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The 100 Actress Reacts to the Latest Death: 'Are You Kidding Me?!'

Just when Luna thought she hit rock bottom on The 100, along came Wednesday’s episode to remind her that things can always get worse.

The journey to Becca’s abandoned laboratory was difficult for everyone — Raven, in particular, can’t seem to catch a damn break — but at least most of them made it out alive. The same, unfortunately, can’t be said for Nyko.

“I was like, ‘Another one? For real? Are you kidding me?!'” actress Nadia Hilker (aka Luna) tells TVLine about her reaction to Nyko’s death. “That was my first response. My second thought was, ‘How am I going to portray this?’ Because it feels like Luna has been crying in every episode so far. She keeps losing people!”

Hilker admits, however, that Luna’s parade of losses “makes her arc far more interesting,” as it begs the question: “How do we act in life when there’s nothing left to lose?” Had Nyko not been killed by a drone this week, Hilker says she could have seen Luna telling him, “Let’s go to my island and chill for the next 50 years. We’ll just drink tea and make music.” (Sadly, that wasn’t meant to be.)

As for Luna’s blatant distrust of Skaikru — which is admittedly justified, given how they’re exploiting her nightblood for their own survival — Hilker says some things will never change.

“Even though she agrees to help them, at no point does she like any of these people,” Hilker assures us. “There’s a beautiful moment between Luna and Murphy next week, but she’s still not going to be friends with anyone.”

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes for the rest of Season 4? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. michelle says:

    Fantastic episode once again! Wow. This season has been so good. So many stories set up. Just brillant work by all.

    • Sydney says:

      I strongly disagree. The purposeful slaughter of grounders over Sky People is still there and still annoying as hell because we are not allowed to root for them. And they made Clarke’s brain turn to mush. They are ruining her and so many others. I am just getting fed up with it at this stage really, a sex scene between Clarke and Bellamy is not going to save the show despite the obvious Bellarkers who are only watching with this hope, which is beyond sad. People are turning off, this is a fact. And I never thought I’d say it because I loved this show but it has gotten really bad and I think they need to end it before I not only am turned off but grow to hate it.

      • Madison says:

        This show is so discriminatory, so controversial and so anti grounder it is unreal. It is time to put and end to this. I sincerely hope no Sky Person makes it out. And as for Lexa, I will always love her and I hope that out of decency they put all this to bed now.

      • Mel says:

        Then stop watching

  2. I stopped watching this show because it’s basically an extremely unamusing version of someone trying to kill their video game Sims in new and creative ways. Endlessly torturing characters isn’t interesting. It’s boring and gross.

    • michelle says:

      So why are you commenting then? Its a post-apocalyptic show. Its supposed to be dark. Sorry you stopped watching.

      • Sorry if I offended you or something? I read the story to see if things had changed, and it looks worse than ever. Why are you commenting? Why is anyone commenting?

        • michelle says:

          Offended? Gosh no. Why am i commenting? Because I still enjoy the show and had an opinion on tonights episode.

          I just find it strange that many people have stopped watching but have made it a job to comment on everything that they’ve stopped watching. And no, its not “worse than ever”, in fact this season has been fantastic. But you’re no longer watching it. You’re missing out. But thats your choice.

          • Madison says:

            Michelle are you a Bellarker? You demonstrate common traits of theirs.

          • Kara says:

            I stopped watching after episode 401 the show has turned to crap but I still read up on reviews to see if its worth getting back into from what i can see it is not. Am I allowed to post if I have negative opinions or are we only allowed to post positive thoughts?

    • Jim says:

      Okay. I’m sure Touched by an Angel repeats are airing somewhere.

  3. Jerry says:

    The last scene with Octavia was an almost exact copy of an Aragorn scene in The Two Towers

    • Sawyer says:

      Every show is a copy of something. There is only 12 original stories in all of history. I believe, some people do not realize this.

