Criminal Minds Cancelled Renewed

NCIS and 24 Others Get Finale Dates at CBS — Which Might Be Series Finales?

CBS has announced season finale dates for NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Bull and 21 other series — a few of which might be unceremoniously marking their series finale, depending on how things shake out over the next seven weeks.

Series that have already wrapped their seasons and still await word on renewal (or not) include The Odd Couple, Code Black, Pure Genius and Hunted, while Doubt famously was pulled from CBS’ schedule after two airings. The 29th running of The Amazing Race starts this Thursday, March 30 (at 10/9c), Training Day moves to Saturdays starting April 8 and Undercover Boss resumes its season Friday, April 28.

8 pm MacGyver Season 1 finale

8 pm Ransom Season 1 finale (not yet renewed)

9:30 pm 2 Broke Girls Season 6 finale (not yet renewed)

THURSDAY, APRIL 27: May sweeps starts!

10 pm Blue Bloods Season 7 finale

8 pm Kevin Can Wait Season 1 finale
9 pm Superior Donuts Season 1 finale

9 pm Criminal Minds Season 12 finale (not yet renewed)

8 pm The Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale
8:30 pm The Great Indoors Season 1 finale (not yet renewed)
9 pm Mom Season 4 finale
9;30 pm Life in Pieces Season 2 finale

9 pm Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 finale

8 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 finale

8:30 pm Man With a Plan Season 1 finale
10 pm Scorpion Season 3 finale

8 pm NCIS Season 14 finale
10 pm NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 finale

9 pm Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2 finale (two hours; not yet renewed)

8 pm Undercover Boss Season 8 finale (not yet renewed)

9 pm Training Day Season 1 finale (not yet renewed)

9 pm Madam Secretary Season 3 finale
10 pm Elementary Season 5 finale (not yet renewed; should CBS Keep or Cut it?)

9 pm Bull Season 1 finale

WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 (May sweeps ends)
8 pm Survivor Season 34 finale (two hours plus reunion show)

10 pm The Amazing Race Season 29 finale (not yet renewed)

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  1. Abby says:

    Keep “Elementary” for 13 episodes & same for “Code Black”. Audiences getting used to shorter seasons.

  2. betty willis says:

    I like elementary and madam Secretary but are cut off from sports. I’ll be glad when that stuff is over.

  3. Kevin Tran says:

    Don’t know what the future holds for shows like 2 Broke Girls, Elementary and Criminal Minds. Also not sure why MacGyver is going to have a season finale a week earlier and I’m hoping for a crossover episode with Scorpion in the works.

  4. An April and Ouside sweeps finale date is another bad sign for 2 BGs,

  5. Fabrizia says:

    Criminal Minds and 2BG should come back. The rest can go.

  6. Krofdorf says:

    I hope Ncis and criminald minds will be renewed. They my favorite shows

  7. Alex Thomas says:

    Does anyone know why they waited so long to bring The Amazing Race back…maybe it hasn’t been that long, but It sure seem like it took a while

    • Fabrizia says:

      Because they intended to use it in case one of the dramas failed (Training day, which is DoA).

      • Austin says:

        It’s not that Training Day failed it’s that the great Bill Paxton has passed and the show can’t continue, may he rest in peace

  8. Karen Ryan says:

    Omg I love Scorpion , NCIS , Blue Bloods , Criminal Minds . Don’t take them off !!! I don’t care for Bull tho

  9. MMD says:

    I hope that Elementary gets renewed because I really enjoy Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, even if it is a shorter season. I swear that they are trying to kill it here because on my local station it can air any time from 7 pm to 1 am although I don’t have to deal with the sports delays that are so common on CBS. Thank god my dvr picks it up whenever it airs.

  10. Carla Krae says:

    It would help Elementary a LOT if CBS would air more than one episode in a row! The schedule is so random, no one knows for sure if it’s on without research. And another maddening thing CBS does is they don’t show a preview when the next episode is 2 weeks later. How hard is it to say “In 2 weeks on Elementary……”? Other networks let you know! I’m home on Sunday nights, but I have Elementary in my DVR series recording just so I can know where there’s a new episode.

    • Iris says:

      Elementary depends on a very juicy (for CBS) syndication deal. Millions per episode, so it’s basically cost-free at this point. If the deal’s over, the show is done. If it isn’t, the show goes on.

  11. Connie. White says:

    Blue bloods and criminal minds,ncis and bull are my friends and My favorite we’re married but we still get to getter and watch them without them there would be nothing to watch

  12. Butch says:

    Given how its been scheduled so late in the season, I think this is the final season of the ‘Amazing Race”. A non summer show is in trouble when they talk about the season premiere in the same article as other shows’ season finales. Hope its a good season.

  13. annieo53 says:

    I’m excited for the premiere of Amazing Race, hope this is NOT the last season. Glad to know all three NCIS shows have their finales the same week. I think last year NCIS:LA ended earlier.

