Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Meet the Parents

No one was who they claimed to be on Monday’s Supergirl.

The biggest surprise — but only to Kara, of course — was that Mon-El is actually the Prince of Daxam, a title confirmed by the mysterious royals now known to be his parents, King Lar Gand (played by Kevin Sorbo) and Queen Rhea (played by Teri Hatcher).

Following the reveal of Mon-El’s royal blood, Kara ran the emotional gamut, beginning on disbelief and ending somewhere around pure, unadulterated fury. (At one point, Kara even told her sister, “I hate him right now.”) But this is still Kara we’re talking about, so after a quick chat with the queen, she was happy to lend a hand in convincing Mon-El to return to a now-hospitable Daxam as the face of its hopeful future. (Or, as Rhea said in her best Donald Trump, to “make Daxam great again!”)

In the end, Mon-El stood up to his parents (“I wish you no ill will, but you should leave this planet and never return”), but it’ll still take some time to win back Kara’s trust, considering that not even this epic speech was enough to convince her to take him back:

My name is Mon-El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, but I didn’t know until I met you. I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. I love the way you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you. You’re so special. … I’m sorry for [lying to you.] You’re right, I’m a liar, and I really hope you can still see the good in me. Please.

Also proven to be a big fat liar this week was Lyra, whose named even sounds like “liar,” so I’m kind of kicking myself for not seeing this twist coming. Winn thought he and his new girlfriend were just having some innocent, sexy fun by breaking into a museum, but when Winn learned that a Van Gogh had been stolen — and that Lyra was conveniently not seen in the security footage — he knew he’d been played.

It turns out Lyra’s brother was in hot water with a local alien gang, and the only way to repay his debt was to hand over the stolen artwork. And even though the DEO retrieved the painting and saved Lyra’s brother, I have to be that guy and ask: Shouldn’t Winn still go to jail? He may not have stolen the painting, but the last time I checked, breaking into a museum is still a crime.

The final moments of the episode also introduced Darren Criss as the villainous Music Meister, who appeared to hypnotize Supergirl — sending her to an alternate plane where she’s stuck in an old-school movie musical — before heading off on an inter-dimensional quest to track down “the fastest man alive” (aka The Flash).

And in case you didn’t know about Tuesday’s musical crossover with The Flash, this week’s Supergirl was loaded with theater references — from Winn’s reveal that he grew up as a musical theater nerd to that alien informant demanding orchestra tickets to Hamilton in exchange for the dirt on Lyra.

Your thoughts on this week’s Supergirl? Hopes for tomorrow’s Flash crossover? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Rebecca Rogers says:

    I really hope Kara and Mon El get back together they were making each other happy and he was making big strides as a character.

    • Jason says:

      He’s been lying to her since day 1. And not once has he tried to tell her about his past or who he is. How is that making big strides?

      • V.J. says:

        He lied, no question there. I´m not a shipper, just wanted to say that he did try to tell her in the episode they were both captured bei CADMUS. He said “Kara, about Daxam…” and then they were interrupted by Jeremiah. So…

      • Mary says:

        Plus there’s the whole not listening to her when she tells she can take care of things, as well as his attempt to kill Mxyzptlk. He doesn’t respect her or trust her. I still don’t buy his “wanting to be a hero,” especially in the episode where he supposedly reached the decision, he tried to talk Kara out of going to find the people that had been taken from National City, put up a barely token effort to stop the guards from torturing her, while the people she had come to save did a lot more. If he wants to be a hero, he not only needs to act like it, but do it for the right reasons. Doing it because she thinks is should isn’t one of them.

        • Ws says:

          Oh, i’d say he both respects and trusts her.. he’s just kindof a bit headstrong and impulsive but he’s getting there.. this seems to be a redemptive arc.

          • Mary says:

            No. He doesn’t. He wasn’t going to tell her about what really happened on Daxam until Jeremiah brought up what he knew about him. And then he still didn’t mention it until she met his parents. Where’s the trust? Also where’s the trust when she tells him she will handle things, like Mxyzptlk and he decides he’s going to do it instead? When she tells him to take care of getting the cops to safety while she deals with the phony Livewires?

            If it’s supposed to be “redemptive,” they’re doing a crappy job of it. It’s almost as bad as the supposed “redemptive” arcs on OUaT.

