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The Flash's Tom Felton Weighs In on [Spoiler] Twist, New Team Tensions

The following contains major spoilers from this week’s episode of The CW’s The Flash.

This week on The Flash, one team member went to great lengths to save another — with major ramifications for all involved.

Toward the close of an hour in which Barry & Co. debated letting the Earth-19 villain-from-the-future Abra Kadabra (played by MacGyver‘s David Dastmalchian) run free, in trade for intel on Savitar’s identity, Caitlin was critically injured/Tommy Merlyn’d by an explosion conjured by the magic man. A supine Caitlin guided Julian through surgery on herself, but when she later suffered a setback, Julian removed the pendant that keeps her metahuman powers at bay, in hope that they could save her.

“Caitlin is on her last legs on the operation table when she suddenly flatlines, so we try and resuscitate her,” Tom Felton recounts. “We give her compressions. We even give her the old electric shock trying to start the heart, and none of it works. We actually accept that she’s dead, but in the very, very final moment, Julian grabs the necklace off of her and immediately she comes back to life, because her Killer Frost genes are very strong.”

Strong, indeed. Julian’s life-saving decision was not met with cheers but jeers, given the chilling beast it dared to unleash. “Cisco in that moment straight away says, ‘How dare you do that? She didn’t want [powers],'” Felton says. “I think the rest of the team would’ve rather stuck to Caitlin’s wishes and allowed her to die.”

Instead, as glimpsed in the final seconds as a full-tilt Killer Frost blows away her buds with a cold blast, kindly Caitlin has perhaps been overcome by her alter ego for good (meaning, for very, very bad). It’s quite possible that none of the “pep talks” that brought her back will work this time. “She’s full-blown nutter, so we have to rely on some pretty severe methods to try and stop her,” Felton previews of the weeks to come.

In pulling out all the stops to save Caitlin, Julian of course The Flash Recap Killer Frostwas coming from a place of deep affection, having had grown close to the S.T.A.R. Labs scientist until her actions led him to believe she had another reason for inviting him aboard Team Flash. “For a long time, Julian thought that he’d been brought into the group or his skills and for his assets, and then he realized that maybe she’s had her own prerogative the whole time,” Felton recalls. “So, yeah, he was definitely feeling a bit conflicted with his feelings, whether he really belongs in the group and whether he’s able to believe Caitlin.”

This week, though, Caitlin apologized for failing to see that she could hurt Julian just as much as herself, as as Killer Frost.

During our chat with Felton on the Flash set, the actor was invited to reflect on his segue from love-to-hate Harry Potter villain to workplace adversary for a post-Flashpoint Barry, on a smaller screen.

“It’s an incredible body of work, [producing] 23 episodes in a very short time. So to work with such a skilled cast as well as crew is something to behold,” he shared. “Everyone manages to work like an incredibly well-oiled machine.”

As for whether his time on TV’s The Flash thus far has made an impression, the answer is an unequivocal yes. “I’ve learned so much here,” Felton attested. “It’s quite a different skill set to be able to say, ‘Here’s a [movie] scene, and we’re going to spend all day doing the scene’ versus saying, ‘Here’s six scenes, every day for the next nine months or whatever.’ Making these scenes good, and under the very, very short amount of time space, is not something I was particularly used to, but working with the boys and girls here…. Obviously, they’re all so incredibly professional, so within 10 minutes of reading a scene off the page, it actually feels like a fully-flourished scene.”

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  1. N says:

    👏👏👏👏 Killer FROST FTW

    • Sammy says:

      I haven’t liked Caitlin his season. She’s been selfish. She betrayed the team and manipulated Julian.

      Everyone learns to manage their powers but for some reason she becomes evil?! It’s just annoying to deal with. I hope Caitlin is dead that way no new random men need to be introduced every season to be her boyfriend.

