Flash Recap Season 3

Flash Recap: One Shall Betray You, One Will Suffer a Fate Worse Than Death

Coming out of its two-week Gorilla City arc, The CW’s The Flash wasn’t monkeying around, serving up a highly eventful episode that filled in the blanks on Savitar’s three-pronged prophecy.

While Wally kept mum about having seen Savitar, Iris gave Team Flash the good news that she and Barry were engaged. Joe scared us for a moment with his silence, only to then launch into blubbery hugs for his “baby girl” and her fiance aka “the best man I know.” That said, Joe did later take Barry aside to ask why his permission wasn’t sought, and Barry claims that it was just a “spontaneous” thing and he knew Joe would say yes.

But is that all there was to it…?

After Wally’s Savitar sightings come to light and he got benched as a result, he asked Cisco to vibe him into the future where Iris gets killed, so he can best prepare to save the day. But witnessing the scene, Wally noted that Future Iris isn’t engaged. Wally returned from the vibing to blast Barry, in front of Iris, for proposing for the wrong reasons, to simply alter the future. Iris stepped away for some “time to think,” then later has a heart-to-heart with Barry. She said she is not angry and that she “gets” how he is trying to save her life. But she assumed he was proposing purely out of love, and not out of fear. And she wants to be his wife, not someone he is trying to save for eternity.

That closing word sparked an idea for Barry, who throughout the episode had been trying to decode Savitar’s orations, as channeled by a reluctant Julian. Savitar said things such as Barry is “the Big Bad” from his POV, that he — not Zoom, Reverse-Flash nor anyone — has always been the scarlet speedster’s biggest foe, that everything he is is because of Barry. Savitar also spoke about how he has been imprisoned long enough to lose his mind “several times over.” Barry eventually surmised that his foe has been trapped all this time in the Speed Force, and thus is only able to put in brief appearances, and only to some. Luckily, it would turn out, not all of the Philosopher’s Stone was lobbed into the Speed Force, because Caitlin — “One Shall Betray You” — kept a piece of it for herself, to possibly neuter her Killer Frost powers.

Thing is, that piece got pinched by Wally, who after being tricked into talking to his dead mom aka Savitar planned to pitch it into the Speed Force, unaware that Savitar is there waiting for it. Goaded by the sinister speedster, Wally was able to summon a portal and do just that — allowing Savitar to finally escape his longtime prison. And because nature demands balance, Wally got sucked into the Speed Force, to take Savitar’s place — thus suffering “a fate much worse than death.”

Barry arrived too late to the scene, then got into a scuffle with the now-corporeal Savitar, who boasted that it was his plan along to lure Kid Flash into existence, and then have him become fast enough to one day create the portal that would free him. Savitar stabbed Barry, non-fatally, before zooming off, insisting that his rival live a bit longer — to see Iris die. As Barry recovered back at S.T.A.R. Labs, he realized that Iris is no longer wearing the engagement ring.

What did you think of “The Wrath of Savitar”?

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  1. Diggory says:

    So Wally is gone? Ok.

    • cathy says:

      yeah i am not a big fan of the wally character. dont know why. show is just not same anymore

    • drb999 says:

      He will be back I’m sure.

    • KCC says:

      That’s right. No one ever comes back on this show. Once they’re gone they’re gone, never to be seen again.

    • Celina says:

      I wish he would stay gone forever

      • William Turner says:

        I Cannot stand the Wally character. I get that his name is Kid Flash, but come on dude you’re old enough to be in college, so stop acting like a freaking child. And don’t even get me started on his arc to get in his speed. They went from making him want to be a hero towards the end of season 2, to wanting to gain his speed so he could Garner Fame and Applause from the people he saves in season 3. So far, ever since Wally has gotten his speed, I haven’t seen anything that even remotely resembles a hero. Rather, all I’ve seen is a whiny little bitch that complains all the time.

        • Edyn says:

          It led to the group’s partial downfall. Savitar said he was counting on the speed, Wally’s arrogance and attitude. It happened and also has plans for Jesse, although Jesse maimed him by getting under his armour. Wally has people around him, more than Barry had in the beginning, to encourage him and still acts like a brat.

