Bill Maher Responds to AHCA Failure: Trump Supporters 'Taken by a Conman'

Bill Maher wasted no time tearing into President Donald Trump on Friday, using his end-of-show “New Rules” segment to suggest that POTUS’ most devoted supporters continue to get “taken by a conman.”

Going live just hours after Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and told him to withdraw the bill for the American Health Care Act, a potential Obamacare replacement which was unlikely to receive a simple majority vote, the Real Time host argued that it was time for Trump enthusiasts to admit that they made a huge mistake in November. He then played a series of clips from the 2016 campaign trail, including one where Trump promised voters that “you’re going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that is going to take place immediately.” Yeah, about that…

“He promised, and I quote, ‘We’re going to have insurance for everybody… much less expensive and much better,’ but when we saw the [AHCA] bill, it was a giant tax cut for the rich paid for by kicking 24 million people off of their health insurance,” Maher said. “What a truly novel approach to making health care less expensive: Saving money by not giving people healthcare. It’s like saving money on your kids’ education by letting them stay home and watch Judge Judy.”

Maher then pointed out Trump’s promise to get high drug costs “so far lower than they are now [that] your head will spin,” and teased the president for his alleged “dealmaking superpowers” that have instead been used to make deals with pharmaceutical execs to cut regulations.

“He promised the Keystone Pipeline would be built with American steel — it won’t. He promised to be the savior for coalminers, but here was the headline last month,” Maher said, before pointing out that POTUS’ newly proposed budget will have a damaging effect on West Virginia’s economy, where the coal mining industry once thrived. “I would say Trump is a used car salesman, but with a used car salesman at least you get a car. With Trump you don’t get any car, but you definitely get taken for a ride.”

Watch Maher’s “New Rules” segment above.

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  1. Collette says:

    IMO Maher is a mental case.

    • Chris Norris says:

      I’d take him over the Giant Orange Tampon any day of the week. But I’m also Canadian, and didn’t make the most monumental of f**k ups by voting in a compulsive lying,racist homophobe,

      • Tony Lang says:

        *cough*Stephen Harper*cough*

        • Freddie says:

          Well, if we’re gonna play “Bad Former Leader Slut Cough”… *cough*Ronald Reagan*cough* *Millard Fillmore*cough* *cough*George W Bush*cough* *Richard Nixon*cough* *Herbert Hoover*cough* *cough*Andrew Johnson*cough* *cough*Jame*s Buchanan*cough*

          • Collette says:

            Then you’d better include Bill Clinton. Lyndon Johnson. Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and the worst ever Barack Obama.

          • Simon Jester says:

            Cough medicine is covered under Obamacare, you guys. :-)

          • Ron says:

            @Collette: If you honestly and truly think Obama was the worst president we’ve ever had, then you are just massively brainwashed and/or maddeningly ignorant…or both. Out of 45 total, he is objectively not the worst. And if you really think that, please return to a 6th grade history class. Your problem is that you think you are entitled to your opinion. You’re not. You’re entitled to your informed opinion. And what you said is greatly uninformed.

          • Mary says:

            @Collette – Seriously Bill Clinton who turned a defiency into a surplus. Yes he screwed up having inappropriate contact with an intern, but if you are going to hold that against him then how can you justify Mr. Pu…y grabber himself. Hypocrite. Maybe many of you should actually put personal feelings aside and look at the big picture, if possible.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Maher’s can be prone to self-righteous, hyperbolic, pompous grandstanding, but I don’t think he’s suffering from any form of psychosis. He’s just the liberal equivalent of many of those conservative pundits claiming to be “real news,” except he’s a comedian, not a newsman.

      • ziggyff says:

        yo wordsmith not a single person on fox is a newsman…and they always claim that when showed how wrong they are..they are over 90% lawyers who lie about their agenda…fact!

      • Zach71 says:

        Being a comedian does not make one out of touch with reality or uninformed about the issues. Maher is a very smart guy & he speaks the truth no matter how much it hurts.

