The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Was Stefan and Caroline's Wedding... to Die For?

Friday’s penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries gave new meaning to the term “wedding bells.”

Let’s start with the biggest surprise of the episode: Against all odds, Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes actually got married. Any number of potential disasters could have put a stop to the couple’s big day, including Katherine’s arrival (which was the whole reason the wedding was moved up in the first place). And yet, the vows were spoken, the rings were exchanged, and the couple officially became husband and wife. This is even more impressive when you consider that Stefan and Caroline were broken up, what, two episodes ago?

No one would have blamed Bonnie for not attending the wedding — I’m not sure I could put on a fake smile for a groom, ripper or not, who killed my boyfriend — but after a chat with St. Enzo’s ghost, she decided to stand by her best friend’s side (and look amazing while doing so).

Sadly, Alaric chose to keep his distance — which is a shame, because it meant Caroline wouldn’t get to hear these beautiful words that basically sum up the entire series: “We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives, done things that no apology can heal, but you just have to keep going, trying to find some new happiness — no matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people is what brought us together. It’s how we found each other. It’s what made us family.”

If I’m being totally honest, the entire #SterolineJuneWedding felt a little bit like when Moonlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Because of the circumstances — Warren Beatty, duplicate cards, yadda yadda — most of the post-ceremony talk focused on the mix-up, rather than simply the celebration of a deserving win. With this wedding, beautiful as it was, the looming threat of Katherine’s interruption had me squirming in my seat.

Of course, no TV wedding would be complete without a few uninvited guests, both expected and unexpected. In this case, the “expected” crasher was Matt’s mom Kelly Donovan, who apparently died during one of the past few seasons’ countless time jumps, and is now in league with “the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all,” Ms. Katherine Pierce. This leads us to our “unexpected” guest, none other than Matt’s sister Vicki (aka the person in the promos we all thought was Katherine from behind. Well played, CW.)

But neither Kelly nor Vicki dropped by to offer their best wishes to the happy couple. Instead, Kelly went on a stabbing/exploding spree to keep her own murderous self from being sucked back into hell, while Vicki had but one goal: Ring that bell! And while Kelly’s efforts didn’t have much of an affect on the core crew — Bonnie still has magic, which kept her and the twins safe from the manor explosion — Vicki’s bell ringing was another matter. (It’s tim to cross our fingers for Bonnie… one last time.)

How are you holding up after this explosive hour? And what are your hopes for next week’s — gasp! — series finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. N says:

    Vicki was very unexpected.

    • K.Smith says:

      Not if you noticed Kayla Ewell`s name in the opening credits. Spoiled the surprise for me.

    • Jane says:

      Vic’s return was spoiled on Twitter. As for SC wedding another Caroline’s big dream was laughed at, giving Caroline a wedding that is all about Stefan’ ex that brought him to MF in the first place. She knew Katherine can make a move (they wanted to lure her out for God sake) but instead of keeping an eye on her kids or sending them home to Ric as soon as the ceremony is over, she is dancing with Stefan, kissing and laughing. But what pissed me off is that once again Bonnie’s life was put in danger and she was forced to quickly say her goodbyes to Enzo to survive and save Caroline’s kids (they’re responsibility of Valerie, Bonnie, or anyone except Caroline). And Caroline’s “I love you Bonnie”, these are all just words. When Bonnie loves someone, she shows it through her actions, like attend her best friend wedding even though that friend is marrying a guy who killed the man you loved. Does JP have smth against Bonnie’s character? I don’t get it.

  2. Lucy says:

    I say this every week, but I just can’t buy into SC, or the wedding. The wedding wasn’t about truly about them, there was the ulterior motive of luring Katherine. If a couple gets married it should be just about them. Then there was also the fact that Steferine music was being played and Caroline was wearing Katherine’s necklace – it wasn’t about her wedding, which she has apparently been dreaming for since forever. Not to mention Damon is officiating (okay, I’m bitter about how they skimmed over Damon’s treatment of Caroline in the early seasons).

    ^That alone does not make them an epic, endgame worthy couple. They were better as friends, and them romantically has really done them a disservice to the couple. This is not about me being a Stelena fan or a Klaroline fan (I’m KC and I’m indifferent to DE and SE – although SE were my first), I use to lowkey ship SC when they were friends but when they made that transition it just didn’t work and the characters suffered as a result.

    As for Katherine, I expected Nina to not show up or make a cameo at the end, but this just felt like a big master ploy to draw ratings, the wedding had not created the buzz that they hoped – only the SC fandom were excited but as soon as Katherine was mentioned last week, the whole TVD fandom went crazy, people planned on catching up, just watching the last two episodes.

    I’m very disappointed that nothing actually happened plot wise. Katherine was hyped up and there was nothing, it just kills me how much the show has lost its way since S3. Episodes would be hyped and you weren’t disappointed. Now, things are hyped and there is nothing. I’m just curious to see how it ends. I’m rooting for my Defan dying endgame.

    • K.Smith says:

      Thank god I`m not the only one that is disillusioned with this mess. Everything about this episode screamed filler, and I agree that the whole thing was a marketing ploy. I would bet almost anything that there was not one person who watched this episode that wasn`t waiting for Katherine to make an appearance. Steroline are better as friends, and this whole wedding made me want to cry–and not in the good way, but in the ‘I can`t believe they are forcing me to watch this BS” way. You said it yourself: Nothing actually happened plot-wise. Too much hype, not enough delivery. I`m honestly questioning why I ever got into this show in the first place.

