Sleepy Hollow Renewed Cancelled Season 5 Fox

Fox's Sleepy Hollow: Keep or Cut?

By mid-May, the broadcast networks must make some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2017-18 TV season, and which… won’t.

As that deadline draws near, TVLine is singling out a few “bubble” shows and sizing up their prospects — based in large part on creative strides (and stumbles) and future potential, but also with a requisite nod to cold, hard numbers.

Next up is Fox’s revamped supernatural drama.

THE SHOW Fox’s Sleepy Hollow (Fridays at 9/8c)

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | Sleepy Hollow has built a rich world full of eerie villains and United States “twistory” (as the show’s EPs like to call it), and four seasons in, the dark nooks and dusty archives of that that world are still fun places to hang out. Though only two of the original series regulars — Tom Mison and Lyndie Greenwood — remain with the show, new characters/Agency 355 employees Jake and Alex inject a little youth and a lot of geekery into the mix — all the more fun for Old Man Crane to play off of — and their eager personalities are nice counterpoints for Ichabod and Jenny’s more sober takes on the life-or-apocalypse mission. Meanwhile, Homeland Security Agent Diana is a capable, believable, funny counterpoint for an increasingly in-charge Crane.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | Please note I called Diana Ichabod’s “counterpoint” rather than “partner” — and that’s an important distinction. It has nothing to do with Janina Gavankar, who is turning in an imminently watchable performance as Agent Thomas, and she and Mison certainly have chemistry. But Diana isn’t a Witness; her kid is. And precocious though she may be, Molly is (at least not yet) able to challenge Crane’s assumptions, rein in his stubbornness or provide a mature emotional balance for the Man Out of Time — all things Abbie did as second nature in Seasons 1 through 3. Because of the show’s decision to fill the Witness role with a child, Sleepy can feel at times more like a supernatural procedural than the you-and-me-against-the-world journey that made earlier seasons (the freshman one, in particular) so captivating.

And then there are the ratings. Season-to-date, Sleepy is averaging barely 2 million weekly viewers and a 0.6 demo rating — down 35 and 25 percent from Season 3, and matching Scream Queens as Fox’s lowest-rated drama. The trend is troubling: As recently as Feb. 3, the show hit series lows of 1.8 mil/0.5.

Vote below, then hit the comments and make your own case for keeping or cutting Sleepy Hollow.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jaime says:

    Cut it. It should never have been renewed in the first place.

  2. kmw says:

    While some fans are liking this re boot its too little too late. The numbers don’t lie and even if its near syndication that doesn’t warrant another year. FOX needs to clean house and keeping Sleepy wont help them

    • Patrick says:

      It isn’t JUST about syndication. In Tom Mison Fox knows they have a potential superstar. After this show ends, he’s likely to turn into a huge star. I hesitate to throw this out there, but Bond is a role that might fit him to a T. Even if that doesn’t happen, Mison has all the makings of a star, and Fox will want as many eps featuring him as possible

    • Linda Dawson says:

      Fox has prematurely canceled far better shows through executive meddling. Firefly comes forcefully to mind. Something about Fox just doesn’t want good shows to survive they keep doing this Fox is gong to get canceled

      • Fuu says:

        Seriously! The Fox execs hate good storylines, I think. Do you remember Wonderfalls? That was a pretty good show, and they canceled it rather quickly. Gotham had a good storyline going on, yet slowly but surely Fox is sending it downhill. It’s not as good as it used to be. I like Lucifer, but I think Fox is pooping on that too.

        There was just so much that they could have done with Sleepy Hollow, yet they failed miserably.

  3. Yoko says:

    It’s even better now. Has more opportunities for mischief in D.C. then just in Sleepy Hollow. The chemistry is good and the new characters are great. I love Tom Mison!

  4. Temperance says:

    Yeah, this isn’t the same show. Cut.

  5. Bill says:

    If FoX wants any legitimacy as a network then they have to cut it. Many CW shows rate higher. Heck, sister cable channel FX has higher rated shows

    • Mr Zero TV says:

      I think this is a key point you make – if this show were streamed, or CW, the numbers might be fine (maybe). But for a show asking for a fifth season… on a ‘big four’ broadcast network, there comes a point where it is time to say goodbye.

      No series last forever, and there will always be fans who want ‘just one more season’, but FOX has a business to run… and it is a ratings/demo driven business. A numbers business.

      Four years is a nice run for an ‘under the radar’ type of series. The cast and crew will move onto new, and perhaps better, projects. Time to close shop.

  6. Claire says:

    Cut it, without Abby I don’t care.

  7. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Keep or cut, doesn’t matter to me, I dropped it last season. Watched up to the Bones crossover and that was it.

  8. Chuck says:

    First season was one of my favorite shows that year. It’s been pretty much unwatchable since then. I got midway through season two, three episodes through season three and threw my hands up in the air after the first episode this season. Tim Mison and Lyndie Greene deserve better.

