Blindspot Season 2

Blindspot on the Bubble: Keep or Cut?

By mid-May, the broadcast networks must make some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2017-18 TV season, and which… won’t.

As that deadline draws near, TVLine is singling out a few “bubble” shows and sizing up their prospects — based in large part on creative strides (and stumbles) and future potential, but also with a requisite nod to cold, hard numbers.

Next up is NBC’s latest Freshman Hit-turned-Sophomore Slumper.

THE SHOW | NBC’s Blindspot (Wednesdays at 8/7c)

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | Blindspot has always been at its most compelling when Jane actually gets clued into her mysterious past and isn’t left to stare, helpless, at the events happening around her. The series has leaned into that storytelling technique much more in Season 2; by giving Jane a meatier backstory (and actual relatives!), it’s much easier to invest in the myriad conspiracies she and the FBI team find themselves investigating.

The show also finds itself at a difficult crossroads, tone-wise — half-serialized crime mystery, half-Tattoo of the Week procedural. When it strikes the right balance, Blindspot is on. Sure, Jane’s body art is fun to look at and dissect, but at the center of it all is a much darker, more intriguing storyline — and the series has killed off juuuust enough major characters to legitimately leave you on the edge of your seat in the final moments of each episode.

But perhaps the best case for Blindspot‘s renewal is the story that hasn’t yet been told. Despite the breadcrumbs that the series’ writers have laid in regards to Jane’s past (and her connection to Weller), the show seems to be nowhere near delivering the closure that viewers would crave if it were cancelled. At the very least, invested fans have earned even a truncated, loose-end-tying Season 3.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | Just as Revolution dropped nearly half its ratings with its own Season 2 move from Mondays-at-10 to Wednesday’s lead-off spot, Blindspot is thus far down 40 percent from its freshman run. Averaging a 1.1 in the demo — and recently sliding as low as 0.9 — it ranks No. 8 out of NBC’s 10 dramas, besting only Grimm‘s farewell run and “event series” Emerald City.

As for the storytelling, even viewers who’ve watched Blindspot since Jane crawled out of that duffel bag wouldn’t be faulted for losing track of its many, many subplots. What started off as a story about Jane Doe, and the FBI agent tasked with protecting her, has morphed into something much more complex — and that’s made it increasingly difficult to follow.

Vote below, and then state your own case for keeping or cutting Blindspot.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. lastfrontier84 says:

    I still like it and don’t get the dislike for this season. Questions are getting answers and it’s making more sense. It needs more Rich Dotcom. Those are the BEST episodes. Also the creators planned for three seasons so if it wraps that would be the time to do it.

  2. lastfrontier84 says:

    I want some more back story on Oscar too. We don’t know much about him and Remy. How they met and how he got involved since Shepherd and her kids were the masterminds of Sandstorm.

  3. Kevin says:

    KEEP BLINDSPOT. If it gets renewed why not re-invented the series and would be great if Timeless follows suit with Blindspot. I’m fine about the series’ move from Mondays @ 10 to Wednesdays @ 8 so far this season if NBC didn’t help Revolution at all.

  4. Eran says:

    I dropped out. No jumping the shark moment, no “Papa Popes or Jake Ballards,’ just, something was lost between season one and two and that somehow makes it even more unfortunate… In terms of new characters, Jane’s relatives are about as sympathetic as a doomsday cult and Archie Panjabi’s character… the epitome of squandered potential. A real shame.

    • Leona says:

      Agree. I’m still watching, but my heart is not in it. I don’t like Jane’s brother and the whole Sandstorm storyline.

      • This. I’m still watching, but if they announced the cancellation, I wouldn’t shed any tears. It’s just not that interesting any more. I think the mystery of ‘Who is Jane?’ was what kept me with S1, and the answer to ‘Who Jane Is.’ has lost me in S2.