      • Lucy says:

        The earlier seasons were great. Admittedly I got annoyed with the love triangle but the supporting characters kept me going. But it’s quite telling how much of a flop SC were to what they hoped for because it turned so many viewers off. The only reason it trended tonight was because it was the episode’s hashtag and many SCers hounded TVD’s twitter page to change it to that.
        I’m just not a fan of ships that make the characters suffer development wise. Delena had the chemistry but the sirebond ruined it and Elena’s character suffered for a while.
        This is meant to be the penultimate episode! It needs to be a proper two-parter, not just here’s a filler, QUICK! It’s the last episode next week we need to set that up!
        This show has completely destroyed Caroline for me, I expected more resistance, at least at why the wedding is happening. She should have said okay, this will be fake and afterwards they do the real thing – if you desperately want that SC ending. Not to mention that they were split up two episodes ago and all Caroline’s priority has been is Stefan and the Wedding. The twins only came into play when SC were split up or Sybil kidnapped them and even then it was about SC. She didn’t even prioritise her best friend. She’s had no storyline, just relegated to a love interest and female lead (which hasn’t worked)

    • ILoveEricNorthmanMore says:

      I also hope Defan dies, let Elena be with Matt. I think Damon and Stefan need to finally rest. Bonnie needs to let go of her pseudo Damon Enzo and find a human to continue the Bennet line while Caroline needs to move to New Orleans with the twins and Alaric. I think the rest of the characters will have better lives without the brothers Salvatore. Though I have a feeling that (with the insight given by Candice regarding the time jump) Stefan will live to be an old man and die peacefully after having his happy ending with Caroline, Damon will take the cure, Bonnie will kill herself to be with pseudo Damon Enzo and then Elena will awaken and the sickening Delena will exist once again. I have NEVER liked Elena, give me Katherine any day but Elena can die in a ditch on the dark side of the moon for all I care. Katherine just has so many layers despite her being evil (I love Katherine!) Plot wise Caroline Dries lost the plot several seasons ago when the Originals left, Enzo was a mistake so were the travelers and the heretics. Steroline was one of the most stomach turning couples then came Bonenzo (really Stockholm syndrome?) I am just go glad this mess is over, havent watched an episode in the last 2 seasons, just reading the updates.

      • Saif says:

        Travelers were boring, heretics were a good story to keep the show going but not their best, nothing beats the originals

        I can’t stomach Stefan with Caroline either, but Bonnie is happy with Enzo and it’s super cute!

        Katherine is awesome! Elena should be with Matt or Stefan, or Damon who cares… as long as Caroline no ends up with klaus cause that’s what she deserves as someone who love someone being s vampire!

    • Basilia says:

      thank god I’m not the only one, in my opinion the vampire diaries died the minute Elena returned as a vampire. I’m stelena to the end, but I’m not biased. The whole Steroline coupling was a story filler, which really bugs me since, the vampire diaries should be about Stefan, but since delena came into play and Julie Plec took over as main writer, it’ become the Delena Diaries, entered around the two most selfish people on the show, who are so absorbed in each other, that all they do is have sex, fight break up, kill people when rejected, get back together and whine about how toxic they are for each other. Delena in the earlier seasons had amazing chemistry but due to the sire bond, how they ‘apparently’ fell in love and poor writing both characters suffered greatly, becoming so boring to watch, plus Stefan got sidelined?!

      The reason I think myself and many more fans can’t get onto this Steroline train, is because it seems so forced, Stefan never ever was shown to have romantic feelings for Caroline in fact he often even season 5 may I add compared her to his friend Lexi, while he was still pinning for Elena. I mean Plec has always kissed the Delena fans asses giving them whatever they want and not being true to the actual tv show which had so much potential to one of the greatest shows in history. Sterling doesn’t have that chemistry, passion or spark, it’s seems so boring and one sided. It’s like Stefan was like well I can’t have Elena so I’ll settle for number two, which is how the writers always portray Caroline like the second the Elena, always pinning for the top spot.

      Plec has stated that if Nina had stayed for another season or two, Elena would have found her way back to Stefan, but since she didn’t they chucked her with Damon and Caroline with Stefan who seems so bored I’m sorry but it’s the truth. What upsets me is at least when Kevin was in charge in the earlier seasons even though Elena and Stefan were together he still made sure to showcase the undeniable chemistry between Damon and Elena, though Plec just ripped Stelena out of the equation when she was in charge.

      All in all I think Damon should be the one to die in the end, he’s has a long ride, Stefan should be able to have happiness since he always sacrifices everything for Damon going away and becoming a doctor, saving lives like his always dreamed, instead of being with Caroline, then finally dying peacefully . Elena should take Jeremy and leave mystic falls without looking back, find a lovely human man fall in love get married, be the doctor, writer or whatever, her and Damons relationship is not healthy and it won’t last forever trust me a love built on lust, dominance and greed doesn’t get you that far. Bonnie should go, fall in love and have some happiness like Stefan she is constantly being used and treated like a doll, used then put away.

      The only reason people tuned in tonight was for Katherine because I haven’t watched since season 6 even though I should have stopped after season 3 truthfully, but I stayed praying the writing would get better, people could care lest about this forced Steroline BS.

    • Stacey says:

      I could not agree more with you! I feel the same. Definitely watch next week, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!

    • Kayla says:

      Yes Stefan and Caroline should have remained friends and so should have Elena and Damon. What made this show great wasn’t just the surprise twists but its ability to not go in the predictable direction. If they were going to put Damon and Elena together they should have had the both of them in other relationships first. Damon went from his obsession with Katherine straight to her Doppelgänger which makes it feel like transferance. Elena chose Stefan before she died but woke up wanting Damon. Plus there was the sire bond that supposedly was built on real feelings but Tyler certainly didn’t think of Klaus that way. Stefan and Caroline were obviously put together because they didn’t know what to do with them. Stefan and Elena had so much passion and it is sadly lacking here. Then there is the fact that Caroline seems to be the one always chasing him begging him to love her. Even if you cheered for these couples to get together the results were terrible. It’s pretty bad when you can’t stand most of the characters on a show. Frankly I have read better fanfiction than what they have done here. Two great pieces can be found on AO3 featuring a surprise couple written by twocankeepasecret. What I like is that both characters can be in a relationship and still remain true to themselves without compromising or being obsessive with each other.

