Supergirl Katie McGrath Season 3

Supergirl Promotes Katie McGrath (aka Lena Luthor) to Series Regular

Kara and Lena’s friendship is being given a chance to thrive — or go down in flames, we’ll have to wait and see — on Supergirl.

Recurring actress Katie McGrath has been promoted to a full-fledged series regular in Supergirl‘s third season, our sister site Deadline reports.

First introduced in the CW drama’s second season premiere, McGrath plays Lena Luthor, the sister of legendary Superman villain Lex Luthor. Though she appears to be shaking off the stigma that comes with being a Luthor — her mother Lilian serving as the head of Cadmus certainly isn’t helping — Lena’s true intentions remain somewhat of a mystery.

During TVLine’s recent visit to the Supergirl set, McGrath concealed not one bit her affection for her latest TV role: “She’s honest, she’s true to Kara, she’s true to her friends,” she said of Lena. And while forever fielding side eye as a Luthor, “She keeps trying, in the face of all the things that people keep throwing at her. She’s defying them!”

Are you excited about Lena’s permanent residency in National City? Drop a comment with your thoughts below. (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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  1. SK says:

    Good for Katie McGrath. Loved and loved to hate her in Merlin as Morgana. Now if only I could see Colin Morgan again…

    • ScottJ says:

      Colin Morgan was one of the main characters in 2 series of Humans, and he was the lead in a British historical horror series The Living and the Dead. Katie McGrath was also in Canadian horror show Slasher. Most of those were last year.

  2. Eve says:

    Hey SK please check out “Humans”! Great show and Colin is there :)

    • SK says:

      Thank you! I didn’t know about these shows. Humans is on AMC so I’ll have to binge watch that.
      As far as The Living and the Dead, it’s cancelled so I guess there’s no reason for me to watch that show. I don’t have Netflix so I can’t watch The Fall.
      Thanks guys for telling me about Colin’s shows.

      • Karen T. says:

        The Living and the Dead binged all in one night on BBC America last year and it was great! It stands alone for the one season so don’t miss out on watching it. Colin was awesome and with the long hair reminded me a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch!

  3. Kyle says:

    Good! I love her in the role I just hope she becomes great series long nemesis as Lex was in Smallville. “Frenemies” if you will.

  4. PJ says:

    Now if we can only lose James and Mon-El …

    • Lucy says:

      I kind of like Mon-El. Although I wish that they gave him more to do that be Kara’s Love Interest. Chris Wood is a good actor (I enjoyed him as Kai in TVD). I enjoy Karamel more than James/Kara – they had no chemistry, plus I felt that James was too serious for Kara, where I feel that Mon-El is so different from Kara which is what she needs. Kara is quite serious, always saving the world that I think sometimes she needs fun and a bit of a laugh, which currently Mon-El brings out in her and the actors have chemistry. One of my big issues with Oliver in Arrow is that he is too serious.

      Although I felt that Karamel definitely happened too quickly, I’d rather they gave it longer to develop. Mon-El only exists for Kara, it makes me think that they might kill him off in some heroic redemption story arc. As I said, the actors have chemistry, way more than James and Kara but they haven’t spent time integrating Mon-El into the plot that isn’t just about Kara, would be nice for some storylines with other cast members. The other DC-CW shows have spent time building context so they play an alternate role in the show, like early seasons of Felicity in Arrow.

      I have a feeling James could be on the way out, he rarely appears, his only storyline is the Guardian one and even then it hasn’t been used much – plus he’s boring, they haven’t given him much of a personality for me to care. Unless they actually know what to do with him, they should get him to either A) Die B) Return to Metropolis with Lucy or C) Get him to join Legends as Guardian.

      Honestly, at this point, I’m like if this person is a regular, they are underused or underdeveloped but have potential – bring them on Legends. I’m hoping for Katie Cassidy in S3 of Legends.

    • Mike says:

      Shut up manhater. Mon-El isnt going anywhere

    • Kyle says:

      I agree about James, he’s such a redundant character now who serves no purpose at all. He can happily leave but I love Mon El, Chris and Melissa have amazing chemistry and their on screen romance feels very natural, I hope he sticks around.

      • Gift says:

        it’s a Supergirl movie, I don’t think they need other flocking around. Kara is more than enough. That’s why I like Mon El, he is not about saving the world. it’s OK Kara is doing that.

    • Tara says:

      Keep dreaming. Mon-El is here to stay. I have no idea about James.

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      How about we keep Mon-El, and they just don’t write him terribly.. Only character thats unnecessary is Maggie.

      • Iris says:

        Why is Maggie unnecessary? Because she’s Alex’s love interest? I think she’s VERY necessary. SWith Alex and Maggie, they show what a true, healthy relationship is. Last I checked, neither of them has disrespected the other or lied to the other… Mon-El, on the other hand, is a man-child. Kara deserves SO much better than him. Him screwing up every week and then begging her not to leave him every week doesn’t seem like a healthy relationship- at all.