          • ninergrl6 says:

            FWIW she’s pretty headstrong too. It’s usually Kara’s way or the highway.

          • Gift says:

            u re right WS. when someone makes effort that is good right? I mean he isn’t such a bad person. He respects Kara, he trust her nd if he had told earlier, she would have acted this way or treated him the same way.

          • Gift says:

            That is so true ninergrl6. it’s always Kara’s way or nobody’s. she is kind of selfish too.

  2. A. D. says:

    Hope they Keep Lyra!

  3. Jubilee says:

    They should probably just rename this show “Mon-El” already.

  4. jason says:

    “i love being a hero because it means I get to spend every day by your side”
    lot of people I see are letting that line go but thats really not a valid reason to wanna be a hero. thats mon el basically saying he’s only in it for Kara.

    • Mary says:

      No, I caught that and that’s what I have believed about him all along. That he’s only doing trying to be a hero because she wants him to be one and to spend more time with her.

    • Plus, even if she forgives him, it won’t change the fact that Kara IS the last daughter of Krypton, and he has a chance she’ll never get to have a maybe better new world and genetic family who do love him. But they have to CW/Musical/Teen Plot it because ‘ship. So instead of Shakespeare’s Henry IV/Henry V meets Casablanca, we get Romeo & Juliet with awesome performances. I mean, yes, the musical will own, because these people are good, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’ll be oversimplifying things.

      • Gift says:

        it’s his choice to choose that life or not. His parents isn’t doing these because he is truly needed, they just said that to Kara to let him go. All they want is their son back. He refuse to go with them.

    • Gift says:

      yes he loves her, he wants to be around what is the big deal? Through that he is changing, being a better person. it’s no different from a girl going to church because he sees a girl he likes there or a girl dressing a certain way because a boy she likes is impressed. what is so wrong if he is doing it for her? He loves her so it’s cool with me.

  5. Cato says:

    I really hope Mon-El goes back to Daxum by the end of the season, I’d like to see Supergirl actually be about Supergirl again.

    • Ws says:

      I always expected him to be only a one season character… but i was expecting him to wind up in the phantom zone like he does in the comics….

    • Alichat says:

      I’m pretty sure the resolution will be that he realizes the way to be the best person he can be is to go home and rebuild Daxam as a world that cares about its people……basically a world opposite of what his parents made it.

      • Gift says:

        That what I’m expecting. That’s the only way. what is a guy who hasn’t done any evil end up in the phantom zone for?

        • Cato says:

          In the comics it’s because he has lead poisoning and they send him there to freeze him in time and save his life. Not because he’s a bad dude

          • Alichat says:

            Oh really? Hmm….that sounds like a more dramatic ending than him leaving to rebuild a better Daxam. So he makes some sort of sacrifice and is dying, Kara sends him back into the phantom zone to keep him alive, and his parents realize their bad ways and vow to rebuild Daxam as a wonderful world for all in memory of their son……blah blah…etc etc.

    • Gift says:

      The story is about Supergirl that’s why they tell stories about her Love interest. wouldn’t it be stupid to let Mon El pop up anytime without us knowing anything about him? Besides story just on Kara would be boring. it will be work, family, home friends blah blah blah.

  6. kj says:

    Call me crazy, wasn’t that Dominic Purcell as the alien gang dude?

  7. V.J. says:

    I liked the episode. Somehow I thought the King and Queen would be a little more… evil and dangerous. Are they coming back for future episodes? Because they were really quick to let their son just go. Seemed a little odd to me.
    And I liked the part with Winn and Lyra. Although yeah… Winn should have gotten into some sort of legal trouble but well…
    The end was a good set-up for the musical episode. Seems like it´s going to be a good episode tomorrow.

    • Gift says:

      I think they re evil. I’m not sure they will let Mon El just go. they must create evoke on Earth to get their son back. His mother wasn’t too pleased nd his father was like have it ur way nd see what we do next. Yea it’s going to be a good episode.

  8. Rob says:

    i must say K.Sorbo and T.Hatcher look really good we need them for more episode and back in S3

    • Gift says:

      Yes! yes! yes!

    • dan says:

      Teri Hatcher was on the Odd Couple this season as well, and she looks pretty good. Assuming she has had some work done (nothing wrong with that), her doctor has done a good job! However, I’m convinced they were filming her and Kevin Sorbo through some type of filter. Their close-ups all looked fuzzy on my HDTV as compared to the close ups of the younger cast members.