          • William Turner says:

            Well said Edyn! He really does act like the world’s biggest spoiled brat!

          • Edyn says:

            Thank you Mr. Turner. I know he is part of Barry’s family through Iris, but why keep him? Ship him off to another earth. I mean if there are bad guys on earth 2, then there must be other earths who need a speedster. Wally got jealous because Barry has his speed, Jesse got hers while on the street like how Barry got his, going through a regular day, and Wally got his unnaturally from Savitar. Maybe that is why he is arrogant. Unnatural, but he got it from the source. Instead of building speed gradually, he wants it now. Wouldn’t be surprised if something happened to his speed if Savitar gets killed. He will be more of a brat because everyone has an ability except him.

  2. anon says:

    So Caitlin is selfish and poor Wally. I felt so bad for him. I feel like Westallen are still together, just not engaged? I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong. I’m actually not that upset because Iris’s concerns are valid- she wants to be engaged because Barry feels like it’s the natural next step not because Barry wants the future changed so she doesn’t die. I was wondering last week after the episode if Iris would have a thought like that so I’m kind of glad it was brought up. And hey, there’s still 8 episodes to go and you knew it wasn’t going to be fluffy scenes at the Westallen loft all the time!

    • KCC says:

      It’s pointless to propose to a dead person. Barry’s first job is to keep Iris alive, unless he prefers the Romeo & Juliet romantic model. Caitlin’s motivation for keeping part of the stone was selfish and a betrayal, but in the end her action did not betray the team, Wally did. It was his action that freed Savitar from the speedforce. It’s a twist on Barry’s good intentions seeming to always screw things up. Caitlin’s selfish act had a positive result for the team. At least until Wally, albeit manipulated by Savitar, screwed things up with his good intentions.

  3. Robin says:

    SO MAD. I understand angst and drama, but this “bait & switch” happens too often. Great performances by all the actors and the writing was spot on, but the WestAllen fans keep getting tricked over and over. Won’t give up on WestAllen or the show, but I am frustrated.

    • ndixit says:

      The show is called The Flash, not WesrAllen. The show should not be focused on making WestAllen fans happy. This was a riveting ep, probably one of the best of the season.

      • Robin says:

        I know what it is called. I never said it wasn’t a great episode. Wow. Why do you feel the need to to be condescending? All I did was state an opinion, which included praise for the episode.

      • anon says:

        You’re right, but it’s been said multiple times by Barry himself that there’s no Flash without Iris West so…..

        • ndixit says:

          So what? Its a very romantic sentiment but its not really true. Yes Iris is his lightning rod and a very important part of his life but he has been the Flash with or without her in the comics. Even on this show, the future headline still shows that Barry is the Flash 10 years down the line even though Iris is dead in that timeline.

      • Edyn says:

        Barry marries Iris in the comics. She is extremely important. I understand they change the show a little, but most of the villains and heroes are from the comics. One cannot have Superman without Lois Lane and they do marry. Same with Scott and Jean from the X-men. 2 main characters from the comics who marry are inevitable.

    • jj says:

      What do you mean tricked? The motivation behind Barry’s proposal was obvious while he was proposing. Consequently it blowing up in his face was expected

  4. Alichat says:

    I am genuinely tired of this Savitar story. I am genuinely tired of these characters never telling each other the truth or when important things happen. It’s becoming repetitive and frustrating to watch.

    • mrmcgee says:

      It was really frustrating to watch Wally go after Savitar by himself right after he was chastised for not telling the team about his encounters.

      • Alichat says:

        Exactly. And then you have Barry and the ring, Caitlin and the stone, and that’s just one ep. It seems to be an event in every episode lately.

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      Reminds me of Lost when Team A (on one end of the island) has a bunch of info that Team B (on the other end of the island) needs. And the two teams won’t meet until the midseason/season finale.

      Except here, these fools bring it on themselves.

    • Gary says:


  5. cathy says:

    dont think Iris is going to die. She is main character. Plus by season end they will b all fine and dandy as always.

