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Shadowhunters Finale Recap

Shadowhunters EPs Talk Jace's Finale Twist, That 'Malec' Moment and More (Plus: What's Coming in Season 2B?)

A barrage of truth bombs were dropped throughout Monday’s midseason finale of Shadowhunters, leaving no character — or fan-favorite couple for that matter — unscathed.

Let’s start with a quick recap the biggest moments: Valentine revealed to Jace that he’s not really Clary’s brother, Simon gained the ability to walk in the sun, Alec and Magnus declared their love for one another, Izzy realized the error of her addictive ways — and in the episode’s final moments, someone made off with the Soul Sword!

Below, showrunners Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin answer TVLine’s burning questions about the midseason finale, then preview what’s still to come when the Season 2B premieres on Monday, June 5 (8/7c):

TVLINE | There’s so much to talk about, but for some reason, I want to start with Madzie. How did you manage to turn this adorable child into one of the scariest characters on TV?
[Laughs] Oh, sweet Madzie. I think she’s only four years old! The notion that she’s doing all of this just to be reunited with her nana — the lengths a child will go for a mother figure — was interesting to us. Plus Valentine’s manipulation, that he’s such a sick you-know-what that he’d actually exploit a child’s fear to get what he wants, was super creepy. The Omen is one of our favorite movies, as you can probably tell. … But she did save Alec’s life this week, too. They had a nice moment when they first met, and she remembered him. If you’re nice to her, she remembers.

TVLINE | You mentioned Valentine, so I have to ask about the big Jace-isn’t-his-son reveal. How long will we have to wait for Jace to tell Clary?
Well, it’s complicated. Clary’s in a great relationship with Simon right now, but Jace is Jace, so those feelings that he has will be really hard to contain. The triangle gets super juicy in 2B. … We take the book adaptation super seriously. We know that’s where it goes, but we wanted to give Clary and Simon their time and really dig into it. They’ve got great chemistry. It’s a little sexier with Jace, whereas it’s more sweet with Simon. But it’s two different spices, and we love them both.

TVLINE | And what’s on Simon’s to-do list now that he can walk in the sun?
I think he wants to spend more time with Clary, to do the things they didn’t used to have to think about doing. He can live a normal life now, or at least more normal than before, so you’ll see him going back to his old life. You’ll see Simon Lewis the musician, but you’ll also see that being a Daylighter isn’t without its drawbacks.

TVLINE | I loved Magnus and Alec swapping “I love you”s, but I got the feeling that Alec meant it more than Magnus. Please tell me I’m crazy.
Oh, it was definitely reciprocal. We were intrigued with what happens when someone you love is in grave danger and you think they’re gone, that you’ve lost them. Then, when you realize they’re alive, it shines a light on your true feelings for that person. We thought it was a beautiful moment. Both actors just crushed it together.

TVLINE | Izzy, meanwhile, can’t catch a break in the romance department. Will she be taking some time for herself in 2B?
She definitely has to heal, and we explore that road back in 2B. She becomes the warrior that she always was. … She’s this strong, fierce woman who everyone believes is so tough, so to see addiction from that perspective was interesting. It could happen to any of us. Combining her with Raphael and that strange disfunction in a way brought out the true feelings they have for each other. In 2B, that girl gets her jam back and becomes the Izzy that we know and love.

TVLINE | Lastly, since we know Sebastian is coming in 2B, it is safe to assume he was carrying the Soul Sword in that final shot?
[Laughs] It’s not safe to assume anything! You’ll have to watch 2B to find out the mystery of the sword.

Your thoughts on Monday’s finale? Hopes for 2B? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with whatever’s on your mind.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I’m so confused… is Raphael a priest?

    • Kathleen says:

      As my own follow up, because everyone should want to make out with Izzie. Hoping this is the show setting up that she was with the wrong vampire.

    • tina says:

      cassandra clare has stated that while its not mentioned in the books Raphael is in fact asexual and aromantic. I believe that shadowhunters went with the asexual part but not the aromantic part (since Raphael clearly tells Izzy he has feelings for her)

    • skyebright8 says:

      No he’s asexual, I think it was cool they kept that in the show, hopefully Jughead in riverdale goes the same way

  2. jrex says:

    I feel a bit sorry for Raphael. He seemed to genuinely care on some level for Izzy (in addition to the blood need), but I’m also confused by his comments to her. Is he apparently an asexual, romantically attracted but not sexually? This seems to need some additional development that wasn’t in the books.

  3. Ian says:

    Definitely frustrating with Izzy and Raphael. Please tell me this no-sex thing of his isn’t just some ridiculous way ending them already.
    And sorry, but nope, Malec are pretty bad. I think Matthew is finer than fine, but his emoting abilities are made of wood.
    And I’m sure they could sex up Climon if they wanted to.

