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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Slams TWD T-Shirt Controversy: 'People Are Stupid'

The Walking Dead has walked right into a real-life controversy… and the man who plays Negan has come out swinging.

British retail chain Primark pulled a Negan-themed Walking Dead T-shirt from its shelves this week, after a customer objected to the graphic on it that reads “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe,” calling it “racist” and “offensive.” And star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on AMC’s zombie hit, didn’t mince words while reacting to the decision, tweeting on Wednesday, “Holy crap people are stupid.”

Negan recited the familiar children’s rhyme in last year’s Season 6 finale while deciding which member of Rick’s gang to bash to death with his bat Lucille. But, as the objecting customer noted, an earlier wording of the rhyme continues, “Catch a n—r by the toe.” On the show, Negan used the more common current version, “Catch a tiger by the toe,” but Primark customer Ian Lucraft still took offense.

The Walking Dead T-Shirt Negan Controversy“The graphic has a large American baseball bat, wrapped round with barbed wire, and covered with blood,” Lucraft told the UK newspaper The Star. “This image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America. It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer, I would know just where I stood.”

Primark pulled the T-shirt from its stores and issued an apology: “The T-shirt in question is licensed merchandise for the U.S. television series The Walking Dead, and the quote and image are taken directly from the show. Any offense caused by its design was wholly unintentional, and Primark sincerely apologizes for this.”

AMC hasn’t commented yet on the uproar — but for now, the network’s official site still offers a similar (though not identical) “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” Negan T-shirt for sale.

Was Primark right to pull the T-shirt? Or did they overreact? Drop your thoughts in a comment below. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. W says:

    Totally agree with Morgan. This is stupid.

    • Steven says:

      I agree and I’m all for being PC and respecting feelings, but this just makes no sense.

      • Annie Sisk says:

        Many (though not all) sources indicate the etymology of the phrase was in fact quite racist. There are regions of the US in which the prevailing “understanding” of the rhyme substitutes the “N” word for “tiger.” That’s not new, not a modern invention, in any event, whether or not the rumored etymology is correct – most experts agree there are far too many versions and “variants” of it to trace to a single origin.
        But that’s a point that’s getting overlooked – the view of it as racist is hardly “stupid.” It’s unfortunate so many decided to jump on the bandwagon without questioning what they thought they knew.
        For the record, I don’t think the rhyme can truly be said to be racist in its TWD incarnation, at least.
        Neither would I call anyone who found it so “stupid.” It’s a pity. I used to find JDM quite appealing. But arrogance is so unattractive.

        • Xyz says:

          Words and phrases can have more than one meaning. People are looking for things to be offensive to them. Stupid indeed!

          • Annie Sisk says:

            1 – That’s what I said.
            2 – Not generally true, in my experience, but whatever.
            3 – Arrogant.
            4 – Please try reading what was actually written before responding in the future.

        • Kate says:

          Annie, this is ridiculous. And quibbling over things like this and grasping at straws in order to be the Word Police alienates even those of us who are careful to use language that’s respectful and inclusive. Do you monitor preschool classrooms and give lectures whenever kids use this rhyme?

          Language evolves. Our perspectives evolve with it. And he’s not being arrogant. He’s calling a spade a spade. (Or is there some 300-year-old usage of “spade” that makes this phrase insulting too?)

          • jbug799 says:

            Not quite that old!

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Yes, LOLOL, there IS. Jesus, does no one exercise intellectual curiosity or challenge assumptions anymore?! FFS. But yeah, thanks for not at all reading what I wrote before dashing off your instant, dismissive reply. That’s always fun and helpful on the internet.

        • Rowan77 says:

          It’s not arrogance. I think he thinks that the reaction of claiming it’s racist is a knee-jerk reaction at best because the N-word version (which, BTW I had never heard growing up in New York and New England) TWD comics and show used was not the racist one at all, but the more known version of “…catch a tiger by the toe.” I understand the knee-jerk response, but as with most such jumps to conclusion, it is the wrong one in this particular case. However, that said, the manufacturer is right to pull it because the story has gotten big and choosing not to offend an entire segment of society is smarter than standing up for a bit of Walking Dead merchandise.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            I agree that it’s not racist in this context. That’s actually what I wrote. (Though apparently more than a few didn’t read that part.) But hot takes like Morgan’s *are* arrogant, by definition, especially when they’re born out of privilege. By not taking a minute’s pause and challenging what he thought he knew, he’s arrogantly presuming that *his* perspective is the only possible one.

          • Lucifer says:

            “…entire segment of society”

            Those offended with most PC/Social issues are usually the very vocal minority.

        • The most racist thing going on here is when the customer said, “if I were black.” No white person can truly understand the experience of being black. This is yet another example of a white male claiming to know what’s best for a community they know very little of. He has no idea what he’d think if he were black. Nobody does unless they are actually living that experience.

