Throwback Thursday
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The Definitive Buffy Poll: Was She Better Off With Angel or Spike?

To paraphrase a classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer exchange: No weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away, and what’s left?

Your ability to choose Buffy’s perfect partner — Angel or Spike — in this Throwback Thursday poll.

Joss Whedon’s WB-turned-CW series premiered 20 years ago this week, and in celebration, we thought we’d decide the classic dilemma once and for all. Sure, there were other men who caught the Chosen One’s eye here and there (how’s it hangin’, Riley?), but any true fan knows that our girl’s heart only ever beat doubletime for these two fanged fellows.

THE CASE FOR ANGEL | He has Buffy’s best interests in mind even before they officially meet. In fact, he’s hesitant at first to get involved with her at all, because he knows that a life lived by his side will only bring her pain (not to mention a complete lack of sex, thanks to that pesky Gypsy curse). He’s a skilled fighter and a dependable fellow soldier — as long as you’re willing to look past that whole period where he lost his soul, reverted to the twisted killing machine known as Angelus, went to a hell dimension and then acted like a wild animal until he got his stuff back together. But even after Angel leaves town for Los Angeles, Buffy can count on him to be there when she needs him most, whether it’s to console her after her mother’s death or to provide an appreciative audience as she scythes an enemy from stem to stern. Best of all, he’s always striving to be a better man, one worthy of being in the presence of so great a woman/Slayer as Buffy.

THE CASE FOR SPIKE | Spike takes what we’ll call an “alternate” route to Buffy’s heart: He spends the first several seasons of the series actively trying to kill her. Then he becomes obsessed with her, commissions a sexbot in her image, tries to kill her a couple more times and then realizes that he’s falling in love with her. The course of true love never did run smooth, eh? The frustrated poet-turned-punk vampire has a deep affection for the Summers women — ‘Lil’ Bit’ Dawn, in particular — and works overtime to keep her safe when Buffy dies (albeit temporarily) by Glory’s hand. Oh, you want to talk about sex? Once Buffy’s back, she and The Bleached One engage in naked shenanigans so earth-shaking, they level a house. But as time passes, he becomes more of an emotional anchor for her, growing so selfless along the way that he actually sacrifices himself in an effort to save the world — and Buffy — from an impending apocalypse. Swoon.

Now that you’ve reviewed your options, it’s time to choose,:

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  1. Spike is 100% the better choice but lately, I’ve kinda been into the idea of Spike/Buffy/Angel so…

    • Thea says:

      Bless you. #polyisalwaysbetter

    • Alice says:

      Not even a debate! Spike was so much better with buffy. I found Angel so boring! There was so much more passion in her relationship with spike. And spike would do anything for her. Remember the beating he took when glory wanted to know who the key was, and even though he knew he would never tell her because it would hurt buffy too much. Even the fights between spike & buffy had more passion than the love scenes between buffy & angel.

      • Kim says:

        I think that’s Angel’s biggest problem with some fans: he was boring to them. As it’s just a show, I can understand that. I certainly found Spike more entertaining in some way. Angel was such a brooding cool romantic hero though. Guess it depends on taste in men.

    • Gina says:

      Buffy/Angel. The original pair that ACTUALLY made the show a hit.
      Buffy/Spike was loathsome. He was constantly contemptuous of her and his ‘sudden ‘love’ for her was a complete departure from his previous genuinely interesting characterisation and a degeneration into a desperate creepy loser. The whole Buffy/Angel/Spike love triangle made Buffy look like a wishy washy vampire fetishist and steadily undermined the plot. It was also an early example the rash of love triangles currently plaguing television, which just serve to make the woman involved look dumb and indecisive by having her chase after poor treatment by a nasty man whose goodness she ‘unlocks’ like some human key.
      The abandonment of the Buffy/Angel was a betrayal of the original audience.

  2. Scott says:

    Can “eating babies” be a specific option?

  3. Van says:

    Buffy with spike
    Angel with cordie
    Kill zander instead of anya and tara

    • Ray says:

      I agree. Spike with Buffy, Angel with a back from the dead Cordelia, Willow is good with the new girl, and Xander with Faith just because reasons.

