Flash Recap Gorilla Attack

The Flash Recap: Gorilla Warfare — Plus, How About That Ending??

This week’s The Flash was 90 percent war and 10 percent love. But oh, that 10 percent.

Grodd’s actual attack on Central City with his legion of apes was sadly sparse and frankly predictable, the only detour being his short-lived plan to seize and launch nuclear missiles (waylaid by Barry’s speed-guessing 90,000 abort codes. Because you can get “locked out” of iTunes, but not WMDs).

Disarmed, Grodd went ahead and signaled a stampede of his armored gorilla army, through a surprisingly massive and dense forest surrounding Central City. Once in town, the apes were intercepted by Barry, Wally and Jesse, who did a bit of razzle-dazzle but ultimately got lobbed to the side by the beasts. Luckily, just then Cisco and Gypsy arrived from Earth-Two, with Solovar in tow. Grodd mixed it up with his rival, their scufffle ascending to a building rooftop. Solovar got the upper hand and knocked Grodd, non-fatally, to the pavement far, far below. But when Solovar leaped down and went for the kill, Barry begged him not to — to spare Grodd’s life just as Barry saved his.

After Solovar complied, he and the apes got sent back to Earth-Two, while Grodd got sent to lock-up in A.R.G.U.S. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry said goodbye to Jesse, who has declared her intent to move to Earth-One, and then tasked Wally with doing right by his daughter. Or else. Cisco meanwhile challenged Gypsy to ‘fess up that she is into him, and that is why she finally agreed to help save the day. She says that even if she was — cue big, hot kiss — “you wouldn’t be able to handle me,” before heading back home.

Later, Iris came home to an apartment full of candles, fresh flowers and perhaps best of all, Grandma Esther’s noodles. But wait, there’s a bit more, as Barry proposes that they “make the future our future.”  At which point he proposes something else — marriage.

Before we get Iris’ answer, though, Wally’s own romantic evening is interrupted first by a Big Belly Run, and then by him running into no less than Savitar!

What did you think of the Gorilla City arc conclusion, Harry vs. H.R. and the whole ring thing?


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  1. Robin says:

    Loved the proposal, as I am a huge WestAllen fan! I hope the writers don’t toy with all of the WestAllen hearts and not have her say, “YES!”. If we get a “yes” and don’t even see it, I’ll be mad, but will be satisfied as long as it is a “Yes”.

    The special effects were well done for a TV budget and I loved seeing the original Harrison back again. Cisco & Gypsy are fun and sexy together and Jesse & Wally are fun. I missed Julian/Tom Felton. I enjoyed the episode very much.

  2. Agent 86 says:

    It seems a little selfish for Jesse Quick to abandon Earth 2 where they have only one speedster hero and move to Earth 1 where they already have two speedster heroes. But, it’s the CW and love / romance will prevail over any logical storytelling.
    And I really wish that they swapped the two Wells. Earth 2 Wells is much more likeable and useful than Earth … is it 19 Wells who still seems very out of place on Team Flash and despite various attempts, they really haven’t given him a decent excuse for sticking around. Maybe once the Flash Museum is up and running, he will have a mostly off-screen role as its operator / curator.

    • Since they already tapped Jesse for Earth 1, for cryin’ out loud, can we get rid of HR and have Harry 2 back, because he’s the best! (I honestly thought they wouldn’t because for some reason Jesse being recurring/regular would be a problem, but the actor is there every day! BRING HARRY 2 BACK!

      • That’s an interesting question–why would Harry 2 stay on Earth 2?

        • John Corbae says:

          I seem to remember (take this with a salt-lick size of salt) Harry 2 feeling responsible for some of the damage Zoom caused and wanted to help rebuild and heal his own Earth.

        • KCC says:

          Because it’s where he lives and it’s his home. Jesse is moving because she wants to pursue a relationship with Wally but also because she wants to get some distance from an overprotective parent and live on her own. I think that was the reason for the scenes of Harry leading Wally to believe he was dying and Jesse calling him out on it. She is obviously tired of his manipulations. If Harry moves to Earth 1, he’s the ultimate helicopter parent. That said, I don’t mind HR as much as some people but I do like Harry better.