          • Christopher Cunningham says:

            Exactly people need to grow up

          • Adam says:

            Exactly! It’s just this guy getting all PC over nothing. As a gay man of color, I definitely see cases where offence can be taken. This is not one of those times. Some people need to stop getting offended so easily. Life is much less fun when you’re offended all the time.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            I don’t know if I’d agree it’s the “most” racist thing – C Cox’s strange insistence that there is no racism “after a century plus” probably takes that prize here – but yeah, I agree generally.

            However, it’s not a zero-sum game. There can be more than one arrogant, awful thing here.

          • Brad says:

            Maybe you can explain why are so many people .Looking for drama?It is a show. Stop making every thing a social statement. Just enjoy the show…

        • C. Cox says:

          The fact that people continue to cry racism after a century plus is the problem. Stop making out an issue and it won’t be such an ISSUE. There will always bad apples but when you walk around looking for something to point at and cry racism then YOU are the issue.

          • Kate says:

            … said the (clearly) white person.

            I’m sorry, are you saying that racism is *poof*… over? Or are you just saying you can’t be bothered to hear about it?

            (If you’re like some commenters, you’ll respond with some version of “uhhh, I”M black actually. But the statement you just made makes it clear that YOU don’t experience racism and therefore it must be some overblown idea perpetuated by drama queens. I truly hope you’ll make an effort to expand your worldview.)

          • Ashley says:

            So true!

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Oh that’s just nonsense. Racism IS a huge issue. (If you’d actually read what I wrote, instead of racing all over yourself to deny something really obviously true, you’d realize that I wrote IN THIS CASE, I AGREE. But I guess reading carefully and nuance isn’t as much fun as a hot racist take.)

          • Lucifer says:

            I love how Kate and Annie are trying to say C. Cox is saying “racism doesn’t exist” when they’re clearly saying people cry racism over everything today and exaggerate how bad it is. Same thing goes for sexism, etc.

            Morgan Freeman pretty much said the same thing, you gonna tell him he’s white as well?

          • orlando says:

            TOTALLY!!! JUST THE FACT THAT YOUR REPLY SAYS, THE OBVIOUS WHITE PERSON IS RACIST, ummm yeah slavery was so 100 years ago, get over it. Did you know that it was actually the blacks that caught and sold slaves to the white devil’s lololo

          • Nikki Parsons says:

            Okay what thing supposedly happened to end racism a hundred years ago? Because in these here United States, it might as well have been illegal to be black well into the last century!

          • Brad says:

            Do you realize in Chicago. How many people are being killed .I guess those hate crimes are racist to.Wait it is just murder.I am sure no one was worried about the T-shirt they had on.?.stop the thought police.

        • Negan says:

          It’s from a TV show !! And a comic book that have nothing to do with racism. Why are people so hard on a trip shirt but shows like the boom docks and white rappers and a lot of other TV shows that use the N word never get attacked but a phrase from a t shirt does and I’m guessing every little girl or boy that plays this outside on the playground are racist

        • jbj says:

          Except, how commonly used is the original rhyme compared to the revised one using ‘tiger’? I’m 39 and black and grew up only knowing the ‘tiger’ version, even as the ‘n-word’ was already being thrown around in schoolyards by other black kids. I wasn’t even aware of the original version until I was in my teens and was watching a black comedian complain about racism. Although even in the joke, the white person he was complaining about changed the word last second (so, he was apparently a polite racist, not simply unaware). I’m just saying that the rhyme as it stands now is harmless and most people know it that way. Not to mention it actually makes more sense, because cats do howl when you grab their claws, people less so. What is the point of reminding people of the obsolete version? Just let it die!

          • Jo Brazen says:

            I agree with you jbj…..I just wanted to add in that the ‘n-word’ version was never the original version. It was always considered a “counting rhyme”…It had been around in America for over 80 years (documented) before it was made racist by those truly horrible people who thought it was alright. And it only lasted (as a popular thing) for about 20 years in the 1800’s. Then any mention of the rhyme went back to tiger again. I never even knew about the other one until I was much, much older than the little girl who learned it in the first place.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Not what I wrote. Please reread.

        • esteefee says:

          I agree with Annie. You don’t say it’s stupid unless you’ve walked in the shoes of folks who have heard the phrase before in a threatening way. I’ve lost respect for Morgan. Dude, it’s one shirt design, give it up for another that will sell just as well w/o being racist, and stfu about things you haven’t experienced. And especially don’t show your ignorant a** on twitter.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Thank you for actually reading what I wrote before responding, LOL. Appreciate that.

          • Betty says:

            Did it actually say on the tshirt “catch a ??? by the toe? My god, what next will be construed as racism? Like so many nursery rhymes could be considered racist against color or even women for that matter. Humpty Dumpty for example says all the kings men, should men be now changed to people? This is so darn stupid. Should we all just stop talking, stop posting on social media for fear of offending someone. I’m from NL and I have heard so many “Newfie” jokes, should I be offended and cry racism against newfies. Like give me a break.
            Way to go Neegan, I back you 100%

        • Charles says:

          Sometimes you just gotta let it go.

