This Is Us Spoilers Season 1 Episode 17 Rebecca Tour

This Is Us' Mandy Moore on Rebecca's Tour and Jack's 'Selfish' Opposition

Maybe This Is Us‘ Jack should get himself back to the jewelry store, and soon?

When the NBC drama returns to the Pearson parents’ flashback in the March 7 episode (NBC, 9/8c), Jack and Rebecca aren’t much better off than they were when we last checked in with them on Valentine’s Day — and for good reason, star Mandy Moore says.

“It’s disappointing to start to see the fractures in their relationship at this point in their marriage. Things are frayed, and they’re in desperate need of reconnecting,” she tells TVLine. Still, “I don’t know if that’s going to happen before she leaves to go on tour.”

The actress notes that she’s heard that some viewers disapprove of her character’s decision to rekindle a passion and a career that lay dormant while Kate, Randall and Kevin grew up. “But to that, I say women should be able to have it all. Just because she’s a mother — and I understand that’s her first responsibility — I take issue with other women that are like, ‘That’s selfish of her,'” Moore says. “I think it’s selfish of Jack to want to keep her under lock and key. It feels like there’s a sense of control there.’

So while Jack steams and stews in this week’s episode, Rebecca is “flourishing and recognizing this passion she’s had her whole life,” Moore previews with pride. “The kids are grown up. Everyone should be able to handle themselves for a few weeks while she fulfills this dream.” — With reporting by Andy Swift

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    Um, Jack “selfish” I hardly think so. He has every right to be upset especially after what she said to him. That was horrible.

    • Victoria says:

      Yeah I agree. He’s not trying to keep her under lock and key. Twice he told her she should go and only even said he didn’t want her to go after finding out he lied to her.

      I don’t think women should have to sacrifice their careers to be mothers but there’s a difference between going back into the work force and leaving for a month.

      • Jamie says:

        Ehhh, there are people whose careers have them going on long trips – that’s just life. My mother used to take long-ish work trips when I was a kid – she did corporate sales for the European division of her company back before they had actual offices over there, so she would take 2 week long trips over there a few times a year. She decided to switch jobs after a few years because she was sick of traveling so much when she had three kids at home, but it genuinely wasn’t the end of the world. My father managed just fine in those weeks when she was working abroad. One month away while her kids are teenagers (it’s not like Jack would be changing diapers or feeding them by himself) really isn’t the end of the world either.

    • Tara says:

      I was hurt when ReBecca said jack was getting in the way. She probably still has no idea of all the things he did to get that house for her. He is a super hero, just like she said in an earlier episode. I do agree that she should have mentioned her past relationship with the guy in the band. Just so he wouldn’t be blind-sided.

  2. Seesta says:

    He’s not selfish. He was ok even if he didn’t want to because he knew she needs to do something for herself. But knowing it’s with an ex who is still into her drove him crazy. It’s good to see his flaws too. But don’t forget he put his dream of having his own affair for his family. He always put his family first too. It was sad to see him alone and drinking but what she said to him broke his heart.

  3. Mara says:

    She never told him the truth about her being involved with her bandmate!! He has every right to be angry. She lied and is calling him selfish for having a reaction when he found out — that is all kinds of wrong.

  4. SJ says:

    This Is Us is taking a break this week. It returns March 7th.

  5. Loolley says:

    Ugh. Don’t have kids if you aren’t committed to raise them and willing to make sacrifices. Those kids aren’t grown. Do your tour when the kids are actually grown.

  6. Jenny says:

    Hmmm I disagree with these comments. As far as I can tell, Rebecca is a stay at home mom. Which means she has been raising her kids full-time for 15 years. I have kids but I also have a full-time job. Frankly I really like my job and I don’t want to be at home all day. I don’t think this makes me a bad mother and I don’t think Rebecca taking a break from being a stay home mom is bad either. Hasn’t she built up some good will by staying at home all those years?

    • Victoria says:

      My problem is more in Mandy Moore’s defense of Rebecca by calling Jack selfish and saying he wants to keep her under lock and key. I don’t think anyone thinks someone who works is a bad parent (or at least I don’t) but you also aren’t leaving your kids completely for a month during a time when even making long distance phone calls is expensive.

