Arrow Recap

Arrow Recap: Clipped Crusaders — Was Diggle Able to Salvage the Team?

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver waved the white flag in his war with Adrian Chase — and in doing so wound up picking a new fight, with a familiar face.

Fresh off his physical and psychological torture at Chase’s hand, Oliver returned to the Arrowcave to firmly disband the team. Diggle assumes that some 1-on-1 time with the boss will fix things, but Oliver only reasserts his position, instructing Diggle to pack up.

While the rest of the team convenes at Felicity’s loft to scrape together a low-tech version of themselves, Felicity herself turns to Helix for help in outing Chase. They get as far as finding a security cam video of him removing his Prometheus mask, but Chase apparently wears a “scrambler” that auto-pixelates his revealed face. Alena suggests they could reverse-engineer the tech if they get their hands on it, but Curtis eventually beats them to the punch, showing up at Helix after using a T-Sphere to steal from Chase his scrambler.

When Diggle discovers that Oliver has enlisted the Bratva to “put Adrian Chase in the ground,” he and the modestly-equipped team nearly thwart the Russians’ theft of their first “payment” — a diabetes drug. An angered Oliver explains to Diggle there is no price he won’t pay to solve the Chase problem. So for the last time, he tells, not asks, his former No. 1 to stand down.

Diggle turns to a distracted Felicity to talk some sense into Oliver, but even she has to wonder if letting the Bratva kill Chase is actually the best move. When Dig again appeals to Oliver, upon learning of the Bratva’s icky plans for the stolen drugs, Oliver details how his vigilante “crusade” was merely an outlet for the “murder spree” brewing inside him. “There’s something sick inside of me,” he maintains, so let the Bratva do their job, he pleads.

After Team Diggle thwarts the Bratva’s intercept of Chase’s armed escort, the D.A. gets put into WITSEC — setting the stage for Oliver to show up at Dig’s and slug his best friend, now that the Bratva won’t be able to get to their target. Diggle again tries to help Oliver work through his guilt issues, saying that if he doesn’t think he “deserves the hood,” by all means work to become the man who does. And ask for help if you need it.

Oliver begins to come around, “masking up” to help the team keep Anatoly from securing the second drug he needs. That of course creates friction between the old Bratva brothers — in part because Anatoly changed for the worse, as he feared he would, after Oliver left Russia years ago. Anatoly is heading back to Russia, but leaving behind his best men, free to seek revenge on the vigilantes who got in their way.

Oliver regroups the team, in the lair, where Felicity arrives with the decrypted video of Chase-as-Prometheus — the one thing their adversary couldn’t plan ahead for was Felicity. When that evidence is delivered to the SCPD, the U.S. Marshals babysitting WITSEC’d Chase are alerted… just moments before being brutally murdered by their ward, who then drives away calmly, spattered with blood, whistling, “What a Beautiful Morning.”

Oh, and Oliver broke up with Susan.

What did you think of the episode “Disbanded”?

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  1. Liz says:

    “Oh, and Oliver broke up with Susan.” lmao is it wrong that I forgot about her?

    Good episode but mopey broken Oliver is not great to watch. Thankfully Chase is unhinged and really elevates everything. I’m loving him as the big bad.

    Felicity’s descent into Helix has me conflicted. I’m torn between thinking she’s being silly not considering the consequences which just isn’t her (although maybe that’s the point, to show she’s desperate) and being happy she’s got a good storyline for once! Definitely interested to see where that’s leading.

    Most of all I just really love all the Oliver/Diggle & how much OTA are the emotional core of the show. They need to remember that more often.

    • Lauren says:

      All of the same thoughts. Literally, all of them.

    • Calista Flockhart says:

      Well to be fair she was kind of a dark hacker to begin with, before team arrow that is. In a way it may feel like home to her.

      • Liz says:

        Idk, I’ve never seen Felicity as someone who has missed dark hacking because she hacks for the team. I feel like she’s doing this because she wants to find Prometheus by any means necessary and she wants to make sure her team have back-up always. But I think it’s a bit ooc for her not to consider that she’s being used or that they’re not innocent. It’s like she’s wearing blinders and that’s not really Felicity.

    • safistikaytdlayd says:

      Well Said!! I agree with everything you said!!! Love OTA and wishing for more of the same!! oh btw Susan who??? LOL!!!

    • lili says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! :)

  2. V.J. says:

    To be quit honest, I found that hard to watch. Not because the episode was bad per se. Just… I felt a little bit sick when Chase came into the mayor’s office at the beginning of the episode and I felt really uncomfortable for most of the episode. Not quite sure if this a good or a bad thing… Otherwise the episode was fine. Really curious how they fit in Black Siren next season. I was never the biggest Laurel fan (and no, I’m not a shipper) and I don’t like most of the new characters (Dinah is fine and I still miss Ragman), so they have to convince me that this whole thing is going to work, because I think they have to many characters. The ensemble cast thing works better on Flash somehow.