    • ziggyff says:

      it’s not humble, just VERY wrong..maher knows more than ANY idiot reptard supporter and that is fact not opinion

    • Ihatemorons says:

      IMO you are insane.

  2. MMD says:

    For those of on the outside looking in, Bill Maher makes valid points which the world could see during the election.It’s too bad that so many of my neighbours to the south will have to suffer unless you’re very rich, white and have never disagreed with Drumpf. He is hurting your country in ways that you haven’t even imagined yet and thus the rest of the world.

    • Dude, do you even know how your own health care system works? Do you know that Canadians don’t have access to some of the Rx drugs that we have here in the U.S.? Do you know that you don’t have the same on-demand access to receiving tests, treatments, etc. that we have here in the US? The reason for this is that your government pays for health care costs and thus has to control the budget by rationing in order to meet their budget. You have a completely different system than us in the US and are not aware of the significant deficiencies of your own healthcare system because it’s all you know. So get off your high horse, educate yourself and come back with something more than Trump is racist and all of his supporters are rich, white people that hate others. it’s tiring and just plain pathetic at this point.

      • thomas says:

        how’s the weather in Russia today ?

      • Pedro says:

        Yes, rich people have top healthcare in the US. Or anywhere in the world, really. But, for people in general, you can either choose to die or go bankrupt if you get really sick in America whereas anywhere else in the developed world, your only concern is to get better, because you get what you need.

        • MMD says:


        • Not true in America at all. Yes, I am a college educated white person that had a pretty good job making $60K for several years before taking a job for less than a year where I made $80K. However, due my severe anxiety,panic attacks, depression and OCD issues, I lost that job over a year ago and have been living off of nothing besides accumulating credit card debt since my unemployment ran out in September. I will probably have to liquidate what little I have in my retirement accounts to pay my living expenses (mortgage, utilities, car payment, student loan payments, etc.). However, I have been fortunate enough to access to Medicaid, which has covered 99% of all of my medical expenses, including prescriptions since I lost my job over 12 months ago.

          Our healthcare system is not as bleak as you suggest, specifically for people with little or no income. The people that really get screwed by our healthcare and government systems are the people that actually work as they will make enough not to qualify for Medicaid, yet not enough to pay their insurance premiums/deductibles/out-of-pocket costs for medical expenses and end up either not seeking the necessary treatment or going bankrupt. The working poor are the true victims of our society and that is a huge problem. The fact that our system encourages me (and other people) not to take on part time work (If I did I may make too much money and no longer qualify for Medicaid) and encourages me to rather feed off of the system is the real problem. Our policies should encourage people to get to work to support themselves and provide assistance if needed for people to pay their medical bills. This is the real issue that needs to be addressed.

      • ziggyff says:

        totally incorrect mails24…Canadians not only get all the drugs,and, it’s costs about 80% less than here…and that is even with the reduction Obamacare actually did start to achieve..of course since our USA doctors over prescribe, some might think that is the case. the dopes here just read off quotes from the lying channel (fox) as if they were true

      • Mary says:

        Maybe it is you who needs to do some REAL research and get educated and stop listening to the liars at Fox. What is truly tiring is how no matter what you defend the clueless wonder who a minority voted for. Pathetic is attacking someone who is correct in saying that the top 1% are the only ones who are going to benefit from this administration.

  3. Kevin Tran says:

    One of the best “new rules” segments I’ve ever seen.

  4. iaorana87 says:

    Thanks for changing the intro music to something more in keeping with Bill’s vibe. I like it.

  5. Susannah says:

    I’m not sure if I can sympathize with Trump voters who were taken in by Trump’s lies or not. The majority of us in the US saw them for what they were but millions of others were perfectly fine with inflicting pain and suffering on “the other guy” taking away Medicaid and Meals on Wheels for the most vulnerable in our country for example. Now that it’s affecting them, they seem to be upset. I guess it’s fine if Trump’s policies hurt “the other guy” until you realize under Trump, we’re ALL “the other guy.”

