Criminal Minds Reid Prison

Criminal Minds EP: For Reid, the Worst Is Yet to Come, 'So Hang On Tight'

Thanks to an assist from an unexpected ally, Criminal Minds‘ Reid dodged what was sure to be a brutal prison initiation, shortly into his stint for the alleged murder of a doctor in Mexico. But the brilliant BAU agent isn’t out of the woods yet. By any stretch.

When asked if viewers have witnessed the worst that is yet to come for imprisoned Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler), showrunner Erica Messer answered, quietly and almost apologetically, “No…. You haven’t. You have not.

“There are a lot of internal and external factors that are yet to come in that storyline (resuming Wednesday at 9/8c),” she added, “so hang on tight.”

Though the murder rap has Reid’s most protective fans virtually cowering behind their sofas with every development, Messer relishes the opportunity to explore such an ongoing storyline, and with a fan favorite. “It’s such a fun thing for us to do on this show, because as you know we’ve never done anything this big of an arc for this long,” she says. “And to take our most vulnerable hero and put him in the last place you’d ever want him to be has I think got people talking, which is great. We want that.”

Some longtime fans, however, also are talking about a downward ratings trend for the CBS drama, which on Feb. 8 briefly visited a series low in the demo (with a 1.2 rating) and on March 1 drew its smallest audience ever, 6.5 million viewers (all per Live+Same Day numbers).

Have the perils of Spencer Reid perhaps made viewers too anxious? Could the ongoing absence of Hotch (played by terminated original cast member Thomas Gibson) be a factor? Or maybe it is some mix of the above? “I think it’s a combination of factors across the board, for every show that’s down,” Messer says.

(Re: “every show that’s down,” TVLine independently crunched the numbers, and just as Criminal Minds Season 12 has slipped 22 percent in total audience versus one year ago, sister series NCIS‘ Season 13 is down the same amount. Among TV’s other long-running dramas, time slot rival SVU (now in Season 18), Supernatural Season 12 and the farewell run of Bones also are down double digits, while Grey’s Anatomy on the flip side remains stalwart in its 13th season. In the demo, Criminal Minds‘ year-over-year performance is again on par with NCIS‘, though dropping much steeper than SVU. Relative to other CBS dramas, Minds has held steady at No. 3 in the demo while slipping from No. 7 to No. 9 in viewers.)

“I think [the trend was happening] before the Reid arc even got kicked off, so I don’t think it has anything to do with that,” Messer says, standing by the soft-spoken genius’ prison ordeal. “In fact, the hope was that people will have to tune in, because it’s something serialized, and it’s with one of the fan favorites. So if anything, we’re certainly hoping this sort of puts that [decline] to rest and gets people back watching.”

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  1. Maybe before making statements about whether this arc is liked by Reid fans or not….. EM, CBS/ABC and even TVLine should take a look at what is being said on CM’s Facebook page, and other online sites… Reid Fans HATE this arc… They never wanted Reid in ‘peril’ yet again. They wanted a great storyline for Reid that was Happy in nature….

    EM saying that Doing this to Reid was a ‘fun thing for them to do’… Just tells me how little she, her writer’s and TPTB in general think of the character of Reid…

    He is NOT “Our most vulnerable character”… That’s infantilizing Spencer Reid who’s grown so much as a profiler and agent over the last 12 yrs. This whole article and EM’s comments shows me just how OUT OF TOUCH she really is with the fans of the show.

    • Angela says:

      Try not speaking for all Reid fans, thanks. I agree with the part of your post about how he deserves some happiness at long last, I would love to see that, too. But I also know a few Reid fans who are enjoying this arc as well. I’m interested in it, too, nervous though I am about how it’ll turn out. For all the talk about wanting him happy, there’s also a lot of Reid fans out there who seem to like the “Reid whump”, too. Heck, sometimes I think he goes through much worse in fanfic than what the writers put him through on the show!
      Also, if another interview I saw a few weeks back (on another site) is anything to go by, Messer said that she had been kicking this idea around with Gubler since last season, and he was apparently on board with the idea. So if you’re going to yell at her for this, you’ll have to yell at him, too.

      • My mistake I didn’t type in the word ‘many’ for many Reid fans don’t like this arc. Some have posted her…

        As for EM’s comments over the year’s it’s played out that she’s not been completely above board with her comments. Also, her calling this a “fun arc for them to do” and seeing many many fans and the declining ratings over the course of this arc leads me to believe that while she might think it’s ‘fun’ many viewers do not.

        • Angela says:

          Well, to her and the cast it may well be fun. “Fun” doesn’t automatically have to mean “happy”, after all. They could mean “fun” in the sense that it gives them some new and interesting challenges and story ideas to play with.
          And if you don’t like or trust what Messer has to say, why even bother reading any interviews with her at all? If I’ve been that burned by a showrunner’s comments in the past, then that would probably teach me to just, y’know, ignore what they have to say in general going forward.

          • Well said. I’m liking the arc because of its mystery and the pieces of storyline floating in mid-air and the only thing that can put them together and fill in the gaps are Reid and Peter Lewis, himself. It’s an obvious compensation for Hotch not being around! If you ask me, there’s no way they would’ve gone this far with it if Hotch were still on the show; nevertheless, as a Criminal Minds fan and a Reid fan I’ve seen worse and I’m still optimistic for better.

        • joker573 says:

          I agree with the negative comments on this arc. I enjoy a good story line but if I wanted to watch a soap opera I’d turn on daytime tv. Messer may think it’s fun but a lot of EM’s fans don’t. If she’s not reading on line comments I believe the show will see continual ratings problems. I’ll just remote the program out of Wednesday programming.

    • The Rookie says:

      Since you are a part of the NHNW we know all your comments are critical of the show. Maybe you should move on.

      • Karen says:

        For real? Do you all think that everyone who is critical of the show is automatically NHNW? I guess it would be much easier for you all if that was the case, as you would not have to face up to the obvious problems there is, but sadly, its not. I don’t get it. The facts are there for all to see. Almost 2 million drop since episode 1. Reid arc has had SERIES lows, almost consecitively. Now, if NHNW have not been watching at all this season, then who are the almost 2 million and rising, who have stopped watching? Also, those behind NHNW are miniscul in size, in comparision to the overall viewership of CM. A significant amount of them are not US people, so them not watching would not have any effect on ratings anyway…and yet its still dropping, how is that?

        • Delia says:

          Ummm, do your research before jumping all over someone. All you have to do is follow the link to Phoenix Rising’s twitter page (conveniently provided) to know that she is most definitely NHNW.

          • Shana says:

            umm..some of you folks have a weird fasination with this Phoenix Rising poster..But in reply to your comment. It seems to be a pretty well used retort…”since you are NHNW……”. So your comment is invalid? So how about the MANY comments on here from people who are declared Reid fans, who are not happy? Whats your response to them? Geez, I’m gonna go look this Phoenix dude up seeing as you all seem so obsessed and freaked out over them.

          • Yep I am proudly #NoHotchNoWatch. I do not hide that fact. I do not hide the fact that I follow the ratings and those who do the ratings. I didn’t know that that fact disallows me from posting my opinion.

            And for the record, just because I don’t watch the show ‘live’, does not mean that I don’t follow what’s going on nor does it preclude the fact that I have many friends who do watch the show and keep me well informed as to what is going on.

            The first amendment gives me the same rights to voice my opinion as it does everyone else. The biggest difference never ONCE do you ever see me telling someone not to watch or to watch, I do not bully people into being silent unlike some of those who are ‘coming after me’

    • Sue says:

      I’m with this poster. The writer says it is “fun” well it sure isn’t for the fans of the show. Reid was held hostage by a religious fanatic and came out fighting drug addiction, then the only girl he has been linked with was shot right before his eyes and now this??? I think Gibson had the right idea when he kicked one of the writers. He probably saw the direction the show is going.

      • Angela says:

        I think Gibson had the right idea when he kicked one of the writers. He probably saw the direction the show is going.
        It really irks me when people say things like this, even if they’re joking. You can disagree with the writing/direction of the show all you want, but there are better, much more mature ways to handle your issues with it.

        • What irks me is that if you read the accounts of the incident from not just TG or Williams but from other’s who were on set that day, it’s apparent that TG walked away from Williams prior to the ‘kick’ and Virgil pursued the argument and TG aggressively. What happens after that can then be considered self-defence. A person, any person has the right to prevent themselves from being involved in a physical contact that could cause injury to themselves.