    • leonard says:

      I agree. But it was season three that made the decision for. I felt that after season two the show could still be revived. A few simple changes like a move back to serial rather than episodic storytelling, a refocus on the Abbie/Crane as the primary character (the decisions to bringing Katrina out of purgatory and then the Hidden One/Pandora characters of season three were huge mistakes). Sad truth is that FOX could a show that could have easily gone seasons and totally gutted it.

  9. Paul says:

    This season is finally finding its legs. It’s a hard decision, the show was majorly overhauled. Might’ve been better has Sleep Hollow ended last season and this treated as a spin-off because it lacks what made it so special before (I don’t mean Abbie specifically, just stylistically it’s totally different). I miss the old show but enjoy the new one differently.

    • Alichat says:

      Do you think they really promoted this ‘reboot’ as much as they could have? I was skeptical, but have watched this season and I like it. But I found it odd that we didn’t see the leads or even Lyndie Greenwood making the talk show rounds….late night or daytime. Why spend the money on the reboot if you aren’t going to give it a shot by promoting it?

  10. Debra says:

    If they can get Nicole Beharie to return, keep. If not, cut.

    • Tim says:

      Nicole Beharie — who broke her contract and quit — is going to find it rather difficult to obtain series work.

      • yay says:

        Now what could you possibly know about Nicole or her career? Worry about Big Star fading into oblivion over in England.

        • Sue says:

          Everyone knows that’s what happened by now. The truth always has a habit of coming out.

        • Honest says:

          We don’t hate her, but by leaving the show she has destroyed her reputation. No network is going to hire her since she’s been branded “difficult”.

          • yay says:

            She’s only branded difficult by you blind white folks. Guess what we “brand” Big Star as?

          • Denny says:

            I don’t think she’s destroyed it. Many people have bounced back from leaving a show.

          • MLO says:

            Wow, “yay”, you’re kind of an ass. Katherine Heigl was also branded difficult. Would it be correct to say she was only branded difficult by “black folk”. Or am I even allowed to say that? Racism exists – I get that. But not EVERYTHING is about race. People like you who muddy the waters are absolutely no help to anyone.

          • yay says:

            Ah name calling. Nope everything isn’t about race true but only white privileged assholes would turn a blind eye to the’re the ass.

          • Laurel Lane says:

            Wow, what an ego! So you speak for the entire black race, hispanic race, asian race….because whites are the only ones who don’t see a conspiracy…wow, just wow….

          • yay says:

            Yep what an ego!

      • Danielle says:

        Don’t talk about her leaving if you’re not going to talk about why she left. If you need a little reminder, she was pushed to leave because the writers, show runner treated her like crap. The show is a failure without her and Tom Mison has zero chemistry with that current cast. I’m not sure what some of you are watching this season but what I saw is nothing less than an embarrassing mess. This show drastically lost viewers each season because they treated Nicole like dirt. They ran her off now the ratings are worse than ever. Tom can’t even fake it during scenes. He’s left with a mediocre cast, and a co-lead whose acting makes me want to throw up. And Lyndie is even worse. Her acting is consistently terrible. Sorry but Tom doesn’t have what it takes to make them better. They should’ve treated Nicole better and maybe they woukd still be a respectable show.

        • Laurie says:

          Thank you, I can’t with these people disrespecting Nicole. Tom’s the big star remember, isn’t that what the network said. I would think the ratings diving in season 2 when they focused mainly on him would’ve indicated that wasn’t the case but alas here we are. They put Nicole through mess we will never know because unlike them she has yet to bad mouth them the way they’ve done her.

      • Briony says:

        I’m almost certain that after being subjected to such horrible treatment neither Beharie nor Mison will be looking for contracted series work ever again.

        • Nick says:

          Respectfully, this idea that Nicole Beharie was “treated like dirt” and basically forced off the show has been bouncing around on sites like this for a year with nothing — NOTHING — to back it up. Nicole Beharie’s comments on this question were deliberately vague. She called the show “an incredible experience in every way” and praised “the fantastic producers, writers and directors” associated with it. Her only explanation was: “Abbie Mills has done all she was meant to do.” (source: IndieWire, 4/8/16)

          So if her own account doesn’t put a very fine point on it, where is this idea that she was “treated like dirt” coming from, if it’s not just pouting fans? No credible source has provided this as a specific reason she sought to break her contract. No anonymous sources, no friends or insiders on the set spilling the “real story” in Entertainment Weekly, People, Deadline or anywhere else the way they do with any other casting change. No accounts of “creative differences” or objections to the scripts and storylines. In fact, the only thing Tom Mison or anyone else has *ever* said is that Beharie wanted off the show. The producers, in an article on this very website, were quoted as saying they didn’t want to kill off the character but basically had no choice.