  9. ALM says:

    Please end the Guardian storyline already. How did he help anyone tonight? He just got beat up. How could human James actually survive that? This part of the show is just getting more and more ridiculous. It is time to pull the plug on Guardian for good and either make James a viable character for the show (not with Kara as that just doesn’t work on any level) and send him off to Metropolis for good. Just an idea, I think he should be Kara’s direct boss at CatCo. I miss that part of the show. It was ridiculous with Snapper, but it could work again.

    • jason says:

      if you had a problem with james with as little screen time as he gets now you’re seriously must have something out for him then. He is pushed to the side to the point where nothing he does matters and you’re still complaining.

      • jj says:

        and you complain about Mon-El every week. People are allowed to complain about what they want to complain about. You’re not the complaints police. Get over yourself.

      • KCC says:

        That’s the point of the complaint. The Guardian is a character that doesn’t do anything that matters and they still insist on showing him get thrown through more plate glass then I’ve ever seen anyone get thrown through. Where were they, a glass factory? Good thing there were no solid walls around. Unless the point of that fight was to final get him to realize he should stick to fighting human criminals, the fight was pointless. I guess he did delay things until the DEO could make it’s way through traffic to save the day.

  10. Jesse says:

    That was far too little Teri Hatcher for my needs. I hope she comes back!

  11. TvPeong says:

    It was nice to see the rest of the team win a fight without Supergirl.

  12. Phun says:

    Great episode! Loved how they hinted about musicals throughout the ep. Looking forward to tomorrows Flash.

  13. I long for the day when the show goes all-in on a crossover instead of just ending with a teaser scene for the next night’s show. I’m not sure the musical crossover needed it, but just sayin’.

    • A.F. says:

      Yeah, that full on crossover was what I really was hoping for as well. In the first minutes I actually got confused, because of the advertising for this weeks episode as part one of a bigg-ish crossover.

  14. jrex says:

    I may be one of the few who likes the character Mon-El, if not the overuse of the love/breakup ad nauseum storytelling. But I do wish they had written him as a bit less of jerk in the flashback to Daxam by maybe at least trying to protest or save his guard or someone. I do also wonder about the timeline of Daxam’s destruction. Mon-El and his parents don’t seem much older than they would have been on Daxam when Krypton exploded. Kal-El arrived approximately 30 years ago while Kara was in a suspended state and only arrived a little over a decade ago. If Mon-El was also in suspended animation until he arrived on Earth recently shouldn’t his parents still be quite a bit older?

    • Alichat says:

      I was wondering about that myself. Were they, and all of their crew, in some suspended animation as well? That seems awfully convenient. Are we going to find out they don’t age or something? And how’d they escape with this gigantic spaceship in the midst of the raining Kryptonite fireballs? And wasn’t most of Daxam destroyed? I find it hard to believe a nearby planet exploded and all it did was mess up the atmosphere for about 30 years.

      I thought they portrayed Mon-El in the flashback exactly as he described himself…..spoiled and useless. He didn’t kill the Kryptonian emissary. He was startled by the death around him, and the things the guard was doing. And when he escaped, he was just reacting and doing what the guard told him to do. Spoiled and useless. I am glad they didn’t portray him as a worse person.

      So Kara… don’t get me wrong because I’m not condoning the lies…….but Kara really is rather self righteous and a bit hypocritical. I get that she’s hurt he lied to her, but she met his parents. Can you blame him?? I mean seriously. If his mother had thrown one more dig against Kryptonians, I was going to throw a shoe at my tv. And if you think you’re the only person who survived your planet’s destruction, and you weren’t very proud of who you were on that planet or of your family, then I think ‘I don’t know’ is a legit and honest answer to the ‘were you ever going to tell me?’ question. I mean, I can see the rationalization in not telling her. Especially if she never really asks about life on Daxam. So she tells him that falling in love is not easy, it’s hard and messy and hurts sometimes…..but then she just ends it because she’s afraid of being hurt again. I mean, even Winn called her on it, and when she has a talk with Mon-El, she can’t handle him being honest with her. Just so frustrating.

      • Sam says:

        This 1000x this. I like Kara, but she is supremely self-righteous. I agree with everything you said.