    • Alichat says:

      Ugh….I never liked the idea of Angel and Cordelia. That relationship was so forced. They were friends but then out of the blue it’s ‘hey Angel, you know you love Cordie right?’
      ‘Uh…no I don’t’
      ‘Hey Angel, you’re in love with Cordie.’
      ‘No, I’m not.’
      ‘Can you pass me that crossbow?….oh and hey by the way, I think I should tell you that you love Cordelia’
      ‘Guys….really I don’t.’
      ‘No really….pick a karaoke song and let me sing to you about how you love her.
      ‘Seriously….come on guys. I don’t love her’
      ‘Yes you do Angel. You don’t know what you feel, that’s why we are telling you over and over.’
      ‘Oh…well when you put it that way, perhaps I should pine for her a bit until she sleeps with my son.’

  4. Dominique says:

    angel was the great first love and they were so sweet and beautiful together. he was perfect for teenage/adolescent buffy who was discovering love and all.
    but spike, in the end, was the best choice for grown up, weary and battle-ready buffy. she’d changed too much to ever go back to being satisfied with someone like angel.
    i admit they took some wrong turns with spike and spuffy (let us never speak of that season 6 bathroom scene again), but i do believe they were meant for each other.

    • flowerduh says:

      I totally agree. I think the adult Buffy had outgrown Angel. Angel always seemed to be like her protector in some sort of way. And angel would always see Buffy as that young girl he fell in love with. Spike on the other hand accepted and loved the woman she became.

      In turn Angel had outgrown Buffy as well. He should’ve ended up with Cordy.

  5. Jon says:

    The one she ended up with at the end of the series was the right choice- neither of them. Neither were good enough for her

    • Kim says:

      You’re right! She just needed to be with Buffy, although my heart is always with Angel–“sometime”. What an excellent finale. Buffy wasn’t cookies yet.

  6. CanadianGirl says:

    Not even a debate… Spike all the way! The way Spike talked about and described Angel – I’m with him. One of my favourite scenes actually happened on Angel, when Spike was on the rooftop doing the voiceover. Angel = wuss. Besides after the whole Cordelia mess, how could Buffy EVER?

  7. Anon says:

    Yeah, let’s NOT ship Buffy with the vampire who tried to rape her.

    It disgusts me.

    Thank god Sarah Michelle hates Spuffy ship as much as I do

    • DJ Doena says:

      “Tried to rape her”. Whedon has written many great things but this was awefully executed. Spuffy’s sex life was always violence-driven and most of the time Buffy was the violence-initiator.

      We also have to consider that this is not SMG and JM, this is Buffy and Spike, two superpowered beings. Remember the last episode of season 2 where Spike came up with a plan to stop Evil!Angel? They traded blows there, too, and for them it was basically just a “hello”.

      Buffy also demanded sex from Spike when she was invisible and when he openly denied his consent.

      But suddenly, in “Seeing Red” Spike was supposed to know that THIS time Buffy really didn’t want sex and suddenly he became the worst of all monsters: a rapist.

      Sorry but the storyline before made it impossible for Spike to know any better at that point.

      But that’s Whedon’s fault, no one else’s.

      • Anon says:

        Don’t try to justify attempted rape

        He would of raped her if Buffy hadn’t of stopped him

        No means NO

        • maggie says:

          They made a huge mistake in the way they set up Buffy & Spike’s violence prone relationship. She usually said no, but meant yes. I hated that. So when she really meant no, Spike couldn’t tell the difference. I hated that too. I hated the “when girls say no they mean yes” and “girls who have rough sex deserve what they get.” It’s sexist and demeaning.

          The only positive thing was that Spike realized that he hurt Buffy and wanted his soul back so he wouldn’t hurt her again. Not having a soul meant not truly understanding right from wrong. I think they could have gotten Spike to the point of wanting a soul without that bathroom scene. That scene was the all-time low of the series, and I’m even including Beer Bad.

          • It wasn’t a mistake. It was intentional. Spike represented self harm. Buffy was depressed, she said she couldn’t feel anything so she started self harming with Spike because it make her feel something, the same way violence did. Both were not good.

          • Kim says:

            I agree with Nicole. Others have a point that they could have executed the season and the concluding rape scene better, true. However, despite the sexiness of the Spuffy relationship, and the signs of genuine love Spike had for her underneath–which led to the restoration of his soul, Buffy began the relationship because she was depressed. Also, there’s nothing more flattering than someone who worships you! I do think Season 7 she began to have some feelings for Spike, but I don’t think they were developed as much as many Spuffy fans believe. Also, Spike wasn’t fully developed–until perhaps his sacrifice. However, Spike on Angel season 5 shows he still had more growing up to do, had he lived (which he did, after dying–you get the idea!)

