Bones Spoilers

As Bones Mourns, Sully Returns — to Stir Up Trouble for Brennan and Booth?

Does absence — 10 seasons worth of it, to be exact — make the heart grow fonder?

On Tuesday’s Bones (Fox, 9/8c), that question will be answered for Brennan when her ex-boyfriend Sully returns a decade after the two split up. Unfortunately, the character’s surprising reappearance — “I never thought that it would happen. I always hoped it would,” his portrayer Eddie McClintock says — is brought on by some sad news.

After hearing that Bones’ father died, “I think Sully is intuitive enough to know this is going to hurt her,” McClintock tells TVLine. So he makes a house call of sorts to the Jeffersonian, hoping to be there for Brennan in her time of need.

“At the end of the day, he’s grown up enough to know even though it didn’t work out between them, he still cares for her,” McClintock continues. “They have a bond. He likes her. They are ultimately friends, and that’s what friends do. They support one another and check up on one another, and they lift each other up when they’re in trauma. I think it makes sense for Sully to come back.”

Bones SpoilersBut will Booth think it’s a good idea for his wife’s ex to be hanging around, especially when she’s in a vulnerable state of mourning?

“[Booth is] a smart, good man, who is secure enough in knowing what he has with Bones,” McClintock describes. “He knows that, despite the fact that they may drift apart and drift back, he loves her and he believes she loves him. I don’t think he really sees it as a threat.”

Plus, the ex-FBI agent “isn’t coming back to ruin anything,” the actor insists. “He’s coming back because he cares about Bones. He’s a good guy,” who hasn’t changed very much from the “stand-up” person he was all those years ago.

Considering the deep bench of recurring characters on the long-running series, McClintock isn’t taking his guest spot during the show’s farewell run for granted. “It’s really an honor to be asked back, especially after 10 seasons,” he says, while crediting the Fox drama for paving the way for his starring role in Warehouse 13. “Without Sully, I don’t think Pete [from Warehouse] would have ever existed. I had been playing a lot of Joey Tribbiani -type character guys — the handsome, dumb guy” — before the G-man role came around.

Press PLAY below to watch a sneak peek of Sully’s comeback, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Kia says:

    I love this! Eddie is a good guy and i love what he says about Booth. I knew I can trust the writers with this. Very excited to see some deep emotions tonight. So very excited.

    • kmw says:

      Normally I agree with you but the only deep emotions will be at Max’s funeral NOT between husband and wife who drifted apart because of his death. Two minutes of apologies doesn’t make this particular episode good.

      • NatesMama says:

        How so? Did you see the episode?

        • kmw says:

          You don’t have to see the episode to see that Booth and Brennan’s ” reconciliation” is right near the end and not very long because they have Max’s funeral. All the photos and previews show only emotion at the funeral not with Booth and Brennan at home. That little snippet in that video shows that Brennan isn’t crying with Booth at home so their ” talk” is just that. Booth and Brennan being apart for the majority of the episode and some old boyfriend they have now decided is the reason she allowed herself to open up to Booth is nonsense. I love the show and normally I don’t judge episodes as badly as I am this one but this is not right. Bones never mentioned Sully for the last decade but now all of a sudden he is still friends with her? Um no. I gripe because I expect better for Booth and Brennan in their last season not to have their grief upended by a guy no one wanted back on the show. I don’t mind the reason for the grief but I mind that another man( and an ex lover at that) is the one comforting her. I would have rathered seen Booth and Brennan dealing with it together. Sully was never unresolved for her and therefore Bones show runners screwed up on this one. This episode will not be as bad but it certainly wont be as good AS it could have been.

          • NWChic says:

            I get it, if they were going to kill of Max, the connection that the show should have celebrated would be the Booth & Brennan connection not the Sully/Brennan connection. It is a big task to convince the audience that Sully can swoop after in10 years and offer something that Booth could not. THAT is a HUGE task for them to accomplish in 43 minutes.
            The purpose of this story appears to be very disappointing at this time. I am not expecting anything worthwhile tonight.
            We lost a beloved character for this? So disappointing.

          • Tafkah says:

            I’m just grateful they didn’t bring back Hannah.

  2. Sarah says:

    I wasn’t against having Sully Back if he needed help for a case… but to think that brennan would need a guy she hasn’t seen in 10 years to help her is ridiculous. The writers wants us to think they have been friends?! When Sully hasn’t been mentionned once! The episode would have been strong enough with brennan grieving and showing her struggle with her émotions and showing if it was right for her to open up herself to people knowing she would be hurt!