      • Catarina Barroso Pinheiro says:

        When you think just a little bit about it, all the hate Caitlin got for “betraying ” the team doesn’t make sense. The fact that she kept a piece of the philosophers’s stone instead of giving it to Barry to throw into the speed force is what kept Savitar from coming out of it even sooner. But that is just a part of what I could sides has become a huge problem with these shows: convoluted storytelling where the characters act very illogicaly to serve a story that doesn’t make any sense in the first place.

      • Delenaaa says:

        define “selfish”, because last time i checked, caitlin wants the powers gone not for herself but so that she doesn’t hurt others.

  2. The Carpooler says:

    From the April 25th preview it looks like Barry is the new owner of Oliver’s flashback wig.

  3. Jimmy says:

    “She’s full-blown nutter.” You gotta love Brits.

  4. Josh says:

    I’m still pissed that Calitin can be nothing but evil with her powers but of course the men have a choice

    • N says:

      Don’t blame the writers of the show….

    • Sara says:

      Her heart turns cold.

    • Agent 86 says:

      I agree. It makes no sense within the world they created. No other meta human had a personality overhaul when they developed their powers (with the exception of the Flashpoint metas who were awoken by Dr Alchemy and had their Flashpoint personalities overwrite their regular personalities – but that’s not what happened with Caitlin). I guess one small consolation is that she’s no longer in the “girlfriend” (or “mourning girlfriend / wife”) role that she’s constantly stuck in because the writers don’t know what to do with her other than romantically pair her with a never ending roster of men.

      • Becca says:

        I think this is who she is and it would be ridiculous for the writers to neuter this character. She’s a villain. Let her be a villain. And honestly, I think it’s sexist to think that a woman couldn’t possibly choose to give into the dark side. She has a lot of anger and frustration. Misguided as it may be, she still has it.

        If anything, it’s a cop out to have Killer Frost be a separate identity. Let Caitlin/Killer Frost vent her frustrations against the team and criticize Barry. Let her threatened to kill them (and even attempt to kill them). Let this woman be who she is.

  5. Lauren says:

    Everything is coming to a head. We’ve got KF (though I still don’t get why or how her powers make her evil and why having the necklace off for a few seconds turned her). Julian was surprisingly a highlight of the episode. I really dug Kadabra excellent non speedster villain. And my poor Iris when will they save her I’m tired of watching her die it also looks like future barry isn’t coping well either. I’m so excited for the remaing episodes.

  6. Jason says:

    I’m curious to see how this unfolds. I’ve feared it for a while, because I’ve worried about the possibility of losing Caitlin from the show. And if they ever stop, actively searching for a way to bring her back to her old self, I’ll be majorly pissed off.

  7. Alichat says:

    Why are all the ‘geniuses’ on this show such idiots?

  8. Lysh says:

    I really loved the end with the Jello and Cisco/Caitlin and was honestly not surprised when she started to “die,” but I loved the Killer Frost twist. I hope she can get to a point where she can still be Caitlyn but turn on her inner chill when she needs to.
    I don’t really like Cisco and Gypsy together and IDK why. Cisco deserves some lovin’ though.

    • KCC says:

      Cisco is being kinda creepy toward Gypsy. We know and love Cisco so it’s just Cisco being Cisco, but Gypsy doesn’t really know him. Offering to hook her up with some cool tech so he can crash at her place is sleazy and some of the things he says to her borders on harassment. He better tone it down or she’ll get a restraining order against him.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Not good the team will have to deal with Killer Frost again. Sucks the wait for the next episode will be a month long one.

  10. Agent 86 says:

    Eugh. Are they ever going to try to explain why Caitlin’s meta human powers and only her meta human powers, somehow completely rewrite her personality with some secret / submissive evil personality? No other meta human has ever received a complete personality overhaul as result of their meta human powers developing. At least in the comic books, Caitlin is a “heat vampire” so if she drains people for their body heat, it’s only to keep herself alive. Instead Killer Frost is a frosty killer just … because. It’s a disservice to Caitlin’s character how poorly she has been treated (i.e. always stuck in a girlfriend role) and written.

    • ndixit says:

      I think they made it fairly clear that KF is basically an alternate personality and and that the Cold powers affected her emotionally.

