New York Times Ad Vows to Fight Trump's 'Alternative Facts' With Truth

The Gray Lady’s satin, opera-length gloves are off.

During Sunday night’s broadcast of the 89th annual Academy Awards on ABC, the New York Times was set to debut a commercial that takes aim at the “alternative facts” that have been coming from President Donald Trump’s administration since he took office last month, by vowing to counter them with the truth.

After a series of “The truth is…” statements, displayed in plain text on a white background, target the travel ban, illicit ties to Russia and such (without ever name-checking POTUS), the spot states, “The truth is hard to find… to know. The truth is more important now than ever.”

As the ad circulated ’round the Internet early Sunday, President Trump dismissed it as “bad” and suggested the Times must be “failing” if it is advertising in such a way. (The newspaper actually has added 132,000 paid subscriptions to its news products since Election Day — 10 times its growth during the same period a year prior.)

The Times was one of several news outlets to be banned from a Friday “gaggle” (casual press conference) with White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

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  1. Bluegal says:


  2. Steven says:

    Trump, sweetly. You’re promoting an attack ad on you. Think before you tweet.

  3. Kate says:

    Two big thumbs up to both the ad and the New York Times!

  4. Michaela says:

    All media is biased. I have yet to find a professional media outlet that reports the news accurately without a political slant, and that’s from both sides of the political spectrum. Where are the professional journalists? Believe it or not, most of us are intelligent enough to form our own opinions, and don’t need so called journalist to do it for us.

    • Tammy says:

      That’s why you should read more than one media source. The problem is a lot of people don’t read past the headline or listen past the sound bite.

    • matraupach says:

      Most certainly all media outlets are political biased, that is true!
      But: Usually all traditional established media outlets report still the truth!
      The tend to leave some information out or they write in manipulative ways, that you sway more to the publishers opinion, but the core message is usually the truth!
      If you wan just the basic truth: Watch FoxNews & CNN equally and the things that both report on are 100% facts! Anything else maybe true, but there is also an agenda and an underlying bias that you have to realize and filter first!
      If you do all that, you might be able to see the whole picture!

      CNN & The New York Times are not “Fake News” like president Trump claims them to be, but you have to recognize that they favor certain opinions!
      The same goes for FoxNews and any other Media outlet!

      btw. that does not legitimize the “news” from Breitbart or Infowars! If they get something right, it was luck!

      • pAloma says:

        I don’t think all media outlets are biased. People perceive them to be biased because the facts do not match their opinion of what is true. That is NOT the same as being biased or fake. People also get confused between the opinion columns and the news columns, labeling media biased because of what its columnists write and not because of what their reporters write. Same thing for TV/cable. There are opinion shows and news programs on the same channel. The tone of one does not always lead the content of the other. But the best way to verify the facts is to read and watch multiple sources, including documents put together by career government employees (who are non-partisan). And know that some sites were setup with the express purpose of pushing their opinions. And some were not. Know, too, that reporters spend a lot of time gathering information and checking it carefully with multiple sources. There is a rigor to their work. There is accountability in their work.

        We got into this mess because people don’t fact check. They believe anything that matches their own views and that is not how facts work.

        • CritthinkerUB12 says:

          Are you saying career government employees don’t vote? That career government employees don’t have political opinions? Listen to NPR sometime. It is not the actual new story they report – it’s the words NPR reporters use in-between that slant the delivery to the left bias.

  5. Mary says:

    Thank you NYT and other media outlets that don’t cower under his alternative facts. Maybe #45 should do a little research because his response proves yet again that he talks out of his mouth, truth and accuracy doesn’t apply to him. The more he speaks it becomes evident that his daddy bought his degree and it wasn’t earned.

  6. KCC says:

    One problem is the definition of “news” has expanded to include analysis. I don’t know of any shows on FoxNews, CNN or other cable news outlet that does not include some talking heads explaining what it “really means”. The major broadcast networks and to a lesser extent major newspapers seem to be following that lead more and more. The “facts” that are presented are only the starting point for opinion based blather. If a fact does not support the opinion, it is more often than not omitted or glossed over. OpEd pieces have their place but should not be presented as news. News should be who, what, when and how. The why question is always open to discussion, speculation and spin by people with agendas. It cannot always be presented as fact. News should be like Joe Friday interviewing a witness, “just the facts mam.” I can form my own opinions. Mixing news and opinion is an age old problem and one that will never be eliminated. It’s really up to the public to do they’re due diligence and question what they’re being presented and find corroborating sources. Something that any legitimate news organization should be doing but sadly many do not.

  7. Georgia Madman says:

    Sorry New York Times but the Wall Street Journal is now the newspaper of record. You had a good run until you became the house organ of the Democrat Party.

    • George says:

      Your name says it all. Only a madman would says that a Rupert Murdoch owned rag is the newspaper of record. And not sure why someone from Georgia cares about what we read in New York.

  8. James Gorman says:

    Damn that Woodward and Bernstein. Somebody call our “plumbers.”

  9. CritthinkerUB12 says:

    The Times has been taken over by Carlos Slim. So ol’e! go ahead and let the Time’s Kardashian chasers roll out the fake issues and false news stories. The lying gray lady will go mitts-up soon enough. Too bad, the Times used to employ actual journalists.