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Grimm Season 6 Hank Wu Dead Die

Grimm's David Giuntoli Dishes Two (!) Big Deaths, Series Finale Time Jumps

Warning: Read no further until you’ve seen Friday’s Grimm, because there are major spoilers ahead.

Epic battles tend to have heartbreaking casualties, and the shootout that ended this week’s Grimm was no exception: The episode’s final moments saw an attack at the precinct that left two of Portland’s finest — Hank and Wu — dead.

A very brief recap: The skull-face demon known as Zerstörer entered the real world, where he appeared as a strapping, blonde man with a very large, very deadly staff. Realizing that the bad guy was on the search for Diana, his child bride (ick), Nick, Renard and Adalind hid the little girl in the cabin we first saw in the series premiere.

Zerstörer eventually showed up at the police department, where Wu Neander’d out and tried to fight him… only to get a staff through the torso. When Hank saw what happened to his friend, he — and a bunch of other cops — unloaded a ton of firepower on the villain, but it was to no avail: Nick’s partner also received a killing poke.

Yep, it looks like Hank and Wu are dead.

We asked star David Giuntoli to help us make sense of it all. Read on for his thoughts on Nick’s comrades’ deaths, his new understanding with Eve, a tender moment with Adalind and next week’s series finale (“You’re going to see time jumps”).

TVLINE | Let’s talk about that shootout at the end of the episode.
Yeah, everything was destroyed.

TVLINE | What was your first reaction when you read the script?
That wasn’t a particularly long scene so when we shot it, I’m like holy s–t. This is intense. Police shootouts, you don’t think automatic weapons. It kept getting changed, and suddenly we have all automatic weapons. I got excited about it, I was like “Oh, sweet. I never get to do this stuff.”

TVLINE | That scene ends with two significant deaths. Are they permanent?
Oh gosh, I don’t think I can talk about that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Nick doesn’t seem to be thinking logically after that happens.
All he does is scream and run. In the most cinematic way possible.

TVLINE | In the previous episode, Nick and Eve spend some time in the alternate dimension. How important is it for Nick and Eve — and the fans — for them to have that time together?
I think it’s great. That relationship deserved some discussion and attention as far as, it can’t just go away. I know Bitsie [Tulloch] and I really enjoyed that. The shooting of it was hell. [Laughs] It was like the first snowstorm of Portland’s history, and it shut down the city. It was freezing out there. But we were really satisfied with at least getting a touch on that relationship and the fallout, and to give a little bit of closure to the fans.

TVLINE | Do you think Nick needed to hear Eve say that she doesn’t regret anything that happened?
Oh my god, yeah. That is a huge help… Yeah, he needed to hear it. I think that it’s always on his mind, the fact that he indeed was warned by his Aunt Marie in the pilot and his mother from the get-go when she was introduced. He was directed to leave these relationships alone, [because] “yours is a different destiny. The people you love will be in harm’s way…” Anytime one of his Scooby gang stepped up and helped him, they paid a tremendous consequence — and Juliet paid the greatest. Took the biggest hit. And her telling him that it’s all OK and it’s not your fault and I wouldn’t change things? It was wonderful for him to hear that.

Grimm Hank Wu Die Dead Season 6 Episode 12TVLINE | Is it weird that it’s Diana — and not Kelly  — who is the person that all the crazies are going after?
It does strike me, but then you’ve never worked with a baby. That question is quickly answered for you because they are cute, [but] they don’t take direction. They cry when they’re not supposed to. [Laughs] So I think there were practical reasons for Hannah [R. Loyd] to play Diana [as the focus of Zerstörer’s hunt]. She was quite a find. She’s gorgeous, first of all, and a wonderful actor, especially at her age. And she’s got this wonderful — and the fans see it right away, even if you don’t know it — these like eyes and this stillness, which hints at a lot of trouble and a lot of power.

TVLINE | The scene with Adalind and Nick right before he leaves the cabin: They’ve kissed and said “I love yous” before, but this time seemed to be the first time that Nick truly meant it. Was it?
Yep, I think that that is the first time. He doesn’t know if he’s going to live, and she needs to know this. She’s proved her salt.

TVLINE | Moving on to the finale, is Nick thinking at all right after Hank and Wu die? Or is he running on pure adrenaline?
No, he’s not thinking. When Nick isn’t solely vengeful, those are his best days. And he is solely vengeful in this final episode. There’s nothing strategic going on.

TVLINE | Give me a finale tease.
It ends. There’s no like ‘what happened’ ambiguity. It is fully spelled out for you. People will be happy.

