How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Delayed 2017

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Delayed in Wake of This Is Us Pair's Promotion

This Is Us‘ win is the How I Met Your Mother spinoff’s setback — at least for now.

The NBC tearjerker has promoted co-executive producers/writers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker to take on showrunning duties with creator Dan Fogelman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The promotion comes as part of an overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV; the focus on the NBC drama means another of the pair’s projects — the in-development continuation of the HIMYM franchise — will be put off for a while.

The potential spinoff, told from a female viewpoint and titled How I Met Your Father, is not yet attached to a network. It will not feature any characters from the original series, meaning the project may not necessarily land at CBS.

In 2014, the Eye network passed on an HIMYM “kindred spirit” sitcom pilot, called How I Met Your Dad, starring Greta Gerwig.


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  1. JA903 says:

    Sigh…they seriously need to stop trying to make HIMYM happen again in any form.

  2. april-ann says:

    The idea for that nonsense is still being kicked around? I was under the impression that spinoff was totally nixed, as it should be.

  3. Asia says:

    Yeah, this spinoff die already?

  4. Traditionalist says:

    NO, thanks……

  5. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Thank you, NBC & 20th Century Fox Television, for doing whatever it takes to keep this spinoff dead!

  6. Tony Burgess says:

    This Is Us is what we need now…How I Met Your Mother come back in a few years.

  7. Max says:

    Is anyone really clamoring for a HIMYM spinoff? Maybe in 10 or 15 years as a Netflix short run series, but not now.

  8. Polly says:

    please, feel free to keep delaying it ’til 3096. or even further if needed.

  9. Coop says:

    You’d think that the overwhelming hatred of the HIMYM finale by fans and critics alike would prevent networks from wanting to revisit the series in any form. There’s not going to be a built-in audience willing to give it a try like if the original series ended in a favorable manner.

    No desire to invest in a series that built up the conclusion from the beginning of the show, only to have said conclusion violate many things we’d learned to be true throughout the series.

  10. c-mo says:

    Yet another reason to love This Is Us!!!

  11. MiaB says:

    Give it up, and while we’re at it, please stop that Big Bang Sheldon spinoff before it starts.

  12. Brock Hard says:

    Another show that will disappoint fans? No thanks, feel free to delay it forever.

  13. Eran says:

    They needed to have struck while the iron was still hot. Now? The iron is entering a new ice age. Let it go and commission something original for heaven’s sake…

  14. Jason says:

    Every time this comes up, I find myself getting angry about the How I Met Your Mother finale, again.

  15. Nero tTVfiddler says:

    Although I am (still) a HIMYM fan, This Is Us is the show to watch now, and its time is now. Best that ‘Us’ keep it’s writing/producing team on board as the series moves into season 2. I’m relieved to hear this news of ‘Us’ and ‘HIMYM’ part 3… it’s for the best.

  16. Keslen says:

    I thought the HIMYM spinoff was delayed forever because it’s parent series ended so poorly. Has something changed since then?

  17. parstl says:

    The producers/CBS burned everyone out with the original series. I can’t even stand to watch a simple rerun of it when early on in the show’s original run it was one of my favorites. Just leave it alone. The audience doesn’t want it.

  18. Kate says:

    I may be one of the few people who is a fan and actually wants this How I Met Your Mother spinoff to happen. But I’m also a big This Is Us fan so I’ll wait.

  19. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Thank G-d! The last couple of seasons of HIMYM were unbearable to get through, especially the last, extended wedding, one. The world doesn’t need a HIMYF, at least not for another 10 years or so.

  20. E. D. Boddy says:

    If it doesn’t have anyone from the original series, is it really a spin-off? Or are they just trying to capitalize on the title (which by now, is devalued currency)?

  21. Karl says:

    “put off for a while” means it’s never gonna happen seriously Bro your being a a**hole like Barney before he slept with Robin, giving false hope with our fragile drunk heart.

  22. Richo says:

    Can’t wait. Original series could have gone on and on, it just kept getting better. The finale was brilliant. It was a show that worked on may levels so if you didn’t like the finale you just didn’t get the show on a deeper level. Bring on HIMYF!!!