  3. K.Smith says:

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I have to say it: This episode was so boring. It felt like filler, which should not be what a penultimate episode should feel like. There is just no suspense anymore. Of course, it was Vicki the whole time! We saw Kayla`s name in the opening credits. Another thing, I am so sick of Bonnie sacrificing herself for everyone else`s happiness. Why couldn`t she have been selfish and stayed home this one time? If she is dead, and this is how we get Elena back…I don`t know. There are not enough words to encompass how much I despise Stefan, so I`ll just skip over him. Oh, remember back in the day when he told Caroline it wasn`t gonna happen? Yeah, I miss those days.

    I didn`t like the way the wedding was decorated. It looked..dry? I don`t know. Too plain, maybe. The vows did nothing for me. Caroline saved you from despair? Okay. I did like the reception decorations, but maybe that`s only because it was nighttime. The explosion. I was actually excited during that moment, even though I knew no one would actually die that way, let alone children. Question: Did Caroline forget she was a vampire? Why do all the vamps on here run at human speed? All the magic stuff confuses me, and at this point, I`m not even sure if I want an explanation.

    Am I the only one that remembers Alaric was Caroline`s teacher? When she was in high school? Why is he jonesing after her? I don`t care if he`s the same age as Damon or what. That was her teacher.

    Some positives: Caroline`s hair and makeup was beautiful. (I didn`t like the dress.) I loved the ring, and the scene between her and Damon was nice.

    Anyway, here`s to hoping next week wraps everything up in a pretty bow. Probably not.

    P.S. Remember that this is just my opinion and that all forms of art are subjective. Don`t take it as a personal attack. If you disagree, tell me why, Maybe we can get a nice dialogue going ;)

    • Sharon says:

      The wedding was put together on the fly. I was surprised at how decorated it was. I think that Ric not much older than his students. I had a highschool teacher who married a student younger than me after she graduated college. I think Ric loves the idea of Caroline the mother of his children and he’s lonely, don’t think he loves Caroline. I loved the drink-bonding Damon/Caro scene.

      • Klaroline says:

        Ric was married to Elena’s birth mother so I’d imagine he was a fair bit older.

        • Leona says:

          Nope, he was dating Aunt Jenna, no? Who was at max,about 10 years older than Elena :)

          • Klaroline says:

            Yes he was married to her. That’s why he was in it, he thought Damon killed her (he’d turned her into a vampire though) and wanted revenge. He dated Jenna too.

          • Leona says:

            Yes! OMG I completely forgot about all that. Thanks for the reminder!

    • rarefied says:

      “Oh, remember back in the day when he told Caroline it wasn`t gonna happen?”

      I was a huge Steroline shipper back when I still watched. Precisely that line – in the first episode no less – was a strong indication to me that they would be end game. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens in the last ep at this point.

  4. Jason says:

    Much as I want a happy ending, I’m highly pessimistic. This is Vampire Diaries after all. I sort of assume that no one will get anything they want. Eight years of emotional investment followed by frustration sounds about right.

    • Stacey says:

      According to the spoilers, 3 of the main characters will be truly happy, 2 of the main will be happy since they’re together in a sense , 2 will be blissfully unaware, and 1 will be sadly alone. Only one ship will be truly happy, another ship will be happy the characters are together but not how it happened, another ship will be over, and the other 2 ships will be very upset!

      • Only Bonenzo and Klaroline (maybe Clalaric) have hope. Steleners and Deleners would both be screwed since the way it happens is a disservice to both ( as someone who can multiship I wouldn’t be satisfied with this). Bonnie stans, Bamoners, SCrs also screwed. Actually I would say only Alaric and Matt fans would be truly satisfied since the way it is done for Bonenzo if the spoilers are true still leaves people raging :P

        • Jane says:

          If it’s true, that sucks. Alaric and Matt are characters I don’t really care about. Alaric I liked as part of Dalaric bromance, that’s a history now. And I find it funny how they brought two more Donovans back in the latest ep. Before this season, I didn’t even remember Matt had a family.

          • Same, more or less especially about Alaric. Meant to say also based on the spoilers even Defan fans won’t be that happy. At least I’m not, based on the way everything is done it feels like everything has been a massive cop out, what was the point of everything, like a was everything ever real kind of deal. Of course it depends on how it is acted out, is it something all the characters want to do, do they do a convincing job selling that, etc but still. Based on the reception and reactions I’ve seen across the fandoms on these spoilers I’m not sure how the writers thought it was such a good idea ;P

          • Jane says:

            Are you mysterious by nature or you playing with me here? :) I want to know what are the spoilers but at the same time I don’t wanna spoil the very last tvd ep for myself. I think maybe because there were soooo many spoilers, this season was kinda anticlimactic. I mean if they didn’t spoil June wedding, I’d be more shocked to see it since in the ep before that SC were broken up. I don’t know why they had to show all those wedding stuff and take all the suspense out of this. Ratings? But do they need ratings now that the show is cancelled anyway. I think the only thing that surprised me this season is how Bonnie shot Stefan with the cure. For some reason I didn’t consider a possibility of Stefan becoming a human.

        • Ali Flynn says:

          Wait, what? You mean there are really Matt Donovan fans!? Wtf… Why!?

  5. M says:

    This show rewards bad behavior. How many innocent people have these so called good guys killed and have never been brought to justice for? They willingly turn off their humanity, knowing damn well, that they’ll Kill innocent people. I can’t see how any of them is better than the bad guys.