      • Ana says:

        Maybe she saying NO was a sign that she didn’t really want sex.

      • Mary says:

        Wow.Really? That was not “basically just a hello,” that was Buffy doing her job when she hit him in Becoming, part.

        Can’t say on the other part because Buffy having that kind of relationship with Spike made me want brain bleach.

        And nice job excusing attempted rape because he didn’t believe her when she told him no.

        Impossible? No, it really isn’t.

    • D says:

      About the whole attempted rape thing, from what I understand the Spike that tried to do that wasn’t the Spike at the end, When a person becomes a vampire they lose their Soul and are basically replaced by a Demon that has no memory of their own but only the memories of the person they replace becoming a sort of composite being a half demon so When Spike went and got his should back the Demon spike became repressed like angelus is with Angel making “Soul” Spike innocent of the crime but still having the memories of Demon Spike.

    • flootzavut says:

      In that case, I presume you also don’t ship Buffy with the vampire who lusted after her since she was fifteen, stalked her at sixteen, committed statutory rape when she turned seventeen, all with a soul, then went on to terrorise her and all her friends, including killing one of her teachers and leaving the body in Giles’ bed.

      (And of course there’s the “I want to sleep with you even though I know I’ll want to kill you afterwards” and the “I’m leaving for your own good but then I’ll come back and passive-aggressively stalk you again, also apparently for your own good” and the “Oh, yeah, I became human which is what you always dreamed of but actually I’m just going to steal 24 hours worth of your memory and then later be pissed off that you’re not taking into account the thing that happened because you don’t remember it, despite that being my fault.”)

      You have every right not to like Spuffy, but I sincerely hope if you’re going to judge Spike by his worst actions that you’ll do the same with Angel… and that you will compare pre-soul Spike with pre-soul Angel.

      • J says:

        Best. Response. Ever.

      • SB says:

        Spike killed a bunch of people after he had a soul. And Angelus (Angel without a soul) never tried to rape Buffy. Angel also tried to repent for his sins for decades, whereas Spike “moped around in a basement for a few months” and then was suddenly fine. Pre-Soul Spike and Pre-Soul Angel were both pretty bad, but Angel with a soul is better than Spike with a soul. (I don’t’ ship either of them for Buffy though)

        • Cj says:

          Ok first of all, spike was being controlled by the First when he killed those people. Angelus would have raped Buffy given the chance. Remember what he did to Drusilla? As for spike moping about, it was what, three months since he got his soul? It takes time to process what he did, meanwhile angel had his soul for a century and did nothing to repent, eating rats in filthy allies. Angel was not better than spike with one. The each did dispictable things, so don’t judge before you have all the facts.

          • Kim says:

            NEITHER is BETTER than the other. That’s not the point. The point is: who should Buffy, THE SLAYER of vampires, not perfect, but having a moral compass is kind of her job, should be with. Angel was not perfect, either. However, Angel did have a moral compass. Spike was on his way to having one but still justified wrong if done with good intentions. That does not make him bad, but it does mean he still had a ways to go. Remember Willow and Tara talking about Quasimodo. Willow thought he was sweet, but Tara reminded her that his love for Esmeralda was different from having a moral compass–a love for all humanity, not just one person. (I see so many parallels to TVD which just ended this week with Damon being a fan favorite as Spike was, finally admitting he did wrong.)

      • Bless your comment. I couldn’t have said better myself. Team Spike!!

      • I think the difference is that Spike without a soul appeared as a friend, Buffy trusted her mother and her sister with him. Angelus made no such illusions as to his true nature. Buffy was of course dumb to allow a soulless Spike so close.

  8. Aidan says:

    Spike tried to rape her……
    they had twisted self hating sex….
    Where is the love story….
    What the actual… I’m not even a big angel fan but anything is better then what spike and Buffy had, Jesus.

    • Anon says:

      IKR?! Buffy is this great icon to many and she has been reduced to a ship, plus some actually want her with a vampire that wanted to rape her… WTF….Some twisted shiz right there.

      • D says:

        There were two different Spike’s, Demon Spike and Soul Spike I think people want her with Soul Spike

        • Mary says:

          No. There’s not two different Spikes. They’re the same person. Can’t excuse the previous behavior just because he got his soul back.

