The Originals Spoilers

The Originals: Hayley Schemes, Klaus Suffers in Season 4 Premiere Photos

The Vampire Diaries‘ impending series finale is occupying a lot of our headspace right now — and rightfully so — but let’s not forget that just one week after TVD says farewell, The CW is blessing us with something even better: a new season of The Originals!

The network on Friday released a batch of new photos from the spinoff’s fourth season premiere — airing Friday, March 17 at 8/7c — which finds Klaus at Marcel’s mercy (though there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of mercy to go around).

For a taste of that merciless…ness, here’s the official synopsis for the premiere, titled “Gather Up the Killers”:

FIVE YEARS LATER — On the fifth anniversary of Klaus’ defeat, Marcel is king of the city and welcomes the un-sired vampires to New Orleans, only to find they pose an unexpected threat to his rule, leading him to seek counsel from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, as Hayley closes in on the cure that will allow her to revive Elijah and the slumbering Mikaelsons, she faces a final task that will force her to make a ruthless decision.

Your hopes for Season 4? Browse our gallery of new photos — you can click here for direct access — then drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Trappist1 says:

    Is it me or is Hayley starting to look more like Rebekah with the blonde-ish hair that she has now? Why even do that?
    I also hate any picture that shows my beloved Elijah with his eyes closed. He’d better damn well just be taking a nap in that scene and nothing more dastardly than that.

  2. Gift says:

    well what can I say, I am so full with JOY. I really really can’t wait. As for Marcel I hope he gets dethroned nd get exactly what he deserves 1000 times over. Marcel better pays for what he did. This season has to be fun.

  3. Uno says:

    What exactly did Marcel do… He’s been loyal as long as he could be… And he still got killed by my favorite character Elijah to boot… He got tired of getting screwed over and did exactly as his father Klaus taught him

    • Ella says:

      Yeah, I’m so torn! Marcel’s got many MANY reasons to have it out for Klaus and the family. And yet, this particular thing is on Elijah and Freya and Klaus is bearing the brunt of the punishment. I’m looking forward to the Klarcel scenes though. They’re some of my favorites and they were pretty sparse last season.

      • cj says:

        Marcel is no kind of hero. He has been trying to take Klaus down since the beginning. What has Klaus done to Marcel when Marcel hasn’t attacked Klaus first? Klaus only forgives him.

        • Gift says:

          that is so true cj.

        • Selena says:

          Klaus acted like he had control over what Marcel or Rebekah did or who they dated. Which he had no right to do. So they called Mikael so they could be free of him. Everything else came tumbling down after. So its both Klaus and Rebekah’s fault but mainly Klaus. If he hadn’t been a total dick to Rebekah and the rest of his family over the last millennium things would have been different. And if Rebekah had let Kol dagger Klaus a few years earlier – which was 100% justified – then Mikael never would have been called.

          • cj says:

            Marcel apologized for that and so did Klaus. Rebekah and Marcel summoning Mikael was all forgiven on both sides. Klaus gave them his blessing back in 1919. Since the Originals return to NOLA, Marcel has been looking for a way to take them down. He has even said that throughout the series, he’d bide his time.

    • Ben says:

      +1. Marcel is the anti-heo here!. That’s what i like most of this show in comparison to TVD.. it haves at least a minimal moral compass and the psycho monsters get punished often. I can’t w8 to see what leftovers from TVD they keep for TO.

  4. Erick Voshel says:

    Looking forward to the new season. Hope for a fifth season!

  5. Gift says:

    oh please if he didn’t have bad intentions towards the Mikaelsons he won’t have taken the thing that made him stronger than the originals. Elijah acted fast because he was scared nd viewed Marcel as a threat to his family. And really if he considered klaus his father he should knw klaus didn’t approve of what Elijah did. Rather the first thing he did after coming back to life is dethrone klaus nd almost killing his entire family, the very thing Klaus protect the most. He wanted to be king nd if he had the power he had now he would have taken this road. He didn’t even look back to their history together, there has to be a time when Klaus meant more to him. He stuck a knife in his heart without even a single thought. All in the name of a fake revenge over Davina’s death. She didn’t want revenge nd wouldn’t want kol getting hurt either.

    • Jane says:

      He took that potion as a precaution in case Mikaelsons kill him. And Marcel was right to take take this precaution. Elijah killed him because of the vision that actually Elijah triggered by killing Marcel. That’s been done on Charmed, a little trick: you find out future, do smth to avoid it and these precise actions lead you to that future.