        • Lucifer says:

          From what I’ve looked into, it’s actually the other way around. The rhyme was bastardized by racists to substitute “tiger” for the “n-word.” But, I’m guessing you will just call me ignorant or tell me to re-read your comment, seeing as you have done that with everyone who did not agree with your claims.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Not at all. I appreciate your taking the time to read my comment and refrain from mischaracterizing it as many others did – suggesting I opined it was racist in the show’s use/context (I specifically said I didn’t think it was) or that I defended the shirt’s pulling (I didn’t say anything about pulling the shirt).

            As to the etymology: Sources I read suggested it was impossible to determine a precise chronology in this specific case, but I fully admit I didn’t read all available sources. Do you have a link? I find the subject of idiomatic etymology endlessly fascinating.

        • geegee says:

          So, any word(s), or a combination of them, that were once used in a derogatory sense must go? Say goodbye to a lot of words.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Sigh. Does no one read anymore?

            NOT WHAT I SAID.

            I said it’s arrogant to call the reaction “stupid” and thus assuming that your perspective is the only valid one, especially given that there are at least some areas of the world in which this saying either originated or developed a racist meaning.


        • Paula Cutbill says:

          People like you won’t be happy until you can totally control what and how people say it. Of course, as much as I like the Walking Dead and since the show is a lot more gruesome than what is said on the tee shirt, Yes, Jeffrey is right people are stupid. You have a problem with what the tee shirt says don’t buy it. But, for the Love whoever (being PC) stop making an issue of everything and assuming.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Annnnd another person who didn’t read my comment before responding with a hateful hot take. I SAID IT WASN’T RACIST IN THIS CONTEXT. Sorry for shouting but it seems prudent with the hard of hearing. So, basically, “people like me” would just be happy if people like you learned to take a moment’s pause and make sure they understood what they were responding to before flying off the handle.

        • Mike M says:

          Wow this negativity towards your post is insane. All these unquestionably American posters who don’t have a single clue what they are talking about. This happened in the United Kingdom. There, and in many many other British colonies like Australia & New Zealand, the catch a n-r variant was 100% THE version huge numbers of people still alive grew up knowing. At 48 even it is totally the ONLY version I know. So comments from Americans are pointless, because quite simply there is zero understanding of the history. Zero – none – it’s not a subject in this instance you know anything about whatsoever. To take it on and comment about THEIR experience, only proves how stupid they are. Of course posting it on a US site is just deliberate attempt to bring out the fools so job well done there TVL. Anyway Annie – I thank you for your common sense, and amazing determination in your responses.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            That’s an excellent observation, Mike – the Americocentrism is pretty stunning. I wouldn’t have thought “consider other perspectives” would be such an enraging suggestion, even to my fellow Americans, but … there you have it, I guess.
            And I thank you for your kind words. It’s sad they’re so surprising to find on the web these days, but maybe that can change. I certainly hope so.

        • Leigh says:

          Speaking of nursery rhymes…there has never been a better example of sticks & stones! Come on people! The problem with everything and everyone absolutely everywhere is that political correctness exists. There really are more important things to freak out over every day, than worrying about whose feelings are hurt. Not everyone will be happy all of the time. Our world has turned in to a ridiculous mess of people and all their feelings. Everyone thinks everyone else should like and approve of everything they do all the time. We raise our kids to think it so much they spend 24hrs a day posting when they eat, drink and poop. Nobody cares that much about anything and it is unnatural to think so! It is also delusional to believe everyone should agree and get along all the time! It is an impossibiltiy! We should all get out of our own way and life would be more pleasant all around. It doesn’t make someone racist or even intolerant just because they choose to go about life without making every topic a protest. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it! If you keep trying to rid the world of its history we will have nothing left. I have emotion sickness from just having to write this, so I hope they make a pill for that soon! If you know who you are what someone else says or does will not change that. If you are such little people that a differing opinion outrages you so…look in a mirror because the problem is really yours and how you deal with things. It is not your job to make everyone else agree with you and we are not obligated to do so. As for JDM, I do not watch TWD because I think zombies are stupid BUT he works hard, he is a good actor and from what I can tell a good man. He was defending himself and rightfully so. Removing the shirts was censorship of the worst kind…put them back! Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me!

          • Annie Sisk says:

            Spoken like someone who isn’t (aware of being) subjected to systemic oppression and disparate treatment. The truth is words DO hurt. They can do a crap-ton of damage, and it’s ludicrous to assert otherwise. Removing shirts from a marketplace isn’t censorship at all, let alone “of the worst kind” – it’s simply market forces at work. If a government office required the manufacturer to stop making them, or forbade people from wearing them, THAT would be censorship. OK? Good talk. Have a great day.

      • DL says:

        Same here. People are way more likely to get the reference than they are to actually know the etymology of the rhyme.

