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The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale: EP Defends [Spoiler]'s 'Necessary' Death, Explains the Rules of TVD's Afterlife

The exact definition of “death” has shifted during the course of The Vampire Diaries‘ eight seasons, and in Friday’s series finale, it took on yet another meaning.

As you know from watching the episode — and if you didn’t, you should probably stop reading right about now — the big foreshadowed death was none other than Stefan Salvatore, who sacrificed himself to send Katherine back to hell and save Mystic Falls.

Below, executive producer Julie Plec explains the thought process behind Stefan’s death, as well as what heaven (or “peace”) means in the world of The Vampire Diaries:

TVLINE | Before we get into specifics, why did anyone have to die?
It’s a lesson I learned early on from Kevin Williamson, which is that these kinds of stories really need to have life-or-death stakes, and no one will believe your death stakes if no one actually dies. It’s a lesson I’ve taken many liberties with over the years — including in this finale, since we see [Stefan] at peace after he dies — but it’s true when you’re making big moves, bringing characters full circle and finding closure for everyone. Closure comes as much in saying goodbye as it does in moving on. It felt necessary.

TVLINE | At any point, were you like, “We can’t do this to Stefan”? He and Caroline just got married.
Stefan was not No. 1 on the chopping block right away, because of that reason. We thought it was just so cruel. But when we landed on the idea of Caroline needing to leave him behind in honor of protecting her family, and then him needing to leave her behind in honor of protecting his, it felt somehow like the responsible outcome of a responsible relationship.

TVLINE | I also have some questions about that heavenly plane at the end…

TVLINE | Is that how we should refer to it?
For me, yes. Even as we called hell “Hell” this year, for me, it was always hell in quotation marks. It was The Vampire Diaries‘ representation of what hell must be like. For me, “peace” is The Vampire Diaries’ representation of what the afterlife might look like.

TVLINE | The way Matt said, “I think she found peace — somehow it feels like she did” has me wondering: Is it real, or is it just what they hope will be waiting for them after death?
That’s open to your own interpretation, probably in the same way we all interpret heaven. Is it something that we feel, and is believing that it exists when we die enough? Or does it actually exist? Or do we not believe in it at all? Is our peace just ultimate closure before we pass? It’s not the hardest philosophical question ever posed on television, but it is nice to gently ask that question: What does peace mean to you?

TVLINE | And what happens when exes bump into each other in “peace”?
[Laughs] It depends on what role they’re still meant to play in each other’s life. In my perfect peace, there might be a few exes missing.

TVLINE | For example, what happens when Alaric bumps into Jo and Jenna?
Oh, God, yes! Awkward. A love triangle in the afterlife.

TVLINE | It also kind of looked like Damon and Elena were separated at peace. Does each individual person have their own little world there?
You can ask yourself the question: Is peace an individual experience, or is it a shared energy? If Elena’s first moment at peace is being reunited with the family she lost that kickstarted this whole journey for her, maybe they all meet up at the drive-in for milkshakes with the Salvatores and anyone else who’s around, and they’ll all watch Scream on the big screen. Or maybe, after a life that’s lived in full, peace is about finding closure with those we’ve lost.

How do you feel about Stefan’s (and pretty much everyone else’s) death? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Joan says:

    This is crap! I can’t believe they did this to Stefan! Worst finale ever. I knew these writers would cater to Dullena fans and as always Stefan got the short end of the stick. The sickness of Damon and Delena won and it’s shocking. This is horrible. I feel sick.

    • Dave says:

      Hopefully a medic can help you out.

      • Vanessa Maharaj says:

        Lol! Yeah, she really needs a medic to help her out!

      • Sara says:

        She needs a medic because she can’t believe the crappy ending Plec served? Whatever Dave. Maybe Plec needs to go back to writing 101. As soon as KW left the show went down hill and it was all due to Plec’s inadequacy. If you’ve looked at other KW interviews he has said in as nicest terms as possible that he’s had to reel Plec back from terrible ideas and that he’s fought with her about how story lines should go and he’s said that he was tired of fighting.