  14. Robert says:

    Code Black what is going on I feel that the show is pretty good aways like it since they first air

  15. Zoey shaulis says:

    Ncis has been threw some pretty rough seasons , their viewers are going down also because depablo and weatherly is gone but I still love Ncis hope weatherly can come back for a visit lol

  16. Cindy clark says:

    I watch criminal minds it’s my favorite show I hope it’s renewed for another season

  17. A. Slaughter says:

    Get Reid out of prison!!

  18. pAloma says:

    Keep Code Black.

    Someone suggested that audiences are getting used to the shorter seasons. I, for one, am not getting used to shorter seasons. I don’t like that there are so few episodes of favorite shows and is particularly hate the long waits between seasons. Or between the front and back half of seasons. (I tend to forget where we left off) If we are stuck with shorter seasons and a very long break between, let us have each season be self contained and not have cliffhangers or major unresolved plot twists hanging in the wind.

  19. Collette says:

    I only care about 4 of them: NCIS, TBBT, Scorpion and MacGyver. I think they’re all safe.

  20. Sunshine says:

    I hope they bring back two broke girls, as for criminal minds, I just can’t get into that show any longer, to many changes and not enough chemistry between the actors

  21. Malissa R. says:

    Keep Elementary and Code Black. Love them both.

  22. Jessica says:

    Criminal minds is the last show I’m waiting for to get renewed I hope enough people watch to get that renewel this season is kind of boring and it has nothing to do with Thomas getting fired I would hope that Spencer and the rest of the cast members are enough to get a renewal

  23. Denise Higdon says:

    Please don’t take away the NCIS I love all of them and Criminal Minds.

    • Carmela says:

      All the NCIS shows have all been renewed already. Unfortunately both Criminal minds not yet. Hopefully they will make it.

  24. Diana says:

    Why are you getting rid of some many good shows

  25. Diane Hutter says:

    Please do not cancel NCIS I absolutely love that show

  26. keishawilson says:

    Don’t take off Criminal Minds and it’s spin off. They r very excellent shows.

  27. Carmela says:

    Keep elementary pleeeeease

  28. Carmela says:

    Pleeease keep Elementary.
    Also I agree with everyone that hates sports season. For god sake I have to record 5 shows just to get all of 60 Min, NCISLA, AND Elementary. Isn’t that what we have sports channels for? Now it’s basketball, then football starts and it’s the same thing. Hate it.

  29. Peggysue says:

    I think the amazing race is a waste of time. Hope it’s a goner. Same gos for big brother. People looking for attention. They all need therapy.

  30. Peggysue says:

    I wish they get Reed out of prison. I like the show but this is too sad. They need to get the real killer and set him free. Criminal minds is a good show, so is all NCIS, blue bloods, Hawaii 5o, I wish they would bring back CSI, and also the show they started and never finished, Stalker.

  31. Pat Edwards says:

    I think Shemar Moore coming back will bring back viewers. When Mandy Patinkin left and Joe Montagna came in the show survived. We watch every week!! Even Padgett Brewster going off and coming back helped. What is NOT helping is taking so long to find this Scratch character. It is an insult to law enforcement everywhere.

  32. Nicki Tabachnick says:

    Please keep all NCISes and Elementary

  33. David says:

    Did not see Bull on the list.

  34. David says:

    Never mind. Found it. Duh!!

  35. James Call says:

    NCIS has lost its punch since adding those two new investigators Torres and the lady. Not to mention that British character is out of sync with the show. When they lost Michael Weatherly it began to go down hill in my opinion. Now Bull is absolutely boring. So my two cents.

  36. Kathie says:

    I watch Scorpion, Hawaii 50, Blue Bloods, Code Black, Beyond Borders, Madam Secretary and all 3 NCIS shows. Love them all! 👍Hate all “reality” shows–waste of air space. 👎

  37. Whatevs says:

    Both Criminal Minds shows need to go, as does 2 Broke Girls, Odd Couple, Code Black and Elementary.

  38. Teresa R says:

    I like the following shows, scorpion,ncis,bull, NCIS orleans,elementary, Hawaii 50, blue bloods, McGovern, please don’t take those shows off. Thanks

  39. Callie melvie says:

    You have to keep elementary

  40. JoMarie says:

    Please keep Elementary

  41. dan says:

    Badly developed scripts…first according to Einstein, you can’t go back in time…but that’s all the cast did and almost always changed time, yet seldom had to deal with those changes in the present…no time travel show has yet gone into the future.

  42. George Ellington says:

    They need to keep Pure Genius! This is a great show that was not given a fair chance!

  43. Mary ellen bunnell says:

    Is NCIS coming back

    • James Call says:

      If NICS is coming back I hope they leave Torres that new girl and the British dude are not part of the lineup. Boring.

  44. RW says:

    Code Black is an excellent show. Keep it. Glad to see Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders disappear. Too much overlap between them and other shows of same genre. Boring. Hate to say it, and there are gonna be those haters out there, but time for Criminal Minds to make it final farewell season. With the boredom of Reid in prison and “what will the rest of the team do-who can we bring back to pump up ratings?” Derek Morgan was a waiting in the wings choice. Too many good team members have left and the replacements “ain’t them”. Chemistry is officially gone. So is the show. Time to end this one gracefully before it dies horribly.