    • Liz says:

      I think they didn’t sex up climon in the show bc in the book it was more awkward for them to be together. She gave him a chance bc she thought Jace was her brother and was trying to move on from those feelings.

      Raphael is Catholic so I think he wants to stay as true to husband religion as possibl… even though he is a vamp.

  4. Olive says:

    How can they say they took the books seriously in any regard?? They haven’t even remotely begun to play with the whole awkward “sibling” dynamic between Jace and Clary and now they are ending it? Clary never once showed any demonstration that it bothered her, that it was hard for her to make sense of her feelings for Jace as a brother, which is literally what TWO WHOLE books take the time to deal with! This show is not at all what it could have been.

    • skyebright8 says:

      I guess by now everyone watching the show knows they were never related, unlike the film where they could still surprise people

    • rajax says:

      Totally agree ,they totally screwed up the show, I give it thumbs down

    • damien says:

      Totally stupid show, no chemistry b/w jace and clary, they do not even look bothered that they are brother and sister, they did everything to fcuk up the show.

    • parisian says:

      Man You stole my words and feelings, they found perfect way to spoil a great story.

    • V.J. says:

      I agree with the other comment: in the books it was possible to play with the dynamic between Jace and Clary because the reader didn´t know for sure that they weren´t siblings. You can only draw that out for so long in a series where half the fan base knows they aren´t related. It makes for fun TV to say “Hey, that´s funny, if only they knew…” but it gets boring after a while. So I´m glad they didn´t wait two more seasons. Although I agree that they droped the ball on Clary´s reaction. I am much more annoyed with the overall pacing of the show compared to the books. They changed quite a lot and I think not for the better.

    • Nicole Martinez says:

      In the books we all know that jace and clary are not siblings but the show aside from that controversy in the finale is loved by all of us because it is a more real life adaptation to our book obsession. I think it was creative that they revealed that weren’t siblings there because he had the truth sword in his hand which is a ledgendary fight and it was giving jace hesitation which could have allowed valentine to kill him even though jace wouldn’t let that happen. With jace their relationship is sexier but with Simon it’s cute. And let’s be real best friend relationships don’t usually work out anyway.

    • Natalie Ellis says:

      I would rather the show not go by the books because it’s boring when you already know what bout to happen

    • Hanieh says:

      I so totally agree. The whole Jace hurting part and Clary’s feeling are not showed. The book is just so much better

  5. Zee says:

    I actually watch this show because of malec. I really think they’re beginning to mess it up. The actors look uncomfortable kissing each other. Alec appears to be the only one actively pursuing the relationship and making the actual moves. Now, they’re about to add a love triangle with Jace?I know it’s from the source material, but No, thanks!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree there’s awkwardness there (in particular I agree with Andy that Alec’s ILY seemed more heartfelt than Magnus’) but I’m not sure if it’s intentional to show the awkwardness of their developing relationship or if it’s subpar acting/writing. I still love them though.

    • Ninamags says:

      No kidding, Zee. Harry could not have puckered his lips out any further :P

      Which is strange considering that first kiss was smokin’ hot. What love triangle with Jace?

      • Zee says:

        Jace, Simon and Cleary triangle. I do understand that’s from the books but I don’t enjoy the tired old love triangle storylines

  6. darkn3ss says:

    I’m just gonna sit and patiently wait for Sizzy and Clare. Since I have my Malec there is nothing more to worry about.

  7. I don’t like that many scenes from the books were left out, that the angst between Clary and Jace wasn’t developed , not as detailed as it was in the books but this is very short, notably Seelie Court scene. Can’t wait for Sebastian arrival, he is gonna shake up the series. The fake siblings angst was more shown from his POV, and she seemed to have accepted it which was not how it was in the books.
    Loved Malec moment though, now we shall wait for June 5th

  8. Gift says:

    I will just wait for 5 June nd see. I enjoy Clary’s relationship with Simon more than Jace’s. I feel he just so too much of himself nd that’s too much for me. I want to see what Sebastian would be like in the show. meanwhile, Magnus and Alec re just the best couple in this show. they great together. Hard to believe they aren’t actually guy in real life. just love watching them together. I wonder what Simon would do with his new abilities.

  9. Dominique says:

    i was so pleasantly surprised when raphael revealed to be asexual (read; i was a blubbering mess as soon as he uttered those words). i’m a little disappointed you didn’t ask about that andy. asexuality is even worse represented than gay/bisexual characters.
    the episode was so incredibly good. i feel like where season 1 was that guilty pleasure show, season has become so so good and all characters have been given a lot more depth. i guess having more episodes to work with gave them the opportunity to do so.
    i’m looking forward to the back half of this season!