    • K.Smith says:

      I have been singing the same tune for so long, and I am glad to see I am not alone. It seems the only reason we are supposed to want good things and redemption for the main characters is exactly because of that–they`re the main characters! It makes me sick. Remember how much we all hated Klaus in the very beginning? And now he`s the main character of a show, so now we all love and root for him. You hit the nail on the head when you said they choose to turn the humanity switch. I am so sick of people excusing and justifying Stefan`s behavior because he “wasn`t himself.” Screw that. None of them are better than the bad guys.

      • Kayla says:

        I agree with you. Stefan and Damon are much worse than the Originals because they are hypocrites. Every time they have talked about wanting redemption or correcting their wrongs they repeat them within two or four episodes. Plec really got it wrong here. She never understood that vampires should be either sexy and smart, funny and wicked, or searching for forgiveness by trying to do what is right. The first few seasons they did it well but then dropped the ball by being repetitive and having mediocre villians that more sympathetic than the main characters. They have sucked the heart and soul out of every character until they are unrecognizable from who they were in the beginning. Worse, they come off as more immature than they were in high school. I have stayed with this show till the end but I will never support another show with Plec or Dries because they don’t respect women, character development, or consistancy.

  6. LizLem says:

    I thought it was a terrible episode! I find it difficult to even enjoy my faves because the circumstances are so JACKED, plotwise. And the pacing felt off here…rushed here, too prolonged there. I found myself mostly either frustrated or bored.

    Steroline = Zzzzzz.

    There were some sweet moments… Bonnie+anyone, as always… and her slightly grimacey facial expressions during the wedding were me throughout the episode. After hating the idea, maybe she would be better off dead. This world is stupid. (Okay, I don’t mean that…outlive them ALL, Bon!)

    Irritated by Enzo’s triple deletion (heart rip + body burning + magic link severing = finally final?) esp since none of the death rules make any sense anymore but whatever, I guess just be glad we’ve been able to see the characters through to this so far unsatisfying conclusion.

    So. Surprise me next week, TVD?

    Haha, JK I think it’s too late.

    • K.Smith says:

      I agree, this episode sucked. It felt too rushed but too slow, which I never even knew was a thing. If you think about it, nothing really happened, except, of course, Bonnie getting screwed over yet again. You`re right about that last part too: it is too late to surprise us. One more episode, and then I can go back and binge watch all the episodes that made sense.

    • Ali Flynn says:

      Honestly the way you feel about this one episode being rushed I felt about this whole entire season!!! I mean we’ve been through more bad guy bosses ( in 1 season, )than I can count on one hand and I can’t even remember half of their names! Not that I’d perticularily would want to because there’s been little to no character development for me to care! It’s like they tried to make a decent final season plot and also close up loose ends, but they messed up trying to do both in a 16 episode season! I mean I wanted to know what happened to Katherine back in season what was it 4 or 5… But it’s been about 4 seasons now ( and we still haven’t seen her yet, ) I could’ve done without it if you’re going to put it all with Bonnie dying, Elena coming back, Damon killing Vicki (again), Matt being himself ( useless ), Stefan dying ( don’t get mad, that’s not a spoiler Ray Charles can see that one coming! )And Katherine making her entrance, ( all in 44 minutes!? ) Come on it really takes away from a great charter and it’s a disservice to a great villain too!

    • Ben says:

      +1. Awfully boring. Seriously… just 1 episode left and this bs was the prelude?. The most disappointing thing is that we all know that they are gonna waste Katherine just like they did with Cade and all his hype as “final boss” (well.. at least they didn’t killed Kai again no? :P).

  7. Saif says:

    What if the twins syphened not only the connection between Enzo and Bonnie, it also the connection between here and Elena and somewhere out there Elena woke up on time for next episode….

    Bonnie can’t die it wasn’t even an emotional scene, so she’ll even have a real death scene next episode or not, why bother have Enzo tell her to live her life and not just have her die in the fire? It seems lazy on their part

    Katherine not showing up was a disappointment and we didn’t really care about vikki then so why keep bringing her back?

    I think that necklace with Enzo blood will come into play as well…

    Let’s just hope it’s a good finale!

    • K.Smith says:

      Considering the lame way they let Tyler die, it wouldn`t surprise me if they handled Bonnie`s death in a similar fashion.

      • Sharon says:

        Nothing against the actor but I hated Tyler. His death didn’t bother me at all. Character was always making stupid choices.

  8. Dawson says:

    Lame Lame Lame, how Kathy Ewell had the Katherine walk and was dressed just like her right down to the spike heels. We were meant to think that was Katherine. I bet were going to get Nina Dobrev playing that pathetic Elena rather then her!

  9. Dominique says:

    i’ll be honest and say i was disappointed. the few times vicki has appeared after her death, she seemed nothing but almost human like, certainly not someone who is willing to destroy an entire town with her brother in it, the only person who truly loved her and cared for her. now she’s serving katherine?
    the kelly donovan twist was nice. i loved damon’s conversation with caroline, they’ve certainly been through a lot.
    i really hope this wasn’t the end of enzo. i mean first he gets killed by stefan for reasons that can’t be anything else but bonnie is not allowed to be happy. now bonnie had to sacrifice him again, possibly for good.

    • Kayla says:

      When Vicki appeared she tried to kill Elena for the chance to return to life. This is entirely in character for her. Yes, she loves Matt but she is incredibly selfish much like her mother and father. She always makes excuses to Matt to justify her behavior.

