Arrow Recap Oliver Impeached

Arrow Recap: Impeachy Keen — Plus, Do You Think Thea Went a Bit Too Far?

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the much-touted triple threat of prison escapees Cupid, China White and Liza Warner was overshadowed by a singular question from girlfriend Susan Williams:

“Are you the Green Arrow?”

“Yeah,” Oliver immediately answered — jokingly, he clarified, feigning that he thought Susan was pulling his leg.

Still, the heat was on, even more so once Oliver informed Thea of Susan’s theory. Already president of the Susan Williams Non-Fan Club, Thea went to Felicity with the potential powder keg, soon after which they saw on Susan’s hacked computer that she had collected evidence pointing to Mayor Queen’s secret identity.

The ladies took swift action, because not long after, Oliver found a distraught Susan in his office, freshly fired on charges of plagiarism, based on falsified files found on her computer. Worse, she is pretty darn sure that Oliver ordered the hit job, on the heels of her raising her suspicion. Susan detailed for him the rather damning list of clues she has accrued, linking him to the Green Arrow, and then bailed, not returning his calls.

No, Oliver is not the best judge and jury at times. And yes, Susan’s motives for maintaining a relationship with A) an interview subject whom B) she was investigating for nocturnal vigilantism are shady. But Oliver was arguably right to chide Thea for going to such an extreme, ruining a person’s entire career. (In the name of waging a “proportional response,” I wonder: Couldn’t they have altered the digital photos to not match, if only to buy time?)

Some (or many) on the Twitter have argued, “Unethical Susan deserved to be fired.” So… let her be fired for her actual shortcomings, and not fabricated ones. ETA: Or, go to such lengths if Susan pointedly threatened to expose Oliver/the team, which she never did.

When Thea later apologizes for what she did, Oliver cuts her off. “You didn’t make a mistake. You made a choice,” the exact same one that their mother Moira would have made, back in the day, he laments. “What happens with Susan happens. Right now, I’m worried about my baby sister.”

Though Oliver ended the episode perhaps a bit more worried about his own political bacon, seeing as the top evening news story was about the mayor ordering a cover-up in the death of Detective Billy Malone, with the “impeachment” word being bandied about.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Oliver as Green Arrow had to contend with not just the prison escapees but the ACU, after Captain Pike got tipped off to the Malone cover-up. Oliver as Mayor appealed to Pike to understand how his buddy Green Arrow, of the same height, build and facial hair, was tricked into killing the cop. When Green Arrow later thanked Pike for seeing his plight, the SCPD captain couldn’t help but note the similar choice of words.

* The Cupid/China White/Liza Warner business was of virtually no consequence, sadly, other than to send Lance on a brief guilt trip, seeing as Liza claims her rehabilitation was derailed by her former mentor’s alliance with Damien Darhk. But seriously, not one decent fight scene, even with the newly masked, bo staff-toting Dinah Drake in the mix. Meanwhile, on the extreme opposite end of “decent fight scenes,” what if anything does Curtis accomplish in the field? Rewatch his moments during the cemetery melee.

* In flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly’s plotting to take out Gregor was interrupted when their target arrived at the hospital to kill at least one of them, if not both. Oliver surrendered himself, to save Anatoloy, though last we saw, Gregor had a gun aimed at his Russian rival’s head.

What did you think of the episode “The Sin-Eater”?

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  1. pnr says:

    I don’t get why you’re so upset about what Felicity/Thea did to Susan. They exposed her because WHEN she was going to report what she found about Oliver, that would’ve exposed the rest of the team.

    And maybe if Susan cared about her reputation so much, she wouldn’t have slept with Oliver WHILE still investigating him??? What she did was unethical. Period. She would’ve gotten fired for her behavior if her employers found out what she was doing…

    Matt you see more upset about Felicity/Thea protecting themselves from Susan than the show portraying a female reporter so grossly. I wonder why that is…

    • pnr says:

      Bottom line is… It really doesn’t matter what she got fired for. She would’ve gotten fired anyways and her reputation still would’ve been ruined

    • Meanwhile you all ignore that Oliver and company have murdered people and commited nearly every crime in the book while crucifying Susan for sleeping with Oliver, while trying to expose him for what he is, just because it’s a tad unethical?

