The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: The Battle With Cade Leads to [Spoiler]'s Return

Friday’s Vampire Diaries was a little like John Tucker Must Die — only with surprisingly less Arielle Kebbel.

Cade, of course, played the “John Tucker” role, targeted by Damon, Stefan and Bonnie — three of his former protégés looking to get even. And just like Brittany Snow’s character, Stefan actually thought he could accomplish something by going rogue, challenging Cade all on his own. (Spoiler alert: He was *ahem* dead wrong.)

After getting the upper hand on Stefan, Cade offered Damon a chilling ultimatum: Which soul would he save, Elena’s or his brother’s? To my admitted surprise, Damon chose to sacrifice himself (“See you in hell, Cade!”), triggering an appropriately hellish psychic face-off between Bonnie and Cade. Blood was shed, fierce glances were exchanged, and that wind machine was cranked up to Beyoncé levels — but it was worth it to see Cade’s smug face literally blown to bits. Well done, all.

Unfortunately, the gang’s brief moment of happiness — during which Stefan re-proposed to Caroline (she said yes!), and Damon acknowledged that his redemption “is in reach” — didn’t last very long. During a trip to Kai’s new Spin Doctors-themed prison world (courtesy of the twins), Bonnie learned that hell is far from destroyed. In fact, it has a new queen: “the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all”… Katherine!

As Damon conceded, “We’re toast.”

Since I imagine this whole Katherine thing is pretty much all we want to talk about, I’ll just bullet the rest of my thoughts on the episode:

* Alaric opening a witch school is actually kind of brilliant. It also sounds like a spinoff I would watch.

* Also, watching Alaric beat Kai with a mace was really satisfying. (That was a mace, right?)

* Did that final battle with Cade take place in the same quarry where Silas drowned Stefan in a box? So many good memories there.

* Remember when Damon screamed “Come on! Eat me!” at Cade? Because I’ll never forget.

* What a damn saint Enzo is for trying to get Bonnie to forgive Stefan for what he did. (Also, I actually LOL’d when he made this argument on Stefan’s behalf: “Stefan did horrible things, sure, and he was a servant to the devil.” Like, good start.)

Seriously, though, how loudly did you shriek when Katherine’s part in all of this was revealed? And how do you hope the final two episodes will play out? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Yasin says:

    I am so glad the writers realized they had to bring the original villain back. Katherine has been extremely missed so I’m so glad that they’re bringing her back. I also hope Nina shot some scenes for next weeks episode as Katherine. Now these promos has everyone guessing lol

    • Lucy says:

      They will either be Nina or stand-in actresses. They might be both, depending how much Katherine is in the episode that involves close-ups and dialogue.

      • whaaat?? says:

        are you kidding?
        the next in line of running hell is some vamp Katherine??? no mama-daddy Michaelson, no witchy persone? some small vindictive little woman who was running and hiding most of her life. Katerine is best world’s villian???? legend? really? maybe just for salvatore’s harts….
        maybe they could find more logical way for her return???? maybe just ability to skip from hell?
        maybe they can watch SPN o find more appropriate candidate?

        • Jane says:

          Mama original found peace and escaped Hell all together! I mean, Bravo Esther! All these baby villains should learn from a PRO!

        • Whaaaaaaaa? says:

          When Elena forced Katherine to take the cure, she became fully mortal and had access to some very limited forms of traveller magic. Who knows, maybe cade specifically selected Katherine and dragged her to hell instead of letting her pass to the other side, and built her up, making her strong or psychic/ magical or whatnot, we all know cade likes to strike deals with others. Weve seen the original vampire spell being re-created on alaric, so who knows what kind of dark magic could be used to make Katherine an overpowered beast again? I mean she obviously needs to have abilities that are even worse that cade himself, otherwise it would be a very anti climactic ending. All I can say is the final 2 episodes are gonna be very interesting with Katherine and Elena back. Also it wouldnt make sense for the original vamps parents to be rulers of hell, their stories are part of the originals now and it would surely mess things up, and are not really memorable characters in my opinion anyways, at least not as much as Katherine.
          Katherine all the way.

    • That STINKS says:

      Bummed, that Kai’s story has come to an end, but glad we had another epi with him. Yum!