          I would ask this question – If Virgil Williams had ‘not’ pursued Thomas Gibson after he walked away would any of us be here debating the demise of a once great show?

          If you answer “No, we wouldn’t” then the fault lies with Virgil Williams for escalating the situation after Thomas walked away.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      I agree for you not to “speak” for all “Reid” fans. I originally caught the 2-parter with him hostage years ago on cable. Since then, I have watched the one with him targeted while spending time with Amber Heard (wishing they would add the fake show to online or DVDs), & the one with Aubrey last season (stumbling upon mention of it in TV Guide while looking to read something else).

      That said, I don’t believe I’ve watched another episode (check: Introduction of A. Tyler’s character), but I am a “Reid” fan as well as an “MGG” fan (my nickname for him that may not have caught on), so I love seeing how he (actor & character) will react in different situations.

    • Heather Henderson says:

      I actually agree with you Phoenix Rising & I’m actually getting bored & annoyed that this story is continuing throughout this series & I’m really hoping it ends soon because I’m missing Reed out in the front line & if it continues much longer I think I’ll stop watching it

  2. Jen says:

    Cancel the show. Y’all suck. Was a hardcore fan since the pilot but now the show has gone to sh*t. Just cancel it, please, put it out of it’s misery. Cancel it before you can ruin it anymore than you already have. Stop being so desperate in trying to get people to watch by making Reid a prisoner who’s about to get his a** beat by a prison gang. Just stop. Stop trying. The show is ruined and there’s nothing you can do to save it. You lost Morgan, that was enough already, now Hotch is gone too, you keep adding new team members ever week that no one could give a sh*t about. The team dynamic is ruined, the storylines suck, there’s about 2 good characters left and you’re ruining them with your crappy writing, please just cancel the show and end it on a somewhat good note. I can’t stand to see a show that I was loved with once great characters perish like this. It’s so sad.

  3. Grant Martin says:

    Spencer in prison, Hotch fired, Morgan gone, these are not fun story lines for the viewer’s. The new actors do not have the appeal to keep loyal fans.
    The current writers should be replaced, bring back Hotch, fix this terrible story line for Spencer, or just cancel the show. The writers should have put there big boy pants on and worked out there issues with the actors and kept the show great, but childness won over ratings and a former very loyal fan base.

    • Beth says:

      I totally agree, when Hotch left I felt that enough. I quit watching. The show was totally ruined. The original team made the show. Unless the bring Hotch back and hopefully Morgan the show is done.

    • Jill B says:

      I agree. I can understand wanting to back the screenwriter but wasnt there a way to manage this situation short of firing Gibson. Without Hotch, the show flounders. Now this stupid arc with Reid. I’m tired of watching it. Consider me part of the downward trend. Let me know when Reid is back in the team and we get our story-of-the-week. Till then I’m out.

  4. Kimmo says:

    Hate this story line. It does not allow new characters to develop without having Reid a part of the investigative mix. Terrible idea for this season’s arc. As a loyal viewer, I am giving up!

  5. Manow says:

    Shows that are so out of touch w/fan base for this long deserves to be cancelled. We said we wanted Hotch back to help Ried. We need Thomas Gibson, but the show is beyond revised at this point. Even if by a miracle this show gets a season 13, I WON’T BE WATCHING, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  6. Marion says:

    Nope the Reid storyline is why I stopped watching . Not an show that’s enjoyable any longer get. I like the stories all wrapped up and solved at the end of each show

  7. Vikki Reid says:

    Get the whole old crew back and maybe you’ll have something worth watching again. We need Hotch, Derek and Reid!! Nothing left to say.

  8. will drake says:

    Please let me know when this arc ends. If you want the ratings to go back up end it now. Unless the person in peril won’t be back next season putting a person in peril just doesn’t work anymore. We all know after a few episodes all will be back to normal.

  9. Droogie says:

    If people aren’t watching anymore, I for one cannot begin to imagine what makes them qualified to comment. Furthermore, “Reid fans” are LOVING the focus on Reid, thankyouverymuch. We are most certainly biting our nails over his peril but are over the moon that he’s in the spotlight, after being neglected for such a long time. Gubler gets to show off his chops and we see something completely unexpected from the character he plays, as well as the show. I’m so tired of people gloating over lower ratings and hoping for the show’s failure. MOVE ON. This is television. Leave Criminal Minds to the people who continue to enjoy it.

    • McCabe Babe says:

      Amen! While I’m not overly happy to see him wrongly imprisoned, I’m absolutely elated that Matthew Gray Gubler is finally getting the chance to shine as the fantastic actor we know he is. I just know he’ll end up exonerated eventually, so this particular Reid fan is enjoying this ride…biting my nails, upping my blood pressure medication and just reveling in the attention MGG is long overdue getting.

      No surprise exactly who it is b!tching about this arc. And they’re not even watching the show.

    • Ya’ll who are ‘loving’ this Reid arc, really need to go over to CM Facebook page and see the thousands of comments to the contrary… Just because Reid is the focus does NOT make it a good arc, Reid is NOT their most vulnerable character, he’s grown so much since season 1. To do this to him is dumbing him down. IF, and this is a BIG IF the writing was better, maybe it could be plausible, but as of right now Reid’s been written and shown boxed into a corner he can’t get out of. Even people commenting on here are saying that they’ve stopped watching this arc.

      Just because some can’t stand the arc and aren’t watching it doesn’t make it your place to ‘imagine’ what makes them qualified to comment. There might be a handful of you who ‘like’ the Reid focus posting here, but over all this arc has achieved the WORST ratings in CM’s history… So the majority of viewers have tuned out over this debacle of a storyline.

      • Droogie says:

        Facebook is hardly the arbiter of the success or failure of any given show. I know how desperately you want the show to fail and how much you dislike Reid. Give it a rest. There are 16 comments on this article as of now. Hardly a tsunami of response. There are plenty of social media outlets, and the comments on those largely support the focus Reid is receiving.

        • Well considering that CM feels the comments on Facebook mean enough to delete some threads that were largely negative …. Until people complained about them doing that… I think there’s a valid reason to believe all those people have just as valid an opinion as you do.

          And comments not withstanding… Numbers DO NOT LIE… This arc has achieved CM’s lowest ratings and lowest viewer numbers in the series history. So much so that 2.57 million people have stopped watching the show since Episode 1… Not only that, L3’s and L7’s are the lowest the show’s ever had also. That translate into commercial revenue profitability. If CM isn’t profitable for network chances are it will be canceled.

          I’ve seen many a Reid fan say that while seeing Reid on their screen so much is great, the whole storyline is akin to a bad soap opera episode. You may want to dismiss all those comments, but I have even seen some of the posters on here admit to that very concept.

          • Droogie says:

            The only people who still believe Facebook is important are 1) people too young to be on social media and 2) people who discovered Facebook long after its peak. So, if CM is cancelled then your work is done? That’s one positive. If it IS cancelled, it won’t be due to Reid’s arc, or Thomas Gibson’s firing, or Shemar Moore’s departure. It will be because it is a 12-year-old show, expensive to produce and on its last legs, which it has been for at least a couple of years, probably more. Perhaps a handful of viewers departed over each of these events, but the real reason for the decline in ratings is the show’s age — and ratings are down across the board for network television. This emphasis on Spencer Reid is exciting, different and long overdue. The question is, why are you so hell-bent on sucking the enjoyment from the show that fans still have? What’s done is done.

          • Angela says:

            If it IS cancelled, it won’t be due to Reid’s arc, or Thomas Gibson’s firing, or Shemar Moore’s departure. It will be because it is a 12-year-old show, expensive to produce and on its last legs, which it has been for at least a couple of years, probably more.
            This. I don’t get why people freak out so much about the ratings either way at this point for a show that’s been on this long. If it does get cancelled after this season, eh, it’d be a shame, sure, but it would have still had twelve years on the air, which is a pretty good run for any series, no?
            And if it doesn’t get cancelled, well, then, that’s good news, too, for those who are still watching, and for the actors and crew as well, since it means they still have a job. CM wouldn’t exactly be the first show to keep going even after beloved characters/actors leave, after all, so…
            If somebody doesn’t want to watch the show anymore, if this storyline isn’t doing it for them or they can’t get into the newbies or whatever, that’s fine and I totally respect and understand that. To each their own. But the way some people are reacting online, harassing the cast and crew and seeming to eagerly await any chance to gloat about this show’s downfall or whatever, is ridiculous.

