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Supergirl Preview: Jeremiah's Return Creates New Conflict for Alex and Kara

Sure, Alex and Kara are thrilled to have their father back on Monday’s Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c) — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t also room for other less-pleasant emotions.

Jeremiah’s return “definitely brings up a lot of questions, that’s for sure,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. “Alex so wholeheartedly wants to believe that he’s absolutely right and that everybody should just jump in and trust him, no questions asked, just from the standpoint of being a daughter and not having seen him in so long.”

Kara, on the other hand, is a little more skeptical of her father’s activities, which “creates some friction and tension, especially between Kara and Alex just trying to navigate the road of figuring out what to do now.”

“It’s really hard,” Chyler Leigh says of her character’s combative moments with Kara. “When we’re done with the scene, I’m like, ‘I’m really sorry that I yelled at you. It’s just strange, but I love her so much.”

Kara also finds herself somewhat at odds with Mon-El this week, though Kreisberg admits that “part of their happiness is the tension. It’s sort of where they live.”

“We love those banter-y scenes between them,” he adds. “What was so much fun about this episode is usually Mon-El is in the wrong … and in this episode, ironically, it’s like Kara and J’onn and Alex are so close to the problem emotionally that they can’t see it. So Mon-El is actually the one who’s the most clear-eyed, which was an interesting perspective to put him in.”

What are your hopes for Jeremiah’s return? Kara and Mon-El’s relationship? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Jen says:

    Really happy to see Dean Cain on the show again, and how Jeremiah’s story plays out with Alex. looking forward to Alex and Kara’s conflict, both actresses are amazing at dramatic scenes! Love seeing Kara happy, and Mon-El is a great addition to the show, looking forward to know more about him, and see his relationship with Kara.

  2. Jason says:

    How are they gonna integrate James and Winn into this storyline? A problem with this season is the characters just feel so disjointed. Like three different shows going on.

    • gemini says:

      Winn will do his tech thing and James will be running Catco Oh no wait he is on business trip in Gotham oh wait no he will be in Metropolis, no he will be everywhere but with Kara celebrating or questioning why her dad is back

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if James died as Guardian, or if they found another way to write him out of the show by the end of the season.

    • Tara says:

      There are still of Winn in the episode so he’ll be there investigating.

  3. Uno says:

    I was wondering the same.. Somehow James will be pushed to the side again… So Mon el can suck up all the screentime I hate to say ot but they may as we’ll let James go if this is how he’s gonna be treated on the show.. He’s basically a guest star at this point and barely one at that

    • Hallie says:

      I never thought James worked the show was having problems finding his place ever since CF left so if they got rid of him I would be find with that. He is boring and has no chem with Kara I prefer mon el

  4. Olivia says:

    Let’s take a look at how Supergirl deals with plotlines and who’s involved/talked about…
    Kara has to deal with her emotions/doubts? Mon-El is the reason 9 times/10.
    Villain of the week? Mon-El gets in the action whether Kara likes it or not (when it’s not him she has to protect)
    Danvers sisters time (once in a blue moon)? Mon-El, Mag—-OH LOOK, IT’S MON-EL TIME.
    DEO shenanigans? Mon-El can steal dangerous artefacts, with bad intents, without facing consequences… not from J’onn, not from Winn, not from Alex.
    Family time after being apart for a long time? “Clear-eyed” Mon-El sees stuff the others don’t, duh.
    I’m starting to hope some people somewhere offer edits of the episodes, like they did for a Blaine-less Glee. I’d rather have the feeling of watching a webisode I enjoy than to waste an entire hour on the “SuperDaxamite” show.

    • Asia says:

      Yeah, I definitely made the right decision to dip out after episode 4. I knew they were going to do this. After the sorry way, the writers destroyed all that build up between Kara and James (and I wasn’t even a huge Karolsen fan) it felt like the writing was on the wall. The writers had no qualms about a ditching narrative they spent 20 episodes setting up which proved to me that they don’t care if a storyline doesn’t make sense. I’m not here for the Mon-El show or Super Friends featuring Supergirl. It’s really a shame Supergirl was so good the first season. The show is not even recognizable

      • Olivia says:

        Not even recognizable is putting it mildly, but ITA with what you said, especially about not caring ad “featuring Supergirl” (well put).
        I guess the move to CW came with the mandatory takeover by toxic frat boy who makes teen fangirls forget all the show is aobut, as long as he’s getting the female lead and goes shirtless from time to time. I hate when shows do that, many good ones turned to sh– because of that despite having a great premise and great cast.
        I’m no fan of James (nothing against him, but they can’t seem to figure out what to do with him or downright make him suddenly unlikeable for no reason whatsoever, so I’m not invested) but I’d take screentime with James and S1 gang’s game nights over Mon-El without even hesitating one second. And I say that as someone who sometimes find Mon-El funny. Funny (not even all the time) is nowhere near enough to make up for everything I miss. The sisters from S1 being one. Out of a long list.