          • A little yes, a little no. Jesse isn’t just leaving town–she’s leaving the planet. Inter-Earth travel isn’t exactly that easy, and what would happen if somehow the ability to travel from Earth to Earth is lost?

            I don’t think it’s so unreasonable for Harry to want to live on the same PLANET. Yes, he is overprotective, and yes, she needs some space, but what is more important than family? I can’t imagine Jesse objecting to a humble Harry saying he wants to be on the same planet as his daughter.

            And I agree with you about Harry and HG. What’s really awesome though is how it highlights how great an actor Tom Cavanaugh is.

        • I’m guessing, plot wise, or else they wouldn’t have anyone to fight metas, since everyone Earth 2 is rogue/evil/dead/poweless? They could just send HR there, but who’d help him? Personally, I’d say do that, get Barry 2/Iris 2 to help him or whatever, then forget about Earth 2, keep Jesse and Harry 2 on Earth 1 forever.

  3. Teresa says:

    Pretty good. Just two things that popped into my mind. One, when Cisco goes to get Gypsy to help out I couldn’t help but think why they wouldn’t get Supergirl too. She could take on all those gorillas on her own just with her laser vision. I understand why the writers won’t do that but it’s something I’ll think about every time the Flash, Arrow, and/or the Legends are in a dire situation. Second, was this kind of like a Valentine’s Day episode?

    • datdudemurphy says:

      If they do things like that, there would be no story.

      Why does a universe that has Superman need dozens of other heroes?

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, I thought it seemed like a Valentine’s Day episode, and it was much better than the one for Supergirl (I turned it off half-way throught…too much Mon-El).

      • Gift says:

        How nice of u, I actually enjoyed the episode from Supergirl. Mon El nd Kara re sweet together. keep offing ur TV whenever they’re on, it’s good for you.

  4. Asif says:

    Just one thing!! We all want Harry back on the show as a regular. H.R….please go back to your earth and make place for earth 2 harrison wells

  5. L says:

    I found that proposal really underwhelming. I don’t think she’s gonna say yes either.

    • KCC says:

      I know, right? He spent more time talking about the history of the ring than his feelings for Iris. It’s an interesting history and shows the ring means a lot to him, but to me that’s a story for after the proposal. Make the proposal all about the girl, not the ring.
      I agree, she’s not going to say yes. She’s going to say let’s wait and see how the near future plays out. She’ll argue, if the future Barry saw actually happens it’s somehow worse to have a dead fiance than a dead girlfriend.

      • L says:

        I think I might’ve been spoiled by Oliver’s proposal on Arrow which was really lovely and heartfelt and he spoke about how much he loved Felicity, how she’d changed his life for the better. It was genuinely lovely and romantic and even made me like public proposals when I don’t usually. But this one was just not all that great. There was something missing and it felt very rushed. I’m a Westallen fan so I want them to get married but it’s definitely not how I expected the moment to go. I also think it’s far too soon.

      • KatsMom says:

        The history of the ring makes it abundantly clear that it’s a family heirloom that you would only give to the most special of women. I personally would prefer the grand gesture of someone giving me something so dear to a bunch of yammering about how great I am. Maybe Iris is the same show me, don’t tell me kind of girl, and Barry knows that. It’s not like Iris could or should have any doubts about Barry’s feelings for her. He’s been pining for her for practically his entire life, and he just put on a huge display for her for Valentine’s with a short but sweet expression about how happy she makes him. I’m tired of this notion perpetuated by TV shows and movies that a guy has to pour his heart out to prove that he loves a woman enough to marry her. Frankly, I appreciated the more realistic proposal where he’s obviously kind of nervous and going on about the ring a little too much because it’s a distraction from the fact that he’s put himself out there in a big way.

  6. Diana says:

    I can’t believe Barry proposed. So happy! So, so happy!

  7. Socruz says:

    Loved it!! Was certainly unexpected but I hope Iris says yes!!!

  8. mia says:

    who was the speedster on earth 19? and am i the only one who thinks gypsy could be a Tatiana Clone from orphan black?

