TIme After Time Cancelled ABC

Time After Time Cancelled at ABC

Time After Time is probably wishing for a time machine of its own right about now: ABC has pulled the H.G. Wells/Jack the Ripper drama from its schedule, effectively canceling the series.

Match Game will air this Sunday at 9/8c — at Time After Time‘s usual time — and for the following two Sundays, the network announced in a press release Wednesday.

Time After Time thus far has been averaging just 2.2 million weekly viewers and a 0.5 demo rating, while the first half of Match Game‘s sophomore run was pulling nearly 3 million viewers and a 1.0 rating in the Wednesdays-at-10 slot, where it enjoyed a solid lead-in. Its freshman run, airing Sundays at 10 last summer, performed even better.

An ABC rep tells TVLine that at this time, there are no plans to return Time After Time to air.

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  1. Suso says:

    Boo. It wasn’t a good show but it sure knew how to find excuses to get its two leads out of their clothes, which one must respect.

  2. Butch says:

    I hate game shows. I wish they would have allowed the show to broadcast all the episodes already filmed. Hope Masterpiece Theater on PBS has something good coming up.

  3. JenL says:

    I enjoyed it. I thought the twists were good, which most shows are so predictable these days. How do the networks expect to keep/ gain viewers if they won’t give shows a chance.

    • deb says:

      I totally agree. they spend all the money promoting, hiring & then, fail to let the show gain a following.

    • Alli says:

      100% agree

      • TheDuck says:

        Here’s the reality – most shows don’t build on their early ratings, especially a show with a continuing story line like Time After Time. It would take a miracle for Time After Time to grow its viewership, and that’s not going to happen. It sucks when a show you like gets cancelled but the cold facts are that, in terms of viewership, Time After Time was a failure (remember that, based on history, Match Game will pull in twice the rating Time After Time did) and ABC did what they had to do, from a business perspective.

        • Lisa says:

          Or maybe Match was in a better timeslot. Sunday at 9pm is hard. It’s up against the biggest shows on TV. Let’s see how Match does with it’s 18-49 year olds against the Season Finale of The Walking Dead.

          • Kp says:

            I don’t watch The Walking Dead since it has no proper love story. This show actually had that but was not promoted as such. That’s why it couldn’t gain the right audience which would have been all the women watching Vampire Diaries.

        • It’s a shame how these networks do not give new shows a chance. Everytime u start getting to like a show it gets cancelled. I’m so sick of this. Do they that maybe the older age groups might like something to watch. I liked time after time. Seems like every time I start watchING a new show its cancelled. That’s why everyone watches cable, netflix or some other form of programming.
          I remember when cbs was going to cancel the big bang theory because of low ratings the 1st season , but instead decided to give it a chance,switched the night n boom …look now 10 seasons late. It’s got a big following n have won lots n lots of awards!!!!

    • I totally agree. How do you pull a show without giving it at least one full season.

    • Louise Byrne says:

      Episode 7-9 would have been the best in the series

    • Chrissy says:


    • Going to give time after time you know some more time this show is good try a different night when there’s nothing on some people don’t even know about the show I like a lot of shows and that’s one of them that came out that’s pretty good and now I won’t watch ABC on Sunday it’s better than Quantico what’s was good in the beginning and now I can’t even stand that show Time After Time had potential we don’t even get to see what happens look at what happened to Star Trek Back in the sixties Star Trek went on to make millions and millions and millions executives they don’t know what they’re doing some time

  4. Blake Matthews says:

    Damn, I liked this show! I hope Timeless gets renewed, and for my time travel fix at least Doctor Who returns in 2 weeks

  5. Jaclyn-Kate says:

    I didn’t love this show, but I loved these two together.

    Buddy/coworker sitcom?

  6. Patrick Snee says:

    Im going to watching the new shows until you hear that they are renewed. I can always catch up on demand.

  7. Billy meacham says:

    Why waste our time with shows that get pulled after two to four episodes (doubt on cbs I’m looking at you) at least show the remaining episodes that were planned.

    • Temperance says:

      CBS is schizophrenic – it HATES genre shows, yet seems to fell it needs to keep trying them. And because they really don’t like them, they set such a high bar and are quick to cancel them. There were actually years I refused to watch any CBS because they kept doing this.

    • Dysturbed says:

      They air things with the hope that they’ll do well enough not to be pulled, but if ratings are bad enough, and losing money is guaranteed, it unfortunately makes more sense to air something that has a higher chance of making some money back.