        • Di McDonald says:

          The sisters’ time has been destroyed as much by the Alex love story as by Mon-El. They need to cut back on both of them and give us more sister time, and more stories with Supergirl as the hero with J’Onn and Alex as backup. Maggie has almost edged J’onn out of the show.

          • Olivia says:

            Yeah, sure. Alternative facts fan, I presume?

          • I strongly disagree. Alex and Maggie have about 3-4 minutes of screentime on average, while Mon-el has over 20 (these are actual measured numbers btw). The problem is that they have reduced Alex largely to only to the sanvers storylines, and Maggie doesn’t seem to exist apart from that at all, so Mon-el can be pushed into every little pore of the show. Kara doesn’t seem to have a story apart from him either, except the Luthor centric eps which continue to be the bright sport in the shirtstorm that this show has become ever since he was brought on.

  5. Luis Roman says:

    You know, obviously, that everything isn’t hunky-dory with Jeremiah. I just hope Dean Cain’s character survives whatever they’re about to throw at us.

  6. K says:

    I’ll be glad when Mon-El is gone. He has sucked all my enjoyment from this show. We’re supposed to find him funny and charming, but he just comes across as grossly annoying.

  7. Lb says:

    Mon-el and Kara banter and relationship is the best and relationship between Alex and Maggy and Alex and Kara are Great too. Please don’t listen to the Mon-El haters. Kara deserves a relationship too.

  8. tw says:

    “We love those banter-y scenes between them.” Um, no. We don’t.

  9. Nicole Recchia says:

    Mon el is not popular at all. Lol. He has to go. But they are shoving him down our throats and fans ate sick off him. WE want more danver sisters

  10. GraeLeigh says:

    “We love those banter-y scenes between them,”

    Well we did like them when they didn’t take every episode time … it’s getting annoying that in every episode Mon-El does something he shouldn’t related to Kara (artefacts and so on). He is a guest like Maggie but we see him way way much. I’m all for Kara happiness (although she broke up with James at the beginning of the season for a reason which I don’t see resolved) but the way they portray MO is weird … Superman was a joy though so they know how to handle somes characters …

    • Erik says:

      Actually both him and Maggie are series regulars. Both actors names are in the series regulars lists in the credit.

      • Josh says:

        Yet Mon-el is eating up screen time from established Regulars and Maggie isnt. We hardly see Kara without Mon-el around and it’s annoying .

  11. Katherine215 says:

    Shipping meeting the internet is possibly the worst thing to happen to television. I have no problem with shipping and I have no problem with the internet; but together, they kill tv shows.

    • Jason says:

      its not just shippers that dislike like Mon-el. Critics has said that certain aspects of his character. Mainly the romance with Kara is just not working the way writers want it to work

      • Katherine215 says:

        …in your opinion. Funny how you can find yourself in an echo chamber online and think everyone on the planet agrees with you. They don’t.
        This is not specific to Supergirl, either; OUaT articles became unreadable for me due to the shipper wars. Arrow changed it’s course to appease shipppers. Ship whomever you want, but for the love of god, keep some levity with it. This is just tv.

        • Teresa says:

          I feel the same way. I hate shipping. It ruins TV shows. I don’t understand how people get so worked up about a fictional show. TV shows are created for our enjoyment, either enjoy what you’re watching or stop watching it. Constantly seeing hate being spewed in the comment section is tiring and, frankly, just annoying. I use to look forward to commenting and having discussions with other people in the comment section, but now I rarely comment. I still read OUAT articles, but never look at the comment section because I know there’s just going to be back and forth swanqueen and captainswan hate. And now unfortunately the same thing has happened to Supergirl. It’s sad.

        • Olivia says:

          Jason above literally just said it’s not just shippers (which is true, if YOU get outside your own echo chamber and read/hear what people are saying) but somehow you manage to still whine about shipping?

          I couldn’t care less about shipping Kara with anybody, she could end up with a goblin for all I care, but I still can’t stand the Mon-El takeover and its repercussions. Many people feel that way. No, seriously. You ignoring them doesn’t make it less true.