          When you sign on to a tv show as the co-lead with a 5- or 7-year contract (to prevent you from bolting and leaving the whole show and crew in the lurch), one of the tradeoffs for your very rewarding salary is that you may not completely like the way your character is written. And you don’t have much say — it’s not *your* show, it’s the showrunners’, the production company’s and the network’s. Shows sometimes change the way they use their characters. It goes with the career. If you don’t like the smell of grass, you shouldn’t mow lawns for a living.

          • Briony says:

            You don’t even know how outdated those quotes are but it isn’t my job to educate you so google it, whatever, I don’t care.

            Lets talk about Tom instead, since Beharie is clearly a classic open and shut case of mistreatment.

            Tom ditched his wig. He went on an abrupt vacation during the filming of ‘Mama’. His hair gets shorter each season and after the last he cut it fulling expecting the show would be canceled. Snipped as quick as he could – he was so done. He looks bored and he certainly seems happy to surrender his screen time to the B team.

            And I mean how happy do you think he is that everyone hinged the success of a season that was destined to fail on his starpower and now its crashing and burning because he couldn’t pull it up?

            The bait and switch didn’t just happen to the fans. It happened to the cast too. Tom hates his job. And I really doubt he will work in TV again.

          • Laurel Lane says:

            Oh my gosh, conspiracy theories are running wild! Do you nitpick every little thing on a show? Tom Mison’s hair? Secret message he doesn’t want to do the show anymore?! Oh my gosh, sometimes things are just what they say they are. Maybe he didn’t expect to come back but I doubt he doesn’t want to do the show…

          • delorb says:

            Do you honestly think she’s going to TELL ALL? She can’t do that. What she has said RECENTLY is that her fans understood things all too well (words to that effect). When Orlando put up a stink when he was marginalized, he was killed off. As for the producers and writers, they have shown their true colors from day one. Re-tweeting and liking everything that puts her and her fans down, while ignoring the racist comments from those fans who never liked the Abbie character out of fear she’d end up with Crane. BTW, I don’t recall this much vitriol when white men quit their shows when they take a turn. Mandy Patinkin in comes to mind.

          • yay says:

            You are so right. Nicole’s fans understand. You’re also right about Mandy Patinkin. And he showed his entire behind after he quit. No repercussions. Also remember John Noble badmouthed the season 2 writing and they asked him to come back! Apparently Big Star has some pull.

          • Obietta T Elizondo says:

            Well that was petty of you. There were accounts during the time she was still on the show. The producers separated Nicole and Tom too much. They put her aside sending her away to a different place while Crane tried to find her. It was interesting for a while but the chemistry they had together was a large part of what made people watch. If they had done that on Bones that show would have been ruined also. One of the things that was reported was how when they decided to do commentary for the show they did not invite her to be a part of it. She was a major part of the show. she should have been invited. Orlando Jones also commented about the bad writing and the negative treatment. Tom said he did not like the direction the show was going. The writer’s, show runners and producers all made a big mistake with this show.

          • Briony says:

            @laurel lane

            Take a look at his interviews after season three, he can barely hide his disdain for the show. And my conspiracy theory spinning still wasn’t as elaborate as the post above mine trying to ‘prove’ everyone claiming Nicole was mistreated is soooo irrational. If you all can reach and spin so can I.

            Tom hates the show. He is ashamed to have his name attached to it. He hates the bland writing. He has literally called reading the scripts painful. #FreeTom

          • leonard says:

            Considering the treatment she received during the second season it’s understandable why she wanted off. She was one of the leads and she got pushed into a secondary role.

          • Danielle says:

            @briony – “He has literally called reading the scripts painful. ” Can you show me this quote?

      • delorb says:

        LOL. We all know she was forced out. We know that she was treated badly on set. We know that they wrote her as a sidekick for the whole of season 2 and 3. We all know that they had to reshoot scenes because of that shift, leading to long days on set. We all know that she wasn’t asked to do commentary on the DVD release. One need only look at the episodes to see all this. But if you’re still going to pretend to not see it, check out the gag reel from last season. Notice how her fake beer splattered all over her when she opened it? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that someone shook up that fake beer just so that it would explode like that. So juvenile and so like them to do something like that AND to include it in the gag reel so that everyone could see it. If she’s blacklisted after this, I’m going to make sure that everyone knows it. I say they should cut it, but they need one more season, so it’ll be back.

        • yay says:

          They actually don’t need another season. They just needed 4 for syndication. After that there is no magic number. So god willing..this show will be over after this season!

        • Danielle says:

          Anyone who says she was a sidekick in s3 cannot be taken seriously. S3 was all about Abbie. Crane had zero going on. Also the cast has to agree to those gag reel clips. Oy. Say that s2 sucked for Abbie, fine. But don’t make up ridiculous stuff.

          • delorb says:

            No, it wasn’t. She was MISSING during most of it. Remember the 1st time she ‘died’? They even brought in her replacement (Sophie in her Abbie outfit). A replacement that got her own episode, BTW. The episodes were about Crane, Sophie or Pandora and her abusive boyfriend or Jennifer and Joe. Please stop trying to re-write history. And if they didn’t respect her enough to invite her for the DVD commentary season two, what makes you think they asked her permission on the gag reel season 3? AFTER she was written off the show. Jeez. Just stop. Please.

