Training Day Cancelled Season 2 CBS Bill Paxton

CBS Banishes Training Day to Saturdays

Training Day just got saddled with the TV equivalent of desk duty.

CBS’ freshman cop procedural is moving to Saturday nights at 9/8c, starting with the April 8 episode, and will remain there for its remaining seven episodes this season. Season 29 of returning reality staple The Amazing Race will take over Training Day‘s Thursdays-at-10 timeslot, beginning March 30. (CBS’ coverage of March Madness will preempt the Thursday night lineup for the next two weeks.)

It’s definitely bad news for anyone holding out hope for a second season of Training Day, which stars Bill Paxton and Justin Cornwell as mismatched cops in a reboot of the 2001 Denzel Washington-Ethan Hawke film. Ratings have been weak so far, with this week’s episode dipping to just 4 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating.

Plus, Paxton tragically passed away last month after complications from heart surgery — so if a Season 2 did happen, it would require a major revamp. (Paxton did finish filming in December, though, so the rest of Season 1 won’t be affected.)

Will you follow Training Day to Saturday nights? And does it deserve a Season 2? File a report in the comments.

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  1. Ray says:

    This is a good show it just really needs to be a TNT or USA show.

  2. Billy meacham says:

    Rush hour all over again.

  3. Wrstlgirl says:

    That just seems wrong. I know that it’s business but CBS couldn’t take one for the team.

    • Tyler says:

      I think “taking one for the team” was putting it on Saturdays to air it through instead of just canning it like Doubt. A sad, awkward situation all around though.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Yeah you’re right. It just seemed like an insult at first but now that I’ve thought about it I agree.

      • Dvyne says:

        Wait what, they cancelling Doubt?

        • Meg says:

          It was pulled after 2 episodes.

          • Another Poster says:

            Also, there is no plan to air the remaining episodes of Doubt, (that were already filmed), after it was cancelled. It came to a complete stop. Two episodes and through. At least the rest of Training Days’s episodes will air on Saturday.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            That is not the place for an “At least…” comment! It is the place for a “yet…” comment. The difference between the two makes no sense!! I watched a bit of a “Psych” repeat last night/this morning despite owning it all on DVD, but knowing it’s the only chance to see Dule’s work on a still-airing TV show! Much like “The Player” (with the “Chicago Justice” star), Dule may have filmed other episodes which continued or ended storylines we saw begin, & could film more! But no! CBS can’t just air them a different night (in place of “48 Hours” which could air whenever, “Big Brother 80” or “The Amazing Waste”)! They just vaporize all completed work as if the cast & crew are worthless!

          • Another Poster says:

            There is a big difference between Training Day and Doubt to most people.
            Dule Hill is alive and will almost certainly continue to find work as a talented actor; on television, in the movies, and in the theater.
            Bill Paxton is Dead and after Training Day, he will next be seen on the In Memorium segment of the Emmys.
            CBS is giving Bill Paxton a sendoff by airing the remaining episodes of Training Day instead of just ending low rated series.
            Doubt had terrible ratings and lousy reviews. I watched the show and it was beneath the talents of everyone associated with it, in front and in back of the camera. I am surprised it even got aired in the first place.
            Almost no one cares what happened on Doubt after it was cancelled.
            If they put out a press releases stating what happened on the episodes after it was cancelled, most people would say they have no interest in it.

            Television is a business, and Doubt added nothing of significance to CBS balance sheet.
            Training Day didn’t make much money for CBS, however, CBS is showing Bill Paxton, and his fans, the respect they deserve by airing the last episodes of the series.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            That is FAR from truth or good reasoning.

            For one thing, while it is undeniable Paxton is dead & Hill alive, you can no more be assured that Dule will continue to find good work (at least not on TV) than you can that a new character in place of Paxton’s will equal as good of a character or partnership. (Think about regular jobs: Having decently-supported shows like “Psych” & “West Wing” on his resume is helpful, but not a show that was ended that quickly, especially when networks are offering shows online & on-demand seemingly instantly!)