      • Gift says:

        Alichat, You’ve said all I want to say. I mean her actions prove what Mon El ‘s mother said about Kryptonians. she was judging nd hard to forgive. she actually thinks she is better than Mon El like his mother said. I am disappointed at her self righteous character this episode. she doesn’t view Mon El as an equal. there is so much one can take! The guy keeps trying but she never seems to notice. once he makes one mistake, she begins to count all his mistakes. she is the one who needs to learn about relationships, letting people in nd not always having her way. Lyra did worst but Winn was willing to forgive nd understand. He didn’t let his doubt hold him back nd even helped her. I mean that is love! going the extra mile. Kara backs out when things get tough between she nd Mon El.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I was wondering about the timing/aging too. If it was explained on screen, I missed it.

    • Gift says:

      No they just perfect, they don’t need to look any older or younger. Earth works differently for them. And Mon El wasn’t completely ignorant of those slave. it was the end of his world nd his guard didn’t give him a chance to try. He just wanted to save him. if u were a president nd there was a war, would u stop to save the people when ur guards re trying to save u nd u were also trying to save ur self? Let’s leave movies aside, if something bad is happening nd people re running to save themselves no one will even remember the other person. That wasn’t his fault.

  15. clintbrew says:

    kevin sorbo name is lar gand that superboy name before he was called mon el in the comics also superman X in legion of superheroes cartoon

  16. Butch says:

    So they gave Mon-El’s father Mon-El’s real name from the comics, Lar Gand. Maybe it will turn out that Mon-El’s real name is Lar Gand jr. on the show.They have certainly given Mon-El a way to exit the show by season’s end if that is their intention..

  17. Agent 86 says:

    Firstly, they really need to cast Lucy Lawless as Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira. It’s only fair after inflicting Kevin Sorbo upon us.

    Secondly, Winn needs to be severely reprimanded, possibly even fired by the DEO. First he stole DEO equipment and weaponry and gave it to Jimmy. Then he withheld information from the DEO and gave it to Jimmy. The numerous hours he spends moonlighting as Jimmy’s sidekick would also be at the detriment of his productively while working at the DEO (i.e. his paid job). Finally, breaking and entering for sexual gratification with alien partners shouldn’t be excused.

    Thirdly, I’m so looking forward to the musical cross-over! I only wish more female cast members were being given an opportunity to sing (even if they have to be dubbed).

  18. sean says:

    Finally! An episode about Mon-El’s backstory. [insert sarcasm here]

    SMH, what the hell happened to this show being about Kara/Supergirl? I’ve had it with all the focus on this character at the expense of everyone else. Especially Kara.

    I was way more interested in what Maggie/Winn/Alex/James story.

    • KCC says:

      You do realize the reason for Mon-El’s backstory was to justify Kara’s breakup with him. It was all about her, not him. If they’re going to show Kara in a relationship, knowing the other person in that relationship is important. Any love interest for Kara HAS to have a backstory. Love him or hate him, the only reason Mon-El exists on the show is his relationship with Kara. His backstory is not like the James/Guardian arc or Alex and Maggie’s relationship. Kara’s only peripherally involved in those stories. Anything Mon-El does relates directly to Kara.
      Odd that you were way more interested in the story line that had nothing to do with Supergirl than the one that had the greatest impact on her. I don’t know that you want the show to be more about Supergirl as much as you don’t want her to have a boyfriend because any love interest is going to get a lot of screen time including a backstory.

      • Gift says:

        That justifies the her breakup to with Mon El? Then I don’t see the point. people lie to cover up a lot of thing,if it is their past or present. she can be mad at her but a break up? come on that is a joke, it’s too harsh!

    • Tara says:

      The Winn/Lyra story had more screen time anyway so what are you complaining about?

  19. Ws says:

    What I want to know is .. why the heck does Kara wear her civilian clothes at the DEO? Everyone there knows she is Supergirl.

  20. Scott says:

    Are Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo a one done? If so, that’s a waste of both actors.