          • Danielle says:

            For some reason I can’t reply to the reply but no sorry this is ridiculous. Abbie had about 8 stories going on last season: She joined the FBI, she was pursuing her dream career, her boss was her former lover, she was finding her father, Pandora clearly was interested in her, and not in Crane, she was in a catacombs and suffering from PTSD after that, and she had a symbol obsession. A lot of those were ridiculous stories but they were all multi-ep or season long story arcs for her. Crane had: he went on a date (and that whole story line ended 2/3rds into the season). And the wretched Betsy Ross flashback stuff. That was it. There was no story arc, no character development arc, anything. And if anything Crane was the one who was gone more – he was barely there in a couple of late season eps. And if what we hear is true, Nicole and Tom were each on 3 day filming weeks, which is why the show had so much B team activity and had Crane and Abbie separated a lot, is my suspicion. But they were NOT doing stories about Crane. If you honestly think that, your agenda is seriously making you unable to observe objective reality.

          • delorb says:

            We’re missing each other here because what you see as stories are not what I consider stories. All those things you mentioned were taken care of in a line or two. Her joining the FBI just was. Just as Crane flying across the pond. There wasn’t some huge arc that had to be told for how and why she got there. It didn’t take episodes. Meanwhile, Crane was in every episode. Every. Whether the story was about him or not. He was there. Same can’t be said for her.

          • Danielle says:

            Oh my god, no. She was in every episode, except for One Life, which was basically the twin to the following ep, which was Abbie’s. That’s it. Crane was basically not in the Into the Wild Ep. And from the Kindred ep on, he really did nothing except trail around after Abbie and try to make her better. But please do tell me all the fascinating story arcs that Crane had going on in S3. And saying you didn’t like the stories doesn’t make them not exist. The FBI thing was clearly meant to be an arc for her over the season – it was her dream to be in the FBI but would she be able to keep it etc. I really don’t get why you’re trying to make your case about the show with this argument which is totally unsustainable. Just stick with, Season 2 sucked for Abbie. That you’ve got a case for.

          • Danielle says:

            Oh, and also, if your point is that just being in an ep is enough to say a character is totally not being sidelined….that kinda ruins the whole argument about how Abbie was sidelined in S2. Because she was THERE in every ep. She just didn’t have enough going on.

          • delorb says:

            Being there, which she wasn’t, and just standing around is what a sidekick does! She was just there. Her transition to FBI just was. Did we get the background to why she was enamored with that rune? No. It was just something she held onto. Who knows why. We know that it was powerful, but why was she drawn to it? She had no idea what it’s properties were. And when it manifest its power, it was with Crane.

          • Danielle says:

            I’m sorry, but I STILL don’t get what you’re saying. There is simply no way to argue she was just standing around in S3. None. She was doing, like, everything that was going on. Getting into trouble at the FBI (the FBI thing was indeed an ongoing story, not just, oh hey, she’s in the FBI now), possibly ruining her career there bc it couldn’t mix with being a Witness; getting into emotional difficulties with Danny; pursuing her father and struggling with that relationship; and then of course the whole catacombs and aftermath thing.

            I genuinely don’t get why you are trying to prove she just hung around when it’s so obviously fallacious. It’s like you’re arguing, who do you believe, me or your own lyin’ eyes. I watched the season, I know they wrote a ton of stories for her and next to none for Crane. I also know that the reverse happened in S2, that all the stories focused around Crane or Katrina or Henry, and Abbie got very little. Which is why people were understandably pissed off. And, in my humble opinion, the show vastly over-corrected in S3 and made Crane just someone who solved the weekly mystery and did little else.

            We don’t need to keep going on this but I just am frustrated at people thinking they can make up their reality to fit their agenda. Anyway, be well.

        • Jason says:

          Well said, I can’t with the obtuse people here, who were never here for Nicole or the Abbie character anyway. The shortsightedness of the producers of this show to see that Nicole isn’t easily replaced with just another WOC actress and that Mison wasn’t the only reason people tuned in. It’s as simple as that.

          • yay says:

            Agreed. They were never supportive of Nicole. But all of a sudden the stiff Janina is their everything. You can especially tell those who didn’t care about her when they call her character “Abby” Jesus…these people are gross.

          • delorb says:

            I think they (the posters) think that if they tell this lie often enough people will believe it. IMO, they tried hard to replace Nicole/Abbie. They even had Crane and Sophie on their meet cute, with Zoe waiting in the wings just in case. They even had ‘fans’ talk about all the chemistry between Crane and Sophie. Most likely plants or people who wanted anyone but Abbie. IMO, if that had actually worked, Abbie wouldn’t have come back from the dead. They all but admitted this, BTW. Even if they hadn’t, why not start this season with Sophie if her chemistry with Crane was so great? But her storyline was dropped and she was dropped because it did not work.

