'Vampire Diaries' Finale Week
The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries EP Previews the Fight for Mystic Falls, a Possible Originals Connection and More in Series Finale

Now that we’ve told you what you won’t see during Friday’s Vampire Diaries send-off (The CW, 9/8c), it’s time to talk about what we can expect from the series finale.

For starters, the episode picks up immediately after the events of last week’s bell ringing, with Stefan desperately trying to keep Bonnie from slipping into… wherever dead witches go at this point. “The history between the two of them being so fraught, he wants to do everything he can to make sure that she takes another breath,” executive producer — and co-writer of the finale — Julie Plec tells TVLine. She also dubs this the “worst wedding night ever.” (Sorry, Caroline!)

Meanwhile, Damon will find himself “confounded” by a new series of obstacles thrown his way, while remaining “determined” to reunite with Elena. (If you missed the first part of our chat with Plec, it’s been confirmed that Elena will be seen in the episode, lest you fear that The CW’s recent string of 15-second finale teases have been leading us all astray.)

And then there’s the million-dollar question, one we’ve wondered ever since Plec’s recent Twitter Q&A: How might The Vampire Diaries‘ series finale connect to the upcoming fourth season of its spinoff, The Originals?

“After you see this finale, and when we get to The Originals‘ finale, that question sort of answers itself,” she tells us. “It sets the stage for either the future of The Originals or another piece of The Vampire Diaries universe. Whether we get the opportunity to go down that road, I have no idea. But it definitely opens the door for a nice iteration of the two worlds.”

What are your hopes for Friday’s finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Chrissy says:

    oh my god, if that letter rumor is true, klaroline is coming.

    • Jane says:

      Of course girl! We never asked for wedding (what is a legal binding for immortals anyway). We asked for endgame and damn it we’ve waited 4 seasons for it. Survived Klamille, Steroline wedding and here we go… Finals of two shows are in TVD FINAL (still can’t believe it’s tomorrow 🙈).

      • Fabrizia says:

        Klamille was hardly an obstacle. She was basically a stand in for Caroline and it was obvious she would be replaced by the real thing in the end (there was no need to kill her tho, she could have left on her own). Steroline was terrible.

        • Jane says:

          Yes, Caroline 2.0 was a bit too obvious, honestly if they wanted to give a try to Klaus with someone else they’d have better chances with Hayley or someone completely different from Caroline like Aurora. That whole pretty and strong spirited blond who fought her attraction to Klaus but couldn’t help to see good in that monster and inspired Klaus to be a better man was waaaaay too Klaroline. In that way Steroline at least had their own story and go back to season 1. Although I only enjoyed them as best friends not lovers (maybe because by the time they moved in a romantic direction, my heart was already stolen by Klaroline :) )

      • Gift says:

        lol it is, u finally getting almost what u want.

        • Jane says:

          JP is very inventive in ways to screw fans over, but I’m staying optimistic, because, I don’t know, I’m in a good mood today :D

          • Gift says:

            lol, JP better not mess this up. with Stefan gone I have only Klaroline to fall back to so I’m really rooting for these to happen. can’t wait.

          • Jane says:

            I’m re-watching season 3 now, I love Klaus in that season. I think Paul is really good with darker versions of Stefan. Also the season is full of dark moments, ripped bodies and so on, but somehow still feels lighter than latest seasons. There are scenes outside of Mystic Grill, school, just out and about and atmosphere is somehow different. And apparently I miss this older generation (parents of the MF gang) and Jeremy, Tyler, who were never my favourites but still, when all these characters were present, the atmosphere was somehow different than it was in s07 or s08.

          • Gift says:

            Yea u re right nd I think we re really going to miss them anytime we see one of them do a cross over to TO.

      • Jane says:

        There was a spoiler about Klaus’ letter to Caroline. Joseph recorded voice for it, etc. It’s still not certain, but very likely. Having said that, JP said that whatever there’ll be on Klaroline, it won’t be a promise of endgame or smth like that but rather something left to interpretation. I suppose it depends on whether TO gets S05. If yes, after tvd final and TO S04 final the scene will be set for Klaroline (Klamille gone, Steroline somehow resolved). Without TO S05 it will be an open ending for Caroline and Klaus. Just like when in TVD S07 they sent Caroline to New Orleans because they weren’t sure if there’d be S08. Then they dropped this plot line when S08 was confirmed and they needed Candice for tvd.

