Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Luthor Family Values

Monday’s Supergirl rehashed the Luthor family’s messy history — not that its present is any less complicated.

Knowing she’d never be able to cut it on her own, Lillian spent much of the hour attempting to woo her daughter over to the dark side — first by revealing the truth about Lena’s parentage (she’s the result of Lionel’s affair!), then by convincing the world that Lena provided Metallo with synthetic Kryptonite, making her part of a larger conspiracy.

Through it all, Kara remained the only person who believed in Lena’s innocence, which paid off when it was discovered that Metallo really got the Kryptonite from Cyborg Superman. (Don’t get me wrong, Kara’s journalistic integrity remains very much in question, but she was right this time.)

But can we talk about that last scene between Kara and Lena? I get that Lena is supposed to come across all cagey and mysterious, but there were major sparks being thrown in Kara’s direction. I’m not saying there’s anything romantic going on between them, but I was definitely expecting Lena to go in for a kiss.

Elsewhere this week…

* Though Mon-El claimed his new relationship was going “great,” Eve sang a slightly different tune, telling Kara, “All he did was talk about you the entire date.” Kara admitted that she was “angry” when she heard they were dating, but when Mon-El pressed for an elaboration, Kara shut down yet again. It wasn’t until the episode’s final scene, in which Mon-El dropped by Kara’s apartment, that she finally (almost) kissed him. (Thanks for nothing, Mr. Mxyzptlk!)

* Alex “introduced” the gang to Maggie, and I’m trying to decide whose reaction I enjoyed more: Hank’s (“Of course I knew — I’m psychic”) or Mon-El’s (“Is that, like, a problem here on Earth?”).

Your thoughts on this week’s Luthor-centric episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Jason says:

    Kara and Mon-el feel like shipper bait written to attract the CWs demo instead of anything that feels organic to a story and judging from the feedback i’ve seen its not working with the fandom. Im still not feeling those two as anything more than friends

    • Mary says:

      Agreed. They may look cute together, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a couple.

    • Jim says:

      It’s just a fling. Mon-El has an arc on the show that probably won’t extend beyond the end of this season. And Kara’s a hot blonde twentysomething superhero who hasn’t had sex in at least two years. That’s just unrealistic, and frankly a waste. Look, all the other superheroes have gotten plenty laid already, even dopey Ray Palmer, right?

    • I’m kind of with you on this. I feel like this relationship is forced. I think all the romantic pairings on this show feel forced. They write very good superhero stuff, but the romantic stuff doesn’t really work for me. Alex is such a stereotype at this point that she might as well wear a shirt that says “I’m gay and happy. Look at me. Accept me.” We get it. True acceptance is NOT making such a big deal about it. See how they wrote Sulu in Star Trek Beyond for a perfect example of that.

      More on topic, Supergirl had so much more chemistry with Barry, and I’m hoping at some point, they find someone better. Kara had a big relationship with Brainiac 5, and that could make a really good arc in a future season.

    • Pedro says:

      Completely disagree. They have chemistry and compliment each other.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I know I’m in the minority but I find Kara and Mon-El pretty charming. I like the rom-com vibe between them, even though the contrived obstacles in the way of them actually getting together are starting to wear thin. (And no, I’m not in the CW demo, for what it’s worth.)

    • Superwoman says:

      You are not in the minority…just because part of the fandom is more vocal & louder does not make them the majority.

      • Jason says:

        there is no way you can believe the majority of the fandom like kara and mon-el. I am no shipper but looking around..everywhere. People are not feeling this romantic pairing and i’m not some biased shipper.

        • Superwoman says:

          I believe the silent are the majority…louder is simply just that, loud!

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            Hahahaha, thank you for this. I get so tired of the same old argument on every show. People like (or dislike) what they like. There’s no right or wrong here. Why does it always have to be minority/majority BS.

        • danvrs says:

          fyi Jason here is correct. the majority of the active fanbase can’t stand mon el. he’s poorly written, and his ‘romance’ with kara is grossly sexist. the first thing he does when he wakes up is try to kill her, but the show keeps telling the audience kara should just ‘give him a chance.’ what a terrible message to send to the young women in the audience watching their hero act like she’s in pain whenever this jerk is around, but is still going to end up with him. so much for a “feminist” show :/ At least James and Kara had a mature, if not always perfect, relationship based on mutual respect and attraction.

      • Stacey says:

        I actually like Mon-El and Kara together. I think it’s lighthearted and sweet. I’m not a huge shipper of them, but I enjoy their scenes. I do think they need to expand his character a bit beyond a LI, I think that’s the major issue. I love Chris Wood, so I hope he sticks around!

        • Superwoman says:

          I agree..I would love to see Mon El’s character expanded beyond LI. That was my issue with James last season, and it’s my issue with Iris West on TF as well.