      • JMO says:

        I don’t understand. Why would anyone else’s comments, on Facebook or anywhere else, affect my enjoyment of a show? I like what I like. And, right now, I’m very much liking what CM is providing. I hope we’ll get another season or three, but only if MGG continues with it, as his character is my reason for watching. If the show ends sooner, I’ll be glad we got this focus on Reid beforehand. If MGG doesn’t choose to continue, I’ll stop watching. But I won’t begrudge those who still find it entertaining. It’s so strange, but somehow I feel that I should apologize for not being miserable.

        • suegypt says:

          I agree! Why do some people feel so invested in everyone hating this show? If one doesn’t like the show, don’t watch. Not watching? Why do you try to ruin others’s enjoyment? Leave it to those of us who are still watching. If the show ends, it ends. If MGG is happy doing it or walking away, I just want him working on something fulfilling, and I’ll watch as long as he’s there. CM isn’t and never will be perfect, but let those of us who enjoy it, enjoy it.

          • No one here is trying to make you not enjoy it. Those who don’t like the storyline but are still watching have posted too. The fact that ‘you’ personally may not like mine or their comments doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or aren’t allowed to post those opinions here.

            If you find the comments objectionable you don’t have to read them.

        • Shana says:

          So you are out if MGG leaves? Youre not a real fan if thats the case, only a fan of MGG/Reid and not of the show. A real fan, a “true fan” watches for allllll the cast. Or does that jibe only apply to people who left the show when their favorite character was not there anymore???

      • suegypt says:

        Quite simply put, I do not “need” to go somewhere and see what others think, i can make up my own mind, thanks! I am enjoying the arc. Sorry you are not, but then, you aren’t watching, are you? It shouldn’t bother you one way or another if you are through with the show. I really don’t care, just don’t tell those of us who watch the show to get in line with some mythical group of grumps. Not happening.

        • Karen says:

          LOL – is there a distinct lack of basic comprehension skills among folks on these forums and an inability to engage in discussion and/or debate, unless it is on the same line of thought as yours? Throwing silly names, totally negates the validity of your comment.

        • Shana says:

          Good for you. But by that logic then, you or others cannot stand by your rampant critisism and dismissal of the comments made by others who have stated that many on social media platforms are not happy with the state of the show. Dont you think that’s fair?

    • Angela says:

      Thank you. Well said.

    • Jim Madewell says:

      I have watched the show from the beginning. The story lines are terrible. I like the Reid character and his genius qualities, but this story line is idiotic. I enjoy the cast solving cases with their profiling. I don’t enjoy uninteresting plots.

    • Margie Clark says:

      A “fun arch” would have been 2, maybe 3 episodes. I am also one who wouldn’t mind a little whump. The man is in prison. Just get him out.

      Many of us have been asking for YEARS for Reid to get a girlfriend that lasts longer than 2-3 episodes. The man.., .no, the fans need some happiness for Spencer in the line of girl, wife, child.

      As for calling him “our most vulnerable character,” is an insult to his character. Just because he’s tall and thin, doesn’t make him vulnerable. He was a boy 12 years ago. not now. He’s grown up to be a marvelous agent. This group of agents work well together. And I’m ever so happy Paget is back.

      I have watched the show for 12 years and will continue to do so. I love the present cast and do not miss the old. Many have left the show, and others have come to fill their positions. Look at Law and Order. It’s been on forever and has had many, many cast changes. Criminal Minds is doing just fine and will continue to do so.

      • Tima Millington says:

        Law and order brought in stronger actors to carry on the characters unlike what’s been done with criminal minds where they are throwing in a new face every week in the hope it makes it whole again but all that it does is amphisize the damage Thomas Gibson absence done to the show.

    • Shana says:

      I agree, it weakens your argument. A recent example of that, was an article printed in an online publication. Paget was not impressed. She was very fussy and selective as to what she plucked from the content. Used it to beg “true fans” to watch, 250 + jobs depended on it, oh and threw a little of the cuff jibe at Thomas. Lots of ‘fans’ commented on what Paget meant and what she did not. Any suggestion that she was being inappropriate in her comments, particularly by referencing Thomas, were shushed….by folks who “had no interest in reading the article”. So yeah, I just don’t get it….

    • Elizabeth says:

      I don’t like him being in prison but he is getting more screen time which make me kinda happy but he’s to innocent to be in there

  10. suegypt says:

    This Reid fan is enjoying the arc, and I am watching every episode. It’s high time Matthew Gray Gubler got a chance to show off his acting skills, and, while i’m apprehensive for the character (as well as hoping the writers don’t screw said character up), I’m looking forward to the whole arc. I do wish the team would drop the other “cases” and focus on Reid, but I think that’s coming. I also hope that, if they get a season 13, the writers will fully explore how this ordeal has changed Reid, because he can’t just come back as if nothing happened.

    • Angela says:

      I also hope that, if they get a season 13, the writers will fully explore how this ordeal has changed Reid, because he can’t just come back as if nothing happened.
      Same. And not just with this recent storyline, but all the other stuff he’s been through in recent years (Maeve, being shot in the season 9 finale, losing Gideon). We got some glimpses of how he dealt with some of that stuff in those respective seasons, sure, but it would be nice to see him maybe REALLY opening up to somebody (a therapist or something) about just how much all of this stuff has affected him, and how tough it can be to try and recover from it all. Or maybe we can see what he’s learned from all the things he’s had to try and come back from, and see how he applies (or tries to apply) those methods to recovering from this latest situation as well.
      I do think if they’re ever going to give him a happier storyline, however, after this whole ordeal would be the prime time to do so. It’d be nice to see his recovery from this lead to something good for him in the end.

      • Droogie says:

        Agreed, so much. Reid is the main remaining character. Let them really wrap up his story, give him genuine closure, before the end of the series.

      • JMO says:

        I agree, Angela. As long as we don’t end up in Rossi’s backyard this year. Reid has to do some on-screen healing before we get to the ‘happily ever after’.

  11. Barbara moore says:

    Well I think it duck beca ReI’d is being framed because it not fair to put him Vin this mess yes Reid is one of my favorite but Hotch was one of my other favorite two more AJ and Derrick made the showam iv a loyal fan of crinimal mind so yall get him out of that place before the kill him and go get scratch who is involved some
    Yes I watch it every wed night

  12. JMO says:

    Reid is why I started watching the series, and he’s why I’ve continued. After years of marginalization, the character is finally back in focus, and this Reid fan is exceedingly happy about it. Can’t be bothered about whatever other case they’ve got going on, but I’m loving the Reid arc. Rather than his vulnerability (which is real, considering he has no identifiable support system apart from his co-workers) making him infantile, I think it contributes to making him the tragic hero figure of the series. If Matthew Gray Gubler wasn’t so good at portraying Reid as such, perhaps things would be different. But he is, and they’re not, and that works just fine for me. I do agree that the fallout from Reid’s ordeal needs to be given proper weight in the upcoming season, should we be lucky enough to get it, and to retain MGG.

    • OldDog says:

      What she said! I also watch for Reid and I’m enjoying seeing MGG show just how good an actor he is. I won’t say I’m not concerned about how they deal with the fallout from this as the show has not been good at following things up in the past – but for now I am eagerly watching to see what happens to Reid. I’m not at all bothered about the case of the week and would have preferred them to really get their teeth into the Reid arc and give it full focus but it is so nice to see Reid getting attention after years of being sidelined. As for the show, it is an old expensive show and everyone agrees the writing is not what it once was. But ratings have fallen across the board with the change in how people view these days so it may well go into s13 and beyond, who knows.

    • Tammy Jordan says:

      I want to see that to,the thing I Hate that the show does is they air an episode(ie when Reid was drugged and the team finds him) then the following episode is 2 weeks later.Thats the part I Hate we did NOT get to see the “Aftermath” of that. The episode where Reid was sick at least Morgan went to see Reid in the hospital no one else did. Hopefully we will get to see that How he deals with this,I have a question When they talk about Erica Messer they say “Show runner” what’s that?