        • Gift says:

          look at all the defence! she only made her own opinion, relax!No relationship is perfect nd most lie to each other Alot. A man child? Iris u don’t know what to say! Make ur arguments with facts nd convincing statement not by insulting. He is begging because he loves her nd don’t want to loose her because he knows he was wrong.

      • Lindsay says:

        Maggie unnecessary? Yeah I don’t think so

    • Quinn says:

      Nope. Sorry to disagree. Mon-El is awesome with Kara and I like the bromance between James and Winn. The writers should to keep both guys in the series. Supergirl needs the whole Scooby squad of Winn, James, Alex, J’onn and Mon-El…it just makes a more rounded story with all of them there.

    • Kar says:

      Keep Mon-EL. Lose James.

  5. BvS says:

    Can’t wait to see Lena Luthor bald

  6. T. says:

    Great news !

  7. Jason says:

    Awesome. She’s been quite underused this season. I really want them to defy convention, and keep her on the side of the heroes (or at the very least, an anti-hero). Just because she’s a female character who’s steely, cunning, and driven, doesn’t mean she can’t also have a good heart.

  8. chloe says:

    SO glad they made her a regular. Lena is one of the best things to happen to season 2/the move to CW!

  9. Lucy says:

    Time for the SuperCorp fans to go crazy. I hope that they give Katie McGrath some good material. The Kara/Lena friendship has been described as Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump – so I would like to explore that more or some conflict between them, not Lena turning evil – but her thinking that she’s doing the right thing. You know, play on the concept that there are different ways of going about the same thing. In Lost with Jack and Locke it was the concept of Science vs Faith. Kara seems like someone who doesn’t like to kill, while maybe have Lena approach it as “the only way to make sure they never return is to get rid of them”.

    I just don’t want Lena relegated to not knowing of being Kara’s cheerleader after a hard day of saving the world. Get her in on the action.

  10. kelly says:

    ugh supercorpse will never shut up now.

  11. Erik says:

    Very good news indeed! Love Katie and love Lena Luthor. Hopefully she doesn’t become full-on evil, but I wouldn’t mind a little gray here and there. More friendly moments with Kara and more interactions with the rest of the cast would be great.

    • Lucy says:

      They have different ideals of the same thing. I think that needs to be brought up more. It’d be interesting if that comes to the forefront and some of the team decide that a different approach to Kara is needed – especially if something happens that raises this issue – like a pivotal character dying (James perhaps? Nothing against the actor, but I don’t like the character and he barely contributes to the plot. Also my Jimmy Olsen is the Smallville version).

  12. Tatiana says:

    Happy for this news, but did Jimmy Olson get demoted? Where is he?!

  13. Jared says:

    I really enjoy Katie on Supergirl. Her episodes have been some of my favorite of the season.

  14. I’ve been hoping to hear this news all season! I adore Katie McGrath since way before Supergirl. She is a great addition to the show. Before season 2 started, I was bragging to my friends that Supergirl is a show worth watching. I pointed out the strong focus on women and how refreshing it was to see Kara and Alex’s relationship being in the forefront. I had high hopes for season 2, but this mess with Mon-el and Kara has been extremely off putting. Having Katie on board and the amazing dynamic between Lena/Kara has kept me around so far. Making Katie a season 3 regular…you have a devoted viewer next season, CW/Supergirl. :) If Lena turns evil, becomes SG/Kara’s lover, bestfriend, enemy, whatever they have in store for Lena is okay by me. I’m just looking forward to Katie giving us an amazing performance no matter what.

  15. Netty says:

    Is she going to be a series regular…like James is a series regular

  16. Drew says:

    I commented when Lena was first introduced (1st or maybe 2nd episode?) that I think she’s destined to be a love interest for Alex, replacing Maggie. Now McGrath is a regular. Hmmm …

  17. Cate says:

    Fantastic news! I love Katie McGrath, her lip bites and flirty looks and the bits of her Irish accent that often leak through! With the loss of Cat Grant, a powerful female who doesn’t work at the DEO and sees Kara as herself, not just as Supergirl was good idea. I hope they keep her motives tinged with a bit of grey as it makes her more interesting as a character IMO.

  18. Jordan D says:

    Excellent decision! Love the Luthors in Super lore and love this character in particular. She might turn out to be a gray hat, but I really hope the show doesn’t turn her evil. The good-ish characters with their own agendas are much more interesting!

  19. Elba says:

    Yes!! I love her character so much. I’m so glad to know she will be regular next season :D

  20. Diggory says:

    Now all they have to do is let James go

  21. Alex says:

    I can die happy now

  22. OH MY GOD YES. She is such a good character, I really can’t wait to see her a series regular!!! If they just got rid of Mon-el now, the show could be back in it’s Season 1 glory!

  23. Not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but Mon-El most likely *will* leave eventually, perhaps by the end of the season. As far as I know, the DEO didn’t permanently cure him of his weakness to lead.