    • Lucia says:

      Jaja exactly!!! First thought after that ending was “the writers watched two towers before penning the episode” So I guess Jasper is going to be the one to tell her she looks terrible.

      • Noah says:

        So does that make Bellamy, Eowyn or Gimli? Either way, I can’t remember her name but The 100 version of Sharku can suck it. She missed her mark, and will soon find out she lied about killing her. Not just to herself, but to the king too. And when Skaikru is ready for Azgeda’s attack because she failed, I think Rowan will kill her.

  4. Jason says:

    Well, Nyko lasted a lot farther into the show than I thought he would, but it still hurts. Especially since he was one of the few, truly open minded Grounders. He may have only been an occasionally recurring player but he’ll be greatly missed.

  5. Lysh says:

    Gah, I almost stopped watching once Octavia fell, and remained angry until the last five seconds. I didn’t think they’d kill her, but it’s The 100. I feel like Luna’s next though. It’s amazing she’s even able to function.
    Thank goodness for Jasper. Without his pranks and zero left to give mentality, I probably wouldn’t breathe the whole hour. I’m hoping for some Home Alone style booby-traps when the war comes.

  6. Amanda Pike says:

    Another amazing episode tonight all the cast killed it and i can not wait until next Wednesday.

  7. Jami says:

    Wow another amazing episode. Tired of Jasper blaming Clarke for everything. Please kill Jasper. Clarke has saved them time and again. I also thought for a second Octavia was dead which in the past 3 seasons would not have cared, but am liking Octavia, thought are they trying to kill this show. To all the Clexa shippers, the only romances we will see are the current ones. Season 5 might be different. There will be no Bellarke in season 4. Jaha actually surprised me in this episode. Clarke is 18 and damn she never gets to be a teenager always the leader and in charge. she is in charge because she is the only one willing to make those tough decisions. Moral decision she was forced into from season 1. I love Clarke and after 3 seasons and losing Lexa, with no time to grieve, man cut her some slack. Looks like next week Clarke finds another way to negotiate with Ice Nation and save her people. If I was Clarke I would blow up the station and make every ungrateful Arker fend for themselves. She knows of a fall out shelter from S1. She can take Abby, Kane, Bellamy, Octavia,Monty and Harper and wait out the radiation

  8. Gift says:

    great episode but I got so annoyed with Jasper. I wouldn’t mind if he died. He acts so tough but he is so wick. I’m getting tired of him already. Clarke tries her best. Believe it or not she is much stronger with Bellamy by her side. Love them.

  9. Harmya says:

    Well, seems most people likes this last season… Sadly, not me. I find it slow, not so innovating, not very interesting. In fact, I fast forward during most of the episodes… Sorry.

  10. Lola says:

    I hope Bob Morley gets a mention on actors of the week. Wow. That anguished yell was everything. He killed it. The very foundation of Bellamy is baby sister. His entire life was spent protecting her and loving her. I’m sure them being a little distant of late makes that ‘loss’ that much more painful.

    • Ella Roe says:

      I love this series, keep up the great work … I just can’t wait to watch each episode expecting the return after this last apocalypse, cant wait.. first time I’ve ever watched a series this long so keep it going it’s the best series yet and hope u keep it going !!!!

  11. Jael says:

    I honestly love this show. It has kept my attention the whole time. Near the ending of season 4… I could not stand the Skaikru. They made me so mad. The fact that Clark preaches about being friendly and helping al… then turns her back because of the death wave really pissed me off. I honestly started tonhope someone killed her.

  12. Mary Jane Robinson says:

    Can’t wait for season 5. It’s was excellent. We watched all 4 seasons on Netflix. Couldn’t stop. Can’t wait

  13. Jim siegel says:

    Dear Cw Netwok, on the 100 please bring back Leda I want to watch where Leda and Clarke relation goes after Leda ” died” Thanks!!! Jim siegel , in Vancouver wa.

  14. Karin Hughen says:

    I love this show! I can’t wait until season 5 gets here. The actors and story lone are awesome!!