The Vampire Diaries

Farewell, Vampire Diaries: Fangs for the Memories (and for Changing My Life)

The first time I spoke out loud to anyone about The Vampire Diaries, I thought they were talking about Twilight.

The year was 2009. The show was just six episodes into its first season, and I was only a few days into my first real entertainment reporting job since graduating college.

“Should we do something about this vampire show?” my boss asked, to which I honestly replied, “Do you mean Twilight? That’s a movie.” (For the record, I wish I could return to this exact moment in time and do to my former self what Damon did to Kai at Jo and Alaric’s wedding.)

“No, it’s a show,” my boss replied. “It’s called The Vampire Diaries. It’s really good.”

Oh, that show. As a CW junkie — one who plans to somehow retire in Tree Hill — I had, of course, seen the commercials for the network’s “new hit series.” But like many others at the time, I had dismissed it as a passing fad, The CW’s attempt at cashing in on the nation’s apparent vampire obsession. (Again, if I could go back and “Kai” myself…)

And so began my first-ever TV binge — a term that, believe it or not, wouldn’t join the lexicon for at least four more years — as well as what would become an all-consuming love affair with the good (and not-so-good) residents of Mystic Falls.

But what exactly did I love about it? I couldn’t articulate my position at the time — “pretty people” and “fun twists” were all I could muster — but I think I’ve gained some clarity in the 164 episodes since: Not unlike the way Stefan was eternally imprisoned in a teenage body, we’re all just angsty teenagers pretending we’ve grown up. The Vampire Diaries taught me to celebrate that angst. It reminded me of the thrill of embracing the unknown, even if it leads to danger, and to defy what’s expected of me. This was a world I wanted to become a part of… so I did.

I feel like I speak for several of my fellow entertainment journalists when I say that, in a sense, I owe this show everything. Simply by covering it — speaking to its stars, weighing in publicly on its countless twists and turns — its success became my success. (Special thanks to devoted Vampire Diaries fan sites, particularly @TVDFansOnline, for consistently sharing my work along the way.)

There’s a lot I’m going to miss about covering The Vampire Diaries: tip-toeing around the set during visits to Atlanta, conducting memorable interviews with the cast at Comic-Con, and — of course — grilling the executive producers for answers after a particularly juicy episode. (As a reporter, I always appreciated Julie Plec’s effortless ability to speak in headline-ready soundbites.)

And there’s just as much that I’m going to miss about being a fan of the show; knowing that I’ll never again be left stupefied by a game-changing season finale twist, for example, is enough to put me in the fetal position. (Hell, I didn’t even mind catching the last few minutes of Two and a Half Men once a week while I prepared to devour my favorite show — and that’s saying a lot.)

But TVD‘s finale coincidentally landing on the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s premiere helped me realize something: I don’t have to miss this show. It’s not really going anywhere. The way people talk about Buffy today — how they’re still torn over the love triangle, how they still love these characters, and how it’s still their go-to comfort-watch during difficult times — is how they’re going to talk about TVD in years to come. It’s not over. It’s eternal.

I understand that not everyone loved Friday’s finale, but here’s a question for the group: What’s the right way to wrap up a rich, complicated series full of dynamic characters with complex relationships and interpersonal connections? I imagine there are endless answers to my query, but the simple truth is, they’re all wrong. There is no “right” way.

Plec and Kevin Williamson gave themselves the unenviable task of crafting an ending that would not only provide the characters with closure, but also wrap up eight years of story. Did it feel a little rushed? Sure. But with Nina Dobrev only available for one episode — I still remember exactly where I was when she announced her departure on Instagram — it kind of had to be. And while not every character/couple received the happy ending fans wanted, since when has this show ever been about happy endings?

The Vampire Diaries has always been a show about loss, about heartache, about powering through the difficult times in order to see the beauty in the world around you. And that’s exactly what this ending was — beautiful.

Tell me: How were you introduced to The Vampire Diaries? How did it change your life? And what did you think of the ending, now that you’ve had a chance to sleep on it? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. C says:

    Endings are hard, and TVDs definitely did the show justice (as does this story), even if it wasn’t perfect. And, really, the only show to ever end perfectly was Six Feet Under.

    • AB says:

      Breaking Bad was perfect as well.

    • M says:

      Justified ended perfectly.

    • Joseph Mcewen says:

      Friday NIght Lights was the best finale I ever saw.

    • The ending was flawed but was one of the most beautiful series finale ever. I think this is how a series finale should be like – rounding up the whole series and making it amazing and unforgettable. It involved every character- Lizzie , Jeremy, Vicky, Jenna, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, Lexi, Tyler , John , Grams, all of those people who helped build up the main characters. I cried my eyes out all throughout the episode but seeing each and every character for one last time made it so much more special for me. I loved the last scenes when Elena met her parents and when Damon met Stefan , back to the place where they first started this journey.Though I did wish Caroline to be with Stefan, I found myself smiling when I saw the letter she received was signed by Klaus. I wish Bonnie could bring Enzo back to life , but life is never fair.
      To be honest , after season 6 or 7 , I stopped watching it(not because of Elena though) . But when I heard this will be their last season, I knew I wouldn’t miss it for the world. This show , the characters , the story everything might seem weird to many , but people who took time to see it knew what values it upheld ; values of life , friendship, love, hate , power, ambition, courage and so much more.
      It might be based on fiction but it taught me many real life lessons , that I will cherish throughout my life.
      A big thanks to this show and everyone who was involved in making it.You guys will be in my heart forever. Love you always.