  6. James D says:

    Eddie is straight up Avatar. His little diatribe at the end when he said Barry had Iris (or something to that effect) gave it away. That is pretty awesome if true. Heavy episode tonight but a good one.

  7. Lily says:

    Wait, Barry and Iris aren’t broken up, are they? Just not engaged?

  8. I’m starting a pool on how long it takes for Wally to be saved! The smart money is two weeks!

  9. DAMN says:

    I’ve been thinking this for awhile now and with Savitar repeating ‘I am the future Flash’ several times, I’m convinced that Savitar is most likely the future version of Barry Allen as depicted in the comic storyline ‘Out of Time’.
    Plus Savitar’s suit and lighting in the show and future Barry’s suit and lighting from the comic are similar in terms of colour scheme.

  10. Robert45 says:

    So they loose Wally and Savitar finally rears his head and the next episode is a musical….things that make you go hmmmmm.

  11. Butch says:

    I kept thinking that Savitar is future Barry through this episode which would be pretty cool.

  12. Agent 86 says:

    Enough with the lies, keeping secrets, hiding information, etc! If Team Flash don’t start being open and honest with one another, then maybe the villains deserve to win the day. A LOT of Team Flash’s problems are caused by their own selfish or misguided choices. It’s getting really old and it makes them hard to like and to root for.

    • TomC says:

      Agree wholeheartedly about the lies, secrets, going off solo. It does seem that the big problems can be traced back to one of these issues. I thought they were all supposed to trust and help each other as in “team”. It seems every character has been caught up in this. I’m not ready to write off the show, though. I still think it is great and this was an excellent episode. Keeps you on edge waiting for the next episode. But, it would be better if they all trusted each other.

      • KCC says:

        At one point in the episode Barry actually said: “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” At that point I laughed out loud. With his history on the show why would anyone trust him, let alone think he knows what he’s doing. The characters are always talking about trusting and believing in each other but their actions are the opposite. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

  13. Butch says:

    Why don’t Barry and now Wally wonder where Wally is when Iris is killed? Prior to Wally being pulled into the speedforce he vibes into the future and he doesn’t question why he is not there? Especially since he has been told he has to save Iris? Makes no sense.

  14. Stacey says:

    I keep on thinking Savitar is future Barry or Wally since he kept on saying I’m the Future Flash.

  15. TvPeong says:

    At first I thought that Savitar was a version of Wally West. But now I think that it is a version of Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash

    • TVFan says:

      I think Savitar is HR Wells. He knows everything about everyone on Team Flash. Plus, he kept calling Wally Wallace. The only person who calls him Wallace is HR.

  16. kitsunesaru says:

    Is what Caitlyn did really a betrayal by the end of this? If anything she actually keeped Savitar stuck longer. Yes, keeping a piece was selfish and they didn’t know it was a good thing at the time etc etc but I don’t see it as a prophetical betrayal.

    • jj says:

      Agreed. Are they seriously claiming that’s the big betrayal? Quite a let down.

    • Joey says:

      I walked away from the episode seeing Wally as the one that betrayed them. Sure, Caitlyn kept the stone, but Wally is the one that kept hidden his Savitar hallucinations, he’s the one that ended up freeing Savitar in general. And because he freed Savitar and is now in Speed Force Hell, no one will be able to save Iris. I think in the eyes of most people, he’s the one who betrayed the team.

  17. Shabier says:

    Id like to know where to download all the latest episodes​ of flash

  18. Data1001 says:

    Okay, speculation is rampant that Wally becomes Savitar. Several people also mentioned that perhaps HR becomes Savitar because they’re the only 2 people who refer to Kid Flash as “Wallace”. But my theory is this…

    When speaking through Julian, Savitar tells Iris he wishes she didn’t have to die, but that “it’s you or me.” Savitar also tells Barry that “I created myself.” When the two are fighting, Flash asks Sav, “Who are you?” To which he replies, “I’m the future, Barry.” Or… did he actually say, “I’m the Future Barry”…?