    • YEAH! says:

      I’m so happy SC aren’t endgame! They had the worst chemistry on TVD. Thank you Julie for cancelling them, you made a mistake on that one. SC should’ve always stayed friends.

    • Gift says:

      Hahaha yes yes yes!!!

  2. Farida says:

    IM SO EXCITED FOR THE POSSIBILITIES AND POTENTIALS!!!!!! As someone who’s grown up watching TVD and has been a Klaroline shipper for so many years knowing my ship might be the reason The Originals and TVD connect their universes again makes me really happy especially since that means that even though TVD is ending, its gonna move some sls to the originals and thats so exciting cause its all gonna feel like tvd s3 again aka the golden era and season of tvd. So now im praying with my body, soul and heart that Klaroline can finally reunite because of all the potential whether them seeing the world, them ruling the world, etc. This interview is so exciting and filled with possibilites. However long it takes indeed!!!

  3. Freya says:

    My hopes? Klaroline of course! Bring it on, the fandom have waited long enough.

  4. Camille says:

    Klaroline is coming yeah ! Thanks for this lovely article !

  5. Sharon says:

    OMG klaroline!!!!! Can not wait!!!

  6. KM says:

    I always hoped, damon will end up with bonnie
    caroline with either klaus or taylor
    stefan with either rebeckah or katherine
    elena leaving m.f. and living happilly ever after wherever she is, with her brother nearby.
    but am pretty sure, alot of fans wont be happy. just my opinion of caurse.

  7. Val M. says:

    Bless this article, because I can only read Klaus and Caroline story begins

  8. Mery says:

    Thank you Andy for always blessing us with great news!!I’m so ready for Klaroline to rise because we know she’s totally talking about them here..Can’t wait!!

  9. Oncer93 says:

    The connection is that Alaric will go over to the originals, would have been nice if it had been Stefan due to the history that he shares with Klaus, Klaroline won’t happen, Caroline dosn’t have any feelings for Klaus and he is still deling with the loss of Cami, a woman that he loved.

    • Fabrizia says:

      3 years time jump, Cami is history.

    • Jane says:

      And Caroline will eventually be dealing with loss of human Stefan. Over 1000 of years Klaus lost many lovers and let them go. He’s a pro and will teach Caroline how it’s done

      • Gift says:

        They have to come up with a way to make klaus sweep Caroline off her feet with his romantic gestures. if we re to have her in the originals, she should be over Stefan nd ready to love again.

    • Ella says:

      We saw last season that Klaus had lingering feelings for both Aurora and Caroline. He’s 1000+ years old and capable of complex emotions. Even if someone buys that he and Cami were an epic love situation (which I personally don’t but different strokes!) there’s no way he’ll never move past it.

      • Gift says:

        oh Ella how do I say these without sounding rude? Not a chance in hell. they weren’t even close to real love not to talk of epic love. she might be crazy in love with him but he only cared for her. As a friend, as someone who reminds him of a love he wants nd don’t have, also someone who tells him what he doesn’t want to accept nd makes him feel better. I still can’t remember klaus admitting that he loves Cami or did I miss that?

        • Val M says:

          Yes he did say that, as he also said he intends to be Caroline’s last love, your point? One was his present the other one is his eternity. Btw Klaus hallucinations are provoked, it isn’t actual him missing Cami.

        • Ella says:

          LOL! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having differing opinions. Keeps things interesting. He did tell Cami he loved her but only after he’d accepted she was going to die. From my POV he might have loved her but it seemed to be in a very self serving way. He only made romantic gestures after something bad had happened to her because of him and each time it stopped her from actually being angry at him. Plus, I just don’t think Cami was well developed at all. He barely seemed to know her so how could I believe he’s in love with her?

          • Gift says:

            if he actually said I love u when he knew she was going to die, then he did that to give her peace nd out obligation. Either way, he cares for her but he isn’t in in love with her.

  10. Elyce says:

    When is originals coming back?!?!?!

  11. urs truly, klaroline

  12. Sabreena says:

    OMG! If what Plec said about The Originals then I am super excited. Can’t wait to see what happens. :)

  13. Ginny says:

    Klaroline! I am excited about all the possibilities. I hope that Caroline gets the chance to be strong and confident again.