  21. ninergrl6 says:

    Winn has stolen the past few eps for me. He’s the most layered character on the show right now: silly, sincere, charming, dumb, clever, fierce, heart-breaking, heart-melting. Jeremy Jordan is killing it.
    The Winn/Lyra parallel to Kara/Mon-El was interesting. Both Winn & Kara were wronged (Winn more so IMO), both Lyra & Mon-El seemed heartfelt in their regret (Mon-El more so IMO), yet Winn forgave and Kara didn’t. One isn’t necessarily better, but I kind of like the way the writers set up the two concurrent storylines. I wish Kara and Winn had bonded even more over their similar situations, but I’m glad they shared a few friend moments. It’s about time!

  22. Red Snapper says:

    I liked the episode. I’m glad we got some flashes of Mon-El’s life on Daxam an his relationship with his parents. I get that Kara is upset that he lied to her, I would be too but I think she is being a little harsh. He just wanted a fresh start and I do think he would’ve told her and he did try a couple of times. I liked how they did the parallel stories of Winn/Lyra and Kara/Mon-El. They were both lied to by the person they loved but had very different reactions. Winn understood why Lyra lied to him while Kara was very unforgiving. I think what Lyra did was a bit worse, she didn’t just lie but framed him for a crime. Winn still wanted to see the good in her and even help her. Kara couldn’t see that Mon-El was very uncomfortable around his parents maybe even afraid. A few episodes back he even said that he would run the other way if he ever saw his father again because he wasn’t a good man. Mon-El could have gone back to an easy life on Daxam but he chose to stay to earn Kara’s forgiveness and trust back. I hope she gives him credit for that. I’m looking forward to The Flash tomorrow, they have some amazing voices between their casts.

  23. Michael says:

    Why. Does monel have kryptonian name?

  24. lisa says:

    Solid episode, for sure one of the more emotional ones! The enjoy the Winn/Lyra stuff, I think they could have drug out the con stuff over another episode. Felt really bad for Mon-el. I think was a little harsh (annoyingly so) especially given how much crap she has talked about his planet and family.

    I can get that some don’t like Mon-El, but this, ‘it’s the Mon-El show’ stuff, is silly. For one, he has been part of the main story in less than half the episodes. Two, he is the love interest of the main character, of course he’s going o get a lot of screen time.

    I think the real problem the show is having is that it doesn’t have a big bad. There doesn’t seem to be a theme of the season.

    • lisa says:

      I think *Kara* was a little harsh (annoyingly so) especially given how much crap she has talked about his planet and family.

  25. peterwdawson says:

    Hoping the Daxamites don’t come back as villains before the end of the season, I appreciated the tension but with lack of proper villainy from them. They’re just dicks from space who misunderstood things.

  26. Narr says:

    Knowing the CW, they’ll be back together by the end of 2×17, but I really wish Mon-El would leave already. He’s been lying to Kara, he has consistently disrespected her, he doesn’t listen to her, and “I want to be a hero so that I can be close to you” shows how he still hasn’t evolved and tries to be “good” for all the wrong reasons. Not to mention, he’s sidelining Kara on her own damn show. If the CW is so in love with Wood/Mon-El, they should give him his own damn show and let Kara have hers.

  27. Kepler says:

    Loved the episode, and Mon El and Kara just warmed my heart at the beginning of the episode. They’re so sweet and cute together, and they just have astronomical chemistry. Frankly, I think Kara was being way harsh about Mon El. I see everyone’s comments about “He lied to her!” but… What does it matter? Isn’t it his decision whether or not he wants to share a part of his life that he is clearly ashamed of with her? Haven’t they only been officially together for a couple of weeks? He wasn’t hurting anyone or anything by keeping his past to himself, so, really, it’s *his* business. I don’t think she has any kind of right to be this angry. I love Kara but this deep-seated self-righteousness is a character trait she has always had, and I’m excited to see it brought under a microscope, after Mon El’s mother pointed it out. (Really, I thought Teri Hatcher’s character was *dead on* about Kara’s self-righteousness and the penchant she has for constantly reassuring Mon El that he isn’t good enough for her.) I just hope that Kara and Mon El can patch things up relatively quickly and they can enjoy some happiness.