    • jericho says:

      While I agree with you, they did it rather well. Even if it felt rushed due to the episode limit and limited access to Dobrev. I will say that the transition to “after a long life together” bit where Elena and Damon are apparently dead at the end just didn’t quite flow well. It wasn’t explained explicitly enough.

      Plus everyone of the former “major” characters was represented save for Anna. I realize it would have been fundamentally challenging to get her in there, but it was still sad that she wasnt there.

    • ShoSho says:

      Agreed – Six feet Under was breathtaking. I think about that ending often.

  2. Jager says:

    I’d honestly stopped watching the show (bare with me, not here to beat on the show, trust me) when Elena left: the truth was, at that point the show had become a chore that I forced myself to watch out of obligation despite my previous love for it, all my favorites were gone and my life was getting busy enough that I had to be picky about what I watched. Honestly, deciding to dump it was not an easy choice, but I did.

    But I came back for the finale: not just because Nina was back (although the fact that Katherine was returning helped my excitement), but because this show had once been everything for me – I still remember the feeling with every twist and turn, can tell you where I was when I became a blubbering mess over Aunt Jena’s death or yelled when Elena crashed into that river. I had faith that Julie, Kevin and the rest of the team would deliver a finale worthy of the show – and they did. Sure there were rushed moments, but the feelings were intense (the guttural sounds leaving me from the moment that Stefan and Elena said goodbye -and, crap, right after- all the way through to the end are sounds that had never left me before, and I’m not exactly a stranger to loss in real life) and I honestly feel the ending was the most satisfying ending I’ve ever seen to a show.

    TVD was not perfect, but that ending was. I still hurt, I still cry when I’m reminded it’s over (ironic, considering this is the first episode I’d seen in about 2 years) and I cannot put to words the hole this show leaves in me.

    • Vamp says:

      I agree with every single word. Nina left and TVD became a borefest. I still celebrate TVD for what it was, a thrilling TV show and one of my favorite shows ever. Caroline is by far my favorite character, along with Katherine and sweet delicious Matty Blue. Goodbye Mystic Falls!

  3. Genny says:

    For me this series is and will be my first true love, in the series world. I saw many tv show but the feelings that TVD gave to me are incomparable.
    About the love triangle, I’m team Stelena. TVD finished in the other direction but I’m not feeling sad or disappointed.
    I can always rewatch the first three seasons. :D

  4. V.J. says:

    It´s so funny and weird how a little show can actually mean that much. TVD was the first show I ever watched in English (because I was a teenager and vampires were cool). Here you have to learn two foreign languages. You can choose one but English is mandatory. I was really, really bad at it. So I decided to start watching my favourite shows in English. First I did it with subtitles, then without them… TVD was my gateway into the world of television. And my way to a better grade. I ended up with a bachelor´s degree in English and American studies as a secondary subject (and I know my English is flawed, but hey – without TVD and other shows it would be worse :D).
    Regarding the end: I fell out of love with the show at the beginning of s7 and stopped watching (and to be honest, without Chris Wood I probably wouldn´t have made it through s6). But I saw the finale and shed a tear or two. It wasn´t perfect (and TVD wasn´t always great television) but it was good and that is good enough.

  5. Gospino says:

    I watched the show on Netflix about two years ago and regretted not discovering it sooner. As for the finale, I liked it. A lot of Stefan/Elena fans will never like it, people who wanted Damon to die horribly aren’t happy, etc., but I think tptb did well. This one ranks among the better series finales in recent memory. And now I get to catch up on The Originals, another show I regret not watching from the start.

  6. Drew says:

    First, thank you to Andy Swift and TV Line for covering this show. This has been my go-to site for TV news and coverage and I was thrilled TVD was getting so much attention here.

    I found out about the show in either TV Guide’s or EW’s fall premiere issue and said, hey, they’re hot, this sounds cool, I’ll try it out. So happy I did. I’ve loved it since the start. I’m not a memorize-every-bit-of-dialog fan, but a fan nonetheless.

    I am perfectly fine with the finale, because I don’t really have another thought to how it should have ended. In all the TV series I’ve watched over the last years, I’ve only ever witnessed one PERFECT series finale: Six Feet Under. That show, by it’s very nature of introducing random characters and how they died before they ended up at Fisher and Sons, just had the perfect way to say goodbye to all of the characters we loved. I don’t see any other way that show could have done it differently or better. I still get emotional thinking about that final 6 minutes.

