Criminal Minds Shemar Moore Return

Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore Returns — Find Out Why and For How Long

It will be all hands on deck as CBS’ Criminal Minds brings its season — and possibly an ongoing manhunt — to a close.

TVLine has learned that original cast member Shemar Moore, who exited the series almost a year ago, will reprise his role of Derek Morgan as a guest star in the Season 12 finale, airing Wednesday, May 10. 

In the season ender, Morgan brings the BAU a lead in the case against serial killer/escaped convict Mr. Scratch, who has wreaked havoc, sometimes of a quite personal nature, all season. Among his myriad illicit and illegal affronts, Scratch is to blame for longtime team member Aaron Hotchner entering WITSEC with his son Jack, who had been stalked by the BAU’s irrepressible adversary. (That sad, off-screen twist paved the way for the CBS series to accommodate the absence of series vet Thomas Gibson, who was terminated last August after an on-set physical altercation with a writer/producer.)

Moore recently was added to the cast of CBS’ Shawn Ryan-produced S.W.A.T. pilot, which is inspired by the 2003 film and will be directed by Justin Lin.

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  1. Angela says:

    YES! I’d been hoping he’d make an appearance at some point in this storyline. Shame it won’t be until the season finale (I think his presence would be particularly welcome right now, given everything going on with Reid at the moment), but hey, any opportunity to see him pop in again is always welcome. Can’t wait to see him back and working with everybody-here’s hoping they’ll finally manage to take Mr. Scratch down once and for all.

    • Margie Clark says:

      I’m with you. You need to post this on the other website we both visit.
      Reid needs him, even if it’s only a phone call. Reid needs to hear his voice.

    • Felecia Skeen says:

      Yes indeed, mr. Scratch needs to be jailed in a deep dark dungeon where there’s no possible way to escape given how Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid are so close. He so fragile and I am so afraid for him being in the jail with all those criminals. I believe right now Agent Morgan should be a part of this season especially for Reid. I think if Derek Morgan make an appearance in this season it will be more exciting and intriguing.

    • Betty says:

      Wow, the show is soooo desperate now! Just sad. Move it to Sunday where it belongs.

    • granpie says:

      I wonder what’s going to happen to Dr Reid now!I agree with you.this show is intense!

  2. NolaNola says:

    I hope they wrap this up soon. Hate Spencer in jail.

    • Cas says:

      Me too. What a horrible storyline.

    • me and you both girlfriend I don’t like Spencer Reid being in jail anymore. he is so smart and I believe his talent would best at the BAU helping the team solving cases. It just not same without Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan those are two of my favorite characters and Garcia they are the ones meet me watch the movie all the time and it’s just not the same without all of them working together

    • Karen Jenkins says:

      I do to ,I don’t know why the story line took it that far,something is going on behind the scenes ,a broken leg or some reason they have put Reid in prison

    • Denise says:

      Yes, me too…I hate seeing him in jail😔😔

    • granpie says:

      Me too! I hate Spencer being locked up.

  3. Joan says:

    Haven’t seen an episode since Hotch left and no incentive to start now! Hotch was the glue in Criminal Minds. Nothing has changed sadly.

  4. lisa says:

    I miss my Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds.He needs to come back for good.He is sooo sexy xx

  5. Yesssssss! I`ve stopped watching soon after he left, but will definitely watch his return in the season finale.

  6. Lolita Hall says:

    Awesome!!You can’t have a season 12 without him!!! I say please BRING HIM BACK FOR GOOD !!!!!!! can’t wait for his return 🙆🙆🙋😀😀😌🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😁BUT IT BE MUCH BETTER IF HE JUST NEVER GOES AWAY AGAIN! LOVIN’ SHEMAR MOORE💜

  7. Cas says:

    Does anyone else feel like the show has way too many cast members now? I like the addition of Adam Rodriquez but then adding the other new guy just feels like too much.

    • Margie Clark says:

      Apparently you’ve never watched Law and Order. They’ve changed a lot over the years, yet loyal viewers still watch. I am enjoying the present cast. It’s too bad you live in the past.

      • Lekili Ana says:

        You Jaimy, (and your minion Margie Clark) are such a ray of sunshine- NOT! Get a life! Just bc other posters don’t say or agree to what YOU think or what YOU want to hear, doesn’t give you the right to be so rude, IMO.
        Anyway, Hotch being written off the show & Reid’s current story line BLOWS but it is what it is … Hopefully Hotch will find his way back, but even if he doesn’t, perhaps the 2 newest cast members will breathe a positive on going new spin on the show. I just hope Reid’s incarceration is SHORT LIVED & Morgan’s reappearance on this season’s finale will be just what Reid’s story line needs.