    Savitar had to kill Iris to create himself. During their fight, he tells Barry he wants to kill him right then, but he had to wait until he saw Iris die. This is important. When Barry sees Iris die, he has a complete mental and emotional break, one so powerful that he eventually *becomes* Savitar.

    Back to the conversation where Julian is channeling him, Savitar states that “it won’t be long now” until he is created. That moment in the future where Iris dies is the moment in question. Thus his other statement: “I created myself.”

    • Charity says:

      Makes so much sense…

    • herman1959 says:

      I felt like Savitar meant “I am the future, Barry.” I also felt like Savitar is a symbol of the trauma, fear, and dread that Barry has been carrying around – his emotional baggage – which would harden if Iris is killed.

      • Spears says:

        Wrong!!! It’s official now. There was no comma! Savitar is none other than the future Barry Allen, and considering how many times he said it you would think it would have been obvious to everyone. No matter, it was obvious to me from the first time he said it, and finally being proven right has been amazing!

    • Yvie says:

      This. Makes. So. Much. Sense.

    • jessica says:

      a plausible theory, except that barry trapped him in the speedforce…now i guess you could argue that a part of him ‘resurfaced’ and he trapped himself, but if iris’ death caused barry to become savatar, it probably wouldn’t be almost a decade in the future, and there’s an article that proves barry is still around as the flash then. i’d think the murder would create savatar sooner than that if it was going to….although i just remembered barry can create clones of himself, so somehow there could be 2 of them, and one could go all crazy and become savatar, although i can’t see how they’d write that to have it all go together like that

  19. Micaela says:

    My heart is still racing from this trippy episode this is gonna be a long post, the Savitar of it all. Firstly lets talk about Barry and Iris’s five minutes of happiness aka the lord giveth and he taketh away, from the moment Joe asked Barry why he didn’t ask his permission i Knew something was up (not that I think he needs to ask permission, but during the vows it sounded like Barry was implying that he asked Joe for the ring, not acquired it on his own), I’m in my feelings but I am happy Iris put the engagement on hold, i wouldn’t want to marry a man who only wanted to marry me just because he didn’t want me to die no matter how much I loved him and he me. So now I’m looking forward to the non fake out proposal that will hopefully stick and it best not be during the season finale and y’all leave us on a cliffhanger @ flashwriters.

    Iris: I am with her 100% as much as she loves the man, that is not the grounds one would want to get engaged on. I hope Barry actually listens to her and realizes that his life can’t just be about saving her everyone and everything be damned. I also want to see if this will drive her to become a more active participant in saving herself. All of Barry’s actions are probably going to start weighing on her I wonder if she will also start questioning if all the pain is worth saving her life and just decide to let Savitar kill her to save everyone else (100% spec since i am pretty sure Iris is not going to die, not even the fake death).

    Wally Wally Wally, I felt so bad for him not only did he get benched by Barry for doing something he himself has done countless of times with little to know consequence, you had Barry questioning his motivation in saving his sister, then we had the fisrt scene with him and his mother being a fake out and getting sucked into the speedforce, talk about a pile up. Hopefully Barry can get him out by the end of the next episode, not sure if he will have powers when he returns it will be interesting to see.

    Caitlin Snow I am just not following this KF storyline at all, why do we never get to see CS trying to work out how her powers are activated and why the automatically make her evil is it a mental thing from knowing all the doppelgänger on other earths who have cold powers are evil, i still l can’t reconcile how she was able to make it snow in an entire town with no drama, but keeping a hand cold send her over the edge, or how she was able to freeze Barry at the right temperature and again not loose control but the last time almost killed him, it’s just not adding up, is this because the show still hasn’t decided whether they want her to be evil yet or not, either way I need answers. And what was the point of this power suppressor, and why after all the talk on keeping secrets she still kept that stone (without an inkling of what it could do) and not tell anyone.

    Cisco: Was delightful, but I still wish we could see him try to work out whether his powers could help the team with Savitar and not just to travel to and from that scene, we saw how Gypsy was able to easily stop both Barry and Wally. Just a thought team flash.