    With TVD, the show was about the supernatural. We’ve been introduced to Hell, The Other Side, and now “Peace”. I didn’t need to see the characters age as they lived their lives before they found their peace, but if there’s one quibble it would have been for Jeremy to also have been on the porch when Elena reunited with her family when she found peace. Other than that, I’m a satisfied viewer.

    Thanks again to Andy Swift, for always making these recaps and post-mortems and comic-con interviews so entertaining. They were a big part of my enjoyment of the series, and I can’t wait to see what series Andy covers next with such gusto. :)

  7. Steven says:

    I stopped watching back in season 3. But, I understand what it’s like to lose a show you love.

  8. K says:

    I graduated college and I was literally completely, totally alone. I binged the first few seasons and fell in love with Klaroline, and the fandom welcomed me with open arms and I made life long friends and I will forever be grateful. I don’t know where I would be without them, just as Stefan kind of saved Elena, and I know there are a lot of people who hate the Klaroline fandom, but those people saved me from spiraling into my depression and made me stronger as a whole and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

  9. Aadie says:

    As someone who found out about Twilight from the kids in my language arts class when I was student teaching, I remember thinking, hmmm, I’ll give this new vampire show a try. After watching the pilot I sent a text to my best friend who was wondering if she should watch it and I said, “I already like the lead girl 100x more than Bella.” (Kirsten Stewart ruined the Bella from the books for me.) I kept watching, and so did my friend. The death of Vicki made us gasp so loudly that we soon realized this show was NOT messing around. The season 1 finale is still one of my favorite episodes of TV ever, and I, too, will miss the high stakes and drama the first few seasons provided. Any show that lasts as long as TVD did will have missteps along the way, but it continued to reinvent itself and remained a show that I’m so glad I spent 8 years watching. I had many favorite couples over the years but for me, this show was always about the relationship between the brothers. The finale packed so many wonderful moments into the final act (Lexi! Jenna! Nina without the wig!) and I ugly – cried through it all. Thank you to the cast, crew, Julie, and Kevin for what I will look back on as one of my favorite shows.

  10. Nell Eaves says:

    I absolutely loved this show.. Never missed an episode!! My son even had a small role in Season 1, episode 4 (I think) as the camera man in a news scene. Great writing, actors and special effects (omg, so real)… Thanks to all involved!!!

  11. Gift says:

    After watching twilight I fell in love with vampire, werewolf movies. I fell in love with witches movie after watching charmed. so when went to buy a movie, I decided to try nd see if it’s interesting so, 8years later I am hooked to my TV watching even when I get really made at the show. I lovvvvve this show nd will miss it greatly.

  12. Kathryn Golson says:

    I have been a fan since the first pilot i was fourteen years old and in eighth grade the show kept me on my toes every episode i watched and it helped me get through the hard times it was nice to escape to another world. I would have to say i was a fan of Caroline and Damon they both inspired me to keep going no matter what and i hate that the show ended I’m really going to miss watching episodes

  13. Kate says:

    The entire finale all I could focus on was that botched nose job Nina Dobrev got….that really wasn’t necessary. She used to be such a natural beauty…

    • Heidi says:

      I don’t think she had a nose job. Her face is thinner and she jumped on the thick eyebrows band wagon which changed the look of her face. Plus she has gotten older then she was when the show first started. I love the short hair on her in the end.

  14. Hope says:

    The vampire diaries was an amazing series and I fell in love with it I felt like I was apart of this family and i am sad to see it end, but it could not have ended better.

  15. I loved the finale. HOWEVER – I think it’s just stupid that the network didn’t give them a 2 hour finale! Julie and Kevin haven’t said anything specifically but have mentioned things to the effect of “we didn’t have the luxury of a 2 hour finale” and have talked about needing to cut scenes they loved to squeeze it into an hour show (which of course is actually 40ish minutes) so I read into this that they were a little annoyed. Then, Friday night, the network aired a one hour retrospective!!! So dumb, why couldn’t we have that extra hour to see a little more of our character’s futures? I read where one scene had to be cut about Damon proposing to Elena! Maybe we’ll get a director’s cut on a DVD?

  16. Adrienne says:

    I thought the finale was the perfect way to wrap up all 8 seasons. Gave us closure, and also the peace of mind knowing that everyone was at peace :)

  17. Red Snapper says:

    When I heard about The Vampire Diaries I was a little apprehensive. It was the Twilight era of vampires which I was not a fan of. The books were poorly written and the movies were mediocre. I grew up on Buffy and The Vampire Chronicles. Those were my kind of vampires. I thought TVD was going to be more Edward than Lestat. I was a huge Lost fan and thought Ian Somerhalder was great as Boone. So, when I saw that he was going to be in it I decided I would give it a shot. Much to my surprise, I loved it. I was immediately in love with Damon who was definitely more Lestat than Edward. I loved the brotherly bond between Stefan and Damon. The evolution of Caroline from mean girl to badass vampire was awesome. I don’t ship couples that often. Normally, I’m fine with whatever pairing with maybe a small preference for one or the other. This made me a shipper twice. I was rooting for Damon and Elena from the beginning and Caroline and Klaus pretty much as soon as they met. I’ve rewatched the show a couple of times. Once in 2011 when I was recovering from surgery and again in 2015 after I had my son. In a few years I’ll probably watch it again. I’ll hangout with the Salvatores like I hangout with the Winchesters, thank god for Netflix. I thought it was a good ending that gave us as much closure as they could while leaving the door open for more stories. It wasn’t the best show ever, some seasons were better than others, but I spent my twenties with these characters and I’ll remember them fondly.