    • M. ZINGO says:

      I totally disagree that this shirt is racist. I grew up in the 60’s and we always use catch a tiger by a toe and not the other version. I know racism exists in our Country, I would never disput that, but this shirt IS NOT in that category. I’m sorry, but it just isn’t.

  2. Pat says:

    hahaha wow, agreed, people are stupid. If someone was actually carrying around a barb wire bat and glaring at you, then you’d know where you stood, but a shirt? Wowweee, that is so threatening and racist, pfffft.

    Can’t fart these days without offending someone.

  3. A fan of TV says:

    Interesting take on a clearly racist phrase. Coming out of an arsenal like Negan in the context of the series is one thing, but monetizing it for laughs and selling as apparel so anyone with any context in mind could put it on? Different thing.

    #KillNeganNow I viscerally hate this Saviours arc anyway.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Arse, not arsenal.

    • What in the blue hell?

      The shirt does not have a racist phrase on it. It does not suggest a racist phrase.

      Anyone who put that shirt on we could assume they are a fan of the show. That’s it.

      Please stop.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I was raised understanding this counting rhyme has a racist history, which it does. It doesn’t have to be entirely, always, racist to have a racist history. That you were not raised understanding the complete history of the phrase does not make my perception false.

        • There is a version with the N word in it, but that is not the common use of it, and neither version is referenced on this shirt.

          MLK was shot. That doesn’t mean a shirt with a photo of him on it supports gun violence.

          It’s a shirt with a quote from the show. That’s it.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Meanwhile, a shirt with a photo of MLK with that phrase would be racist, in my opinion.

            You don’t have to agree with me regarding the connotations inadvertently packed into the shirt. You don’t have to agree with my opinion that the shirt is grotesque and unclever on top of what I feel is racist in the sense that anyone, with any intentions innocent or otherwise, could buy the shirt. However, whether you agree with me or not does not mean that you can ignore or downplay the racial history clearly packed into a phrase that was heavily used/acknowledged as such for the greater length of its history, as a means of trying to de-legitimize an opinion you don’t happen to agree with.

            In all honesty, my initial comment had more to do with what I perceive to be an overly aggressive and insensitive response to the controversy by someone who i don’t believe has added anything positive to a show I used to love. And it sticks because I love JDM as an actor. Business is business on the other hand, and Primark responded responsibly, IMO.

          • DL says:

            I agree with you that the rhyme coupled with an image of Rev. King would be racist. But that’s an overt reference and clearly a step beyond what the shirt says. As far as I’m concerned, if up till this point Negan using the phrase in the show and comic has been acceptable, then this shirt is at worst misguided but clearly not intended to be racist.

        • Winter says:

          There is a racist variation though that doesn’t appear to show up until several decades after the counting rhyme first began to appear. It does not appear to be the “original”. If look into nearly any folk song you will find that almost always there are several variation that change region to region and many at one point or another develop a racist variation. That does not make those songs inherently racist just the people who sing the racist versions.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Right, and if those folk songs have net edited to be racist, I would feel the same way about their usage in contexts like this one.

          • Laurie Fiske says:


          • Tracy says:

            To: a fan of tv, you said it perfectly wrong! The phrase is a phrase with negan’s bat on it, so you associate it with the show. By saying what you did about mlk and the phrase on a shirt associating that with racism, you can obviously associate the phrase and bat as being a part from the show. I should go to wal mart and complain about all the shirts with the phrase honky tonk on them because its a racial phrase right? Ignorance in its greatest form. Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous!!

          • geegee says:

            It would mean that anything that racists appropriated should be thrown out. Nice shortcut way to censor whatever anyone pleases.

        • Let he who is not racist, cast the first stone.

        • BRJericho7 says:

          Just exactly how accurate is your research?! Do you know this for a FACT, or are you spouting out alternative facts… the point is, NO ONE KNOWS FOR A FACT, where this lill jingle originated from!! You have every right to believe in your interpretation/understanding but it does NOT make it a fact

          • esteefee says:

            It doesn’t matter what the origin is. It matters that the rhyme was used widely in a racist context and is *still* used that way today. Just because you don’t use it that way doesn’t mean that it’s not threatening to put it on a t-shirt with a baseball bat on it. Seriously: not everyone is a TWD fan and their mind will not just go to The Walking Dead. It will go somewhere else scary. Dig?

          • Jo Brazen says:

            That is like saying you do not know that the Iliad was written before Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You can trace the origins as they have been recorded. The English version (the one most commonly used by little kids today) showed up about 60-80 years before the racist version…that one was put in print before the other. However, the European versions showed up even earlier than that (by about 100 years). This is all documented FACT. Not interpretation or understanding, but actual fact. Is it possible that someone at sometime used the derogatory version, yes it is possible….but the FACTS are the non racist version was documented almost 200 years before the racist one was.