 TVLINE | Now give me a tease you haven’t told anyone else. 
We play with—this is a tease I haven’t given anyone—the fabric of space-time in a way we have not yet seen. Imagine you’re riding on a ray of light. [Laughs] Yes, we play with time. You’re going to see the future, and you’re going to see time jumps.

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  1. James says:

    That last scene was quite epic. Sad that it all ends next week.

    • AnnieM says:

      Sure was – didn’t see that coming at all. But, if “the fans will be happy” with the ending as David G says, I can only guess that everyone – Hank & Wu included – will be alive and well by the end of the Finale. And as a side note, I’m glad they at least addressed the whole Black Claw thing with that line from Trubel. I assume they had to drop the storyline midstream due to the series ending, but it was nice to ‘officially’ end it.

      • Really would love to see Grimm come back its my favourite show i would love to see it back need to see Rosalie and Muneoes kids and if nick and Adelaide hsve any more kids just love the show

    • Kevin says:

      True the scene caught me by surprise BIG time.. But couldn’t Nick use the stick and well bring them back?

      • James says:

        I guess we’ll find out next week. Hopefully he does but, Grimm might pull a Charmed on us if it turns out that Nick can’t heal people who are already dead.

      • edyn says:

        He can’t. If he tries to, the Zerstorer will probably take it because it may be the missing part of the staff. Nick would have to move them to use it or go back in time to keep them from dying. They died quickly, so it may not bring them back. This is a show I will definitely miss and hope the actors do other roles. I enjoyed watching this show.

  2. abbidon says:

    I’m upset at the two big deaths! They’ve been through so much why couldn’t they make it and ride off into the sunset? I feel those two characters always got screwed!

    Where I live the finale episode is playing at 1:00am next Sunday night instead of next Friday! Sucks for the fans who’ve watched for years on Friday night are getting screwed with the new time!

  3. Pat says:

    Oh my God, my heart is broken over Hank and WU. Watching both of them die was heartbreaking. I am hoping that Nick will use the stick on them to bring them back, but I guess that is not going to happen. Why did they kill them off? I am one very sad fan. 😢😢😢

    • Angie says:

      My husband said the same thing about the stick. Heartbroken, so heartbroken over the loss of Wu and Hank. Please, I can’t take any more deaths.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      OK, let’s think this through. Time for TV movies! I wonder if we can start a go-fund whateveritis to have an episode bringing them back to life.

    • Doris Osgood says:

      Nick couldn’t pull out the stick because he was warned that if it got to be part of the staff again there would be no stopping the full power.

      • Pam R says:

        Still, in lightning quick-speed, Nick could heal Hank & Wu. Let someone divert Mr Blonde Adonis’s attention. Hoping Diana whips his Devil butt, or possibly little Kelly getting a combo of GRIMM & Hexanbeast magical powers.

    • TvPeong says:

      We know Nick has the stick on him right now. I’ll be upset if he doesn’t use it to save Hank and Wu. Hank has been with him through everything.

    • Pam R says:

      That’s my Exact hopes/thoughts. Hank & Wu are an “integral” part of team GRIMM. I guess we can say, they are All Family. That’s what we feel, part of our family.
      What happened to the rest of 22 episodes?
      Friggin use that stick Nick. Please dave Hank & Wu. Geez writer’s, you know how to RUIN a fantastic show. Us fans should have written This Vital Series Finale.
      As i said s million times before, Cagney & Lacey came back a year+, after the show was cancelled & set dismantled.
      Oh & yes, let’s not forget Prison Break. The star was killed off. Now he & the cast are back. So the fight SHOULD NOT be over.

    • Lavern says:

      Omg, I hope so if not im gonna find a way to boycott these writers, this is my favorie show

  4. AngelWasHere says:

    Noooo not Wu and Hank! 😢

  5. I literally started crying seeing Wu and Hank dead on the floor of the pricinct. I did not see that coming and wow, next week is gonna be pretty epic. I am really going to miss this show when it’s all over! =(

  6. D says:

    Maybe I’m just in denial, but my tv-viewing instincts tell me there is no way Wu and Hank are staying dead. He mentions playing with time, maybe he’s able to go back in time a few hours and save the day? Eh, a girl can only hope

    • Morisot says:

      LOL. My instincts are pretty much telling me the same thing. Even wondering though if the time-jump might not loop back to the first episode (seems like a great way to go into syndication. We get to start over and over again until they can break out of the time-loop.)

  7. Jason says:

    Though Adalind had said it before, that was actually the first time Nick had said “I love you”. We knew that he felt it, because Eve revealed that she could sense it at the beginning of the season. I feel that his guilt over Juliette was keeping him from being open about it, but the closure he gained in his conversation with Eve, allowed him to move forward. As far as Hank and Wu are concerned, I’m sort of numb from shock. Still, given the power of that staff, I feel Nick may yet have a chance to reverse the carnage at hand and whatever horrors are still to come.