      • Kp says:

        The problem is that ratings are completely skewed.
        Only a small amount of people have the Nielsen ratings device and are counted.
        I’m not sure what they do about online with people like me who are basically cable cutters.
        A proper way to monitor ratings would be to see what each household is watching but that is privacy invasion plus costly.

        Basically, I don’t think this show did that badly. The way ratings are collected don’t reflect the viewers.

        • Dysturbed says:

          I know things work with only I think 5,000 people having the boxes (maybe more at this point), but that unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that it’s mostly what they go by still, and that the flawed rationality that I mentioned is based on it.

  8. Hailie says:

    It was just starting to get good. Super bummer.

  9. Haz says:

    I have to ask…what was ABC thinking airing this after OUAT? No offense to the shows fans but it’s been struggling ratings wise the pay couple of seasons. Why didn’t they try launching the show with DWTS? I understand this current season had a number of shows that were greenlit under Paul Lee but I just do not understand Channing Dungeys scheduling decisions.

    • Casey says:

      I believe it was originally supposed to get the Monday at 10 spot, but they decided to give it to Quantico instead. That show’s REALLY struggling and ABC seems dead set on doing everything they can to keep it.

  10. Jared says:

    So networks had patience with the Fall launches but come midseason there cancelling left and right!

  11. justsomeguy says:

    Good. I need Timeless to be on the air for about 10 more years though.

  12. Dave says:

    Is American Crime next? I know the show is critically acclaimed and wins awards but it rated lower than Time last week and since that has been cancelled…

    • CIP says:

      I love American Crime. I don’t get why more people don’t tune in.

      • TV Gord says:

        There are too many choices on Sundays. I PVR twice as much as I can watch, and some, I just don’t bother. Time After Time fell into that latter category.

      • Ann says:

        It’s because the past two seasons of American Crime were lame. The seasons always start off great and then it falters halfway through the season when they begin a new plot for the series that comes out of left field. It tries to pretend it’s a smart show with something to say about society but it ultimately always falls flat by the end of the season. The actors are superb though, that’s why the win awards. The show itself hasn’t won anything in the writing department.

  13. laurelnev says:

    Guess this means I shouldn’t bother with the 2 eps on my DVR! ABC seems to cancel things too quickly these days (cough Conviction, cough Forever.) And this always seemed more like a Monday night type show anyway. Guess putting it against Timeless would not have been good either, though. Surprised they’re not at least burning off the eps–maybe on Monday to grab the Timeless crowd while it is on hiatus.

    • MILE says:

      I think that it’s also the viewers’ fault. People are too impatient — if the pilot doesn’t blow them away immediately they give up on the show. Most shows need some time to find their pace though, which is why I (usually) try and stick with it for 3-4 episodes before I decide. And with “Time after Time” I think it payed off or at least it would have. Guess it doesn’t matter anymore.  

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Or viewers are impatient with traditional week-to-week viewing and choose to binge a few eps (or the whole season) at once. Networks HAVE to adjust to the changing times and viewing habits. Makes me appreciate the CW for sticking with low-rated, non traditional shows.

        • laurelnev says:

          I just read the 1st response before replying. But if you read the end of that reply, you’ll see I agree there. :)

      • Well, this show did have to have an audience with a brain.

        • deb says:

          absolutely agree!! there are shows that have intelligent dialogue, a touch of history, & a plot that requires thinking & not shock value only. how hard it is to kill a zombie? run an obstacle course of giant inflatable toys, or replay a 30 yr old game show? and these are the major networks, what about killing gators, duck whistling or showing how housewives spend money & fight over lunch. it’s more dumbing down & taking away imagination.

      • laurelnev says:

        I do likewise. The only reason I’m backed up 2 eps is b/c life keeps interfering with my TV schedule. :) But it’s why I record as a backup, even if I’m planning to watch live. But with this show, from Day 1 we were all wondering how they were going to sustain this for a full season, while still keeping it fresh. And having the leads be so stupid, and the Ripper, while being no rocket scientist himself, defeating them so easily at every turn. They were just introducing the other characters that could potentially raise the bar when I got backed up, (like that chick who kidnapped the Ripper and baseball cap dude’s Mom.) I had tomorrow night penciled in to catch up, but why bother now. I think many folks plan to catch up by streaming if something makes it past 4 eps, but TV fans are getting tired of getting their new addiction yanked just about the time they are getting into it.

      • Dev says:

        I’ll admit I only lasted 2 eps before giving up but I just didn’t see a future for the story, especially since they were basically adjusted to their new time period by the end of the pilot. What turned me off the most were the long, gooey monologues from HG. Ruined an otherwise decent scene every time. The guys were hot, that’s all I got.