      Ok, Stefan has been shot, stabbed in the hand, blown by an explosion, and am I remembering correctly that he was also skewered with a pole? And he’s human! WTF, how is this guy still alive? Really???

  2. Mleha says:

    So so so disappointed in Caroline. She doesn’t love herself enough. Or Bonnie enough to know that YOU DONT NEED A MAN. I’m very upset with how they brushed all that under the rug. Terrible example for girls these days.

    • Stacey says:

      Could not agree more. Thankfully, Kat is back and she will come into play in breaking SC up finally.

    • Pedro says:

      Girls should not want love or partnership and be selfish and self-centred?

      • Kim says:

        Don’t can’t be happy without love or a partnership? If they are they are selfish? It’s 2017 Pedro, wake up.

      • Maria says:

        Girl should not be with a guy who killed her best friend’s boyfriend, has literally dumped her four times, who is human and who she is going to clean up his messes for the next 60 years, who continually picks his brothers and ex girlfriend over her (he only stayed this week for Elena). Like geez Caroline, you are so much more than Stefan Salvatore and mystic Falls. What happened to you?

      • Vale says:

        a girl should love herself first and realize she can’t be a doormat to please her boyfriend. That’s what Caroline has been doing in the last few seasons, everything she does is in order to satisfy Stefan’s needs. He can literally do whatever he wanna do, treat her however he wants to and still she’s by his side waiting for him to choose her and to come back to her. That’s not being selfish, that’s having no respect and love for herself. It’s sad. No girl should follow her example.

        • Come on now says:

          Dude, he gave up his soul to the Devil in order to save her children. If that doesn’t say “I love you” than nothing does. You are selfish af

    • Desiree says:

      Yes I sad because caroline suck and she going to have stefan as there step father that just mad they are marry like sister and brother and no body thouht about how dammon easy talk him in to marry caroline so he could be happy with elena no stefan around.

    • Sharon says:

      I agree. It makes me so sad to see this Caroline.

    • LizLem says:

      Completely agree. It’s very sad. I have lost respect for and interest in her but I also hope she doesn’t die like this.

    • Jane says:

      In the promo they kiss, which happens after they announce you husband and wife. So they actually used her character to give Stefan happy ending. Because this rushed wedding between her and a human is at best a delaying tragedy for Caroline’s character. Gosh Caroline, they turned her into Camille

  3. Ella says:

    Good lord, just when I think they can’t make Caroline seem even more pathetic. She’s always been my fave but she’s basically become a spineless Stepford wife. So she’s waiting around for Stefan to decide if he wants to be with her?! Meanwhile, Stefan’s planning to ditch her again? Only stops when Damon plays the Elena card. His proposal was, once again, ALL about him. They totally glossed over the realities of what a human/vampire relationship means and solved NONE of their issues. And next week her dream wedding gets tossed out the window so they can bait Stefan’s psycho ex?! On the good side, the Kai stuff was pretty entertaining and Bonnie’s revenge great. I feel him, re: that Spin Doctors song.

    • Stacey says:

      I feel the exact same way. Hopefully Kat will do us a favor and take Stefan out. Maybe then Care will wake up from the coma she has been in since season 5.

    • Lucy says:

      I hate SC and hate that they ruined my favourite character and made her so dependent on a guy which isn’t what she’s about.

      Plus, having a wedding to lure Katherine out isn’t a reason to get married and have a wedding there should only be one reason. The fact is that Caroline shouldn’t agree to it, because that is not her dream but who cares because Stefan is her priority.

      • Ella says:

        Ugh, it’s just infuriating. Caroline had such great development in the first 5 seasons. She went from relying on boys liking her for her self worth to prioritizing her own wants/needs and getting that from within. Then SC happened and ruined it all. She doesn’t actively CHOOSE anything anymore just waits around for Stefan to steer her life in the direction he thinks it should go.