            Also, everything you say about “Doubt” beyond that is presented as fact, but is truly your own opinion & entirely-unproven speculation about what might happen in future cases of things that may never happen! (If only we could place polls on sites to ban your account for such things, which none of we fellow fans deserve!)

          • Another Poster says:

            Facts about Doubt: It’s premier episode got a 0.8 demo and 5.3 total viewers. Those numbers are terrible for a CBS show. It’s second and last episode got a 0.6 demo and 4 million viewers! The show started low and was headed downward when it was cancelled.
            A repeat episode of Bull in the same time slot got a 0.7 demo and 4.08 total viewers.
            Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders then got a 0.7 demo and 3.98 total viewers.
            CBS got rid of a program which did not get enough viewers to watch and the critics did not like.
            ABC also got rid of Of Kings and Prophets after two weeks when it got ratings similar to Doubt.
            Almost any other network would have done the same thing to Doubt that CBS did.

            There are plenty of actors who were in programs that were cancelled quickly who then went on to find quality work afterwards. No one is going to say Dule Hill is the reason Doubt was cancelled. The show got mediocre reviews. He did not. No one is going to say he was the reason it was cancelled and hold it against him.

    • Gospino says:

      What’s wrong about it? The episodes will still air. The show was performing poorly all along and never looked like being renewed. Fans should be grateful that CBS is airing the remaining episodes rather than just shelving them.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Completely missed the point.

        • tjchurch2001 says:

          Would agree, if I thought there was one. Most articles mentioning the show (before, circa, or after Paxton’s death) admitted it got middling reviews, with much of the positive going to Paxton’s work… So why not put this out (ala “Firefly” & The like, perhaps also doing so with “Doubt”) on a “The Complete Series” DVD… We all know there will be no Season 2 for either.

          • Tim Cook says:

            I think it needs another chance,rev it up a little

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            This show does not get “revved up” anymore. (Think that’s what they were already attempting in the first season adding that other long-haired guy featured in this week’s & his female partner, not to mention the second group that turned on the people “Craig” & Paxton met a few weeks back.) Specially not w/o Pax or someone with equally-good delivery for those snappy lines.

          • Jay Lawrence says:

            You mean Drew Van Acker, that’s the long haired guy and he has a huge following from Pretty Little Liars. Which the show had a poor advertising campaign and missed out on the 18-35 democratic. Katrina Law and Drew Van Acker, Marianne Jean Baptistery and Julie Benz were ever seen in interviews or part of the advertising campaign. Big mistake

    • Linda ACEVEDO says:

      So true!!

  4. tjchurch2001 says:

    This week, I of course knew (without being shown) he had died. However, perhaps due to that, his wisecracks were perhaps the only “watchable” part of the show. (Found myself making a random, unrelated remark, which led to a cover song I wrote during rest of the show.)

  5. GuessWhat says:

    Confused by THE AMAZING RACE update. Was supposed to come back for a 2-hour season premiere in April. And stay on Friday, correct? So it’s starting earlier in March — but now just an hour for premiere? And staying in that awful 10pm time slot on Thursday?

    • KLS says:

      It’s easy to combine/split episodes of TAR. The mild and surprising success of MacGyver on Fridays @8 pushed TAR’s start to April, The collapse of many of CBS’s lineup has enabled them to air it sooner than later. As far as the timeslot, their isn’t much competition (all 3 networks are weak here) so it might not be too bad. TAR is really an 8pm show, but there few slots left. This may, however signify that this may be it’s last run.

    • dan says:

      TAR on Thursdays at 10:00 pm? Now I’m convinced this will be its last season. Or it’ll become a summer show just like season one.

  6. Lucille de la Chevrotiere says:

    yes, I will continue to watch Training Day on Saturdays. Bill Paxton was a great actor. I hope that the story line could continue for a second season. I would also continue to watch it. Thanks again.

  7. Bobbie a says:

    Adam Baldwin would be an awesome replacement on trading da

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Maybe as a new character with a different job. (Not Rourke or Craig’s new “trainer”.) But neither actor CBS lost in 2017 season should have their character recast.