          • BUt then why everybody forget and forgive what Angelus did because it wasnt hisself with soul? If you hate Spike for seeing red scene and he really didnt, so you must HATE Angel who did actually rape many women!

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I think that the good Spike/ bad Spike argument is one of the big hangups with this discussion. When it came to Angel/Angelus there was a clear cut, distinct difference between the two. Angel was a brooding hero that felt terrible about the actions that he perpetrated as Angelus. Angelus was a total scumbag that would kill anybody just for the hell of it. But, the show spent so much time trying to humanize Spike that there isn’t that same line between good Spike/bad Spike. Bad Spike did so many good things that made him part of the gang that the line of whether he was bad or good is entirely blurred. Even the act of him seeking to get his soul means that even when bad he was good to some degree making the attempted rape even worse because that would mean that he knew what he was doing was wrong on some level. Rooting for Buffy and him to be together just seems, for lack of a better word, icky.

          • Mary says:

            My vote was for neither.

  9. Emma says:


    Spike, Buffy’s wannabe rapist, deserved to be dusted.

    • Megan says:

      And Angel without his soul would have done far worse. I don’t understand how people can hate spike so much when angel without a soul was brutal. Spike fought beside buffy and their relationship dynamic was portrayed in a way of violence and loathing. Spike realized his mistake and fought to get a spike-to be the man Buffy deserved. Angel was cursed with a soul and when Angelus he didn’t want it and wanted to kill buffy.

      • Angelus was far the worst. He was sadistic and cruel. He tried to kill buffy, all her friends, her mom, and tortured her endless times. Spike was ready to go to hell, if it means Buffy could be alive and well. He actually treated her friends a lot better and still became buddy with Buffy’s little sister. Now this is what i’m talking about.

  10. Donna says:

    I never could stand Angel. I was so glad when he left this show, making room for the much less broody/more entertaining Spike. Even Buffy and Spike’s fights were better than Buffy and Angel’s love story. Spike considered Buffy his equal, while Angel approached her as someone to protect.

    • Katie says:

      Spike considered her an equal? You mean when he ripped at her robe, knocked her down and tried to rape her?

      • Nia says:

        How about the continued spousal/so abuse that Buffy inflicted upon him for weeks? That’s ok?

        So only male on female violence is bad, not female on male.

        If domestic violence is bad, then it’s bad across the board, not one-sided. And Buffy’s past actions indicated that “no” didn’t always mean “no”. She’d say “no” until she changed her mind and said “yes”. His intention was clearly not to rape her, but to “make her listen” or “make her admit she loves me”. If you dare to harken back to Lover’s Walk, he basically describes his relationship with Drusilla “I’ll tie her up until she loves me again”; it’s all he knows about to love a partner. And that scene in Seeing Red descended into violence because that was their normal. Buffy was drowning in self-hatred at the time, also suffering from PTSD — and Spike had his own issues.

        And yes, Spike considered her his equal, if not his better.

        Angel stalked her when she was a 15 year old girl, and took advantage of her innocence. He put her on a pedestal and treated her as an object, not a person with their own thoughts and motivations. Angel inflicted so much damage on her self-esteem that it was almost irreparable. Watch his actions — they are not the actions of a good guy. He made unilateral decisions, kept her on the edge and for most of the time they were together, she wasn’t even sure she loved him! That is not true love. And leaving her for her own good? Really? No. Because she says “I could deal with not having sex, if you love me”. And he left her because he couldn’t have sex — because he’d be tempted. . . that is not true love.

        • maggie says:

          The big difference for me was that Spike didn’t understand that he was hurting Buffy, and wanted his soul back so that he could understand and not hurt her again. He worked for his soul, and earned it. Angelus didn’t want a soul, but was cursed with it. He only understood what he was doing was wrong, and felt guilt for it, because someone else cursed him with his soul so that he would feel guilt. Angel isn’t the real person, but is the result of the curse. The real Angel, before he became a vampire, was a drunken lout.

          • Asa says:

            Maggie, you are speaking from my soul with this reply. How can any one who watched this show not remember that Angel, as Liam, was far worse a human than William could ever be?

  11. Gerald says:

    Spike was funny when he was tamed by the chip. But he basically tried to rape her and there is no coming back from that. Angel was okay, but I liked her with a human. Riley was the best before he got all mopey. She needed a normal life and needed a human to make some slayer babies :)

    • Kim says:

      I agree she needed a normal life. I can’t help but wish Angel had become human though. Seems he just wanted a normal life too. They could have had backyard barbecues in between slaying vampire neighbors.