        • Nia says:

          It’s not call Caroline’s fault I mean she had like 3 boyfriends who all broke her heart I mean what are you supposed to do she been through a lot and her kids almost died a Lotta times what do you expect she’s helpless

          • Ella says:

            Yeah, it’s the fact that she’s portrayed as helpless nowadays that’s the problem. Where’s the girl who tossed Damon around? Who helped trick Katherine early on? The one who snapped Luke Parker’s neck so Liv would get her friends back from the other side? Caroline used to be consistently smart and proactive. She was able to recognize that Tyler prioritizing his revenge over her was not a good thing for her. And now she’s totally cool with the fact that Stefan’s going to spend his life atoning and running after Damon and shutting her out whenever something goes wrong while she waits quietly at home?

          • Kannah says:

            She literally brought Klaus to his knees all that time ago. And she’s the pathetic shell version of herself now all to prop up what a hero Stefan is when he’s not off being a ripper, which is equivalent to a guy being nice when he’s not off drunk. I’m literally so disgusted as to what they did to her. And these writers say they are feminists? WHERE? When she literally says her kids NEED Stefan when they met him twice? What happened to her? I don’t even wanna watch the finale because I’m sure she’ll be awful there too. I’m so sad to see my ex fav character look like this.

      • Stacey says:

        I agree with all of you. I mourn for Caroline’s character development. She regressed so much since she’s been with Stefan. I would watch the finale though, I have heard spoilers from a reputable source, we can survive 2 more weeks.

    • K.Smith says:

      Thank God I`m not the only one that feels this way! Caroline is so weak and Stefan is the most passive-aggressive, self-righteous jerk I`ve ever seen. I expected her to tell him to go live a happy human life, but she`s just so stuck on being with someone. Stefan always has to be told and directed to so something. Sigh.

      • Lucy says:

        It’s just so sad because both characters have been ruined since they were paired together, I still haven’t forgiven them for making Caroline switch her humanity off because Stefan rejected her – she even says that in the episode.
        Both were my favourite characters and I loved their BrOTP. But the writers have ruined them, especially this season with Stefan which has just propped up Damon and rewrite Stelena’s history just for Delena, then Damon got a redemption arc that works with the time they have left while Stefan gets a quick fix.
        It’s not just The Vampire Diaries that has problems with their female characters, The Originals has it too, the difference being that the women on the show aren’t good friends and most of their scenes are either about a guy or involves them.

        • Ella says:

          That’s true. I used to like Stefan a lot and now I am actively rooting for Katherine to kill him, lol. It really seems like they just had no idea what to do with either him or Caroline as characters so they just tied them together and it resulted in endless, dull, ship angst.

    • Please Caroline has always been that way, even when she’s trying to all badass. Whiny, bubbly, and still full of daddy issues.. Pathetic.

    • Lex says:

      That was one annoying song. R.I.P the ‘1990s’.

  4. Stacey says:

    Yay, I am so glad Katherine’s back, even know I knew she was back weeks ago from the spoilers. I think she might be the one talking to Damon in the newest promo for 8×16.

  5. Nia says:

    It’s going to be a show that you can never miss it’s going to be dramatic fantastic and maze thing you cannot imagine I bet something incredible is going to happen but I’m not going to spill cause I don’t even know it myself

  6. K.Smith says:

    To be honest, expect for the Katherine return, none of the twists in this episodes surprised me. There just isn`t any suspense for me anymore. We`ve already seen the promo for Damon in the final episode, so there`s no way he was going to die. Same goes for Stefan and Elena. Same for Alaric. I didn`t feel anything in those moments because they`ve already spoiled us. There were moments that dragged for me, but for the most part, this episode was way better than last week`s. A lot of little things don`t really make sense to me, but I`m willing to ignore them for the sake of enjoying the episode. When it comes to this show, I`ve learned not to waste too much time thinking.

    I`m wondering if Matt`s not being in the episode contributed to me liking it more. Probably. So is Kai still alive, or is he in the prison world? I was hoping against hope that Caroline and Stefan would stay apart, because they honestly have no chemistry together. Why does mostly everyone always have to be paired up? Why can`t she just be alone and focus on her kids?

    Another thought: Why is it that our main characters are allowed to be forgiven and atone for sins and all that, but side people like Kai aren`t? It`s arguable that Stefan and Damon and Co. are just as bad as him. Just because they`ve done a few good things, so what? Kai has done “good things” too. I don`t know when it happened or why, but at some point I became severely disillusioned with all these characters, and I think the only reason I continue to watch is obligation. I`ve come this far. there are only 2 episodes left. Let`s hope we finish out strong.