      • Angela says:

        I have a question When they talk about Erica Messer they say “Show runner” what’s that?
        That’s the name for the person who oversees the general workings of a TV show.

  13. jk says:

    I also watch every Wednesday. Love the arc, Love CM and I hope we see a little tension between Reid and JJ. I believe AJ Cook said JJ would struggle with this and I don’t think we have seen the major struggle yet. I’m hoping Scratch had nothing to do with this and Reid was just back on Dilaudid and trying to help his mom at the same time. If Scratch is caught then Hotch can come back and that probably won’t happen in the near future. On the road towards “300”!

    • Angela says:

      I’ve been really interested in the way JJ’s been affected by this whole situation as well I’ve always loved the close bond between her and Reid, and I’d love to see this continue to add to their friendship and whatnot as well, and see what all she does to try and help him, both during and after this entire ordeal.

  14. Specialk says:

    Criminal minds is now a CBS day time drama show, too bad the remaining B players haven’t been told. The Reid storyline is a big distraction, that’s it.

  15. Kesina says:

    Messer is delusional.. Reading the comments above, tells me, Erica Messer has no idea what Fans love. The story line with Spencer being in jail is dragged tooooo long. enough of it already! boooooring… and dear Erica, the reason rating fell, not because it is long running show, because a very valuable team players, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are gone. Accept that fact. Cancel the show, it is not good anymore.

    • The Rookie says:

      And if you don’t like it’s easy: STOP WATCHING

      • Shana says:

        So if you dont watch you have no right to comment, and if you do watch and dont like, you should just stop watching and your comments are irrelavant…..I thought all you folks were crazy about your 1st Ammendment? Or does it come with conditions that free speech must agree with you?

        • Brewster says:

          Well, the First Amendment only protects you from being jailed by the government because of something you said. I’m not sure what that has to do with someone disagreeing with points you made in the comments section of an internet article.

  16. BAU_Newsie-187 says:

    Yeah, this Reid fan is loving this arc. He’s finally getting some attention. Matthew is shining as the awesome actor he is. It tickles me immensely that the same old people who aren’t watching the show continue to whine on and on. Let it Go! Numbers may not lie but they certainly can be and are twisted.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      But Facebook.

      • Droogie says:


      • It’s not just on facebook that people are saying this. Those are just the most comments and easiest to find because it’s on the CM page. The sentiment that CM has jumped the shark completely with this Reid storyline permeates A lot of social media. Just look at the comments here.

        And some of the negative comments are from diehard Reid fans.

        • Droogie says:

          Again, this is a smattering of viewers. Reading Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr, especially on Wednesday nights, tells a different story. I know you are super busy with #NoHotchNoWatch, but others are still tuning in. And again, I can’t help wondering why you’re so invested in this, if in fact you don’t watch anymore.

          • You’re 100% right in that any amount of online posting is just a smattering of those viewing or not… And that’s a big problem, CM’s core viewers (25-54) don’t post online, and that figure has declined dramatically. It’s not the viewers online who are just stopping their viewership it’s those who aren’t online. Yes, many shows are down, but not as drastically as CM and not in such a short period of time.

            If Reid was such a draw people who don’t post online would have been watching his arc, yet this arc has achieved the lowest viewership numbers of the series. Which says that viewers are tuning out of watching the show for whatever reason. And historically once a viewer stops watching, they move on and don’t return. That translates into lower profits for the networks. The networks don’t care about viewer opinions really, they care about how much a show costs to make versus how much a show earns them. As CBS only sees domestic revenue and ABC sees the international and streaming revenue it’s not hard to guess who’s making the money in the partnership and who’s not making what was projected.

          • PS… my interest lies in the fact that for CM’s entire run so far I’ve analyzed the rating’s numbers and what they mean, how the cost to revenue have changed over the years. That interest hasn’t stopped.

        • For someone who hates the show you invest too much time on it.

      • McCabe Babe says:

        LOL! yeah :)

      • Shana says:

        Might just be somewhere you should look at Matt. Or are you a ‘journalist’ who just prints what you are given and told to???

    • Well, I have watched this show from the beginning, I love Spence, but I hate this story arc. The loss of characters did not change my enjoyment of the show, it’s an ensemble after all, but this arc is old and stale already. It has gone on too long, and from what I hear, it will drag on through the rest of the season. Go back to what the show does best, catching the bad guy every week.

  17. Get Reid out of prison and get back to how the show is most popular solving serial killers. More entertaining.

  18. Tami says:

    I started watching the series because of Reid. He is by far my favorite character, but this arc sucks! I have watched since the very first episode. In that time, Elle, Morgan, and Gideon were all suspected of murder. It was Hotch that came to their first defense and often was the catalyst that cleared them. How much prison time did these characters get? None! Nada! But Reid is on his own with no one sticking their head out for him. As far as I’m considered, this is the most outageous and insulting bit of writing the show has ever had. It’s complete BS and a grievous offense to fans that yearn for continuity. And I want nothing more to do with it. That’s a shame since it was once my favorite show. TPTB have destroyed everything that made the show great including the team dynamic. Just put it out of its misery already!

    • Angela says:

      But Reid is on his own with no one sticking their head out for him.
      No one? So Emily hiring that lawyer to help Reid, and the team worrying like crazy about him, and talking about their plans to try and get him out of jail, and the way they literally dropped everything to fly down to Mexico and get him back to the States, qualifies as “no one sticking their head out for him”?
      Add in that we don’t know what else they have planned to help him throughout the remainder of the season. This storyline is far from over, after all.

      • T says:

        Yes they’re still going on their cases. Going about business as usual. When Garcia was shot they dropped all cases to investigate. They did the same with the above mentioned murder accusations. I’m sorry but this year tptb have Hotch running like a coward & Reid has been dumbed down. Don’t even get me started on how ooc Emily has been.

        The show is no longer true to form. It’s insulting how bad it’s gotten. If you can’t see the glaring inconsistencies, I’m sorry.

        • Angela says:

          Well, the thing with Garcia being shot, and Morgan being arrested on murder charges, only lasted for the one episode. If that had been part of a larger season-long story arc, I’m pretty sure they would’ve done the same thing there that they’re doing here-balancing cases alongside getting the guy who shot her. You’ll remember that the team still worked regular cases alongside the Foyet storyline, too, after all, both before and after Hotch being attacked and his family having to go into Witness Protection and Haley’s death. Same with the team working regular cases during last season’s Dirty Dozen storyline and Garcia and Morgan being in danger, or the Replicator setup back in season eight with the team being personally targeted and Reid’s girlfriend being killed. It’s nothing new with this show.

          And I think that has to do with the nature of procedurals in general-they’re meant to have a case of the week alongside whatever other storylines they have going on, regardless of how long those side storylines last. It’s just how that genre operates. I would love it if they could just focus solely on the Reid storyline now and not even bother with any other cases (and judging from how minimal the setup of those cases of the week have been lately, I think that’s a hint that the writers would much prefer to solely focus on the main storyline right now, too), but I don’t think the show can really do that even if it wants to.
          And one can perhaps argue about how well the characters are being written right now (some of their behavior makes sense to me-and in the case of Hotch I really don’t know what else they could’ve done to write him out that would’ve made any better sense, some of it I can see where others are coming from with them being written oddly). But the fact remains that working those regular cases doesn’t mean the team doesn’t care about what’s happening to Reid, or aren’t thinking of ways to try and set him free. I think that part of things has come through pretty strongly. And since there’s still more episodes to come in this arc, ti seems a little premature to jump the gun and presume they won’t go all out in various other ways to help him.

          • Tami says:

            Thank You for bring up another glaring inconsistencies with the show. When Garcia was targeted by the dirty dozen Hotch did not trust the witness protection program to protect Garcia after what happened with Haley. Instead, he had her stay at FBI headquarters for her protection, but then months later he goes and runs off to witness protection with his son. It ridiculous. The writing is lazy and no where near the caliber it was. It’s like they don’t even know there own characters anymore.

            For example, In the latest episode, Emily tells the team to trust the justice system, but in the episode ‘spencer’ she withholds evidence from the law enforcement officers in Mexico. She’s had the position of unit chief for maybe six months and she has already compromised her authority by lying & distroying evidence.

            I don’t know what else to say. I just can’t take the show seriously anymore. It’s just not what it once was.