      • Gift says:

        Marcel had many years to understand that the Mikaelsons will kill anything or anyone who threatens their family, He should knw this fact very well. Marcel knew if he comforts them and tell them he had the poison they will kill him because he posed as a threat. Marcel is not a fool,if they didn’t kill him he would have done it himself. he went to test his luck with the Mikaelsons. Actually to be strong like them is what he really wants and to rule over that city. Marcel knew when to bow nd not to. Let him blame the Mikaelsons or clam revenge all he wants but his actions was way planned before now. He just didn’t have the power yet to match up to the originals.

        • Jane says:

          Marcel indeed knew Originals well that Mikaelsons will kill anything or anyone who threatens their family. But he got killed not for his verbal threat but for actions Elijah saw him doing in the future. And these actions were triggered by Elijah killing him. If Marcel just wanted to take them down, he wouldn’t wait to check if they go as far as killing him (Klaus’ adopted son), he’d just come to their meeting as a transformed monster (or whatever he’s now).

          • Gift says:

            OK Jane say it like u see it but for me I think Marcel saw a way to bring Klaus down nd he took it. he wants everything klaus has most importantly to be king. if he had his way he would kill klaus without even remorse. There is nothing to justify what he did, if he saw Haley I might have killed her too. if Elijah didn’t kill him Marcel would do it himself. He main purpose is to be king.

          • Jane says:

            Marcel didn’t touch Rebekah or Freya, his vengeance against Kol, Elijah and Klaus are completely justified. Just because Mikaelsons are protagonists, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve what they got at the end of last season. I don’t even like Marcel, I watch TO for Klaus and I won’t enjoy seeing him in chains, starved and broken. But Mikaelsons brought this on themselves.

          • cj says:

            Marcel had Freya poisoned! He didn’t have to do anything to Rebekah since she was already cursed but he sure didn’t help her.

          • Jane says:

            Michael Narducci saw it differently though: “He (Marcel) definitely has a good point,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine of the vengeful Mr. Gerard. “He’s arguing from a place of being of correct, and I’m interested to see the fans’ responses. Even within the Mikaelson family, there’s a sense that they might have gone too far this time. They’re looking at each other and saying, ‘Maybe we had this coming.’”

            But what does he know right, you know better I’m sure

        • bash says:

          if Klaus wanted marcel dead he would b dead long ago. no matter what Klaus treated him well but reverce is d case from mercel. cus right from season 1 Marcel has been treating d mikaelsons like an outsider he never treated them well instead of den 3 steak 2geda he made his own choice. that is why at the end he will loss

        • Gigu says:

          Elijah and Klaus both should have known Marcel wasn’t going to just accept Davina being sacrificed. Elijah is an idiot. He snapped Marcel’s neck instead of killing him because he felt Marcel was powerless to take revenge on them. Then, He and Klaus have the nerve to show up at Marcel’s home. They actually seemed to expect him to listen to them.

          Vincent said Marcel took the serum as soon as he gave it to him. Marcel could have had Vincent kill him, transform and then go on a killing spree. Why did he wait? Why did he wait for them to attack him first?

          Marcel was running Nola after the Michaelson’s ran away from Mikael. If they were so powerful why run? They had no right to demand Nola back.

  6. Jane says:

    I just really dislike the whole Elijah falling for his brother’s one night stand. Poor Hope. Imagine your mom is sleeping with your uncle. Hayley can now compare which brother turned out better down there and be like “Your bro lasted longer”

    • Ella says:

      Is it any weirder than Rebekah falling for the guy her brother raised as his kid though? They’re 1000 years old so I imagine there’s all sorts of weirdness there because I doubt human taboos are really a thing after a century or so. They alluded to Original groupies on TVD do I imagine there was often overlap in the people they slept with.