  12. Why haven’t you mention the episode where Spike tries to rape Buffy?
    He was cool, funny and a badass. But come on… He tried to rape Buffy!

    • Anon says:

      Cause mentioning Spike wanted to RAPE her makes him look BAD……and we can’t have that.

      Wonder if the people who ship Buffy with Spike would be A OK shipping their daughter, sister, friend, niece, aunt (insert son, brother, nephew, uncle) with somebody who wanted to rape them? I think not

      • Quinten says:

        But you’re okay if the guy just tried to murder her and had killed her friends. That’s what Angelus did. WATched her sleep and what not. Don’t compare a soulless Spike to a souled Angel…doesn’t make much sense

        • Anon says:


          What ever makes you happy shipping your rape ship….

          Rape Spike is such a swell vampire

          • QUinten says:

            Lol so you just don’t acknowledge the fact he didn’t have a soul and forget how horrible Angelus was when he didn’t as well. Ignorance is bliss I guess lol

        • maggie says:

          Exactly! Everyone is comparing soulless Spike with souled Angel. If they are going to compare the worst thing that Spike did without a soul, then it must be to the worst thing Angel did without a soul. Angel without a soul was worse than Spike without a soul, no matter what Spike tried to claim. lol

    • D says:

      Two different Spikes, the Demon Spike that tried to rape her and the Spike with a Soul that was so horrified by what his demon counter part did that it drove him crazy.

    • BUt then why everybody forget and forgive what Angelus did because it wasnt hisself with soul? If you hate Spike for seeing red scene and he really didnt, so you must HATE Angel who did actually rape many women!

  13. Oncer93 says:

    How about neither, Buffy is such an iconic character and never needed a man by her side, it was good that she ended up with neither of them, both of them were great, i prefer Angel, but one of the many great things about Buffy is the fact that she wasn’t defined by a guy or a relationship she was so much more and the fact that she didn’t end up with anyone was good since most tv characters end up with someone as if that is all there is to them, but Buffy she was more and it was refreshing that she didn’t end up with anyone, she did not need any man by her side.

  14. Lucy says:

    I’m Team Angel since day one. Although I did enjoy the Spuffy dynamic, I never truly got over Bangel. Maybe I’m due a rewatch. I saw the chemistry between Coredelia and Angel in season 3, but I never wanted it to be romantic because I enjoyed there close connection being strictly platonic – plus I loved Cordy with Doyle (RIP Glenn Quinn). Not to mention it felt like they only paired them up because Cordelia was running out of the storylines.
    Plus for me S1-3 Buffy was at its best, although admittedly Angel was very broody – in Angel they managed to find the comedic side of it.

  15. Sasha says:

    Even SMG says Angel! Buffy herself! She is not a fan of the man that tried to rape Buffy

    • Nia says:

      And Joss says Spuffy. It has nothing to do with SMG’s preferences. She was “friends” with DB, and still is. It has more to do with that than anything else.

      • Sasha says:

        No it doesnt. Since she cried when Bangel permanently broke up in S3. She has long said, even while the show was airing, that Angel is Buffys soulmate. Do some research on how much of a hardcore Bangel shipper SMG is

        Also Josh said he was a spuffy shipper, and then said actually I’m a Angel and Spike shipper. He never said who was “the one” for buffy

        • Kim says:

          When did Joss ever say who he was rooting for, if for either of them? He was always joking around, and a true artist, so he would want to let the work speak for itself anyway.

    • lol, who cares about who she prefers or not? This is a poll for the people and fans of the show! She can ship what she wants, but we can still prefer Spuffy, this doesn’t change a damn thing! And i call SGM saying she played in both times: Both Spike and Angel, depending on which moment. So…try another time. lol

  16. Steven says:

    WB turned UPN* series.
    But, yeah Angel all the way.

  17. D says:

    About the whole attempted rape thing, from what I understand the Spike that tried to do that wasn’t the Spike at the end, When a person becomes a vampire they lose their Soul and are basically replaced by a Demon that has no memory of their own but only the memories of the person they replace becoming a sort of composite being a half demon so When Spike went and got his should back the Demon spike became repressed like angelus is with Angel making “Soul” Spike innocent of the crime but still having the memories of Demon Spike.