        • jessica says:

          I agree. Huge problems with the writing. There was a big plot hole in the season finale. Silas drained the cure out of Katherine in season 5 and she aged rapidly and died because of that. So when Stefan was in the high school after he died and he spoke to Elena he said he would have died anyway because he withdrew some of his blood with the cure in it to give to Damon. It was hardly any blood at all. It looked to be between 5 and 10ml he withdrew yet a few episodes earlier he was shot in the forest by the guy who worked with Alaric and was nearly dead from loss of blood {The cure bleeding out of him] and he didn’t age rapidly and die then. Totally inconsistent storyline. I think the first four seasons of TVD were the best. After that, the energy of the show changed and I don’t blame Delena for that. The show changed because first of all the writers killed off too many well known characters in mystic falls like Aunt Gemma, Tyler’s mum the mayor, Liz the sherrif and I think those characters gave the town of mystic falls structure and helped give the show a sense of community. So another reason the show went downhill was because the Mikaelsons left the series after being in it for seasons 2, 3 and four. They are compelling actors and TVD was great viewing when they were in it. Their characters brought a lot to the show. It’s great they have their own spin off show and The Originals is heaps better then TVD. It’s a lot less sappy but I think the writers should have kept everyone on TVD and not even made the spin off. Also Bonnie was really boring without her powers. The writers should have given her powers back ages ago and Stefan didn’t have to die he could have knifed Katherine, thrown her into the hellfire and jumped into the nook in the tunnel where Damon was. I mean it’s great he caught up with Lexi but did he just drive in the red car around America with Lexi in the afterlife for 80 years until he was reunited with Damon. He would have been sad and isolated and missed his buddies/family. That is not a happy ending for Stefan. Also Damon would constantly be reminded that the day Elena woke up was the day Stefan died which is not a happy reunion and what if he needed surgery or a blood test if he got sick according to the above mentioned plot hole wouldn’t taking 10ml of his blood cause his rapid aging and death. So are we to believe that Damon got sick in old age and never had a blood test? I think i am speculating too much. The writers should have ended the show in the present that way they could leave the door open for a TVD movie. The whole reunion in the afterlife was unneccessery. especially the way Damon and Elena hadn’t aged at all.

          • jessica says:

            Also I forgot to mention the whole weird Vicki Donovan thing the way she was so selfish and quite willing to burn her brother Matt and her own father in the hellfire even though they wanted to see her one last time. She was a psycho who wanted to kill her family members to get out of hell and that was not a happy ending for Matt or his father as they would remember that for the rest of their lives but the writers tried to spin it that it was some sort of reunion. Also Damon and Elena had no chemistry. Damon could have acted happier to see her they are actors who were being paid to act after all. Was his wife on set jealously watching their scenes as Nina /Elena acted well but Ian Somerhadler didn’t make it very convincing. Their long awaited reunion fell flat. I think they had about one minute of screen time together as Damon and Elena. The show needed a 2 hour finale to go deeper into the scenes.

    • Loren says:

      Yeah, they’ve certainly turned this show into the Dullena Diaries. After this series/finale whatever they want to call it (yep, I watched it because it is hopefully it’s the last) Stefan and his sister Caroline were still creepy as he ll. It was nice seeing everyone from when this show USED to be hot.
      I can honestly say that Ian and Nina have zero chemistry now. They were literally laughable when they reunited.
      Sad this show went from #1 in seasons 1, 2 and 3 to failing for the rest of the seasons to an absolute FAIL series finale

    • LOL says:

      That was the worst series finale I’ve ever seen. I’m LMAO, that was terrible. 8 seasons and this is how they ended it? LOL I think a fan fiction writer could do better. wow

    • Jason says:

      Stefan and Elena are both alright with moving on from one another, so you should be to. They’re still friends who love each other and it all seems pretty healthy to me. Plus, the afterlife looked pretty swell. Mystic Falls minus the misery. It’s been years since the Stelena ship took it’s final bow, but people won’t let go. Stefan and Elena found their true loves elsewhere, so nobody really lost. Yeah, Stefan died, but he’s waiting for Caroline. And it’s hard to say how time passes in their realm, so it might not seem like that long of a wait to him. If the characters I love are satisfied, then so am I.

      • gongjumamajade says:

        That’s because they were written that way. It’s not common practice for people to remain buddy buddy after banging your brother. Come on. That’s like saying marshmellow on pizza is great because you ate it one time and you liked it. It’s not for everybody.