  9. James D says:

    I felt the proposal was rushed and it lost a lot because of that. Not to say I’m against it, it is meant to be, but I wish they would of given it a little more time. loved to episode though. except who in their right mind turns off Casablanca during the best scene to get your boyfriend to go on a burger run :)

  10. peterwdawson says:

    Given the outdated tech employed to maintain several WMDs, the guessing the password trick working was one of the more realistic parts of the episode.

  11. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. It was good to have Earth 2 Wells with the team for awhile, gonna miss him again. Sweet moment with Barry and Iris. Not good about the ending.

  12. Lauren says:

    It. Was. EPIC. One of the best eps of the season for sure.

  13. Red Snapper says:

    It was a good episode. I agree that the gorilla attack was a bit underwhelming. It was nice to have H.R back and I hope he sticks around for awhile. The proposal was sweet. My guess is that Iris withholds her answer until they know if she survives or something like that.

  14. Ws says:

    Would have liked more of a fight between the heroes and the Gorilla army..

  15. An 8-year-old says:

    Was there no “0” in the abort code keyboard? Because the correct figure for possible combinations is 100,000 (00000 through 99999).

    • Tiberiu says:

      Exactly. The keypad had zero (0) and actually one of the combination tried by The Flash was 07770 (click on my name to see the screenshot). Who’s the moron now, Harry? ;-)

    • KatsMom says:

      I thought that too, but then I figured Harry was probably subtracting the super easy/obvious codes that they would never employ, like all the same number, 12345, etc. I don’t know if there are 10,000 “obvious” combinations that would be excluded like that, but hey, it’s a possible explanation. =)

    • Liz says:

      The way Barry was entering them was moronic. Completely random.

  16. Tom says:

    Can Iris die already I have never been a fan of their relationship and it seems like such a rush, they just been dating for a couple of months and are already moved in together and he is proposing, the previous man she loved died less than 2 years ago.

    • Sharon says:

      They grew up together, hardly a rush

    • Micaela says:

      Rush and Barry and Iris in the same sentence. I can’t relate to this nonsense. Just say you don’t like therm and go, this relationship has been building from the literal first episode, scratch that from Arrow, when Cisco mentioned that Iris was Barry’s something before we even met them. I get liking or not liking something but lets get a bit more creative with the reasons instead of the lies that aren’t rooted in the narrative.

      • herman1959 says:

        THANK YOU!

      • Mo says:

        Not being creative or mean but Barry & Iris are boring & more of them just makes them annoying.

        • Micaela says:

          Mo why are you still here, I thought you said you stopped watching what difference does it make to your “not watching life” whether they are boring or not. A large chunk of the general audience enjoy them just the way they are, the actors enjoy playing them and most importantly the show runners/writers love telling their story, basically my roundabout way of saying your opinion on whether they are boring or not bears no weight. You also seem way too concerned about a couple on a show that you no longer watch, what a gigantic waste of time that is, but hey what do I know.

          • Mo says:

            I said I’d skip watching the Plunder ep, not sure how you turned that into not watching the show. My opinion has as much weight as yours. But hey you want to believe group think is required to watch Flash & you enjoy wasting your time and concern on me welp you do you. Like I said Barry & Iris are boring & more of them just makes them annoying. But who knows maybe they’re rushing because Barry is the one who dies to save Iris to make way for WallyFlash.

    • “Can Iris die already”
      Nope. She’s the hero’s soon-to-be wife and she isn’t dropping dead because you have a problem with it.

  17. Stacey says:

    I miss Earth 2 Harry, can we please get him back!
    Loved the WestAllen proposal, please say yes Iris! I loved how selfless and wise Iris was in this episode too, but I want her to have a greater SL than being Barry’s moral compass and voice of reason!
    I did miss Julian in this episode too.
    I like Wally and Jesse, but 3 speedsters is a little much. Interesting to see how they will work this out!
    Glad Joe was okay, he better live, love him!

  18. Chloe says:

    I agree, I think 3 speedsters is a bit much. Dont get me wrong, I love the 2 actors that play Jesse and Wally, but it feels “crowded”. It was also nice having Earth-2 Wells. I love his dry humor. I think Iris wants to marry Barry, but is scared that she won’t live to walk down the isle. I don’t think it was rushed. They’ve had feelings for eachother for a very long time. Can’t wait until next week!

