Criminal Minds Recap Reid Prison

Criminal Minds Recap: Slaying Doctor

This week on CBS’ Criminal Minds, one of the BAU’s own landed behind bars, south of the border. And the outlook for acquittal is left looking murky.

In a cold open that could have been a jaw-dropper had promos not tipped the show’s hand, a dusty car chase in Mexico ended with Reid being hauled into police custody, after thousands of dollars’ worth of coke and heroin were found in his trunk. His memory mucked up by a drug-induced fog, Reid has little to say to the Federales outside of a half-hearted, rebuffed request to call his mom. He also recalls meeting up with a doctor named “Rosa,” just before the arresting officer discovers that their American jailbird is FBI.

En route to Mexico, Prentiss, Alves, Rossi and Lewis learn that Reid — who had told his mom’s nurse he’d be gone for three days — was stopped in the course of racing toward the border, while pursuing someone (in a pickup truck) himself. When found, he was doped up on cocaine and heroin, the combo of which would account for his “missing time.” Of course, the team can only wonder if Mr. Scratch is behind this frame job.

When the jail medic goes to draw blood, Reid at first notices the full name “Rosa Medina” inked on his forearm — before the needle to his vein evokes memories of his Season 2 torture at the hands of of Tobias Hankel. Reid also flashes back to his childhood, specifically the moment his father walked out out on him and Diana.

After finding that Reid had been boning up on “alternative medicine” (and that this was but the latest of several unannounced trips to Mexico), the team pays him a visit in jail, where they soon deduce that “Rosa Medina” is an anagram/alias for Nadie Ramos. In a nearby motel room, they and the local police find Nadie stabbed to death. Back at the police station, Prentiss attempts a cognitive interview with Reid, but his fuzzy recollection of the intruder barging in on him and Nadie at the motel would only serve to implicate him further, considering he recalls handling a knife at the time the doctor was stabbed.

When Beyond Borders‘ Matthew and Clara arrive to assist, they report that the contraband charge won’t stick, since the vials of medicine Reid was after, to help treat his mother, didn’t contain any illegal ingredients. The team then discovers that Nadie — who lived in Mexico but worked north of the border — had dual citizenship, a fact which allows them to take custody of Reid, just before he is carted off to a maximum security prison. On the way out, Prentiss is asked by the police for the recording of her interview with Reid, but she lies that she didn’t make one, given his compromised mental state and all.

Aboard the jet, Reid is uncuffed, as Prentiss & Co. promise they will get him the best counsel available through the FBI. But as the hour comes to a close, Walker is sad to report that because Reid wasn’t in Mexico on business when this all went down, he isn’t eligible for legal help through the Bureau — so they’re on their own to free him of the murder rap.

What did you think of the episode “Spencer”?


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  1. Angela says:

    In a cold open that could have been a jaw-dropper had promos not tipped the show’s hand

    LOL, I thought about that, too, during that scene.
    I loved all the “Revelations” references, ’cause that’s my favorite episode of the series. The very thought of somebody drugging Reid with cocaine of all things, though… Dang. That’s a tough one to process. If this is Mr. Scratch’s doing, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me, he ain’t playing around.
    I also loved JJ’s deep concern for Reid, and Luke being all supportive. And Emily throwing her weight around was good, too, though I’m worried about that lie of hers regarding the recording coming back to haunt them and potentially impact Reid’s chances at release.
    Can’t help but share in Garcia’s frustration, though. Totally sympathize with Reid being desperate to help his mom, but yeah. He absolutely could’ve handled all of this much better and let the team in on what was going on. Guessing we’ll learn more about this Nadie as time goes on as well. Reid’s certainty that he could trust her seems to indicate she was just an unfortunate pawn in this whole mess.
    But hindsight, 20/20, etc. This whole story arc has me nervous as to how it’ll all play out and end, but I’m intrigued, too. Certainly starting off with a bang, at least!

    • Tara says:

      I agree—- it’s in character for Reid to play things very close to the cuff over the years if I am remembering right at least. Some things that come to mind whether it was story arcs that ended up going by the wayside for whatever reason or something else I’m not sure to be honest. Things that come to mind for me at the moment…. Alex finding out about Maeve. When he was at the doctor the episode they went down to um Miami I think regarding his headaches. Everything going on with his mom especially in the beginning he hid that she was in Las Vegas and then where for a long time.