          • Denny says:

            Well said Jason. Everyone with half a brain know Sleepy Hollow crew are on his page bad mouthing Nicole because they see the handwriting on the wall. The powers that be thought Tom Mison could carry the show by himself and he cant. No dig on Tom, but the reason the show worked was because of the chemistry between he and Nicole not Katrina or anyone else. They fridged Nicole during season 2 and were almost canceled then until he fans rallied for them.

          • delorb says:


            So true. They have been maligning Nicole and her fans ever since the order to shift the story from Abbie and Crane to Crane and family. That tells me the order came from up high (network) and they all got on board. Case in point, soon after the end of season three it was asked if shipping were to blame for the decline of Sleepy Hollow. That was incredibly insulting. The fans/shippers didn’t write the bad scripts or decide to change the course of the show. They seemed to be laying the groundwork to pass blame on the fans and Nicole for everything wrong with the show. And sadly, for some people, it’s working.

          • Danielle says:

            Oh man, I love that you think this is a cutting riposte. But, you know, don’t actually respond to the substance of my comment which is that it’s idiotic to say that people are spelling Abbie’s name wrong bc they’re gross. And not just bc people sort of suck at spelling.

        • Nick says:

          In none of your rants do you offer any actual facts. It’s just something “everybody knows,” a very poor rhetorical technique. So if “we all know,” it shouldn’t be that hard to actually find ONE QUOTE from Nicole Beharie or someone else directly associated with the show to back you up. One quote. ONE.Not a gag reel. Not the absence of commentary, which she may not have even been willing to do. Not some vague feeling based on dismay with the direction of the show. Not some unsubstantiated barf that “she can’t say,” pulled out of thin air. Has anyone else been required to sign an NDA under these circumstances? No?

          Go ahead. Find it. It should be easy, because everybody knows it.

          One. Stinking. Quote.

          • CG says:

            I’m with you Nick, the usual rhetoric, repeated ad nauseam above is “everybody knows”. Yet, nothing to back it up. They all can name call the other actors and rant about the injustices done to a POC–which would be big news in the Hollywood circuit, by the way. Yet, no one can produce evidence. I hope it gets another chance at season 5, I’ve stuck with since day one, and have liked everybody involved.

          • Mickey says:

            It seem that nothing anyone says will do anything to change your opinion which you definitely have a right to, some are looking at all the dots of how they treated her character as a co-lead to leaving her out of the dvd commentary etc., and to them those dots connect and tells a story of how she was treated badly and disrespected, obviously you don’t see it. Most actors are not going to come out and say exactly what happened, just because she is being gracious does not mean those negative things did not happen to her.

          • delorb says:

            I gave you a quote. All you have to do is look it up yourself like I did. And if you’re waiting on her to spill the beans, keep waiting. She won’t ever do that. She did it once and had to delete her tweet. She can’t do what white guys do or even Katia Winter without being blackballed within the industry. As it stands now, she’s probably being punished for backing out of the show. It’ll only be compounded if she told all. TPTB have not been coy about how they feel about her. Again, something you can easily find if you looked. You can also find where Orlando Jones went wrong with the show and why he was all but written out and later fired from the show. And if she weren’t willing to do the commentary, why would she mention it? She literally had no idea that it was even happening. You can also go back to season 1 and in it you’ll see the marked shift from where the show was heading to it focusing on Cranes backstory. Episode 8. And have you ever wondered why it took them almost all season to film 13 episodes season 1? And remember, they had several episodes in the can when the show debuted. So why did it take so long? Why even with all the breaks that they had, did they need all that time? One can easily deduce that they were reshooting scenes in those episodes to take it from where it was heading to put it squarely on Crane. Abbie was the entrée into that world, not Crane. Abbie was the audience, not Crane. But suddenly it became a show about Cranes drama with his friend and wife. A shift that took Crane from being about stopping the apocalypse to wanting to get his wife back. Forget humanity. But you keep pretending that the evidence isn’t there. BTW, a NDA means she can’t disclose. Jeez.

          • Nancy says:

            People are so upset and my guess is Nicole doesn’t give it a passing thought. It was a job and it’s over and she’s moved on. The one thing that puzzles me is the anger directed at Mison. I don’t quite understand what he did to earn such vitriol.

          • yay says:

            Soooo you’re so sure that Nicole doesn’t give it a passing thought huh? Wouldn’t the same be said of Mison the Big Star? Also I’m sure you can scroll through some of these comments and see vitriol towards Nicole. Nice try though.

        • Danielle says:

          Oh, and also, if your point is that just being in an ep is enough to say a character is totally not being sidelined….that kinda ruins the whole argument about how Abbie was sidelined in S2. Because she was THERE. She just didn’t have enough going on.