  18. Laurie says:

    Wow…I love reading the comments of others who have loved this show as much as I have. My husband saw a preview for the show and said we should watch it. It started out as a way for us to wind down after a long day with our newly adopted son, a way to reconnect as a couple…those Thursday night ‘dates’ on the couch. I remember watching Season 1 finale and screaming at the tv when Katherine sliced John’s fingers off. TVD became my drug for getting though the week. I have stayed true to the show through it all….even dreadful season 5..I never ever stopped watching because of my love for this show. I think there’s something to be said about a show that moves you. I always knew that one day TVD would come to an end, but it’s still hard to accept. I thought the finale was extremely powerful, moving, and dreadfully painful to watch. I wept bitterly the last 20’s never easy to say goodbye. This show will forever be my favorite. #foreveryoursTVD

  19. Sharon says:

    Glad TVD changed your life, but it’s not Buffy. Not even in it’s league. I enjoyed it for what it was but people will barely remember it in 20 years

  20. Lauren Walter says:

    I have followed this show since it began 8 years ago. I’m so sad that it ended, but I feel that they ended the series in a good way. Of course there wasn’t a completely happy ending since Stefan died suddenly, but there was so much love presented in the episode that it outweighed the sad moments. I don’t think I have ever been so emotional from a finale. Watching the characters evolve was an experience I’m glad I was able to witness. I also changed so much in 8 years and I grew along with these characters as well. So thank you to the cast, producers, and writers for making this such a great show. I fell in love with it and will miss it!

  21. Mica says:

    I followed TVD since season 1. It’s a love story and yet about family. The show is consistent in showing “family first”. Characters continuously questioned what love they deserve and the show just tell them that you get the love that you deserved, but the love you’re destined to have. The ending is well-planned! It tries to tie lose ends and all. Thank you so much to the people who created this show!

    Lastly, i love stefan but i’m team damon since and until “hello brother”.

  22. nickid21 says:

    I read the book series so I was very excited when they were turned into a show. This show has meant so much to me over the years. Love, loss, heartache, TVD had it all. I lost my mom to cancer in 2005 so when Sheriff Forbes died in Season 6 it was all too real for me. It was by far the most real death for me to that point.
    I have been a Delena shipper from the very beginning. Elena was always drawn to Damon. If you really watch the show and open your mind to the relationship you will see it.
    Stefan finding Lexi meant so much to me! I was hoping that would happen!
    I was happy with the finale. It gave closure where it was needed and I love that it left the school storyline open!

  23. peterwdawson says:

    Always nice when a show you loves ends well. I can certainly think of some shows that seemed to end with an artistic whimper (Dexter comes to mind), and some that seemed to have perfect ones (Psych comes to mind). Still, love or hate the ending, the show got to end properly, no frustrating cancellation in the middle of a major development, no cliffhanger that will never be resolved… it just ended. Even that can be too much to ask for sometimes.

  24. Ccruz says:

    I don’t think they could have made a better ending! I did not fall in love with this show on day one like a lot of people I never even knew it was on till one day I saw it on Netflix and after streaming the first 4 seasons I was in love with the dynamic characters the beautiful story lines Stephens battle with the loving caring person he was and the other part of him the ripper! I felt that it related to a lot of people today with drug or alcohol problems how when he was the ripper he could do anything and not feel a thing but then when his humanity was back on he paid for his mistakes just wanting to never make those mistakes again! His love for his brother his love for Elena as much as I wanted that love to work watching were The Who was taking it with Damon made me see that she needed to be with Damon she made him the man he needed to evolve into inorder to find his peace someday I can go on and on about this show and how it changed my life but the important thing is that it did threw their strength and perseverance in the end they all got their happy ending maybe not right away but in the end and that’s all we could hope for out of life! Them showing Elena with her family and the true beating hearts of the show the brothers finally getting to be together in peace made this ending everything and more this TVD fan truly happy to see it come to the beautiful end it deserves!!! Thank you TVD and even tho you might not be on the CW anymore you will play on in my house threw Netflix lol see you soon I feel a 8 season bingwatch coming on lol

  25. Gift says:

    Marlin comes to mind, it didn’t end perfectly.

  26. Michael Scarn says:

    It was a good ending. An ending that the series deserved and I felt satisfied with everyone’s journey. However TVD isn’t going to have the longetivity like Buffy. Sorry but that show was way popular and much better! TVD was decent for 3 seasons but starting going downhill very fast.. it also lost viewers and the cult viewing isn’t as strong anymore… so this is the end.