    • Mimi says:

      I agree so much, they’ve pretty much half-assed the killer frost storyline, it seems like a last resort type of storyline, there’s been no explanation as to how her powers make her evil, how and when she got them, it was basically just a case of oh ok let’s give her something. The whole season should have been a progress to her becoming killer frost, instead of the back and forth they keep doing. I see them making her evil for two episodes tops then she’s back to being Caitlin. From watching legends of tomorrow, they’ve done a pretty good job with eobard thawne than the flash did, perhaps Caitlin will be treated better on that show since the writers seems to know how to write antagonist characters better than the flash

  11. abz says:

    I’m so over Caitlin’s whole thing with her powers. Has it been established why her meta powers have to turn her evil whereas Cisco’s don’t? I don’t get it. There are good metas out there like Cisco, Gypsy, I’m sure there might be more. Why can’t the writers have her work on controlling her powers and using them for good? Enough of trying to get rid of them. I’d love to see more Frost (drop the “Killer”) on the show.

    • ThaSkaah says:

      The only plauside answer is,since she repressed the fact that she had powers,”diying” accelareted the process quite fast,making it desastreous(glimpse at Jean Grey aka Phoenix)So if team Flash can relight the torch she’d be Frost and not a killer at all.

  12. Mel says:

    Today show had the best villain of a pretty dull season

  13. Carlos Alvarez Jr says:

    I didn’t even notice HR wasn’t in the whole episode until he showed up at the end. Don’t reallly care for this version of Wells

  14. Ram510 says:

    That might’ve been the best episode and villain of the season. This season has been nothing but a bunch of crying and Barry second guessing every decision. Finally some action. Gypsy is great, I hope we see more of her

  15. Gift says:

    Can’t she just learn how to control he powers? It’s just not fun seeing he that way. Pls Berry run to the future! Hope it doesn’t have consequences.Cisco and Gypsy were fun. Great episode. Can’t wait for Berry to go back to the future nd see how he saves Iris.

  16. Ryan says:

    The fact that Cisco is showing off his powers more and more recently but Caitlin can’t use hers without turning ~evil~ is SO annoying. They finally give the poor woman something other than the girlfriend role, and she’s still basically reduced to being a damsel in distress. They’ve never even given a real explanation for why she’s the only meta whose powers bring with them a seperate personality. I hope they resolve it soon. It’s getting old fast.

  17. These last episodes of The Flash have been excellent, and this one was no exception.
    Abra Kadabra is an awesome villain. That scene where Barry is flying into the time machine was EPIC.
    Joe broke my heart. The stress is starting to get to him. Iris also looks like she’s feeling the pressure. Wally looks like he’s still recovering from his nightmare in the speed force.
    I’m feeling that vibe between Cisco and Gipsy, yes!
    Caitlyn Snow, out. Killer Frost, in. Wooh! Caitlyn dying before Julian. Did not see that coming…
    Love this season of The Flash. I cannot believe we have to wait all this time to see Widower Barry in his wig and Current Barry visit the future. LOVE THIS SHOW! My favorite on the CW this season! Love the entire cast of The Flash. This show is such a treat :DDD

  18. Aaron Baker says:

    Did anybody else notice how similar her “death” was to Laurel’s last year

  19. Dave says:

    I am calling it right now: Devoe (Abra Kadabra mentioned his name) will be the non speedster villain that they hinted at next year. AKA “The Thinker”
    I still feel future Barry is Savitar.

  20. Savitar is Barry.
    He’s said so himself. The recap at the beginning of this episode.
    it’s not ” I am the future, flash” it’s ” I am the future flash.”

    • Katherine215 says:

      I see this theory a lot and don’t disagree it’s a good possibility/twist. But I can’t get past the fact that if it’s true, Barry kills Iris. And no matter how messed up he becomes in the future, I just can’t see ANY version of Barry doing that.