  28. Gift says:

    OK, Alex is a bad ass! Winn handled his relationship well better than I thought. This teaches that u don’t just conclude just by one mistake someone makes. He prove his love for Lyra I am so happy for that. Kara is being too hard on Mon El. I get that he lied about who he is nd his past nd she has every reason to be upset with him but no one is perfect. The guy have been trying to be a better person.. of cause he deserves another chance. she can’t blame him for being a prince nd having the life he had, come on that is crazy. “it’s just like telling a really wealthy guy that because he is rich nd all the privileges he has makes u sick nd u can’t be with him” that is ridiculous! Mon El was raised a prince, spoilt nd self centered but since then he has changed nd learning from Earth nd Kara he is trying to do better. Your parents don’t define who u re or become. Supergirl is hurt, she should know no one is perfect nd forgive Mon El. it’s not like he killed someone. unless she wants to prove what Mon El ‘s mother said to her to be true. Learn from superman girl. some how I think James found his place this episode. I even enjoyed watching him fight. Good! can’t wait for the Flash tomorrow, this should be fun. I loved this episode.

  29. Another great episode, although I didn’t find it emotional because I’m not at all invested in Kara’s relationship with Mon-El. I get the feeling that we’re supposed to see Mon-El choosing to stay on Earth as romantic or even a sign that he’s growing and wants to be a good person. I can’t help but gag at the fact that he JUST found his mother and father whom he thought were dead and he’s acts like he can’t be bothered with them because he’s too busy running behind some girl like an idiot. What a sorry excuse for a son. Chris is adorable but Mon-El just isn’t working for me.
    Oh my God, I love Teri Hatcher so much. She needs to get a new show because I need her back on my screen every week. I can only rewatch Lois & Clark so many times. What a wonderful, talented, charismatic and beautiful actress. Can’t get enough of her!
    Never been a fan of Lyra. Gorgeous temptress that one but I always found her borderline sleazy and a bit fake and over the top in the way she interacts with Winn. It’s still nice to see him happy… like that good friend you know is head over heels in love with a girl who’s up to no good. You just hope things don’t blow up in his face because you hate to see him sad. Yeah…

    • Alichat says:

      Re: Mon-El….I can see your interpretation of his reaction and behavior toward his parents. I saw it more as an example of how their relationship was. Meaning, perhaps it wasn’t a very affectionate relationship, and they always put him on a pedestal, showed him off, etc. Plus, they were arrogant and rude, so they were reminders of his past and demonstrated that they hadn’t changed. Remember a few eps back, when talking about parents reappearing, he said he wouldn’t want to see his father implying some fear in seeing him which made me think his father wasn’t a good person. After Mon-El’s speech at the end, that’s what I interpreted about his reaction to them. Basically ‘if this is how you will be, if it will be as it was before, I don’t want to go back to Daxam with you.’

      • KCC says:

        I agree. If Mon-El went back to Daxam with is parents it would prove he was disingenuous about changing. Returning to Daxam with his parents and rebuilding the society he was raised in would only show he is the same spoiled useless person he was before. My guess is he’ll return under his own terms with the intent of being an agent of change on Daxam. That would allow a bittersweet goodbye with Kara. His final action showing he has became someone Kara can admire but it also requiring he leave her.

    • Gift says:

      He is not a kid anymore. He doesn’t have the need for their approval or attention. He knows how evil nd horrible they re so yes he isn’t happy to see them. They re bad news. it’s not they had any emotional closeness before now. I’m getting him back is some Twisted game they have planed for power nd support. He knows better than anyone.

  30. Dominique says:

    this was a really nice episode, for most characters! the kara/mon-el storyline was so sad but understandable. i hope kara’s time on the flash tonight will make her reconsider her decision to break up with him, although i have a bad feeling that mon-el will still go back to daxam at the end of this season. his parents, his mother at least, will probably die, paving the way for him to make daxam a better planet than it was before.
    i’m getting a little tired of people complaining about this being “the mon-el show” cause it’s not. yes he has a lot of screentime but being the love interest of the main character will do that. i’m pretty sure if instead of mon-el, maggie would’ve been given this much screen time, nobody would be complaining. pretty sure there’s a word for that…

  31. Sasha says:

    This is super petty of me but now the only reason I don’t care about the Kara/Mon-El pairing is because of their real life relationship. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that she’s divorcing Blake and goes right to shacking up with Chris wood. Yes characters and people are different but I rather they stay apart.

    • Fabrizia says:

      She should not have married Blake at such a young age, if it was meant to last they could have waited to be older and more sure of what they want from life. Actors have to move a lot for work and many times they don’t see their significant other for months.