    • They do not want an audience that is capable of thought.

    • TheDuck says:

      You are aware that Forever lasted a full season, right? I know it’s a sore spot with many people that it didn’t get a second season, but you can hardly claim they didn’t give it a chance.

      • AMG says:

        Forever wasn’t cancelled because of the ratings. Forever ran the same numbers as most of ABC’s Tuesday lineup and American Crime (which was billed as a limited series). SHIELD, Agent Carter, American Crime, and Fresh Off the Boat were all renewed because ABC owns the shows. Since Forever’s owned by Warner Bros, it was cancelled.

        • AMG says:

          By the way, The CW is promoting Forever on CW Seed more frequently now than ABC when Forever aired. #justsaying

          • Susan H. Gerloven, MLIS says:

            I loved Time after time.
            Please continue and resubmit
            It is a fabulous show you just did not advertise enough so people were prepared to watch it I do believe that you should replay it and give people a chance to get hooked it’s wonderfully written and wonderfully acted and I can’t wait to see the 6th episode please don’t keep me hanging.

            If ABC is going to be so short-sighted and I’m sorry to say stupid as to pull such a quality show I certainly hope another network is smart enough to pick it up I literally think one it’s one of the best shows that I’ve watched the TV and a very long time.
            Many of us who were seasoned bones fans need a new show to watch I hope it’s Channel 5 Fox jumps on it.

  14. drb999 says:

    After seeing the ratings for the premiere I knew this was most likely a goner. I have the episodes on my dvr unwatched so I’m just going to delete them unseen. There’s no reason to watch it now

  15. Drew says:

    Well I’m disappointed in this news. I quite liked watching Josh Bowman in period costume.

  16. A. Johnson says:

    So the new lineup is…AVF…Once Upon A Time…Match Game…American Crime? Omg. Do they even have an idea who’s watching their network?

  17. smdubro says:

    Bummer. I like this show.

  18. Linda McCutcheon says:

    I just watched the first 3 episodes on Hulu and I was surprisingly impressed. The leads are very likeable and I enjoyed the idea of H.G.Wells tracking down Jack the Ripper in modern times. I think Netflix would do great with this show. The networks will keep losing viewers if they keep treating us with disrespect. 2.2 million viewers may not be a powerhouse but any company would want to show their product to that many people all at once. Netflix puts out as whole season all at once so their viewers feel safe getting invested in a new series. I never feel safe with a new network show and I often wont watch until I hear its been renewed. Maybe this is why the network ratings are so low these days.

  19. tallsy says:

    The two leads were good, but everything else was a disaster.

  20. MikeyM says:

    I guess that is what happens when there are tons of Time Travel shows on the air already plus this was a remake of a 1979 movie. A bit overdue.

    • Dacia says:

      It’s also based off a book.

      • navamske says:

        I thought this show was much better than “Timeless.” Now I won’t be able to get a time-travel “fix” every week, unless “Sleepy Hollow” counts, which it probably doesn’t. I watched three episodes of “Making History” and am done with it. It’s beyond lame.

  21. Tay says:

    The critical acclaim is probably the only thing keeping American Crime on air. That 0.3 it scored shouted “cancel me now!”

  22. steven says:

    If you’re lost, you can look, but you won’t find this.

  23. GuessWhat says:

    NEW Match Game episodes for the next three Sundays? Or repeats?

    • Sherry says:

      Does it really matter, as if it’s really worth watching. Suppose AB may impersonate he who shant be named, but can always see that online.

  24. Tina Cameron says:

    Time After Time, will miss this show. One of my favorites.

  25. I knew this would happen. Si I didn’t bother watching. TV viewer are wise to the tricks of tv execs. I’m not going to invest time in shows that will be cancelled.

    • MILE says:

      Yeah, but if everyone does that we’re running in circles: people don’t watch shows because they are worried about the show being canceled and the networks cancel shows because not enough people are watching. :-/

  26. MILE says:

    I think that it’s also the viewers’ fault. People are too impatient — if the pilot doesn’t blow them away immediately they give up on the show. Most shows need some time to find their pace though, which is why I (usually) try and stick with it for 3-4 episodes before I decide. And with “Time after Time” I think it payed off or at least it would have. Guess it doesn’t matter anymore.  

  27. Steven says:

    Oh god! I knew it was coming, but I hope they put the episodes on Hulu at least!

  28. David Hess says:

    I think ABC should air their Friday shows on Sunday and rework Friday as a sci-fi/fantasy night with OUAT and AoS.