    Now, with his mom and dad sticking around for at least another episode — maybe through the end of the season? — I don’t figure he’s going anywhere just yet. Besides, he and Kara just (literally) kissed and made up on THE FLASH — but all that build-up is so it will pack more of a punch (for his fans) when he ends up lethally poisoned with lead and they have to put him the Phantom Zone until there’s a cure. Which should take about 1,000 years to prepare, by my math. ;)

  24. John Corbae says:

    “concealed not one bit of affection” kinda the long and clumsy way around a thought?

  25. Stacey says:

    More Kara and Lena sign me up! I like Mon-El, but no characters have as much chemistry as Kara and Lena. I don’t think they’ll ever go there unfortunately, but I will enjoy their scenes regardlessly since they are always charged!

    • Yeah, my OTP is probably Kara and Barry, to be honest, but Kara and Lena have mad chemistry as well.

      • Stacey says:

        Kara and Barry are cute. I think Barry just has chemistry with everyone. I do however love Barry and Iris and the whole Flash cast in general!

        • Gift says:

          Stacey, u re so right! I have been noticing them too., I think since the first crossover. I noticed the chemistry Barry nd Kara has. Yes I’m so crazy about Barry nd Iris. They re the best couple right nw on TV.

      • Tan Ci Heng says:

        Oh man Kara/Barry were so lit in the crossover, I almost wanted them to just dump Iris and Mon-el on Earth-whatever and let our heroes get together instead.

        It’s really too bad they’d never put two headliners together, although Kara/Lena aren’t a bad alternative either.

  26. I’m so flippin’ excited about this. I’m glad they recognized what a gem they have in Katie and how much the fans love Lena.

  27. fern says:

    Excited?? We are in heaven finally Supergirl did us proud! only hoping she wont turn her into a cliche turning evil villain but a badass/sexy/mysterious whiteknight of checkmate

  28. McGeek fan says:

    Great news! I absolutely love Katie McGrath’s interpretation of Lena, and I really hope the show continues to explore the chemistry between Kara and Lena.

  29. Joey Padron says:

    Good news. I like Katie as Lena Luthor, she’s been doing good on the show.

  30. Butch says:

    I guess this confirms that Kara will go to work for Lena.

  31. Dya says:

    Aaaaaa im so excited Lena become main character

  32. Anonymouse says:

    Yasssssss i swear to god if they make her evil i’ll!!!! (curl up in a corner and cry)

  33. Best news I’ve heard all day! The only news that could top this is if they announced the return of Cat Grant.

  34. Michael says:

    Really like her character and hope she stays good

  35. Nicky says:

    Katie McGrath deserves that! I’m so happy for her!
    She’ll be the good Luthor. Just as Supergirl its not her cousin.

  36. Gift says:

    There u go again!

  37. Gift says:

    Great news! I miss her since after Marlin so I want to see her regularly on TV.

  38. Kellie says:

    Does this mean Kara is going to go work for Lena at L Corp? Maybe head up the PR department?

  39. Lena is bout to go full on evil mastermind. I am almost certain that she is the villain they are telling us will emerge at the end of s2, and that she has been promoted to regular for s3 to act as a primary antagonist. I also can’t wait until one of the superfriends sticks a lead pipe up mon-el’s ass, or kara herself flings him into the sun. I have no tolerance for that slave owning, misogynistic, abusive pig. It’s Kara Danver’s story not the Mon-el show and this whole season Kara has been relegated to the role of a supporting character for the purposes of developing Mon-el’s character. The writer’s decision to break up James and Kara at the beginning of s2 when they spent the entirety of s1 developing their romance, only to introduce a bland soggy white boy is a hugely racist move. I can’t wait for Mon-el to leave and Karolsen to be endgame.

  40. Meg says:

    This is cool. Katie is a good actress and Lena has been great so far, especially since this show lost other female characters like Cat and Lucy.

  41. thekettlemaniac says:

    Katie Mcgrath deserves this, she’s incredible and Lena Luther is one of the best characters on TV right now thanks mostly to her portrayal !!

  42. Harmony says:

    I love her so much (both Katie and Lena). I can’t wait to see the goddess that is Katie McGrath grace my screen more often.

  43. Rt says:

    I would watch her paint a wall so more screen time for her is great

  44. Sarah Jessica says:
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  45. ciararayborn771 says:

    I have watched all of the episodes of Supergirl. I was so upset because Supergirl I love watching Supergirl I think other people around the world loves watching Supergirl to. I think that y’all should make more episodes of Supergirl. when y’all made the last episode of Supergirl y’all left that Supergirl’s true love blast off somewhere so he wouldn’t die.And also y’all left off that Alex asked Maggie to Married her I think other people around the world would love to figure out if she said yes or no.And then with John and M’gann they kissed I think that other people around the world would love to figure out what happend with them.And I think that other people around the world WOULD love to figure out if Supergirl found a other true love that she Married or did’t Married the man,or loved like the other dude she loved I would love if the people that made supergirl make more episodes. -Ciara Rayborn

  46. ciararayborn771 says:

    and I also heard that y’all said that y’all were going to make more episodes of Supergirl. Make a other season season 3,but I haven’t seen season 3 yet I might be crazy but I think I have eyes that works.