          • Angela says:

            @Tami: I agree that the Witness Protection thing seems odd given the situations you note. But really, what else could the show do to write Hotch out in a way that made sense to his character? We all know he’s not the sort to quit the BAU just to spend time at home with his family for the heck of it, after all, otherwise he would’ve done that well before Haley left him. He only quit the BAU because he was essentially forced to, not because he wanted to. Temporary duty wouldn’t work forever, because, well, temporary (and if they were to make it permanent, they’d have to explain why he took a permanent position doing something else over staying with the BAU to help take down Mr. Scratch). And he obviously couldn’t stay at the BAU the way Garcia did during the Dirty Dozen thing, because the actor got let go. I agree there are some issues with that exit, but really, what else could they have done under the circumstances?
            People want a better exit for Hotch, then they should yell at Gibson for doing something that led him to be abruptly let go and leaving the writers in a lurch to try and quickly come up with something. Save for Williams’ role in that whole mess, that’s not the rest of the writers’ fault. And at least they left it open-ended, instead of just killing him off. The fact they did that seems to indicate to me the door is open if and when he is allowed/able/wants to come back someday.
            As for Emily, well, she’s not exactly alone in lying and withholding evidence. You’ll remember Hotch skirted the law many a time for his team, too, purposely withholding things about Reid’s drug past and Elle murdering that suspect, and everything he did to protect Emily from Doyle. And yet with the exception of Elle, who essentially “chose to resign”, so to speak, to save face, everyone else on the team who skirted the law still has their job all these years later. To say nothing of how many times pretty much every team member has lied about this or that issue. Keeping secrets is what they do. Even then, though, Emily’s comments about having faith in the justice system were merely an attempt to try and comfort Reid (and possibly herself) in the moment more than anything else. I think she’s well aware of how easily one can be screwed over in these kinds of situations.
            Besides that, Messer did indicate after that episode that Emily not handing over that recording of the interview would come back to bite her and the team down the line. Again, there is still more to this storyline yet to play out. We have yet to see what sorts of repercussions the team might receive as a result of all of this.

          • Angela – You say

            “People want a better exit for Hotch, then they should yell at Gibson for doing something that led him to be abruptly let go and leaving the writers in a lurch to try and quickly come up with something.”

            However, it’s strongly looking like Thomas accepted his part in the incident, accepted his 2 episode suspension and was set to return when being notified by ABC that he was fired. It appears it was Virgil Williams who apparently needing to fill that superior attitude with action, who went to or had his rep go to HR and complain… Seeing as it’s easy to look at Virgil’s Twitter feed and the gloating he did in the beginning, it’s not a hard leap to believe that Williams complained about the big bad White guy and ABC wanting to avoid any racial diversity issues terminated Thomas Gibson.

            As for making excuses as to why things couldn’t be written better. Well, guess what they’re professional writer’s who make a whole truck full of money per episode, more than what some of us here make in a year. These writers can’t write better because they aren’t capable. Hotch going into WitSec is ‘not’ believable at all and so out of character. Those in charge burned that bridge of Hotch ever returning with the smear campaign they launched against Thomas Gibson in order to appease Williams ego. Not to mention at the end of Episode 6 they wrote in a scene where they’re raising champagne glasses in a circle toasting Emily becoming Unit Chief…. Missing from that scene are TG, of course, but also MGG…. And the final words spoken by Rossi make it seem like they’re happy about losing some of their family. The characters are so far out of character now with these writers long time viewers do not recognize them and do not find the new characters even remotely good.

            Now lets fast forward through all the nasty comments made by some of the show’s executive producers/producers to fans who asked what happened. Liking posts made by nasty haters who called for Thomas GIbson’s death, and his children to commit suicide to saying just a short time ago that Thomas Gibson can’t come back to now just a day or so ago (there are screen caps of all this) saying “I wish we could” when another poster said that they needed to bring Thomas back to save the show. You also have a whole HOST of articles coming out since the airing of these Reid episodes asking if CM needs Thomas Gibson to return to maybe save the show from cancellation.

            It’s apparent to many who have read the dealings and researched the situation that what happened was not what was apparently the same as what was actually transpiring. Thomas said in his own article that it felt like TPTB were trying to erase him from the show entirely. As the show has aired episodes there are fans who are watching who believe that to be the truth. Just because the ‘man’ is gone from the show doesn’t mean the character needs to be forgotten entirely and yet not one single comment from those who supposedly considered Hotch a friend, mentor, confidant. You do NOT need the character to be there to remember something the character did in the past.. But yet there’s nothing, not a peep, just wiped Hotch entirely away in one champagne toast.

          • Tami says:

            Your examples are like comparing apples and oranges. Of the ones mentioned, (Reid’s addiction) was a lie by omission and Elle’s offense he strongly suspected but couldn’t be proven. He never made any direct lies to specific inquiries like Emily did. The most damaging situation to Hotch’s position would have been the Doyle incident. But even so, Hotch had a reputation within the bureau that was stellar and he could afford to take a few hits. Emily is just starting out as a unit chief and doesn’t have the padding to protect her like Hotch did. In fact, I would be so bold as to say she’s discredited her position as well as the unit itself by her actions.

          • Tami says:

            As for yelling at Thomas Gibson, I’m not going to do that. Out of everyone involved, he’s shown the most grace. He apologized after the incident. He shows his fans nothing but respect. This cannot be said for other people involved including some of the producers, actors, and even fans.

            I have read everything that’s come out about TG’s dismissal. But the most telling was the initial reports by the networks. The overreach in explaining their decision in hopes that the fans would support them was despicable. There was no reason to bring up a DUI that had been dropped and had nothing to do with the show. There was no reason to bring up his broken marriage. And as far as the incident with Ian Wolfe goes, there were extenuating circumstances that, when put into context, makes the incident understandable; even relatable. Not only that, but that incident took place six years prior. There has to be a statute of limitation on things. If it had happened two or three years prior I could see it being used as a pattern to indicate disruptive behavior – but it didn’t!

            I also find it telling that of the 40+ shows and movies that Mr. Gibson has been a part of, not one has indicated incidences of bad behavior. Not one! The writer/producer, Virgil Williams, cannot say the same.

            Of course I’m not saying that Thomas Gibson is a saint. I’m sure he’s not. He might even be a complete diva. But nothing I have seen or heard can justify the damage done to this man’s livelihood. After all, it wasn’t him who threatens a persons life. Neither Wolfe nor Williams can say the same.

  19. CaliGirlInTN says:

    Lets get Reid out of prison and move on!! I’ve been watching this show since day 1 for the crime and the solving. I don’t care to watch a team member in prison. That is not why I watch.

  20. Chris says:

    I think the fact that the show is on one week and then is pre-empted for two or three weeks makes people lose interest. It does for me.

  21. John Arkoos says:

    Dr Reid in jail and Hotch fired leaves many holes in the cast. These although you may not think so are the reasons for the drop in ratings. Don’t forget you also lost Shemar Moore last year. I have watched the show since it began and it is not the same. Bring back Hotch and get Reid out of jail.

  22. Mike says:

    I been reading the post.I don’t mine the way the show plot is with Reid. But after loosing Hotch and Derek if Reid leaves the show iam done

  23. Stacey Mason says:

    Messer just continues to make a mess of the show. She is completely out of touch with what drew viewers to the show in the first place. The show is ready for the fork and the fat lady.

  24. Buddy Deal says:

    Id like 2 come on. Criminal Minds as the Brother of Paget. Or AJ as a under cover Cop whos chasn serial killers💪💪💵💵💵🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸That was connected to the serial killers they caught that had un expected partners🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Brewster says:

    I mean….I looked at facebook, and sure, there were some negative comments as there’s bound to be for any arc on ANY TV show on any network, but the other 85% of comments had more to do with Matthew Gray Gubler’s attractiveness and teenagers wanting to marry him. So, if facebook is the absolute be all end all gospel here, then I guess that makes Gubler the sexiest man alive? This is why I don’t read facebook comments for the TV shows I watch….not much to be seen there.

    Ratings are down because the show is 12 years old. This has nothing to do with one single actor or arc. Plain and simple, the show has been on forever, and thanks to the internet, people are watching the show online, not on television or their DVR. That is affecting ratings for everyone.