        • Countryole says:

          @Magicallysuspicous, totally agree with the “who is she?” vs “who she is”. In fact your statement really sums it all up in a nutshell. I feel like they jumped the gun and moved too fast, when they could’ve took their time revealing who she was. The mystery is what made the entire situation so fascinating, you had to leave a lot up to imagination. I’m still watching too, I would love to see them get a S3 and come back strong, but I’m afraid with Martin’s new pilot picked up by ABC that Blindspot has been put on the back burner…

    • carolinaalvarennga says:

      Yes, Archie Panjabi´s character Adds nothing to the story

    • Chris says:

      I agree as well. It has become too far-fetched, especially with the shooting/killing sprees that they miraculously survive each week. Not even Archie Panjabi can save it.

  5. “increasingly difficult to follow” ??! Don’t try Lost.

  6. fernando933 says:

    I think NBC should renew it along with Blacklist and put them on Friday nights

  7. Olivia says:

    It’s more and more apparent recent shows that require people to focus a bit are bound to fail as soon as it gets a little too 3 dimensional if it’s on network tv. That trend is worrying. Thank god a show like Fringe got to air before the general IQ crashed.

    • George H. says:

      I love Fringe. Discovered it on Netflix. Watched the entire series 4 times in a row from beginning to end, lol.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I don’t think that it’s an IQ problem. TV was never really serialized. I think that it’s a problem of after working 8-10 hours people just want to go home and shut their mind off for a little while. So, if the show is not that good, which I would argue Blindspot is not, why waste the effort watching it. Person of Interest, Fringe, and Chuck are examples of serialized shows that didn’t seem like a chore to watch after a long day of work. Although I watch every episode of Blindspot most weeks it takes an effort to work up the motivation to even want to see it. The story is all over the place. There’s too many subplots. I mean really, who thought that the molestation and gambling storylines needed to be told? After almost 2 full seasons the viewer still has no idea why Sandstorm is doing what they are doing other than a vague “the government is corrupt” motivation which doesn’t make the viewer invested in them one way or another. Characters come and go without any logical reason. Weller is going to be a father? And now the mother is leaving town? Why even bother with this as it so far has went and seems to be continuing to go absolutely nowhere? Once I start watching a show it is hard for me to quit it so, I almost hope that it gets cancelled so that the decision is taken away from me.

      • Pierre Karl says:

        Good analysis!!!!

      • carolinaalvarennga says:

        I agree with you a lot of nonsense (subplots).

      • Temperance says:

        I’m all for entertaining TV, but Americans need to spend 90% LESS time turning their minds off. The world is going to come crumbling down around their ears from ‘turning their minds off’. They’re not idiots…. they just act like it.

      • Bob Jones says:

        That is one of the things that gets me too . . . there are shows that I will watch no matter what because the subject matter is interesting to me, such as Game of Thrones, and previously Person of Interest and Fringe.

        But not, I ‘record’ shows and they just sit there – Blindspot, The Walking Dead, Homeland, etc. I am beginning to understand why shows fall off such as Dexter or Hawaii Five-), NCIS Los Angeles . . . after a couple of years, higher concept shows seem to move to the forefront even when they do not last [NBC’s The Player, etc.]

    • grazelled says:

      Sorry, I disagree with you about why many viewers don’t like this show. I just didn’t like it and dropped it. I watched several complex shows with their own mythology over the last 10 years including Lost, Fringe, and others. Complexity aside, Blindspot just didn’t keep me entertained and that’s the point of TV.

      • Olivia says:

        TL;DR: It was not related to Blindspot only and it’s just my own perception anyway ;)

        Rant below.

        I can understand that some people like it and others don’t based on taste, unmet expectations, the cast or whatever other deal-breaker reason from the get-go. It was more a reflection on the general state of network shows. While cable, Netflix etc offers a wide range of shows that make you focus, sometimes think and require your memory to be engaged in order to enjoy the developments, network tv is aiming more and more at the lowest common denominator which is generic content. That wouldn’t be an issue if there was also a decent amount of layered content for everyone else. Problem is: shows currently have a hard time keeping an audience if they develop things too much and either turn into a dime a dozen shows, something they weren’t to begin with, or they jump the shark to compensate the complexity they can’t play with and lose everyone’s interest in the process. And that’s if they’re lucky enough to not get axed.