    (If you disagree with me, that`s okay. This is a show, and we`re all allowed to feel differently. Please don`t take personal offense.)

    • Kim says:

      Kai isn’t remorseful, and all of the bad things he’s done have been solely in service of himself. With the others it’s often collateral damage trying to help/save a loved one. Kai doesn’t seek atonement so it isn’t granted to him.

      • jerrired says:

        Well Kai originally tried to ‘change’ and no one was subsceptible to it, so can’t blame him for just giving up, esp when we learn more about how terrible his family was to him for being different. I’m not justifying his action but I agree with original poster. Damon did horrible things and showed no remorse at the time. I think the only difference between the main evil characters and Kai is that’s the main ones always had someone fighting for them to be good. Kai never had that even when he tried to do good.

      • Tam says:

        Except he did seek atonement? After the merge he literally almost died trying to free Bonnie. This was never acknowledged but sorry someone putting their life on the line for Bonnie and the fact it was Kai? That’s big. He wished Jo a good life after telling her she was pregnant. No vendetta, just someone wanting to start afresh. The show wants us to forget in favour of having a red wedding and a big villain but it happened. I guess they could use the dismissal of his regret into why he doesn’t care anymore but again they’d have to acknowledge the merge and his empathy.

        • whaaat?? says:

          hah a lot of word “atonement” during last episodes. maybe soon we will se their walk of shame! just imagine, Day, Stef and Kai aree walking through the crowd and bonnie is going after them with the bell(maybe with Matt and his bell) and screaming: Shame))))

    • Leona says:

      I completely agree! Too many spoilers leading up to the finale, takes the suspense from these last few episodes! I know they have to air promos etc but it really spoils it all. Damon’s death didnt do anything for me tonight, because we’ve seen him alive and well in promos for the next two episodes! Also, I kinda wish Julie Plec didn’t reveal Katherine was going to be back from the finale, Kai’s announcement in the last few minutes tonight would have been a complete WTF moment otherwise..
      All that being said, I can’t wait for next weeks episode already! Also, did anybody else not take note of the fact they showed Elena for real tonight in the casket?! Fair enough it could have been a reused clip from Season 6 but still, it’s the first time since S6 that they’ve actually shown her in the present day! Even when Bonnie took her blood a few episodes back it didn’t show her! Yay! Love these little things that remind us she’s almost here!!

      • Abby says:

        Yes it was a new shot of Nina. Ian on Twitter said that they filmed the scene in the crypt a second time after Nina went back to the set.

  7. Dominique says:

    i’ve never been katherinés biggest fan, but i feel like there’sno other way they could’ve ended this, and it’s very appropriate. throughout all the years and villains, katherine still remains the best due to her connections to everyone, and the fact that she was the first big bad. also; the moment we got to see that picture of nina dobrev in her wig-with-curls, i knew that was katherine. i really hope we’ll get nina next week, there have been rumours she shot scenes for both episodes so who knows!
    kai’s faith is well-deserved, and even more poetic.
    i kind of laughed when stefan was counting on alaric to ring the bell, and alaric just left everything to help his daughters. stefan shouldn’t have picked someone who has better things and more important people to worry about.
    i’m disappointed caroline still chose to be with stefan. he’s always gonna pick others over her and in the end, he just can’t make her happy. she should pull a kelly and just choose herself for once.

  8. Kim Norman says:

    I screamed when they said Katherine’s name!!! Hope we see her for real next week!!

  9. Lays says:

    I’m sorry but how can these writers expect us to think they’re feminists after what they did to Caroline? She literally REVOLVES around Stefan. Her character has suffered so so so much, I don’t even recognize her anymore.

  10. Ella says:

    Also, I’ve raged about Caroline but Bonnie’s totally getting the short end of the stick here too. Her dead BF is guilt tripping her into forgiving Stefan (silly since Enzo had zero love for him). She gets to be powerful SOLELY because she needs to save a Salvatore. And then weak human Stefan is the one who deals the death blow. Plus, they made it seem like Damon was calling the shots with Kai when Bonnie’s got plenty of reasons to be pissed at him. And then next week she’s apparently going to have to suck it up and be maid of honor all because they need her magic to go against Katherine.