    • MMD says:

      While I agree with most of your point Susannah, I do think that there were some Trump supporters who were genuinely conned and believed all that Drumpf said who are now terribly disillusioned. There are always people who are gullible and believe the fortune teller or find answers in a late night infomercial. As for the majority of Drumpf supporters, everyone IS the other guy because Drumpf and his family are only out for Drumpf, no matter the party. None of them give a damn about ordinary Americans and that is truly sad and heartbreaking.

      I don’t have any of the answers and I don’t know anyone who does and that makes me sad and very concerned for the entire world.

      • Bennie says:

        Yes, there were, and still are people who felt he is the answer to all of the problems of America. Hold on tight. The ride continues as the next chapter is written.

      • Ron says:

        I agree that there were Drumpf voters who were genuinely conned and now see him for what he is. But like Susannah, I have absolutely no sympathy for his voters, not even the ones who were conned and are now disillusioned. As a matter of fact, those are the ones for whom I have the least possible sympathy. If you lack the most basic of critical thinking skills, then you deserve what you get. He’s attempting to do (well, those around him are attempting to do–he has no idea how to do anything) exactly what he said on the campaign trail. We’re barely two months in (oh god, it feels more like two years…) and now some of them are regretful??? Being regretful so soon after inauguration because you see his ridiculous agenda being acted out just means you don’t have the foresight to see how messed up things can be based on what he was saying until you actually see the result because you’re unable to mentally comprehend the destruction. Nope, no sympathy. The only people I sympathize with are the ones–like myself–who are suffering and fighting for our lives and rights under this administration. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our first ever Black president is being followed by one who surrounds himself by racists and is endorsed by the KKK. So if you vote for someone because you’re a racist; if you vote for someone because you’re a sexist; if you vote for someone because you’re xenophobic and/or islamophobic, then no, I don’t feel bad for you. And I’ll agree that the Democrats totally forgot about the economically struggling people in Middle America. But if they thought that a (supposed) billionaire who literally lives in a golden palace in the sky in the heart of New York was going to be their savior, then again, no sympathy.

        • MMD says:

          I hate to put this vision out there but can’t you just see him tweeting like crazy whilst sitting on his gold toilet in his gold bathroom that is loaded with tv screens. Now that’s scary!

          • Shanean says:

            Haha. Trump cares about no one. Unless u have money. If you listen to him speak he tells you truth about himself. He’s smarter than everyone do therefore nobody else matters and he will always try to get over and win. I mean he says he could shoot someone on5th avenue and people will still like him. He was right. I mean even when he us caught in lies people still believe in him. And he called Hillary a crook. I was like pot calling the kettle black. And he crowed on and on about her emails. And she was crucified fir um emails. Geez.

  6. Andrea says:

    Maher is right, 100%! And I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone STUPID enough to fall for this conman’s crap. I said it, STUPID. Also ignorant, dumb, uneducated, moronic, selfish, stubborn, foolish and racist. That just about covers it.

    • Lucas Volour says:

      Maher is douche. . .and you are an idiot. That covered it in fewer wards.

      • Kevin Smith says:

        Nah, both Maher and Andrea are correct. You’re just too stupid to realize it. Because if you had half a brain you’d be enraged with yourself for being duped by Don the Con.

    • KCC says:

      I hope you feel better, but name calling does not help anyone. All of America and even the world is being affected by the s**** storm the last election is inflicting on us, not just the people that voted for Trump. All of America has the right to vote. Who are the bigger idiots, the people taken in by a conman or the people that know better and didn’t bother to vote? I agree that idiots are responsible for Trump’s election, just not all of them voted in the election.