  18. Rebecca says:

    Where’s my fourth option? Love them both but neither was good for her. :)

  19. Jay Declean says:

    Team Spike! If you watched ‘Angel”, then you know he and Cordy were meant to be together.

  20. It’s hard to say. I lean toward Spike – but only season 7 Spike. Even without a soul, Spike fought through the demons to become good. And with a soul, he was just incredibly good and selfless. But she was much better with Angel when Spike didn’t have his soul because Spike was too obsessive and creepy (albeit entertaining – minus some of that weird rape stuff in season 6). But then when you compare Spike without a soul to Angel without a soul, Angel was much worse! But both relationships were good and what she needed at different times.

  21. Everyone claiming that Spike tried to rape Buffy seems to be forgetting a very important point (which is also not mentioned in the case for Spike above), his soul. He didn’t actually try to rape her, he just didn’t realize at first that she actually meant no this time when she’d always given in before. When Spike did realize what was happening (which he might have earlier if he had a soul), he was so remorseful that he went and fought a demon to get his soul for Buffy. He did it voluntarily, it wasn’t cursed into him and he literally went temporarily insane from the guilt of the things he’d done.

    While I do like Angel, when he was evil, he was truly evil. He gleefully killed his family, tortured Drusilla until she was insane before turning her, killed Jenny and left her body in Giles’ bed, stalked Buffy and her friends, etc. Spike, on the other hand still retained a smidgen of his humanity without a soul. He turned his mother so she wouldn’t be sick anymore and they could be together forever. When he realized she was completely evil, he staked her rather than have her alive like that. He teamed up with Buffy to save the world (and Dru) from Angel because he liked the world.

    • QUinten says:

      Well said. People just don’t like to look at it that way. Which is so ridiculous.

    • Jenn says:

      I could not agree with you more. Even without a soul, Spike had an odd sense of morality. When Angel’s soul was removed, he was purely evil and tortured Buffy to no end.

    • Heather says:

      “Spike, on the other hand still retained a smidgen of his humanity without a soul.”

      And yet he still attempted to rape Buffy. RAPE.

      Don’t excuse this POS vampire. Don’t makes excuses of attempted rape. I don’t care if he has a soul or not. Or if he was high. Or drunk. He wanted to rape a woman that said no.

    • Mike says:

      Can you be my lawyer when I’m on trial? I swear she wanted it. I didn’t know she really meant no. I mean I figured I could keep going until I was 100% sure she didn’t want it.

  22. Katie says:

    Spike tried to rape her. Y’all are ill.

    • Brigid says:

      Angel tried to kill her, how is that different?

      • Quinten says:

        People tend to forget that part cause they only see Angel with a soul, and Spike without one. They can’t even acknowledge it.

      • Lulu says:

        Actually it is worse.. Murder trumps everything..

      • Gina says:

        It’s different because she killed Angel and sent him to hell. Spike was narratively allowed to get away with horrendous behaviour which made her look like less of a slayer.
        His presence diminished Buffy in a way Angel was never written to do.
        The writers were more concerned with redeeming Spike than preserving Buffy’s integrity and it hurt the show.

        • Kim says:

          I think you make a great point. Spike was a great character, but perhaps the show was somewhat of a victim of its own success. In making Spike’s “badness” ambiguous, and Buffy seemingly accepting of it, it made her character too murky. I think it was supposed to–she was at that age where you are trying to find your own way–but there was too much focus on Spike that people lost the focus on Buffy. Season 7 Spike was good for her because he was accepting of her failures. However, while I believe Spike genuinely LOVED her, and how much Buffy appreciated his love, I don’t know how much Buffy was IN LOVE with him. Buffy and Angel are kind of the opposite. I could see how much they were IN LOVE, but Angel wasn’t on the show long enough to see that love mature as Buffy herself matured. Angel too still had a long journey ahead of him before he could be with anyone. In the end, who knows? Is anyone meant to be with any one person?

  23. JC1 says:

    Spike, but only once he regained his soul.
    I liked Angel better with Cordy.

  24. Spike tried to rape her and Angel tried to kill her so im gonna go with neither.

  25. Brigid says:

    Well Buffy is with Spike in the comics so there’s that. Joss made the decision who she ends up with and that’s now canon. You can’t argue for either vamp if you accept the transgressions of one soulless vampire over the other.