  21. Brian says:

    Took a hec of a long time to have a good ‘Flash’ episode this season. Too long in my opinion. Last weeks episode with songs in it was gawdawful from the fact that it wasn’t a musical to the awful off kilter lip syncing. (At least when Whedon did it marvelously, the actors performed the songs during taping, something this show with all of the talent they had for the episode somehow didn’t have the courage to do.) This show really didn’t need a good episode followed by a one month break.

  22. mike says:

    i dont see why just because she has her powers she automatically has be evil. Her core character is still in there, its just as if its a multiple personality type thing. She was suppressing her POWERS, not HERSELF. otherwise she would have been evil the entire time. Even E2 Frost had a few moments of deentness in her

  23. safistikaytdlayd says:

    Another good episode! However, like many on this post, I’m not surprised KF came back! As soon as Caitlin was dying I knew KF would be back, although I didn’t know she would be back with such force!!! I was thinking maybe her lips turning blue and hair going all white, but wow!!! I too hate the fact she is the only meta that their personality is completely altered by their powers! I don’t understand why her powers are any different from the other metas in this particular situation. It is so upsetting because she and Julian just made up!!! Loved Caitlin and Cisco and green jello conversation! LOL! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!! Wait OMG I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE MONTH???!!! That is so wrong! I hope I don’t go through withdrawals!!!

  24. Mo says:

    Abra Kadabra was *gasp!* a fun villain, hope we see more of him. Didn’t expect Caitlin to go all explodey & reforming as KF. Didn’t think the show had it in them to surprise me anymore & in a good way. Buuuuut the rest of the ep was garbage what Cisco & Gypsy relationship drama, Joe & Barry begging a murderer!!! to do good the right thing & Iris in scrubs. You could practically see the writers go “uh oh Iris is just standing around better give her something to do. We’ll have her help Julian with Caitlin’s surgery! That totally works!” No wonder Barry & team flash are such morons. Also Tom Felton deserves better than this show.

  25. Emily says:

    I pray this season ends on a happy note, with Iris saved and Barry learning to be great. Caitlin would be a cool Big Bad for season 4, but it’s cool if they reform her once again.

    I just need season 4 to be lighter in tone. Let Barry be a hero and a CSI. Let Joe be a cop. Let Iris be a reporter. Let them work together to find/stop metas. Thanks!

    • herman1959 says:

      Does every bad guy on The Flash have to be a meta? Couldn’t we have some baddies that are human, but with some awesome tech?

  26. Anthony says:

    Hopefully Iris gets killed by Savitar and Killer Frost will remain as Killer Frost and be a sweet enemy for the Flash.

  27. amah lydia says:

    awww my westallan heart. barry i hope u fine answers when you go to the future so that you can save the love of your life.i hate abra kadabra for not revealing savitars identity like why?abra,i know you want to hurt him but come on, that woman has to live she is the flash beating heart damm it!!.nice episode dont care about caitlyn/kf or whatever.

  28. katlynneylon says:

    Real question: Can someone explain why Caitlin is the only one who got her powers and has no control over being good or evil? Barry, Cisco, Wally, Jesse…they got their powers under different circumstances and all decide to use them for good. Why is Caitlin the only one who doesn’t have that option? Just a question that’s been bothering me for a while. Not a hard-core comic book fan or anything, I just like this show. Maybe that’s why?

  29. Mo says:

    OT – Had to freak out somewhere so sorry TvLine you’re it. :)
    If the leaks are true, it’s freaking AMAZING and I LOVE it! It’s absolutely the only ending possible. Whether it sticks is unimportant. Just that they would do this is W.O.W. So I might have to live watch the finale after all. *lol*

  30. Cc says:

    See, they were too focused on saving Iris, and ONLY Iris, they forgot about Caitlin. Barry and them promised her that hey would help her with her powers but since they learned about Iris future they forgot all about Caitlin. Now look, YOU LOST HER.

  31. Delenaaa says:

    I love Caitlin so much! She’s my favorite character and she doesn’t deserve any of the bs the writers throw her way. They better bring her back.