    • Aeol says:

      I’ve been using this phrase my whole life to decide between outfits, ice cream flavors, hotel beds, etc. And I’m black!!! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN

      • Matt says:

        Don’t be too hard on yourself. I don’t think you’re racist….but I’m white…so we might both be??!?!? I hope I didn’t make this harder on you! I was trying to help!

    • The most racist thing going on here is when the customer said, “if I were black.” No white person can truly understand the experience of being black. This is yet another example of a white male claiming to know what’s best for a community they know very little of. He has no idea what he’d think if he were black. Nobody does unless they are actually living that experience.He has no right to tell another person’s story as if it were his own.

  4. Joey says:

    While I will admit that I am not a watcher of TWD, I would have expected similar uproar when the scene in question originally aired. I don’t recall there being an issue with it then, so why is this person making a big deal about it now?

    • A fan of TV says:

      Negan is an established dbag, to the point it’s part of his character to be the guy who’d say something so truly racist. Merchandising it for a profit, so anyone with any context in mind can purchase and wear it, that a different context. In the series, he says the phrase and it’s not played for comedy, he proceeds to murder people. One might think this shirt, on the other hand, is meant to be a joke. And the point is that this phrase is not a joke, and the shirt itself isn’t that clever anyway.

      • Joey says:

        I think I’d prefer to hear from actual African-Americans about this. You are the only commenter I have seen so far who agrees with the person mentioned in the article, who admits that he himself is not black.

        • A fan of TV says:

          And you know my skin color based on what, for the record? Apart from that, there’s no evidence that all people of certain races think the same way about all issues uniformly, so that’s a strange thing to say, especially considering the concerns over this shirt were initially raised by a black Methodist preacher in the UK.

          • Joey says:

            “concerns over this shirt were initially raised by a black Methodist preacher in the UK”
            Is this referring to Lucraft? I’m not going to find the original story, because if it is him that you’re referring to, in his quote, he specifically said “If I were black” hence meaning that he isn’t, and he’s choosing to be offended on behalf of black people. The only definitively black person I have seen comment on this story is the commenter AngelWasHere, who says that they are not offended by the shirt at all.

          • A fan of TV says:

            When I read this in the DailyMail, he was called a black Methodist preacher. Naturally, that’s on me because the DM is unreliable and I could have verified that particular detail elsewhere. But I reject the rest of your argument as regards my personal opinion on this. And while AngelWasHere is as entitled to their opinion as anyone else, what makes you think that any one person voicing an opinion is meant to be representative of an entire race is silly. You don’t have to agree with my opinion. I never asked you to, and I’m not concerned with leading some sort of movement or having my opinion justified by a bunch of people agreeing with me. But your intent to discredit me by putting my race into a box or by presuming all people of a certain race would or should feel the same way is silly. I know how I feel about the phrase and the shirt. That this is not enough for you is of no concern to me at all.

          • Joey says:

            I just think your overall line of reasoning is ridiculous. Just because at some point in history (circa 1888 or so), a version of the song was changed to have a racial epithet in it, does not mean that the song modern version of the song is racist, especially because the original version(s) of the song circa 1815 made no mention of any racial issues.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Joey, your initial comment appeared to ask a question, and I don’t feel bad about the fact I did not know you were posting it rhetorically. I assumed you were merely seeking discussion, but naturally learned otherwise the hard way, when instead of discussing the issue, you immediately began to attack ME for my opinion and your perception of my right to it, rather than coming at the question you yourself put out there.

            Something need not have always been racist to have a racist history. That is a fact. I was raised to understand that tigger/tiger were stand ins for the n word. By the time you and I were children, this was true.

            But again, if you disagree with me, you can stick to discussing the issue as far as why you don’t, and don’t try discussing ME (IE. Claiming you know my race and thus think I have no right to my opinion because of it.)

          • Joey says:

            You keep saying that I claimed to know your race. I never did that. I simply made an inference based on the information at hand. If you can’t handle that, I would suggest you stay out of civilized debate.

          • A fan of TV says:

            “I think it’s prefer to hear from an actual African-American about this.” That’s what you said. And yet I remained civilized regardless. But you do you, Joey, it’s clear your only interested in confirmation bias in your version of civilized debate.

      • Laurie Fiske says:

        Negan says “Catch a tiger by the toe”

      • Tracy says:

        To: a fan of tv. Negan’s a bad guy in the show so his phrase on a shirt is racist to you? In sorry you were taught to grow up thinking every thing was about you or your race. I tell my kids every one is equal and don’t judge a book by its cover but seriously? Do you analyse everything and look for racial meanings? You obviously watched the show at some point, would you have called amc if machone was killed in stead of Abraham? Wow! RIDICULOUS, this is what is wrong with America!

  5. ScottJ says:

    T-shirts are clothes. They are not personal statements.

    I wear a t-shirt because its clean. Whatever graphic or words is on that -t-shirt doesn’t mean anything. Most of the time I wouldn’t have even noticed which one I’d put on.