        Cable & co is satisfied with an often smaller but loyal and connected audience (like CW, an exception in that regard). Therefore, it makes sense to see layered content seekers turn to them. Making them in turn offer more of this type of content. Basically one side’s standards are lowering while the other’s are raising. It does not mean in any way that one is sh– and the other the epitome of greatness. It’s the balance or lack thereof that’s worrying me. Whenever a network show get a tiny little bit complex (I said complex, not a convoluted mess… looking at you, Wayward Pines) I see people say “it’s difficult to follow” and these same shows are often those we see on the “on the bubble” lists. Coincidence? Maybe. Could be that it’s not the complexity but the declining quality and I’m totally wrong. It raises questions nonetheless.

        In this particular case: Blindspot is not exactly Twin Peaks… Network tv went from having shows like X-Files, Fringe, Lost, 24, Heroes etc being dissected to no end by fans each week to weekly comments like like “I can’t keep up with Quantico because there are two timelines”. Not even “both timelines are difficult to follow/not entertaining/whatever”… no, just “there are 2… brain hurting”. Seriously? That’s why TPTB are about to get rid of it altogether. It’s telling. I’m personally more bothered with some S2 wtf subplots but oh well. I won’t even discuss DOA Frequency.

        In the meantime, elsewhere – cable, Netflix, non US shows: the more layered it gets, the more people are captivated: Game Of Thrones, Orphan Black, OITNB, Dr Who, Mr Robot, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things… so many past and current shows.

        Again, all of this is MY observation and opinions. I know we can’t all like the same things or watch something for the same reasons. But for me, US network tv night slots are currently home to people who just want instant drama/resolution, standalone episodes and the only underlying stuff they accept to be patient for is the will they/won’t they trope. Not to mention those who ask for “family shows” (definition depending on the reality you’re living in) every night of the week, on every channel. And that home is slowly getting rid of some roommates.

    • Nan says:

      So true…Fringe was a great show…great pace..well written storylines…never left you hanging too long…bring back shows like that instead of Will & Grace, Dynasty, etc…all reboots…

  8. HAP says:

    Seems to me that they toned down the edginess of the show when it got that early time slot.

    • tamim says:

      I get the same feel. I also keep wondering why TV networks, time and time and time again, shift a perfect wonderful performing show to a different time slot. It rarely works out. When shifts do seem to work out are situations where you have a great show, but no one is stopping to watch, even though it’s been placed during a traditionally high performing slot. Or the show is great, but is on a less desirable time slot, so you swap it to the better time slot it has earned. (this happened to Seinfeld – it was a wed show, but moved to thurs rather quickly I think)

  9. Samuel says:

    I am only slightly swinging towards a Keep because it stars Sullivan Stapleton. Otherwise, it is becoming very boring and repetitive.

  10. Gerald says:

    Luke Mitchel’s Roman makes the show great this season.

  11. Dominique says:

    keep. this is one of the better shows on television and it deserves more than it gets.
    nbc really needs to stop giving shows a deathslot and then act surprised ratings are dropping.

  12. kirads09 says:

    Keep!! We need more answers. I love Blindspot!

  13. Max says:

    I love the show, but not at 8pm. So I DVR it, and sometimes let the episodes pile up.There will come a time when I won’t care to watch anymore. Put it back to 10pm where it belongs.

  14. J.Norman says:

    Isn’t a big ratings drop what happens to most NBC shows once they move away from the protective umbrella of the Voice.

    This is Us is obviously an exception, but this drop was totally predictable for Blindspot.

  15. Jess says:

    I’m only watching for Archie Panjabi and they don’t seem to have any use for her character, so if it gets cancelled, I’ll survive.

  16. George H. says:

    Keep it, but move it to USA Network and give it a proper time slot that can really explore the stories with the action it deserves. The “toned down” version in the more friendly timeslot just isn’t cutting it.

  17. Katherine215 says:

    I loved the show last season and have been sorely disappointed in season 2. What I loved last season was the team element (which they continue to kill with Tasha’s snarkiness toward Jane) and Jane rediscovering herself. I think Roman has been a disaster (even though I love Luke Mitchell) and all of Jane’s time is spent in service of Roman rather than having her own storyline. Also, while I also like Archie Punjabi, her character is terrible, and the “romance” with Weller was weird and awkward, and that was incredibly distracting. Get back season 1, Blindspot!