  10. ninergrl6 says:

    I love this silly show so much. Each episode goes by so fast! As great as the Malec ILYs were, the hugs before and after were even better.

  11. thelostherondale says:

    I will never watch another tv show based on novels, thanks for disgusting portrayal of story and characters.

  12. Casey says:

    I’m so glad everyone now knows Clary and Jace aren’t siblings officially! That being said, I do miss at least some of the angst and dealing with their feelings for each other that the books offered. I feel like I can guess where the Seelie Court scene will go on the show now, but it was so intense in the books, I would’ve liked it to stay that way, and the super intense CoG moment at Wayland Manor — I think we needed that.

    The only other thing that would’ve been nice in last night’s episode is if Clary heard Valentine’s declaration at the same time as Jace. In the books, they find out separately because they are off on different missions. On the show, she could’ve been there, rather than leaving Jace will the task of telling her or not. End Climon. It lasts a week in the books, and it is barely believable.

  13. Mila says:

    I think that everything is great. Cant wait to see Clace, Sebastiand and Izzy. Save your bad comments for yourselfes.

  14. Maddie says:

    Ok I am still confused about how if it was sabastin at the end how was he holding it??? And if it was because of clary drawing the rune on it then how DID he KNOW???????? I loved the episode I hope that 2B is amazing!!!!!

    • Nicole Martinez says:

      Maybe the fact that they are siblings and the angel sent her the rune kind of transported it to him or maybe he got it from the angel if that’s ever possible. But I know it was Sebastian because will Tudor is coming in 2B and the sarcastic walk and body language kind of gave it away at the end.

  15. Sarah-Jane says:

    Loving this show hoping jay and Clara get together now they ain’t brother and sister as got chemistry

  16. Stacy says:

    I can’t wait for season 2b 😆

  17. Beth says:

    I love where the show is going and how creative they are getting. We still end up in the same place as the books but the road there is different so it makes for a much more interesting TV show!! And kudos to Matthew and Harry!! Awesome job as Alec and Magnus!! They are crushing it!!!

  18. Mattie says:

    I feel like the Malec ILY was weird, because Alec did seem to say it with more emotion than Magnus. But, I think it was just because Magnus has known that he was in love with Alec for a while now. Alec had just barely realized that he loved Magnus. I really like the fact that they made Climon less awkward than the books, and that they’re taking a different route on the storyline. Otherwise, I would already know exactly what happens. I do agree that they should’ve shown the whole sibling confusion more on Clary’s part, but they did an excellent job with Jace’s feelings about that. Oh, and that quote they included from the books in the last episode… It was a different scene than it was i the books, but I had to stop for a minute after it and freak out.

  19. Jess says:

    I personally really enjoyed the last two episodes of season 2a. Yes I do think that they should of build up the agonising exchanges between them both, and that they had used that material from the books more. However, at the same time I am actually quite interested to see what Dominic is going to do with jace’s character, and how the show runners will play on the fact that he knows they are not related but she doesn’t. I just really hope that they play out the scene from book 3. When clary throws the plates at Jace… that would put the cherry on the cake. It’s also going to get interesting because Sebastian is going to be making an appearance, and I’m so excited to see him come to life after being such an iconic bad guy In the books. I might actually keep up with season 2B if it’s as good as the last couple of episodes in 2A.

    One of my main criticisms of the TV series is that Cassandra Clare provided them with this amazing material and they have barley used it. What I mean is the sarcastic one liners and the wittiness of each character. Especially Magnus, Simon, Jace and Clary. Jace is no way near as sarcastic as he is in the books and that is a shame. (Not blaming that on the actors because I think they play the parts really well.) The writes have missed out on what could Of been some amazing exchanges. Especially between Simon and Jace. Its a shame because these exchanges between characters are what makes you love the characters so much. I would like to see more of those one liners from the books in the up comming episodes.

  20. okenwa Johntansi says:

    I think it better with Jace since he don’t have demon blood ,think of it like this shadow Hunter marries shadow hunter or Shadow hunter marries a normal human

  21. Valentina says:

    I can’t wait until Jace reveals that he’s not clary’s brother, but what I’m not looking forward to is Climon. I saw in one of the trailers they were naked in bed. Clary is supposed to lose her virginity to jace not Simon.

  22. Makayla says:

    I really hope that jace and clary get back together now that they know they aren’t sister and brother! She and have would be great plus I would love simon to get with the she wolf!

  23. TIANA CHRIS says:


  24. I think the series should follow the book. I read the whole series twice and Cassandra’s version is much better than the TV writers version. If nothing is broken why fix it? What is the problem with TV shows writers, directors, producers and the actual book writer who doesn’t put her two cents in? The Book series is GREAT, but as always when it comes to putting the book on TV or at the Movie they have to ruin it.