  8. SK says:

    I was in shock seeing Wu and Hank die. I also hope that Nick uses the stick next week on them. I am so sad that it’s ending next week. Been a loyal fan.

    • Lisa says:

      Me too! I’m dreading next week because it’s over. I’ve been watching this show from day one with my son. He’s now in college and studying abroad currently. The whole thing makes me sad. This show was SO underrated. It should have been corny, but it wasn’t by any means. Well written and thought out and highly creative. What a loss.

  9. Judy Jones says:

    It’s bad enough that this show is being canceled. I was shocked at the deaths of Hank, and Woo. I actually shed tears. It said continued. I hope the rest aren’t killed off. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. Don says:

    Shocking deaths like 2 dear friends I’m sad for how this will end

  11. PatriciaLee says:

    This is a joke, right? Tell me that Hank and Wu do not die at the end of the series! I refuse to believe it.

    • Tami Unruh says:

      It totally sucks that Hank and Wu died! Like the rest of you i’m hoping Nick can use the stick to bring them back. Sad there’s only one episode left:(

  12. Sharon Smukowski says:

    Don’t cancel Grimm re- resurrect it

    • Gail says:

      I have truly loved Grimm. I NEVER miss a single episode. I’m SO upset to see it come to an end.
      Just the right amount of action, drama, adventure, fantasy, clean romance so that my older grandkids could watch with the family. Thank you cast and creator for great tv viewing. Please do a spin-off with same cast. They are a perfect family of characters.

      • Pam R says:

        I am so happy that we can vent together. I also cannot understand why cancel this Diverse, action packed Supernatural- Police drama & then create a Spin-off. Keep GRIMM going with original-perfect cast.

    • Miss O'Ginny says:

      Yeah….with the stick!

  13. Bennye says:

    Did Wu and Hank have to die before the series ended….. I was heartbroken 😭 I’m still looking forward to seeing how everything ends but it’s just a bummer with them gone. Enjoyed watching Grimm (all seasons) Congrats to the entire cast…..Will miss seeing it every Friday😞

  14. TvLover says:

    Ugh, I know it’s Wessen war, but seriously? I didn’t really love Wu, but Hank?
    it was awesome that he went out bad$&#, but that still sucks. It makes sense that they’d be the ones to go considering that they’re probably some of the more expendable, character wise out of the Scooby gang but, Hank?! Why couldn’t it have been Eve?
    Well, maybe Nick could still use the magic stick on them?
    And ‘ if’ As I have a bad feeling Renard doesn’t make it that the man go out with out a shirt. Wishful thinking yes, but c’mon!
    Guess I’ll just have to wate until next weeks series finale.

  15. Gail says:

    I have truly lived Grimm. I NEVER miss a single episode. I’m SO upset to see it come to an end.
    Just the right amount of action, drama, adventure, fantasy, clean romance so that my older grandkids could watch with the family. Thank you cast and creator for great tv viewing. Please do a spin-off with same cast. They are a perfect family of characters.

  16. Grimm or Bust!! says:

    I’m P O’d!! PEOPLE!!! This is one of my favorite shows since Dexter and Breaking Bad ended so I am extremely angry that they’re canceling this show….Hollywood can’t create a better storyline than this show has so don’t even try…just bring it back u Blockheaded NBC studio idiots…you guys are wrong about the ratings…everyone I talk to loves this show…WE should start an NBC BOYCOTT!!!!

  17. Grimm or Bust!! says:

    NBC BOYCOTT till Grimm is renewed!!!!

  18. Rachel says:

    Hank and Wu, wow I am so sad!

  19. TvLover says:

    Yeah, I understand why (spoiler’s) return wasn’t even worth mentioning in the episode recap, considering how insane that ending was!
    And I was right about the stick too!

  20. Dani says:

    I’m confused…so Nick’s piece of the stick couldn’t go to the other place, but all of the other pieces were able to get there with skull guy?

    • Alichat says:

      I was wondering that myself. If the staff had been broken into many pieces and scattered, how did he get most of the pieces back and in his realm? There was a line said by Rosalee where she ‘What if he put all the pieces back together before he got trapped in the other place?’ which would make sense, but still doesn’t explain how the staff got into the other place. If the staff can be taken into the other place, why couldn’t Nick bring the remaining piece into that realm? When the Zerstörer’s staff lit up as he was leaving the gas station, I figured Nick’s stick must be a piece of that staff. And my first thought was that if the staff had been broken, then maybe pieces of it had been brought to the other realm by evil people or wesen when they died……following the story that the other realm is purgatory. Like perhaps if they had a piece in their possession, it came over to that realm with them. I hadn’t really thought about him piecing it together before being sent to that realm. But that theory doesn’t explain Nick’s piece not going through the mirror.