      Absolutely no one is innocent here and what Thea and Felicity did is gross no matter their reasons but something still had to be done. At least they didn’t snap her neck like Oliver might have done.

      Typical Arrow fandom trying to claim moral high ground to slam characters they don’t like while their faves are wallowing in poo.

      • pnr says:

        I could easily say the same about anyone crucifying Thea for shutting down the reporter before she had the chance to expose everyone… It’s self preservation. And Thea did warn Susan about crossing her earlier in the season. Everyone seemed to LOVE that threat… But now that she’s acted on her promise it’s not so fun? Please.

      • Ann says:

        Technically, Green Arrow is the good vigilante. The Hood/Arrow were the murderers, in the eye of the public. The public isn’t supposed to know that Hood, Arrow, and Green Arrow are the same person. Remember, they “killed” Arrow off when Roy publically claimed he was Arrow and was subsequently “killed” in a jailhouse brawl.

  2. Liz says:

    I loved Thea in this episode. I’ve missed her. She felt like a mini Moira Queen and that’s a good thing because Moira was awesome, even though she was ruthless. I didn’t have a problem with what she (and Felicity) did. She was protecting her brother. Oliver is an idiot for even trusting Shady Susan. And yes, she was unethical because she was sleeping with the man she was investigating. So go Thea!

    The female villain team-up was good. I still don’t care about Dinah. She’s just there.

    Oliver gets worse every episode though. It’s a problem when I’m actively rooting for the villain to take down the hero but he’s just being so stupid lately. What’s going on?

    Show needs more Thea and Felicity scenes. What a breath of fresh air they are together.

    • pnr says:

      Susan is the Malcolm of this season. She makes zero effin sense but the writers need her to stick around for god knows what… Therefore it’s Oliver’s character who gets shafted

      • Liz says:

        Yeah, Oliver is a pod person this season. Don’t recognise him at all. Dating Susan makes him look stupid but they obviously want her around for some twist or something so they just make Oliver stupid for plot. Happens every season and it’s extremely boring and overdone by now. But Arrow is on the whole so it’s not surprising.

  3. JC1 says:

    I guess….to me, I see what Susan actually did, which was seduce the target of her investigation in order to gain information about him, as worse than what she was accused of (the plagerism) so….it doesn’t bother me. If they’d framed her for murder or child abuse or something like that, I might have a different response. I mean, yes, plagerism is bad, but to me, deliberately getting involved in a sexual relationship with someone in order to gain information about them is worse.
    But obviously, mileage is going to vary widely on this.

    • Liz says:

      No, I totally agree. It would be different if she was just investigating him as merely a reporter. But she was investigating him AND sleeping with him. In fact, she slept with him to gain/confirm her info which is disgusting. So I have no problems with what happened.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I swore to myself that I wouldn’t get pulled into this recap’s comments, but I want to ask a 100% sincere question. And I am not debating this, but truly asking, because I wonder if I missed something during Susan’s early episodes. Ready, JC? (or anyone else)

      Do we know that Susan took a romantic interest in Oliver specifically to get inside info on the mayor? Or was she simply dating an eligible bachelor/decent local catch, and then learned of the Russia photo? (At which point her dating intentions indisputably get shady, especially in terms of getting his shirt off.)

      Once again, the above question is sincere and not meant to incite debate.

      • Mike says:

        We know that she first met with her P.I. before she started dating him, and then the scene immediately after they slept together showed her meeting with the P.I. again and getting the Arrow-in-Russia photos. So the show certainly made it seem like she didn’t enter the relationship with good intentions and then got caught up in the story…

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          OK, maybe we are disagreeing about the term “date.” I’m thinking more, “cozy glances at bar” in relation to first Russia photo reveal. But again, I may be muddled on the chronology! #OldMan Just strikes me as “off a bit” when people declare, with so much great certainty, that she developed her personal interest in him with only an ulterior motive.

