America's Next Top Model Winner

America's Next Top Model Finale Recap: Did the Right Woman Win Cycle 23?

Three ladies remained for Wednesday’s season finale of America’s Next Top Model, but in keeping with centuries-old tradition, only one would end the evening… on top.

Despite mounting pressure, the three finalists — India Gants, Tatiana Price and Cory Anne Roberts — managed to maintain their cool during a Paper magazine photo shoot, as well as their last-ever runway walk. … Well, almost everyone.

“I felt like I was doing great, but backstage when everyone’s screaming and yelling — a lot of tension was building up, so I was freaking out,” India admitted.

And India’s uncertainty didn’t go unnoticed by Tatiana, who said India appeared “a little bit nervous,” before reminding the viewers that “this is cutthroat, and I want to win, so I’m just going to go in there and kill it.” (To be fair, I said Tatiana noticed India’s nerves. I didn’t say she cared about it.)

Fortunately for India, she managed to pull it together for the final walk; judge Ashley Graham even remarked that her confidence was “insane.”

After reviewing the ladies’ Paper shoots, the judges made their first elimination of the night: Cory Anne, who said she felt “numb” after giving “everything” she had into the competition. (Silver lining: At least this whole experience repaired Cory Anne’s fractured relationship with her mom!)

Following a quick visit from Tyra Banks — who likened Tatiana and India to Kylie and Kendall Jenner, in terms of their high-fashion/commercial looks — the judges made their final ruling. America’s Next Top Model is… India!

Did your model of choice win Cycle 23? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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    INDIA GANTS IS A MADONNA LOOKALIKE CIRCA 1984!!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roxanne says:

    India took great pictures from start to finish. She’s Not a BOSS !! Tatiana should have won!! Funny how the white judges ONLY , voted for India!! ANY

    • ash44theone44 says:


    • Beth says:

      You have discrimination issues. India is beautiful regardless of her skin color. She also came across as nice…Tatiana is so very arrogant that she felt no need to be nice, to improve or grow. Stop bringing your hate into a place where race was not an issue.

      • LaDonna says:

        I actually ranked them India, then Cory Ann, then Tatiana. I have had problems with Tatiana for awhile now. (In the beginning, I was rooting for Marissa!) The judges have a point about here being too commercial. She could do very well in catalog and may even walk a few shows, but she’s not edgy, so editorial spreads are not her thing. India handled all of those well, plus I know that they were looking for a “host”, too, for some VH-1 segments. Of the 3, India has a warm, bubbly personality that positively glows on camera. I was happy with the results! As for the season, it was a far more stripped down version on ANTM. I liked that they sort of went back to basics…shoots without a lot of bells and whistles, fewer crazy gimicks, etc. If they keep doing ANTM like this, I’ll keep watching.

        • Kate says:

          I agree that this format is so much better than what we got on the CW the last few years. Based on the runway, I was pulling for Cory Anne. But if I add the Rimmel London commercial and the Paper shoot, I’d rank them as you did: India, Cory Anne, then Tatiana.

    • Tata says:

      Im black and I felt India deserved it more than Tatiana. She has an extraordinary beautiful look and her look will bring her very far in the fashion world. So your comment is irrelevant. Stop playin the race card for once in your lifem

    • hookerpoems says:

      The competition was Tatiana’s to lose. And she lost it. Bottom line is she was out-modeled by India. India won most of the photo shoots, even the dancing ones. She surprised everyone. Tatiana got beat fair and square.

    • Shelley says:

      Can you not just give it a rest with all the racism you are spouting? The best model won, THE END!

  3. Roxanne says:

    Smh!! Won’t be watching anymore!!

    • Mona says:

      That’s exactly what I said!! India was more mediocre in her pictures in the beginning. Sure she had the greatest improvement but in the end all the judges agreed they still only say her ‘potential’. Wherein Tatiana, admittedly by everyone, had the full package. It really does make you wonder if India only won because she is white. I am sorry, but I have to wonder.

      • Beth says:

        Stop being a racist! India is great. Allow the good guy to finish first this time…and be glad that the neither of the twins won!

      • Tata says:

        Im black and India deserved that W. Her look is amazing and her runaway performance was spectacular! Somt get me wrong Im a fan of Tatiana too but I feel India would be able to book more shows and deliver the high fashion. She brings presence in a room full of models to where she stands out. And she will catch on as the boss brand whatever she just need to establish herself. But they found a rare gem in India as opposed to finding a diamond like Tatiana.