    Lastly – people are enjoying this arc. I am. It’s nice to see them doing something a little outside the box considering this show has had the exact same formula for 12 YEARS. It’s good to shake things up sometimes. But for those enjoying it – that’s our right. If you’re not enjoying the arc, good for you. People are allowed to like what they like. Just because you’re not enjoying something doesn’t mean others can’t. For those who are very vocally not watching – why are you wasting so much mental energy on this? It’s a television show. It matters not in the grand scheme of life. Go feed the homeless, learn a new language, deep clean your home, or hold the door open for a stranger. It’s not healthy to be so concerned over a TV show you aren’t watching that you feel compelled to frequently comment on it all over the internet.

  26. bluemalak says:

    I hate arcs, especially this one, so maybe I’ll watch the show again after its over, maybe not. At this point though, no thanks, it’s too annoying to bother wasting time on.

  27. Sandi Smith says:

    I’ve watched this show from day one, but this arc with Reid has ceased to be entertainment, and that’s why I watch, so I will stop watching till this arc is over… It’s just too hard to watch.

  28. pat says:

    Without Hotch i have not and will not watch it again. It was bad enough that Morgan left but at least his was by choice. The writer should have been fired and not Gibson! If you do not bring him back you might just as well cancel it.

  29. Brewster says:

    Well, since we’re considering social media to be the one true indicator of valid opinions, I’d like to take this moment to point out that there’s a facebook group dedicated to people who yell at inanimate objects that has more than 70K members and another for people who sincerely believe boobs cause earthquakes that’s currently 30K strong.

    So….lots of sane and well thought out things are to be found on facebook.

    • No one said that at all. Just pointed out that there are many many viewers who are publically saying they don’t like the arc at all. Just look at the comments here.

      Most of the viewers are ‘not’ posting online… and 2.57 million of them have stopped watching the show since the season premiere.

      • Brewster says:

        And you’re one of them, so why are you here commenting? It’s not healthy to fixate on a show you don’t watch.

        • Because I have the right to comment.. and someone telling me ‘not to, or insinuating I shouldn’t will only make me comment more.

          • Brewster says:

            Didn’t say you couldn’t comment. I was pointing out to you that it isn’t healthy to fixate on a show you don’t even watch.

          • Not fixating… Actually making dinner – Menu consists of BBQ Pork Tenderloins with grilled Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus…

            I follow the ratings and their intricacies because it interests me, that is why I follow things now. Comments for or against any given episode can be numerically calculated and placed in statistical graphs showing the rise and or in this case fall of the show, or any show for that matter.

          • JMO says:

            The circularity of this absolutely fascinates me. By not watching, one leaves oneself in the position of being able to comment only on the comments, and not the thing the comments are about. And then, to take it further, when you choose to give more weight to one set of comments than to another, based on no direct knowledge of the thing being commented on, you have made an opinion based on an opinion based on….nothing. On purpose! Absolutely fascinating.

          • Droogie says:

            Knock yourself out! Comment away! But you can’t comment on the SHOW, if you’re not watching the show. At this point, you are commenting on editorials. And frankly, there is no weight or merit there.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That second one intrigues me.

  30. jj says:

    Then I will continue to watch Major Crimes and skip CM. I will not be watching the show until this STUPID arc is done.

  31. Angela says:

    She says that “quietly and almost apologetically”? Errrr. Yeah. That does not help ease my nerves any.
    This storyline has me both interested and nervous. As long as I can be certain that Reid will be cleared of these scary charges eventually and get to go home soon, though, I can handle it. I just hope that after all his said and done with this storyline, something good happens to Reid to make up for all of it somehow. He really does deserve some true happiness of some kind.

  32. Spectre says:

    I wasn’t happy with Hotchner’s departure but at least they left it open ended. Unlike many others it wasn’t enough to make me give up after 12 years. Reid has always been a favorite and yes I’d like a good Reid arc, but this isn’t it. Every time a Reid centric story comes up it is negative. His addiction, his mom’s schizophrenia, Mave’s death, mom’s Alzheimer’s, and all the non-arcs that have nearly killed him and now prison. No one else on the team has been through as much as Reid and of all the things they could have written for Reid this is what has made me finally walk away from the show. The ensemble isn’t strong enough to get me through awful storylines and this story is just a step too far. They can’t even catch Mr. Scratch almost 2 years, I don’t blame Hotch for joining witness protection. Maybe Reid should join him.

  33. Jooshua says:

    I love Reid and MGG, but I’m not watching this arc because prison stuff legit freaks me out. I don’t mind reading the recaps though, and as long as I see that nothing truly horrifying happens to my favorite character, I’ll probably catch up on it later.

  34. Ibis says:

    I haven’t watched the show since the first Reid episode, and refuse to do so – I’ve got all the episodes recorded, but I am not nor will I be watching them. Can’t stand the direction the show is taking, I could stand losing Morgan and Hotch, but the show has jumped the shark. Might as well cancel it.

  35. I love how with all the various commentary on here and some negative from Reid fans who are indeed viewing or at least paying attention to the arc – it seems that my comments are who several posters feel the need to disparage. Interesting psychological parameters. And yes I realize I have responded to those comments it is after all human nature to reply to someone who reply’s to you even if their reply is in the negative.

    • Droogie says:

      Because several of us have a history with you and your know-it-all tendencies and your intense dislike of Spencer Reid/MGG. The firing of Thomas Gibson was just icing on the cake — and I say this as a Thomas Gibson fan who was very upset over what happened. But you cannot back off, and you must have the last word. People love MGG and Spencer Reid. And there are people who still love the show. And you can’t just let that go; instead, you’ve made it your mission to harass and bully the show’s fans and producers at every turn on social media, and comment on articles about the show, [i]that you claim to not watch[/i].

      Discuss psychology? Oh, LET’S.

      • So you’re admitting your posts to me are based on nothing more than a way to personally and publically chastise me for your own personal reasons and not because of what I posted but rather simply ‘because’ I posted.

      • You need to take the blinders off and read some of the comments on this thread from REID FANS who are NOT liking this direction or this arc or whatever you want to call it.

        But no, you apparently can only see what I’m posting… Good night Droogie… Remember you posted to ME first, you could have left me alone.

        • Droogie says:

          No, dear. But it is difficult to ignore the cumulative effect of your posts on social media since Kickgate — not even counting your private message board prior to the events of last August. Your posts to various producers, etc., on Twitter about the show have been quite visible. So yes, I responded to you first, because you commented first. The bigger question then, is, why is that? It makes a whole lot more sense that I’d be watching for articles about CM, since I still actually watch it and remain a die-hard fan, than for you to do so, and be the first to comment, since you’re the leader of the whole #NHNW brigade. But no matter — I’m finished talking to you as well. Enjoy your weird little fruitless crusade.

          • Shana says:

            While I am not on of the ‘NHNW Brigade’ as you refer to them, I most certainly see their point and have done pretty much since day one. It appears to me that theyve been pretty clear on why they are doing their thing. All you folks are adults, you know how these things work. If you want to believe in this day and age, that Gibson was 1/4 as bad of what he was supposed and no one knew or more specifically, no one has spoken out over the last few months/?? I was expecting a plethora of TMZ tales from disgruntled citizens who’d felt the wrath of this entitled actor. Deafening silence. Back to the show. I’ve soldiered on, tried to stay loyal to the show, but I don’t watch live. There is no way I could sit down to watch this show without the ability to FF, not any more.
            Cannot say much about this posters comments to producers. I suspect by your tone that you at least feel they were not nice. Like I said, cannot comment. I absolutely can comment on some of the posts made by producers to fans and how they have not been called on it by the big bosses, says alot to me about how they view fans views and that would be, not very highly.
            The NHNW brigade are now but a pin prick in the overall cluster buck of mess that CM now is. Readin the majority of the comments here, should be quite clear to you and others, that there are much much bigger problems at CM. If you love the show as you say you do, thats where I would suggest you put your energy.

      • Shana says:

        I’ve been reading some of the posts on here and on other forums – ever here the phrase ‘ pot and kettle’…? I mean, you’ve pretty much admitted that you are targetting this poster because you and they have history. There’s a whole lot of other comments on here from people actually watching the show who are not happy, alot of them declaring they are big Reid fans. How about you comment to them, ask them why they don’t like it. Or can you just not “let it go”, whatever went on with you all?