    • Kim says:

      Is she? I was going to read the comics, but I never got around to it. As I understand it though, they haven’t ended though. I guess you could say they are canon, but I don’t really consider them canon on the level the show was.

  26. Gospino says:

    I love both Angel and Spike. She was great with both but ultimately and realistically should be with neither. In fanfic, though, either way works for me. Unless it’s badfic.

  27. Joey says:

    Spike with Buffy, Angel with Cordy, no question.

  28. ZmaX says:

    It should be “WB-turned-UPN series” not CW haha

  29. Dennis says:

    Oh come on ;) Angel will always win in the end, he’s her true soul mate!

  30. Rose says:

    Angel! Forever!!
    What they shared, Spuffy never even began to compete!
    SMG is the captain of this ship and who better than Buffy herself!

  31. GrumpyMittens says:

    Petition to add “Both” to the poll! :D

  32. Deion says:

    I enjoy Angel and Spike individually, but if we’re talking relationship with Buffy, it’s Angel for me. Spike’s obsession with Buffy turned sexual when she was in a really low place after being ressurected. Never understood why so many people shipped a relationship that was based on self loathing. She considered Spike a punishment.

  33. Nora says:

    Everything between Buffy & Spike after the attempt rape is such a wrong message for a feminist show like BtVS!
    Basically, it says: “Hey, you’ve been sexually assaulted? Don’t worry, your abuser might change because he loooves you, and then you’ll be able to love him too as a reward.”

    And don’t even try to argue about the soul because during his 6 seasons, they portrayed Spike basically the same without or with a soul. Soulless Spike is as much responsible for his love feelings as for his evil acts.

    Also, using the rape trope to make evolve only the male character is so wrong for a show like BtVS. Buffy’s POV about this attempt rape has never been really treated.

  34. Courtney says:

    I absolutely love both. Easily two of my favorite couples of all time. Buffy/Angel are my favorite couple of all time though — their chemistry and passion and their journeys are so incredible. They are two champions that deserve to find happiness with each other. I feel like it always comes back to these two. I will say that Spike/Buffy have insane chemistry and were written extremely well and have some of the best scenes of the series and sometimes I just want them to be together because they have such an intense and incredible connection.

  35. Todd says:

    I don’t think Buffy ever aired on the CW. Didn’t it move to UPN?

  36. Todd says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Buffy and Angel more, but that could be because I enjoyed the show more during the time of their relationship (especially seasons two and three) and thought those years had better storytelling in general than the years of Buffy and Spike.

  37. gio88 says:

    the couple angel-buffy is overrated , they have been together how much? 10 episodes in 3 seasons? people always talked about them but i’ve always seen it like a platonic relationship , i always loved Buffy with spike and Cordelia with Angel , those were actual relationships!beacuse they looked REAL!something that grows episodes after episode , season by season.

  38. Rob says:

    What show were you people watching? Spike was abusive and extremely rape-y with Buffy. They had fun chemistry before that but after that it got dark.

    • Kat says:

      People will excuse anything – even rape – if an actor is cute.

      • Lulu says:

        Even attempted murder because Angel was cute i guess too.. Eyeroll

        • Kat says:

          Angel didn’t try to kill Buffy; Angelus did.

          • lulu says:

            Angelus was a part of Angel..and by the way the fact that Spike (soul and not soul) was so intertwined made him so much more real and complex as the character than Angel/Angelus who was above all reduce at Good/Bad persona..The complexity of Spike made him the best mate for Buffy who was herself complex and flawed. ps: Angel became a great character on Angel the tv show..not on BTVS.

          • Quinten says:

            Do you really not see the hypocrisy in your statement? Lol

  39. Olivia says:

    Love Spike, never really cared for Angel. But I voted neither. Because let’s be real, every character in the show (including Buffy herself) is messed up or has had some serious questionable moments. No one is overall “perfect” LI material.
    That being said, if we only go with the soul versions of Spike vs Angel, I choose Spike, no contest. Soulless versions should not even be an option for anyone with a moral compass anyway.

  40. lisa says:

    Always hated the Spike/Buffy thing. It was ridiculous and gross. Didn’t like it as Buffy hates herself or as “he has a soul” thing

  41. Kat says:

    I always felt Angel was Buffy’s true love/soul mate, while Spike was her attraction to the forbidden “bad boy.” In a 2014 interview with E!Online Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy herself – said Angel was Buffy’s true love, so I’m sticking with her – Angel it is!