    • Emma says:

      Exactly @sarah

      He is her friend, ok, is that why has never been mentioned ONCE in 10 yrs, I never thought they would treat Booth like this during Max’s death aftermath…sent to Canada, not allowed to grieve with his family. not allowed to support his wife because they had to bring back Sully for some ridiculous reason to be there for her & not Booth…He is completely irrelevant and the show thought so too that’s why nobody mentioned him when he left

      Great job Peterson, you are walking a fine line with Brennan & her emotional fling.

    • kmw says:

      You are right on about that. When all is said and done I will try very hard to forget this clunker. This is clearly is the episode that they had to give stuff for Booth and Aubry to do since they haven’t had many scenes together or its clearly the episode Zack was supposed to be in( remember he was supposed to be in 4 episodes instead of two) especially since next week Zack is referenced with Gordon Gordon. The real issue is that Peterson has riled most of us up and FOR WHAT!!!!! Nothing, barely an apology scene at their home , most likely only a hug and from what I have seen the worst I love yous between them Bones this season has done an excellent job with Booth and Brennan as partners but they forgot that they are married and that fans want to see a little romance between them. Much ado about nothing fans much ado about nothing.

      • Emma says:

        I just feel so bad that Booth has been treated this way and actually B&B as a power couple. Since when has Booth not be there for Brennan at her side. Supporting her.

        I always valued B&B as this couple who *always* have each others backs through thick and thin…but with this they are showing me in Brennan’s darkest hour she would rather spend time with some guy she hasnt seen in TEN years who dumped her to sail round the world, well he didn’t stay did he? than rely on the man who has never left her side, the husband & father of her two kids Booth

        I am actually shocked & disappointed that Bones thought this was the best narrative after Max’s death.

    • pAloma says:

      I’m sure Brennan has plenty of friends that are never mentioned in the show because the show is focused on very specific events and her relationship with Booth and not all the other trappings of life that everybody has.

  3. Emma says:

    No it doesn’t make sense for some ex boyfriend to return after 10 years to see if Brennan is OK cause her dad died. He NEVER knew Max. Where was he when Booth had a funeral service in S3, If he cared that much?

    And why does he think only he can be there for her, what is Booth chopped liver? He must think Booth is a crap husband if he can’t support *his* wife

    It is a completely confluted way to bring back an ex boyfriend. I noticed Eddie failed to mention that Booth is in Canada when this is going down and that Brennan is practically a b*tch to Booth the entire ep all so Sully can be Brennan’s support system

    This is BS. I wanted Booth to support his wife and be there for her not some old boyfriend from a time when Bush was president. Give me a break.

    Waste of an ep

  4. A says:

    Sorry but that is the lamest excuse to bring back a character….he should of returned dead or needed help with something. I think there is something really spiteful shipping ole Boothie boy off to Canada when the ole ex boyfriend returns.

    so Sully is only Brennan’s friend…he didn’t come back when Booth’s brother died, or Sweets, or when Booth was in jail….like I said lamest idea ever.

    yeah, this is really rubbing me wrong, they brought Sully back at Booth’s expense..
    Booth is not allowed to be at Brennan’s side to be the supportive husband, which you know is his thing, how cruel is that to do to him.

    and I think it is a pretty crap way to write B&B marriage, Brennan coldly pushing Booth away and being emotionally available to some guy from 10 yrs ag,. this is a truly awful narrative to do with only 5 eps left in the series. Booth & Brennan deserve better than this

  5. Anon says:

    Eddie? Stop calling Brennan “Bones” you aren’t David or Booth. Despite what you think.

  6. Frankie707 says:

    I am looking forward to this. It sounds like it’ll be a thoughtful and moving episode. Every episode of the farewell season has been a excellent so far, and I fully expect that to continue with this episode and beyond.

  7. kmw says:

    Again tonight is the one episode of Bones that you SHOULDNT be promoting. Sully is coming back as her glorified psychologist nothing more. However the real issue is how Booth and Brennan behave with one another over this. Brennan tells Booth she wants to be alone and then in comes Sully and there you have it a trumped up spat fit for teenagers, not the adult relationship between Booth and Brennan that has always been the heart of the show. Grief or not them having a silly argument over Sully is nonsense. And of course on top of all this Sully’s return is barely isn’t going to give us fans a reunion scene worth anything( Booth and Brennan barely hug and most likely for about 18 episodes straight don’t even kiss). The first seven episodes deserved the attention not this clunker, however like all devoted fans I will watch it any way. This episode smacks of The Lost Love in the Foreign Land, no Booth and Brennan for 35 minutes of the episode, a two minute make up scene and then Max’s funeral. I expected better from Karine Rosenthal on this one