      • Spectre says:

        Perhaps you should spend less time scolding others and being an insipid twit and actually read what was written.
        Law & Order did go through many cast changes however there were always 6 lead characters. 3 cops, 3 lawyers.
        The point Cas made is that in trying to compensate for the loss of Morgan and Hotchner they have added too many characters. Quantity does not equal quality and I have to agree that I have felt there are too many cooks in the kitchen.
        But to bring things back to L&O, you seem to have forgotten how long Jerry Orbach, Jesse L Martin, and Sam Waterston were on the show. When Orbach left fans were fit to be tied until he passed away. There were more complaints and protests when Martin left. Fans can accept change when it’s done properly but it doesn’t give you permission to be nasty to those that are unhappy.

    • Nan says:

      Yes I agree…just like with NCIS 1 person left and they added 3 to replace…ridiculous

  8. me says:

    I hope that even without his appearance, the rest of the cast should at least mention his offscreen support for Reid.

  9. Nan says:

    I hope they wrap up this Spencer storyline by May…dullsville and going on too long now…Who is working his case…no mention of anything…

    • Elle says:

      Thank you. Rossi tossing it off to just hope, like all they can do is wait around for the next highly improbable, overly gory misogynistic unsub. Hotch wouldn’t sleep until Reid was safe (hello, former federal prosecutor) and wouldn’t accept ANY new cases. Morgan would park himself outside that prison—no, he’d go undercover to protect his Pretty Boy (remember he had “18 months deep undercover” experience with CPD in between getting his law degree, serving on the bomb squad, specializing in obsessional crimes, and presumably applying to the FBI).

  10. Tami says:

    All hands on deck, huh? Then I expect that will see Hotch make an appearance too?

  11. Cheryl Georgina Milner says:

    Wonderful News. Shemar is amazing in a super program. Xxx

  12. Debbie Reif says:

    If Shemar comes back, I’ll start watching again.

  13. Bennie Allen says:


  14. Luis Roman says:

    Shemar jumping from Criminal Minds to S.W.A.T.? It sounds like a lateral move. I hope there was a substantial raise involved.

  15. Pauline says:

    Bring back Hotch…. love Adam…. but hate changes……don’t mess with a proven recipe

  16. Each week I watch only to see if Reid is put in protective custody, ” why he’s not makes zero sense” or if he’s out of that awful prison. Hate this story line sooooo much and from what I’ve read so far most fans agree. Now he’s been beat down and I felt sick. This isn’t the criminal minds I’ve watched from the very beginning.

  17. Margie Clark says:

    Great news, but does that mean we have to endure Episodes 12/17-21 with Reid still in prison before episode 22? That’s 5 episodes of Reid getting beat up or worse. That’s forever in TV time! I just hope we get a glimpse of Morgan’s precious baby boy.

  18. sue says:

    so so so glad that Derek is returning, Shemar Moore has been so missed. They have to get spencer out by the end of the season, good grief can’t stand him being in prison, and after last night hoping he is still alive.

  19. Peggy says:

    Yes I have been waiting for his return. Baby girl look out here comes Morgan. I’m so excited. 😃😃😃

  20. A. Slaughter says:

    Chocolate God will return!Yaaaasss!!

  21. GraceM says:

    Whoo hoo!

  22. Jayne Kolla says:

    I don’t care what the show does anymore. I am one of the …. No Hotch ….No Watch. I don’t think much of Producer/Writers who think they know what’s best…. Unfortunate for the show, because I think in the end it will cost them dearly. I like Emily Paget Brewster, but not in the role of team leader.

  23. AWESOME!!! I stopped watching the show when he left and I never imagined he’d come back so soon (I know it’s just a cameo). I’ll be watching the finale for my Derek fix. It’ll be great also to see Reid and Garcia again. Man, I’m pumped!

  24. Pamela says:

    I am beyond thrilled “Derek” is returning even for a short period of time. I will definitely be watching SWAT as soon as it comes on. Derek should come back sooner for Reid’s sake. I’ve had enough of Spence being in jail, let’s wrap this arc up already.

  25. Wazira Walton says:


  26. thebatha Baldwin says:

    Haven’t watched Criminal Minds says Hotchner left he was the glue and the most serious one in the group great leader and Shemar I love him and Hotchner hasn’t been the same since they left I haven’t seen it since episode 11 the last episode with those two guys in it they are greatly missed

  27. Deb Jackson says:

    Love it! And love him. It hasnt been the same without him. Absolutely love the chemistry between him and Garcia. Every man should treat to their partner the way he does.

  28. Jayden Xaviar says:

    I’m glad he’s coming back and I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do once he finds out about Spencer. According to the team no-one has told Derek. I mean yeah it sucks and Spencer has always been my favorite since 12 years ago when my mom first got me into it, but it will make his character grow. I hope it doesn’t end the series completely but as long as they catch this motherf**ker I would be satisfied. It all depends on what CBS and the actors want.Criminal Minds will always be my favorite TV show. It has been since the day it aired, a lot has happened since then but I’m glad it is too good and it keeps you on the edge of your toes. And I may miss Thomas Gibson but you can’t just hit someone and get drunk whenever you feel like it and expect to keep your job, I hope he’s doing well and hopefully they will maybe even reconsider bringing him back if they continue. One more thing, Cbs stop trying to replace Criminal Minds with pathetic knock offs of it. Even if they are all good actors in it doesn’t mean the show will be able to replace it without trouble. Just make more shows rather than trying to replacing your existing. After 12 years of existing, your new replacement shows don’t stand a chance. ANYWAYS CATCH THAT F**CKER GUYS!!!