    Joe West: Poor Joe must be going through it, his daughter’s death is impending, his son has vanished into the speedforce, and Barry is emotionally not in a good place, and there’s nothing he can do to fix any of it. The closer we get to the finale the more I’m going back to thinning Joe is the one who will be dying I really hope I’m wrong, I don’t think we need to be loosing any more parental figures on this show.

    Julian, well Julian was Julian at least he had some sense to call Caitlin out on her selfishness and not sweep it under the rug like everyone else seem to have. I also still have this niggly feeling that there is more to Julian than the reformed Savitar puppet he’s playing,time will tell.

    Jesse: Nice gowns, aka the plot required her to leave her home to move in with a boy she hardly kept in touch with for a reason and I’m looking forward to that reveal.

    Barry too consumed with his love for Iris that he can’t be rational Allen, was getting on my last nerve most of this episode, I still don’t understand why he is falling for Savitar’s traps so easily, after every episode he seems to say never again, then he goes and does the very same thing the next episode it’s getting really tiring, and why was he on his high horse with Wally then two minutes later just brush caitlin’s betrayal off, is it because he is placing all his hopes on Wally saving Iris, and why/how was he able to match Savitar blow for blow and kept up with him during their fight when the last time they faced off Savitar literally flew him around like a rag doll, it’s those little inconsistencies that get to me at times, Hopefully we get to know why in later episodes.

    I say all this to say the episode had some really great moments, some outstanding emotional scenes with Barry, Iris, Wally and Joe, and amazing VFX, but it fell short of greatness for me because of all those glaring inconsistencies and little plot holes. I will say that the back half is shaping up to be a very intense ride and bar the musical xover I am really looking forward to it

    The End!

  20. parstl says:

    The plot gets confusing at times. So it looks like this timeline is here to stay. It might be interesting to have some smaller arc episodes with the Flash simply catching bad guys. Does everyone have to be a meta or speedster?
    Glad this season that there is a more prominent Iris arc. If Iris is killed for real, I may have to reassess watching just like Sleepy Hallow with Abby. Still a good show though.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto. Barry should be fighting more human criminals.

      • Lily says:

        I agree with that. I wish the show did more old-school, secret identity superhero stuff at the police station. Star Labs hinders that in a way, and I get tired of looking at that drab set all the time. By the way, why did they break Barry and Iris up in the exact same way, and in the exact same episode number that O/F did on Arrow? Seriously, can they not get any more creative than that? Copying the other show to the episode number? They ought to just leave them together, period. They were married for decades in the comics. Not every couple has to have constant break-ups, it’s so annoying. It’s all just contrived anyway- it’s pretty obvious he proposed to save her life, but so what? It’s not like he doesn’t love her. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. I’m with Joe on that. She could always just say let’s stop rushing things and defeat Savitar first, but you know they’re gonna break up for no reason, because apparently they have to copy everything that Arrow did first. LAME.

        • 211of211 says:

          I too felt like Iris overreacted. So Barry proposed in hopes that it would save her life? So what? Did he not do this because he loved her? I mean, Iris could very well be dead soon, and instead of enjoying the time she has left she’s getting hung up on trivial things such as this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Iris will actually die, but her actions to me did seem awfully childish.

  21. Greg says:

    so it’s the same thing. you know what the future holds so you try to prevent. it by doing so you make the mistakes that create that future

  22. One thing I didn’t get–Flash arrives to see Wally struggling to stay out of the Speed Force. Why didn’t Barry try to pull him away from that portal?

    • SK says:

      Yes! I was thinking the same thing. I kept yelling at him to pull him out! He had time. Instead he just stares at him. Why?? Glad to know I wasn’t the only one thinking that.

    • Osuman says:

      Because he would have been stuck in the speed force as well. There was nothing he can do at that point.

  23. Kellie says:

    Why doesn’t Iris just leave town until after May when she’s supposed to die? Maybe send her to Earth-2 or to Earth-38 (with Supergirl)?