  27. Cattleya says:

    I am just so sad to see the’s like an end to an era! I was a true twilight fan n that what got me intreasted in the show.the first season just draws u in .. All the characters r so good n each has a story to tell n u relate to it in some way or the other …Stephen n Elena they make u believe in love n its so romantic but when u see Damon n Elena you actually see the magic n u wanna feel that love that consumes them ..these last 8 yrs have been good n when ever I am down I put on the first season n it makes me feel good .thou I feel sad for Stephen I feel the final episode did justice to each character….

  28. Pauligirl says:

    Coming off the Twilight craze, I started watching The Vampire Diaries right from the start as it originally aired. In fact, I’m fairly certain I’ve continually watched this show longer than any other, and for so long, it was my absolute favorite. There are certain moments from this show that I know I’ll always remember.

    When it started, I was a freshmen in college, and it’s been with me through the ups and downs of figuring out what exactly I wanted to do with my life. I watched it through my undergrad years, my wandering 20-something years, graduate school and now it’s ending as I prepare for the tail end of my first year of teaching. It’s been my constant companion and comfort for an incredibly defining eight years, and it’s surreal to me that it’s over. As I sit here crying that it’s ended, I’m also incredibly grateful for having it in my life.

    As for the finale itself, I only finished watching it an hour ago, so it’s still quite fresh and I’m feeling many feels. Overall, I think I liked it and found it satisfying. I’m not sure how I feel about Stefan’s death and the “necessity” of it. More than anything I feel like Stefan’s death was about providing emotional levity to the episode, to which, I’ll say: mission accomplished. I’m also not sure how I feel about the Klaus letter. While I’ve always had a soft spot for Klaroline, I’ve always rooted for Stefan and Caroline more. I’m conflicted because while I appreciate the nod to Klaus, I was also slightly incredulous at its inclusion a mere 5 minutes after Stefan died on their wedding night.

    I agree with Andy. This show is eternal, and I’ll always remember it fondly. While I haven’t enjoyed the last two seasons as much, there was a time when this show was basically my life, and that’s how I’ll remember it.

  29. Ron says:

    I’ve been a Huge Fan since Middle school,when the show first Aired. I Know my comment might not be seen by any of the actors/actresses but just incase It does. I just want to take the time And Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making each and every episode something special. Pieces of me feel like I really know each and every actor personally and have grown to love. I truly feel as if I lost my Bestfriend. Over the course of the past 8 years (I’m tearing up writing this and I don’t cry) you all have given me something to look forward to in life, & now that it is over I can completely say beyond any doubt I am heart broken. Every character taught me something about myself as the years went by. And it is sad to say it’s over. Thank you so much for providing me with this. Genuinely from the bottom of my heart thank so so so much for being so great at what all you guys do. I’m really hoping to see some type of spinoff in the near future.

  30. Thanks for 8 seasons VD

  31. zed says:

    I am a huge fan of both Buffy and Angel shows. Buffyverse, to me are beyond eternal. Joss Whedon and Co. did a remarkable job. And although I love TVD- it doesn’t have that kind of eternal glow. I was pulled into TVD, because I love the gothic genre, and was really interested in all the main female characters, as well as the male ones, to see their growing up pains enveloped in the supernatueal world. TVD’s first three seasons were epic, but then it became a hot mess. Too many plot holes, changing mythology, really bad or no characterization left me disappointed. Why watch then at all, some would ask. I had hoped that there would be a freat turning point in season six- and then maybe at the very end, but it never happened. The show, nevertheless, had a collection of good moments that can stand on its own- Bamon was one of them. Big thank you to Ian and Kat for that, as well as Daniel Gillies and Nina Dobrev acting magic in all their Elena and Elijah Tatia and Elijah Katherine and Elijah scenes. All Klaroline scenes, Kol and Rebekah. They were amazing. To me those are the TV moments I will treasure. But all in all, TVD leaves with a legacy that shows a very messed up and toxic relationship bewtween a man and a woman, hence Delena. A selfish brother, here I mean Damon gets it all, the girl and a life, that he didn’t deserve. If Damon got it, then Stefan and Enzo deserved it as well. And people can argue that he has always been a better man- and that is fine, but Damon getting it all leaves a bitter taste and a message that selfish is the way to go. Buffy left a huge legacy behind for girls, women in general that they can do it all, that they have the inner power and can stand tall. Buffy is and remains a big role model for young girls .And again people can say that is what you got in Bonnie, but somehow, I feel it will be overshadowed by a toxic relationship Elena had, where she sends a message that a messy life is epic. Really, it is not. TVD went out showing that it is ok for one person, do bad things and never really pay for it and in the end get a reward.

  32. Jenn says:

    I was home pregnant. Feeling blah. Was channel surfing and there it was. 6 episodes in but i watched it, and that was that. I was hooked. I called my nieces and said “why havent you told me about this?”then they were hooked. Thank you tvd. Its been a fun ,almost, decade!