  19. Brody77 says:

    Still zero chemistry between them sadly.
    I get that Iris & Barry are supposed to be the big destined to be together couple, and that was in the comics too, but they miscast.
    He has more chemistry with a cgi gorilla for crying out loud!

  20. Lily says:

    I think Iris is going to say no. She’ll think he’s trying to rush things because of her death coming up. It does seem early for them to get engaged, since it seems like they JUST moved in together (and that itself was kinda fast too). I’m suspicious of the timing- it just seems too early.

  21. Micaela says:

    My hype was warranted this episode had all the elements I like in my series action, romance and a solid storyline. I loved banter between the 2 Wells I’m sure we will be seeing Harry again and though I am still not a fan of his whispering, him the team didn’t feel too clustered, I am still on the fence with the speed no pun intended at which Wally and Jesse are moving (but like Henrys release from prison I am sure this will not end well hence the reason I think they went from not keeping in touch after she left to moving in together a few episodes later but i digress, they’re still cute) Cisco and Cynthia have so much potential I really hope we get to see her some more on the show, the CGI was once again impressive, especially the Grodd/Solovar match up, Even though they both high key looked ridiculous in their armor. And finally lets get to the heart of the show, phew lawd where do I begin, Barry and Iris literally ended me this entire episode, all I know is this better not be no fake out engagement and she really is going to say yes and that’s all I’m gonna say cause I’m not about to go on some long spiel in the comments section. The next episode looks ushers in the supposed return of Savitar and a few old faces, excitement level 100

  22. herman1959 says:

    I appreciated the way they fleshed out Grodd’s story. I’ve never read the comic, so I didn’t really get him, but I do now. As for Barry and Iris, I’m glad he proposed, but I agree that Iris will say that she wants to wait to see if she lives(!). I’m looking forward to the point where THAT date passes, Iris lives, and she accepts Barry’s ring. I’m thinking about an Allen/West wedding for March sweeps 2018.

  23. Tamara says:

    Loved this episode. The writing and pacing was almost perfect. I just would have liked a scene with Iris reporting this Gorilla attack. But can’t have everything. Barry’s love for Iris is beautiful and TV need more couples like them. It’s about time he proposed-he said been in love with Iris for over a decade. Also Grant and Candice have great chemistry although character integrity is more important. We all know chemistry is subject but the Flash mythos is not, so it’s better writers continue developing Barry with Iris. Good job to writer and director of this episode.

  24. Mo says:

    Not enough of Grodd, Solovar & gorilla army, too much of everyone else & Barry/Iris fillers & of course the schlocky writing. Got a little excited Barry popped the question because that means they’re ramping up WallyFlash only to be crushed when that was followed by WallySavitar.

  25. myrcellasear says:

    I LOVED this episode. Westallen proposal, Grodd vs. Solovar, Cisco getting some action, Harry vs. HR… And next up? SAVITAR!

  26. Fardarie Lawrence says:

    Finally Savitar returns to disappear for 5 more episodes. :-)

  27. Butch says:

    What if Harry 2 really is dying and only said he wasn’t to give Jessy a chance to be with Wally?

    It seems rather random that he would tell Wally he was dying and then immediately say he wasn’t.

    • KatsMom says:

      I thought they explained that a bit when Harry was backing up Iris and telling Barry to find another way. He said that once you do bad things, it’s easier to do them again and again. Seemed to me like he was reflecting on his own actions then in attempting to manipulate others to get what he wants, rather than just being honest about his feelings and hopes…tacitly admitting he’d lied to Wally.

  28. J says:

    Season 3’s where these DC shows hit a rough patch I guess. I love Grodd but these were terrible episodes with him. Just some bad writing;

    We’re supposed to believe Barry can’t enter 90,000 codes in the span of a couple minutes? Please. Speaking of nukes, we knew Barry would stop them because the future was a Gorilla Attack not a Nuke Attack, that’s the problem with future stories and knowing the future.

    That ending, if Barry can beat Solovar and Solovar can beat Grodd then why couldn’t Barry beat Grodd? No tricks were used to beat Solovar, it makes no sense. How you gonna make the episode about the attack and it only last less than 10 minutes?