          • Mike says:

            But she was meeting with her P.I. about him even before the “cozy glances at a bar” stuff. It was in the Human Target episode, where she told him she’d give him a 30 day reprieve before doing any stories on him (her editor must have loved that!), and then gave him her cell number and told him to call her sometime. At the end of that ep, she got her first photo of him in Russia. So she was investigating him way before they started seeing each other off hours. I’m not saying it makes what Thea did tonight ok (I’m conflicted on that one), but this show has gone out of its way to make her seem super shady and really leaned in on the ‘ruthless female reporter who will sleep around for a scoop’ trope, so it’s hard to be too sympathetic.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            So are you saying she slipped him/Human Target her number before she saw the Russia photo? Meaning, she may have been following through on her innate interest in him while also doing due diligence as an investigative reporter. In which case, yes, she should have either bailed on him or that particular investigation.

            Night, everyone!

          • Mike says:

            Good question. I’d have to watch it again to see if she slipped Human Target-as-Oliver her number before or after she met with the P.I. But it was definitely the same episode (and seeing as the P.I. brought her photographic evidence in that ep, one would assume this was not their first conversation and she would have had to have contracted him to do the digging earlier). So yes, I think we’re supposed to assume that she went into it with bad intentions.

            I get why people are so upset by Susan and/or this turn of events. Arrow is not exactly known for writing female characters well, but this season is especially cringe-inducing.

          • kath says:

            Susan straight out and said to Oliver’s face “and now I can’t go public with it” . So she was going to go with the story and out him as the Green Arrow, Thea just cut her off at the pass. and Oliver still doesn’t get it.
            Oliver is such an idiot this season.

          • mari says:

            When Susan met Human Target for the first time, thinking he was Oliver, she told him she was writing an expose on him. HT/Oliver asked her to give him four weeks to prove to her that he’s a good guy. Susan then gave him her phone number, and left to meet with her PI who was digging up the dirt on Oliver. So investigating Oliver pre-dated her efforts to take him for drinks and sex him up and she continued to look for stuff for her expose while she was sleeping with him.
            I will never understand why HT told Oliver to date this woman who 1. was writing an expose on him and 2. had stabbed Thea in the back, as Thea told him.

            On the plus side, Dinah was hilarious as she side-eyed all these strange people who were determined to make her SWF Laurel, especially in the scene where Felicity gives her Laurel’s domino mask.

        • Calista Flockhart says:

          Pretty certain she was just investigating him for a story in general at first…he is the Mayor after all, and there was certainly no need to change P.I.s once she hit the jackpot regarding his after dark activities. Or for that matter, their fling. So I don’t particularly care either way since her character is immensely boring.

      • aolani08 says:

        That is a very good question

      • Lysh says:

        I’ve had a feeling since the beginning of the season that she’s been wanting to shine a bad light on him and his administration, but I don’t think it’s really been clear whether she’s been getting close to Oliver to get more info or just cause he’s handsome and newly single. I hope they clear that up in an episode, or someone ask Guggenheim.

        • kath says:

          Susan said “and now I can’t go public with the information.” That means her purpose even in this episode was to get the story and expose Oliver as Bratva and the Green Arrow. If she was interested in getting close to newly single Mayor Handsome, she would have stopped investigating him.

          • So she shouldn’t look into the possibly shady dealings of a guy she’s romantically interested in?

          • kath says:

            I think it’s often a good idea to check out someone you may be interested in romantically, But before you start sleeping with them. It seems like a breach of trust to do it while you’re sleeping with them.
            I also support reporters looking into shady subjects if they’re going to do an expose on them.
            It’s the conflagration of sleeping with your subject while you’re investigating him in order to do an expose on him. I’m sure Robyn Doolittle never thought of sleeping with Rob Ford when she was investigating him.

      • The entire Arrow team is shady. Getting morally outraged at Susan doing something shady to do her job is kinda pot, meet kettle anyway.