      • AnnieM says:

        THIS. And Bill Maher is the only anti-Trump I can recall to actually warn people before the election to take the possibility of him winning seriously, to not just sit at home on Election Day figuring Hillary had it in the bag. And bigots aside, people say he won because he’s ‘not a politician’. Well, I think he won mainly because he’s a TV star. I truly believe those are the votes that put him over the top. Well….that, and the Russians. lol.

  7. Angela says:

    I am getting such a kick out of seeing how badly the GOP’s attempts to replace Obamacare failed. Gee, it’s almost like letting a guy who doesn’t have the first clue how government works and who ran on a campaign of nothing but ignorance and fear run the country is a bad idea.. Who knew?

    • Carm says:

      I knew and I’m thinking you did too. Sad

    • @Angela… Please refrain from showing your ignorance if you can… Cheering for the President…any President, to fail shows you are clueless…… You obviously have been over indoctrinated and believe that this merely should be about “us and them” or about “one side beating the other” as opposed to the betterment of the country…. Thanks for your input Captain Dunsel…. and the laugh….. Like Maher you are great free entertainment!

      • Mary says:

        I don’t think she was cheering just pointing out the irony of it. The GOP had 7 years to come up with a viable replacement and yet they couldn’t even get their own party to agree. I would say they are the ignorant ones and pointed out the TRUTH. Anything Obama did, even if it was a positive to Americans, must be destroyed. The fact that #45 and Ryan made a statement “who knew how difficult healthcare would be” shows how ill prepare they are. No the free entertainment is watching this administration proving their ignorance and I don’t say that because I want them to fail, I say it because they shout out the fact that they know it all, remember he is the smartest.

      • Angela says:

        .Oh, that is rich. First off, I seem to remember a certain Republican Party being eager to make Obama a “one-term president” when he got elected. Do you remember that? Sounds like rooting for a president to fail to me, how about you?
        Second, Trump supporters are the the ones going around being gleeful at any opportunity to tick off “the liberals”. They seem to think that it’s only liberals and bitter Hillary supporters who are against Trump, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. His incredibly low approval ratings right now should be proof of that.
        Third, I’m cheering the fall of the healthcare bill, not Trump’s presidency. And I’m doing that because I know full well what it’s like to watch a loved one suffer and die without adequate healthcare. I had to watch my dad go through hell pre-Obamacare and understand the importance of needing to overhaul our healthcare system. I signed up for Obamacare because it’s the only way I could get decent health insurance-my job didn’t provide health insurance and I needed it. This issue is personal to me, and I am fed up with the GOP’s attitude regarding it. I’m sick and tired of them assuming that if somebody can’t afford healthcare it’s simply because they’re blowing their money on non-necessities (when my family struggled with my dad’s illness pre-Obamacare, our choices were between healthcare or rent/heat/food, but hey, not like any of those other things are important, right?). I’m sick and tired of them propping up their rich buddies at the expense of the working class and poor that they claim they support. I’m sick and tired of them treating healthcare as a competitive business thing instead of a basic necessity for all Americans.
        If the GOP wants to actually come up with a decent alternative, if they want to go in and fix and improve the parts of Obamacare that do need improvement? By all means, let them. I would gladly welcome that, because that would be the mature, adult, decent thing to do. That would mean they’re working with Democrats, and acknowledging that Obama had a good idea in his changes to the healthcare system that just needed some tweaking.
        But they didn’t do that. They clearly have no plans to do that. And the party is being run by a petulant man-child who doesn’t have the first clue about how to do his job. I would’ve loved it if Trump could’ve proved me and everyone else who was concerned about him wrong, and shown himself to be a mature, rational politician willing to learn from other people and admit when he screwed up, and taken responsibility for the struggles his administration’s experienced thus far. But he hasn’t. And he isn’t. And until he learns to respect the office and the people he’s supposed to represent, he’ll get no respect from me. Respect has to be earned, not just automatically given out.
        Also, you’ll notice I didn’t call anyone names in my post. So I’d thank you to extend the same courtesy to me in turn. Name-calling does not help make your argument any more valid, you do realize that, right?