  18. Ryan says:

    i love the show, but am so behind, id be ok if they gave it a proper conclusion

  19. Red Snapper says:

    Keep unless it comes down to Blindspot or Timeless then cut. I still like it but its not as compelling as the first season. It usually takes me a few days to get around to watching it. The best thing about this season is Luke Mitchell’s Roman. He is great in this role.

  20. Boiler says:

    Dump it and bring back Laura!

  21. Gwen says:

    I’m on the fence about this. I still enjoy the FBI team (especially Patterson!), but I wish the whole Sandstorm story line would get wrapped up soon.

  22. Manny says:

    The stories have not been as good this year as they were last year. Jane’s tattoos leading to stories had a better direction. Get rid of the brother and terror gang he worked for.

  23. BMac says:

    Definitely keep it! It’s a great show and it’s one of the very few that I watch on the day and time it airs. It’s not hard to keep up with if you’re paying attention. I’ve been watching from the beginning and still enjoy it very much. I kind of wish they had skipped the baby mama drama and the Nas/Weller drama and focused more on the whole mystery of what the heck is going on with Jane and Sandstorm. I have to agree that the Rich Dotcom episodes are fantastic – he’s a great character. I’d hate to be left hanging and never know how this story wraps up (But it wouldn’t be the first time!). Just my 2 cents!

  24. I want the show to succeed I really do. I think they should not have moved them from their previous time spot and I think we need to move on from Sandstorm as soon as possible.

  25. VegasGal72 says:

    The first season was so good with the episodes being about the tattoos and solving the cases. This season has kind of sucked. I have nearly given up on it a few time. I would like to see a season 3 if they could go back to the original formula. It also wouldn’t break my heart if it got cancelled.

  26. Amy Jahnke says:

    The ratings are down because of the awful time slot. This show is awesome with Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton! We want Season 3!!!

  27. Lame says:

    The minuet NBC moved Blindspot from Monday to Wednesday and from the adult viewing hour of 10 pm to kiddie time of 8, the exceptional series was doomed.. chalk it up to boardroom stupidity .

  28. carolinaalvarennga says:

    In this second season in addition to making the character Kurt disgusting in many ways invented those plots unnecessary(bb) couple (kurt and Nas) without chemistry.

  29. browniehardbody says:

    The steady driving engine to the series seems to be the connection and potential love between Jane and Kurt Weller. The mysteries and clues of Jane’s tattoos which lead Weller’s Team to varied missions to hunt terrorists and other nefarious criminals is very much spiced with the interaction between Jane and Weller, and ultimately the entire team of Reade, Zapata and Patterson. The bad diversion of Allie’s pregnancy and the Nas/Weller lack-luster-no-chemistry hook-up was enough to turnoff many in the show’s fandom who simply stopped watching the show!. Putting a definite end to Allie and Nas (Yes… literally kill them off, so that they won’t return to haunt Kurt and Jane in future episodes… and seasons… if they’re are future seasons!) would be the solution a large number of the fans and viewers would cheer. They have posted their feelings in social media with these same solutions.

  30. Ash says:

    I love the cast but the plot can be frustrating. Patterson and Roman are the only characters who are consistent for me. Weller was better in season 1, when he treated Jane like Taylor. Jane kinda feels second string to Weller at the moment. The other two fbi leads are off on there own sub plot that I don’t care about. I guess I could see a third season, Friday maybe?

  31. C. Johnson says:

    My husband and I love blindspot! The story line moves fast and keeps us on our toes. It’s not something you can casually watch. It keeps us sitting on the edge of our seats! PLEASE keep this this tv series. It’s one of the only shows that relaxes me, by actually taking my mind off my work…I’m a nurse..

  32. Carlos Lee says:

    I loved Season 1. 2nd Season is okay and I still watch. It is more difficult to follow than Season 1. Some of Season 2 is unbelievable. Twice the FBI headquarters got infiltrated and likable doctor is a mole. What happened to security checks?

  33. Colleen says:

    I’d love to see more interaction between the team. Right now, it feels like Jane’s storyline prevents her from interacting with Reade, Zapata, and Patterson. I like the characters, and I really liked the first season, so I hope the show gets the chance to make improvements in season 3.