    • Brewster says:

      Because you actively admit to not having watched the show. The other negative comments are coming from people who DO watch or have at least watched SOME of it for themselves. That is the difference here. I’m not sure how one forms an opinion on something they have yet to see for themselves.

  36. Sterling Somebody says:

    Usually, when a sitcom gets to its 10th year they add a kid to the mix. Or bring in a bunch of tepid new characters. I have also been a fan of Criminal Minds since about the beginning but the changes over the last couple of years have made the show almost unwatchable. This arc with Reid being in prison is absolutely NO FUN! We liked the character of Reid until the producers decided that the series needed for Reid to have his life ruined. With all of us facing an unsure future as one glance at our new government will show, we in some way depend on the familiarity of our favorite shows. This current arc is unsettling and most of us are very uncomfortable with it. Instead of destroying a loved character, the producers should have the series solve crimes like it always has. They should spend more time showing off the talents of the new members of the BAU team so we might know and like them as much as the dearly departed characters. I am almost ready to stop watching Criminal Minds. I know that I will not watch until the show “gets back to business” and stops screwing up the cazst.

  37. I find it sad that several posters on here are saying “If you aren’t viewing” or “If you don’t like the arc” why bother commenting? It’s like these people are trying to silence any opinion that differs with their own. That somehow if they say it enough, those who aren’t liking the arc or aren’t like the direction Erica Messer has taken the show over the not only this year but the last several years since she became showrunner, will either shut up or magically start agreeing with their point of view. This appears to be bullying tactics.

    While I do put my opinion out there, I’ve never said to anyone ‘not to bother’ posting their opinion. What makes a good debate is all opinions.

    • The Rookie says:

      So, what was the last season 12 episode you watched? Can you make an opinion on the current act based on your actual show viewing?

      • Shana says:

        I’ve struggled through most of the season. I dont watch it live as I am not in the US. Its awful. The ONLY thing remotely worth watching is MGG’s acting. But everything else is just woeful. 50 Hotch’s would not change this. The writing has been not just sub par, but frickin buried in 50ft of concrete, for at least the last 3/4 seasons, with a handful of exceptions. It was purely as a fan of Hotch primarily but also the team that I’ve followed over the years, that I stuck it out. Anyone watching it properly and comparing earlier seasons with the same actors, would have to be blind to not see that these actors were struggling with the scripts. It is a testament to them that they pulled through. The decimation of the team and the destruction of characters which we had all grown with, is pretty sad IMO. Just a sample – have a look at a transcript of some of the scripts. You can find them online very easily and just look at the dialogue….Wow.

    • Brewster says:

      I’m not sure who tried to silence you? A different opinion isn’t the same as “trying to silence” someone. We’re all just confused about how you can form an opinion on something you said yourself you have not actually watched. Do you often comment on things you have no first-hand knowledge of?

    • suegypt says:

      Why, if you hate something do you wallow in it, push your face in it, and try your best to get others to agree with you and do the same? As was said above, it’s not healthy that you are obsessing over something you purportedly hate. Stop. Let those who enjoy do so.

    • Angela says:

      If somebody’s actually watching the show and doesn’t like this storyline, I’d happily listen to their critiques about it regardless of whether or not I agree, because they actually have seen the episodes and know what’s going on, and have the proper context to analyze why they don’t like this or that about the storyline or certain scenes or character interactions or whatever. I may be interested in this storyline, as noted elsewhere, but I can totally understand why some other fans who are watching might be upset with it for one reason or another. I won’t argue it’s a tough, depressing storyline to watch in a lot of ways.
      If somebody’s not watching the show and griping about a storyline they haven’t seen however, then I don’t really get why I should their opinions seriously. You (general “you”) cannot criticize what you haven’t actually seen. That’s just a fact. And no, reading about what’s going on online doesn’t help, because you’re only going off of other people’s opinions and observations, all of which bring their own biases and which might only tell part of the story (and, heck, depending on the situation, may or may not even be true). I want to hear someone’s personal opinion they’ve developed on their own about a storyline or character, not whatever tidbits here and there they’ve gathered from other people.

      • Many of the “if you don’t like it don’t watch’ comments that some saying are ignoring comments that are negative from those who HAVE watched…. Not just people who haven’t watched… And some have posted that they’ve watched and are watching and do not like the way the show is going, on this thread.

        • Angela says:

          No, they’re not ignoring them at all. They know there are people who are unhappy who’ve been watching this season, too, and the “don’t like it, don’t watch” comment is just as valid for those people. It’s not an order, it’s just a suggestion of something they could do if they so wished, if they’re that unhappy with the direction of the show. I wouldn’t want to keep spending time watching a show that wasn’t doing it for me anymore, after all. But to each their own, I suppose.
          And also, keep in mind I was responding with my thoughts about those who’ve been watching and aren’t happy with the storyline. Other people may suggest they stop watching, sure, but I do think valid criticism from those who are still watching is worth hearing out, too.

          • You chastised ‘me’ for supposedly speaking for other’s yet here you are doing that very same thing… Speaking for people who apparently need to bully others into thinking the way they do.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            What is your problem with people thinking a certain way, or people trying to persuade people to think the same way they do?!

            Whoops! Excuse me. I see the answer in the question. You prefer people like you who think little if at all.

          • Shana says:

            They kinda are. I’ve read through all the comments and its the same set of folks that are ardently supporting the show, which is great and your entitlement, but you all seem more concerned with chasing after the Phoenix dude and others who you are assuming are part of NHNW. But theres a whooooooole lot of other negative posters that seem to me at least, to be current viewers, Reid fans, who are not at all happy. The only people who have replied to them are people who agree with them. Are you all not interested to know why your fellow Reid fans are not digging the arc???

      • Karen says:

        Your second paragraph would appear to contradict your first…it is people watching who are expressing their dislike/distaste of the show and the Reid arc. Is it everyone? No, but its very much the majority. Dismissing social media as some have done, is lazy and not very savvy. However, the point is, that the comments being referred to from social media such as Facebook etc, ARE from people watching the show. Here is a little challenge for you and others. Next time there is a new episode on, this Wednesday I believe, have a look at the Official FB site immediately after and indeed priror to the episode showing….then see if lies are being told.

        • Angela says:

          How is it contradictory? Yes, there are people who are currently watching who disapprove of the show, and I kind of made it abundantly clear in that post that their opinions would make sense since they’re actually watching and can comment on what they’ve actually seen. But there are people out there who are so sure the show sucks right now despite going on about how they haven’t watched since Hotch left. How do they know if they’re not watching? I’ve yet for somebody to explain that one to me.
          And I don’t think social media should be dismissed altogether, no, because those people’s opinions are valid, but I also think people who are on social media tend to sometimes think they’re the majority opinion when they’re not, or think they have far more influence over a show than they really do. There are millions of people out there who don’t bother with social media, there are people who are casual viewers at best and watch the show every week, but don’t get invested in discussions about it (I know some like that), and they factor in just as much as the more invested fans do. And there’s also advertisers, and whatever the cast and crew themselves want to do/don’t want to do to consider, and so on and so forth. Fan input is great and important, but it’s not always going to be the only/main thing a show or network focuses on.
          Besides that, in this show’s case, they’re working on filming the season finale right now. They’ve already got the vast majority of this season and this storyline in the can and ready to go. People can talk about how they don’t like it, sure, but it’s too late for the show to go back and change what’s already been filmed, so I don’t know what fans expect them to do about it at this point, really. The only thing fans’ complaints and refusal to watch might achieve is not letting this show get a season 13, but even then, I think that decision’s being figured out by the higher ups (presuming they haven’t made a decision already) with or without the fan input, because of other typical factors that they consider every year when deciding whether to renew the show.

          • Angela,

            Let me ask you this. Do you have a vested interest in the show? Like maybe you write reviews for another website? Because your wording and syntax is very similar to a commentator/review writer on Spoiler TV?

            If that is the case, then my guess is that you do indeed have a vested interest on trying to make people change their opinion of the show and it’s direction. For if they do and the show gets another season you will maintain your position with that site.

            And NOTE – I didn’t say you’re actually ‘paid’ to write for that site. BUT it does allow you to benefit from having that position on a resume.

  38. When will people understand that Shemar decided to left the show, I can understand that some of you want Thomas back (I’m one of you) but Shemar WANTED to leave the show.