      I know that they said this would very much be a change for him in the show… I have to say at the moment I’m concerned but he’s at this point my favorite profiler.

      I too loved the other character’s support and being there for him I have no doubt that will continue but I have some anxiety too regarding how it plays out.

    • Queen B says:

      They’re getting desperate. Just sad.

    • Antoinnette Yvonne White says:

      Oh yes. And I love reading what all my co-criminal minds followers have to say

  2. Criminal Minds it’s one of my favorite shows I was glued to my seat

  3. Mrs Fruth says:

    They need to bring hotch back to defend be him

    • Not happening. Messer even said there were no plans for Thomas to come back. If they bring anyone back, I’d love for it to be Morgan. He is probably the one thing Reid needs. He is one of the only former team that knows about his mother and the dilaudid, he was there when it happened.

      • Emie says:

        Yes! That’s a fantastic idea! She mad Moore said he was open to guests staring for 1-3 episodes so it’s definitely a posibility:) things are looking really bad for Reid! I love him so much! Him and Derek together again would be perfect, and it seems realistic to bring him back for this. And oh my goodness I loved that JJ was so worried! I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • Dee says:

      That would be awsome but impossible!

  4. Kay Jones says:

    It was very intriguing ,I loved the plot

  5. Mary Love says:

    I just love the show. Spencer is one of my favorites and I know he will prevail. That young man has been through. So much and came out of it shining. Please don’t take him off the show, that would crush me. I’m already sad that Derek is gone and I’ll completely stop watching if you let Garcia go. She is why I watch the show reruns and all. I watch them over and over again and never get bored. I watch all day on Monday and Tuesday on Ion. I wish it came on everyday along with Leverage. I hate Law and Order I wish they would take that show off TV. I refuse to watch any law and order show. I like Criminal Minds and Leverage and Blue Bloods. But Criminal Minds is by far my favorite show on Television. Keep doing shows that chronical each member. Everyone has had one but I really enjoy the great writing that Criminal Minds has. It’s always so exciting. Keep up the good work and buy out those law and order slots and put more Criminal Minds on. Thank you

    • Emie says:

      I would definitely stop watching if Garcia leaves! Criminal minds is on Netflix if you ever want to watch it. You might like the show Goliath on Amazon- it was really really good! I hope they bring back Derek!

  6. dq18 says:

    Not really happy with the idea of drugging Reid since it just seems like a rehash of an old story line…Tobias Hankel anybody? Now I guess we’ll get to see him suffer through a relapse of addiction. Reid is such an amazing character and Gubler is such a creative and fantastic actor I hope there is a really fantastic payoff to this recycled storyline.

  7. Pam Fisher says:

    I am not sure I want Re8d to change… he was such a freshness …. an amazing beloved character….
    We miss Hotch… they were a family… a team…
    Am missing that

  8. Dawn says:

    Time to bring back Hotch to defend or get the lawyers for him and Morgan for someone to talk to him and be there

  9. A. Slaughter says:

    Cannot wait to see the rest! Please, no prison for Spencer!!

  10. Used to be one of my favorite shows, now it’s just getting stupid. Never liked the Ried character, grown men who act like they can’t tie their own shoes are annoying. I’ll go back to watching something else.

  11. Barbara Nickles says:

    So good… I love this show!

  12. Shanita says:

    I believe but can’t say for sure Morgan is getting ready to make a comeback to help out

  13. Allie says:

    Bring back Hotch!!! Prentiss sucks as does this Reid storyline. 3 episodes…REALLY????

    Time to change channels.

    • Phyll Hill says:

      I love Reid and this story line does not fit him to me as being a murderer. I had not seen this show in a while so I was surprised to see my favorite character in this situation and as a true fan I boohoo cried, lol,, because they took Reid too jail, that’s my genius!!!!

  14. Karen says:

    I love Reid! I sure hope he isn’t leaving the show. We’ve already lost 2 great ones. If we lose him I probably won’t watch anymore. I sure hope his memory somehow comes back.

  15. This whole scenario just sounds too far fetched. For years Spencer has been the sensible one amongst the team and NOW they decide to make a story out of him that in my eyes he would never take part in.

    Bring back the sense please

  16. Peggy says:

    I can’t wait until this is over for Reid. I have been watching for a long time & I see it playing out the same way it did for Morgan. And I don’t like it. If Reid goes off the show there is only one person left on the show that I like & that is JJ. I would probably stop watching. I just wanted to step in that tv & give Reid a hug. He has been my favorite since Morgan left. Come on writers figure this out & get Reid our of prison.

