The Originals Spoilers

The Originals Star Previews Marcel and Klaus' Fifty Shades Moment (of Sorts)

When The Originals (finally!) returns for its fourth season on Friday (The CW, 8/7c), fans will quickly discover that Marcel has gained a substantial lead in the show’s ongoing game of thrones.

“It’s going pretty well,” Charles Michael Davis tells TVLine of his character’s “smooth reign” over New Orleans, adding that it’s a “nice change of pace from when Klaus was in charge.”

Speaking of Klaus, you can expect lots of delicious tension between him and Marcel during the premiere, much of which involves heavy chains and dim lighting.

“I have him tied up in the basement,” Davis says with a laugh. “It’s like Fifty Shades of Grey meets that movie Split with a little Misery. More of the Misery than the Fifty Shades, though.”

In other news, you’ll be happy — or unhappy, depending on how you feel about Marcel — to hear that the King of the Big Easy is making time in his busy schedule for romance… even if it requires mixing business with pleasure.

“There’s a little action on the side,” Davis confirms. “He has a love interest — Sofya, played by Taylor Cole. They also work together, so there’s more business than pleasure… but there’s definitely some pleasure.”

But the biggest change for Marcel this season — in my mind, anyway — is his change of scene! According to Davis, “Marcel has a new space. He gave the loft to Josh, who actually made it so much cooler than what my original one was. There’s basketball, foosball, a poker table and a DJ set. Marcel really underutilized that loft.

And then, Davis jokes, there are some things that will never change: “Even five years in the future, they have iPhone 6s.”

What are your hopes for The Originals‘ new season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. well, i will be so happy when my girl hope destroys you, BS, you are a villain to me and your end is near

    • Daniel says:

      Considering the town has been at peace and less humans are getting killed by vampires. He is a hero to me. I like klaus but i hope elijah and kol die. Rebakah just needs love and happiness. I could care less about freya.

      • i love klaus so, hell, i ever love all of the originals but marcel needs to be depowered ASAP

        • Precious Azagidi says:

          Y…..he was betrayed by those he called his family.

          • Gift says:

            Marcel has betrayed that family more than once, klaus especially. Marcel didn’t consider them as family, he viewed himself as an outsider nd that didn’t make him explore the privileges given or he had as one of the originals family members.

  2. cj says:

    Did Narducci actual want to make Marcel some kind of hero and the Mikaelsons the enemy in their own show? Did he forget fans were drawn to this show who loved the Originals?

    • Well, I think both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are examples of shows where we’re rooting for villains. We root for them because we’re watching the story from their perspectives. But they are all still villains. Marcel included. So I guess we’ll be seeing the Mikaelsons from an outside perspective which shows them as the enemy. And technically, they are. Even if they’re redemptive and we love them.

  3. Jane says:

    Normally when they introduce someone as their character’s LI, it never works. I’d prefer less focus on Marcel and Hayley, and more on Klaus, Hope & Mikaelson siblings

    • Gift says:

      Right you heard her, less focus on Marcel nd Hayley nd more on the originals nd their new powerful baby. After all, The show is about the original vampire family isn’t it?

  4. Gift says:

    your end is near Marcel, laugh all u want soon u will be put down. The Mikaelsons re not villains, they just have issues nd all they want is their family to be together. I don’t see any good in Marcel ruling he is no hero but back stabber!!

  5. Linda says:

    Get to watch start of season tonite. So excited . I love my vampires thank you.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I do not like that the originals are out of the picture. I was hoping that marcel would be knocked out of power and Elijah would rise into power over all of his other siblings.

    • Gift says:

      Above Klaus? oh please! we all know they work best together not against each other. klaus will take back his throne while Elijah keeps him in check. Now there is a hope(klaus daughter).

    • Jane says:

      Elijah actually often gets outmatched or outsmarted. Since the very beginning (TVD – when Klaus promised Elijah to reunite him with the family if he saves Klaus from MF gang and Elijah ended up daggered) to this TO S03 when Marcel came prepared and Elijah made situation even worse after he made a call to kill davina. The Originals really work best as a team

      • Gift says:

        That’s why klaus needs to keep being the king nd He(Elijah) keeps him check by reminding him what they hope to achieve nd also put his anger at bay. He is good at that. Leave the dirty work to Klaus. They need each other to stay happy, alive nd be a family they really really want.

  7. Rita Inman says:

    Pls continue into season 5..

  8. Dominique Lane says:

    Ok im sort of liking the way it start off hope look like she about be dangerous

  9. Gift says:

    Marcel has betrayed that family more than once, klaus especially. Marcel didn’t consider them as family, he viewed himself as an outsider nd that didn’t make him explore the privileges given or he had as one of the originals family members.

  10. Mark says:

    I really hope Marcel gets killed off by the Michaelsons for what he did to their family. I hope all 5 Michaelson siblings take turn beating the crap out of Marcel then culminate with Rebekah dealing the death blow by literally ripping out his heart and feeding it to the wolves(Haley). That would be epic.

  11. Terry says:

    What took so long I was afraid originals wouldn’t come back on I love this show

  12. tete says:

    I hope Alaric (episode 4) brings a vial of the cure from Elena and makes Marcel human.. he loves being a vampire and this would be so epic to bring him down.. I have never liked him.

    • Gift says:

      or perhaps brings a weapon that can kill Marcel. I want him alive to see his down fall.

      • Jane says:

        From what Michael Narducci said on Comic con etc, it seems Klaus won’t take marcel down. Instead once again they will unite against a common enemy, the one that hunts magical kids. This is also why Alaric and Caroline decided to help TO. According to MN Marcel is in the right here so writers aren’t punishing him for what he’s done to Mikaelsons or anything like that

        • Gift says:

          what!!!! he is not in the right at all. if they re going to make peace, he should at least pay a little besides nobody does something like that to u or ur family nd u just let it go. pls don’t make klaus so wick please!

  13. rk says:

    50 shades of gray what the hell?

  14. rk says:

    Wth 50 shades of gray seriously

  15. Shawnee says:

    I do NOT want it to end like Vampire diaries😢😢. I want and strongly recommend the Michealsons come out on top and NONE of them die!! Can’t wait till next episode!!