the walking dead season 7 finale preview

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Preview: 'Well, There Are Losses'

Since The Walking Dead wound up its sixth season and began its seventh in Pee-Pee Pants City — R.I.P., Glenn and Abraham — fans are understandably on edge as the AMC drama nears this season’s conclusion. But whereas last year’s finale was, as showrunner Scott Gimple puts it, “this very claustrophobic descent into darkness, this season finale is more expansive — in tone and location and characters.

“[Season 6’s finale] was the noose tightening and things getting darker and darker,” he continues. “This season’s finale has darkness and light, real horrific moments, betrayal, and real moments of beauty, redemption, love and friendship. It’s sort of the panoply of human and Walking Dead experience.”

However, just because Season 7 won’t end quite as brutally as Season 6 doesn’t mean that there won’t be casualties. The show can, after all, now choose victims from not only Alexandria but also the Hilltop, the Sanctuary, Oceanside, the Kingdom and the junkyard. “Well, there are losses,” Gimple admits. “As the stakes get higher and higher… things start to get more intense and heartbreaking, and yet everyone has to sort of band together and keep going.”

Who do you think will/won’t survive Season 7? Hit the comments.

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  1. Vi says:

    I’m still in mourning for Glenn and really don’t care for the other characters in the new areas. Just leave Maggie, Rick, Machonne, Daryl, and Carol alone. I don’t watch like I used to since they killed off Glenn.

    • Marilee says:

      As long as they don’t kill daryll or carole all is well

      • Marilee says:

        We all know the end will come but I hope it’s daryl and carole who make it to the end

      • Loren says:

        This season had the potential to be great. It’s awful. Used to Love this show and now, it’s disappointment after disappointment. Didn’t need an entire episode of Tara, she should go. The whole Kingdom story is just stupid. The garbage people are boring and ridiculous, up up up. Literally felt embarrassed to be watching. Rick and Michonne have zero chemistry. Pretty sure people are just saying they do because there just desperate for some/any romance. Michonne should be with a chick. Morgan is boring and the whole lets talk things through. Jesus is boring. Ugh, enough of my rant. The show is just a disappointment.

      • Marilee says:

        Totally agree the garbage people are ridiculous

    • justice says:

      What do you mean you don’t watch like you used to?

    • Hector Ortiz says:

      Agree 💯💯💯. Except for the Carol part. She’s a bad ass. Would like to see her come back…

    • Marcie2001 says:

      When they killed Glenn, I stop watching that broke my heart….I flip channels now, just to try keep up..Negan is a very good looking man,, but he must die a slow death…Carol, Daryll , Rick, Michonne, if either of them die.. I am done for good

  2. Chuck says:

    We can count on Sasha dying since Sonequa Martin-Green has joined Star Trek Discovery.

  3. Dave says:

    Pretty sure Sasha & Rosita are topping the Loss List this season.

    • AnnieM says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I hope they kill Negan, too. Love JDM, but Negan irritates the crap out of me.

      • Gidget says:

        Negan won’t be dying anytime soon. He signed a contract for the entire year and maybe 2018. As much as we hate him for killing Glen, a lot of fans seem to have a love hate copasity for Negan. Although, I loved him in Supernatiral I’d be one to want to see him go as well but unfortunately the show has to have a evil side or it would just be boring if everyone lived happily ever after as we as fans wish for the characters we love.

        • Lynda Reynolds says:

          Man, I sure hope you’re wrong. Negan is a perfect example of when they should NOT follow the comics exactly. Negan does NOT need to stay around for years, especially as a prisoner. He needs to die a satisfying death without any of our beloved characters turning IN to a Negan to accomplish it. I don’t have the luxury of seeing JDM in another role before he played Negan. So I don’t know if I can’t stand JDM or Negan or JDM’s portrayal of Negan. Whatever it is, I cannot STAND Negan’s character. The fact that he can’t seem to string two sentences together without leaning back and talking in that drawn-out affected tone. Ugh. Evil is one thing. Negan is annoying incarnate.