  14. Gospino says:

    No more deaths! But I know at least one is coming. I just hate the idea. I’d like to see Caroline join The Originals. Will have to catch up on that show. Damon/Elena is my endgame. Please give Bonnie a nice ending. Maybe Enzo can somehow return? I hope they really focus on the core characters. I guess if someone has to die, Matt’s death would bother me the least–not that I want it, but others would bother me more. As little of the villains as possible would be good. Overall, I just don’t want this finale to disappoint me.

  15. IgE says:

    Feel like the connection will be the magic school. Especially since Alaric is supposed to be on the originals soon.

  16. dimiyasap says:


  17. Stacey says:

    Klaroline is coming!!

  18. Todd says:

    My theory: Stefan dies, enabling Klaus/Caroline endgame on The Originals. Keep in mind I stopped watching in season six, so I could be way off haha.

  19. "A" says:

    I predict season five of “The Originals” or the new iteration of TVD universe will find a orphaned 16 yr old Hope ( yes Klaus & Hayley die ) attending Alaric and Caroline’s ( Vincent, Freya, & Elijah are teachers ) magic school in NYC with 14 yr old twins Josie & Lizzie Forbes-Saltzman.

  20. Gift says:

    Hahaha yes yes yes!!!

  21. Gift says:

    though with Cami she was pretending to be good or whatever that was she was doing. Caroline on her part has always been that way, she didn’t force it nd klaus could see that. He was just putting up with Cami because he couldn’t get Caroline then. I’m happy this is actually happening. maybe pairing Hayley with Elijah was to make sure klaus had no strong relationship until Caroline comes. I mean Cami was just there to give him peep talk.

    • Jane says:

      Why do you think Cami was pretending to be good?
      I just kinda kinda couldn’t understand why was SHE involved in ancient vamp business for so long? Hayley, Davina etc – understandable. But Cami-bartender/major in psychology O_O. And all this time she acted as if she wanted nothing to do with bad Klaus and his friends and was so unhappy when Aurora finally turned her into a vampire when in fact Cami could’ve left after her uncle died back in S01. I mean what did she expect? The Human on tvd (Matt) makes way more sense than The Human on TO.

      • Ella says:

        Agreed so much. TO really didn’t need a token human. It made sense on TVD as a way to keep Caroline/Bonnie/Elena/Tyler tied to their human lives as they dipped their toes into the supernatural. Keeping Cami around after they dropped the human faction storyline and inventing a closet o’ deus ex machinas to make her relevant was silly.

  22. I get it everyone wants Caroline to be on this show, to be a love interest, HOWEVER WILL THERE BE A PLOT FOR HER ON THE SHOW?? I don’t see it, what I do see is Bonnie having an actual plot on the show either helping the Mikaelsons or siding with the witches. In my humble opinion, Klaus was OOC when he was with Caroline. But hey, to each is their own, I just pray that The Originals does not become another love triangle fiesta, like the once great show The Vampire Diaries. That was the prominent reason why there were over 4 million views at the start of Tvd and now on a good day a little over half a million, it was also the reason why so many of the viewers transferred over to The Originals because they deemed it to be more mature. It’s already enough that we half queen Mary Sue of the bayou and the dogs and the spawn.

    • Ella says:

      She was basically just a love interest for the last two seasons on TO and Cami was only a love interest for her entire tenure on TO. However, I think their *could* be a plot. They’re setting up the magic school thing and TO has a villian who’s after magical kids in NOLA so maybe there’s a need for a branch of such a school there? I’d love to see Bonnie too but I am pretty sure KG is beyond done with the TVD verse.

  23. Gift says:

    if that is true then it’s great news right? i wonder what it says. I know there will be s5, there has to be! the originals story line is unique. they were smart to make it a show on its own. It’s far better than TVD. I would really like to see Freya’s love interest nd what kol is up to next. I’m truly excited. And poor Finn will he ever return?

    • Vinay says:

      Well according to the rumors ” Season 4 ” might be last but there is no official confirmation.

      Well the ratings fell and they require a higher percentage of viewership if we hope to see it renewed for Season 5.

      So I hope every TVD fan watches The Originals.

      TO deserves to continue. Better characters, better storyline.

      • Ella says:

        I think they’ll get the renewal just because they seem to be going towards shorter orders and there’s not much else to fill the Friday slots. CEG does worse and they’re already renewed. The CW sems to take other factors into consideration – social media presence, streaming, etc. – more than bigger networks.