        • Jason says:

          Of course it’s written that way…that’s how tv shows work! Nothing about these characters’ lives is remotely comparable to real life. Unless you have a Doppleganger who used to date your immortal boyfriend, common is sort of the literal opposite to their experience. Obviously the writers had differing opinions about the matter than you, but they’re the ones getting paid, so it’s their prerogative. Lucky for me, I agreed with their larger direction (even if some smaller elements annoyed me). I’m sorry they didn’t conform to your views, but all I can say is, if you want a story done your way, you’ve got to do it yourself.

      • MAri says:

        I would let go of Stelena if Ian and Nina had at least a little bit of chemistry between them.. But no.. they are still dull as hell. I wanted them to be together long time ago when they looked at each other and there were sparks.. But now they obviously despise each other. And it shows…
        The scene where Elena says good bye to Stefan is 100% more emotional when all the following Damon/Elena scenes…

        • DeAnna says:

          Nina and ian dont hate each other there still friends he and nina and nikki all sorted out the fan rumores so there is no hate.

          • Jennyxy says:

            I agreed that they’re civil at least, maybe friends. But it still felt stiff, definitely lacked that old spark. Elena has always felt dull to me though, which is weird because she played Katherine like a boss

    • Gift says:

      oh come-on, I feel hurt too but it ended better than we expected.

    • Gift says:

      oh come on, I feel hurt too but it ended better than we expected.

    • Vamp says:

      Ditto! It sucked! It felt rushed and Delena was THE WORST, so awkward and forced. You can tell Nina and Ian hate each other’s guts lol. Poor Stefan and Katherine deserved better let’s be clear about that too. Also: Nina’s wigs wtf. Anyway, I loved TVD since day one but the ending sucked badly-ish. I still kinda liked it.

    • crystal d saiz says:

      I loved Caroline with Tyler but I’m not whining about their break up years later. Lol. It was always supposed to be Damon with Elena. If you really watched their interactions from the beginning you would have seen it. Im glad Elena was mia the past few seasons although I’m happy her and Damon ended up together. Caroline needs to be with Klaus. I hope it goes that way! The Bonnie and Enzo romance was epic. And I have enjoyed the past few seasons not being about one girl and her drama. Rather all the people we have came to know and love. What’s dull is Stefan, watching him and is hero hair was a snooze fest!! #delena for the win

  2. Dem says:

    Good, yes, fine, you know, nice and all, but let’s talk about the letter Klaus sent to Caroline which had the last phrase be ‘However long it takes’. Let’s talk about that now, considering Caroline is seriously the only one left alive after the finale.

    • Guy says:

      Considering Joseph Morgan has joined a new show… 🐸☕️

      • Ella says:

        Not a good sign but not neccessarily a TO death notice. Pilots are a mess because so many don’t get picked up, sometimes actors are cast for multiple ones and they have an A and B option. It’s the same for actors in shows trying for new work, their contract is their A option, new show the B.

      • M says:

        Sometimes people just appear in a pilot without any intention of continuing… just a thought.

      • Actually he’s not joining a new show. He was just sitting in reading lines to help them out for people that weren’t available. There’s an article about it if you google.

    • Jennifer H says:

      With Cammie dying, there’s no love interest for him. It leaves the door open for the upcoming (or possibly future) season of The Originals. I think it was a brilliant plan, considering the chemistry between Klaus and Caroline.

      And considering everything that had to be fit into 40 minutes of screen time, I think the finale was perfect. You can’t make everyone happy, but at least we got to revisit so many of the old characters. It was a beautiful and emotionally fulfilling ending.

    • Stacey says:

      Klaus and Caroline are endgame, so happy about that and that Bonnie stayed alive!

    • Katrina says:

      My very favorite part of the finale for sure!

    • Cathie says:

      Many of us want Cami back, not Caroline.

  3. Hugo says:

    No, but honestly… why was Jeremy left out of the Gilbert family reunion? That felt insulting and belittling to the character. Steven was in the episode, so… what gives? Are we to understand Elena hates Jer that much?

    • Ken says:

      They were all dead, he was not…so I took it as she was finding peace with the family members that have died. Jeremy had not died yet.

    • BrightLight says:

      I just assumed it meant Elena died before Jeremy.

    • Courtney says:

      Elena had passed away and was then reunited with her family. We are to assume that Jeremy is still alive, which makes sense since he was younger.

    • Jo says:

      I think they left Jeremy out of the family reunion because they showed him at the school with Alaric and Caroline so that means they might still have storylines for him in the originals. They have to leave it open ended for anyone who is switching over to the originals.