          • Marilee says:

            Love jdm in a lot of his other roles but can’t stand to watch him on twd your right about the way he can’t seem to stand up straight every time he opens his mouth i hope daryl puts him in a cage and feeds him only dog food for years

    • Paula says:

      Rosita will be saved for All out war. Alpha will take care of her.

    • Daniel says:

      I’m pretty sure rosita is not going to die because she lost so many people and in the comics it doesn’t say that roaita will die in the comics plus I downloaded Thai thing on my computer so I
      can watch the whole season 7 finale I watched the finale huhhhhhh I spoke to much about the finalie when you guys see the finalie good luck surviving it because you won’t and the finalie what’s coming to you know for the finalie you won’t be prepared hundred percent there will be tears you might cry so much that you won’t even have any more tears your not prepared at all I wasn’t prepared I cried so much I spoke to much about the finalie

    • Daniel says:

      I’m pretty sure rosita is not going to die because she lost so many people and in the comics it doesn’t say that roaita will die in the comics plus I downloaded Thai thing on my computer so I
      can watch the whole season 7 finale I watched the finale huhhhhhh I spoke to much about the finalie when you guys see the finalie good luck surviving it because you won’t and the finalie what’s coming to you now for the finalie you won’t be prepared hundred percent there will be tears you might cry so much that you won’t even have any more tears your not prepared at all I wasn’t prepared I cried so much I spoke to much about the finalie just robe clear roaita doese t die I saw everything

  4. Liz says:

    Who cares at this point. TWD has already killed off my favorite characters. I follow the storylines in online recaps but stopped watching after the Season 7 premiere. There are no characters on this show I care about any more. It’s become a show about how many different ways a person can be killed. Six years of that was enough for this fan.

    • Liz says:

      P.S. This show screwed up by trying to adhere to the comic book storylines. They are two different things! Some of the best elements of the TV show were when they DIDN’T follow the comic book storyline.

      Maybe I’ll watch Fear The Walking Dead instead which has the freedom to be original.

      • Rob says:

        Fear doesn’t come close to the excitement and originality of the walking dead. The characters are boring or just plain annoying with no attachment to any of them. There’s a reason TWD has 10 million + viewers a week.

        • Lynnee says:

          Yep Fear the Walking Dead is boring —-

        • L888 says:

          I disagree. I enjoy both shows. I especially like “Fear” since it is giving the viewers a different glimpse of the epidemic in its earlier stages.

        • Brandon Miller says:

          Agreed… Fear is not a good show. There’s not a single character that I care about. Especially that Johnny Depp wannabe.

      • That STINKS says:

        I’d rather drink ink than watch FTWD …

  5. Jessica says:

    I have a feeling it may be Rosita or Sasha because they both want to avenge Abraham, though Rosita is hellbent on killing Negan and even if it means herself dying or Sasha taking the hit for her. I also have a feeling they might get Eugene back but I’m not sure. This show gets me scared on what’s gonna happen.

    Whatever they do by the season 7 finale… do NOT kill Daryl, Aaron, Eric or Tara. I actually care about these guys and for those who know about Eric from the comics, if that happened in the show, this would crush Aaron.

    Remember that scene from episode 9 when Eric confronts Aaron about going after the Saviors? I thought that was gonna be foreshadowing for what would happen. Those are my guesses.

  6. Ben says:

    Sasha and Rosita i hope negan dies on twd

  7. Superwoman says:

    I hope Rosita is top of the list…she’s annoying

    • Sherry says:

      I agree. Grief is one thing but Rosita is so miserable just out a bullet to her head. Her attutude and role she is playing gas gotten old and quickly. Sasha has lost as much or more, everyone had. Rosita acts like she is the only one to lose anything or anyone. Grow up or kill her off. Sick of her whining ways and bitching, “I want a bullet, Make me a bullett. Blah, blah, blah. Overdone and overload!

  8. Diane Martin says:

    Last season and the death of Glen took the heart out of the show. I hope the writers listen to the viewers complaints and the decline of viewership. If Rick ever gets killed off, thats my last show i will watch. I love Machonne too, but Rick is the glue that holds the show together. We do not care about the new characters from everywhere.We have not grown to love them, and that keeps us watching. So i hope to see the real gang intact except Sasha and Rosita who are going off to be killed. Just hope Negan dies first.

