Grimm Baby Kelly

Grimm's Baby Kelly: Time to Step Up

Hey, Grimm‘s Baby Kelly. Yeah, you. Don’t look at me with that cute little face like you don’t know what I’m gonna say.

You’ve had quite a cushy set-up this last year or so, with Adalind and Nick carting you around Portland, giving you front-row access to some of the craziest magic in the Pacific Northwest. And while most people wouldn’t have the stones to tell a baby what’s what, I’ve got some news for you:

It’s time to step the heck up. Earn your keep. DO SOMETHING.

We’ve got three episodes left in Grimm‘s final season — the NBC series finale airs Friday, March 31, at 8/7c — and you have yet to cast a spell. Or obliterate an enemy. Or do anything at all, really. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why the offspring of a Hexenbiest and a Grimm is proving to be nothing more than a cherubic face in a wet diaper.

Hey, hey! Don’t act all innocent. Look at me when I’m talking to you! Look at me! Look… [Covers hands with face] Peekaboo! Peekaboo! Good. That’s better.

I mean, I know it’s not great to compare children, but Diana did more in the womb than you’ve done all year. You weren’t around when your sister came into the world, so allow me a moment to recap her first moments on Earth: She was born under duress, in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, yet she still managed to scare Meisner when she thought he was a threat to Adalind. And he was freaked. Meisner! The guy spent more time grooming his facial hair than fearing Wesen, but you’d better believe he backed off after Diana flashed him those violet peepers.

Grimm Baby Kelly Series FinaleAnd the petite powerhouse continues to get stuff done. While I’m in no way condoning her murder of both Bonaparte and campaign-manager Rachel last season, you’ve gotta admit: She did both with style. What do you expect from someone who was astral projecting before she could eat solid food? She can read that weird map. She figured out that Juliette was in the wall. As recently as a few episodes ago, Diana got kidnapped by some bad guys, and you know what her daddy did? He sat down and calmly ate cookies, so sure was he that his little honey badger could take care of herself. And she DID.

All I’m saying is that with Scarymirror McSkullface hanging around and that prophecy/star map/whatever it is hinting at some major doom ahead, it seems like the Scooby Gang is going to need all hands on deck as the our time in Portland winds to a close.

Good God, kid, even Wu has powers now!

OK, you seem more impressed with that Sophie giraffe teether than with what I’m saying, so let me leave you with this chilling prediction: Rosalee and Monroe are going to have their kids soon, and you know what’s cuter/potentially more powerful than one magically infused baby? THREE MAGICALLY INFUSED BABIES. With those parents, you just know the triplets are going to come out of the womb lecturing on the inner workings of some mystical timekeeper and grinding up an obscure potion that’s destined to save the day. And where will that leave you?

Just another tiny Henley-sporting cutie with ridiculously photogenic genes, that’s where. Clock’s ticking, Kelly: It’s time to step up.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Ha ha this had me rolling, so thank you!! I’ve wondered why they haven’t done anything with Kelly. I mean that baby’s gotta have some kind of powers
    I loved when Meisner helped adalind deliver Diana. I thought they were gonna end up together…they had good chemistry and he seemed to really care for her. I really miss him being on the show.

    • Mcgruff says:

      Considering that Nick was a Late Bloomer maybe little Kelly is the same and considering he was really never in any real danger like his sister. Meisner is not dead, if you think back he is the one who conditioned Juliette into Eve and He also told Sean when he first saw him “No, I’m really here!” with that being said it has never been revealed what creature he really is.

  2. I was laughing through the whole thing. But you are totally spot on… I keep waiting for Kelly to do something…. anything

  3. Mooshki says:

    This is hilarious. Thank you.

  4. I’m so glad this was the first full piece of anything I read as I woke up!

  5. Jason says:

    I’ve been waiting for a time jump to see him do something but nothing so far! lol

  6. Pia says:


  7. Anon12 says:

    Really the show has been poorly written for the kids. The 3 little monsters of Rosalie will born in the last episode only. Bb kelly has been bothered. He absolutelly is useless next to Diana, and forgive me if i don’t laugh with her obsesión with a father who was anything but good father. Renard ugh…

  8. Lindsay says:

    This week has been a terrible one – thank you so much for making me laugh!

  9. arial2 says:

    Well said! With that kid’s genetic lines, SOMETHING’s going to happen. And then, in the end, those dynamite siblings, Diana and Kelly, will either save the world – or rule it. lol

  10. KatsMom says:

    I look at it like the Charmed kids. Sure, Chris was OK. He wasn’t worthless, but the real mojo was with Wyatt. Chris’s real worth came from trying to keep Wyatt from embracing the dark side. I have a feeling that Kelly’s going to play that same kind of part for Diana. There was a lot of talk before Diana was born about how she holds the fate of the world in the palm of her hand. Whether they wind up living like slaves in a fascist regime or living freely with her benevolence to protect them could all hinge on the values imparted to her as she grows. Giving her an adorable sibling to remind her of love and other good in this world is where I think they’re going to go. If they want two magical kids, then I think Kelly’s power is going to be counteracting Diana’s power. It’ll be like the end of Aladdin where she’s embracing her awesome powers over the universe, but then Kelly claps or something and iddy biddy living spaces her.