  4. Inna says:

    India is a hands down the winner! She has a sweet yet competitive personality which makes her an easy to work with and she always delivers! As a designer, I must say she would be my pick to showcase my line. Her beauty stands out, but it does not overshadow what she is selling. In contrast, Cory Anne has a specific look to her ( interesting, not a classic beauty) which would draw attention to her face first and not to the look she is representing. Tatiana has a beautiful face and the best figure out of last three contestants, however, she is a blend of the other two. Tatiana would be my second choice.

  5. Alyse says:

    She was my favorite since week one so I’m glad she ended up winning it!

  6. Sylvia says:

    So so happy India won. She is stunning. Can’t wait to see her in her future endeavors. Congrats India !!!!

  7. cassandra jackson says:

    The total package, she has it all, From the start of the competition I’ve seen how she has consistently grown in each episode. Her beauty her consistentency and of course her confidence the total package.

  8. Roxanne says:

    Clearly standards of beauty varies! I do not think India is beautiful at ALL!! She nailed her shots I’ll give her that! Her teeth needs to be fixed. Tatiana without makeup looks better than India with makeup!! It was an unfair decision.. Tatiana should have won hands down!!

  9. Gwen Morgan says:

    While India took great pics Tatiana had all three qualities to b winner. Disappointed!

  10. BZaman says:

    India have everything as top model, experience, pierce look, pierce walk and the attitude awsome!!!

  11. Yoli says:

    Tatiana is definitely the one that should have been selected. She has been a boss all season. She has been the best one on the show in a very long time. I’m so disappointed that she did not win. She is my fav, though.

  12. Stormi says:

    I thought it was a good group compared to past seasons. I knew India was going to win as soon as Rita said she wanted to f&#@ her several episodes ago. She was cute, but terrible teeth (which can be fixed) and not a superstar in my opinion. Big deal made about her looking like Gigi – well, I guess that’s good for brands that don’t want to pay Gigi’s rates. Tatiana is gorgeous and has a personality. I don’t think she’s high fashion, but does she need to be? She’s a boss and this raised her visibility. I think we’ll see a lot more of her. I think Corey Ann should have won. She’s stunning and she is the most “modelesque,” albeit in a more traditional sense. She nailed it acting/print/video. She has a great range. She’s the youngest, but also mature. She has a quirky personality per her solo interviews – loved her more every episode. I think she’s going to have a real career without this show. Maybe the judges realized it and gave it to the least-equipped finalist.

  13. Glad India won-her photos were almost string and her personality isn’t bad and she rocked the purple hair

  14. Garbo says:

    This is how I saw it :

    1. Courtney – She can book anything from couture, catalogue, runway, acting jobs
    2. Coryanne – Ditto. Only her look is slightly less striking than Courtney’s.
    3. India – Great personality, very photogenic, strong campaign model potential.
    4. Binta – Mediocre photos but damn strong runway potential.
    5. Cherish – Great high-fashion look for photo shoots, maybe a bit short for runway though.

    Everyone else was vastly overrated. Tatiana was a catalogue girl through and through (nothing wrong with that, there IS great money in that, too), the twins were basic and utterly forgettable, Paige simply didn’t have the look (could find a career as a dancer/coreographer, though, very good at that part), while the Marissa-Giah-Justine-Krislian quartet was high-school/instagraml-pretty (that’s a sorta compliment) and nowhere near high fashion; and last but not least, Kyle was as one-note as they come.

    • LaDonna says:

      I have to agree with you about Courtney. I really thought that she should have been in the top 3 at the very least. You nailed who should have been top 3. But if they had let her into the top 3, they would have had to name her the winner. BUT, she (along with Binta) got the mean-girl edit, and anyone who has watched ANTM for any amount of time knows that the mean girl never wins.

  15. Ella says:

    LOVED India. So thrilled she won, she grew the most and took, by far, the best editorial shots. Tatiana definitely had personality but her “brand” and her photos were way overrated to me. The Drew vs Law showdown was amazing, lol.

  16. bradybunch4u says:

    So thrilled India won. Absolutly beautiful inside and out. I especially enjoyed her in videos. She sparkled and shined.

    Courtney would have been my #2

    Yes Tatiana is beautiful but imo no sparkle.

  17. Haddy says:

    Out of these three I think Cory Anne has the best look, but I’m glad India won. She’s sweet and seems like a very nice, grounded person. I found Tatiana medicore since the beginning. But in a season that had models such as Courtney and Cody, I think this was a very weak final three. Courtney was one of the most high-fashion models to ever appear on ANTM.

  18. felinegroovey says:

    So glad we neve heard the word “smize” this season. ;-)

  19. Fatima says:

    I loved both India and Tatiana. But the judges erred in choosing India because she made a mistake on the runway. A judge even informed her that she will never be booked again because she crossed her legs. Hence she didnt deserve the title.this was a boss challenge and Tatiana was the boss