    • Nikki Parsons says:

      Usually the message on my shirt somehow reflects some feeling or thought that I have. Like I’d refrain from throwing on a swastika tee even if it was the only clean article of clothing available to me.

  6. Bill says:

    HEs right, people are stupid and this fragile snowflake is one of the stupidest

  7. AngelWasHere says:

    I’m black and I find the uproar incredibly stupid.

  8. Cas says:

    Hmm I thought “catch a tiger” was the original version? Had no idea the other version existed.

    • Helen says:

      Right?!? Me either!

    • anon says:

      Yup, I’m from New England and that’s the version I was taught/have always heard. I didn’t know about the other version until just a few years ago actually. I agree the uproar is pretty stupid- there’s a lot more pressing issues going on right now!

      • Jane says:

        I’m from the South &” tiger” is the only version I have ever heard. I think people who want to find an issue with something can always come up with a reason. Agree with JDM, stupid

  9. Jim says:

    It’s not in America, it’s in Britain, where the context may be missing/different? I had no idea there was an “original” version of that nursery rhyme, but in Britain such things have longer cultural memory, so that could be a factor. I also have no idea how popular the Walking Dead is and how likely people are to recognize the shirt for the reference it is. And, from the quote by Lucraft provided above, it seems there’s something of an image misconception among British people about how likely it is you’ll be assaulted by barbed-wire bat wielding racists in America if you’re black, for which we can thank the “scary world” effect of media reporting.

  10. I’m in the Uk, and the person offended said he was ‘fantastically offended’ by it- he seems a bit of a dick tho!

  11. Jooshua says:

    I actually had no idea it had some sort of racist history. Didn’t Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber make a song called Eenie Meenie? Is that racist or is it only because of the barb wire bat? Everything is so confusing.

  12. Chris says:

    People at stupid also season 6 finale not 5.

  13. fatalsin says:

    I saw this last night.. and did 5 minutes of research to find out the original rhyme was coined somewhere between 1815 – 1820 the rhyme with the N word was not coined until around 1880-1888… there have been a ton of things manipulated over the years to fit the times or an agenda.. I don’t believe for one second that this was a racist’s just overly sensitive people making a stink of something. There will always be racism because someone will always be there to keep drawing needless attention to it.. when you leave something alone eventually it will dissipate, but if you keep throwing fuel on a fire it will never die! It was on a tv show said shirt is in reference to a tv show.. it’s not real.. but to appease the stirrers of the world let’s just slap a walking dead tag underneath and move then it is clear what it is referencing.. just my 2 cents and at this rate 2 cents ain’t worth a lot I know!

  14. Dominique says:

    yeah i agree with jmd, people are stupid. holy buckets if people are offended by something that comes straight from a tvshow, where the rhyme has even been altered, then i think it’s time for those folks to take a step back and ask themselves if maybe, just maybe they’ve got a little too much free time on their hands.

  15. Squirrelly says:

    That…was a strange dot to connect. By that logic, should boot polish be banned because someone at one time used it in blackface?

    Or maybe I should throw out my favourite shirt – a Star Wars one with Vader fighting Obi-Wan – because it makes a caricature out of people with breathing problems and promotes murdering old men.

  16. kate says:

    This was baffling to me when I heard about it yesterday, basically because, I had never heard of that version before and, usually, when that was being said as a kid it was a signal that you were cool if you stopped at just the ‘eeny meany miney moe” part because the rest was so juvenile. Of course, I’m still not over that I know a different version of Ring Around the Rosy than I hear other people and I almost wonder if I learned a politically correct, or at least less morbid version (I didn’t learn the “ashes, ashes” part, we said “hopscotch, hopscotch” and when you have been turning in a circle for a verse and you both hopscotch at that part, you do, in fact, fall down at the end, but not like you die like the ashes imply, but because of, well, inertia. And that my younger siblings have no rhythm at all and they’d hopscotch on the same foot as I did which caused us both to lose balance.

  17. Cindy C. says:

    The Brits really shouldn’t talk. I was doing a book fair project with my 14 yr old son this year on Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”, and well, check out the wiki page:

    Now that WAS 80 years ago, but I live in the deep south and until I just read this article, I have lived my whole life only knowing the “tiger” version of this rhyme. My point is, the Brits maybe shouldn’t throw stones when their own literary treasure and her all time best selling novel has a racially offensive original title.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      I’d say idiocy rather than nationality is at fault here. A Brit complaining that this T shirt is racist is no more ridiculous than the precious US college students who go to college to further their education and then demand ‘safe spaces’ where nobody can have a differing opinion from them. I think the world is screwed and whether your a Brit or an American. We’re all in the same boat and the destination is Hell…I’ve heard the weather is nice at least.