      • Angela says:


  4. A. D. says:

    Epic ending…loved it all!

  5. Harris says:

    can someone explain Jenna, Uncle John and Elena’s parents being there?

  6. Mike says:

    Breaking News Joseph Morgan Joins FOX’s ‘X-Men’ TV Show; Series Title Revealed this doesn’t look good for the originals getting renewed

    • Jo says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Daniel Gilles worked on saving hope and the originals for 4 years. He did 22 episodes of the originals and 18 episodes of saving hope every year as well as sustaining a happy marriage and raising 2 young children. Joseph Morgan could very easily do both. And with the lead in to a new story for Caroline and Klaus they will Have to give the fans a storyline with them before the originals ends.

      • Ari says:

        No they don’t have to give the fans a storyline about Caroline and Klaus. Caroline has made it very clear that she hates Klaus. He deserves better than someone that comes sniffing around him just because nobody else can stand her. I’d rather have The Originals end this season than get another one where they bring Caroline over.

    • Gospino says:

      Just to clarify, a few sources reported that he has joined that show, but since then, it’s been told that this info is not true, he was just filling in for another actor at a read-through. So he does not have a new show at this point.

  7. Michelle says:

    Stefan deserved better. Period. I should have expected it to end this way because I’m used to Julie Plec ruining shows (shout out to Kyle Xy). But having Stefan sacrificing his life for DAMON. Who has killed many of friends and family was ridiculous. Damon should of sacrificed his evil ass. Elena and Stefan should of been able to live full human lives. Either together or apart. Just terrible.

    I did like Bonnie getting her moment. Seeing Lexi again (remember when Damon killed her?), and seeing Aunt Jenna. That was nice. Oh and getting Caroline on The Originals will make the show better. Other than that…such a shame for the show to end that way.

  8. Again one word EPIC!!!!!!

  9. jerrired says:

    Okay first off I want to say I thought the finale was okay UNTIL they got to Stefan’s death. I 100 percent expected it, and how it played out. What annoyed me was how he went to Elena and told her that Damon was ‘the better man’ that was such a disrespectful end to Stefan. Second, I am not a Klaroline fan, I actually used to be pretty anti-KC but now I’ve become neutral to it, but I have to say if the show was just going to have Caroline and Klaus be endgame, they should have spent more time through the seasons giving the KC fans that, instead of kind of ending with something to bait them to watch The Originals to see how it’ll eventually play out. Idk why they even bothered building up Steroline just to crush it in the end. I am, happy, however that Bonnie lived. And the part with all the Bennett witches was the best part of the entire ep. Katherine was also underused. She was basically dead most of ep.

    • jerrired says:

      Oh yeah Stefan seeing Lexi again was also a great part, and seeing all the dead watch over the living.

    • Ella says:

      JP gave an interview today where she said she would have circled back to SE if Nina hadn’t left. I’m pretty sure SC was her only option because the show was so romance centric. I’m also so happy about Bonnie! Agreed about the Bennett witches and I’m so happy she got out of MF.

    • Jason says:

      I’m a huge Steroline fan and I have no problem with how it ended. Caroline says “we’ll see him again” and Elena passes the message that he’ll love her forever. Even if it takes a few centuries, they’ll be together. In the mean time, she can have some fun with Klaus. It won’t be an eternal love, but I think they’ll both be aware of that going in. And knowing Klaus, he’ll screw it up anyway. The afterlife is represented as the true endgame. Even for the immortals, that day will likely arrive.

    • Kayla says:

      Yeah, Stefan saying Damon was the better man pissed me off too. It was his death, his moment why have him belittle himself? It reminded me of Laurel’s death scene in Arrow where she was telling her ex-boyfriend to be happy with Felicity. Really! He could have said anything else and I would have accepted it but that was ridiculous. Also, I found Ian really awkward in his performance this entire episode.

      • jerrired says:

        Right? I hate when show’s make someone’s death about a ship! That was the worst way to end Stefan. Yeah Ian was kind of awkward these final two eps for me. Didn’t feel geunine, unfortunately.

  10. I was a fan of Stefan and Elena. Damon was such a douche. If anyone should’ve died and sacrifice their life it should’ve been him. The ending was ok.

  11. Dave says:

    Epic finale. Loved every second.

  12. Che says:

    Elena and Damon must of died a couple days, weeks, or months later cause they look pretty young.