  4. Katie says:

    I definitely think that Thea went too far but I think Oliver has his head in the sand. Thea didn’t trust Susan, rightfully so, and freaking handled it. It wasn’t fair, legal, or ethical but I get it. Thea could see that Susan would expose him no matter what she told Oliver. As much as he thinks he can handle everything himself Oliver can’t and letting Susan into his life is insane and it was a bad idea from the second it started. I feel like for someone who barely ever trusts anyone this entire relationship makes no sense.

  5. Cloisfan3133 says:

    Good review. I’ll concede the point on SW, there were other options. Still love the Thealicity team up though. Total waste of the evil trio. To me, this episode highlights the over-arching issue of the season. It’s NOT FUN!
    t’s a trip to the dentist/gynecologist/DMV….pick your poison. All=not fun.

  6. kath says:

    Either the constant blows to Oliver’s head have taken their toll over the past 10 years, or Human Target has the real Oliver locked in a room somewhere and is pretending to be him because the levels of stupidity are now overwhelming. And now he’s outed himself to Pike.

    It was sheer hypocrisy on Oliver’s part to be so angry at Thea because he’s still killing people. Thea saved not only Oliver from being outed by Susan, she save Diggle Felicity, Curtis and every other member of Team Arrow including herself.

    Susan opened the door to it when she romantically pursued Oliver and started sleeping with him in order to get info to bring him down. As a former member of the press corps, I have no sympathy for her from that.

  7. aolani08 says:

    I am so happy Thea and Felicity took a page from Oliver’s book and handled the situation in a way that any recourse would look shady they didn’t pull punches and handled the situation swiftly. If Susan really cared for Oliver she would have waited for him to open up instead of being Snoop McSnoop. She asked about the Arrow first trying to garner a response knowing that information would be harder to prove than the Bratva information. She knew Oliver’s state of mind from his late night visit and she used his weakened state to try and make him feel guilty about her snooping. She had no moral compass while she was fact finding and she gets no sympathy from me. Oliver’s grief over killing detective Malone is messing with his head and he needs to deal with it soon or its going to cost the team dearly. In order to defeat Prometheus Oliver is going to have to be 100% old Oliver Prometheus is going all out.

    • Susan should have waited for Oliver to open up instead of being Snoop McSnoop. But somehow Felicity doing to same thing back before they got together and doing things like hacking his educational records was deemed cute and quirky.

      • Maria says:

        First of all 1) Felicity knew Oliver’s secret by his own accord. Going to her while in a state of distress. He still knew he could trust her. 2) She was a support system when it seemed like he wa going to lose the company in season 2 episode 1. 3) She didn’t snoop through his high school grades to expose him to the world as a dumb CEO.

  8. Lysh says:

    This probably hurts the show more than helps, but I like how completely flawed and complex the characters are on Arrow compared to everyone else on DCTV. Everyone’s just really forking up. At this point I just want Oliver to go full on Tony Stark at the end of Iron Man 1.
    I loved seeing Thea more and with almost-sister-in-law Felicity. And the bad girl trio had so much potential but it was a total waste, especially Cupid. I really need an episode where Curtis gets those little T-Spheres up and working.

  9. Mike says:

    I don’t love how Thea completely ruined Susan’s career with the plagiarism accusations because it seemed like overkill, but on the other hand I can’t come up with a better solution. I don’t think Matt’s suggestion of altering the photos digitally would have much affect, as they were given to her by her P.I. so she could likely get the originals from him quickly. I guess Thea could have sent her editor an anonymous tip that their reporter on the city hall beat is sleeping with the mayor (while investigating him at the same time), but then Susan could have just taken the story to another outlet. So as much as I hated Thea’s solution, I also can’t come up with a better one. Of course, I’m not being paid to work in a writers room. Do better, show!

    The worst part of this storyline isn’t Thea or Susan, but how dumb it makes Oliver look. He was more angry about the fact that Thea hurt Susan and totally glossed over the part about Susan collecting dirt on his past and presumably getting ready to expose him (and possibly his team). And despite all that, he keeps calling her and will probably end up begging her to forgive him. They’ve completely destroyed his character this season. If you can’t root for the hero, it becomes really hard to root for the show…

  10. Steven says:

    On a scale of Oliver willingly telling four total strangers that “I’m the Green Arrow”, to Oliver telling a man “No one can know my secret” before snapping his neck, Thea’s preemptive strike rates about a three. It was cold of her, of course, but tactically it was the best possible play. Perhaps she could join the League of Character Assassins in her spare time?