  24. partisan says:

    It’s probably just me but during the episode I started getting a hint that Savitar is…Julian. Nothing definitive but just a couple of comments like Barry being selfish, like forcing Julian to keep connecting with Savitar and the comment that he loves a good myth, etc. Like I said probably just me and the theory that future Barry is Savitar holds up to scrutiny but…just a thought.

  25. Liz says:

    Barry continues to be kinda unbearable. It’s getting harder to root for him as a hero.

  26. KCC says:

    So, Wally goes to the future to observe Iris’ death and notices she’s not wearing her engagement ring. He jumps to the huge conclusions that she’s not engaged any longer AND the only reason Barry has to propose to her is to alter the timeline. Then it turns out he’s right!!!! First, there are any number of reasons Iris is not wearing the ring. Getting it resized is one or she took it off because she knows she’s going to be stabbed by Savitar and she doesn’t get blood on it. Second, Barry doesn’t have any other reason to propose to the woman he lives with and continually professes his undying love for except to change the timeline? Third, Wally immediately challenges Barry with his wild theories in front of everyone. Wally is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he? I know he was right, but even a dull knife can cut a tomato, but it makes a real mess of it.
    This week Wally isn’t the only member of the team that’s on the dull side. The team is trying to change events so the news from the future is altered. Fair enough, I can follow that, but Barry noticing Iris isn’t wearing a ring and says to himself: “I know, I’ll propose to her and that will save her life. Savitar wouldn’t kill an engaged women.” If he believes Iris wearing a piece of jewelry is going to alter events why not give her a friendship ring or necklace or see if she’s up for getting matching tattoos. Body art should work even better than jewelry because it can’t be easily removed.
    At this point I would just take Iris to Supergirl’s earth. Catco currently has a reporter job open and Kara could probably use some help with the rent now that she’s unemployed. Iris can crash there and have Supergirl as a bodyguard until the whole Savitar issue is straightened out on earth one. You would think Supergirl being with Iris would be a real game changer.

    • “If he believes Iris wearing a piece of jewelry is going to alter events why not give her a friendship ring”

      Why would a man who’s been in love with a woman his whole life, is finally in a relationship with her and living with her, give her a friendship ring? Ring for ring, might as well give her the real thing. Barry was always going to propose to Iris. He just decided to do it bit earlier.

  27. Sembian says:

    Is it just me or isn’t it quite obvious wally becomes savitar? Savitar created wally so that fits the “only i can bring the greatness in myself”. He gets trapped in the speed force and loses his mind several times and after being soaked in the speed force, becomes savitar. His twisted mind sees Barry as the cause of all of this. He predicted prophecies as he was there and knew how it turned out

  28. Gift says:

    I think Wally keeps acting the same way over nd over again just proves how immature d silly he really is. He never going be good as Berry if anything he keeps making matters worse! Even Jesse told him that wasn’t the he should have relayed what he saw from the future now he made Iris doubt Berry’s feeling nd too off the ring. Now they are back to square one, to what Wally saw in the future” Iris without her ring”. Wally can’t control his emotions. Everyone should know Berry is trying all he can to keep Iris alive! He just wants her to be save. I get iris was upset the way Berry went about it. I would feel that way too. Wally was just too emotional nd stupid. How doesn’t he learn from Berry’s mistake that u don’t just take matters into ur hands!

  29. Gift says:

    I think Wally keeps acting the same way over nd over again. just proves how immature nd silly he really is. He’s never going be as good as Berry, if anything he keeps making matters worse! Even Jesse told him that wasn’t the he should have relayed what he saw from the future now he made Iris doubt Berry’s feeling nd she took off the ring. Now they are back to square one, to what Wally saw in the future” Iris without her ring”. Wally can’t control his emotions. Everyone should know Berry is trying all he can to keep Iris alive! He just wants her to be save. I get iris was upset the way Berry went about it. I would feel that way too. Wally was just too emotional nd stupid. How doesn’t he learn from Berry’s mistake that u don’t just take matters into ur hands!