  33. Adrian says:

    Stefan didn’t had to die. Whatever the writers said about “Stefan being the one who forced Damon to become a vampire and then forcing him to become human blah blah” true, but that doesn’t means Stefan had to die for it. Stefan’s character was the only thing that kept me going through the show..through the entire 8 seasons, Stefan’s character was the main reason I kept watching TVD. To the writers, if you are reading this, you broke me into like a million pieces. And I am not annoyed or anything but you could have done better, Stefan could have lived.

    • Lydia says:

      Even the actor who played Stefan wanted the character to die as his final penance for apparently being the reason for all of Damon’s actions as vampire.

  34. Stacey says:

    I started from the get go, the S1 pilot many years ago sucked me in. I was very disappointed with season 7 and parts of this season, but I really liked the finale. So glad Bonnie lived and Klaroline is endgame!

  35. Euvee says:

    I think I was channel surfing when I came across TVD. I watched that episode then rushed online to binge watch previous episodes I’d missed. I didn’t regret it. I still don’t.

    Yes, I felt the 1st 3 seasons were the best and the show lost it’s way when it became Delena heavy BUT I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. Though it didn’t give me the Stelena and Bamon ending I wanted, it delivered on the emotional, gut wrenching finale I needed.

    Thank you to the creators, cast and crew of TVD, as well as the online community, for letting the teen in me experience the emotional journey called TVD. ❤❤❤

  36. Crystal Wooten says:

    Sad I want to know if Damion was going have kids and see if old girl hook up with Claus. I truly miss this show is was crying

  37. A. Spencer says:

    What I think we all need to understand about TVD, is that it was not only a love and loss story about a vampire and his human love. It was love story about family, between brothers, that’s the whole reason the story was even told. .I

  38. Crystal says:

    I had read the books when they first came out and had been a huge fan. As soon as I heard there was a tv series in development, I knew I was going to watch it before I even knew anything about it. The first few episodes threw me off cause of the differences from the books but I didn’t care (I usually do in these type of cases) cause the show was so good on its own. I watched each episode live until my work schedule changed so then I had to watch online the next day.

  39. Huda says:

    I will miss vampire diaries

  40. Taryn says:

    I would love to see Caroline on the next season of the originals!!!

  41. I had been watching TVD since the first episode. I loved Ian Somerhalder on Lost and he was the main appeal of the show to me. I also recognized Paul Wesley from his episodes of The OC! I absolutely loved the first season and was hooked! In 2010 I went to Comic Con in San Diego with the goal of seeing the panel. With so many people being in line for the ballroom already, I decided to see if I could get an autograph. It was the days of the horrendous WB autograph line and after spending an hour in a sea of TVD fans trying to get a spot in the line, I managed to be chosen to meet the cast. It is still one of the best moments of all of my Comic Con trips! TVD was thrilling, it was emotional, it was fun. There were so many twists and turns, plus it had so many good characters. While the last few seasons were not as good, I watched until the very end. I did enjoy most of the finale, but I do wish they had shown Damon and Elena’s life a little more, plus a reunion with Jeremy. I was sad it was Stefan that died, but loved seeing the letter from Klaus to Caroline. No series finale is perfect, but it managed to tie up story lines and show many familiar faces from past seasons. I did feel that it was time to end the show, mainly because it seemed they were out of stories to tell, but I will miss it. Thank gosh for Netflix! I will definitely be revisiting Mystic Falls this summer!

  42. ALEX says:

    The ending was just incredible ! I loved it and cried at it .. But still does not understand why Stefan injected Damon with the cure ! I mean he didn’t have to .. so can anyone tell me why ?

  43. I was disappointed. I wish instead of rehashing everything for the first hour they would have taken the full 2 hours and really ended it the way I am sure most fans wanted. With Damon and Elena being reconnected in a proper fashion vs. a rushed scene of them embracing. I can only speak for myself but I would have rather seen them get married than Stefan and Caroline. I would have loved to see more than a glimpse of Elena’s life but both of them together. Especially with both being human. And then it made me sad that when they passed they weren’t even together. Seemed so disconnected her with her family members which included her awful dad John and then Damon completely separate with Stefan in their corner of peace. Why couldn’t Elena and Damon have enjoyed peace together? Anyways, I am sad not to continue to follow their lives in Mystic Falls but I am so grateful to the writers and actors for taking me on this wonderful journey. Watching this show all these years with my oldest daughter has always been such an amazing bonding experience. Thank you :)

  44. Lydia says:

    I watched the pilot on its original air date and while I was mixed on pilot, I kept watching. It soon became must watch tv for me and later my sister. Every twist was rewarding and I was completely hooked until the 4th season and had to give up the show completely by the 5th. I don’t plan on watching the series finale knowing how it ends because there’s so much that I disagree with and the show I truly loved died so long ago that I’ve already made peace with it.