  11. Matt says:

    Show really should have ended with this season.

  12. CC says:

    Susan had physical copies of the photographs. Remember when the detective she hired last episode gave them to her? Hence, digitally altering the photographs wouldn’t have done anything. I suspect Thea and Felicity would be smart enough to know that there must be physical copies somewhere? I think something most people forget is that Susan knowing about GA does not only influence him and it is not only up to him to decide what should be done regarding her putting the pieces together. If Susan decides to expose Oliver, do you really think it would stop there? That Thea and Felicity themselves wouldn’t be implicated and exposed as working with GA too?

    The bottom line is that Susan knows he is GA. Last time somebody found out Oliver was GA, do you remember what he did? He snapped the guy’s neck as he stated that “nobody can know my secret”. Well being part of the team is also Thea and Felicity’s secret. They needed to protect themselves and they haven’t trusted Susan from the very beginning. Waiting it out and seeing what she did with the information wasn’t an option because if she did use it then they wouldn’t be able to fix such a problem.

    The only way for her to not be able to expose them was for her credibility to be tainted. Think about it. Altered photographs? There were originals. Ethics report for sleeping with the person she’s covering? She could easily still post the expose on GA and say she had to get close to him to find out the truth. She could expose them and spin her involvement with any scenario. The only way was to damage her credibility so that no matter if she went with the story nobody would believe her.

    So Thea and Felicity discredited her as a journalist. I think that’s pretty tame when you consider that when Oliver was in the same situation before (somebody knowing his secret) he snapped their neck. Thea and Felicity couldn’t take the chance that Susan would expose them. They discredited her. Oliver couldn’t take the chance that the thug would expose him. He murdered him. It’s the same thing plain as day, so I’m having a hard time seeing as to how this was in any way “icky” or “too far” when compared to what some of these characters (namely the titular character of this show) do on an every day basis, this was pretty tame. The standard for judgement when women take matters into their own hands are always so different than when it involves men.

  13. Squirrelly says:

    I’m gonna make a confession. When the series began, I couldn’t stand Thea. I was pretty much waiting for her to be killed off or “put on a bus”.

    Nowadays, I am firmly in her corner and waving a “You go, girl!” sign. I don’t know if it’s because Willa’s acting has improved or the writers’ skill at writing her or both, but…she’s now climbing my fave list at a rapid pace.

    Now Thea, if you care about your brother, book him an appointment for a head x-ray. I worry that his brain may have rolled out his ear about a season ago.

    • Riana says:

      Willa is the best actor on the show except for maybe Paul. There’s areason the two of them always get the most emotional scenes.

  14. DRush76 says:

    Somone once complained that the media and many of the viewers tend to exaggerate the sins of Oliver’s romantic interests more than they do either Felicity or Thea. Especially Felicity.

    I think you were right to be upset over what Felicity and Thea did. Susan may not have been the greatest, but who is?

    • pnr says:

      She was sleeping with Oliver while still planning on exposing him… How is that ethical? SHe deserved to get sacked. In fact – plagiarism was less crappy than what she actually did..

      • How is hacking the government ethical? What about putting the lives of first responders in danger by blowing up a building? Is murder ethical? This reminds me of the time the Laurel haters jumped on the “she’s a horrible blackmailer” and “she blames everyone else for her problems” train when the moral high ground of their faves is the freaking sewers.

        • pnr says:

          When did I say it was unethical? What Team Arrow does on a day to day basis goes against the written law but what they do – what they achieve goes towards the greater good. What does Susan’s little article achieve? Outing Oliver as the GA? Him and his team going to jail? Is that actually the best thing for the city? No.

  15. Anonamous says:

    The funny thing is this Thea v Susan thing isnt even really about ollie.