    As for this arc, I like it, it’s exciting and I enjoying MGG acting.

  39. This is so far a depressing storyline. Why not ask Matthew Gray Gubler what he thinks about it. That would be interesting because I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on any of the usual media outlets. An interview from him would be a rare treat since he seems to be a private person and seldom if ever talks about himself unlike most actors who have been in long term programs like CM.

  40. This has been a rather depressing storyline so far. How about asking Matthew Gray Gubler what his thoughts are about it. That would be interesting since I can’t remember ever seeing him interviewed on any of the usual media outlets. He seems like a private person so his take on his character’s story would be an interesting read.

  41. Roman says:

    I hope the show keeps getting bad comments, thanks to childish act of the writer when he got rid of Hotch. He was the best. Reid is also great , I hope the childish writer doesn’t find something, to also get rid of Reid, since he is such a baby.

  42. CheetoBreath says:

    This article finally lit the light bulb. For years I couldn’t put my finger on why the show has been declining since season 6 or 7 or thereabouts. I finally get it now, so thx for that. But still #NoHotchNoWatch

  43. Sheila J says:

    I watched the first episode of this asinine arc and stopped watching. I’ve watched from the beginning and it took this to get me to stop watching. Yes, your ratings are probably going down. Maybe I’ll tune back in when this nonsense is over with, maybe I won’t. They say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit. My habit of tuning in on Wednesday nights has been broken, I’m over it.

  44. Linda6521 says:

    I’m watching every minute of this Reid arc. I hope the writers let him be strong and resilient. He is a very complex character and 34 years old. I don’t trust this character that is helping him thought. He is trying to hard to encourage Reid to confess just to make things easy on himself.

  45. Linda6521 says:

    Also, I think this is a sexy look for him. Love his hair.

  46. Killing off his girlfriend was worse than this, that was just heart wrenching and so wrong :( I don’t have to watch to know he won’t go to prison for murder duh !!!

  47. Jim Madewell says:

    Criminal Minds used to be one of my favorite shows. Losing actors one after one and bringing in new characters that give nothing to the show has hurt. Tyler and Gupto bring nothing to the table and are really out of the loop as characters. Losing Shemar Moore was a blow. The firing of Thomas Gibson hurt the show a lot. Hotch gave the show an edge and his character was the leader of the group. There is no cohesiveness in the shows and the plots for each episode are getting worse and worse. I have been a loyal viewer since the beginning. However, the last year (and some before) the writing is terrible and the plot lines are not very good. This new deal with the Reid character is boring and not interesting at all. It is not creative and takes away from the actual profile skills we enjoy watching develop. We all love Paget Brewster, but she doesn’t jell as Hotch’s replacement. I don’t look forward to watching the show as in years past. If you don’t bring Gibson back and if you continue with these dumb plots, Criminal Minds will fall by the wayside. I hope you go back to better plots and cull out the Reid Prison Days…it isn’t very enjoyable or intellectually challenging.

  48. swpwallie says:

    Matt, I’m not sure what numbers you’re churning, but according to Tv Series Finale, thru week 24:
    NCIS has a 1.83 rating in the 18-49 demo, which is down 17.17% from last season; its audience is 15.096, which is down 9.12% in viewers. On the other hand, Criminal Minds has a 1.41 rating in the 18-49 demo, which is down 21.30% from last season; with viewers at 7.531-down 16.43% from last season. Hawaii Five-O and NCIS Los Angeles are actually up in both demo and viewers year-to-year.
    Matt, NCIS’ 17.17% vs 21.30% for CM; and loss of viewers for NCIS of 9.12% vs 16.43% for CM, shows your churning of the numbers of way off. NCIS hasn’t loss nearly as much as you claim and is not even close to what CM has lost in both demo and viewers. SVU has only lost 8.07% in the demo and is down 10.59 in viewers. Compared to both NCIS and SVU, CM is hemorrhaging in the 18-49 demo as well as in viewers. You should stick to writing instead of churning ratings numbers, especially when you’re trying to shore up CM’s poor performance and Erica Messer’s poor judgment by painting a rosier picture of equivalence to NCIS. CM is clearly performing worse.
    And as far as #NoHotchNoWatch goes and some peoples’ interest in whether or not we have the right to opine in these articles about what’s happening on the show or not, get over it. We are expressing our opinion about a feckless management team that undermined its own show by unceremoniously dumping its star; then orchestrated a smear campaign to try to bolster that incredulous act all in an effort to play Shonda.20 and retool Criminal Minds.
    Messer thought Paget Brewster and any cheap talent would bring in higher ratings than Thomas Gibson. She and her producers were terribly wrong; and the ratings are cratering because of their shortsightedness.
    It doesn’t matter if you like Reid, love the storyline or hate it. Reid can’t carry CM. I love MGG and I love the character; but this mindless, insipid storyline has reduced the character to a slapstick joke instead of the intellectual, know-it-all we’ve all come to love who can spout ready-references on anything contained in an encyclopedia. Messer and her incompetent writing crew has spent many years marginalizing the Hotch and Reid characters to the point where the real reason Thomas was fired and Matthew is being made prison bait is because this group of writers cannot write sophisticated, meaningful dialogue for intelligent characters. It’s easier for these C-level writers to focus of the unsub and the gore, than to craft words that hint at actual logic, profiling, reasoning and deduction.

    CM is suffering from a self-inflicted wound of arrogance, ineptness and narrowmindedness. Messer has proved to be a poor steward of Criminal Minds’ legacy and is an embarrassment to CBS and the television industry. How many showrunners wreck a successful show for no reason other than hubris? She, Virgil Williams, Harry Bring and some others deserve to be fired. Criminal Minds deserves to be canceled if that bunch remains. #NoHotchNoWatch.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, a new weekly report came in from Nielsen on Monday afternoon, and the chart has been refreshed with the latest numbers. But to be clear, I am comparing year-over-year, as clearly denoted, not versus last season’s averages.

      Also, TVLine respectfully asks for just one (1) user name per IP address, thank you so much!

      • swpwallie says:

        Does it really matter if I use my middle name or twitter handle? Is that a major problem for you? TV series finales numbers go thru the latest episode. What formula are you using that includes something other than that?

    • “It doesn’t matter if you like Reid, love the storyline or hate it. Reid can’t carry CM. I love MGG and I love the character; but this mindless, insipid storyline has reduced the character to a slapstick joke instead of the intellectual, know-it-all we’ve all come to love who can spout ready-references on anything contained in an encyclopedia. Messer and her incompetent writing crew has spent many years marginalizing the Hotch and Reid characters to the point where the real reason Thomas was fired and Matthew is being made prison bait is because this group of writers cannot write sophisticated, meaningful dialogue for intelligent characters.”

      This is exactly right. Just because a person enjoys seeing MGG’s face on the screen, doesn’t make the storyline well done and well crafted. It only means he’s on screen a lot.

      • Karen says:

        How many times did various writers state that they either did not like or could not write for Hotch/Reid? The marginalisation of Hotch and Reid in the last few seasons was so obviouse. The early seasons with excellent writers, had entralling dialogue, delivered with skill by these two excellent actors (all the actors) The latter seasons with sub par writers, substituted good dialogue and stories with stunts, and gore. It does not take so much creativity to write “guy cuts out mans eyes” or “Morgan kicks down a door” or “car blows up”….These comments from Messer and CO were not made up, they are there in the public forum, some even appeared on this site. I also wonder what Reid fans think of Messers comment a while back when she suggested (stated) that it was the stories and not the characters that were important….If that was not something that should have put the WTF radar up on viewers and fans…

        • Erica Messer has said many times in interviews (posted on TVline, TVGuide & Deadline) that writing for Hotch and Reid were a struggle for her. She’s also said that ‘it’s the story/case that matters’ and not the characters. However, with what’s happening to the ratings, the complaints from many long-time fans it’s becoming apparent that she is out of touch with what fans of the show want to see.

  49. Joni says:

    Missing Thomas Gibson!!!

  50. Alex says:

    I hate this arc. I hate arcs in general. It does not make me want tune in at all. I get too frustrated with series within series. I usually skip bunch of episodes , than catch up on line, fastforwarding thru them to get to the point(conclusion) in one sitting. I loved this show for maximum 2 ep storylines, absence of cliffhangers and the cast. Why “fix” something that isn’t broken?