  17. musicrules117cammyb says:

    I don’t think it’ll be possible to re-gain fans if they get rid of Reid. If this is a 3-episode thing like I’ve heard, I’ll give the next 2 episodes a shot but I’m not giving this show anymore chances if they get rid of him. I may like JJ and Garcia but Reid is a deal-breaker for me at this point.

  18. Deb says:

    I think its stupid, lets get the team back together and solve casses, i wont watch anymore until spencer is out

  19. betsy ross says:

    Until this ridiculous Reid business is finished I’m not watching. This show is really not as good with all the people that have left. Boring and predictable.

    • Tracy Humphrey says:

      This Spencer Reid in prison storyline is the worst. I will stop watching this show if it doesnt stop ASAP. Ridiculous! Im a huge criminal minds fan but this is the worst.

  20. Christina Heath says:

    Love this show but do not like this storyline. I will watch the show again when this is over. Sorry.

  21. Fatima Cabral says:

    I don’t think he’ll be able to work in FBI again. Where is this really going?

  22. Linda says:

    I’d like them to solve the Spencer issue and get back on track.
    If he leaves the show, it will be a huge loss that the show cannot afford.

  23. newz says:

    why are you doing this to my fave character?

  24. Miriam says:

    They should stick to the cases. The Reid thing is terrible. He would be in protective custody and that one guard would never have the power to switch Reid to a different prison grouping. Reid must have negotiated some sort of deal where they focused on him and gave more air time to his character. Really though, they could have done so many different things.

  25. jill wilson says:

    It’s getting really old. he’s my favorite character, and I don’t even want to watch anymore . I never saw a show fall apart the way this one has. Don’t know if it’s both Hotch and Morgan leaving…or just hotch…but the chemistry between those who remain is so flat…episodes are dull. If that’s what made Thomas Gibson kick someone, I kind of understand…..geez.

  26. Terri says:

    I don’t like Reed in prison storyline at all. In fact I DVR the show so I can fast forward in those parts. Good acting job for the actor, but it ruins the character Reed for us.
    This use to be one of my favorite shows, now I don’t really care if I miss it or not.

  27. Sherry says:

    It’s getting old now with Spencer in jail. Why use up the whole season on Reid in jail? It’s not worth watching any longer since the story line remains the same each week.

  28. Jackie Foley says:

    I can’t wait for it to be over
    I hate it!

  29. Terry L Cramer says:

    I don’t like my Spencer Reid in jail. I wouldn’t like any of my favorite characters behind bars.. It would be great to see Hotchner & Derek back home where they belong. The show has lost it’s edge since the departure. I tune in for the actors who have been on the show from the very beginning. It’s time to do the right thing and reunite these awesome actor’s & lose the person who is ruining this show.

  30. Pam says:

    I think the storyline about Spencer is getting old. Either keep him in jail or let him out. It’s the same over and over. Also how is his mother able to live with someone and Reed not be there? Doesn’t make any sense since she couldn’t function without him. Tired of watching!!!

  31. ntcgleeds says:

    After watching Criminal Minds Season 12 and what has happened to FBI Genius Spencer Reid so far this show better be fiction for if not I’m sorry but the American legal system is CRAP!!!!! How can you be a decorated officer with 10 years FBI service clean record, dozen highly esteemed character witnesses and all circumstantial evidence and FBI don’t support you, judge would rather go home for tea than hear character witnesses, man is looking at 25 to life with no bail after years of service and he’s actually innocent but no one cares! Please let these writers be writing fiction processing cause if not legal system in us is official crap!!!

  32. Dee says:

    I’m getting tired of these season after season after etc…. Of the same ubsub pulling the strings. Tell the writters to grow up and stop using tired ole plot lines!!!!!!

  33. Antoinnette Yvonne White says:

    OMG, I love that boy so much. I call him my baby. I hated seeing him even looking like that

  34. K Moore says:

    I lost interest in this story line

  35. Susan James says:

    I’m so confused. How the hell did Reid end up in PRISON when he didn’t go to trial?????? then he’s out because a judge finally believed the BAU.

  36. Lita says:

    Good way to lose viewers.

  37. Wine says:

    I would like to see gibson and moore come back and raid become free and all team again work together like before.