  34. jb says:

    Two things that bug me about this show: (1) The cinematography. The camera is constantly in motion, supposedly to convey action I guess. It just makes me queasy. They invented the Steadicam for a reason! (2) The Patterson character: It seems every modern show of this type has some computer nerd that magically hacks something or has some out-of-nowhere insight that leads to the bad guys. In this particular show, the team would be helpless without her. They have no investigative skills of their own.

  35. Louise says:

    I started to lose interest with all the ‘sandstorm’ stuff. The Tattoo’s are what got me to watch in the first place. Go back to that and I will keep watching.

  36. Cindy Chuhaloff says:

    Please don’t cut, my favorite show since Bones. Would hate to miss out on this one!

  37. Austin says:

    Keep Blindspot. Great show with a great story line.

  38. Lorenzo Boldware says:

    The show is great, to cut it will be a big mistake. Go back to solving the puzzles on Jane’s body.

  39. Ray says:

    Keep. Blindspot is far better than the Blacklist and its’ wooden lead actress whatsherface

    • Partisan says:

      Gotta agree. Love Spader, hate Megan Boone, at least they way she plays the character. Best thing they could have done was leave her dead.

  40. Tahoe Mike says:

    Keep the show, kill Weller. I don’t know if it’s the character or the actor I can’t stand, but every moment he’s on screen is just painful. At least twice an episode I find myself yelling STFU at the screen when he is on. I like all the other characters and actors and enjoy the rest of the show, but that guy has to go.

  41. Partisan says:

    Best thing they could do for this show is….have Jane get her memories back. The conflict between who she was and who she’s become would be much more visceral if she actually understood why she joined with sandstorm in the first place then had to reconcile that with her new loyalties and perspectives. The current story line is getting kind of tedious and has really played out, They need a fresh direction if the show is going to survive. It would also be nice if we understood where all the intel that was put into the tattoos came from and how they could see so far into the future when the inked her.

  42. KEEP IT! Sometimes the show loses its balance but otherwise it’s very good and it deserves a final season at least.

  43. Nan says:

    I would keep this show as the article stated I think there is a lot more story to tell, however, with that being said, the pace is not as dynamic as Season 1 so I think they need to up that. I am still intrigued as to what the whole story is…just think they need to get there faster. Viewers like to get answers sooner rather than later.,,,at least I do. You can get easily bored on a long drawn out storyline. There are so many procedurals on TV and it is so easy to change the channel….so the writers/networks need to be on their toes

  44. ella jasper says:

    Honestly, I am sick of Shepherd and how she is always one step ahead. I have a hard time understanding Weller when he mumbles. I wish he would just talk with his accent, it would be better than the mumbling. I love Jane and the other characters. But we need to be done with Shepherd and move on. And yes, I agree with the person that said Archie’s character is so wasted, very disappointed about that. She was much better as Kalinda. We loved this show the first season, but not so much now.

  45. sweetrupturedlight says:

    I vote cut. It pains me but they killed this show with ridiculous writing.

  46. Donna says:

    What can I say , apart from totally addictive love it , it’s so gripping

  47. Marsha says:

    Please keep the show blind-spot it is a very mind blowing TV series. Love the characters the way it’s laid out and very interesting…Keep Keep……

  48. Lisa says:

    This season has been tougher to stay interested in, but I’d like to at least see a S3 that wraps stuff up. I wish they’d get back to Weller & Jane’s connection, rather than all these weird subplots and other “love interests.” Plus, I love Sullivan Stapleton so I hope it sticks around just so I can see a bit more of him.

  49. Al says:

    Blndspot would also benefit greatly with a more condensed episode order. 22-23 episodes a year tends to stretch the story out way too much unless your a hospital set drama/police drama with a case of the week (I’m aware that the FBI also falls into the category but the show sets itself apart with other plots) . So I’d choose quality over quantity.

    The thing about Blindspit is that the serialized elements are more interesting than the case of the week sometimes like mentioned above but with such a big season order, there’s bound to be filler episodes to pad it and that veer off from the main narrative unfortunately. So maybe if it’s renewed it can just be for 16 or so episodes?