  8. Julie K says:

    I will follow TD to Saturdays. I like the show, the actors and I want to savor the remaining shows with the incredible Bill Paxton.

  9. analog says:

    What about Doubt??? Summer perhaps?

  10. Tracy Roketta says:

    I’ll follow it – I like the show, so might as well watch all the episodes until it gets cancelled.

  11. carolyn says:

    I will continue watching. Bill Paxton made the series. So I wouldn’t recommend a second season.

  12. Beverly Langford says:

    you bet

  13. Rebecca says:

    Love it!! Wouldn’t be the same without Paxton though.

  14. Kevin Tran says:

    Training Day moving from Thursdays to Saturdays is not looking good at all and I have a feeling it’s “one and done”.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Angel From Hell and Rush Hour last season being examples of shows CBS moved to Saturdays which were one and done.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Actually, “Angel” got 2 separate starts at the network before they finally put it to rest.

        I don’t think there is any disrespect to Bill intended here. Think about it: The show will end the same year & season he did.

    • Kim says:

      I am so glad to see that the remaining episodes of Training Day are being released,and it doesn’t matter if it’s CBC,ATV, or whoever.Bill Paxton was a great actor,and seriously people does it really matter if it’s Thursday or Saturday????

  15. That SUCKS!!!! Now I will not get to see it. If Bill Paxton had not died, they would not do this to him. How disrespectful of them for doing this.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Moving the show to a different night is proof this living would not have affected them making the move… Since he’s dead but show was done filming season, is no reason to air rest of episodes they’d made at all.

    • Kim says:

      I don’t understand what your trying to say? What is so disrespectful?

  16. Eric H says:

    I’ve enjoyed the show but can see why it’s not doing all that well. It doesn’t share the same edge and grit as the original movie so it feels like it’s playing safe most of the time, like CBS’ other procedurals. This show probably would have been better suited on a cable network like TBS or FX.

  17. Chereen Wilkins says:

    I love this show so far but Bill was one of the very reason I did. I’d have to see who they would replace him with.
    I will definitely watch it on Saturdays for the rest of the season

  18. carol701 says:

    Yes love the show all the best shows get cancelled. Show would not be the same without Bill Paxton.

  19. Imzadi says:

    I only looked at this because of Julie Benz, whom I have liked since she first showed up as Darla the vampire on Buffy and Angel. Even she wasn’t enough to make me watch a second episode.

  20. MMD says:

    Wow, way for CBS to show lack of respect for Bill Paxton. At least they’re airing the rest of the season. At least he won’t be recast just like Miguel Ferrer won’t be recast.

  21. Pete says:

    There’s got to be a way to start a season 2 with bill Paxton’s character being in a plane crash and surviving and have a complete major body transformation and getting another star to replace him

  22. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    Sort of what CBS did with Angel From Hell last season.

  23. Gin says:


  24. haldrey says:

    Indeed I will and it will make a good companion to Ransom and I agree that this show should be in TNT or USA, let CBS stay with the not so reality realities shows.

  25. Michelle Gratton says:

    Yes it does it’s a great show but wonder what they’ll do about one of the main guys dying so he can’t come back all they can do is replace him or have him end up in jail and the season to opener the team hear he’s been murder and his partner thinks it’s by the same person who killed his dad etc

  26. gary l harms says:

    Wow….subtle way to announce a cancellation. Why not just schedule it for 3:00 a.m. too and say this was Bill Paxton’s favorite hour.

  27. Lana Gratton says:

    I would love for training day to continue even though they would have to recast …it is a great show and I llook forward to it ….please keep it

  28. Victoria Roberts says:

    Training day is a awesome show, Bill Paxon rocks, Will follow it to Saturday,,

  29. larc919 says:

    Not the equivalent of desk duty, but the equivalent of Hospice. It’s where shows go to die.

  30. Jay Lawrence says:

    Love this show every episode gets better. Definitely will be watching. I hope there is a Season 2. The show has so much potential and the storyline could go so many directions the audience would never thought.