    • Leah Soper says:

      Ok, I understand personal attachments but this is a show based off the comic books. We all know that just a handful make it to the end. This is the TWD. No cure and all will fall. If you want to quit because your favorite character dies, clock out now because it aint over. Besides I hope the final two are Michonne and Carol.

      • Lilly says:

        I get it. They owe a certain amount of loyalty to the fans to keep the tv show at least parallel to the graphic novels. But tv is different than comics – and so are the fans. Just like they alter television and movies from the novels (often to great benefit), TWD cannot completely end like the novels. Daryl’s character alone should have taught them that.

  9. Anand says:

    Rosita and Sasha would be the first to go. As they themselves accepted that the mission of killing negan would be a one-way ticket for both of them. May be Sasha will survive. But Rosita will definitely die. Next comes Morgan, and then he’ll understand the cost of being a pacifist in that world. Or may be he’ll watch dying someone close to him like King Ezekiel or may be Carol? But I don’t think that Carol will die any sooner. May be she won’t die until the very end. Afterall she’s one of the few characters left alive, who are from beginning of the show including Rick, Carl and Daryl. Michonne could die in the war against saviours, but it’ll be most heartbreaking as Rick will lose another girl who he loves and Carl too will be affected by her death, as they both share a very close relationship/friendship. Rick won’t die (obviously), same with Carl (being shot twice in vulnerable regions of the body and under extremely odd circumstances didn’t kill him yet), Daryl, he just couldn’t die, not untill negan is alive. Maggie has to give birth to Glenn’s child. May be Tara will die, as there is no lesbian left (except for that girl from oceanside). Aaron and his boyfriend, someone must die. And the leader of junkyard gang will also die.

    • Matt Milner says:

      Michonne’s plot armor will keep her around until, most likely, the end. She is not dying in the war. She’s still alive in the comics! For all the talk about “anyone can die at anytime,” Andrea is the ONLY main character from the comics who has been killed on the show. NO WAY they kill both Andrea and Michonne. Besides, when you consider the entirety of TWD (TV show, comics, video games, merch), Michonne is the top grossing and most popular female. There’s no way she’s killed in the war; too iconic a character.

  10. Lilly says:

    Yea, lots of losses coming. For one thing, there are about 150 characters now. Lots of possibilities for people to earn our love and respect with heroics, etc. I’ve been stewing over the “betrayal” I keep reading about. I think it’s Eric, because he thinks they can appease Negan. I’m not a comic reader, but maybe others can shed some light. I’m not looking forward to these losses. But I’m excited to see things start to move a little faster….

  11. justice says:

    I just don’t want to see the level of violence that the season premiere delivered. I felt that premiere catered to a very sick minority of viewers who get off on that stuff. It’s as if the producers thought the way to redeem themselves after the “disappointing” season 5 cliffhanger – which left viewers wondering who got killed off – was to come back ultra violent to make up for it. I can almost imagine Scott Gimple and Greg Nicoterro and some others in the editing bay just jerking off at the site of Glenn’s head getting smashed in – it was straight up torture porn.

    That said the back half of the season has been a lot better. Hopefully the action keeps up. No doubt Sonequa will be killed off (since she is committed to Star Trek) and possible Rosita – since they are going off all half cocked against Negan.

    • Ryan says:

      Your the one comparing volience to jerking off. Seriously if that’s how you think, you should stick with Saturday morning cartoons. The head bashing scene was a important part of twd series. It’s how negan makes his first impression and to really show his evilness throughout the rest of the show and comics

  12. Jennifer Baez says:

    For some bad reason I feel as they making us get ready for Rick to die.

  13. I hope Rick doesn’t die. It seems as they’re preparing us for it though.

  14. RichieS says:

    As opposed to some other fans I don’t really care who dies as long as it’s good TV and germane to the storyline. Actually would like to see a Civil War type pitched battle involving all the groups versus the Saviors. But rather than see Negan killed I prefer he be captured and spend next season as a POW…shoe now on the other foot,so to speak. JDMorgan could play the humbled loser for awhile, then start ramping up the pschological warfare from the other side of the bars.