    • queensgirl says:

      Looks like you and I (and Mandy) are in the minority, Jenny.

    • Desiree says:

      Agreed. I am currently a SAHM, and I love it. But I have also been a working mom and if I’d had something I loved doing I would probably still be doing it.

      It seems as though viewers are either on Jack’s side or Rebecca’s side. I don’t really see it that way though. I understand where both of them are coming from. Rebecca is desperate to have something she was passionate about back in her life. Jack is upset because his wife wasn’t entirely honest with him about her connection to one of her band mates. I think both of of them have valid points. That’s the wonderful thing about the writing of this show.
      Also, there seem to be a lot of people annoyed with Mandy’s choice of the word selfish. I don’t think Mandy necessarily meant that SHE thought Jack is being selfish. I think she’s saying that REBECCA thinks Jack is being selfish, which again, makes sense from that character’s perspective.
      I’m nervous about the episodes to come. It would be heartbreaking if his death happens while they are in a bad place in their relationship. I mean, it’s going to be heartbreaking regardless, but can you imagine the regret if he dies before they’ve been able to resolve things?

  7. Stacey says:

    Her going on tour is not the issue. It’s that it is with her ex, which she only told Jack about after he found out about them from said ex. I don’t find Jack selfish at all, he had to make sacrifices for the family too. I hope they can repair their rift, before he dies.

  8. Eran says:

    Can the bigger picture not speak for itself here? Rebecca chose Jack and it is at Jack’s side that she has been for the past 15 years. Actions speak louder than words; or their omission. Would I hate this sudden discovery of historic information? Yes, but after some initial huffing and puffing to which Jack is entitled, I’d take stock of my life and whether my partner has EVER given me any reason whatsoever to distrust them. Which is what Jack hasn’t (yet) done.

    I will add that it speaks volumes about society’s gender politics that when someone fancies a woman, whatever her actual context is in life and whatever position she might have on the subject is immediately rendered irrelevant and she’s already as good as cheated just by being in the same room as he. That is definitely the message coming across from some of the comments I’ve seen.

    • Sam says:

      Agreed, I also find it bizarre that people are making a big deal about a relationship that existed for 2 months over 20 years prior. I think people forget that Rebecca is in her mid 40s, while Jack is almost 50. That past relationship is a non factor. She was 19, they dated for 2 months. Jack is being absurd, I love him, but his being mad at that relationship is an excuse for simply not wanting her to go, which is what he told Miguel. Long post, but I think Rebecca gets a great deal of flack because Jack is near perfect.

  9. Alrisha says:

    Rebeca is a lier, that’s the problem. That’s why she fracture her relationship with Jack and now with Randall. Also, when she is caught then she play the victim.

  10. AtlLady says:

    Our view of Jack is skewed by the memories of the Big Three. The dead parent is placed on a pedestal and revered. Every time we see segments of just Jack and Rebecca, the flaws are more apparent. They love each other very much and they both give it an effort to work together as parents and to keep their own relationship going.

  11. It’s not like Rebecca is in a well known band. And… her kids may be teenagers, but they all have huge emotional problems. Randall suffers panic attacks, Kevin is needy and immature, Kate has eating disorder. Why doesn’t she address these problems, while Jack is at a full time job. Plus she will be “touring” with her ex. Not cool to make your partner feel worried and anxious while she goes off for a month. I don’t believe Jack is selfish at all.

  12. I think Jack gets drunk. .. and attempts to drive home and gets killed! Im calling it! And thw best friend of jack is now MARRIED TO REBECCA!!! Didnt anyone catch that??? Ohh boy.. i love this show!! Sad to see William dieing. ..Randall is a great man…

  13. James Butler says:

    I don’t think Jack is angry because she would like to pursue her dream; he’s angry because she decided to go on tour with an ex boyfriend that he didn’t know about and she didn’t mention it before. He was find with it before that and I don’t blame him for being upset. As for her “sacrificing” her career, I believe she said “I do” when Jack asked her to marry him and nurturing her children should be a priority not a sacrifice.