  24. Gift says:

    my point is she always made it seem as if she is this perfect person. she made it seem has if she hated vampires in the beginning. She slept with Marcel, moved over to Klaus. Being with Klaus made her felt like she was better or should I say a saint. she knew klaus would never judge her in anyway. when she became a vampire, she changed all of a sudden nd became this whole different person. she might have loved klaus very much but I don’t think it was like that with Klaus. sure he cared for her but he never actually said he loved her.

  25. Quinn says:

    Could it be…? Klaroline finally happening? Fingers crossed; hopeful smile on my face here….

  26. My hope for the finale is that they keep the show on for another 8 seasons I LOVE THE SHOW so im still hoping for a big surprise…..xoxo

  27. Also its seems to me eveybodys talking about The Originals which of course I love also i just really wish sincecthier cx Vampire Diaries the cast would all be on The Originals I really dont wanna loose either of them It really stinks when they cx a good vampire show but did anyone read the books i started to but couldnt stand that the characters in books were different then the show like Elania was a blonde insted of brunette just couldnt get into it but if you did was the plot anything like the show?????

  28. Ally says:

    So from JP’s comment about Stefan and Bonnie, I’m guessing Stefan saves Bonnie by first turning her into a vampire (she still has Enzo’s blood necklace) and then giving her the cure. Which of course means that Stefan will slowly age and die, thereby leaving Caroline free for whatever JP has planned for her, but also giving the SC fans their “endgame” by having Caroline be the last woman Stefan ever loves. And by saving Bonnie, Stefan will apparently make up for killing Enzo.
    And that’s just…I guess? I mean, Bonnie’s the one character on this show who actually deserves a happy ending so I’m all for Stefan/whoever saving her, but I also think it’s awful if Stefan dies and Damon gets a happy ending with Elena. Damon and Stefan should share the same fate. If one dies, so should the other. They can send them both to Bonnie’s weird psychic dimension and let Elena move on with her human life. Maybe have her end up with Matt somewhere down the line.

    • Gift says:

      well Ally ur guess isn’t bad at all. Bonnie truly deserve a happy ending nd Stefan nd Damon should share the same fate.

    • Ella says:

      I would love that! But I am suspicious. JP promised an unexpected happy ending for Bonnie and I don’t see how that doesn’t include Enzo considering how he’s been her sole SL this season. I think she dies but has the ability to travel back and forth from the dimension she created.

  29. Ok considering I’m one of your biggest fans, I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries and the actors and actresses and would love to see most of them crossover to the originals. My 15 year old son said mommy you would love the vampire diaries and had me watch it about six mths ago. I loved it and I’m so upset it’s coming to an end. Julie Plec you are awesome I hope you write some more in The Originals using some of the characters from my favorite show. Thank you for an awesome TV Series♡♡♡

  30. Vinay says:

    Well according to the rumors ” Season 4 ” might be last but there is no official confirmation.

    Well the ratings fell and they require a higher percentage of viewership if we hope to see it renewed for Season 5.

    So I hope every TVD fan watches The Originals.

    TO deserves to continue. Better characters, better storyline.

  31. carole says:

    What I don’t get is tvd has a 3 year time jump but the originals is 5 years. That means more time has passed when Ric moves over. I don’t think this idea of a spinoff will wash. Now is the era of the superheroes. I think this will be the last series .

  32. John Smith says:

    I hope there is TVD Universe!!!!! The believe would give me reason to live and learn more lessons from this show that has been a part of my life! I absolutely think the something magical that the cast has is something that should live on forever to those that want to and might want to revisit some day! :D

  33. Best guess: RIP Stefan, RIP Bonnie either ‘now’ or in a flash-forward (cheerfully reunited with Enzo), Damon and Elena head off into parts unknown and Caroline shows up in an open-ended finale of The Originals.

  34. TanyaLeigh says:

    Stefan seemed to be waxing nostalgic where Katherine is concerned . I think he’ll give his life for Bonnie and be dragged to hell with Katherine. Not a Delena fan so I’ll be covering my eyes while those two have their desperate reunion .

  35. Shawna Caetano says:

    I don’t want to see anyone die but maybe beable to cross over to the Originals…❤ No matter what this show is what I watch on a daily and get to continue to watch it over and over….

  36. Gift says:

    if he actually said I love u when he knew she was going to die, then he did that to give her peace nd out obligation. Either way, he cares for her but he isn’t in in love with her.