    • Sherry Vinson says:

      I don’t think that would ever happen , I mean them taking Negan as a POW . Ricks group doesn’t have that mind set. They all care to much for humanity to allow themselves to do that to another human being.

  15. Star Rene' says:

    I don’t think Sasha will survive. I believe Rosita is going to do something stupid and get her killed.

  16. chris Crowhurst says:

    I think rosita is going get killed
    King ekhiezel gets killed by neegan

  17. Ana G says:

    I have to admit, I miss Glen. If they kill off Maggie, I’m done. Glenn was the character that gave so much heart to the show and he’s missed. I love Rick & Michonne together, I love seeing Darryl and Carol talking once again, I love Eugene, BUT, it’s not Glenn & Maggie as a couple I desperately miss, though they were my favorite couple, it’s Glenn. He was heart, grit, and a moral compass for Rick’s group more than any other character. He was spectacular. Killing off Glenn was a mistake, regardless of how it was in the comics.

    • David says:

      Ana G then quit watching the show like other Glenn fans do, or are you one of those viewers that like to whine and complain because they kill off your favourite character?

      • Marilee says:

        Isn’t anyone else freaking out that we can’t watch this awesome show until October

        • Lilly says:

          I will be clear: I love TWD. I really do still look forward to it every Sunday night. I’m invested in so many of the characters (even some of the new ones). But this season has been frustrating for me; though I’ve tried to analyze why, I can’t quite put my finger on it. That said, I found my self realizing at the end of this ep that I did NOT have that pit in my stomach that I’ve had after every other season: knowing I had to wait six months to see these characters again, to find out what’s happening to them. I’m VERY happy they didn’t end on a stupid cliffhanger this time, and I’ll be ready (with high hopes) for the new season in October. But I’m sad to say I’ve NOT dreaded the end of this season as I have every other year.

          Sorry for the long answer to your question….

  18. Jason says:

    I doubt we’ll see any major deaths. They may save that for all out war, next season.

  19. Jonny Jonny says:

    Sasha has to get Holmy’s death..its the only thing that makes sense at this point. Her death should be coming up right before All Out War, and she’s not even been introduced.

    With the actress that plays Sasha starting Star Trek this fall, you can be sure her character is toast.

    Sad too. She was one of the lesser characters that had actually been developed too.

    • Jonny Jonny says:

      Sasha has to get Holly’s death..its the only thing that makes sense at this point. Her death should be coming up right before All Out War, and she’s not even been introduced.

      With the actress that plays Sasha starting Star Trek this fall, you can be sure her character is toast.

      Sad too. She was one of the lesser characters that had actually been developed too.

  20. Cynthia Cary says:

    I just hope none of Rick’s group die Rick Morgan, Maggie, Carol, Carl, Michonne, or Daryl

  21. Brent says:

    Maybe Eugene is the betrayer. He has no ties to Rick. He came with Abraham and Rosita ( who is being a total bch to him). He isn’t being pushed around at the Sanctuary and feels some sense of authority…. Not to mention video games and all the pickles he can eat. Why would he want to leave?

    • Lilly says:

      I honestly can’t see Eugene as a betrayer. First, it’s too easy. Second, he WATCHED the one man he owed the most to get beat to a pulp – bravely – in front of his very eyes. He just simply couldn’t tarnish Abraham’s memory that way. I know Eugene is a weak-kneed person who relies on his lying skills to survive, but that would be an injustice to his character’s development for Eugene to take the easy way out and succumb to Negan. I think he’s playing dumb as a fox right now…. Scared, yes, but not disloyal.

  22. Teri Jackson says:

    It was really difficult to continue watching after the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. I never read the comics or graphic novels, and take the show as stand-alone story telling.
    If any more of the core characters are lost, we will be lost as viewers as well, my husband and I agreed. It was great while it lasted, though!

  23. Diamond dj says:

    I love richonne, hope they stay together. I don’t think Eugene is going to make it to much longer, he has his problems seems like he might betray the group, because of fear. I Think he might have a brave moment and get killed. Someone important is definitely going out this season. Hopefully not two though, like last season, not really over that yet.