    Twilight was ruined because of the writing, the book FANTASTIC and the movies was just OK but not at all as romantic or dynamic. Like the actors chosen for the characters, why are they always the wrong ones chosen who don’t even come close to the ones described in the book. Magnus is totally nothing like the book and sorry to say the actor is not that good. Isabelle isn’t not like the book at all except for the black hair but the rest of the body look too much like a 12 year olds not like the woman described in the book, but the actress is really good so that compensates a little for getting the wrong type. The ones that I find the best characters close to the books description which makes a big difference. Jace is a gorgeous guy just like the book and also a good actor, Simon is a close, Clary is very close looking to the book but the acting could be better. Actually out of the main characters that look the closest descriptions are Jace, Alex who is gorgeous and a good actor. Jace the same, Simon and Clary. Except as I said Clary needs more acting lessons.

    Why kill her mother she lives, Sebastian is suppose to have white hair not blonde. Where is the town where the Shadow Hunters go and when Sebastian comes into the show? Why not the boat where Simon gets his ability to walk in the light. Why change it? It doesn’t even go with the plot of the series it really doesn’t. I’ve read it three times to make sure before writing this I was wrong but I wasn’t. Oh also Maija she is totally not like the book at all, looks or even she needs a little more acting lessons. Please I hope if there is a season 3 that you use the book to copy from. If it is good why not? It’s not a movie so there is no excuse about not enough time. Movies have that excuse which still is just an excuse but a TV series shouldn’t have to. Very disappointing.

    Raphael being asexual but romantically attracted but not sexually, is such a farce, because that says they don’t know which way they are going to put him sexually. I hate when shows do that. He is sexually active in the book why again my question is change it? Why do TV shows now decide that at least one person has to be gay? They are making putting them in not because it goes with the show or book because they are using them as the token, which is so wrong to do that. So when they have a person that they don’t know what to do they make them gay. That is awful because that is like a symbol of putting them in the closet until This seems to need some additional development that wasn’t in the books.

    There is so much to pick on about how the changes in the series is not just different than the book but changes the story and changes how people come to see the movie and what it’s about in the full content of what the author wrote.

    I hope if this series continues that they should go to the book for their writing, if they have to change not to change the whole concept but to change just a small part where it doesn’t throw the whole story off. Also making Magnus Valentine now that is so just plain stupid! The worst is Clary falling for Simon so quickly and out of love with Jace, their love was so strong, she jumped into his arms when she found out he wasn’t her brother. So many shows make such a mistake when they show such strong feelings people have than it only takes a short while for them to change, at least make that part real it takes so much more time than that and everyone knows it.

  25. One more comment I forgot when reading someone below saying about the sarcastic and one liners and the wittiness of the characters. Well they have really played that so down maybe that is why it is not really as entertaining as it could be also. Jace had the best comments they all had some good ones but his was coming out of his mouth almost every time he spoke but they were so funny and real, why didn’t they leave those it? Maybe the writers of the show were just too intimidated by the authors writing, I hate to say that but I just don’t know why anyone would want to change a book series that is so good. I read a great deal and watch a lot of TV at night, but this is one of the worst of changing the total book next to Vampire Dairies which also sucked after the lst season because of the changes the TV writers made. Also Clary was suppose to loose her virginity to Jace, but not only that its just that now when she does go back to Jace and Simon to both of the other girls its going to be so phony. I can’t believe how Clary laughs and seems to enjoy being with Simon as a lover not as just a friend. How will the writers change that? Make it so quickly that she goes back to Jace like nothing happened with Simon? That is a situation they got themselves into, I am curious to see how they get themselves out of it.

  26. Kitty says:

    I know I’m late to this, but I just rewatched season 2A to get into it before watching 2B.
    Im not sure if I noticed that when I was watching it the first time, but did anyone else notice the logical error with the soulsword story????
    I get why Jace could activate it. But he had touched it before, when he had his trial at the city of bones. Why didn’t it get activated then? And why didn’t he think of that when the topic came up?? That’s pretty off.

  27. really do not like constintinal reciprose from the movie, in place that clair kissed simon it was too quick not internal rezibrooms from what i saw, at least der should be a little bit angry for him not to tell her dats jxt it.

  28. i also think clairy should subside or endors any atom of brotherlly luv she have for jace and continue the luve affair with so that both combined together can stop valentine and beside he is not even her brother neither is he valentines son.Alhough i knw she is bitterly in luv with simon but dat shouldnt stop what she is suppose to do. Any way its jxt a movie.

  29. Sunshine says:

    Why didn’t they just take a blood test to see if they were ralated