  30. partisan says:

    Coupla quick questions. We’ve been told that only speedsters can see Savitar, OK. But then why can’t Barry or Jessie see him when he’s messing with Wally? Can he just appear to particular speedsters even though he is manifesting enough to physically throw someone around? Second we know that S can “get in peoples heads” and fool them into thinking he’s somebody else. He’s done it several times now but unless I missed it there’s no explanation as to HOW he got this ability. Other speedsters don’t have it. Why does he? Is it just a convenient story telling coincidence that we’re supposed to accept?

    • Osuman says:

      Savitar is really in Wally’s head when he was “throwing him around”. Wally thought it was real though.

  31. Brigid says:

    What an amazing episode! I can’t wait to find out who is Savitar. Wally, you sure messed up kid, now everyone is in danger. Poor Joe, this guy can not catch a break. I’m totally loving this season, this is the BEST show out of the 4 and one of my most favorite shows on TV. It never disappoints and makes me look forward to Tuesdays!!!

  32. Chance says:

    The only reason anything happens on The Flash is because every character is the stupidest person on the planet. It’s getting really tiring to watch every episode play out because someone was too stupid to not make the absolute worse choice for every decision they’re presented with.

  33. Gerald says:

    Barry’s proposal could be two fold.
    He wants to spend his life with Iris before she dies.
    Or if he thinks that will change the future then he saved her.
    Win win. He still loves her and she knows that.
    D*ck move on Wally telling the group that way.
    Glad he’s gone. Hopefully he doesn’t come back for a while!!! for me he was ruining this season

  34. herman1959 says:

    OMG, the lying, selfishness, and going solo are all reasons that I stopped watching Arrow!

  35. Quinten says:

    It’s obvious that Wally’s Savitar at this point. It almost a little too obvious. Also, if Caitlin hadn’t taken the stone, he would’ve gotten out right away. So

  36. Amah Lydia says:

    Awwww My Head Hurts This Savitar Identity Is Driving Me Crazy Who The Hell Is He?Future Barry?Wally?Hr?Jullian?Eddie?Hmmm My Adorable Barry Things Are Really Not Working Well For You And I Understand Your Beating Heart Is On A Death Bench But I Want To Give U A Standing Ovation Barry At Least Your Ring Was On Iris Finger Even For Some Days Eddie Tried And His Ring Could’nt Even Get To The Tip Of Her Finger And Even Last For A Second Hahaha But Guys I Think That When Eddie Comes Back He Will Fight For His Relationship Yh Cos Iris Meant So Much To Him Like Barry.Loved This Episode But Wally I Hated Him But Now Am Begining To Like Him Is That The Betrayal Savitar Was Talking About? Or We Should Look Forward For Another.Westallan Ship I Think Is Going To Be A Very Long Voyage But I Will Still Be On It To The Final Destination Love Them Both So Cute Together.

  37. Rebecca says:

    I have Since going to get together and now I am so excited but Walley had to go and ruin it and maybe it was for the better. I have never seen a more perfect couple. They’re meant to behope they get back together

  38. Jay C says:

    Irrespective of what anyone thinks, I think Wally(kid flash) is one of the best character this season, I think Barry keeps treating Wally like a rival not a student…. in my own opinion Barry is a bad teacher and mentor, WTF All Barry cares about is Iris, he doesn’t care about the team. I hate the fact he always pick a fight with Wallace… “he is meant to be a .. not a rival”.. I’m sad and disappointed

  39. A great episode. I was glued to my seat. The twists, the turns, the drama! Love it.
    As a hardcore WestAllen fan, I’m not worried. I’ve watched enough Lois & Clark / Smallville to know that the main couple will be put through the trials of Job before they get to the altar. That’s the formula.
    Love Wally and I really enjoyed the focus on him in this episode. If he toned down the bragging, he’d be fantastic. It was clear he was losing his mind and I wasn’t surprised to see him do something catastrophic. I hope they manage to get him back soon.
    Another one who’s losing his mind, Barry. This Iris death thing is really doing a number on him. I understand where he’s coming from but all this snapping at Wally is getting old, especially in light of the mistakes Barry himself made, not once but twice. I understand his frustration though. This is his Iris on the line.
    The one thing that bothered me was Barry standing there completely useless while Wally was getting sucked into the speed force. He didn’t make a move, just stood at a safe distance yelling. It made Barry look, so, so bad. Awful directing. Also, I still think Jesse moving to Earth 1 to be with a boy while her earth could use a speedster is kinda lame.

