Suits Spinoff Jessica

Suits Spinoff Centered on Gina Torres' Jessica Eyed at USA Network

The long arm of the law is reaching back out to Gina Torres.

TVLine has learned exclusively that a Suits spinoff centered on former cast member Torres — whose fan-favorite character Jessica Pearson was written out of the legal drama last September — is quietly being developed.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Universal Cable Productions (the studio behind Suits) would neither confirm nor denied the spinoff buzz, telling TVLine, “The Suits team is currently focused on the remaining episodes of Season 6 and what’s next for the characters when they return in Season 7.”

UPDATE: Per our sister site Deadline, the project is indeed underway now at Universal Cable Productions and is being guided by Suits creator Aaron Korsh.

Torres’ exit from the USA Network drama last fall was, by all accounts, extremely amicable. At the time, the actress explained that her decision to move on was purely a geographical one; even though Suits is set in New York, it shoots in Toronto, and Torres said it was “necessary to get back to my life [in Los Angeles] and all the very important things that being on location in Toronto made very difficult to manage.”

Shortly thereafter, Torres joined the cast of ABC’s L.A.-based The Catch in a one-year deal.

It’s not clear where the potential Jessica-centric offshoot would be set, but when last we saw her she was heading to Chicago to start a new life with her ex Malone (DB Woodside, who’s now on Fox’s Lucifer).

“I don’t believe for one second it’s the last we’ll see of Jessica Pearson,” Torres said back in September. “Not. For. One. Second. And don’t you either.”

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  1. David says:

    YES! ABSOLUTELY YES! Gina is beyond fantastic as Jessica in Suits. Set production in LA and DO IT! It would be amazing to see her as the focus of a spin-off! Please!

  2. Haz says:

    Didn’t she also do a pilot that wasn’t picked up for ABC as well? I like her work and can understand why she chose to leave. If she can get them to film a spin off in LA, go for it. USA needs something on the lighter side with Psych and Monk gone and their comedies never taken off it’s all heavy hitting drama besides Suits. I watch Chrisley every once in a while but it comes off as more semi-scripted than reality but who knows how much longer people will enjoy it until it hits Kardashian territory.

  3. Big Mike says:

    Maybe they could write her some dialogue that doesn’t have her saying “godd@mn” or “sh!t” every 3rd or 4th word. It got seriously annoying after a while.

    • Lisa Pritchett says:

      With you on this one. The entire show is this way. It’s like they’re out to prove how many they can say in an episode. Do people really talk this way?

      • KT says:

        I so agree with both of you. I also get sick of every character saying, “You know why” as an answer. I like Gina Torres, but her character seemed pretty pointless. She just wore crazy outfits and didn’t actually do any real law work. If this possible new show could be about her actually working and not swearing all the time (and wearing outfits that actually function as clothes people can walk in and be able to eat food while wearing), I might give it a shot. The writing on Suits has just gotten so lazy!!

    • Jason says:

      Suits taught me that, in order to be a good lawyer, it is absolutely critical to use at least one “god damn” in every sentence, especially between the first and last names of any given person.

  4. mrx says:

    ehh id watch a louis drama/comedy 30 min show, but she was my least fav character

  5. tomus225 says:

    Yes, Yes, YESSSSSS!!!

  6. Lil says:

    Yes, please. And put Amy Acker in it so we have a Litt around.

    • Sam says:

      THIS!!! Hell they could even write a whole new character around her. Two Sci-Fi goddesses in one G$damn show, haha

  7. Georgia says:

    Her character was horrible…was so glad when she left. Why would anyone want to watch a spin-off? I’m not saying she isn’t a good actress…just that a spin-off of the Jessica character would not be of interest. The writers seemed to think having her being full of herself and having a potty-mouth made her interesting. NOT!

    • CIP says:

      To each its own but I loved her character and considered not watching the show any more after she left.

    • Jeff says:

      Since you’re hear talking about Suits, I assume you like Suits. If you like Suits, then it is impossible for you to be the kind of person who romanticizes groundedness or doing right by the little guy. If you like Suits, you must love that at least half the characters are totally full of themselves. So I’m confused… either you stumbled your way to this article accidentally, or you’re flat out lying and actually love these characteristics of Jessica.

  8. Leanne says:

    Oh, I hope so, She was the backbone of Suits. I was hoping she would come back but a spinoff would be great. Suits is great, just the seasons are to short..

  9. PatriciaLee says:

    Yes!!! …and Jessica had better have a blue-sky continue and wind-up with Malone. Dig for the drama with something else. Let her be someone who CAN have it all! I would accept another actor playing the Malone character, btw, if that would be too difficult for Woodside’s schedule. And, I do agree with the criticism of Jessica’s script’s lazy shock dialogue with the s word.

  10. Arlene says:

    So hopeful this will happen. The show feels lost without her.

  11. rafael_ says:

    wow. I didn’t see that coming!
    Hope it gets picked up!!!

  12. Becca Rothschild says:

    Please let this be true. Please, please let this be true. I mean, I’d rather have Jessica back on Suits but I’d rather have Gina Torres play this role in a spinoff than not play it at all. Please let this be true!

  13. Jec says:

    Yes yes yes yes! Jessica is a fantastic character and Gina is a brilliant actress! I would love to see a spin off about her!!!

  14. Joey Padron says:

    A spin-off show with Jessica would be good. Hope it happens and hope some of the cast of Suits will get to crossover on the spin-off show!

  15. Luis Roman says:

    Sounds like there was a handshake deal in place when Gina said “adios.”

  16. Bec says:

    Suits is my favorite TV show of all time, but I don’t know if I would watch this. What made Jessica a great character was her relationship with Louis and Harvey.

  17. CSL says:

    While I think Gina Torres could carry a show, I don’t think Jessica Pearson could carry a spin-off. Lucifer was picked up for 22 episodes for season 3, so D.B. Woodside probably won’t be much available, with it filming in Vancouver.

    • MMD says:

      I agree that Gina Torres could carry a show but not Jessica Pearson. Plus they wouldn’t be able to afford her incredible wardrobe if they filmed in LA.

  18. Vanessa says:

    I love Gina! And was so sad about Jessica leaving. I’d gladly welcome her back on my screen.

  19. Ro says:

    Cool! I might actually break down and get Sling TV for this. Right now I’m using rabbit years.

  20. Monica says:

    I would watch that spinoff suits is not the same anymore

  21. tjchurch2001 says:

    I must admit… As I watch the show without her (as I did last night), keep hoping Mike will leave Oliver to drop, & rejoin Jessica once he passes the bar character test in helping her fellow man & the kind of cases it seems they both prefer(red) to work on… THAT is the right spinoff!

  22. James says:

    I’m gonna call it now, the name of the show will be “Heels”.

    • akkuv says:

      surely it’ll be chicago law, with crossovers with dick wolf’s lot..

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Ironic you mention him, as I believe that Gina & Dick have both outlived their usefulness (him in his position on the shows, & her on this one).

        I truly thought it was a bad (& likely wasteful) move to bring back Hardman years ago, & (especially what with Mike returning after all as a lawyer or consultant, & Rachel likely to also be a lawyer there soon), it was a good time to remove another name partner.