  10. James Salame says:

    Am I the only one who was waiting for Caroline to realize she loved Alaric ? I for sure thought Damon would die. And Stefen and Elena would end up back together. I mean it can still happen in the last episode. But that was what I was wanting. I just never believed SC at all. A fling maybe. Cause caroline has been with ever dude in mystic falls. Every cast member! Stefan deserved the true TV show ending . What he wanted since season 1. To be human with Elena.

    • The Everyday Mom Life says:

      I see more between Alaric and Caroline than I ever have Stefan. He and Elena were so good together. I liked the chemistry with Damon until they got together and the writers destroyed everything that SE was just to prop up DE. No one would really ever forgive their brother for that. The whole episode was a disappointment. This season has been a disappointment. Isn’t funny that Klaus and Katherine were hard to deal with than the devil himself?

  11. Dana Brown says:

    Alaric needs a happy ending.

    • Lucy says:

      Yes he does! I was actually starting to ship him and Caroline. I also really miss the bromance between Damon and Alaric too.

  12. Alli says:

    Why do any of you watch this show? All you ever do is critisize every piece of it. I have enjoyed every minute of the last 8 years and am devastated that this was the second last time I will get to watch an brand new episode. Every bit of Vampire Diaries is fantastic and always has been and if it wasn’t, all of you wouldn’ t be wasting your time talking about it. Next week will be bittersweet. I will lose the best show I have had the pleasure of watching but I won’t have to see any of you trashing it anymore so lose/win?

    • sofia says:

      I totally agree with you, I mean this is the best show that I have ever watched and I got so attached to it I am soo sad it’s ending. And of course people have their own opinions but if it’s something bad then you can just stop watching the show instead of criticizing so much.

    • Kepler says:

      THANK YOU! This is my feeling too. I LOVE the Vampire Diaries and I’ll be so sad when it goes off the air, but at least I won’t have to watch this show’s bitter shippers whine and complain about every. Single. Thing. I thought last night was wonderful. I’m not a huge Steroline shipper (really the only ship I care about is Delena) but I thought the wedding was very sweet, and Caroline looked amazing. I liked seeing Caroline and Damon hanging out, since Alaric abandoned him and Caroline’s mom died, he hasn’t really had any friends.

  13. Sharon says:

    Thank God Bonnie is freed from a lifetime dating a ghost. She probably dies just enough to bring back Elena and Vick has only rung the bell 3 times, so betcha Damon can get there to stop her. Though poor Matt, sister and mom get to die again in front of him.

  14. Ali Flynn says:

    This was so unfulfillingly horrible I’m sooo unsatisfied and utterly disgusted I don’t know what to do! Katherine Pierce, we are talking literally with the only exception of Kia Parker the most villainous of all the “bads” of the show! Is going to let someone else do her dirty work for her? If that wasn’t bad enough she gets a druggie would been a crackhead if she wasn’t turned into a vampire for 2 days looser to carry out her revenge!? And the revenge isn’t even personal? Literally these people are partially responsible for letting her daughter die!!! I’m sorry this has been the biggest let down and after sitting through this entire season, ( not to even mention season 7, ) that’s really saying something!!! Now they are going to kill Bonnie from what a bell that shouldn’t even be there in the first place!? The Maxwell’s entire bloodline should poster children for birth control, seriously! Why would they hang the bell back up when the can be compelled at anytime!? Then I was robbed when I saw Matt’s dad get his throat slashed I thought finally Kelly Donovan did something right, ( that and not having anymore children, I hope; ) and he’s still alive!?

    • K.Smith says:

      Everything you said times 100. I will go on record right now and say that this was the most disappointing episode of the whole series. I get that from a technical standpoint they couldn’t do much because they couldn’t get Nina, but from a story standpoint, nothing made sense! Katherine definitely wouldn’t let someone else do her dirty work, and she would have totally busted that wedding up. Forget this mess. I’m glad it’s over.

  15. Euvee says:

    Rubbish episode. That is all.

  16. Stacey says:

    Knew Vicky was coming back for weeks, very expected! The wedding was underwhelming, just like SC as a couple. Bonenzo on the other hand was beautiful yet sad. I loved Caroline and Bonnie’s bonding time. For Damon, I just wished he asked for Caroline’s forgiveness, I liked their scene, but he never took the blame for what he did to her.

  17. Leona says:

    I was never the biggest fan of Steroline – never saw the chemistry there, but I have to say their wedding tonight was beautiful. Loved how they pushed the thought of Katherine aside after the ‘if anyone here objects’ scene and continued on with the wedding. In that moment it was all about Stefan & Caroline & it was very sweet, especially straight after when it showed them dancing & looking genuinely happy & carefree for the first time in a long while!
    I also don’t think Bonnie is dead nor will she be the one who dies in the finale. It would be too obvious given that she’s the one that’s linked to Elena. Also after the speech Enzo gave her about living her life fully it would just be pointless to have her die straight after. Elena will wake without Bonnie having to die. Or maybe she’s in Limbo at the beginning of the next episode, enough time for Elena to wake up & then comes back from the dead, but it’s definitely not permanent.
    I have no idea who will be the one to die & I’m glad the writers have not made it so obvious for us because we’re now going into the finale with some surprises still in store! I thought all along Stefan would sacrifice himself so Bonnie could live but on the other hand I can’t see how he’d break Carolines heart AGAIN.Those two have had too many separations this season alone I think it would be ridiculous to part them again.
    Finally guys, stop criticising every single scene; it’s the last season, with one final episode to go – just enjoy it! You all loved this show at one point or another, just enjoy the last episode! It’s been a great series as a whole, regardless of ships, fan service etc! I for one will unbelievably miss waiting on a new episode every week.

    • Gospino says:

      Yeah, this has been a special series. I’m not going to complain about every last little thing as we get to the end. I just hope I like the main endings. I’d like to see just about all of the characters be happy. I thought the wedding was pretty and had some nice touches. Not sure I really buy Stefan/Caroline, but so what.