  42. Snow says:

    Why isn’t there a both choice

  43. Paula M. says:

    Before her resurrection by Willow, Angel. After her resurrection by Willow, Spike.

  44. I was Spike but then that episode when he tried to borderline rape her in the bathroom was disgusting and he’s trash

  45. tvgeek says:

    Neither. It bothers me that people think Spike would be a good match. He tried to rape Buffy. That’s unforgivable.

    • Quinten says:

      Are you just forgetting what Angelus did? I’m sorry but it was worse. No question. Murdering her friends and tormenting her was worse. Idk why people are so defensive of Angels actions without a soul but not spikes

  46. Julie says:

    Love them both, but to me the last Buffy episode answered it all. She grew to greatly admire and respect the man souled-Spike turned into, so much so that she gave him the one thing he wanted for so long: an “I love you” as he sacrificed himself to save them all. Even he knew she was only trying to give him his dying wish and that she didn’t mean it the way most people interpret it. She loved her (dare I say it) friend and hero that he turned into by the end. They never slept together after he got his soul, and cautiously approached each other after that. Furthermore, I’m not even convinced souled-Spike was as in love with Buffy as his demon counter part was, even though he was driven mad by his past actions. Given he fell in love with her without his soul, why would his souled version feel the same way? I’m probably getting way too deep into this, but whatever. Such is life as a Buffy fan.

    While I think it was fitting she ended up with neither at the end of the episode, I do think that the scene in the beginning of the episode says it all… When Buffy is done one day, when she’s “cookies” the person that comes to mind for her is Angel. Yes even though he was her first love and Angelus was terrible (just like Demon Spike IMHO), there was a driving force and deep passion to Bangel beyond the lust Spuffy ever had. But that’s the thing with Buffy (and Angel and Spike), they are never done. That’s the lesson Angel learned the hard way in “I Will Remember You.” None of them will ever be done trying to save the day. None of them will ever be able to be “cookies.” They will fight until their very last “breath” before they’re done. So in the end, it doesn’t really matter? Damn what a sad conclusion. Sorry for that lol.

  47. You need to revise your description of Angel (and, to some extent , Spike) to indicate that he was lusting after her when she was only 14 or 15 (as was his habit as a human), did very little to support her (Xander saved her life after the Master bit her) except mutter about his own redemption, and left her to go LA because he didn’t think he could pass up her nubile little body as was necessary to keep his soul. The only thing that made him “good”. The PTB sent him to help Buffy, not to have a love affair with her, but he did. Soulless Spike, on the other hand, helped her save the world twice before he got a chance to have a short, passionate affair with her. One that sent him off to fight a demon to get his soul back for her. And then he died to save the world. Comparing manipulative mysterious older man/teenage crush with someone who went from reluctant ally (season 2) to primary support system (season 7) most of that time with no hope of having her body or her heart….. yeah. There really is no contest here. FYI

  48. Mary says:

    Buffy dies by Glory’s hand? Did you watch The Gift or not? Buffy kicked Glory’s a$$ and while Buffy was busy climbing the unstable tower made by the people Glory had messed up, Giles was killing Ben/Glory. Buffy jumped on her own.

    I went with neither, but definitely never Spike since he tried to rape her and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t intending to get his soul back when he went on his mission. He wanted to become the man he was and he seemed more like he wanted to go back to being a cold ruthless killer because he didn’t like being rejected by Buffy.

    • Kat says:

      I totally agree! Everything in the episode pointed to Spike wanting to be the way he was, pre chip-in-head; NOT that he ever intended to get his soul back. He wanted to not care or feel, like his pre chip self. Fate (or all the influence of all the Spike-loving fans) gave him the soul.

  49. Lulu says:

    Spike by far and for one reason : the relationship between him and Buffy was so much more complex and interesting. And Spike as a character so much more fun and entertaining than Angel although Angel redeem himself in his own tv show. By the way i did not like at all Angel and Cordelia as a romantic pairing, they were great as friends and that is all ! Cordelia was best with Doyle and before with Xander. And the best pairing for Buffy was Spike. And for Angel his best pairing actually was also Spike and if i had to chose a woman for him it would be Darla, the mother of his child and the one who made him a vampire. End of story. But he would always be at his best with Spike, his best dynamic hands down.