          • delorb says:

            2nd reply. Being there and not having anything going on is the epitome of being sidelined. She is the 2nd lead. 2nd witness and she didn’t have enough going on. Jeez. But thank you for admitting this.

          • Danielle says:

            Yeah the reply posted twice. But my comment was in response to your claim that the proof that S4 was totes about Crane was that he appeared in the episodes. My point is, if that’s true, then I guess S2 was still totally about Abbie since, you know, she showed up in the episodes. But I don’t think that’s true. She didn’t have enough written for her in S2. And Crane was most definitely NOT the focal point of stories in S3.

        • MLO says:

          You go ahead and do that “delorb.” I’m sure everyone will be waiting with baited breath to hear from you lol. Wow! Some people look for conspiracies everywhere. Might be time to change the tin hat on your head, too.

          • Danielle says:

            @yay – People are gross bc they can’t spell? No, they just can’t spell. I cannot tell you how many times I will read comments that say how much they miss “Abby” or the show isn’t the same without Abby. I guarantee you if you just scroll these comments, you’ll find some. No idea why but people just can’t spell. It’s not a vast conspiracy.

          • yay says:

            Sure Jan

          • Danielle says:

            Oh man, I love that you think this is a cutting riposte. But, you know, don’t actually respond to the substance of my comment which is that it’s idiotic to say that people are spelling Abbie’s name wrong bc they’re gross. And not just bc people sort of suck at spelling.

      • leonard says:

        It wasn’t a matter of breaking a contract. It was a matter of mis-management and unbelievable stupidity on the part of management.

        • Honest says:

          She still broke it. Had she stayed and done what was offered (even if it was not what she signed for) the show would have been cancelled without anyone blaming her and she could have got a different gig later, maybe her own show on a different network, knowing she was someone committed to the profession even if the script was bad (casting agents like that). Now they’re going to think she’s someone ungrateful and stuck up.

          • delorb says:

            What if it were so unbearable that she just couldn’t take it one more day? TPTB with that show TOLD her that audiences overseas (white) weren’t ever going to show up just to see her. What makes you think they’d bite their tongue on anything else they had to say to her?

      • Denny says:

        She was in movies before Sleepy Hollow i.e. 42 and Shame…think she’ll be okay.

      • LilT says:

        Google her, and you’ll see what she’s doing now. She has no problems getting work, trust! 😑

    • Ant says:

      Abbie was the best thing for Crane and without her I just can’t take the show serious. They balanced each other out but I noticed how the storyline would somehow always come back to Crane and I didn’t like the one-sided plot. She was missing a lot in season 3 and I hated it. However, Nicole is doing ok, she’s staring in Jacob’s Ladder and I hope it’s a success.

  11. Kate says:

    I’m conflicted I am enjoying it but not with the same excitement of season 1 or 2.

  12. Doug Henning says:

    I voted for KEEP but feel it will be CUT.. Moving to Friday at 9 nailed it.. I actually like the new crew… But those ratings are pretty bad… I actually like H50 better..

    • Laurel Lane says:

      I’m with you. I don’t think it will make it but I voted to KEEP because I still love this show. And the constant moving around of the time slot every season didn’t help. Still love Tom Mison and his portrayal of Ichabod.

  13. Cross says:

    Cut. It’s terrible and shouldn’t have been renewed for a fourth season. And, honestly, anyone saying this is a “bubble” show is lying. It’s one of the worst-rated series on broadcast this season.

  14. Annie says:

    I’m not for the show coming back and I think your comment about what the Abbie-Crane partnership gave us that we don’t have now is insightful. However, I can’t understand at all thinking the show is NOW just a procedural. They turned it into a lame FBI procedural last season, and also frankly into a hot mess. At least this season has coherence and the current mythology ties back into the original one. And Crane has his backstory again – last season he just floated around without anything to ground him and did absolutely nothing. It’s not the same as S1 but they killed S1 Sleepy Hollow in S3, not now. At least we’re getting to see Crane as a real character again…so far, assuming they don’t botch that in the rest of the season. And then the show can quietly be done.

  15. Carla Krae says:

    Please don’t vote unless you’ve seen the new season. They’re doing good work if people would just look!

  16. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    There is so much more they can do now that they are in Washington. As much as I would like a fifth season, the dwindling ratings tell the tale. I’ll be watching right to the bitter end.

  17. Jai says:


    It’s gone from ridiculous and unique to ridiculous and painful. Just put this show out of its misery already.

  18. McQ says:

    A surprising KEEP for me. I wouldn’t have thought it possible about the clumsy end of the previous season burned up most my goodwill for the series. I like the new setting, and Diana has a nice, different chemistry with Crane. I’m glad Miss Jenny Mills made the move to DC, but I hope she has a storyline of her own after last season’s double dose of losses.

    • Laurel Lane says:

      I’m with you. I find every time she comes in and ‘saves the day’, I cheer…. When she first appeared on the scene in the first season, I didn’t care for her. Now I love her!

  19. GraceM says:

    About 4% majority to cut it vs. keep it.