  7. Katie says:

    First off: SO excited! Secondly: I know the Mikealsons have screwed people over for centuries including Marcel but stop defending him! Here’s some things to ponder: When Hope was born, Klaus had Beks take her away and keep her safe. When he got her back in Season 2, he did everything he could to protect her, even cursed his baby mama and her pack when his paranoia kicked in. (Definitely NOT nice!) Yet, as a general rule, he never used his baby girl as a means to an end. Unfortunately for one young witch, the “father figure” that rescued her from being sacrificed DID use her as a weapon while still claiming to love her as a daughter. When the same witch became regent (which he didn’t approve of) she had the woman who tried to kill HER taken out but some other witches got taken out in the process. If it had been me, I actually would have done the same thing. Mess with me, you’re gonna get burned. But the “father figure” thought she went too far and with Vincent’s help had her shunned. Which, in effect, got her involved with the Strix, who offered this young witch a place in their personal coven with the power to bring back Kol from the dead. (This young witch’s obsession that in the end, helped get her killed but it’s not the only reason.) It went to hell from there. Who was the witch? Davina Clare. And the “father figure?” Why, Marcel himself! Think of the possibilities if he had just left her the hell alone. Let her do her job as a regent. She may have been shunned anyway but then again, maybe not, due to Jackson’s and Hayley’s (forced) protection of Davina. Davina was as responsible for her own death as Freya, Elijah and Marcel themselves were. Yet when trying to use Davina’s source to the ancestors to fight Lucien wasn’t working, who told Freya and Elijah to find another way to defeat Lucien so Davina could still be saved? Oh yeah: KLAUS! And by the by, if Vincent hates vampires so much, why would he be foolish enough to give the blood to Marcel? Like he’s any better? By taking down the Mikealsons, separating Hope from her father for five long years, while Marcel has kept torturing Klaus for the amount of time, Marcel has become the one thing he swore he never he would be: his father. And a raging hypocrite. At least the Mikealsons usually admitted to their crimes. So way to go Marcel: In certain aspects your are worse than your adopted family. And shot yourself in the foot to boot. Marcel is going to need the help of the family he just destroyed to take down the great evil that’s arrived in New Orleans. *sarcastic clapping* And to think, I used to like him.

  8. Gift says:

    Katie thank you, u make happy with ur comment. Marcel is worst than the Mikaelsons family before they arrived to New Orleans Marcel ruled the place with an iron fist! when the originals arrived they gave everyone their freedom back. One thing was clear, klaus or the Mikaelsons don’t come after u if u don’t stand as a threat to them nd leave them alone. I’m still shocked how Klaus forgave Davina for what she did to him, he just let it go. klaus was never so forgiven but he because he knew Davina meant something to Marcel nd kol. How awful can he be? As for Vincent I don’t know his issues, he claims to hate vampires but he helped Cami when she became one, nd involved himself with Marcel countless time. I think he has alot to deal with in his head it has nothing to do with the originals or Marcel. Still I wait to see what happens this season.

    • Gigu says:

      Seriously, Are we forgetting Klaus killed an innocent teenage boy (Tim) because Davina wouldn’t be used by him instead of Marcel? Klaus would have killed Davina as well, if not for that protection spell (Marcel had put on Davina). The Michaelson’s had no trouble sacrificing Davina even though she brought Kol back.. If Klaus is so good and magnanimous why were so many enemies at his trial? Klaus killed Gia, Elijah killed Thierry, Elijah and Freya sacrificed Davina. They spent years bulling, controlling and using Marcel. They got what they deserved from Marcel’s perspective.

      • Gift says:

        Did u say bulling, controlling nd using? that’s no news! the Mikaelsons has always been that way. we love klaus for his ruthless ways. But one thing is clear if they consider u family then u re family. Davina spent most of her time deriving ways to destroy klaus after meeting him. Her sole aim was to take him down. she crossed him many times but he still manage to let her live, we all know if it was klaus from TVD then Davina would long be dead Marcel include. Do u really think Marcel wouldn’t have acted even if Elijah didn’t kill him? He already made his choice he needed a good reason to hold on. He isn’t better than than the Mikaelsons he is even worse biting the finger that fed him

        • Gigu says:

          Marcel didn’t ask Klaus to save him. Marcel was a child and a slave. He had no more control over Klaus than he did the Governor (his father) who allowed him to be beaten and mistreated. Klaus saving Marcel was more about Klaus’ childhood issues with abuse (than saving some kid). If Klaus was just interested in saving him. He would not have needed to control every aspect of Marcel’s life. He clearly never truly thought of Marcel as his son. Marcel loved Davina like a daughter. He was the only family she really had. Klaus saving Marcel didn’t give the Mikaelson’s a pass for sacrificing someone he loved. Elijah drew first blood so Marcel owed them nothing.

  9. jovana says:

    I’ll watch only the episode(s) where Cami makes an appearance.

