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Scandal's Scott Foley Explains Jake's Explosive Reveal, Rowan's New Enemy

Do I need to adjust my TV’s settings, or did Jake’s hat look a little less black than usual on Thursday’s Scandal?

After a harrowing look into Jake’s wedded life with Vanessa — more on that marital train wreck later, I promise — it was revealed that, while Jake did blow up the cabin in the season premiere on Rowan’s order, Jennifer Fields was left unharmed. Even better, her fate is now in Olivia Pope’s capable hands.

“I’m always excited when Jake gets an interesting part to play, this time especially,” Scott Foley tells TVLine. “They made it look as if Jake was really the bad guy, sort of creepy, freaking Olivia out. Then the fact that he ended up doing what seems to be the right thing — not taking out Jennifer, then returning her Olivia — I loved it. You think he’s wearing the black hat, but oh my God! Now he’s got the white one on!” (Let’s agree to a compromise: the hat is gray.)

Foley also has some insight on Jake’s somewhat self-deprecating speech to Olivia, in which he reinforced his need to follow others:

“He spent his life in the military, and as such, he’s used to taking orders,” Foley says. “He’s very comfortable in that place. We all want to be the leader, regardless of the comfort level, and I think Jake would love to be in that place. He’s taking steps to do so. But he serves three masters: There’s Rowan, always in his ear, he’s got Olivia, who he still considers the one for him — I don’t know if Olivia feels that way, but I think he sees a possibility there — and then there’s himself. I think Jake really believes that what he’s doing is for the greater good.”

OK, now let’s talk about that marriage. More specifically, was Jake actually considering killing Vanessa, as many feared he would during a particularly uncomfortable moment on the couch?

“Would he like to kill her? I mean, she is in the way,” Foley says with a laugh. “But would he do it? I think after seeing this episode, and seeing that Jake does know right from wrong, I don’t think he’d just kill her. I think she’d have to do something really wrong.”

Lastly, don’t feel bad about not recognizing the mysterious red-dressed woman who seemingly put Rowan in his place this week. Foley assures us this was the first time we’ve seen her, referring to the character as a “new development — and a really interesting one.”

“It shows there are deeper levels of treason and espionage, deeper factions,” he explains. “We thought B-613 was the be-all and end-all. So to find out that Rowan now has this fear that he’s never had before is really interesting. That’s going to play out much more in future episodes — who these people are, what they’re capable of and what they have on Rowan.”

Your thoughts on this week’s eye-opening hour? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Al says:

    While it was Jake Centric

    I am thrilled they didn’t go the b613 route and that’s there’s someone who scares Papa Pope (and she’s a woman!)

  2. Cheyenne says:

    Can this show get any more stupid? It’s not even worth hate-watching any more.

  3. mykynla says:

    I am soooo glad scandal is back on the map. I was soo worried these two past seasons that Shonda put to much into the other two shows and forgot about this one

    • Patrick says:

      wtf? Shonda isnt even writing Grey’s episodes anymore, and she writes more than one Scandal episode every season. The show is sinking cause it has taken a different path from what made it great. OPA, its a shame it used to be awesome

  4. mykynla says:

    and BTW Jake is HOTTTTT

  5. jasie says:

    Jessalyn Gilsig was fantastic.

    • MLD says:

      Agree, she was great however it reminded me a little too much of her Glee role (the unloved wife trying to hold onto her man). Hopefully she doesn’t go down the route of a fake pregnancy belly…

    • Kailani says:

      Oh puhlease, she was completely, ridiculously over the top. But then again, we have Papa Pope over the top, this new broad lording over him completely over the top….geesh. Why do I keep watching?

  6. Larc says:

    The woman in red is apparently a high-level messenger. Wonder who she’s working for? Mama Pope maybe?

    • sladewilson says:

      I doubt that just by the tone of the convo. They sound like B613 with all that “protect the republic” talk. Probably deeper but still… Sounds like a Shadow Cabinet – wouldn’t it be cool if Fitz led the whole thing?

  7. N!loofar says:

    Tv’s Scott Foley doing an amazing job.

  8. Superwoman says:

    Incredible episode…this is what you call a Scandal episode. It was such a breathe of fresh air to see Jake in the lime light and not pining over Liv for once.
    I wonder who that lady in red works for. For some reason I have a feeling Fitz is involved in this whole conspiracy somehow.

  9. cmstevens88 says:

    I can’t help but wonder which rock Hollis Doyle has slithered under since the election. This kind of stuff is right up his alley. He had no qualms blowing up Quinn’s boyfriend and several others.

  10. Imzadi says:

    Where did Jake get the body that was found in the ashes of the cabin wearing Jennifer’s ring?

  11. Tennisnsun says:

    Love any episode that is Jake centric. He continues to surprise while looking so delicious. Good idea to bring in someone who Papa Pope is actually afraid of. Nice twist.

  12. danoregon says:

    The show really needs(ed) a rival organization. The infighting in “the circle” was just getting tired. They sleep together one week, enemies the next, then friends again.

    Having a group that everyone needs to work together to defeat and put aside the pettiness would be smart. I think they might announce next season will be the last. Figure they can go a full 22 eps, resolve the presidency issue (I really hope it ends up being neither Cyrus nor Mellie), kill off a few characters, and have the group end up paying the price for Defiance would be a good ending.

  13. Cooper says:

    I KNEW when I read this article, I was going to be sickened. The fandom along with the ratings have been yodeling, screaming, shouting, yelling, etc.,PULEASSEEE get rid of non-acting Scott Foley, Rowan & that B613 BS. That faction ALONE is responsible for the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of a once phenomenal show that had the potential to be great. And is whose universe does a showrunner/writer/creator give a virtually unknown actor 10+ DIFFERENT characters on the same freaking show (he sucks at ALL of them) while decimating the ACTUAL A LIST actors whose undeniable chemistry is responsible for the shows popularity of the show? The ONLY way this show can be revived is WHEN SR gets rid of SF/JM/B613 & that forced, non-existent, so-called stuff with Jerk/Joke/Ochoke.

  14. Kim Bentley says:

    Thanks for explaining the mysterious woman in the red dress….Now I don’t have to re-watch past episodes to see if I missed her or see if she is Jakes wife with a new attitude…they look a bit alike..nothing very distinctive about them….Who the heck is she?