  3. Rachel says:

    Anatoly is still trying to secure his position as pakhan? After how many years?

  4. Riana says:

    So when is Thea supposed to come back?

  5. Stacey says:

    I loved the Diggle and Oliver scenes. John is such a good man and wonderful friend! Always nice chemistry between these 2.

    At least Oliver did one thing right, he broke up with Susan, yay!

    Felicity is following a dark path and I’m waiting for it to blow up in her face. Love her, hope she makes the right decision!

    Chase is a great villian, he is a psychopath! I really don’t like the background music they use when he kills, makes it seem less serious.

    Really miss Thea!!! And when is Ragman coming back? Happy at least to see Lance, I want him to have some more scenes with Rene!

    • Gift says:

      Yea u re right but Felicity used her connections to help Oliver expose promitous. So I wouldn’t say it’s that bad. I also miss Thea nd I want ragman back. Why did he even leave… I want to see Lance more.

  6. Shade says:

    I just realized, Rene isn’t the new Diggle, he’s the new Roy. He’s tried to hook up with Thea, he’s reckless, and he and Oliver disagree a lot. i just wish someone (i.e. John) had pointed that out in the ep.

  7. Luis Roman says:

    No one expects Felicity Smoak!

  8. Kelly says:

    So….considering Chase escaped to kill again, taking down two agents in the process, maybe having the Bratva kill him wasn’t such a bad plan after all? I can’t believe he got away!

  9. NolaNola says:

    This is BULLSHIET. Now he and Nykl are Enemies???? Bratva had his back and he plays ping pong with THEM ?

  10. Agent 86 says:

    Eh. Oliver should have just let the Bratva kill Chase.

    • kath says:

      Normally I’m against killing but you know that if they let Chase live, he’s just going to kill more innocent people for giggles.
      It wasn’t Anatoli who was the bad friend here, it was Oliver.

  11. just_me says:

    I loved Rick Gonzalez on Reaper, but it feels like nails on a chalkboard every time he calls someone “hoss”
    I still can’t believe the showrunners were surprised when Matt told them that people on this site prefer Ragman.

  12. partisan says:

    Could Oliver make like one good decision? Please? It seems like instead of the thoughtful patient strategist he used to be, he has been floundering around making one bad choice after another. Even when he makes a choice he immediately reverses himself to make the worst of both choices. Ollie was a leader becoming a hero now he’s a clueless bumbler always a step behind. Please writers, enough of the stupid good guy moments. The show is Arrow not the Keystone Kops.

    • 134sc says:

      For me at least, after what Chase put him through I give him a pass on any stupid decision he may have made. Chase messed him up real bad.

      • partisan says:

        If it were just that then yes, I’d agree. But he’s been doing this since the beginning of the season.

        • I agree. It seems like the writers for the CW super hero shows tend to make their heroes stupid or oblivious to common sense issues in order to develop dramatic tension. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not that different than the plots in the comic books that I read when I was ten years old. But I and probably the majority of the audience aren’t ten years old anymore. So I have to suspend disbelief often to flow with the shows.

    • Liz says:

      I think the whole point was that he was desperate and just coming from a week of mental/physical torture and obviously not in his right mind. I don’t mind him making bad decisions in that respect.

  13. Gift says:

    So much better!!! I thought I had going to watch give up more. Good he woke up from his break down.

  14. Dominique says:

    this was a really good episode, and htere was nice balance between character development and action scenes. i’m sad to see a true rift between oliver and anatoli now, but i guess ith ad to happen sooner or later.
    felicity’s storyline with helix is so intriguing, obviously the thingfs she’s done for them are gonna come back to bite her in the as$ big time.
    i’m just completely baffled at how stupid these characters can still be after so many years doing what they’re doing. chase is with two marshalls or whatever and they seriously think those two can stop adrian? ridiculous. they should’ve gone down there with a whole army. now he’s escaped AGAIN.

  15. Jeff says:

    It was everything I hate about Arrow. Brooding, pouting, Oliver is bi-polar! Lol I want to see more swagger out of the Green Arrow

  16. So wonder Chase is such a good bad guys the cop are dumb how can you not see a man cover in blood and sweat driving pass you

  17. Brenna says:

    A very good episode. Really looking forward to the next few and Thea being back. I can see Oliver ‘s bad decisions after being tortured for a week mentally and physically. Like others I would like by the end of the season to see him be the smart superhero that he at times seems to be. Loved the recap as always!

  18. kath says:

    The third good episode in a row. Why couldn’t they do this for the first 15 episodes?

    Chase seemed to have been waiting for that phone call and ready to kill the feds. Is he working with Helix and Felicity has been set up? Possibly the best villain yet.

    My heart sank when I saw all those cubicles for the masks and costumes. Unlike the Legends writers, Arrow writes seem to be incapable of writing for more than OTA + one other team member. Every time they add more Diggle and Felicity suffer, such as Sara and Roy in season 2. When Laurel and Thea joined Roy in season 3, Diggle, the most experienced fighter, was left to drive the getaway car.