  29. I really liked this show. So mad that it was cancelled so soon. They don’t even give anything a chance to build an viewership.

  30. Joe says:

    About time

  31. AvaKrowder says:

    Show tried to be a combo of sleepy hollow timeless the following. Wasnt bad at all. Much better than the countless tired old people procedurals. Never watched that or tv show live in over 15 years. But caught up on hulu.

  32. LT says:

    Ahhhh man! My favorite mid-season show. I really liked it! Damn it!

  33. Monica says:

    I really liked the show and I just figured it would it’s niche. And it still beat a lot of the other programming that seems to stay forever regardless of how bad they are.

  34. Kari says:

    Going up against The Walking Dead didn’t help, either.

  35. Jane Hernandez says:

    Done with ABC. What’s the point in becoming invested in a new show if they are going to cancel after only 5 episodes. Plenty of other networks to watch. I will never give another show on ABC a chance because this is frustrating.

  36. Dalyce says:

    I could only get through 2 episodes…even with the lack of clothing. LOL
    Remember Bowman from “Revenge”. The other actors were insipid.

  37. Carla Krae says:

    I want to see the whole story, dammit. :(

  38. Meghan says:

    Oh come on, at least air them on a Saturday or something. I just started it the other day, it was fun.

  39. Dale Moore says:

    NOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!! I am so sick of the networks not giving shows the time most of them need to get a following. Match Game all depends on the stars appearing and does not require any previous watching so it makes sense they may get higher ratings. I was not sure about Time when I kept seeing the promo’s I like it and I am enjoying each episode. I also tape it along with Once Upon A Time so I am not included I suppose in any silly ratings ploy that decides which shows stay or go. When will these networks learn to be patient and stop mucking us about with their continued schedule changes !!!!!!! No wonder people are tuning onto other channels like Hallmark, CMT and the tons of other choices. Most shows I watch these days are actually on those other ones outside of the ABC,CBS,NBC big shots…FOX at least still try and give their shows a fair shot.

  40. Any time a network puts on a show with imagination they pull it. ABC has very little on worth watching as it is. Another game show? Please>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  41. ABC only has three watchable shows. This was one of them.

    • Joel Perry says:

      Waitaminnit! ABC has THREE watchable shows??!! What, pray tell are the other two?
      I’m afraid the Mouse network has lost me for good this time! Hope some other network will give this show a home.

      • Sheryl says:

        Me too…What kind of audience voted to cancel this show. It was entertaining and was also giving to its audience a history lesson.I hate reality shows but understand they are cheaper to produce and air.Time after time was just getting interesting.ABC also cancelled Forever which had an interesting concept.ABC please do away with the canned laughter and slapstick weak comedy.This was an interesting drama with eclectic cast.

  42. Matthew Lawler says:

    I am completely saddened by this news I love the show I hope they will release the remaining episodes online at least

  43. Tosyma says:

    It’s not great but I like it alot.

  44. jrex says:

    Dang, I’ve been watching it and found it the most enjoyable of the recent time-travel shows. Now the cliff hangers will never be resolved! Why even start watching new shows on broadcast if you can never see the end. I guess I’ll have to binge-watch shows on Netflix or elsewhere.

  45. Pat Klassy says:

    Makes me glad I have only DVR’d the episodes. IF they aren’t going to give new programs a chance, why should I watch them?

  46. Kerri says:

    I am so tired of watching shows, getting invested and they’re pulled. Why not just air the remaining episodes at least.. Sux!

  47. Pam says:

    I knew this was coming but I’m still angry. I don’t fault ABC for cancelling it. The ratings were terrible, but I hate when they cancel shows in the middle of a season. At least wait until May…or air it a different night. Come on! Why does American Crime get to air? Didn’t it get even lower ratings?

  48. Max says:

    As long as the don’t bring back To Tell Truth, worst game show revival ever!

  49. Lucille de la Chevrotiere says:

    I will miss the show Time after Time. Great actors. Hope we see these actors soon in another show. I will miss them on Sunday nights.

  50. wgsecretary says:

    Man! It was just getting good! Why can’t they at least burn off the rest of the episodes that have been filmed? It was a midseason show, so there can’t be that many episodes left. I wasn’t blown away by the pilot, but I was intrigued. This last episode was really good. I was looking forward to seeing how the season played out. The plot was getting better and more fleshed out with ways all of the characters are connected. This sucks.

    • Renee B says:

      I am very upset about this…..love this show and just don’t understand how they can pull it that quick. BOOOO to you ABC.