      • AnnieM says:

        Maybe Nick’s piece is warded or something. Since the Crusaders went to all the trouble of hiding it, it would make sense to place spells on it, as well.

  21. KevinM says:

    The stick will bring them back to life

  22. Csb says:

    Was I the only one who feels like the staff is pretty darn similar to the Spear of Destiny on Legends?

    Also, how creepy was it to have Diana sleep in the bedroom made up for a kidnapped child by a predator?

  23. Sandra says:

    WOW, didn’t expect Hank and Wu to end up dead! “Trouble” back. The piece of the stick that Nick has will end the evil. Rarely watch TV, watched this show since day one. Very very sad it is ending!

  24. queensgirl says:

    I can’t believe they killed Hank and Wu! 😭 But like others have said, it’s possible that they’ll be resurrected.

    I wondered if we’d see Trubel again. I hope we’ll see Bud one last time.

  25. ninergrl6 says:

    As if Grimm ending isn’t sad enough, it’s going out like this?! Tragically??? I’m holding out hope that the deaths aren’t permanent because it’s just too sad otherwise.

  26. Mike Smith says:

    When i saw Wu and Hank get killed, i was like are you fu*king kidding me? please tell me its another one of Diana’s nightmares again

  27. Amara says:

    I am both looking forward to and dreading the next episode. I hope that its not going to end with the bad guy winning. I am also wondering why they would stay in the human world and not go back to the place the creature came from. Surely they can find another mirror, lure the creature back to where it belongs and somehow lock it so the creature can’t come back. clearly that worked once before. additionally why did diana change from a mind controlling teleporting telekinetic kid into a normal scared kid. She could wrench the staff away probably using only her mind. She may be small but she is far from defenseless.

    • V B says:

      I think Diana saw all the fear and confusion displayed by her mom and dad and everyone else and picked up on it. Fear is contagious among adults, so it would be almost impossible for a child not to be drawn in by it.

  28. Friday Night Gorls says:

    This is the best show ever. We will truly miss our Friday night Grimm get together with 5 girls. Wish it could continue. Thanks for 6 exciting funny and great episodes. Best of luck. Hoping it will come back on another channel. Cried last night

  29. Rylie says:

    Something about the skull creature in human clothes made it more terrifying looking. I chuckled evry episode it came on but tonight I was horrified of it! I can’t believe Hank and Wu are dead, the scene seemed shot oddly? Maybe it was a dream sequence like someone above said.

  30. R- says:

    Like many of you… Very sad to see this show end. This is also the last network show I watch. So for me, end of the road. Netflix and sports will have to fill the void. Truly great show. Had its up and down in the middle years but I went back and re-watched every episode and made me appreciate it, all the more.

  31. TvPeong says:

    It’s the final episode. Maybe Russell Hornsby and Reggie Lee wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

  32. TvPeong says:

    Congrats to the writers for the flashbacks to the first season, and providing a good explanation of the keys and the importance of the stick.

  33. Roger Laberge says:

    I am a huge fan if Grimm. I am very sad and disappointed that the series is ending. Is there any chance of bringing it back or having the network executives reconsider cancelling the show?

  34. Dee says:

    I missed a few episodes over the seasons. I was thinking since Juliette inherit Adalind’s power when they changed into one another,
    shouldn’t Nick’s son be his and Juliette/Eve? Can anyone clarify this?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Adalind used magic to turned into Juliette to trick Nick, So baby Kelly is Nick & Adalind’s kid.

    • Alichat says:

      I have tossed that theory around every once in a while. Adalind was changed into Juliette when she became pregnant, so I wondered if Kelly could be biologically Juliette’s kid. Especially since Juliette, after changing into Adalind, retained a part of her biology…..that being her Hexenbeist biology.

      • V B says:

        Adalind just changed her looks, not her body and I would think that the spell, inhaling the potion is what caused juliette to transform. They were never in each others bodies. Juliette was still around when Adalind changed to LOOK like her.