    If Wally loves Jesse so much why make her come here, why not go to Earth 2? Drama? You want drama, you’d get better drama having Jesse ask Wally why he wouldn’t go to Earth 2 if she’ll come to Earth-1.

    • KatsMom says:

      I think your expectations are pretty high for a network with a tiny operating budget comparatively. There was no way they could afford to have a full-out gorilla war on this show. It would probably blow their entire budget on the one episode. That’s why we only get a few shots of these things.

      As for Barry not beating Grodd, what good does that do? It doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of their war. Barry beating Grodd doesn’t make him the leader of the gorillas and able to call off the attack. if it were that easy, Barry would have become leader instead of Grodd by virtue of defeating Solovar. There’s no doubt he could have taken down Grodd, but then what? Who rises to take his place? Maybe it’s someone with blood lust willing to continue the attack. Then they’ve still gotta somehow deal with all the gorillas when they’re ridiculously outnumbered. The smart move was making the deal with Solovar instead. He could defeat Grodd and get his revenge, and order the rest of the gorillas to stand down and return to Earth 2. It made perfect sense, although I’ll grant you that the writers didn’t explain the situation that well.

      As for why Jesse on Earth 1 rather than Wally on Earth 2, I believe that’s simply because there’s no Jessie doppleganger to worry about on Earth 1, whereas there may be another Wally on Earth 2, which could cause some serious issues. If they rule out the existence of Wally on Earth 2, then you’ve got a point. Until then, seems to me you’re just looking for nits to pick.

  29. Jej18 says:

    What I find annoying sometimes is how the speedsters dont really use their speed to their advantage. Wally and Jesse just ran around the gorillas…why not run and get some rope, cable, a fence, and tie them up. How does Grodd hit Barry who can run so fast that he can go back in time or jump universes?

  30. Bigdede says:

    Wally go see Get Out!!!

  31. Dominique says:

    i was very confused about harry “pretending” (???) he was sick, soon to be dead. it seemed like a very strange thing to joke about, i wonder if it’s all actually true?

  32. Azerty says:

    Did I hear Gypsy saying “are you trying to Luke Starkiller me”? As if in Earth 19, Georges Lucas didn’t change Luke’s name from Starkiller into Skywalker in Star Wars? I don’t know maybe the nerd inside of me see to many references everywhere!

  33. Gift says:

    what an end! wow, I really really really want Iris to say yes, this is meant to be. it doesn’t matter how or when the proposal was made, it could have been earlier for all I care. I just want them together forever. Cisco nd Gypsy re fun. No comment on Wally and Jesse yet. when u realize u don’t have long with the person u love I’m sure u would do anything to keep that person with u. Berry is only human of cause he would rush a proposal besides they re already living together. I loved this episode a lot.

  34. amah lydia says:

    Three Speedsters Is Anoying But Am Hoping That Our Writers Prove Themselves Good Enough And Make Sure That We Will Have Berry As The Only Boss At The End Of The Season Omg!Westallan Is The Best Chemistry I Have Seen In All The Shows I’ve Watched So Far For A Sec A Thought Berrys Proposal Was A Rush And I Was Like Wait A Min They Have Been Building This Relationship From Scrach And Now Iris Is Dying He Got Both Of Them A House Their Leaving Together And Now He Is Proposing It Shows How Much He Loves Her,how Much He Wants Her To Spend Every Breath She Got Now With Him.I Think Is “always And Forever” Is For Westallan Not The Originals

  35. amah lydia says:

    Three Speedters Is Annoying I Hate It But I Hope Our Writers Prove Themselves Good Enough And Make Sure That We Have Only Barry As The Flash At The End Of The Season.Omg Westallan For A Moment I Thought It Was A Rush But I Was Like Wait He Found Out That The Woman He Loves Is Going To Die So He Got Them Both An Apartment Their Living Together And Now He Is Proposing It Shows How Much He Loves Her And How He Wants Her To Spend Her Last Breath With Him.Lovvvv Westallan

  36. ShivaFang says:

    Wells said it was “exactly 90 thosand combinations” .. but isn’t that wrong? a 10 digit keypad with a 5 digit code would be 10^5 (10 possible numbers in 5 places) which is exactly 100 thousand. Which he would know if he wasn’t a complete moron.

  37. isabel says:

    waoo what an interesting story