  8. First, TVLine only posts these articles because they are (a) uber liberlal Trump haters and (b) because political posts generate a lot of clicks and comments.

    Now that I have gotten those comments out of the way, rather than focusing on how this is a failure of Trump’s presidency as all of the MSM has since yesterday, ALL AMERICANS should be excited that, unlike the Dems that hastily passed Obamacare in 2009 without even knowing what was in the bill as it was just an outline when they passed it, that the Republicans did not do the same. Now, hopefully both sides can come together and work on a bipartisan solution and stop this BS party lines stuff that is crippling this country’s policies and dividing our nation.

    Instead of constantly dumping on Trump (which I will admit he often deserves), why don’t these political pundits and commentators have guests on that can discuss the fundamental problems of health insurance in the US and provide solutions on how to fix them. We all know it sucks, so let’s try to find a solution. Although, I know that that is not as entertaining to the many that simply like to sit back and do nothing but bitch and complain.

    • Kevin Smith says:

      One does not need to be “uber liberal” to hate Drumpf. Now, why don’t you change a few lines of your post, copy it, go over to NewsMax or The Federalist or Breitbart or Infowars and paste it in THEIR comment sections? Go ahead, I dare you.

  9. Chris says:

    Nominating Neil Gorsuch was enough for a majority of people that pulled the lever for Donald Trump. For some people, it was literally the only talking point. Elections are about choices, and when it came to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump was a massive risk and the risk was worth taking over Hillary Clinton. I couldn’t literally list 50 reasons why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton and none of them include buzz words.

    Healthcare was the talking point politicians had to have. But I think it’s obvious that Trump’s most passionate positions were immigration and the economy.

    It’s cute that so many liberals that don’t understand Trump supporters want to analyze how they should feel, when most of them can’t even understand why Hillary lost.

    If they continue to repeal regulations and corporate tax rate lowers to 15-20% and the GDP goes up to 4% when we haven’t even got to 3% in the past 8 years under Obama, he’ll easily win 2020.

    But we shall see.

    But all of the crazy protests and the constant media bashing makes people that would normally hate him sympathize and feel like they had to defend him. So keep being furious. It literally helps him.

    • Chris, but don’t you get it? We are all hateful, racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, ignorant uneducated bigots. That is the only reason that we voted for Trump. It wasn’t because we were concerned about the economy, job growth, number of people contributing to our society vs. number of people on government entitlements, immigration, our national security, etc. It’s simple: We are all dumb bigots.

    • Collette says:

      I voted for Trump not because I liked him but because I couldn’t trust Hillary with SCOTUS appointments or letting the military dwindle to nothing. I believe we are in for another war mainly against Islamic countries and our sea and air fleets are a shambles.

      • Zach71 says:

        Under Obama, we spent more on the military than the next 7 countries combined and that includes China & Russia. So it is hardly dwindling or in shambles.

      • Angela says:

        You’re right that we could be in for another war…because Trump doesn’t know how to keep his trap shut and he’ll tick off the wrong person eventually with his BS.

      • KCC says:

        I’ll give you Supreme Court appointments. I worry about those as well. I would prefer moderates appointed and both candidates in the last election scared me.
        As for our “dwindling military,” you’ve got to be kidding. Take all the military from every country in the middle east, no matter their politics, and the US out guns them all combined. Now take into account the Islamic countries you “believe” we are at war with and all, with the exception of Iran, are in differing states of civil war. It’s factions within some countries that would want to do harm to the US. None of those factions have any military to speak of, at least when compared to the US. Does ISIS have a single ship or airplane? Are we in danger of being invaded by an Islamic country because our military is weak? No and no. The problems are acts of terror in the US and around the world. Mission Accomplished in Iraq was in 2003 and Bin Laden was killed in 2011. The root cause of both conflicts continue to this day and no one has a solution. I doubt more planes and ships is the answer and I seriously doubt our current President has the military intelligence or diplomatic acumen to resolve them. Unfortunately I can only see Trump, at best, maintaining the current state and at worst, making a bigger mess of it.