  32. Luli says:

    Im sooooo sad they broke up!! And that scene killed me! Also im pissed we got only one Kara/Alex scene.

  33. 134sc says:

    You know what, both Kara and Mon-el had good points. I do understand why Kara couldn’t see past his past; she was angry and hurt. She just needs time. I did feel bad for Mon-el tho. U can see he is trying very hard to change, to be a better person and he clearly cares for Kara very much. He wasnt trying to hurt her, he was just ashamed of his past and he knew Kara would think less of him. Just a crappy situation all around.

  34. Eric O'Brien says:

    I have to say, Kara is not portrayed as a nice person. She’s arrogant and petty and condescending. She treats her friends like crap and acts like she’s always right and everyone else is always wrong. She is the least likable character on the show.

  35. Best line from Teri Hatcher.. “Make Daxam Great Again”

  36. Brigid says:

    Dumb breakup! So he didn’t tell her he was the prince, who cares? He thought his people were all dead, why did it matter? All that drama over nothing. Winn can forgive Lyra who did worse but Kara can’t forgive Mon El for not mentioning he was a prince, was so ridiculous. Looks like no one can make a mistake except Kara the stubborn.

  37. Preacher Book says:

    Frankly, I am having a lotta trouble with Kara’s reaction to Mon El’s confession. He realized he wasn’t being the best person and decided to become a better one. He was “trapped” in a system that didn’t give him a frame of reference. He didn’t know he was being a dirtbag. Now, he does.

    If you were trying to get someone to fall in love with you, would you admit all your sins at the beginning? I think not. So Kara is being a bit of a prig here and living down to the expectations of Queen Rhea.

    Yeah, take some time to rebuild but if you thought they were worth it before than rebuild the trust.

  38. Edyn says:

    I feel bad for Mon-El. I can understand where he is coming from by not telling Kara. New planet, doesn’t know Daxam blew up, despises Kryptonians, neighboring planet enemies. He figured he can be a regular Daxamite because he is the only one alive as far as he knows. I can understand why he kept it quiet. No one knows him on Earth and if he did tell her, we don’t know what she would do. They already started bickering and placing blame when he first got there, but when his parents showed up, he should have told her before going to the ship. This way there would be no surprises. If his parents didn’t show up, she would never know. Why tell Kara if he is the only Daxamite alive? So she can despise him further for being a prince? She did change him and should take some comfort that if he does go back to Daxam, he would be a better ruler. I know she told him to go back, but he doesn’t want to go back to the old Daxam.

    I thought it was funny that they would get someone from Glee to be Music Meister. I knew right away it was Darren Criss, “Blaine” because of the Glee episode where he did not put pomade in his hair. He is missing Blaine’s bowtie. It would be cool if he had a bowtie.

  39. h5n1 says:

    so about the guard killing the kryptonian – do we expect this to come back and bite Mon-El in the ass considering the kryptonians armband with the S symbol?

  40. Godsbattle says:

    What episode am I gonna watch the continuation of super girl episode 16 in the flash

  41. Meg says:

    I really do not care about Mon-El at all. He lied to her and everyone else and could have told her the truth at any time. It really feels like he doesn’t respect her and I’m extremely disappointed that the show has her forgiving him all the time.

  42. Meg says:

    I didn’t mind Mon-El much at first, but he and Kara are always arguing, he’s shown again and again he doesn’t respect her wishes (like not listening to her when they’re out as heroes, or telling everyone they got together immediately), he lied to her, and he owned slaves. Like. I’m cool with them trying to make Mon-El a better person, but he definitely doesn’t need to date Kara to do that. Kara isn’t perfect no, but she is 100% right that she deserves better than he’s treated her and I’m really disappointed in the writers for continually having her forgive everything he does.

    And I’m really confused by the people that say they want a bf like Mon-El? Like if my bf lied to me and continually ignored my wishes I would dump him because relationships should be built on trust and respect.

    • Edyn says:

      Mostly everyone lies. “No Mom/Dad, I/We didn’t…” when you did. Mon-El did not want her to look at him differently because when they met she already had the impression he was no good being from Daxam. Imagine if he told her he was a prince… Maybe she would hate him more if she knew at the time. If he had a royal crest with him. Look at how she reacted to his parents. He changed for the better because she
      helped him, but if she knew about him, maybe she would not.