  20. yay says:

    LOL that this is even a question. The numbers don’t lie 0.5

  21. Anthony says:

    Season 1 was so good, with Tom Mison playing Icabod Crane as a fish out of water. It had some intense moments but it had some light hearted, funny, enjoyable scenes. When I heard that John Noble was joining the cast, I was excited, he was incredible on Fringe. They totally misused him on Sleep Hollow, the heart warming and funny scenes went way and the series was a mess. I still continued watching the show, hoping it would right itself since it was so good Season 1. It actually has actually has gotten so much better this season, not as good as Season 1 but much better than any other season. However, I fear it is too late the ratings aren’t there as many have abandoned ship when Abbie died (and even before) so I am sure it will get cancelled which is a shame.

  22. TvLover says:

    I loved season 1 from the very first episode. Then the show changed during season 2. And Season 3 was hard to get through. I was honestly surprised that Fox decided to keep Sleepy Hollow going what with so many fans angered by Nicole Behaire’s character Abby Mills death in the season finale and then the subsequent cutting of nearly all of the remaining cast save for Mison and Greenwood, not to mention moving the show which is titled Sleepy Hollow to D.C.
    I’m probably in the minority of being one of the fans who’s actually enjoying this new season. Yet, it seems very evident at least for me anyway that Sleepy Hollow most likely won’t have a fifth season, especially if the ratings continue to drop.
    So I say cut it.

  23. Laurie says:

    Cut. This show has been consistently disappointing and underwhelming since mid season 2. Mison and Beharie’s chemistry and ability to spin crap into gold kept me watching. Now without that dynamic this show should have ended months ago. The audience gave them so many chances to improve and they repeated their same mistakes.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    There is no Sleepy Hollow without Abbie. It should never have been renewed. Cancel it now.

  25. worldtraveler9 says:

    KEEP. I’ve been watching since season 1 and while there were issues in S. 2 & 3, this season has been great. I would like to see how Molly grows as a witness.

  26. QueenB says:

    I loved the first season it had so much promise (it could have been the next Buffy or Angel) and yet the writers couldn’t keep it going and made so many poor choices that this once stellar series is a shell of its former self its still enjoyable but its never going to be as good as that first season. Part of me think they should have stuck to the limited miniseries structure it was intended to be and ended it then

  27. Ichabod Cranium says:

    Keep it. The new setting and new cast for the most part work well. I don’t miss Abbie in the least. By all means keep Jenny. If there’s some way to work in a Lucifer crossover …

    • Pizzaland says:

      You got what you wanted, and it ran the ratings into the ground. Congrats. People like you don’t care about overall good so long as you’re satisfied. At this point, it’s not helping Tom’s career. Him being on a show that fell to abysmal, laughable ratings when all the focus was on him? Yeah, no.

  28. I love this show wholeheartedly and know its prospects are dim. But it makes me happy and I would be very sad to say goodbye to the wonderful Ichabod .

  29. DebG says:

    The series started out original and fun, but the writers quickly drove the show off a cliff. Let the poor show die a respectful death. RIP Sleepy Hollow

  30. Jeff says:

    Cut cut cut!

  31. Debbie W says:

    Disappointed that it is a close race between keep and cut, but it is still more in the keep column. I love Tom Mison and he is great in this role. I would hope they could keep it another season so we can have some momentum to the characters. To the network…Please don’t toss it yet!

  32. Kristen says:

    The show is unique, fun and interestingly wacky.

  33. Jackie says:

    This is a show that should be on Netflix not FOX.

  34. Lily says:

    I’m for keeping it, there was definitely an improvement though I have to say I’m not fans of Jake or Alex’s character’s. Can someone please please please tell me if Pitch is going to be renewed though? That show is diamond in the rough and needs a second season.

  35. Diane B says:

    Love the show and it’s new direction please keep it

  36. YRPeopleDumb says:

    at this point, its like people who vote to keep it are in denial about being in an abusive relationship. Go watch something else. Let Tom find something worthy of his talent!

  37. Penny says:

    Love this show!

  38. Xyz says:

    I didn’t know it was still on the air!

  39. we need more seasons of this great show. i wantto see it expand as molly grows older and i want to ee cranes relationship with the new people in the show grow

  40. John NYC says:

    Totally keep. Much nicer show after all the familial nonsense.

    I miss Abby but not the past seasons “writing”.

  41. Mason says:

    Cut and let the actors move on, and yes I’ve seen the new season, it’s not working. FOX has set a new record for screwing up yet another fantasy sci-fi show. The show is literally DEAD last on their network.

  42. Christine says:

    I used to really love this show; to me, it filled the Fringe-shaped hole in my TV-loving heart. But when the cast started falling apart and the plots veered to the least interesting characters, I started falling out of love with it. The loss of Abbie has been, in my opinion, insurmountable. I’d rather remember the show as it used to be than watch what it’s become.