    Honestly, the fact that the EP of this show is a woman boggles my mind sometimes.

    • Layla says:

      AMEN. I cannot believe writers that tell us to fight for our rights is passing this off to us as influence. This show revolves around two brothers and every single female character has lost their agency and what made them actual characters in order to prop them up. Sounds like president trump wrote Caroline and Enzo this week.

    • LizLem says:

      Agree with this…will forgive Enzo for being used as a device to carry Stefan’s toxic redemption water only because his reasoning wasn’t for Stefan’s welfare, it was for Bonnie’s, so she doesn’t become hateful and vengeful (like he used to be)…I can work this into my understanding of the characters and their growth. (He once told her to take it easy with her Damon grudge too, after the time jump…though she seemed less inclined which makes no sense but whatever.)

      Bonnie’s ultimately wimpy role in killing Cade and saving Damon’s soul, and apparently taking orders re: Kai’s fate? Intolerable. I would rather her be isolated in a burnt cabin with Enzo then back in the fold for such utter BS. Boo.

      Counting on Katherine to hopefully shine a light on this and punish these oppressively mediocre leads. Please??

      • Ella says:

        LOL, yeah it’s probably a bad sign for the quality of the show when it seems like a lot of people are only here to see the protaganists get some comeuppance. But totally agreed about Bonnie. I like her and Enzo but I would have loved for her to get a meatier SL – struggling with the loss of her magic and who she is without it or even actively looking for a way to get it back.

  11. jerrired says:

    I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed last week’s ep, this week’s ep. And I know I’m going to enjoy the next two, esp with Katherine back! And I don’t get why people are complaining about Caroline forgiving Stefan. It’s like they just ignored who the character’s been since season 4! Maybe always. So can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed. BUT I’m like 90 percent sure Kat is about to suck the cure out of Stefan, just to kill him. So the Steroline marriage will be short. Now I’m wondering if Bonnie will die for Elena to live, Bonnie will pick her new world with Enzo and kill herself, or will Bonnie just trick Kai into giving her the solution (off screen).

  12. Sharon says:

    So what I loved about this episode was Bonnie shutting the door when Stefan tried to apologize, pretty much anything that involved Kai, and Katherine coming back.

    What I hated though was Caroline and how weak and pathetic she is with Stefan. This whole wedding is ridiculous! Every time she starts to make progress, Stefan comes around and ruins everything. Oh and those twins DO NOT need Stefan around!

  13. Val M says:

    I feel disappointed about Caroline’s character but since this isn’t her show but Salvatore’s I guess it doesn’t matter that she lose all her development to be Stefan’s dormant.

  14. Katherine Pierce says:

    I haven’t cared about this show since Katherine died, so when I saw she was the top trend on twitter I nearly had a heart attack and rushed to watch.

    My first reaction is how are people watching this show? Oh my god it’s so boring. I feel like I need to go rewatch all of Katherine’s scenes in season 2 to purify my mind and see what real suspense and storytelling is.

    How boring is all the soap opera nonsense with Damon and Stefan rehashing their same stupid ~oh damon. am i good enough,despite killing a ton of people, to date this woman 80 years younger than me who you’ve also slept with?~
    ~yeah bro you’re my bro. i’m gonna marry this other woman 80 years younger than me who you slept with. cuz that’s epic.~ *sunset* *tvd writers patting themselves on the back somewhere. probably crying.*

    That and Steroline. Yawn central.

    I really hope they’ve learned their lesson in terms of what makes this show good and what doesn’t and Katherine actually is allowed to accomplish what she wants. I understand she can’t kill off everyone but damn can she almost do it? Please? Some real risk? After seasons of snoozeville?

    Sadly, the creators love for boring flat—excuse me, “epic”, romance scenes that drone on forever make me accept that I should just be grateful to hear Katherine’s name again.

  15. Liz says:

    I never been more disappointed in a show. The writers talk about feminism, but apparently have no idea what that means. Caroline, don’t get me started on how they destroyed her character for Stefan. A Steroline wedding to bait an enemy. This plot has already been used and no one wants it. And Bonnie, they take her magic and then her bf. Then bf starts to tow the company line of forgiving Stefan. Really?! The only reason I am still watching now is Katherine. I really hope she makes their lives miserable. The Defan endgame is what the brothers deserve. I was never a Elena fan, but she needs to be saved from this drama. They only bring destruction in their wake. Save the female leads!!!