  18. Tom says:

    ““This image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America. It is directly threatening of a racist assault”

    Oh my sweet merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster no it does not. I wasn’t even aware of the earlier racist version till this whole controversy flared up, and I’d be willing to wager the writers weren’t either. I mean, I’m as liberal as they come and concerned about racial sensitivity, but there’s a line and this is nowhere near it. I’m with Morgan, people can be stupid.

  19. This is ridiculous says:

    Any who acts like there is anything racist about this is just looking for a fight. I had never even heard of the “original” version of this, and most of the viewers haven’t either. The one who is complaining is the ONLY one bringing race into. This song is about a tiger, that’s it. Should Shiva be offended? This whole thing is ridiculous.

    He used a very common childs rhyme (that has absolutely nothing to do with race, by the way) because he was adding insult to injury by acting playful about killing one of them. That’s just part of the character. This is the same guy that used the term “pee-pee pants” because everyone is so scared.

    Oh, and in case you didn’t notice with your stupid complaints, the guys he killed were white and Asian races. Kinda negates the whole (nonexistent) thing.

  20. Gfunk405 says:

    makes me want to boycott Primark for caving to the stupid. I hate that one person can cause such an uproar. Just wanting attention

  21. Dixon says:

    Maybe Ian Lucraft should check the rap lyrics and ask himself if he isn’t offended. If he is, then he should tackle the music industry, if he isn’t, then he is a hypocrite and a closet racist…

  22. Diane Pagel says:

    He said nothing wrong on the show and these t-shirts are not offending anyone people like to stir up crap over nothing and they should not pull them off the shelves

  23. Mark D. Moss says:

    Oversensitive? Perhaps. I mean, the Negan character is pretty offensive and disgusting … and the idea of celebrating his cruelty and violence is *definitely* messed up. I’m 61, and growing up during the late-1950s/early-1960s I absolutely heard the n-word version, and knew the “tiger” version as a clearly bowdlerized version that evolved during the civil rights era … either ignoring that fact, or basing an opinion on what is clearly a limited life experience coupled with come combination of cloistered conceit and ignorance doesn’t make anyone a racist … but now *KNOWING* the derivation of the rhyme and wanting to celebrate an act of profound violence porn by even unintentionally making it racist, too, seems what is truly “stupid.” You do understand that you can love The Walking Dead, and even admire JDM’s performance as an amoral violent bastard without needing to be an ignorant racist, too, right? Me, I don’t necessarily blame the designer or t-shirt company … you can’t know what you don’t know, imo. And their reaction of removing the shirt from shelves was both the respectful and reasonable thing to do. But to all you posters demanding that we simply MUST live within your limited experiences/knowledge or *we’re* stupid … I shouldn’t even bother to try and explain. I just hope you don’t have to experience that kind of societal institutional racism every moment of your day. Your exclamation of “it’s only a shirt” rubs both ways.

    • thisismenow says:

      I agree with you. We all get lost in our own little bubbles and don’t pay attention to what hurts and affects others, beyond what has an impact on us. Those who grew up in the time of the civil rights movement have no idea what it is like to be chased and beaten down for nothing more than being the wrong color. Yet, if another group like homosexuals saw this and it said, “It’s going to be a bash”, had Negan said a similar comment, with a bloody bat they’d probably react differently. Because then it would reflect homophobia and it would cause a new uproar. I get that people are so busy with their own lives, but being civilized humans isn’t as difficult as people make it. :(

    • Allison says:

      @Mark D. Moss: I remember the n-word version so I immediately knew what the uproar was about. I thank you for being one of maybe two people (the other being the commenter thisismenow) so far that seems to possess compassion and empathy regarding the situation. I thank you for all that you said as you have expressed my sentiments thoroughly.

    • jbug799 says:

      Mark, are you aware of the original definition of the n word? When I was first in school in the late 59’s, early 60’s I thought I had read that it meant trashy people. Something of that sort. So I looked it up online, nothing. My husband and I were on one of our weekend getaways and we went to bookstore where I found an old dictionary that had the n word with that definition…trashy people. Black or white or any other color it did not say. That should give everyone something to think about!

      • Laurie Fiske says:

        I had also read this definition in a dictionary! But later on I could not find it again and I could not find that old dictionary that I had read it from! Thank you, now I know I am not crazy, I did read it!!!😄

        • jbug799 says:

          @Laurie Fiske I just knew I had seen that in my younger years and it was driving me crazy! I was so happy to find that! Not surprising how they change things!!

    • Superwoman says:

      My issue is with him calling people ‘stupid’….there’s never a reason to call someone such an ugly word. If he could not understand why the tshirt was offensive then why not just leave it at that.. I am black but not offended by that rhyme, but the fact that I’m not should not make me insensitive to people who are..he crossed the line at calling “people” stupid.

    • Sunny1109 says:

      A lot of what you’re saying is spot on, but I haven’t heard one black person say anything about this shirt. Yes, white people do need to do a better job of recognizing racism, and supporting minorities when they say something is racist. But this doesn’t seem to be the case here. This is a white person claiming to know what is best for black people, which seems pretty racist to me. And until black people start saying something about this shirt, then maybe us white folks need to sit down.