          • Stacey says:

            I completely agree. And yes, poor Iris, why can’t they give her a SL not involving Barry. I love Westallen, but she needs to be her own person too.

    • Sara says:

      You are not in the minority. It depends on the site – some places are huge Kara and Mon-el shippers and some are not. And some are just more vocal.

      Personally, I love them together.

    • Rylie says:

      I like them together too. I love reading how bitter people are about them lol

    • Katherine215 says:

      I really like them too! I thought this episode was really cute and I even rewatched the scene in the gym space, which is high marks for me. I think his character is fun and quirky and will hopefully lighten Kara up a bit.

    • girlpower says:

      honey learn to love yourself. Castle/Beckett had a rom-com vibe. Lucifer/Chloe have a rom-com vibe. Mon El is as useful as a fart in a jam jar, and so far he’s 1. tried to kill kara, 2. insulted her passions (saving people) 3. called her selfish 4. lied to her (repeatedly) 5. refused to take eve basic direction, like good heavens how low are your standards for what makes a good relationship???

      • Katherine215 says:

        wow, condescending much? I don’t see how you’re in favor of “girl power” when you’re telling other women what is acceptable for them to enjoy in TV relationships.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Favorite episode of the season! I loved everything about it. I wish they would make Katie McGrath a regular, she is amazing as Lena. And Kara needs a girl friend. Mon-El is adorable, but I really don’t see the chemistry between him and Kara, I definitely see them more as friends.

    • Olivia says:

      Agree. I could watch her read Ikea’s instructions and I’d still be in awe. I loved her in Slasher (and other things, but this one stands out). As Lena she’s even more captivating. I don’t see how she would fit as regular though, but having her on as much as possible? Hell yes! On second thought, I remember that useless James has been hogging screentime so actually yeah, she would still fit better.

      Regarding her chemistry with Kara: unfortunately that’s how you know LGBT characters are still not treated the same even on super gay friendly shows. They can’t even begin to imagine having two same sex pairings at the same time, as if in real life gay couples never coexist in the same group/place. “They” being networks more often than not. The writers are not blind and see the potential certain things have, the material they can wor with… but there’s a quota, obviously. Which is a shame because Kara/Lena feels organic and on the other hand Kara/Mon-El is clearly not. Neither has been Kara/James, but at least it was more believable and healthy than with Mon-El imo, regardless of my dislike of James (I don’t hate him, I’m just not entertained by him, Guardian really annoys me and the “dudebro” vibe that’s been instilled in S2 does nothing to help his case (or Mon-El’s, for that matter, although at least Mon-El can be funny, more like Winn’s type of humor).

      It’s still a great show, I love it, I love it even more when it’s unapologetically feminist and female-oriented. Can’t we have one show, ONE, where the guys don’t end up being the center of attention at some point? And I don’t mean a small arc or an ep, I’m talking about the seemingly inevitable trope of female stories and characterization being put second and/or revolving around the males and becoming the show’s focus.

      That’s why I love Winn and Jonn, they’re funny and benevolent guys whose awesomeness does not rely on being “the guy that saves the day because the girl(s) need(s) it” nor the love interest that makes female characters do a 360° because they apparently throw every spine they had out the window and can’t resist some broody/mysterious/misunderstood abstastic cliché with a dopy smile. Winn and Jonn are great characters with organic connections to the females and not just shoehorned into the girls’ storyline because reasons.

      • nebia92 says:

        I nodded along so fervently reading your comment that I might have gotten light whiplash. Thank you for putting your (and somehow most of my) thoughts on this topic so elegantly but nonetheless sharply into words.

  4. Josh says:

    Thanks Mr.Mxyzpltx!!! Kara’s speech was completely trite and cringy. I was about to gag. Sadly the forced romance will still continue she evens why she shouldn’t be into cause he’s a douche bro.

  5. Sam says:

    It’s a shame Lena and kara have a ton of romantic chemistry because we know the writers will never act on it and are likely to make Lena evil but they could had an interesting love story. It seems the show is really pushing the kara mon-el romance .. it could be interesting depending on how they write it but it seems to be a copy of karaolsen season 1, which is a shame…

    • Josh says:

      It really looked like Lena was going to plant one on her!!

    • Sara says:

      Sorry – do not see it

    • Stacey says:

      Yes, Lena and Kara have the most romantic chemistry together out of any pairing on the show. I like Mon-El and Kara, but Kara and Lena is where it’s at. I really wish they would explore this avenue, but I highly doubt it with Mon-El around.

    • Jim says:

      They’re not going to have another lesbian romance on the show aside from Alex and Maggie, let alone featuring Kara. I’d love to be wrong, but I just don’t see it for a lot of reasons, many of which you can probably figure out. It’s too bad, because that couch scene between them was HOT. And they weren’t even trying for it, too. (Part of me wonders, though, if it’s just Katie Mcgrath and she makes every scene that hot playing off of anyone else.)