        • Alichat says:

          Adalind and Juliette performed the same spell. So if both only changed their looks, how did Juliette become a Hexenbiest? If the spell was just a glamour, how did a part of Adalind’s biology remain? Now the statement was made that it must have been because Juliette was a Kehrseite, and they don’t know how the spells affect the non-wesen. But this can’t be the first time in history that a Hexenbiest spell was performed on a Kehrseite. Nick doesn’t seem to have retained Renard’s Zauberbiest biology, but perhaps that’s because he’s a Grimm. I’m not saying Kelly is Juliette’s, but it’s not farfetched that it could be the case. Has a Hexenbiest ever performed the spell on a Grimm and gotten pregnant? Was this the first time? We don’t know. It’s an open thread that was just discarded with the statement that Juliette’s situation must be due to her being Kehrseite, but that seems too neat a resolution. And with Wesen and Grimm having existed for centuries, I can’t see this being the first time this situation has ever happened.

  35. Laura tracy says:

    We love this show . We never miss it if we have to miss it we tape it watch later we love all the people in the show. Our dogs watch it too

  36. Cristal says:

    I’m so sad that this show is ending everyone works so well together there’s laughs and sadness it all goes together. Where will we see were these actors will go next. I would of loved to see nick and his family have more of a family life also the other characters.

  37. Julie says:

    I thonk well see Wu and Hank again. Especially since he mentioned time jumping

  38. Alichat says:

    “Is it weird that it’s Diana — and not Kelly — who is the person that all the crazies are going after?” Uh, didn’t Diana say that the Zorstörer is coming after Kelly too? I know it was a nightmare, but Diana’s senses and predictive skills are pretty spot on.

    • Rylie says:

      Lol i didn’t understand that question, Diana is the most powerful being and she’s still just a kid why wouldn’t all the crazies be going after her? And Kelly, well really hasn’t shown to be special in any way.

    • Carmie says:

      Yes, she did say that he wanted her brother too!

  39. I love Grimm. Everyone is very special. Thank You

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Holy Sh*t I still can’t believe THAT happened!!!!! NOT Hank & Wu I really like those guys and they’re very close to Nick especially Hank who’s been through a lot with him. I’m sad that the show is really coming to an end I LOVE THIS SHOW can’t wait for the epic finale!!!!

  40. katsssblog says:

    Oh no, no, no, no. I do not accept this finale. They can’t be dead. I want a happy ending. Come on.

  41. Mark says:

    NBC did mess this up it should have had a two hour series finale this dragging it out over two weeks just sucks. The arc would have been much better in one continuous episode.

  42. Mbh says:

    I love watch Grimm ,,it been best and i cant see it leave air…..but killing some of main actors really ??….n are we going see roselee having her 3 bsbies ??.cant wait to see last n final show….
    Hope it will come back

  43. Lavern says:

    Oooo, I am so angry at the writers how dare they kill off teo great characters if they do not come back I am completely finished. I have so many people watching it now and the love it. Damn why did they mess up the season? I swear these writers need their heads examined, oooo I can not stand them right now, they better bring both of them back or I will findbout how to boycott these writters. Dammit this is my favorite show

  44. JeffO says:

    NOOOO… I don’t want Grimm to end….

  45. evelyn says:

    My heart dropped when Hank and Wu died in still crying can the stick bring them back will Trubel die also I’m messed up right now can’t wait for the final episode

  46. evelyn says:

    My heart is still hurting I can’t believe
    my 2 buddies died help I’m sinking in sorrow

  47. michaelA says:

    :Like a lot of you I will miss this show very much. Out in the San Jose area we’re subject to it being preempted by stupid baseball. They put Grimm on some wierdo NBC channel that we can’t get in our area. They did that a lot last season and the only was to catch up was on on demand at NBC. Fortunately last nights episode wasn’t preempted.
    I will say that this. This season has been really quality in regards to the stories. Just great!
    It’s going to be hard saying goodbye especially since Grimm did not degrade over the several seasons.

  48. Kathleen Pope says:

    The beast is intent on getting the children, so hopefully he will leave Nick for dead and Nick can help Wu and Hank. As far as the Stick and the Staff, maybe the beast and his power was able to bring all the parts he had top the “other” Black Forest . The people that buried the last part of the stick may have put a protection spell on it to keep it from the “other” Black Forest. Yes Dianna is powerful, but she is still a child and probably doesn’t think she can measure up to the beast. As any child would be, she is still afraid of a big powerful monster. After all she does “know things”.

  49. Roger says:

    Since they referred to playing with time, there are ways that Hank and Wu can never have been killed *smile*. So don’t worry until the finale’s over.

    • Wine dude says:

      Correct, and there were several references to that in the show. The cabin where nick kills his first blutbot (sp) where he first saw Reynard vogue and got the key. It’s where it all started for him.

      Hank and wu will be back. Maybe even the mom, not sure how the kids stay around

  50. Wez Za says:

    take it no one dies next ,or they can kill the rest of the guys off only 3 left