    If Oliver gets exposed then Thea is outed as a Mass Murderer. What was her season 4 bodycount again? It was practically a person a day.

    She needed to do this for herself.

  16. Luis Roman says:

    Susan deserved to be fired. A journalist writing about an office holder gives the office holder a 30 day reprieve from stories about his administration, after which the journalist begins dating the office holder, as the journalist continues writing about the office holder she’s now dating, while all the while, the journalist is conducting a secret investigation of the office holder she’s now dating without informing her editor about said secret investigation? She should have been fired weeks ago. That said, I hope Thea and Felicity haven’t unknowingly unleased a cobra with more than enough motive to go after Oliver, HARD.

    Has China White or Cupid ever done ANHYTHING of consequence on this show?

    P.S. Pike is Prometheus.

  17. *H* says:

    1. It is no longer Oliver’s life on the line. If he is exposed then everyone else’s secret is exposed too.

    2. Oliver started this season by saying, “No one can know my secret”, before snapping a guy’s neck. So, he can stop with this whole you ruined someone’s foe thing.

    3. Last episode was all about gun safety, looks like no one cared because there was a lot of gunfire during this episode. Lol

  18. Carla Krae says:

    Thea’s decision was rash, impulsive, and wrong. Her motivations were horrible, too. That wasn’t about protecting anyone. She doesn’t like Susan and so she struck – without thinking through the consequences, and made it a lot worse. Now Susan WILL be an enemy.

  19. Gift says:

    Thea already warned Susan not to pull that crab she pulled before or she would destroy her. so Susan should have been more careful if she didn’t want to get caught. she was only sleeping with Oliver to get what she wants. she got exactly what she deserves. people this is Arrow, the Hero is different not like every other hero. He is viewed as a killer but it’s just the way he is written to do things, so this is not the Vampire Diaries that they have to pay for their sins. At the end of the day they keep the town save nd protect lives. For anyone who don’t like the way the show is going should stop watching please

  20. Max says:

    General consensus. Oliver is making dumb choices and the show is bending over backwards to not put the blame on him. Susan LITERALLY admitted to his face that she was gonna go public with the info she had on him, information she collected before and while they are/were in a relationship, and his first instinct was to get angry at Felicity and Thea for not only protecting him but also the entire team. Questioning Thea’s morals is the most hypocritical I’ve seen him this season and that says a lot because the writers have been doing their very best to not make me root for the main character. On top of that, Susan has the nerve to call Oliver out for lying to her when she’s been doing the same before they even became a thing. She’s not a villain and she’s not someone people would ever root for even with a redemption arc. So far, she’s just infesting Oliver’s characterization.
    Also, Matt… It was said that the information couldn’t be modified because Susan would just get them again from her sources, which is a fair point, so there’s no ethical question here. Yet, I don’t remember the journalists/reviewers being offended when Susan used her personal relationship with Oliver to collect information. Ethics 101, don’t sleep with your subject/suspect/patient.

  21. It’s a tough question but if Oliver’s identity was exposed, it would make him far less effective and put in danger a lot of innocent lives. Anyone close to Oliver would be a target, no matter where they are in the world. Green Arrow would be destroyed. A reporter would have to report it, but someone like Oliver would have to protect his identity.

    My only question is whether Arrow and Green Arrow are still considered different people. I forget.

    • kath says:

      As far as the general public knows, the Arrow died in prison and this Green Arrow guy is someone new.
      I really, really hope Oliver doesn’t out himself as the Green Arrow at the end of the season but I’m dreading that he will.
      It seems like it’s going to limit the narrative so much. It’s unrealistic that everyone will just say “Yay, vigilante! Let’s not prosecute him for stuff everyone else gets prosecuted and thrown in jail for!”.

  22. 134sc says:

    Did anybody think that maybe Oliver has lightened up a bit over the course of the season, and hes ready to go public as Green Arrow? Obviously he would rather not, but his actions along with the clear story arc that has been in place, tells me at least he will go public by seasons end.