    • Nancy says:

      I expect better from Karine Rosenthal too. Sully has been gone, zero reference for 10 years. To have some little tete-a-tete going on between Sully and Brennan at a time like this is crazy. This isn’t Grey’s it’s Bones. These new show runners are re-writing some Bones history here if they paint Sully into some psychologist. He couldn’t even figure out why Brennan didn’t leave with him the first time! Angela knew. Booth and Brennan have drifted apart? What? They looked fine at the end of last episode. So he’s off on business. Just because someone travels for business does NOT mean they are leaving their spouse in an emotional way.
      Aldo wasn’t a drug addict and Sully isn’t a psychologist. Not to mention I haven’t missed him for one second in 10 years! But I loved Max and I’m pissed that they killed him off – for what reason? So Sully could come back with a box of kleenex? STUPID.

    • Emma says:

      “However the real issue is how Booth and Brennan behave with one another over this.”


      Exactly. I want B&B to talk to each other like adults, like husband & wife actually work through their grief together…I don’t give a damn about Sully or him being there for Brennan

      And you know we will get a 2min scene for B&B where they probably won’t even discuss their issues or how they feel, just about frakking Sully. Ugh. This ep should be about Max, and B&B *them* not an irrelevant character who I barely remember

      I am so annoyed with Bones and I shouldn’t be since it is 5 from the end but here we are.

      • Nancy says:

        Totally agree, Max’s death should be about Brennan AND Booth. Poor guy didn’t even get to say good bye to Max! I felt so bad at the end of the last episode. Now he has to go to Canada and Sully waltzes in…..beyond stupid.
        I sure hope we get a good in-depth talk between wife and husband about what this all means to them and the kids because nothing else matters.

    • NatesMama says:

      There are 5 episodes left. Why on earth would you complain about one of them, one you haven’t even seen yet can’t stop posting on several articles how terrible it is? Why don’t you try being as mature, thoughtful fan and judge AFTER you see the episode?

      Maybe try and see the good in the episode instead of spewing invective on every mention of this episode you find online? You might find that a good attitude improves your enjoyment of the show as well. Never hurts to try.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Because it’s Bones and the internet. The words mature and thoughtful never go together when discussing this show. Every comment on every Bones story has to be a major freakout turned up to 11.

      • kmw says:

        I will try but since its last season some of us expect better from Bones. Putting a character that no one wanted on and somehow trying to make us believe Brennan had unresolved issues with him and has still been friends with him when no mention of him has been there. My actual issue with this episode is they bring Sully on and then what? No more than a two minute talk with Booth and Brennan no real love coming across at all and sadly a very bland I love you’s from BOTH actors. Bones has actually been very good this year but this one I wont get. I am sure we are all making a mountain out of a mole hill but Booth and Brennan being mostly apart isn’t something that makes me think this one will be any good

        • Estella says:

          Not sure why you are complaining. Booth gets a side hug at a funeral (so romantic) and toneless “I love you’s” with his wife, while Sully gets smiles, handholding, hugs, and an intimate dinner with wine. What’s not to like?

        • Gern Blanston says:

          So, because the show doesn’t describe the minutiae of Bones’ daily correspondence it means that the writers can never bring back a character that, even though he was only in a few episodes, was the only other serious romantic interest that Bones had in the show? You are making it sound like it’s 1944 and Sully was off in the war and it was near impossible to stay in touch with someone. With social media and cell phones being what they are it’s not like anybody has to put in that much effort to stay on touch with people. The article spells it out with every quote. Nothing is going to happen with Sully. Sully and her are just friends. Booth is secure enough in their relationship to know that nothing will happen. He’s being brought in for what amounts to a fist bump between old friends. Mountain out of mole hill is right.

          • NWChic says:

            But why did they have to kill Max so that Sully would re-appear? If it’s just a fist bump between friends….why couldn’t Max have lived? I do believe Booth is secure in Brennan’s love. So what does this man who no one has seen or heard about in 10 years have to do with anything? Except using Max as an excuse to re-appear for a fist bump!
            I didn’t want Max to die he is way more meaningful to the series than Sully every dreamed of being. Why did they kill off Max? Has anyone asked this question of the show runners?