  18. Quinn says:

    Boring and predictable episode.I don’t blame Alaric for bailing on the nuptials; he’s still got class. The wedding was visually pleasant but the lack of chemistry between the leads made it feel like one of those weird episodes on The Bachelor where a couple of reality stars try to fake romance for the camera. It’s a fast-forward moment if there ever was one.
    Good seeing Kayla Ewell, though. Like some other posters, I’m hoping Stefan and Damon go out in a blaze of glory together because it’s their crazy relationship as brothers that’s been the most interesting. As for Caroline? Head to the Crescent City with the girls for a new (better) life.Relax Klaroline-haters, she can still be part of the “Originals” world without romantic entanglements with Klaus if the writers want it that way.. Just a thought. I also hope Bonnie gets a break, romantically.

  19. MKH says:

    but I wonder, kay took elena in her coven and damon isn’t even stressed about it no one talks about elena or kay. It would be funny if they all died and ended up in bonbons magical hell kinda world. I hope that the last episode will last like 2 hours and everything become’s clear.( and I hope that we see jeremy for a second, we havent heard 2 seasons from him, does he even know that his sister is linked to his ex.)

  20. Cynthia Kelly says:

    I’m floored I see Elana in the last episode Bonnie to the ground today, Bonnie can’t die. All three girls began their adventure as best friends having a sleep over while in high school. No one else dies, BR En,o ba know. So there can b a reunion down the road

  21. Melissa says:

    I was surprised at how NOT shocking that episode was. I was really expecting a bigger twist at the end but Vicky doesn’t cut it as being a huge surprise since we all knew she would be back. This just didn’t feel like a penultimate episode. I agree with Andy with the sentiment of not really getting into the wedding because you are expecting Katherine to show up. it was just really weird and not at all how I would think Caroline would want to get married. I’m sure Steroline fans are happy and they got to have the moment they have wanted for so long . . . but all I can think is be careful what you wish for. There is a reason (other than Katherine) that they had the wedding this episode and not the series finale . . . can’t see everyone getting the ultimate happy ending.

    • Jane says:

      This is why this show got cancelled, they just completely exhausted their imagination and mostly just fan-service at this point

      • Melissa says:

        Agreed. I think they dangled this June wedding, which wasn’t in June, bc they thought well I guess we have to follow through. Even though most fans don’t like the couple. I just think bc Nina left, they made steroline “the” couple, but there is just nothing to them. I’m really hoping the finale is actually epic and not just the title!

      • Gift says:

        Jane I get that u re not a fan of Stefan nd Caroline together but come on, admit it was fun. this episode was great.

      • Gift says:

        Jane I get that u re not a fan of Stefan nd Caroline together but come on, admit it was fun. this episode was great. keep ur hate aside nd watch it again nd say what u really think. in a different prospective.

        • Jane says:

          Gift, I can admit that I actually liked how everything looked – Caroline looked nice and fresh as a daisy, Stefan and Damon handsome as always. And I get that you’re a Stefan’s stan. But come on. #SterolineJuneWedding is a fanservice and plotwise writers don’t make any sense anymore.
          1. Since becoming human Stefan has been healing like a maniac.
          2. When Cade got the only weapon that can kill him, he stuck it in Elena’s coffin. Because where else would he put it? And then he dozed off for a moment or two. Genius.
          3. After the fight with Cade Damon’s soul just jumps back into his body… Lucky bastard.
          4. Katherine next in line to rule the Hell? Seriously?
          5. In a prev Stefan was skipping town without Caroline and now I’m supposed believe he actually put any thought in yet another proposal and this quick marriage?
          6. Human/vampire problem was a PROBLEM for Stelena and Delena and for Bella and that vamp from Twilight, but Steroline chill, they will make it work.
          7. Alaric can skip the wedding, but twins must be on the front line or Kat won’t buy the wedding? What is Steroline “June” wedding without cute flower girls
          8. Why Caroline runs at a human speed when there was an explosion?
          I can go on, but you got my point. And I think it’s arguable whether I hate SC for no reason or you buy any Stefan happy ending the writers offer, whether it makes sense or not.

    • zed says:

      I would so like to see Caroline, Bonnie and Elena go and do their thing after everything and have happy ever after – and for Defan go out in the blaze of glory saving everyone. That would be great redemption finale for both of them!

    • Hermes says:

      That’s exactly how i feel. I read all spoilers and i was sure it can’t be this boring and i was WRONG!

  22. Samantha says:

    An amazing,spectacular and totally life changing wedding. I’m still crying

  23. J says:

    So everyone thinks this means Bonnie is dead but that would be too obvious. The death in the finale will probably happen towards the end. That being said because of everyone who dies and comes back all the time it is kind of hard to take any death seriously at this point. I for one do think the death will be Stefan for a couple reasons, when asked if he will get a happy ending Julie said, “He’s trying…” . Paul Wesley also said his eyes were closed at the end of his last scene.

  24. Mel says:

    So thankful for Melinda Clarke’s return on my tv even for such a short period. She’s great.

  25. Jessica F says:

    I am soo beyond upset at this episode. Caroline and Stefan should be friends for so many reasons. Caroline should cross over to the Originals and help save Klaus. Stefan should have ended up with Elena because they are both human. I thought Damon would die in the finale to save Stefan and/or Elena. And the fact that Bonnie will probably die so Elena can wake up is too easy. They always find a loophole… why not now. I would like to see Bonnie live. I don’t know what is going to happen but so far it is a mess in my opinion.

  26. realchemistry says:

    This episode was amazing. It really had a season 1/season 2 feel to it, which goes to show that when TPTB give their all, the result can be superb (unlike when they don’t, and things like season 7 happen).