  16. Sharon says:

    Kai’s where he belongs. Suppose they need a big bad but could care less about Katherine. Wish Elena would wake up go “Hey,I loved you D but I’m human now and by the way you’re in love with Bonnie, so I am going to live my life as I don’t want to marry a vampire.” I happen to like Steroline but with real Caro, not weakass Caro. Ric’s school idea is cool, please move away from Mystic Falls and Caroline and do it on your own. Send Enzo to some sort of eternal rest. There is enough cure for Rebecca she she shows up. and she takes it and she and Matt move far away from the Originals and Mystic Falls.

  17. Kristen says:

    I’m so excited that we get to see Katherine back!!! I didn’t expect it. I thought we would just get Elena- so I can’t wait to see her character back onscreen. Nina does such an amazing job playing her. The only caveat is that as much as I’ve enjoyed all these returning characters I have a bad feeling we probably won’t get to see any of the Mikaelsons back. That would be such a disappointment since they were so integral to TVD for 2.5 seasons when the show was at its best. Hopefully I’m wrong but with only 2 episodes the possibility of Klaus or Rebekah showing up looks bleak.

    • Helen10 says:

      Well instead of major characters like the Originals we got that Salvatore girl, and Bonnie’s mom, and Matt’s mom’s coming. Don’t be greedy.

  18. Ala says:

    Awesome Katherine twist!!! Overall very good episode but Steroline have been ruined for me. I have been seriously shipping theses two since that bathroom scene and always believed they were endgame but no more.

    The second Stefan got down on his knee today I was yelling NO over and over again. While there might be a slight chance for them to get a happy ever after, it’s not realistic for Caroline (the girl who has grown the most in the entire series) to simply accept THAT proposal after all the times Stefan has abandoned her and put HIS needs first. Caroline is too smart and mature to put up with that. She needs to make him work for it. SHE deserves at least that. Not someone who loves his guilt, shame, etc., more that he loves her.

    I honestly hope that this rushed wedding is interrupted, and they don’t get married.

    Maybe have Caroline end the series calling Klaus to meet her in Paris?

    “small town boy, small town life, not enough for you.”


    Run Caroline! Run!

    • Kelly says:

      I’m a Steroline shipper as well since Season 2 and am not happy at all with how they have handled the relationship between the two in the back half of the season. I think if they would have had a full season order, then they could have had him earn his way back to her and it would have been more appropriate to the characters. I completely agree that he needed to work for her forgiveness and her agreement to get married to him again. The creators just love drama. They spend a whole season building up to a kiss but blow up a relationship and expect us to believe they just magically work everything out and get back together in one conversation. They did the same thing at the end of Season 7 and had Caroline just magically forgive everything over the three year time jump after a car ride together so they could give us the kiss in the finale. I was especially irritated with how Stefan treated her last episode and felt like there was not anyway they could realistically get the couple back together in one episode and married in the next. I am honestly happy that I get to witness the wedding or else I would have felt robbed for investing in 8 seasons of this show for no payoff. I am not happy however with how they have rushed through the last few episodes after putting such a strain on their relationship and made Caroline seem like a doormat who is willing to accept any amount of affection Stefan is willing to show her. I think we are supposed to maybe feel a level of guilt from Caroline for Stefan selling his soul to protect her kids that accounts for some of her out-of-character behavior and feel bad for Stefan for what he is going through after becoming human against his wishes. They didn’t have enough episodes left to appropriately deal with either of those issues though so they just forced the reconciliation on us. If there were not only two episodes left of the entire series, then I would be super irritated but I am just trying to accept the rushed story-lines as they come at this point. If they decide to let Stefan live, I could see Caroline calling Klaus after Steroline have lived their life together and he dies his human death. I am hoping they let both brothers live and both their love interests. I like the idea of the characters living on or the chance of seeing them again in some capacity. The brothers have suffered so much that they deserve some semblance of a happy ending. Since we know they are killing someone major in the finale, in my perfect world they would kill Matt. He has been completely useless to me for many seasons.