  45. Megan Chidester says:

    First and foremost… I haven’t watched the whole finale :(!! I know crazy, but I’ve read every spoiler out there and I just can’t seem to make it through the whole thing. In part I just don’t want it to end!! From day 1 I was hooked. The smoking hot cast made that part easy. And the amazing writing didn’t hurt either. I remember buying season 1-2 on DVD just to watch them again and try to pick up on things i had missed. I also remember getting friends hooked on the show (even my mom!) and them saying “oh Stefan all day!” And then me- “just you wait!!!”
    Coolest thing ever ably TVD would have to be; getting to live in SC for 2 years! I found out they filmed about 2 hours from my house and after some intense googling I found out how to submit to be a background extra! I ended up being in 8 episodes!!! Besides being in scenes with every character including the originals, Ian shook my hand and then held it while telling me some story about his ex who spelled her name different than mine so obviously my spelling was better! So random but OH so memorable!
    I’m truly so happy for that show and all of its cast and crew. Glad to see it last so long. I truly can not wait to see what’s to come :) <3

  46. Jo says:

    Did not like the ending I don’t get why Enzo had to die and once again Bonnie saves the day and she still gets short change you give us this wonderful love for it to end we never seen them in Paris…I was very disappointed

  47. nae says:

    What happend to Jeremy? he was Elena’s only family member left. Once he left and took off for college on that one episode it was like he disappeared. I figured once Elena woke up that Jeremy would be one of the first person she woke up to since that was her only family member left. They barely gave him apart at all in the last episode. Jeremy was one of the main characters. Vicky and her mother, had more of a role then Jeremy did and he was Elena’s brother.

  48. Jane says:

    Is it THAT tree on the photo? Haha Anyway, perfect ending, I couldn’t ask for more, but I understand not everyone is satisfied with the finale. So many ships and amazing characters, JP couldn’t make everyone happy. I love Klaroline, so even if she doesn’t appear on TO, I can imagine how her next few centuries will look like (I’ve been doing it for years lol) and then Klaus is over 1000-year-old, no reason why Caroline can’t go on and on. I’m glad that at the end, she chose her kids, and Alaric told her exactly what I’ve been thinking during the whole last season. No one needs her more than them right now. So school is a fitting next step for her, next… Who knows, there’s a whole world out there and she’s barely seen it

  49. The Vampire Diaries started out as the book series for me, like many of you on this board. And after losing my Buffy, I was dying for something I could sink my teeth into. And although the Series was very different than the books, it stood on it’s own. Even through the “ify” seasons. I think the finale did it justice. I know i may be in the minority here, but I feel it was one of the better series finales I have seen. What I think we all need to understand about TVD, is that it was not only a love and loss story about a vampire and his human love ( and all the collateral damage caused by this- more heartbreak and loss and all the love triangles). It was love story about family, between the brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore especially. That’s the whole reason the story was even told in the first place. It was about finally finding peace out of the crazy roller coaster called life and the afterlife. That’s why I think the ending did it justice. Stefan was always meant to be the hero. Flawed yes, but it was his desperate attempt to atone for all the wrong that he had done including turning his brother Damon into and onto a life he really never wanted. Sure, they both wanted “the girl”, but it was more than just about a girl, whether it was Katherine or Elena. Ultimately, I feel TVD was really a love letter between two brothers and it took a a group of living people, mystical or otherwise, to breathe life back into their souls. To bring them back together, even at the very end of Damon’s “very long life”, Stefan was there waiting for HIM. Because, that was their definition of peace… each other. “Damon”…”Hello, brother.” ( Another perspective as to why it is called The Vampire Diaries)