    Why do people care about Susan Williams? Shes not that important. Her character is a catalyst for other stories. Thea being a badass mini Moira and Oliver eventually outing himself is what Ive gleaned from all this Susan Williams nonsense. That being said, she went to Oliver twice with wat she had. Maybe she always intended on going public, but she did go to him first. Thats gotta count for something.

    • kath says:

      I care about Susan Williams only because the longer she’s around, the stupider Oliver gets. I don’t think he can go much lower and still be the head of the team.

  23. Derek S. says:

    Oliver murdered a goon in 501, and Thea saw it and even criticized him about it. I’m sure he killed that goon just so he could repeat the “no one can know my secret line” from the pilot so the writers could pretend they’re smart, but he did it. Now, four months later Thea taking down a shady unethical reporter who was about to oust the exact same secret is crossing a line? Why, Oliver, your double standards are showing. Or worse: not only Oliver is dumb to sleep with a reporter that is investigating him, but his memory of recent facts is seriously wack. Snapping someone’s neck in October should still be memorable in February, no?

    • 134sc says:

      Its been clearly stated on more than 1 occassion that Oliver holds other people to higher standards. He feels he is too far gone, but he can stop others from making the same choices or going down the same path he did

  24. JJ says:

    Considering Oliver murdered someone in the premier to keep his secret, I think Susan got a good deal. Also, this puts Susan in a position to be an adversary for Thea. It’s obvious they’re not done with Susan & the show made it a point to keep Felicity only minimally involved. Honestly, there’s been so little Thea that I am excited at this potentially giving her a story-line. Also, If the show wanted me to feel bad for Susan, having her tell Oliver she could no longer run her story because her reputation was damaged, isn’t the way to do it. I think it’s clear she was planning on running that piece, regardless of her relationship with Oliver. I am 100% Team Thea. It’s a tv show & this show has done much worse to better people so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • JJ says:

      I also meant to add, that the show already set the Thea vs Susan ball in motion early in the season. Thea did tell Susan that if she ever crossed her again, she’d be sure Susan wouldn’t even have a blog. I think it’s safe to say Thea made good on that promise. I really hope this opens some story for her because it could be really interesting.

  25. Dominique says:

    i do think what thea did was a bit extreme, yet on the other hand she’s seeing/doing what oliver clearly can’t. he’s become so incredibly ignorant and naive, the fact that he still comes to susan’s defence after she tells him all the information she has on him, and that it’s pretty clear she was going to use it to out him… someone’s gotta look out for oliver cause he clearly can’t do it himself.
    i agree about curtis, he adds NOTHING to the team when it comes to physical justice. he cna’t fight properly, he’s very good at getting beat up himself, and he’s not doing much of IT stuff anymore either. arrow should really cut their losses and let him go.

  26. Betty Boop says:

    Thea bringing a little Moira to the table is a good thing, or are we forgetting that Moira was awesome? Ruthless in protecting those she loved, yes. But awesome.
    The show is starting to develop a problem where Oliver is becoming hard to root for. It’s the hypocrisy. Oliver snapping necks and shooting people to protect his secret is what drove Thea off the team in 5×01, but now apparently her neutralising a legitimate threat in a non-violent way is ‘too far’?!
    I think Oliver is getting off a little easy on the Billy front. Yes, set it up, but if Oliver had stuck to his no killing vow, it wouldn’t have happened. Also maybe don’t shoot people without having a positive ID.