  43. Ron says:

    No Nicole, no Sleepy. Cut.

  44. michele G says:

    I am loving this season

  45. Wendy Melaga says:

    Such a good show. I’m watching it right now!!!! New season has been better than ever.

  46. Renee says:

    New season is a lot of fun! Keep for sure!

  47. La guera kellin gonzalez says:

    Sleepy hollow has been my absolute favorite. And this season it has blown my mind. Please dont take my show away. I love this. It teaches history in a mystical supernatural way. Its super awesome.

  48. Cut. The writers should have planned better for this 4th season, come up with a more plausible second witness and figured out how they were going to wrap this up 4 years into a 7 year travail. Although I do like the bad guy in this one quite a bit. And what is Ichabod living off off might I ask. And how did he just waltz into his archives after an absence of who knows how long.

  49. The poll is a pleasant surprise. I guess the “Whaaaaa I want Abbie” crowd can’t always get what they want.

    • yay says:

      Actually we have been getting what we want. Why do you think thisbpoll even exists? Or haven’t you seen the consistent 0.5 ratings?

      • Cali says:

        Well not really yay, because when you factor in the +3 & +7 the show is pulling a 1.1-1.3 with approx 3.2 million viewers. One of these days some network is going to wake up and not rely on outdated Nielsen ratings system that doesn’t apply to viewing habits today for those who watch TV shows. Even sports are finding out that their real numbers aren’t what Nielsen says they are. There are plenty of other mediums that people use to watch TV. Also the international market for this show is larger than the US market. I’m hoping the renew for a 5th season just to chap your ass.

        • yay says:

          Well looks like your ass was the one that was chapped. Looks like Fox looked at those 0.4 ratings and decided that Big Star wasn’t as big as they thought! ✌🏾

    • delorb says:

      Most of them have moved on, or have you not been paying attention to their Twitter feed or the ratings? LOL.

      • Pru says:

        Except you. YOU certainly haven’t moved on. It’s really amusing how fixated you are on a show you don’t like and claim you don’t watch. So many long diatribes in EVERY story about this show. Honestly, don’t you have anything better to do with your time? People are not listening to you any more, they’re laughing at you, just so you know.

        • delorb says:

          Why would I care about ‘people’ and whether or not they’re reading, listening or laughing? People don’t matter. What does is my opinion. Something I’m allowed to post wherever and whenever I please. I know it chaps you that I’m still here, but that’s your cross to bear not mine. I knew that some would start the blame game when things finally went to pot. That they would blame her, and her fans. That’s when I made it my business to point out my truth. BTW, it doesn’t take long to type these words, as I type quite quickly. LOL.

          • Pru says:

            Glad you’re at least self-aware enough to call it “my” truth, because it sure isn’t THE truth. It’s fan fiction.

          • delorb says:

            LOL. It’s MY truth because I was not on the set when things went down. Just as YOU weren’t there either. That kind of thinking, which seems foreign to you, is what adults do when they are connecting the dots. It’s also something that is done when one is having a conversation. Unlike what you’re trying to do which is to bully me off this forum because I’m saying something you don’t want to hear. Won’t work. I’m going to give my truth based on the interviews, observations and COMMON SENSE. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

          • Nick says:

            “People don’t matter. What does is my opinion.”

            Ah, now I get it.

        • Danielle says:

          Bwah! Fan fiction. It is indeed. The stories are getting more fantastical by the minute: the crew purposefully shook up Nicole’s beer!! OMG!!

          • delorb says:

            I guess you guys missed all the times they trolled her fans? Or all the times they mocked her fans. Or all the snide tweets that were directed at her fans. Or all the back and forth from them to her fans that got so nasty and heated that people had to beg off. So yeah, it’s in keeping with their behavior. To not only do something like that, but to film and show it.

          • Danielle says:

            I did miss a lot of that bc, with all due respect, I think certain fans have gotten so wound up that everything starts to look like it’s part of a grand conspiracy. When it’s really really not. I’m sorry but the beer thing…so what was it in that other gag reel clip when Tom reaches for a cell phone and it’s not there? Was the prop dept doing that on purpose bc they hated Tom? Or is just possible that, during 14 hour long filming days, 5-6 days week, over 9 months, with a very complicated show with A LOT of different props, a mistake occurs. I mean, I would apply Occam’s Razor here and say that’s the simplest and most likely explanation – not that there was a grand conspiracy. Which would be weird anyway bc Nicole gets veto over any of the clips they want to use. Plus she comes off really fun and cute in her response so…not sure why it’s something that is making her look bad?

    • Pizzaland says:

      But you’d rather the show hurt Tom’s career and waste his time? So long as you’re happy, right? By the way, the crowd lamenting Abbie’s departure took the show’s ratings with them.

    • Denny says:

      Hmm … did you check the check the ratings? This a last ditch effort to revive a dying show

  50. Kathy T says:

    Keep it! I’m really enjoying this season.. I like the new characters they’ve brought in.