          • kmw says:

            You are right but in that video Brennan is about to apologize to Booth about Sully. And why would that be? Because she told her husband to leave her alone and then out of nowhere Sully comes in and she starts hanging out with him and that leads to an argument ( why else would Brennan apologize for Sully if they didn’t have an argument) The promos aren’t helping this episode showing Brennan smiling with Sully when she should be sad. But then again grief makes you behave weird and maybe that is what is driving all those scenes with Sully. The real argument here for some of us is Sully didn’t need to brought in at all. He was never an unresolved issue for her and her relation ship with him didn’t make her be ready to be with Booth( if Sully made her more open why did she turn Booth down in season five?) Whatever I complain now and I bet next week I will be happy that is the way it is sometimes with shows. You don’t like everything your shows do at least not all the time. But remember TV LINE is the place where they started all the crap about this episode insinuating Brennan is going to cheat when in fact that and a beautiful resolution and it being a tearjerker are all a bunch of nonsense. I am sure it will be just a regular episode of Bones in this case built up to disappoint

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Did they kill Max in order to bring back Sully? I’m pretty sure that Max was a goner no matter if McClintock was available or not. Why do the writers kill of anybody? Just to drive the story forward, create a little drama, and give the other actors a reason to act out something a little different. I’m pretty sure at this point they aren’t just killing off semi-main characters just to bring back people that were in just a handful of episodes. If that’s the case what’s next? Kill off Aubrey so, that they can bring back Finn?

          • Estella says:

            The point, to me, is not whether Max was killed to bring Sully back (and I do not think that is the case). It’s about how Booth is being frozen out by his wife (we saw that scene in the sneak peeks) and sent off to Canada because she wants to be alone, yet she has smiles and hugs for Sully and time for a nice dinner with him (again, we saw this in the promo). It appears that all Booth wants to do is be a supportive and loving husband, but is denied the opportunity in favor of an ex-fling Brennan apparently hasn’t seen in 10 years (again, based on the sneak peek where it seemed like she barely recognized him). Basically Sully was brought back to create marital drama and discord between B&B so they can have a “sweet resolution” at the end, which will be a 5 second hug and perfunctory “I love you’s.” at the end of the show.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I guess that I just don’t find her acting that way out of character. Even after 12 seasons they still write her as emotionally stupid. She’s lost close friends, but since her mother’s death she hasn’t really had a family member die. So, her not knowing how to act or even freezing Booth out doesn’t shock me. I always liked how The Replacements put it. “The ones who love us best are the ones we’ll lay to rest and visit their graves on holidays at best.” Her treating the person that is closest to her in the world poorly when she doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions is probably the most normal thing that I’ve ever seen her do.

  8. Crystal Watkins says:

    3 people can reason with Bones-Booth, Angela and Max. Unfortunately, Max is gone. Previews show Booth doesn’t seem to be able to comfort Bones. So, it’s up to Angela. Have to believe love will prevail!

  9. Collette says:

    I’m kind of glad that this is the last season. To me ED’s acting is insufferable and I’ve been watching for the rest of the cast for a while now. With Max gone there’s even less reason to watch. I hope the others get new gigs soon, if I don’t see ED or DB anytime soon I’m good with that.

  10. Sally Forth says:

    Now now, children. The Hall Monitors have decreed this the Best. Season. Ever so tow the party line and have no opinion other than what they allow you, or they’ll wag their fingers and tsk tsk at you.

    • Nancy says:

      LOL – Too funny! Yes it’s the Hall Monitors way or no way! Last week even DB tweeted that he didn’t like them killing of Max! Did the hall monitors take DB to task? LMAO

      • Sally Forth says:

        Of course not, because they ‘know’ he was talking about Ryan O’Neal and not about Max the character. Just like they “know” that when DB left out the current showrunners from his tweet about 12 seasons, it was only because of the character limitations on Twitter. The Hall Monitors Know All. Do not argue with the Hall Monitors, or they’ll spend days tweeting about how righteously upset they are over the negative comments they swear they don’t read.

        • Estella says:

          Oh Sally Forth, you are a godsend and a treasure. I wish I knew who you were, but suffice it to say I’m glad you are here. The hall monitors are insufferable blowhards who feel that they somehow own Bones and everything associated with it. They are without a doubt the most controlling, humorless bunch I have ever had the misfortune to come across. I swear if B&B broke up at series end they would find a way to explain how much the LOVED IT. And yes, isn’t it interesting that they *never* read the comments but they spend lots of time responding to them? LOL.

    • Rose says:

      Lol You can’t say that you have to ask permission first if your opinion is allowed to be stated. I swear it must be very upsetting to their enjoyment if others have a different opinion then theirs. If fans only had a positive mindset for every storyline I would wonder what drug or brainwashing they have gone through. Not every storyline is going to get fans hype nor should fans feel like they need to be hype/like every storyline whether they watch the episode or not. There have been storylines from other shows that fans didn’t like going into a episodes nor after they have watched said episodes. Bones isn’t any different.