    • Mari says:

      Okay so the ending was alright. I believe Elena and Damon are still alive now. There just hinting to the future that when they die they made it to redemption. So living there life to the fullest and just being in the moment would make them see there loved ones when they died . It showed them young because that’s how their loved ones saw them before they died. I just wish they would of showed Elena and Damon getting married with kids. Possibly naming one Stefan who could be a hunter. Showing Bonnie and Matt with a family of there own . Showing Bonnie as a teachers and Caroline’s girls a little older. Also how could damon and Elena have a happy life if they have the cure? Doesn’t Damon have enemies? Wouldn’t klaus or his enemies reach out to them? Wouldn’t elenas and Damon’s children’s been in danger? Isn’t stefans journal wondering around for anyone’s eyes to see? Like Caroline’s girls or Damon’s and elenas kids? In all honestly doesn’t matter who Elena ends up with . She has the cure it’s something people would go after her for and she looks like Katherine. Plus her kids could have the cure.

      • JG says:

        The cure is in Damon though. But we’ll never see how it really works out for him (pretty sure they lived a long happy life anyway), except if The Originals hint something .

      • Christina says:

        I agree. I really wanted to see a more closer look at what Damon and Elena’s human life looked like. Kids .. marriage etc.. it was all pretty much brushed over .. even the reuniting was lack luster.. no fireworks and passion like all their memorable moments in seasons past. Grabbing hands and walking off seemed so… not them..

  13. Michelle says:

    If you watched every season then you most likely loved the ending like I did. It showed every element of who we are as humans. Even being a vampire doesn’t let you escape the trappings of love, family, honor, sacrifice and all the other things that we experience through life. I feel the series did a great job of showing that life is messy and complicated and just plain HARD. We all need to look for those moments to tell someone we love them, help someone in need, be a better friend or brother or sister because in the end it’s all we really have.

  14. Julia says:

    This show sucks. I regret ever watching it.

  15. Fran says:

    I checked out of this show long ago but came back for the last season. The finale was….pretty much what I expected. I was fine with Stefan dying but honestly felt Damon should have died with him. They’ve both caused so much death and destruction. Damon did not deserve to live a happy human life with Elena in my opinion. But the show made it pretty clear that it was going to be those two together no matter what history they had to rewrite to do so…so it wasn’t surprising at all. Stefan and Caroline were never a big epic romance to me so I didn’t like that so much of that was the focus before Stefan’s death. I did like seeing him with Lexie again and I appreciated the end scene with Damon and Stefan reuniting. The brothers relationship was always the best part of the show for me. I still mourn all the storylines that could have been and miss what the show used to be. I’ll always rewatch and love the first 3 seasons.

  16. florisita says:

    I admit this show has angered me after season 3 and I still stuck with it. However, I thought the finale was fine. You can’t please everyone.

  17. Cynthia Judge says:

    Just saw last finale episode. Loved seeing Nina Dobrev as Katherine and Elena and Stefan so loyal and devoted to the end.

  18. amanda duval says:

    Perfect epic ending all about love…. thank you for honoring all the characters who we’ve come to love!!

  19. Franics says:

    ohhh Come on out off all the things stefan did how can you guys just kill him out of the show. It would have made sense if Bonnie died. The Season finale could have been better and also i did not understand the ending.

  20. C says:

    I mean can we talk about Nina’s wigs… come on

    • Kayla says:

      That wig wins for the worse performer of the night. I have seen plenty of people wearing wigs where you could not tell it wasn’t their hair. They even make them with parts that look like your scalp. I mean at times, especially Katherine, it looked like it was crooked. Somebody dropped the ball there.

  21. Sad fan says:

    Omg that was the worst finale ever. For two seasons people were dying to see Damon and Elena reunite and like a hug, a peck on the lips and some hand holding is all we get!? Wtf that was so underwhelming like we should have at least gotten to see a bit of what their life looked like and their wedding instead of just killing them off right away. I’m so disappointed.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree.. there was no romance to Damon and Elena.. :-( and if they truely did die and find peace do you really think they’d go separate ways.. hell no! They were an amazing love story and it was ruined.

      • Abby says:

        Not exactly. The ending scene only shows what will happen when Damon and Elena come at the end of their lives. It is a flash forward. It is specified that their are living a long and happy life together and you can see that they are married from the rings on their hands. It is a pity that they cut some scenes ( I read that they filmed Elena with a kid).