  24. Sherry Vinson says:

    If you kill Daryl I won’t watch the show anymore.

  25. Crystal Moore says:

    I think Sasha,Tara,negan,Jesus, and alot more arw not gonna make it

  26. Gloria says:

    I think,sha sha,Darryl,Rosita,and king Ezekiel,are going to die,Hope I am wrong,I hope Darryl and Sha sha survive,but it’s not looking good for them

  27. Fudgefase says:

    Say bye-bye to expensive CGI tigers….

  28. Will it be back in the fall

  29. Jake says:

    OMG, you people are so damn whiny. Just watch the damn show.

    • Jake says:

      IMO Eugene is a waste of air. They should axe him and that idiot that was holding Daryl hostage along with Morgan.

  30. charity says:

    so very tired of this season, all this talk, talk talk about feelings and just showing a couple of people for the whole show, so much better when they were together as when they were in the prison or on the farm

  31. Amy says:

    Sasha ill almost certainly be killed on 716. She will get Holly’s death. I can’t believe how few of these comments mention rick! He is EVERYTHING. I mean, come on! “Put your weapons on the floor and kneel”. “Besides… I already made you a promise”…. Enter red handled machete. He is everything. XoXo Rick Grimes.

  32. Vincent Love says:

    True Watching Disaster

  33. Morgan has gotten really boring,if he is not going to be a team player,he needs to go,i’m pretty sure Sasha is going,since she is going to be on Star Trek,if Eugene done flipped he can go also
    the guy with the burnt face,cant remember his name,but I would like to see him join Rick and crew to fight Negan and I really really hope this is the last season for Negan,definitely want to see him get his,but before he do I want rick to make him take a knee and kiss his ring,so to speak,then take him out with his own bat,Lucille I think that’s what he calls it

  34. Lori A Jakimauskas says:

    OK we saw Eugene crushing pills could it be he is making a concoction to drug and decapisasate some of the saviors. He can spike their Drinks. Or he fills the bullets with tranquilizer

  35. Dennis Forsythe says:

    Rick, negan, maybe machonne, I’ll hate to see them go. But I’ll still be waching it. It’s going to be bad.

  36. Brayden says:

    Well I will say I think it is sasha because she has had great character development but she is also filling holly beans in the story line not to mention she has a leading roll in star trek but rosita as well because she seems more revengfull

  37. Drayke says:

    There is a lot of comments saying “Wow this season has been crap” Well I agree a little bit 1-13 haven’t been to good but……There is a lot of budget going into the finale to make it better also

    Sasha dies

    • MrsC says:

      Yeah that old “awesome finale” bull. Remember how un-awesome last year’s awesome finale was? Driving around aimlessly, screen fading to black. Ugh.

  38. MrsC says:

    The writing has been terrible this season. Carol goes from awesome to wishy washy whiner & oh, wait…now she’s back again. Same for Morgan. Daryl’s now a filthy mope, remember what he used to be? Negan is making Me want to kill myself before he can do it, when he rambles on and on. The CGI has been horrible, that tiger, the dump & that atrocious deer. My high school kid coulda CGI’d that better. Whole episodes about people we don’t care about. And “let’s fake another death so everyone thinks Rick bought it”. Only have seen that ploy like 20 times. Ugh.
    Dead used to be “must see TV”. Now it’s DVR & FF thru half of it.
    Unless they ditch the writers for next season, I don’t see alot of people including myself tuning in much longer.

  39. Bev says:

    I find it very boring this season. Use to watch it live but now I DVR it. Got tired of Negan kicking everyones ass, especially Rick and Daryls. One thing I would like to see at the end of the season is Carol killing Negan. Love her!

  40. Marcie2001 says:

    Glenn death broke my HEART!!! I stop watching, I flip the channels… Negan is a very good looking man he must die, and slow death…..,,,Carol, Rick, Daryll amd Michonne, if they die. I am done with this show

  41. Simon says:

    I think Sasha will get Hollys death from the comics. Then she will kill Eric in the process.