    • V.J. says:

      Oh yes, it is without a doubt! I don’t care who ships whom with whom. Every discussion nowadays is a shipping war. I say: let the writers do their jobs. This is why I like movies and books. They can tell the story they want to tell without being bullied on twitter to pander to some base -.-

    • It’s not just shippers. Everyone one reddit dislikes him too, and so do most critics. The character has huge problems apart from the romantic aspects too, mainly that he has no purpose on the show, apart from being a LI, which wouldn’t be a problem, if he had 2 minutes of screentime instead of 20 every episodde, and that he has 0 character development. He was mostly entertaining and cute when he was just a confused puppy in the beginning of the season, but now he comes across as seriously abusive and toxic, and he is forced into every aspect on the show, where he doesn’t belong. The biggest character development we have seen from him, is that he started drinking club soda at work instead of alcohol at work (what a huge step), but even that was reversed last episode. Every single episode, he makes the same mistakes, acts the same douchey way, aand if you manage to see through the fact of how attractive Chris Wood is, Mon-el is annoying, takes up way too much time, and has no purpose.

  12. Aly says:

    I shall predict now: Mon-El will be skeptical and be the one to actually “make sense”, Kara will start to believe/agree with him and that will cause tension between the sisters, Mon-El will be proved “right” and Alex “wrong”, Mon-El and Kara will be brought closer because of it…blah blah blah. It’s really not a new plot type at all – not for any show. Really, it should be about Kara and Alex, with Jeremiah and Eliza, and J’onn. Why is Mon-El even playing a role in this? I find him very stereotypical and boring.

    • Olivia says:

      J’onn can read minds, Maggie’s a detective and Alex, Kara and Eliza know him better than anyone else. Something not quite right with him? Sure, Mon-El seems the perfect candidate to realize that, because… because…reasons?

  13. Mary says:

    For Jeremiah’s return, I still think that he’ll also be a cyborg now like Hank Henshaw. As for the Kara and Mon-El “romance,” I hope it’s over before the end of the season.

  14. I really love Alex and Kara’s relationship. I am excited to see this!

  15. Pipes says:

    I’m so glad they managed to wedge Mon-El into the Danvers family storyline. Said no one. Ever. Except Karamel shippers. My beef is NOT with the ship, I don’t have any horse in the race since I find it very hard to ship romance on any of the superhero shows(Nyssa and Sara on Arrow being the exception). My issue is what they’ve done to Kara’s characterization to force the romance. And Mon-El has eaten away at every aspect of this show. He’s kind of a jerk, misogynistic at times, and I’m supposed to believe that Kara can acknowledge of all of this and then five minutes later spin around and be making out with him? And now we have the Cadmus arc coming back in and somehow he’s still involved and right in the middle of everything. I’m here for a strong and empowered Kara, the Danvers family dynamic, and the DEO dynamic. And all of that has been lacking this season to that the CW can push Chris Wood as a leading man. It’s frustrating. Nothing against the actor, I’m sure it’s not his fault, but I miss my CBS!Supergirl. The turnabout has been glaring and incredibly disappointing.

  16. Anthony Gentry says:

    I know a lot of people didn’t like the James/Kara romance, but I can’t see why? They were never given a chance. Kara told James that she needed to figure out who she was and that’s why she didn’t want to start a relationship with him, but then she falls head over heels for Mon-El in less than a full season? The writers are failing in trying to force this man-ape pairing down our throats.

    Also, what does it say to the general female viewer that an intelligent, independent young lady with the tremendous amount of responsibility and power Kara wields could fall for a misogynistic, juvenile, frat-boy like Mon-El? This is the kind of example the show wants to set? This is the same guys that was sexing up the secretary in a broom closet and Kara walked in on? I’m disappointed that she is in a relationship with that guy, especially when James is a lot more mature and gentlemanly than her current boyfriend, and she used such a lame excuse not to pursue a pairing with him. The writers have failed to properly show any evolution in Mon-El’s character or thinking. My sincerest hope is that his secret will destroy the pairing and maybe the aliens will banish him to the darkest reaches of the Phantom Zone, never to return.

    • Asia says:

      Kara and James weren’t on the same level as Barry and Iris for me but I did like them. And I definitely wanted to see their relationship play out especially after all the build up for it. It’s so disappointing that the writers have shoved James (and apparently coherent storytelling) aside for frat boy Mon-El. James is barely on the show anymore, it’s so tacky. Everything I’ve read about Supergirl since I’ve quit has only reiterated that the show is so far gone from what it was in season 1. The never writers will never convince me that douchey Mon-El is better for Kara than James.

  17. Mara says:

    I love kara and mon-el. Chris and Melissa are amazing together. And not just romantically but in every way. Chris wood is wonderful as mon-el and a great addition to the show. Keep them together!