  50. JJLantern says:

    I came to the series late after seeing Ian in the documentary Generation Like on PBS (Air date: February 16, 2014). I remembered liking him as Boone in Lost, so I checked out TVD on Netflix and was hooked immediately. Like others, I binge watched every available episode. Then I got my girls into it and binged again. Then I got my husband on board and binged again. Not every season was perfect but TVD was still better than any other show I could find. No other regular series has it all like TVD does for the budget: the vast amount of content and twists per episode; great technical quality including lighting and sets; time allowed for close ups of the actors when sharing their emotions; amazing music choices; and, truly hot make out scenes. It proved a show can be PG and still have danger, emotion, sexual tension, intimacy, death, blood, peril, and adult family relationships all explored without blatant swearing, gore or nudity. (I think a quality PG version demands more of the writers and actors.) Plus, as a student of communications I found it interesting how social media factored into the success of the program.
    The writers of TVD could never please everyone and the mythology often had plot holes, but up until the end the quality of the dialogue was amazing, as was the acting. For example, Ian managed to make a serial killer endearing because he played him with such vulnerability. Lesser actors would have been a one-note bad guy. Ian realized Damon’s humor was a cover for his pain and his actions were actually based on human emotions. Paul also understood that as vampires they were fighting against their nature and, particularly in his case, fighting an extreme addiction. We could feel their pain.
    Clearly, I am a die-hard TVD fan and appreciate what Kevin and Julie birthed and the whole TVD extended family created together. I truly didn’t care if the end result was Delena, Stelena, Steroline, Bamon or something completely different. However, I did prefer relationships that developed over time and through obstacles, such as Dalaric and Denzo. I loved the passion of Delena but if Elena had died at the end of season 6 or even if they had turned the story back to Stelena, I probably would have been happier with the last two seasons. Instead, Damon was “stuck” waiting for Elena, not being able to develop any new relationships or storylines. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if Damon had been given more time with his BFF Bonnie or teamed up with his brother more often. Instead, the writers too often separated those actors who had the strongest chemistry.
    Fortunately, Bonnie got a great romance with Enzo and Bamon finally got a short but powerful reunion at the end of season 7. I did appreciate “I Went to the Woods” (7×17) which should have put an end to the Stefan/Damon drama. Unfortunately, as was often the case in the final years, the writers just kept reverting back to common themes like Stefan berating Damon for not being enough like him. It got very old. And I was disappointed that season 8 was built around a story that tore Damon away and made him hateful to people again. By then it seemed like a forced and trite scenario. At least they let him turn it all around in the end. But, as expected, if one brother got lighter the other had to get dark again, resulting in Stefan hurting Caroline once more. That was also getting old.
    Steroline breaking up and coming together repeatedly was what they did to Delena, only in this case there was no heat and it lacked purpose. One of the best things about TVD was the strong female characters so I wanted to scream when Caroline would simply forgive Stefan’s self-centeredness. Elena at least expected Damon to change. Stefan never put Caroline first or understood she needed him to express his belief in her and their relationship with words, just like Damon needed him to do. Fortunately for Stefan, just like Elena, a large part of Caroline’s strength was her capacity to forgive. Still, in the end, I am glad Caroline put her children first and I appreciate the episode where Damon was released from torment by forgiving Stefan.
    I do want to thank the writers for making forgiveness and redemption a central theme of the show. That was the part of season 8 I did like. It was powerful that Caroline was ultimately able to forgive Damon and even come to appreciate him. What Damon did to her was selfish, but based on his vampirism. The fantasy vehicle makes what happens from supernatural motivations different. One has to factor in compulsion and one’s humanity switch being off. Stefan’s selfishness with Caroline was not based on his vampirism but on human decisions and therefore should have been held to a higher standard. Caroline did that with an unsired Tyler when she told him he needed to choose her over revenge.
    The beautiful thing was that the writers understood that no character should be judged for one single choice and that everyone could find redemption if they wanted it. Katherine and Kai never showed remorse so it was right they didn’t find peace. Stefan’s penance was sacrificing his life to save people. Damon’s was to live each day as a human making the right choices.
    As you might guess by now, I am extremely disappointed in the finale. I know people will argue they were limited in by time with Nina so it couldn’t get much better. I disagree. So many important relationships got slighted just so Katherine could be seen again ever so briefly. If they had their heart set on Stefan sacrificing his life there were any number of storylines that could lead him there with another baddie. Not to mention that it made no sense they couldn’t just stab Kat and throw her in the hell-fire last minute. Or, Kat could have still shown up but only at the very point they are about to put her in hell. The writers could have done almost everything much earlier so that going into the final episode all the action without Nina already happened. As it was, too much was lacking or missed altogether.
    Primarily, I will forever be extremely disappointed and feel slighted for investing so long in the Delena relationship and getting so little out of their reunion. After all, Stefan had just scarified himself so that they might have a life together. How could Kevin and Julie imagine their fans would be satisfied without at least a glimpse into that life? This had been the most passionate couple on television and they barely got a few seconds for a quick kiss and hug? What we expected was an epic reunion, an epic wedding and a glimpse into their epic life together. What we got was NOT epic in any way. We didn’t need them to fall into bed together, just kiss a little longer and a close up of Damon’s happy face. We didn’t need the whole preparation and ceremony like with Caroline’s wedding, just them in wedding attire surrounded by their all their best friends. We didn’t need to see them into old age, just a simple shot of them in a house with children running past. They could have still ended with Elena writing in her diary. We actually deserved the longer version, but even a brief glimpse would have made a world of difference.
    Not just Delena, but almost everything in the finale was too rushed or didn’t make sense. Why, for example, would Bonnie wake Elena while Damon was saying goodbye to Stefan? Each took away from the other. After all the other epic funerals on TVD all Stefan got was a few people leaving stuff on a stump? No tears, no words, no comforting each other? Also, Bamon was so central to the show after Elena’s coma that she and Damon should have had some time together. A little bit of a dance didn’t cover all they were to each other. Plus, he never got a chance to talk with her about Enzo. Damon had also lost Enzo and needed back what he had with Alaric. Again, if there wasn’t time for dialogue at least we should have seen Damon hugging and crying with Bonnie and smiling while having a drink with Alaric. Both of which could have happened at Stefan’s funeral or Damon’s wedding.
    I think it showed a lack of respect for their fans that JP and KW did not plan enough ahead to make the finale the best it could be. I thought even the dialogue, pacing, and look of the finale was off. I was even disappointed in the song played for the Delena “barely there” reunion.
    I will be forever disappointed but do admit it could have been worse. And, at least I loved the final shot. It was especially fitting that it ended with Stefan and Damon reunited.
    Thankfully, my primary emotion regarding TVD will always be gratitude for the amazing amalgamation of talents which created and sustained my favorite show of all time.