a place in this family, like marcel, but she’s not mikaelson. Before writers were giving this name away like no big deal, now they finally clarified, that siblings and hope are mikaelsons, marcel and Hayley are outsiders no matter what their current relationships with Mikaelsons are.

          • . says:

            And that means they re expandable. Well Marcel more than Hayley because of the whole mother thing. I did see it that way too. But sometimes family isn’t about blood. Bringing them back made Hayley super important nd got her a golden position in the family while Marcel reduced. They don’t even talk about his betrayal but I do knw that klaus Is hurt more than anyone of them nd would Still forgive him for some it love or whatever but the rest of the family not so much. I just can’t get over klaus nd his daughter! Hey, what if they surprise us this season nd bring Caroline, how excited will u be? How far re u on the 100?

          • Jane says:

            “And that means they re expandable.” yes this is basically where I was going with all that I said in my prev post. I don’t think they’ll actually kill anyone major this season, but they will probably “cure” Marcel from being what he is. For some reason I’m not as big Elijah’s fan as I used to be when he was in TVD and first season of TO. It looks to me as if Daniel sometimes “overplays” these Elijah’s moves like he is constantly posing, like he is too self-aware or smth, I don’t know it’s hard to explain. But it’s his moves like in the latest episode the way he drops his jacket on a chair, just watch it, you either feel it or not haha. Not sure you understand what I mean :)
            I think Joseph is very natural in his role, not that he is anything like Klaus in real life, but just this role looks easy for him to play, he doesn’t look like he is trying to hard. Summer is also good so far. Yes, I finished watching 100, I left you a comment in “Octavia article” :)

          • Gift says:

            I get what u re saying, I watched that scene again yes Elijah is posing even when he was walking towards Hayley in that scene u call see it clearly there. Maybe it’s the role with Hayley that Is making it seem forced or not natural like in TVD. He really has style nd I wouldn’t all that waste. But I think he is alittle shy. I was watching one of their interviews nd he wasn’t talking much nd it seemed like he was shying away. I might be wrong though.

          • Jane says:

            You know what I just realised, when TO came up with a magical baby, many fans complained that it was stolen from Twilight. And now I remembered that twilight kid was also a girl with bright copper hair. Only in twilight it made sense, because her father had the same colour hair but in TO it’s a bit odd. I like Hope and all, just a funny coincidence

          • Gigu says:

            Baloney, Marcel saved Davina without knowing she had any powers to use. He did it because a witch (Sophie) told him about kids being sacrificed at the harvest ritual. A WITCH came to Marcel for help. He didn’t go looking for a teenage witch to exploit. Marcel remained loyal to Davina even when he was no longer in charge. Marcel protected Davina when Klaus tried to kill her. Marcel was in charge of Nola before he even knew she existed. He got rid of the werewolves and maintained control all prior to Davina. Check the timeline!

          • Gift says:

            Maybe she takes after her great grandmother or perhaps her grandfather’s Family. You know they never really said much about klaus’s father, his aunt, mother,uncles, Hope may have Inherited the red hair Gene From his father’s side or Hayley’s side. And yes they did take the miracle baby thing from twilight. That’s why I said twilight can never be made a series u know because there is Nothing they act that we haven’t see in the originals. Family, miracle baby nd all that. It did be good if they explain where she got that red hair from. Maybe along the way Hahaha.

          • Jane says:

            Haha I don’t mind her hair really, she’s been doing a good job playing hope so far and it’s more important than her hair. Just another funny parallel with twilight that’s all. Yes it’s a valid point, TO covered most of Twilight and more. The only thing that I liked in twilight that’s missing in TO (or TVD) is that in twilight vamps pretty much mated for life, there was deffinately a theme of loyalty in twilight, like how wolves imprinted and couldn’t “see” anyone except their beloved imprint or how vamps found soulmates and stayed together forever. In TO it’s exactly the opposite, so many ships and every one of them had some “epic” words or gestures thrown around that it’s no wonder shippers fight so hard, defending each their own “epic love story” because the writers gave them all some kind of ground to stand on if you know what I mean

          • Gift says:

            Yes that werewolf imprint was awesome! It was unique. And for the vampires Meeting their Soulmate Was also cool but I wasn’t so crazy about that part. Because considering the Mikaelsons who has lived longer than anyone or any Vampire Meets a soulmate like that nd they get killed. They will become ruthless Not that they haven’t been nd They will never recover from that. This won’t give us the satisfaction of the possibility of them finding true love again because it was already labeled on someone else. That’s why I liked Stefan’s story so much. He may love Elena more but also had a chance to feel love with the other women he met but the unfortunate thing is he never had chance to spend more time with them. They were always taken away from him. Like when he first met Rebekah nd klaus daggered her nd made him forget all about her. Then Caroline, he died almost after they married. Considering he had more time to explore those love he would have certainly loved someone more than Elena. I do like that they did not pick that out of twilight. But I also liked the Council Thing twight had. They tried to do it with the strix but it didn’t quite help the show in anyway. Then also each Vampire had their own ability. I was wrong I think twilight can still make a good series, I would enjoy it anyday.

          • . says:

            Have u seen the comment I left for u on the post of 100?

  19. zed says:

    Oh- and one more thing – whe Elijah was asked by Rebekah what he was gonna do from now on- How about working on your own redemption, Elijah dear?
    Lol, I know, I am like so posting things way after the ep- but just wanted to put it out there

    • Gift says:

      I actually see the klaus nd Elijah relationship differently. As he claims to keep klaus from crossing the line, I also think keeps in check too. Klaus occupies his time nd he doesn’t have the time to see or think of himself, what he has done, his redemption or anything. Out of guilt, he locks his sins away in a red door. Remembering that just a little Elijah would completely loose balance. So I also feel klaus is keeping him from his own monster.

  20. Estelle says:

    They are a stunning couple please let them have a long romance and live in the series in the time that we live we need love and steady love and they have a beautiful relationship one that can with stand anything that come their way.
    Love them