    • holl says:

      AND Klaus told her he would be her last love. She also went to New Orleans hoping for his help when she and her girls were on the run. I think her life journey will see her back to being the strong Carolyn we have loved and focusing on her kids more than Stefan. Plus he’s gonna die at some point. Klaus and she are better paired anyway. They will both be immortal parents to witch children. Not too many partners can understand that kind of family unit! LOL!

      • Ella says:

        The school thing is interesting, isn’t it? It seems like this season of TO is pretty Hope-centric and judging by that poster she’s pretty powerful. Maybe she has issues and needs Alaric and Caroline’s School For Gifted Youngters.

  19. J says:

    I was so happy to get all the Defan moments in this episode!! That is what I have been waiting for all season. Watching Damon choose himself to save Stefan and Elena was awesome. Seeing how protective he is of human Stefan is very sweet and their hug after Stefan killed Cade! Bonnie smiling at Stefan after he killed Cade shows she is on her way to forgiving him, Enzo made a good point when he told her he almost killed her when his humanity was off. However the show ends, I just hope we get a couple more moments between Damon and Stefan like these and if one of them does die, I want to see a very heart wrenching goodbye!!

  20. Evangeline says:

    I personally like surprises. But this sounds like a ending befitting the badass vampire series I have seen in a long time. I don’t think it can be recreated. Sorry to see it go.

  21. Samaerys says:

    I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THAT! I mean Julie Plec did say that Katherine will be a part of the finale episode but I was expecting her to join forces with the Mystic crew to kill Cade and get her ticket put of hell or something? Which was something a bit obvious. I almost forgot this season, how the TVD writers come up with THE BEST twists that we never ever expect! I’m ecstatic and can’t stop thinking, “Katherine Pierce rules Hell! Come on, guys! What else did you expect when you sent her there!” *cue evil laughter*
    Plus, anybody remembers the last thing Damon ever said to Katherine? “See you in hell, Katherine.”

    Like OMFG, she’s Katherine Pierce, she’s a survivor!!!

    BTW, “the only person worse than Cade”? Seriously? She’s freakin’ awesome, okay? Okay.

  22. Hans Shnee says:

    So happy to see Steroline back together even with the spoilers about what is going to happen. And then the real good news, the HBIC is back after 3 years. Can’t wait, I hope they don’t mess that up.
    And since when big bad vampire Damon gets strained after carrying Kai about?

  23. Geoka9 says:

    In this new prison world, there is another cure?

  24. Valari says:

    Am I the only one who has enjoyed having kai back. I mean Chris wood is so comical in this role.

  25. LizLem says:

    Kai’s been funny, Katherine ought to be pretty entertaining, too…but this week was a chore.

    Weak suspense (everything’s been spoiled: stakes feel pretty low for most) and pseudo-climaxes, the biggest characters seem to keep ending up back where they started in every way, and the characters I really really like (Bonnie, Enzo only at this point) get sidelined to make room for all that tedium*. Womp womp.

    Two more weeks, I can do this.

    *yet they still make more progress as characters

  26. Jess says:

    Kai is a national treasure. He scared and entertained me by turns this entire episode. His ending was hilariously appropriate. I think it was weird that Damon got pulled into hell and was magically fine when Stefan killed Cade.

    I’m so angry at what they did to Caroline just to make this wedding a thing. Not one of their problems were solved. There was no apology from Stefan. But she just sits there and listens to his speech about how marrying her is awesome for him and she’s like yay okay! The cringe I experienced when that happened can’t even be explained. Caroline deserved better.

  27. 4hhorseleader says:

    I’m really hoping Matt and Elena get together, he really deserves that, Damon is immortal, Stephan wants to marry Caroline even though he’s immortal it just makes sense, but Caroline and Damon could just run off into the sunset, that would be interesting

  28. jbj says:

    I’m skipping everything, because I’m still only 15 minutes in…but I have to WTF Stefan getting stabbed for the second time in as many weeks (not to mention the shooting)!? For a human who can drink vampire blood, he is freakin’ Superman!!!