  27. Luis Roman says:

    Arrow,” oh “Arrow,” why are you making it so hard for me to love you? This was a flat-out terrible episode. The main story line of the season isn’t being advanced at all, so to act as filler, you bring back two of the most useless villains in the history of the show, along with a third whose potential as some kind of redemption story gets snuffed out, thanks to Damien Darhk. (Season 4 just keeps on giving!) If you’re going to insist on bringing back Cupid and China White, are you at least going to have them do something, instead of following Liza Warner on some lame brained treasure hunt? (Question – if there was a guy who knew where Tobias Church’s 100 million dollar stash was, why didn’t HE steal it already?
    Enough of the appetizer, now for the main course. Do you mean to say Oliver and Chase have managed to suppress all the evidence in the murder of a police detective for weeks? No one was aware of the circumstances of Billy Malone’s death? Hadn’t the ACU flooded the crime scene? Who delivered the body to the medical examiner? Did Oliver remove the incriminating arrows from Billy’s body? Did anyone think it was odd Billy was dressed up like Prometheus? No one has looped a SC police captain on any of this until now? BTW, Pike was standing ten feet away from the Green Arrow just hours after he was sitting two feet away from the mayor and his takeaway is the the two men have a similar pattern of speech? He’s a police captain for G-d’s sake!!
    Don’t get me started on Oliver and Susan. Geez, Ollie, I hope you enjoyed the only sex you’ve had since Felicity broke up with you, since it’s about to bring an avalanche down on your head? Did you not think dangling that Bratva tattoo in front of an investigative reporter was asking for trouble? Nice power move by Thea, but did Felicity not wonder why Thea was having her plant phony documents on Susan’s computer? Did Thea not hear echoes of Moira in what she was doing? Did she give no thought to what Susan might do now that she bears an almighty grudge against Oliver?
    Of course, you had to top it all off with one of the most boring, pointless flashbacks ever. Your cliffhanger was Gregor pointing a gun at Anatoly, who we left alive and well in present day Russia a two weeks ago?
    Your ratings are plunging, folks. If you have any thoughts of the series continuing beyond Season 6, you need to seriously think about the quality of the stories you are producing. There is too much television available for people to remain loyal to an inferior product.

  28. Prometheus is totally Susan’s “source” who meets her in the parking lot at night to hand her photos, right?

  29. mari says:

    In case there are still any doubts about Susan Williams, she opened her conversation with Oliver with a lie: “I was working on another story and I found out some things about you.”
    She was working on a story about Oliver, had been since we first saw her, through all her PI info, and through to the files on her computer.

  30. Thea and Felicity did what was necessary. Susan needed to be discredited, in case she comes forward with the information later. God knows how many others know besides SW and her stooge now anyway. What they did, was to preserve a team of heroes. What Susan did, was to benefit herself and herself alone, in every way possible. It isn’t at all ethical to sleep with the product of your investigation in itself, let alone to obtain physical evidence against them during the act. I didn’t think I would ever see another character on this show sink quite as low as Isabel… I was wrong. The truest disgrace to this episode, was Oliver vilifying Thea for protecting him and the team. She/they could have went the Oliver route and saved everyone some time… after all, ‘nobody can know Oliver’s secret.’ They really should have…

  31. Krystl says:

    I know Susan’s character was brought in just as a device to move along the story and character development, but it’s having the unintended consequence of making Oliver really difficult to like or respect. She basically admitted she was going to run the story that she investigated through her personal relationship with him and his only reaction is to get angry with Thea and Felicity for protecting him and the team? She asked if his response was “on the record” and he still thinks she wouldn’t expose him? And I understand he doesn’t want Thea to follow his dark path, but it makes him look like a hypocrite since he is killing again this season and he recently killed to protect his identity (Murdering a low level thug is still murder and not morally better than ruining a career). And it makes him look stupid for believing in this woman. Unfortunately, stupid is starting to be his default look.

  32. Manny says:

    I don’t like Susan. She doesn’t add to the show. Why is Oliver becoming so weak. The writers have brought in political question which have no place in this series. Let make the Green Arrow the way he was in the first two seasons. I would to have Thea become darker. I think that it would help the show. This season has been weak and I don’t like his new team.

  33. sbrellah says:

    Amazing episode until the final scene! There were such great Oliver/Quentin scenes. And, I loved Felicity and Thea working together—although I do think Thea took it too far. But the final scene—OMG! The previews actually show this already going into impeachment proceedings – that quickly!??? Look at what Mayor Blood did and what Mayor –Mrs. Damien Darhk did. I swear Adrian Chase setup Oliver—this happened way too fast. And, I seriously have to ask //what was the purpose of making Oliver the Mayor this season if his term will end this abruptly!?