    Loved all the Steroline moments! I’ve been rooting for them since I watched the Pilot episode. The wedding was gorgeous, the vows were absolutely perfect, and basically everything about the #SterolineJuneWedding was great.

    Here’s hoping the series finale will be excellent too.

  27. Gift says:

    This episode was amazing, the vows, the wedding everything except for Katherine’s necklace nd music it was amazing including Damon. It definitely showed that Stefan is over Elena for good. And with Bonnie and the twins nd the magic it was simply magnificent . Stefan looked amazingly handsome nd Caroline very pretty. loved this episode can’t wait for the final episode.

  28. Anna says:

    Give us the finally already!! I want to know how it all ends

  29. Liz says:

    I watched this whole episode, just to not see Katherine. I care nothing for the Steroline wedding. This episode was a filler. Nothing in this episode was important going into the finale. Disappointed with the writing and direction of the storyline.

  30. Amah Lydia says:

    Caroline Have Been In Love With Stefan Since Day One I Have No Idea Why They Were Still Spending Time Building Carolines Love But Not Stefan He Really Never Show Any Intrest In Caroline Is Like He Woke Up One Day And Was Like Jack! You Have Been In Love With Me For A Long Time So Let Me Have Some Pitty On You And Love You Back.Again They Never Should Have Taken The Original Family Out The Story Should Have Revolve Around All Of Them In The Vampire Diaries Cos The Originals Were In Seasm 2,3,4 And It Was Amazing Stefan/caroline/klaus Triangle Would Have Been Awsome Am Glad The Show Is Ending They Screw It Up

  31. Gift says:

    I get all u re saying nd I saw all that too but it’s a show not real life. we can expect anything in movies whether it’s humanly possible or not. Trust me i complained too but I just have take anything they give because I want to see Stefan’s happy ending. As for Stefan living town was his own way of dealing with becoming human I rather take the Borden alone, he didn’t actually think what it would do to Caroline. He just thought it was best nd he is protecting her. I guess he acted dorm but I don’t think Stefan had a problem with the Vampire/human relationship, he was with Elena when she was human. I think it was his way of reacting to everything that happened nd thought living everyone behind was the solution. when I’m watching the show especially now it’s ending I try to ignore a lot nd just focus on my hero.

    • Jane says:

      I agree that there is no point really to complain about every plot hole at this point. One episode left so I personally will do my best to enjoy it. My favourite will always be S01-03 and 04 because of Klaus. See I probably like Klaus the way you like Stefan. Shame Caroline is not a doppelganger :)

  32. moha says:

    we were all expecting to see Katherine though so dissapointed none really cared about Kelly

  33. Gift says:

    Jane you know things happen that no one asked for, Caroline trusting her best friend with her kids isn’t a crime is it? Bonnie choose the things she does. she is always ready nd wanting to give up her live for her friends. while in real life hardly a friend will put their life at risk for another. it’s her wedding day can’t she can’t she dance with the man she loves without thinking or worry about anyone else? I think the part Enzo had to go was healthy for her. (he is a ghost for heaven’s sake) like he said nd stressed out they will meet again nd when they do, there will be peace. Caroline loves Bonnie they’ve been best friends all their lives. it’s unfortunate she is in love with the person who kill her best friend’s love but she didn’t ask for that nd to expect her to end her relationship with Stefan is ridiculous. not even Bonnie or Elena would have done that if they were in Caroline’s shoe. Bonnie’s character is this person that she place her friends above all nd trust me if Enzo was out of line or trying to kill or killed one of her friends she would kill him. it’s her friends above all that is how she is. (I really like her person) Caroline had a hard time finding someone to love without them choosing Elena first now she finally got Stefan nd he is in love with her, she can’t let go. if there was time I would really like them testing Stefan’s love for her to prove a point.

    • Jane says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode and I’m not trying to ruin it for you. Anyway since we started this discussion…
      “It’s her wedding day can’t she can’t she dance with the man she loves without thinking or worry about anyone else?”
      How can she?! This isn’t even SC issue, it’s the writing problem, trying to sell the wedding as a trap for the queen of hell and as a dream June wedding for sc funs at the same time. There are kids, compelled innocents. Kat SENT her neckless, she’s obviously around waiting for a good moment to strike. How on earth can Caroline and Stefan just dance and not worry about anyone?

      Caroline had a hard time finding someone to love without them choosing Elena first now she finally got Stefan

      Stefan is the very guy who chose Elena first and haven’t looked at Caroline for 5-6 seasons. Then everyone talked him into SC. They got together and kept braking up non stop. So to me it always looked like Stefan is settling here. He loves Caroline but not in love with her.

      I still care about all characters, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena of course. But the only couple that I ever truly loved is Klaroline, so I can’t appreciate how they use Caroline to give Stefan a happy ending. I understand that your fan loyalty is with Stefan so just different preferences here. I’m still hoping Stefan is a big love of her life but then so was Tyler and when he died earlier this season she barely reacted. So perhaps Caroline is Stefan’s last and Klaus is Caroline’s.
      Saying that, I would be over the moon if Klaroline got a beautiful wedding. So I understand that you and SC fans are happy with 08×15. Not my episode, that’s all.

      • Gift says:

        I’m a very big fan of Klaroline too , I actually want that to happen but this the Vampire Diaries not originals right? I only argue because of the actual show we re discussing. of cause Stefan won’t be the last love of Caroline (she is a vampire) He can never be one again so therefore he will die a human nd she will move on. I’m actually just warming up to Stefan nd Caroline ‘s relationship now because it gives Stefan his happy ending before he maybe dies.

