Britney Ever After on Lifetime: Did the Britney Spears Biopic Drive You Crazy?

Lifetime on Saturday premiered its Britney Spears biopic Britney Ever AfterWas it a trashy good time, or a positively toxic viewing experience?

In this unauthorized, made-for-TV flick, the Princess of Pop (played by Aussie actress Natasha Bassett) was portrayed as, in the words of her own mother, “the kind of girl who always needed a man in her life.” The first half of Ever After focused exclusively on her relationship with Justin Timberlake (Cleaners‘ Nathan Keyes), and their eventual breakup was depicted as the reason Spears made a number of questionable choices in the years that followed, including her decision to elope with the other Jason Alexander and her subsequent marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline. (The funniest part of the film, hands down, was when Spears so elegantly texted K-Fed to say “I Wnt 2 Dvrce U.”)

If the events of Britney Ever After are to be believed, Timberlake won Spears over when he referred to her as the “bomb diggity” before her first concert opening for *NSYNC. Later, before showtime, he told her, “Don’t just break a leg — break everything.” [Insert audible groan here.] And following their breakup, Britney and Justin allegedly ran into each other at a nightclub and had a super heated dance-off that abruptly ended when Timberlake left mid-dance. Meanwhile, her infamous 2003 VMAs performance — which, as you’ll recall, ended in a kiss with Madonna — was apparently coordinated so she could garner Justin’s attention, despite the fact that he had already moved on with Cameron Diaz.

Oddly enough, the film only chronicled Spears’ life through 2008. It opened with the singer being interviewed for a documentary in the year following her highly publicized, head-shaving meltdown, and kept cutting to “flashbacks” to fill in the blanks. What began in the wake of her initial “…Baby One More Time” success culminated in her parents eventually gaining a conservatorship to help get their daughter’s life back on track. The closing scene jumped ahead to the year 2015, which showed Spears had successfully conquered her demons and had moved on to a successful Las Vegas residency.

Did you tune in for Britney Ever After, or were you lucky enough to have plans on a Saturday night? Grade the biopic via our poll, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Haz says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellars tweets about this movie were far more entertaining.

  2. What a disgraceful movie!…..I hope Britney Spears sues LIFETIME NETWORK for defamation of character to herself and her family….I totally see why she wanted nothing to do with this piece sh^t of a movie…

  3. Joyjoy says:

    Actress playing Brittany wasn’t pretty enough, couldn’t dance or act & didn’t have Brittany’s figure. She was too “giddy” and played the role very poorly. A more experienced actress should have been used. Grade: F

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Well Britney was pretty “giddy” back then so I thought that was spot on.

      • Pedro says:

        I had no idea who she was playing, but she was not playing Britney Spears. She over-did the country thing and was too girly. It felt more like a 15 year old Taylor Swift.

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    I didn’t think it was that bad. I gave it a C for average. I’ve seen wayyyy worse.

  5. E. Ardell says:

    I am very glad to find out this movie is unauthorized. Britney comes off as unhinged, insane and needy. Shallow, simpering and dim-witted. From simple interviews and regular footage, I just don’t think this portrayal is accurate and it is never flattering. It’d be different if the movie tried to dig deeper and show why it is depicting Britney as an insane ditz, but it doesn’t. More than half of the movie is sex, make-out scenes and bad dancing. Key moments that even fans know about are left out, like Britney’s knee injury, her sister’s pregnancy, The Crossroads movie, her relationships with XTina and Madonna, the reality show with Kevin Federline, the letter Justin wrote her while she was getting treatment… The movie should have started with MMC and then moved on to where she was asked to be in a girl group with former MMC members but instead she decided to go solo. Just…ugh. There’s an actual documentary after the movie. If I had known, I would have just watched that and called it an evening.

  6. Amber says:

    I got spoiled from the New Edition movie because I randomly went into this thinking it would be good. I forgot this is Lifetime. Maybe BET needs to handle everybody’s biopic from now on. Regardless of color.

    • JA903 says:

      Best comment ever!!! 👏👏👏

    • Lola says:

      Lol! You’re not the first person I’ve seen suggest BET be responsible for all biopics. The New Edition movie crushes all the other attempts. I didn’t watch the Whitney, Toni Braxton, or Britney films because I’m still trying to recover my hours after that horrible Aaliyah movie. I seriously hope BET will make another Aaliyah movie someday. Bottom line is Lifetime needs to be stopped because clearly they will continue to shovel out He poo. BET deserves a loud applause for the tremendous job they did with New Edition. Lifetime, shameless and embarrassing. Says a lot that these films are unauthorized because they are crap.

      • Kayla says:

        That Aaliyah movie was so bad I’m still wishing for those two hours of my life back. They weren’t even allowed to use her music which made it worse. Lifetime does a good job with their other movies such as Love by the 10th Date. But, their biopics are embarrassing and cringe-worthy.

  7. mickey says:

    I love the way they just ran with tabloid stories since they don’t really know anything other than that for the personal stories. Lance Bass already said that dance off never happened. Just a tabloid story. Same with the sex tape. Tabloid story. It really was a disgrace to all involved.

  8. Jenna says:

    Look I thought it was terrible in the most absolutely fantastic Lifetime movie way.

    My favorite bit of absurd dialogue: when Justin shows up to the hotel room and says “I’m here to rob you…of your heart”.

    To me, it was everything I wanted it to be and it was massively entertaining for a Lifetime movie Saturday night spent in pjs.

  9. Ashbash says:

    Ever since Liz and Dick I knew to stay away from lifetime biopics

  10. kirads09 says:

    The saddest thing to me is to think is how it may have affected Brittany personally. No, I’m not the weeping “leave Brittany alone” meme. She is talented and a human being with feelings like all of us. She has gone through some rough stages and seems to have come out of it now. She is only 35 – still may have a lot to offer.

  11. Ron says:

    I’m sorry, I have to: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

  12. themechanic82 says:

    So bad, I swear I thought I was gonna die laughing!

  13. Ben says:

    Why didn’t the movie show the important black people that were in her life johnny wright was the real manager that worked with her until the split with her and Justins break up. Where was big rob her security gaurd that was the guy that saved her from things we don’t even know about. The movie was trash.

  14. Jessie says:

    To those who are complaining. You don’t watch these unauthorized biopics for quality and authenticity, you watch them once to create a drinking game and as many times as you want afterwards to play that drinking game. Works for the saved by the bell and Brittany Murphy films. Works here too.

  15. Breann says:

    This movie is such an insult to Britney, the acting was dreadful, story-line was hard to follow jumping from one thing to another, she can’t dance or sing. What a waste of time!