  31. Carl Streim says:

    true the show will miss Paxton I think it needs another run even if it is on Saturday there are people that stay home that night and do enjoy a good police drama

  32. I didn’t know CBS had any new shows on Saturday.

  33. Rita says:

    Enjoyed the show ,hope it’s given a chance.

  34. I think this training day is every bit as good as the movie, perhaps better with the twist of who is training who. Sad that Paxton is gone. I don’t know off hand who could replace him.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      The twist, if anything, makes the show worse… Or at least no connection plot-wise to the film. That is why if they had to make it a TV show (why do it, let alone now, after they vut “Rush Hour” short), they should have given it a different name, & toned-down the connections to the prior movie (including making the director an exec. producer, though I did notice his movie-star wife was a guest star around the time Paxton died).

  35. popeye013 says:

    How utterly tasteless of CBS to do that!

  36. Leanne says:

    great show. I would like to see them carry it on. It was a sad day when we lost Bill Paxton and his shoes would be hard to fill but its a really good show. Its so much better than Amazing Race, put that on Saturdays..Looks like CBS is just trying to kill it. you would think with the ratings they would want to keep a winner..GUESS NOT

  37. Lawrence Kerr says:

    Yes we would watch a second season. We think it’s one of the best . Please try to keep it on. Great story line

  38. sarah van says:

    I really enjoyed the show. I think it’s a shame CBS doesn’t let the last episodes air in their regular time slot. All moving it will do is confuse fans who miss that it’s been moved. Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten a second season anyway. But CBS could have been a little more
    respectful and left it on Thursday nights. Bill Paxton was a wonderful actor.

  39. Chappy says:

    One of my favorite new shows. I realize Paxton has passed, but this show is amazing. Lots of action, smartass comments, and good old fashioned police drama. Keep it alive please.

  40. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Nice memorial to Bill Paxton, Moonves. Really shows a lot of heart.

  41. Angie T says:

    My has been and I love this new show it’s the only movie remake that we actually like together. Of course Bill Paxton does make the show we will definitely watch it on Saturdays we record it since it’s on so late. It would be nice to see the show continue for a second season but they would have to get another actor with the same comedic skills as Bill Paxton as a new character not replacing him.

  42. Diana Laffoon says:

    I will watch it on Saturday night. I think it is a very good show.

  43. Angela Livingston says:

    I love this the show and y husband too I’d sad to cancelled the show and put dummy instead

  44. Michelle says:

    I love this show and will follow it when ever it it aired!

  45. D says:

    Retool the show keep the cast. It is well written, will continue to watch. Will miss Bill Paxton, but, show is good. 😁

  46. J.R. says:

    I’d like to see a season 2. I like some Bill Paxton’s past works. I think it could work with someone new. If the storyline were to change at Season 1’s finish with a story of his heroic or questionable death (the later keeping his character’s nemory in the show…). Come Season 2 .. introduce the new lead. Pissibly something cheesy like an old friend.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      Agreed, but it’s doubtful it doesn’t. Unlike Miguel’s death for “NCIS”, they didn’t know this one would happen when it finished taping months ago. (Shows don’t even now when writers & directors might die, but we can’t have all-Dracula casts returning from deaths at the start of every new season… Except maybe “The Good Place”!)

  47. Bill Hay says:

    I think it is one of the best new shows of the year. I’ll miss it, but it is hard for me to think it would go on without Bill Paxton. He made the show along with a great cast, but he led the parade.


    Its has a great story line sad Bill Paxton passed need to find the right replacement

  49. Linda ACEVEDO says:

    Absolutely the best new show this year by far! Shocked and saddened by Bill ‘S death , it just feels so surreal watching, but I can’t get enough of TRAINING DAY! I can’t wait to at least see the last 7 episodes, please don’t cancel it😔

  50. Linda ACEVEDO says:

    On 2nd show on CBS worthwatch , the first being BLUE BLOODS . Wake up CBS RETHINK THE CANCELATION OF TRAINING DAY