      • Zisla says:

        I totally agree! Just watched it and Im so devastated that they just crushed that beautiful love story thats been build for years, in just one episode.

    • Fabrizia says:

      I think the actors hate each others.

  22. Octava says:

    Damon and Elena lived their happy human lives and Stefan ended in heaven alone… very pretty ending Julie, very clever

  23. Stacey says:

    This show would have been epic, if KW stayed on. We would have never had Steroline, we would have had more Stelena and Klaroline, and actual storylines that involve all the characters. Overall I’m satisfied with the ending, Bonnie lives and Klaroline is endgame.

  24. Ashley says:

    I was sad and heart broken that Stephan died but I understood why with the plot.. but don’t get my wrong the ending sucked… I’ve been so sad about the show ending period and then to cram everyone in like that. The finale didn’t do the show justice. I get they wanted to bring back characters and all but it was short lived. And it appears to me that basically everyone dies.. WTF? Where’s the fantasy in that. I am super excited about the school and Carolina and Klaus.. but other then that I was very disappointed :-(

  25. Wiz says:

    This was.. not the best series finale I’ve seen. It was way to rushed and they tried to cram so much into little time. I was expecting Stefans death since they moment they made him human. So that wasn’t a shock. As a Delena shipper. That was the worse interaction ever. I mean a peck on the lips and an awkward hug and hand holding? I mean we get it. Ian and Nina don’t like each other anymore. But was that all they can do? I guess I’ll take their off screen happy ending like there’s much choice. Klaroline. How did Klaus send a letter when he’s locked up at the moment? I used to ship them. But I’ve moved on as well as those characters. It was just a bait. Nothing in this episode really satisfied me. I cried. But only because it was ending and the emotional scenes were more emotional. Overall this episode isn’t what I hoped for. Big disappointment.

    • Charné says:

      Regarding Klaus, remember that it’s different timelines. In vampire diaries season 7 jumps three years forward remember? And then I assume season 8 is another year or two gone by considering how long Damon and enzo were witb Sybil. The upcoming season of the originals is going to be 5 years in the future. So at this moment in TVD Klaus isn’t locked up by Marcel. That is all.

  26. excellent finale, truly epic

  27. Jett Angeles says:

    Finale was an epic… fail.
    I hope that The Originals will be better.

  28. E. Ardell says:

    I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed in a series finale in a long time. The show has not been really good since the end of Season 3 and after Season 5, I don’t know why I kept watching, but I did. I’m loyal, I guess. I liked the cast and the original book series (Books 1-4) were life for me in high school. The second half of this season started looking up. It still wasn’t in the same league as the first three seasons, but it was interesting again. I was ready for the writers to give me something kind of good. Instead, I got Elena in a bad wig, the logic behind the transference of the cure still doesn’t make sense (it’s truly bull if you think about it), and Stef, once again, sacrifices everything for Damon (as Caroline said: Why does it always have to be you?). How is Damon the better man? Ever. Even Damon admits he was a terrible big brother.

    Let’s get away from all that. I’ll tell you what I DID like: I liked seeing the Bennett witches together, including the cousin from second season. Sad that this means she’s dead, but the writers didn’t forget about her. I did kind of like seeing the ghosts of previous characters. (Though, it’s creepy to think about all those ghosts watching you where you can’t see them.) I like that the Kat came back. I’ve always loved Katherine and she shone light on why the Devil chose the Salvatores, for her. The letter from Klaus that could lead to possible crossovers for Caroline. Not a fan of Klaroline, but I do like her character and wouldn’t be upset to see her appear again. Damon telling Stefan that he loved him, and saying that he was Stefan’s big brother and it was time for him to act like it. The brotherly hug in heaven.

    Now, more of what I didn’t like: That school for gifted youths (X-Men/Harry Potter much?) The cure logic (I still can’t get over how unclear it is). Damon not realizing that Stef would be on vervain. Stef’s sacrifice; the only way I would believe Damon was the better man was if he sacrificed himself for once. Yes, I know he tried, but he failed because Stef outsmarted him. Everybody outsmarts Damon. He could have shown true character growth by outsmarting Stefan for once.

    Overall: I think the ending was cliche and clumsy. I wanted it to go out better than that. Perhaps, I had unrealistic expectations. I’ve already said the show had not been good to me for years, so I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for something better. Well, there went 8 years. (Turns it off and looks for something else to watch.)