    • Big Cheddar says:

      The US has lost more jobs to automation than we have to them being sent offshore. No matter how many regulations we rollback, no company is going to chose people over a machine that doesn’t require a salary, gets sick or takes breaks. Lowering the corporate tax rate will just make companies richer – they may bring a job back temporarily, but they are always looking for a computer to replace someone.

    • Angela says:

      Elections are about choices, and when it came to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump was a massive risk and the risk was worth taking over Hillary Clinton.
      No. No, it really wasn’t.
      And if people honestly think that building walls and ripping families apart by deporting immigrants will somehow make us safer, that is some ridiculously naive thinking. Especially considering some of the terror attacks of late have been committed by people born and raised here (as was the recent one in London, for that matter). I’d really like somebody to explain to me how all these anti-immigration laws will solve our domestic terrorist problem.
      As for the economy, at some point Trump supporter really need to wake up to the fact that he doesn’t care about them and their struggles. He never has, and never will. He’s never been in their working class shoes. He wouldn’t have the first clue how to survive paycheck to paycheck the way most of us do. He’s never had to work for anything a day in his life. He’s paying lip service to you guys. That’s all it is.
      (On that note, I find it so hilarious that people accuse the working class/poor of being “moochers” when they rely on government aid to help them through tough times, but Trump can just go through life without having to work for anything he gets and somehow he’s seen as a great businessman. How on earth does that make any sense?)

  10. Chris says:

    How come TVLine features Bill Maher trash talking Trump and his supporters and doesn’t headline something like him bashing Islam?

  11. Kit Carson says:

    Truth is truth. A great many of us wish we had not voted for Trump. Yes he is a con man, lies and brags and acts like a small child with the red licked off his lolley pop.

    So all of you who will not admit truth, remember the great Orange one was going to be anti-establishment and do many things, instead he turned traitor and joined the good ole boy republican establishment………and we are getting what we get with those people as history never changes.

    Republicans will fix health care……….the ordinary person will not be able to afford it, medicare will be cut, and you will need to be 76 years old to file for social security, that way a great many will be dead before then can file.

    Yes they have a plan………

    Perhaps a lightening bolt will take him out, along with the entire bunch of rich, self serving clowns called republicans.


  12. Raven says:

    Maher is a funny, critically thinking man. Watch him every week. I am discouraged though by what seems like a strident strain of islamophobia. Feels incongruent.

    • Zach71 says:

      Nah. I disagree. He is not islamophobic as he has said many times on his show. he is simply saying that most (not all) of the terrorist attacks are because of radical Islamists. And you know what? He’s right. Calling out the extremists for what they are doesn’t mean that you hate an entire religion or culture.

    • AnnieM says:

      I don’t think it’s incongruent for him; Bill is an athiest, and for many years he’s made his disdain for all forms of organized religion known.

  13. datdudemurphy says:

    It boggles my mind how neither the Democrats or Republicans learned anything from the Obama era.
    With Obama, the Democrats presented a young, fresh voice….and people responded. Yes, he had naysayers, but for the most part his poll numbers were very favorable.
    So, as the Obama era ended, did either party find a young, fresh voice to follow him up?
    No….they went out and found old white people to represent them.
    Both candidates were hovering around 70 (everyone complained McCain was too old when he ran at the same age)

    America needs change.

  14. Jay Owens says:

    Maher Is an old, has been, hating drunk!! He sits at a desk, makes nothing, does nothing but flatulate inane comments!! The man is a true loser,

  15. Pat says:

    Bill Maher, hit the head on the nail, with that commentary. Good job, Bill!

  16. Ahntara Miller says:

    That was a truth enema.

  17. Bo Samboni says:

    Bill, I know you aren’t stupid enough not to know that they are all con men (or con women).