  6. Jason says:

    I could see Lena having feelings for Kara, even if they’re not reciprocated. Actually, I’ve been thinking about how interesting a couple Alex and Lena would make, somewhere down the road. It’s not that I don’t like Maggie, but I feel as if it’s a bit unlikely that the first woman Alex dates should turn out to be “the one”. And I’m not saying they should kill off Maggie, because we’ve traveled that road too many times before. I’d just like to see Alex go through the same trials of breakups and dating that everyone else does. Lena would provide a source of real romantic tension for Alex. Plus, I just want them to avoid pushing Lena down the villain route. Katie McGrath is too great an actress to waste on a cliche.

    • Mary says:

      They could always give Maggie a job transfer or just have her relocate to Gotham. In the comics she has been in a relationship with Kate Kane (Batwoman), so they don’t have to kill her off.

      I just don’t see Alex with Lena though. Maybe because they really haven’t had very many scenes together.

  7. Nony says:

    Honestly, I think Mon-El is ruining the season. We’re seeing less of the characters that made me love this show in the first place, for what? So they can force the Mon-el/Kara thing? Everyone else have become plot device to further Mon-El. He fits with literally no other character but Kara, and even then it’s forced and blah. Kara can do so much better than him.

    The saving grace of this episode was the Luthors. I hope they keep Lena around longer, it reminds me of the first few seasons of Smallville with Clark and Lex’s friendship, which I enjoyed.

    • Superwoman says:

      You ok?

    • Josh says:

      Thank you! That’s my biggest problem with Mon-el! He’s almost always with Kara and no one else and seriously like the last 4 episodes have ended with Him and Kara at her place it’s so annoying.

      • Nony says:

        He serves no other purpose on the show except to be a romantic interest for Kara. It’s boring, and it’s taking away from characters that have actual depth and use.

    • Lauren says:

      agreed…everything about Mon-El was written badly. the writers erased the Kara/James story line to pave way for Mon-El but he contributes nothing to the plot except to serve as the love interest. also really hoping Lena gets to come back in the future episodes/season 3 because Kara/Lena dynamic is so sweet (and lowkey romantic)

    • Stacey says:

      I like Mon-El and I love Chris Wood, but I agree about the writing for his character. He is only being used as a LI at this point. We need to see him working with the rest of the team sans Kara. He needs his own SL, that does not involve Kara. They need to better integrate him in the story because right now he’s an outsider. Also, I think Kara’s,emotions have been all over the place this season, they might want to take a little more time to put them together.

    • danvr says:

      so agree with this. mon el doesn’t add anything to the show. in fact up until this episode, Supergirl hasn’t even felt like its been about kara. all her scenes are about him – his growth, what he wants, his feelings. they even made the Danvers sisters scene in the last episode about him. its turning me off the show. i signed on to watch a story about amazing women and the guys who respected them. not a frat boy who can barely tie his own shoes

  8. Dave says:

    Love Mon-El so much!

  9. kath says:

    I enjoyed this episode. Minimal Mon El really helps, he sucks the life out of the show.

    The creepiness of the Luthors is a nice change from all the aliens episode after episode.

    They finally found something for James to do so that’s a plut soo.

    • supersgirl says:

      Totally agree. Yawn El is dragging the whole show down. When he’s just there as comic relief he’s a lot of fun but he’s taking time away from Kara and Alex, from Kara and Alex and J’onn, from Maggie? (Seriously when are we going to get a Maggie episode?) and from Kara herself. What has done all season except babysit him? This episode was wonderful because it put Kara front and center and I hope we see more of this (and more Lena!)

      • Olivia says:

        Maggie doesn’t even have a backstory and she’s Alex’s girlfriend. Even with the shady Daxam stuff, we know way more about Mon-El. I mean….

  10. Superwoman says:

    Great episode…I love Mon El and Kara interactions, can’t wait for them to finally get together even though I know their r/ship is doomed.

    • Sara says:

      Why should it be doomed?

      I do not believe the you have to follow the comics. This is just one version – please god they do not all have to be the same.

      I think that they are great together and love their storyline much more than James. They really need to just kill him off at this point. Guardian does not work on this show

      • KCC says:

        The aliens looking for Mon-El is what’s going to doom them. When they finally get to earth we’ll learn who Mon-El really is and it’s going to be a shocker to Kara. Before that happens they have to get Kara committed to Mon-El to ratchet up the angst later and drive the drama later.