  29. Phoebe says:

    I can only find a 43 minute edition how do I get the 2 hour one? :( please help

    • Nina says:

      I cant find it . Can you put a link here if you find it?

    • Jo says:

      There isn’t a 2 hour finale. There was a one hour goodbye special where the producers and actors did interviews and said goodbye to the show, followed by the 1 hour season finale.

  30. Karen says:

    I actually really liked it. Not like it would win awards or anything like that but I liked it. I figured Stefan would die and I was ok with it. Or at least I thought I was until he was talking to Elena and telling her. Then I just started tearing up like a baby. I’m sad that it’s over.

  31. Caitlin says:

    That was the best series finale I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. I cried a ton losing Stefan, but his final scene with Damon was perfect.

  32. gongjumamajade says:

    Stefan’s death was ABSOLUTELY Stupid. The only reason for it was for the death reunion later. Wouldn’t it have made better sense to kill Katherine, tie her up in the line of the path for the hellfire instead of someone martyring themselves by trying to hold her in place? Furthermore, she displayed ZERO powers so it doesn’t seem like she could have easily escaped but I get it, they didn’t want to risk her not being in hell. Still though, his death was stupid but I can’t be too mad considering had he lived we would have had to see him and Caroline living a life together in some moronic fashion. Nobody will ever convince me that Stefan and Caroline made a good couple. It just seemed like a quick fix because Elena jumped to his brothers penis. So I’m not too damn surprised that he didn’t even bother to think of another solution to keeping Katherine dead aside from going up in flames with her. ONLY good thing about this finale was seeing all the ghosts of people long gone and that little donation from Klaus. Speaking of Klaus, I think he was the best fit for Caroline but that probably wouldn’t have worked out either. All in all, after the last few seasons, I’m glad it’s over. I just hope I get to see a few of them on new shows. Particularly Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, and Enzo.

    • Ks says:

      Finally, someone I can relate to, lol.
      Katherine was out for one minute at the very least every time she got stabbed. They totally could have stabbed her quick and ran into that room (that was somehow protected?). But yeah, someone had to die, and unfortunately I was able to predict weeks ago that it’d be Stefan. And I wanted so badly to be wrong, not necessarily because I wanted Stefan to live, but because I wanted the show to surprise me and make me realize they could always outsmart me, like when it was in its prime.
      The problem with me is that I get so fixated on the lore and the logic of the show that I can’t enjoy much of the rest of the show. And they threw logic out so long ago. Especially with the rules and logic of transferring the cure.
      I’ve been pretty flexible on ships, but the diehard Delena fans have to be so disappointed with that long-awaited reunion. No emotion there. The two relationships that were pushed hardest on us this season (bonnie/enzo and stefan/caroline) ended tragically, and yet Delena was we got in the end. Would have been more powerful if Damon died. I kind of feel bad for Stefan. He did everything for Damon. Maybe too much. I know the big thing was Stefan killed Enzo so that makes him awful, but really? Damon killed Lexi unnecessarily, his brother’s best friend, and his humanity was ON.
      Klaroline I definitely enjoyed watching their interactions over the years, but I don’t know how I would feel about her going to the originals, because that show is so good and it doesn’t depend on all these little ships like TVD did which then just made the writers go into fan-pleasing-mode and took away from good storylines. Unless they could do a good job with it, like with Cami and Klaus.
      So much more I could say, so disappointed, but I have to stop.

  33. Grelka says:

    Good riddance to such a terrible show, it’s been long overdue!!!


    LOST still has such a major influence, it’s trully a PHENOMENON of a tv show, this ending explains it.

  35. zoeyriver says:

    “Now I know I’ve got a heart because it is breaking.”
    ― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  36. Andrea D says:

    That was one of the best finales ever!!!! I loved it! I’ve watched it twice already and cried my eyes out!!! The show definitely came full circle!

  37. Joy says:

    Just wasn’t for me. Don’t like sad ending

  38. Klaroline says:

    So what did Damon actually do with his human life? Just sit and be wait for Elena to come home from work every day?

  39. Flashrow says:

    Poor Stefan, even he dying was about Caroline. Can’t somebody get the reference of “Never say never” song for Stefan reuniting with Lexi?