      Some fans not liking a storyline doesn’t ruin my enjoyment the same way my dislike has never ruin others enjoyment. I don’t get the mindset that you aren’t allowed to feel uneasy about a storyline only positive just because you haven’t seen it.

      • Sally Forth says:

        Shhhh! They’ll hear you! You must love EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERY EPISODE or Max will have died in vain! And Aldo! And Jared! And Sweets! THE SHOWRUNNERS ARE GODS OF STORYTELLING!

  11. rynogeny says:

    My favorite eps of the past few seasons have been when we see the strength of B&B’s relationship in how they overcome something, so I’m very much looking forward to this. In fact, while I’ve liked the entire season, I’m anticipating this one more than any ep since this the season premiere.

    • Estella says:

      Yes, I would have loved to see Booth and Brennan overcome Max’s death, together. Instead what we get to see is Booth trying to overcome his wife coldly pushing him away while she gets comfort from an ex-lover. Not sure what message the writers were trying to send here. Frankly it seems like a weird attempt to elevate an irrelevant character at the expense of the leading man. It’s baffling how this story wormed it’s way into this short final season.

      • Nancy says:

        Yes it is baffling that the show runners would kill off Max so they could bring back Sully for an episode? How could that have been a good idea? Max meant so much to both Booth and Brennan. Max means so much more to this series than this! The fans deserved better in these last few episodes.
        It’s hard to see B&B overcome things together when Booth is going to be in Canada.

        • rynogeny says:

          I’m not convinced that the only reason they killed off Max is to bring Sully back. I think they were aiming to give B&B some actual problems to overcome this season, and that included answering the question of ‘what happens if Booth’s past as a sniper comes back and bites them in a big way?’

          I think Sully was part of a different goal – bring back people from the past – which some fans have been asking for, for years. (Not me, by the way. I don’t mind, but it wasn’t anything I was desperate to see.) Some people enjoyed his character, some people were curious about his take on B&B’s relationship. (Not the same at all as coming back to in any way break them up.)

          Those two story goals for the season just happened to intersect. Will it work? Will I hate it? I don’t know. Maybe, but I’m going to wait and watch it before deciding.

      • rynogeny says:

        How do you know that what you’re assuming is what’s actually going to happen? I’m sincerely baffled because for YEARS the same thing has been occurring where the promos and spoilers – intended to convey the worst possible take on a situation in order to get people to watch – is not what happens. Over and over again.

        • Anon says:

          You do understand the concept of spoilers & speculation, save your chastising, it’s not needed. You see rainbows & lolly pops, others see Booth getting cast aside like unwanted trash just so Sully can swoop in and take his place at Brennan’s side

  12. NWChic says:

    So does it really boil down to the show runners killing off Max so they could write this Sully returns stuff? The kids lost their grandfather for this lame guy? Years of Max loving Brennan unconditionally and he gets whacked for this?

  13. T.W.S.S. says:

    I’m all for throwbacks to the early years, but they’re only five episodes left in the entire show, do we have time for marital strife?

  14. Lin Kristian says:

    Booth and Brennan belong together and Sully knows it. They are just friends and will only be friends. Brennan and Booth love each other and will love each other to the end of time!

  15. Lauren Ziegler says:

    I am excited to see tonight’s episode. It will be interesting to see Brennan and sully. And I think booth and Brennan will be just fine. I never put a lot of stock into the synopsis and 1 minute sneak peeks of a 44 minute episode. We as viewers and fans have been able to see booth and Brennan’s relationship grow from friends to a couple and have 2 kids together. And throughout everything: serial killers, Brennan leaving with Christine, Brennan begin shot, booth begin shot and in prison, booths gambling, booth missing and shot in season 11 and everything in between they have always gotten thru it. I think the writers, David and Emily know that the fans have faith in them to end the show on a good note. That is what I am hoping and until we see the series finale we won’t know for sure.

  16. D J Klein says:

    Disliked this character when he was initially on the show – they have taken a show that I thought was good and basically ruined it the past two seasons.

  17. Artist says:

    Brennan was a lot better looking back in her Scully days. This season looks to be a trip down memory lane with Zack and Scully and in two weeks Booths old shrink Dr. Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry).

  18. Debbie Montez says:

    Bones. Tuesday, FEB. 21, lacked – acting was lame, disappointed!

  19. Debbie Montez says:

    This was a sorry episode, bad acting and the a kid of time for B&B make amends caused the episode to be the worst Bones episode yet!