  29. Tv lover says:

    The writers at CM need to be fired. This mr. Scratch season long manhunt is getting old and boring. It is just as annoying as the original BAU arch enemy Foyet. They really love beating a dead horse or in this case story line. This is the worst season ever. Reid is a genius who yes would do anything to help his mother but breaking protocol of travel I think is weak. They really screwed the pooch this year. These last few episodes better end this pathetic story line or they can guarantee their viewer numbers will just get worse then they are.

  30. Thank God!!!! So glad to hear of Shemar’s return, now we can get back to business. Derek Morgan needs to straighten things out as he played such a great role on the show. This is fantastic news and it would be great to see Shemar back in the saddle full time say, next season?

  31. grys03 says:

    Yeah, but how does that impact the Hotchner story line once Scratch is imprisoned/killed etc???

    • Tv lover says:

      If they catch him they can say he still has contacts looking for hitch and that ends that.

      If they kill him they can say he doesn’t want to put jack in danger ever again and he’s resigning from BAU and maintaining cover just in case scratch put a hit out on him to be paid by someone with proof. Easy to write him out regardless of what they do to scratch.

  32. I want my baby boy [Spencer] out of jail and back in the loving hands of his fellow colleague’s. I am so happy that Morgan will be returning, if only for an appearance. I miss the Penelope and Morgan duo. I do hope that Hotch can come back some day. I didn’t agree about that outcome, personal feeling.

  33. Connie says:

    Please Morgan stay, it’s not the same with out you and Hotchner, it’s good but not as good when you two were on there.

  34. Leanne says:

    Love shemar Moore. Hope he stays. The Reid plot line needs to end. This is not a soap opera after all. Want Reid back at the BAU. Missed Shemar. He is so cool

  35. kalli says:

    It is distressing that none of the articles about Morgan’s return even mention Reid. Jane Lynch is in episode 20. Shemar Moore is in eps 21-22 “with a lead on Scratch”. Nothing about how that affects Reid.
    Is this caginess because they don’t want to give away Reid’s fate? Because right now it looks as if the implication is that he won’t be there at this point.

  36. Evie Beckett says:

    Ok. I missed too many shows this season. Why is Reid in prison in the first place? It’s a shame that Hotch is gone and over some fight. Grow up boys. Who got kicked that fired him? Like I said, grow up. Hitch is a big part of the series and should not have been terminated for the sake of the show. What a plus with Morgan!!

  37. scarlett604 says:

    I know it sound silly. But, seeing Spencer in jail just breaks my heart. Maybe Derek will come get him out. I hope so.

  38. scarlett604 says:

    I can’t wait! Maybe he will get Spencer out of prison. I hate seeing him in there. Breaks my heart!

  39. betty hoffman says:

    Looking forward to your return. Have missed you on the show.

  40. Nellie says:

    When are they going to release my buddy Spencer from prison, so sad, i on’t want to see him there, i don’t like seeing him hurt.

  41. Nellie says:

    Also so glad Prentice is back, can’t wait to see Morgan 😊

  42. TTrish rosas says:

    I love this show With or Without Shemar Moore though he was a wonderful asset and i bet he misses his baby girl and we miss hearing it.I do miss hotch played by, arron gibson

  43. Paula says:

    Used to watch this show every week until they changed it. Now…..not so much.

  44. Judy Morris says:

    I was a faithful watcher until Gibson left I think that was a big mistake though I love the other players it’s just not the same without Gibson and Moore

  45. Annie Maull says:

    Awesome news.. Great cast doing a great job. Thanks to all

  46. Helen says:

    I don’t understand people getting so wrapped up in a made up story. Dr Reid is not really in jail. Duh! Loved the show when Gibson was in it. Don’t watch any more. Watch repeats on ion, and get to see all shows I missed.

  47. Mary Hoffbauer says:

    Shemar’s presence was sorely missed on Criminal Minds!!!!! Wish he was ALREADY BACK!!!!!!!

  48. Stacie McRae says:

    I have been hoping they would come up with a reason for Morgan to come back.

  49. Mary Kelly says:

    I have really missed ‘Derek’ in Criminal Minds..too bad he is not coming back to stay. Will be glad to see him again though..

  50. Dominga says:

    I am so excited to have Derek back! One of my sons stopped watching the show after he left, but I’m sure he’ll be watching it again, when he finds out he’s back!! My husband and I have enjoyed watching this show. Thank you, it’ll be like old times!!