  40. Dominique says:

    i’m more than tired of the constant need of this team to NOT COMMUNICATE things with each other. they are a team for god’s sake, so work together like one.
    as for savitar.. yeah that’s wally. when they spoke to savitar through julian, he said something along the lines of the moment he would be created by barry wouldn’t be long now. wally got sucked into the speedforce and barry stood there and watched. he didn’t push him in but he didn’t exactly do anything to help him either. being stuck in a place worse than death now, i’m sure wally’s idea of barry will get twisted.
    also; his words after savitar got out; he said that barry was the good guy, the boy joe raised, the man iris loved, who has everything and who doesn’t deserve any of it.
    that sounds very personal to me, and i think there’s always been an underlying tone that wally is somewhat jealous of barry. he got to grow up with joe and iris after all.

    • Gift says:

      yes yes! Wally has always been jealous of Berry that’s why he wants the group to view Berry as if he is it has done things wrongly.

  41. Gary says:

    Disappointing, this team keeps more secrets than politicians. Kid flash should be trapped in speed for making unreasonable decisions in private. I’ve actually started to cheer on Savatar and wish him luck in the next episode. I hope that he’s able to beat Barry and have his way with Iris since she not willing to get married for a chance to save her life. If this show doesn’t get any better soon, the choice of becoming pro Marvel comics is getting easier.

  42. Amah Lydia says:

    I Think We Have To Look Forward For Savitars Prophecies Cos What Happend In The Episode Thus Not Really Fulfill Them And Now I Know The Identity Of Savitar Is Wally Guys Non Other Than Wally

  43. Amah Lydia says:

    Some Fans Keeps On Saying That Savitar Is Either Future Barry,hr,eddie,jullian And It Sucks! Savitar Is Future Wally.I Have Come To Know That Timeline Could Be Barrys WorseNitemere He Mess With The Time Line In Season 2 Finale Cos He Wanted To Fine Peace With Himself So That He Can Be With Iris So He Messed With The Timeline Not For His Parents But For Iris.There Is Nothing That Can Make Barry As A Hero Mess With The Timeline When He Knows That Is Going To Affect Lives Except For Extreme Measures=iris But The Question Is He Is Allowed To Choose Iris Above The Lives Of Many? Now Savitar Created Himself When Berry Messed With The TimeLine So Should In Case Barry Messes With TimeLine Again Savitar Will Die.Maybe In The Future Iris Will Die And Barry Will Mess With TimeLine Which Will Lead To Savitars Death.Even If Iris Dies Now Berry Will Mess With The Timeline And Savitar Knows That But He Choses To Do It Any Way Which Means That There Is A Secret Behind Savitars Timing.”A Boy Raised By Joe”sav.Is Wall

  44. jasonssteele says:

    No one on this show has learned anything. They are all lying to one another and keeping secrets. Ugh.

  45. Edyn says:

    “Trying to save someone for eternity” is what married people do. They are constantly there for the other, to lean on the other. Barry is always there to save those closest to him and Iris is priority. That is like Joe asking Barry not to save him, but if Barry can find another way and save Joe while taking out a bad guy or saving other people as well, then why not? Iris thinks it is forced, but Barry is trying to find other ways to save her and if it works, then they can do it again or celebrate later. People closest to him is his achille’s heel and always will be.
    Barry did have the good idea of Wally getting faster, but no one knew it would be a catalyst in Savitar’s plan. No one planned on Wally’s cockiness either or Caitlin taking a piece of the stone. Posing for pictures, telling the Flash he is the fastest as soon as he got his speed and challenged a race is Wally’s downfall and costs him dearly. I hope Wally will have a new attitude after this.

  46. Amah Lydia says:

    I was thinking savitar is wally but no! hell no! is barry.Future dark part of barry which still cares for iris.All barry has to do now is save iris and kill that part of him that might appear in the future…..#westallan