  10. Hermes says:

    Is Camille in this episode? Because I’m not gonna watch any episode including her

  11. Gift says:

    Marcel put Freya in danger, she was going to die too because of the cut on her neck(poison) that’s why she was looking for L cure. If Rebecca had tired to defend her family he would also hurt her. There is nothing noble about what Marcel did he is just being greedy for power.

    • Jane says:

      It wasn’t Marcel’s fault originals got themselves into a corner with Freya and Rebekah being poisoned. Marcel attacked after Elijah made his move. And if I remember correctly marcel picked up that coin in season 1 and took his crown down just to save his people who were prepared to die for him. And after that marcel took his defeat as a man and helped originals plenty, till they actually went as far as killing Davina and attempted to kill Marcel for actions he hasn’t done. Elijah’s mistake, that vision got the best of him and he handled it all wrong.

  12. Gift says:

    kol killed Davina not intentionally anyway the ancestors had a hand in that. The only thing Elijah nd Freya did was destroy the only chance of bringing her back to save their family from the beast the ancestors had created. I hate what they did but they saved their family in the end. Tell me if u were in their shoes u would choose Davina over saving ur family? I know they’ve always gone too far when it comes to their family but that is the way their love is. Family above all. Marcel in the name of revenging Davina took them down but we really knw what he wanted was the city. He is no better than the Mikaelsons at least the Mikaelsons family did things in the name of love for their family. Marcel is worst than the originals. Lets face it.

    • Jane says:

      Okay I made my opinion on Marcel’s forced self-defence actions clear here. After that it’s just a matter of who gets to have the last word. You can have it

      • Gift says:

        It’s not about having the last words, it’s about you understanding where I’m coming from. I was watching some of the scenes and Marcel has helped the Mikaelsons fight most of their battles not because he wanted to but because he had to if klaus dies he dies. until Davina separated their sire link. He still helped for a while because he knows he wasn’t strong enough to take on the originals. He has been plotting against them ever since they returned to the city. He took them down because he had the strength to match theirs now and even more. He wanted to take the kingdom back nd he had everything he needed to do so. They were his family (Klaus’s son) the only wrong klaus ever did to Marcel was not letting him be with Rebecca. He crossed nd betrayed klaus a lot of times but Klaus never killed him for that. klaus still saw Marcel as his son. I’m just saying if Marcel’s sole aim was to take revenge, he would have singled out kol, Elijah, Freya because this time they were the ones who wronged him. Even though Davina wouldn’t want kol hurt, he still did it.

        • Jane says:

          Yea okay, I see your point here, I suppose he had a case against Kol, Freya and Elijah but that whole thing wasn’t about loosing Davina. Marcel might have taken that opportunity to play on Klaus’ enemies anger to bring Klaus to that trial, punish him and get the bloody crown back (hence the title for that episode I guess). The worst part might be the fact that Marcel, who presumably cared deeply about Rebekah, was okay with the fact that she’d be a collateral damage in that whole plan.

          Michael Narducci saw it differently though: “He (Marcel) definitely has a good point,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine of the vengeful Mr. Gerard. “He’s arguing from a place of being of correct, and I’m interested to see the fans’ responses. Even within the Mikaelson family, there’s a sense that they might have gone too far this time. They’re looking at each other and saying, ‘Maybe we had this coming.’”

    • Shedrack says:

      I support u on dat gift
      Marcel is so not different from dem

  13. Gift says:

    I love this episode especially Kara nd Mon El, but don’t like the way she complains about his flaws nd threatens him with their relationship (it’s not going to work) she might be the woman of steel but everyone should have a say nd act according to their wish.

  14. Gift says:

    my mistake wasn’t planning to post here

  15. RUKKY KAY says:

    Marcel has always been the villain, awesome that divina died she has been pissing me off since season 1, care about CAMI cos she makes Klaus happy, can’t wait to see the power little hope possesses

  16. Eden says:

    I think this series become alive but steal it needs some modifications like we need vampire hunters like michael even you can bring him because hell is destroyed in vampire diaries because marcel is not a villan i think you understand what am i saying he can not be a hunter,the second one is there must be more fights animations like turning of wolfs like hely and every one wants also Nikluse turning look it the flash it has more fights and animation and has more ratings among the cws series.the last but not least is romance look it the flash it has many romance part like bery is in love with ires and so on.