      • Jo Brazen says:

        I have read most of the comments up to this point, and just wanted to add….you don’t “think” you haven’t heard from a black person. I know if you read some of these, you not only absolutely heard from a few….you probably heard from a few more that you didn’t know were black. I was just thinking it was bad to assume that only people who don’t mention their color here are white.

  24. Diane Pagel says:

    Not a racist shirt by no means, I agree people are stupid.

  25. KC says:


  26. TWD fan says:

    Dude I don’t understand why it’s racist it’s from the show I think the only racist one is who found it offensive I wasn’t even thinking about color till I read this article.why plant racism seeds

    • Icemarie44 says:

      Why?? Cuz it’s what libtards do now. A new fad- “make everything rascist!! I , for one, am sick to death of this word!!!!!

  27. Norm says:

    It’s outa hand cmon man

  28. Taye says:

    Is this fr lol. Nothing about that shirt is offensive. I don’t connect that song, the bat, none of it with slavery or racism. This man, I’m assuming white man, need not speak for my people.

  29. Patricia Minger says:

    I can’t believe people are so stupid and petty over every little thing trying to blame racism for everything anymore!!! I mean come on if u watch the show walking dead then u clearly know that that is Lucille and that negan says that all time!!!! What is this world coming to!!! I agree with jeffrey dean Morgan on this one.

  30. Mark White says:

    This is so stupid. Everyone has to make everything racist. Get a life people. Watch the show and actually see what it means. Its used to kill a white guy, and a asian guy. Didnt hear anything from those cultures did we? I feel having a bet is racist. If whites had a wet then we would be racist. Whats the difference?

  31. Sar says:

    When i grew up it was always ‘catch a baby by its toe, when it’s done, wipe its bum and tell its mother what its done’

  32. Teresa monge says:

    As the intelligent people say , we have become too sensitive !! I want a tshirt and will be proud to wear!

  33. Suzanne says:

    Why? Why are people being this Petty about everything?? Just dumb…

  34. Icemarie44 says:

    This has to STOP! Everything under the sun is now ‘rascist’ & ‘offensive’. grow a set & stop this leftist-liberal crap!! Wth is wrong with ppl?? Wow, soon we won’t be able to say anything! Where will it all End???!!! Enough

  35. Todd says:

    Not everything needs to be a big deal but Primark just made it one.
    Primark obviously didn’t see a problem until they made the baby cry. They should’ve stood their ground. I say baby baby go suck your thumb. How’s that for a nursery rhyme.

  36. Grey'sFan says:

    Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
    People are stupid
    Who’s the stupidest of all.

    Gotta go catch a tiger now.


  37. Venetta says:

    What is wrong with people no sense of humor at all

  38. TV Gord says:

    I’m 55, and when I was a kid, I was taught, “Catch a tiger by the toe”, and I didn’t learn of the racist version until many years later. I do believe that if most people today were asked to finish the rhyme, they would say, “tiger”, too.

    I’m all for being racially sensitive, but pick your battles. Is this really worth making a big deal over?

  39. Jamie treat says:

    I have never heard that children’s rym used in a racist way grow up shop somewhere else

  40. Oliver says:

    This is why Trump was voted into office. Pc bs.

  41. Pete O'Nair says:

    Liberalism has crossed the “pond.”

  42. J.Sloan says:

    Welcome to The United States of the Offended. If nothing else sell it on the website, you can’t please everybody.

  43. J.L.Funnell says:

    Negan’s right…”people are stupid!”

  44. Aeol says:

    Lord help all the overwrought white people trying to save us from a nursery rhyme. As a liberal black female, this is exactly the kind of ally we DON’T need.

  45. Non Racist Zombie Lover says:

    As a loyal watcher of the show for years I am seriously stunned by this decision. For one the show has never been racist! So why must people take things the wrong way! If it was a quote from some black person in a movie could we as whites say it is directed towards us! Come on people stop being racist! If you are one of the people complaining about a stupid t shirt from a well known show and saying it’s racist when it’s quite obvious the quote was from one of the shows , then maybe you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself a question .. Am I racist? Because I am not I believe we are all equal but at some point this nonsense has got to end! It’s a show! Zombies don’t care what color your skin is! They will eat you reguardless..just saying!

  46. Monica says:

    I totally agree with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, those people who are saying that it’s racist are complete idiots!!!! Morons!!! It’s completely ridiculous

  47. Tammy varney says:


  48. Monica says:

    Completely ridiculous 😂🤣😂🤣 People really are stupid

  49. Johnson says:

    Only a racist would think like that. . . I watched the show . . The thought didn’t come close to crossing my mind

  50. Kathy Sanders says:

    I applaud the decision to curtail the sale of these shirts ,,, because of the violence involved with the nursery rhyme not racist …I didn’t even think of it a a racial remark we always said tiger by the toe