Once Upon a Time Andrew West

Once Upon a Time Casts Walking Dead Alum Andrew J. West in Finale Mystery Role, Possible Season 7 Regular

Walking Dead alum Andrew J. West has landed a potentially pivotal role in the Once Upon a Time finale — and any possible Season 7.

TVLine has learned that West, whose recent TV credits include the Once creators’ Dead of Summer, will guest-star in the Season 6 finale in an undisclosed role. He could then become a series regular if the “bubble” drama gets picked up for fall.

Though ABC is parting with no details on the role, TVLine previously reported that Once was casting a “strong yet vulnerable” leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. That said, he still possesses a dormant, deep-seated spark of hope that waits for the right person to reignite it.

The other role being cast for the finale/Season 7 is a precocious 10-year-old with a “constant twinkle of mischief in her eye.” And though this girl comes from a broken home, those struggles have only made her stronger — something which will come in handy when darkness threatens “everything she holds dear.”

West’s TV credits also include Greek, Privileged and Rockville CA.

Once Upon a Time‘s recently resumed Season 6 continues this Sunday at 8/7c, with Episode 12, “Murder Most Foul.”

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  1. Mac says:

    Adult Henry I guess

    • Fabrizia says:

      I always thought that the final season should have Henry and the other kids (Neil and Robin, Gideon is already grown up) as adults having grown up separated from their parents just like Emma did. I thought that Rumple would have taken them to the enchanted forest while the others would have been frozen in time (like the spell Cora used in season 2) back in Storybrooke. The cathalisys would have been Henry using his God like magic pen to save his mother from death, but having Belle die because of the ripple effect (hence Henry having to serve Rumple as punishment).

      It looks like the black fairy will provide the time element herself, but other than that we’ll see how much of what I imagined (and I’m sure others had too) is right.

  2. Rox says:

    *Prays for Sora*

  3. Lindsay says:

    Grown up Henry

  4. Christian says:

    You guys beat me to it! That is definitely grown up Henry.

  5. Catherine says:

    So it looks like Henry grew up nicely ;)

  6. Lauren says:

    looks like Hook to me.

  7. Kali Burgos says:

    Looks like a perfect Henry!!

    Or maybe his Uncle Neil!! :-)

  8. Amy says:

    I think it’s a grown up Henry who had left Storybrooke to get away from magic (probably no longer a writer) to go to college. I think the little girl they are casting is his little sister. The broken home could be that Emma is gone and she’s being raised by her dad. With this time jump they can go back and forth between present day and the past to find out what happened during those missing 10-12 years. I have also wondered what Killian would be like without Emma. Would he go back to his old ways as a villian or be a drunk?

  9. Spandex says:

    Looks like an adult Henry to me as well. Feels like this could be a brand new series/spinoff instead of a new season.

  10. Nicky Aiuto says:

    I’m okay of who he is playing. Even if it is Adult Henry, Adult Prince Neal or someone else.

  11. ALM says:

    This makes me think it is probably time this fairytale has its happily ever after at the end of this season.

  12. Kevin says:

    Horowitz and Kitsis finally have the male lead you always wanted.

  13. Len84 says:

    Adult Henry it seems.

    I kinda have my heart set of a Baby girl for Emma and Hook.

  14. Grey says:

    Adult Henry!

  15. DS says:

    Looks like a young Killian (hook) to me.

  16. DS says:

    I don’t see a mention of a time jump at the finale

  17. Looks wise he could maybe be a adult Liam 2 ( looks a lot like Killian) or a adult Henry-if Thers a time jump/flash Foward

  18. Oh please don’t cancel this show, it’s the funnest show to watch! I just rewatched the entire 5 and a half seasons on Netflix and Hulu in time for the Sunday return, and nothing else compares to it! I want more not less, so keep it going please! I mean if you (ABC) can keep Grey’s Anatomy on for 10 years or more, then why can’t you do that with Once Upon A Time too?

  19. Amanda says:

    That has to be future Henry. He looks so much like Jared. I actually think it’s likely they’ll film two endings just in case the show is cancelled. One would be a happy ending if the show is cancelled with adult Henry reading the book to either his daughter or little sister, while the other ending would be a flashforward season 3 LOST style where the show will switch to flashforwards for season 7 and we’ll have the mystery of what happened to Henry and the little girl to make them this way and try to save things.

  20. Agent 86 says:

    Adult Henry. Seems pretty obvious.

  21. iHeart says:

    It’s gotta be adult Henry because it sounds like it could fit the description

  22. t says:

    My guess is It sounds like the roles got switched before Emma is the adult and henry is the 10 year old now Henry is the the adult and the 10 year old girl is not related but comes at the right time to strengthen his beliefs when he does not believe anymore sounds like his memories has been removed

  23. Missy says:

    This role just became more interesting. Andrew is a GREAT actor :D

  24. TanyaLeigh says:

    I quess I will watch OUAT again , I loved him on The Walking Dead . I quit this show right after the Frozen storyline!

  25. nina says:

    the rumor is the show will have a total reboot after this season, so he would not be related to anyone on the show or be a grown up version of anyone. some of the minor characters will overlap but overall the main cast would be replaced by new characters and put far into the backburner/offscreen

  26. Mary says:

    Grown up Neil

  27. Azerty says:

    I am surprise nobody suggested it but I think he is adult Henry.

  28. Nicky Aiuto says:

    Alison Fernandez has alreaded been announced to cast as the mystery girl. And she apparently is not a CS daughter. So much for that garbage.

  29. Nicky Aiuto says:

    If they really go with aging someone, maybe it would be Baby Neal, bc he is the only male child on the show, Henry is not a child but a teen, and that other casting call talks a lot about hope and who is the character that since S1, talks also about Hope? Snow. Henry was known as the believer. So if they go with crazy aging any child, I guess maybe baby Neal ( that obvious will look different than in previous roles) and that would also come full circle, if Jmo leaves and for example Gosh stays, means that maybe their 2nd kid is the new savior and if Bobby leaves but not Emilie, they can have Gideon becoming the new dark one and there u have it, Gideon vs Neal, yeah i know, funny right???

  30. I think that it’s a grown up Henry and the show will end with him reading the fairy tale book to his daughter. We basically have been watching the show through Henry’s daughters eyes, as Henry reads the book to her. Kinda like the princess bride movie in the 80’s. I do really enjoy this show, hopefully they don’t cancel it, but all the signs are pointing to it. :(

  31. kristian says:

    Honestly, this season has been better than the last, but if they can get a decent conclusion out of season 6, I really think they should quit while they’re ahead. Considering how often cast reboots like this actually work and considering how messy the show has been for the last few years… this just feels a bit desperate.