  11. Glenda Bacon says:

    Thank you Jason! It seems so….forced

  12. Glenda Bacon says:

    Why would Kara like this Frat boy? After being around Arrow, Flash James and Wen…………

    • Stacey says:

      I’m guessing because he’s an alien that had similar experiences growing up. She might be able to relate more to him in that way. I think there needs to be more of a build up for their relationship . Plus, they need to expand his character beyond Kara and involve him in different SLs. Right now he’s a bit one-dimensional.

  13. Jack says:

    Honestly, I thought that scene with Lena and Kara at the end would warrant a romantic advance. I am all for Kara figuring herself out and seeing where the Mon-El thing goes, but the chemistry between Lena and Kara is really electrifying. They’d be a very interesting and compelling couple!

  14. supersgirl says:

    Kara and Lena are such a great story. A Luthor and a Super? Now *that’s* what I call star crossed lovers. If only they would just drop Yawn El, we could have had Lena invited to game night!

  15. Kara and Lena Luthor have sparks James and Mon El wish they had

  16. CC says:

    A couple of weeks ago i read somewhere that this episode would be centered in Alex/Maggie relationship, their first Valentine’s Day together, their first fight and reconciliation but it wasn’t. Do you know why the change, or was it only a rumor? i even saw some promo pictures.

  17. Luis Roman says:

    It’s going to be so heart-breaking when Kara and Lena end up as enemies..

    • KCC says:

      Finally someone said it. Lena looking at the chess piece after Kara left and the flashback to her childhood wasn’t just a random thing. Lena’s playing a game with Kara and Kara is completely unaware. All these people shipping them can’t see beyond their fantasies. Kara and Lena are going to end badly.

  18. MplsGal says:

    Consider this an observation and not a complaint. Alex and Maggie coming out scene and Hank knowing about Alex being gay before she did because he is psychic. Not possible IMO. If he ‘reads minds,’ and Alex was ‘confused,’ then he could not have known before she did. He could only know she was questioning. Re Mon-el saying Daxum is ok with LadieslluvinLadies; isn’t Daxum considered deviant? Frat-boyish? Non-intellectual? Slave loving owners? So wouldn’t that send the message that being gay is deviant?

    • Katherine215 says:

      I took Hank’s comment to mean he knew about Maggie versus knowing specifically when she figured out she was gay.
      My impression of Daxum was that it was more hedonistic and self-indulgent than deviant and evil, so that would be in line with the “anything goes” approach to sexuality.

    • KCC says:

      Hank didn’t say he knew it before Alex, just that he already knew. They’ve been a couple for several weeks before that scene in the bar and Hank sees Alex every day.
      I don’t think the Daxumites see themselves as deviant, frat-boyish and non-intellectual. They follow the traditions and behavioural norms of their society. It’s outside societies that judge them to be a lesser people.

  19. Gerald says:

    I also like Kara and Mon El together. He is a great character as he continues to adapt to this earth.
    Also did I miss it before, is Lex dead dead? Lillian said she and Lena were the last Luthors. I find that hard to believe.

  20. Sawyer says:

    Yeah I got the feeling Lena was going to kiss Kara. Certainly a lot of electricity there. I also love SG and Monel. I am confused maybe Kara is attracted to Lena and SG is attracted to Monel. Excellent episode.

  21. Dominique says:

    i like kara and mon-el together, they’re sweet and refreshing together,
    i see some comments here about how they’re pure shipper-bait to draw in more fans, but i could say the same about alex/maggie. maggie was brought to the show for the very same reason mon-el was; to play love interest to a danvers woman. let’s not pretend otherwise.
    lena’s story was interesting and that final scene with the chessboard leaves me intrigued.. and a little worried! i hope they’re not going in the same direction with kara/lena as they did with clark/lex, that would boring and redundant.

  22. Sunshine56711 says:

    I love Mon-El and Kara together. I wasn’t going to post but I decided to post once I saw how some commenters thought just because more have commented against their relationship that that was the majority’s opinion of their relationship. I really felt fire under my skin with that last scene between Kara and Mon-El. I did not sense anything in the romantic department in regard to Kara and Lena. That scene just reminded me how trustworthy Clark was to Lex at first in Smallville and sadly now Kara will follow in his footsteps. Don’t get me wrong they are both fantastic actresses, but I did not sense what some did. Maybe I will go back and give it a second look. There are gay/lesbian superheroes.

    • MB says:

      No a lot of people are having issues with Kara’s lack of storyline outside of Mon El. Also most of the fandom don’t care either way about shipping but they do care when it slows the show down.

  23. Socruz says:

    I hate Mon El Supergirl pairing. Feels forced and dull. I hope they find someone Melissa Benoist has actual chemistry. Mon El character is not charming more like a annoying little brother.

  24. Kel says:

    Good grief, stop with the shipping wars, they are far more childish than anything seen on Supergirl. Loved this episode, #2 behind my #1 this season “Changes”.