  18. Bo Samboni says:

    Their all con men or women Billy boy.

  19. Bill says:

    I just wanted to leave this comment I would not read or listen to ANYTHING Bill Maher says or does…. unattractive blowhard!

  20. Zach71 says:

    “I would say Trump is a used car salesman, but with a used car salesman at least you get a car. With Trump you don’t get any car, but you definitely get taken for a ride.”

    Damn well said. Maher may be rough around the edges but he always tells the hard honest truth. And for the ppl that hate Maher, the truth hurts.

  21. Paz says:

    GOP is the IN party

    • Ben says:

      The most INteresting part IMO is how GOP¨disdain the will of Trump’s supporters (their own voters!). They are gonna lose sooo big in the next elections thanks to this kinda “betray” :P.

  22. Robert Wray says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats spokesmen are comedians…Maher, Franken, Colbert…etc.
    Guess it fits. Their party is a joke.

  23. Todd Winne says:

    Chump is a CONMAN and LIAR! Mexico will not pay for the wall. Chump said dont worry about your soc security and medicare., etc,etc

  24. karen roberts says:

    I love bill maher. all the people who voted for trump got conned. they are just like him they wont listen to anybody and they will pay for it. wait until you’re taxes go up. he is a total egomaniac and liar. hope he gets impeached

  25. STATMAN says:

    At least Republicans are smart enough to pull a bad bill as opposed to Democraps who pushed through a POS in the middle of the night that none of them had read!

  26. Terry Mengle says:

    It is amazing to me why anyone would continue to listen to Bill Maher. The only thing he is known for is criticizing government and anyone not on board the liberal Democratic, socialism, spend more of other people’s money train. Can anyone name one thing this this man has actually done to make our country better? He is making big bucks, but what has he actually done to make his community or his country better?

  27. Koko Handy says:

    OK, so some of America voted for a “con man.” But what choices were we given? A con man vs. a criminal. What’s happening now is not the fault of the American people; the blame for this sits squarely on the heads of our two major political parties: Republicans and Democrats. Blame yourselves, D.C. Bigwigs, and next time give us two candidates worthy of our votes. In 2016, neither candidate was.

    • Mary says:

      Umm the Republicans had 12 candidates during the primary and they picked it. Sorry I will blame the Americans who voted for him.

  28. Coco Haynes says:

    BM hasn’t a clue…GOP did what they should have done, as the bill was not a good one. Democrats showed us they would institute a bad bill into the worst law ever written, and force us to use it for 7 years against the peoples wishes, that cost us trillions, it did not give us anything close to quality care. You can not trust a democrat as Pelosi told us all the house had to pass it to see what was in it. Total chaos from the left.

    • Mary says:

      Seriously, I won’t say that it doesn’t need improvements but some of its failure are those Red States who refuse to expand Medicare. It is those states that don’t have options and have seen their rates double or triple. Maybe if the GOP actually did something for the last 7 years, but refused to work with Obama, then improvements would have been instituted. What is ironic is the ACA, proper name, was developed by them, but because Obama was able to implement it, they were against.

  29. Jolly Rodger says:

    Just curious Bill, but would a President who looks in the camera and says “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period, If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period” also be a con man when that statement turns out to be a lie? Just curious.

    • Mary says:

      I kept my Doctor. It is those States who refuse to do the expansion who are having the problem. So to make a blank statement that he lied is not quite accurate. Let’s look at the whole picture not just one piece of the puzzle.

  30. Wow Bill, a politician that didn’t get it exactly correct. And who, by the way, is only 3 months in with 45 to go. Give it time. This guy is going to get the deal we want. He gave Ryan and the party leaders a chance. They choked and blew it. It will get fixed. Hope you are as complimentary when that all goes down.

    • Mary says:

      There is where the ignorance lies. It is the Congress who passed the budget and bills, not the President. He did choke by not trying to get their support. As we have learned the passed 8 years if the GOP don’t come together it won’t amount to sh.t.