        • Jane says:

          I see, well then I hope we won’t be disappointed. If Stefan gets a happy ending it won’t take anything away from me. I’m not even sure if I want JP to put her hands on KC for too long and torture this pairing like she’s done to DE and SC. Just KC endgame, through a flashback or smth, will be enough for me. Your loyalty to Stefan is interesting though, I think most fans prefer Damon, but I can’t be sure of course.

  34. Star says:

    I hate the fact that stefen and caroline ended together, their relationship is the worst thing that ever happened in this series, it so fake and revolting, this series should have ended a long time ago, yet they kept beating round d bush , bringing villians like devil and hell fire, sooo fictional and boring, all of a sudden bonnie is physic, and a whole bunch of time wasting scenerios

    • Gift says:

      not all of a sudden, Bonnie said It in s1 ep1 when she was in the car with Elena. Her grams told her she is a psychic.

      • Star says:

        Imagine Season 1 episode 1, 7 seasons later bonnie physic power is back, sooooo lame. How come kathrine is next in line in devil kingdom, sooo fictional and fake, and hw is it dat no one reli stays dead in this series, they all come back again, this is really tire some. My advice is dey should end the whole thing

  35. Gift says:

    I like Damon too but Stefan has always been my favorite. I don’t care what they say about his character he will always be it for me in the Vampire Diaries. And I’m hoping Caroline moves to the originals because no love interest they give Klaus will ever be interesting or satisfying to me.

    • Jane says:

      As much as I enjoyed DE tension, I was heartbroken when they did it to Stefan. And then he was in that case drowning over and over again! And I remember when in S07 Damon told Stefan he burned Elena to ashes and then there was that scene with Stefan in his car. I don’t know if you remember that one, I think it’s 7×12. Gosh Paul can sell me SE any day.
      Oh yes, the only other Klaus’ relationship I found entertaining was with Aurora, that girl was nuts but so is he sometimes. I think if they ever wanted to really try to beat KC ship for Klaus character, they should’ve done smth like that – smth completely different, rather than trying to recreate “local” KC with another good-girl blondy.

  36. Gift says:

    oh yea I remember that scene on the Vampire Diaries. And I forgot completely about Aurora, I also liked her with Klaus. Yea she would have worked. I was thinking about this last episode when Bonnie passed out nd Stefan was there with her looking over her body nd I thought, knowing what Stefan can do or how he thinks, he might give her Enzo ‘s blood to save her if she is dead that way she returns a vampire nd Elena also wakes up. That can explain that smile he had on his face at that promo video.

    • Jane says:

      Yes, I read this somewhere on twitter, about Enzo’s necklace and Bonnie becoming a vampire. Then they somehow destroy hell and people find peace (so there is no need for Bonnie’s dimension that was probably destroyed in the prev ep anyway). I don’t know how Bonnie will take it: she loves her magic and she wanted to stay human (she’d continue Bennet line) so she refused to become vamp even though she wanted to stay with Enzo forever. Now with blood from his neckless she becomes a vampire, while Enzo’s gone. Isn’t it kinda a cruel irony?
      But your idea explains why Stefan doesn’t look surprise when sees Elena, while Damon looks shocked. And if Elena wakes up after Stefan gave Bonnie blood then it was the only way for Bonnie to survive, otherwise it’d count as a loophole (Kai warned about this).

  37. Gift says:

    It’s cruel irony if that is how they intend to end Bonnie’s happy ending. I really hope it isn’t. But I’m thinking they will find a way to bring Enzo back, they have to! there has to be a way to get through kai’s magic every magic should have a way out though kai didn’t say but even Esther’s magic had away to undo it. it’s one episode left I hope they do it right.

  38. Tammy K says:

    I have to speak for me. I think there were so many things thrown at viewers of TVD. I really watched Bonnie and Damon grow as enemies then friends so why not a couple? The chemistry of Bamon was more natural and beautiful. The Damon Elena thing seems so high school- ish and I never took it seriously. I thought Elena and Stefan was purely beautiful. The Bonnie and Jeremy, Enzo nonsense is just that nonsense. The relationship I feel is real more grown up and endgame for the show is more of Bonnie and Damon. That growth of a travel into love and not quick lust, the build up. I don’t understand why would people be okay with Elena going between brothers causing a problem but be mad if Bonnie end up with Damon? So where is the real boundary? I hope that the last episode gives that couple Bamon a good send off but if it doesn’t happen I get it. It plays into Delena look so good together silly stuff and I’m grown so eh.

  39. Stephen and Elena some how become vampires and they allll live happily ever after!!!!

  40. hannah says:

    I overall enjoyed the episode, but I thought it was pretty absurd that Caroline was running at normal human speed in this moment of all moments. Also, that Stefan could hold her back from running inside when she’s a vampire and he’s human. And why wouldn’t she run in to the building to save them? I’m sure she could get in and out quick enough that the fire wouldn’t harm her. That whole part of the episode was pretty ridiculous. It was a good episode otherwise.

  41. Marie says:

    Ok, in the beginning I was a Stelana fan and I liked Caroline and Tyler, then Caroline with Klous. However, Elena totally broke Stefans heart by falling for his brother. How many men in real life would actually want a girl like that?? Or even still talk to their brother? Caroline and Stefan ended up making sense. She loved him…only him. She didn’t have eyes for anyone else once she fell for him. Their love started as friendship and that is a foundation that is needed because once the passion is over, then what? They started as friends, and fell in love. I think they were the better couple. Elena and Damon deserve each other, they both hurt Stefan to be together so they damn well better stay together.

  42. ritah says:

    heee these SC things just dont much i am a stelena fun actually the director am so disappointed#tag luck wat to say u sucked evything with stefan dying n now delena ……………it was the best tv show from s1-6 bt in s6 its the worst ever i honestly stopped watching it from the stupid fake SC relationship started worst ending eva no offence bt u directors GET SERIOUS??????!!!! stuu…..