    • Ella says:

      This has kinda been bugging me though. Bonnie took one syringe of blood from Elena and poof, cure gone from her system. Stefan’s been bleeding all over the place so shouldn’t it have leaked out of his body by now? And no one’s mentioned it at all.

  29. why is this show going off, I’m sad.

  30. Gift says:

    Guys just enjoy the show, admit it was fun. Bonnie will certainly find a way to bring Enzo back. I haven’t seen her in action for so long now this episode reminded me a lot about when she had her magic and fought to save her friends. I screamed when I heard Katherine’s name. Not bad. I was so worried when Cade asked Damon to choose between Stefan and Elena I really got scared thinking he would choose her over his brother. Damon put a smile on my face when he chose himself, I was impressed. I wasn’t a supporter of Stefan and Caroline’s relationship but I was touched by this episode for the first time I saw them differently nd really want to see their June wedding. Then I thought, this is good, they might get married nd in five years he would die of some illness or accident or something that will give Caroline chance to join the originals nd be with Klaus, falling in love with him. Caroline isn’t being helpless she actually LOVES Stefan. we don’t choose who we love nd do stupid things for that love nd not everyone approve of ur Love so let’s go easy on her nd Stefan. I love Stefan’s character nd will always do, he had to find his happy ending nd this was the only way they could find to give him that. Maybe now in the future Elena and Damon will not feel guilty for being together because he would have lived a full life nd past on.

  31. Aidin says:

    What is actually sad is this blind hate on SC

    • Val M says:

      It isn’t blind hate it’s based, SC was the destruction for Caroline’s character

      • Kayla says:

        Agreed. I could handle them being in a relationship even though they lack chemistry. What I didn’t like was how they have regressed all of the characters to fit the storylines. Caroline started out as a character you wanted dead by the end of the first season. Needy, whiny, vain, with daddy issues. Her transformation as a vampire brought out the best in her a she became confident, brave, and a better friend. The first mistake they made with her was having her sleep with Klaus. Yes, they had chemistry but her loyalty to her friends should have stopped her. Then they paired her with Stefan and created the most boring relationship I have ever seen. She is left in constant limbo waiting for Stefan to choose her and he never does. I can’t even be disappointed any more they have done this so long. Every female on TVD and TO have storylines that revolve around the men. Look how Katherine went out. No freaking way would Katherine risk her life to be with some old boyfriend she left high and dry 150 years ago, as well as her daughter’s life. That death was a disgrace but all of a sudden, she loved Stefan. When did Katherine ever let her life revolve around anything but vengeance?

  32. Gift says:

    Stefan finally chose Coralline. if remember vividly when Katherine came to town nd when her story was being told, she loved the two brothers but loved Stefan more while trying to escape from Klaus. Caroline loves Stefan let’s leave it at that. what the disappointment there.

  33. a says:

    find it weird that katherine was cade’s vice and is now running hell… i think that’s just a strange way to bring her back, which i’m glad, btw!!! but it wasn’t necessary making her the new hell’s chief! sounds riddiculous.. and they just made it harder than it could be: cade dies, hell falls apart, dead people come on earth, including katherine!

  34. WTFFFFF says:

    Its stupid that some lowlife vampire is going to rule THE HELL

  35. Jbs says:

    It’s over finally, choice made. No more.

  36. Brigid says:

    LOL, you people crack me up. Stefan is a bad guy because of all the things he’s done with his humanity turned off but Damon who has done all of this with his humanity on is forgiven. Nothing like being a hypocrite for the bad boy who is the most selfish character on the show. He’s done 1 good thing since the show started and that was last weeks episode choosing himself to die. Bonnie should forgive Stefan as he wasn’t himself when he killed Enzo, didn’t we all forgive Damon for killing Tyler? Why is it that you all hold Stefan up to different standards than Damon? So pathetic!

  37. Crystal Rose Brackman says:

    I’m confused. How come Stefan hasn’t aged like Katherine did when she became human? And can we please get a spin off….Mystic Falls School for Peculiar Children….

  38. Jasmine Suttles says:

    I have no idea how it’s going to end anymore! I had ideas, but them bringing Katherine back into the equation changed everything. What if Katherine is Nina’s Ultimate return and not as Elena!

  39. ergh says:

    Wait so is damon dead?