  40. Rick says:

    HATED IT!! Terrible ending for a great show. Killed Stefan just to get have an emotional ending. 8 years of watching for this crap ending. Issues with storyline: 1. Instead of letting Vicki ring the bell, tie her up. 2. Damon compelled Stefan to leave, so guess what he could not come back to inject him with his blood. 3. Bonnie suddenly able to wake Elena after all this time. Even though we told all along unbreakable. 4. Heaven/Peace dream ending. Really? Tyler and Vicki walking off hand in hand when they HATED each other. Really?! 5. Damon no longer a vampire and now mortal….so stupid. LESSON learned. I will never watch a Julie Plec credited show again.

  41. Vampire_Diaries_Suck says:

    What a lame ending. Nobody needed to die. They could have easily just killed Katherine and pushed her corpse into the hallway since the fire didn’t enter the room Damon was in. They had a million ways to accomplish killing Katherine but yet they went the stupid route. How did Stefan even hold Katherine in place. I know she just woke up but she should be able to physically push Stefan away. Imagine she did that and Stefan dies alone. Hahaha now that would have been the ending we deserved.

  42. Lisa says:

    Hi there. Let me first say I loved this series. I think every actor portrayed their characters very well. However, I’m a sucker for happy endings. Stefan was ALWAYS sacrificing for Stephen….and he’s the little brother! I really wanted him and Caroline to have their happy ending as well as Damon and Elena. Why couldn’t Bonnie have sacrificed so she can be with Enzo? Or Stefan came back to life because he did a great deed? I really liked Stephen and Elena as a couple and was a little upset she ended up with Damon, even though they made a great couple. I just am tired of seeing g the girl falling for both brothers and the bad one is the chosen one. Why couldn’t she started with the bad boy and ended up with good brother? Btw, I guess Caroline is the only vampire left? Kind of crappy she sees all her friends and loved ones die and she doesn’t. Unless, I missed something??? All in all I did love the series more than I didn’t. And I agree with a lot of others, Elena and Damon should have had a steadier, passionate kiss.

  43. alice says:

    i must say i am actually pretty pleased with the finale even though i expected most of it. although i was hoping for jeremy to come back sooner. i wanted him to reunite with bonnie and see elena again (and maybe tell us what he has been doing these past 4 years

  44. Hys D. Luffy says:

    Elana said “we HAD a long happy life’ so those end scenes was their deaths. Elana died and was with her family. When daemon died he went back to stephan. Caroline is still alive and vampire. Bonnie dead with Enzo.

    decent ending.

    Im just SO HAPPY I SAW LEXI again. lol

  45. Hys D. Luffy says:

    “You know there’s something else out there, right? I mean there has to be. Silas’ whole agenda was to find peace with his one true love. And whatever peace is, it’s out there. ”
    — Lexi about The Bright World

    those BRIGHT WORLD shots are of them after they died. Elean said we “had” a good long life.

  46. Jojo says:

    Was expecting to see better with Damon elaina. There was more with her and stehon and Bonnie, Caroline then the two that were maddly in love. Issues or not it’s there job to be actors and attresses. That chemestry should have been there. I hope Rick, Caroline, elaina, Bonnie go to originals it sure would source it up to see them all together again. Klaus can find away to get stehon back. It would be great to see some or all these characters together again. I will miss vampire diaries, but thank God originals is still on.

  47. Reezy says:

    Klaus writing that letter to Caroline was the only sensible thing.. I normally stop watching a series when it’s in its final stages because I don’t want to see how it ends but after the Vamp Craze, I had to. And honestly I will never watch ANY series finale again. I am morbidly disappointed

  48. Elizabeth Ther says:

    Okay. I personally loved the finale. I have been crying Stefan’s death for the past 18 hours. Yes! I believe it is so wrong and unfair. And so many of us were so attached to that caracter. But that’s also what TVD did yesterday. They played oir attachment to the caracters and couples amd totally put us in an emotinal roller-coaster.
    I do agree that Nina and Ian failed at the epic Stelena reunion. It was dull. Which renders Stefan’s death even more useless.

    I also believe Steroline was more exciting in Season 6 and first half of season7. Though I cheered for Steroline till the end, I also felt the couple lacked on screen chemistry this season. Still, Steroline was alot more interesting than Dullena!!!

    So I am sad, disappointed, confused, hurt, and yet happy to have been sucked into the TVD universe from the first to the last second… and beyond!

  49. Gift says:

    well, well we all have a lot to say don’t we. I am still weeping over Stefan’s death but I must admit, I love the final.