  11. Delightful article . And you were speaking for many of us who have wondered when Baby Kelly was going to embrace his powers ( though, technically Grimm children do not come into their powers till when they are older as I seem to recall and not all children of Grimms acquire the power,right ?) Anyway, though you were not in Adalind’s womb during that crazy gypsy’s rituals like Diana was, you would think there would be a little hexbeisty going on already. Hopefully that will be a big reveal by the last episode , along with many others as I cannot see Diana existing in a normal world ( I mean that loosely,Portland – looking at you) much longer – I think she may be headed to bigger things. Still have not a clue how the Nick/Adalind/Juliette triangle will be resolved. Sigh, Friday nights will greatly be diminished by Grimms ‘s passing.

  12. Carm says:

    LOL! I hope Kelly does something!

  13. TvLover says:

    Lol, I keep hoping the show will pull a baby Jack-Jack ala The increadables but I guess if they have super creepy, super powered Diana, then Kelly is just there as the cute factor. Seeing that there’s less than three episodes remaining I won’t hold my breath for some crazy Grimm baby.

  14. TvPeong says:

    I thought the episode “Here comes the son” was going to be about Kelly, but it wasn’t.
    Maybe they’re saving the Kelly reveal until the end a la Incredibles

    • Sheraine says:

      Yeah,I’ve been waiting so long for him to show some powers and nothing,what are they waiting on to give him some power,like his sister.

  15. Wesley Marlor says:

    It’s a real shame Grimm is in its last Season. The writers were phoenominal and it’s great makeup. I want to see more, but I guess you have to end a show

  16. Tracy288 says:

    I will really miss Grimm. It’s one of my very favourite shows. I hope that the end ep justifies its ending.

  17. jujubiest says:

    I laughed all the way through this. I’ve always wondered though: if Grimm blood banishes Hexenbiest powers and Hexenbiests apparently have a way of removing Grimm powers as well…maybe Nick and Adalind’s powers just cancelled each other out and they ended up with what literally NO ONE expected: a regular human kid.

    (Honestly I was hoping from the minute I saw the episode title that the “son” in “The Son Also Rises” would be Kelly and that the episode would have him doing something cool, metaphorically “rising” to the same level as his terrifying big sister. But no. It was a bad Frankenstein pun instead.)

    • Alichat says:

      I have had this thought as well. Two things I’ve thought of in regards to baby Kelly…, is he just a normal baby because, as you said, Grimm blood wipes out Hexenbiest powers? And also, Adalind sleeping with Nick was some spell or curse that removed his powers. So, like you said, they cancelled each others powers. Or, the other theory I have had is that Kelly is actually biologically Juliette’s child. Adalind was ‘Juliette’ when she slept with Nick and became pregnant. And once Juliette became ‘Adalind’ and slept with Nick so he could get his powers back, she became a Hexenbiest. After that happened, I have just always wondered if Kelly is Juliette’s. At one point I even thought that might be what stopped her vengeance spree two seasons ago. I would be more surprised if Kelly ended up with powers than if he doesn’t.

  18. Kathy Grant says:

    Love, love, love the show!! Still talking about the one with Diana when she was kidnapped. When she played hide-n-seek with the kidnapper! So funny! Hope she doesn’t wave her hands in her sleep! Wish it didn’t have to end!!

  19. Angelfan says:

    So funny! Maybe that was supposed to be next season. Magic babies! Are you hearing this Netflix?

  20. Lori Hicks says:

    Don’t you remember, Kelly Burkhart said that male Grimm’s powers manifest later than females? However, since is he IS part Hexenbiest…that part I’m not sure about, I don’t think the show has ever explored that aspect of that particular Wesen. I agree, though, would be cool to see some early abilities.

  21. Martha says:

    This is so funny and reading this made my day brighter..Thank You!!
    I have been wondering when something was going to happen with Kelly….Diana is
    such a powerful little gem,I really enjoy all her scenes (such a Fantastic actress)
    Her “playdate”was hysterical!!more please!!😊

  22. izyanurani says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!! This is too funneh. Damn.. really wish they will continue Grimm in future. My heart feels so empty already. :(

  23. Renota Johns says:

    I thought Kelly would have powers? Also.
    That Rosalie would be showing by now.
    So many things to cram in two episodes
    Left. Its a bummer about Juilette/Nick.
    And to have him to accept Adalind
    Hexbeast whenhe couldnt accept Juilette.

  24. Kiwi3 says:

    Absolutely loved this! I’m so going to miss this show!
    I’m so frustrated that they cancelled it and that no one else has picked it up.
    I feel like there were so many more stories to tell.

    Yes, I was frustrated with where they went with Renard but as they have already done he could be somewhat redeemed. After all, he’s Diana’s father so he is integral to the show.
    We had new generations on the way. New dynamics.
    I liked Tulloch’s portrayal of Eve better than of Juliette.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. ~Sigh~

  25. krem2017 says:

    Baby kelly does have poerr earlier on in last seasons show of Grimm kelly showed all of us this. I keep trlling my daughter kelly is going to have to save his dad. I hate to see Grimm go. Im a true fan. All i can day is Dang!

  26. Laura Jesson says:

    gg you got kelly recast

  27. nancyposner says:

    I’m broken-hearted, I have watch Grimm from the very first without missing one episode. I wish we the fans could keep this on the air.

  28. Cheyl Bernhart says:

    I have a better comment now that I watched it to the end. But PLEASE bring Grimm back!!!!