Agents of SHIELD Cancelled Renewed

S.H.I.E.L.D. on the Bubble: Keep or Cut?

By mid-May, the broadcast networks must make some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2017-18 TV season, and which… won’t.

As that deadline draws near, TVLine is singling out a few “bubble” shows and sizing up their prospects — based in large part on creative strides (and stumbles) and future potential, but also with a requisite nod to cold, hard numbers.

Next up is a Marvel series that has seen more marvelous days.

THE SHOW | ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesdays at 10/9c)

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | Where S.H.I.E.L.D. used to maddeningly lollygag (and never more so than that pre-Winter Soldier Season 1A), Season 4 has been burning through plot at a very lively clip — due to its plan to span three distinct arcs, starting with Ghost Rider and LMD. The flame-headed former always seemed (and proved) to be an odd fit for the series, but the Aida/LMDs storyline did a nice job of picking up the Darkhold and running with it — though the outing of Robo-May came perhaps an episode or two sooner than we might have expected/wanted?

The ABC series has never been lacking for well-cast, root-for characters — from resurrected leader Coulson to haunted badass May, from hacker-turned-superhero Daisy to genius lovebirds FitzSimmons — even if it never quite knows how to simultaneously service them all, and well. Meanwhile, Mack after all this time still remains a bit of a mystery, while two of the team’s strongest recruits, Bobbi and Lance, got ushered off the canvas a year ago in anticipation of a spinoff that was not meant to be.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | Heroes are only as good as their villains, and you have to wonder whom Coulson & Co. — having previously battled multiple iterations of Hydra, traitor Grant Ward, Hydra honcho Grant Ward and Inhuman god Grant Ward, plus assorted anti-this/anti-that organizations — could go up against in this season’s third arc, let alone any possible fifth season. Their biggest threat might actually be the Nielsens. To date, Season 4 is averaging a 0.8 demo rating, down 33 percent from last year (and it hasn’t cracked 1.0 since the September opener). Most damning, only Quantico and the unofficially cancelled Conviction rate lower among ABC dramas, while S.H.I.E.L.D. draws the smallest audience of them all (with just 2.48 million weekly viewers).

It is often speculated that S.H.I.E.L.D. gets to skate a bit due to ABC/Marvel corporate synergy, but with an Inhumans series now in the wings (and due for a splashy launch), the Zephyr may want to prepare for a final landing.

Vote below, and then state your own case for keeping or cutting S.H.I.E.L.D.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ben says:

    SHIELD is my favourite show on TV right now. It delivers over and over. I hope to get at least another couple of seasons out of it… 6-7 would be great.

  2. KW says:

    I like the show, but if it does get the axe, I won’t be signing a petition to save it.

  3. eddie says:

    They should do a “mini series”. Renew it for like 6 episodes to tie it up. Meanwhile inhumans better get a good timeslot. When agents of shield was first announced i remember thinking “huh… Sundays at 8 would be a great timeslot” im thinking the same for inhumans.

  4. Superwoman says:

    It’s time to let this show go…it’s given as much as it could!

  5. Brandon says:

    The new time slot has been terrible for it, ABC’s death slot. The plot and acting keeps getting better every season,but the support from ABC isn’t there. Hope they keep it going, but ABC might not be the best place for it.

    • Ann says:

      This so much! The timeslot sucks. Although the real problem may be that there are too many good shows on in Prime Time Tuesdays and Thursdays in the first place. The show itself is great. I’d opt for a split season between SHIELD and Agent Carter. Both good shows.

    • Maria says:

      Yes exactly! It’s a family show, a great one, with amazing cast and writing it does not belong in the 10pm deathslot.

    • L Warwick says:

      yes, I hate the time slot, but I still watch it every week.

    • Steven says:

      I totally agree

    • George says:

      Except that it’s probably never going to be anywhere but ABC. ABC and Marvel are both Disney properties. One of the reasons to oppose such giant corporations is the fact that they sharply limit many opportunities, and this would be an example.

      • Dave says:

        It’s not like Disney couldn’t sell the series to another network. Scrubs was produced by ABC, but aired on NBC for most of its run. If they aren’t making as much money on it with a 10pm Tuesday time slot on ABC and, say, Sci-Fi wanted to pay them MORE to broadcast it, then why wouldn’t Disney want to do that? Unless it isn’t “more” enough, of course.

    • AMG says:

      Forever, which was in that time slot during the 2014-15 TV season, was cancelled due to WB ownership.

  6. brianne says:

    Whilst im not enjoyed the first part of the arc (ghostrider) i get it that it whas impose by marvel in order to continue or something like that, but now that the series came back to their usual set im finally enjoying the show again…i know that the ratings are not great, but they put it literally in the worst slot possible, the series double their initial ratings during the week…its and amazing tv serie, fitzsimmons are just great (iain de caestecker is the best actor i have known lately, and i think he would be a really great movie star) , now that are finally receiving more screen time, i dont like the elena character but it´s probably just me, the actress seems really nice…i would give them a final season…and probably i would give it again their former timeslot again…

    i love the show, i would miss it greatly.

  7. Dominique says:

    last season i would’ve said cut. but season 4 has been very stellar so far, both the ghost rider arc and the lmd arc. all new characters are played by excellent actors and i love the storylines for the main cast. i really hope the show will get another chance to prove themselves and make an equally strong season 5. it’d be a shame to see it get cancelled now.

  8. It’s so sad to see this type of article when the show has only been getting better and better. Season 4 in particular has been their best one yet! I truly hope we’ll get to see a 5th season because it would be a shame to let it go now :(

    • Superwoman says:

      TVL is doing these articles for most/all bubble shows, they started with Timeless, then Quantico…pretty sure we are going to see more articles like this for shows with renewals that could go either way. Truth is ratings for AOS are not impressive.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        +75 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

      • I didn’t mean to single it out, what I’m disappointed in is the fact that its ratings have gotten so bad that there was a need for such an article to begin with. I’m aware of how low they are sadly. However, in Live +7 they keep getting the highest numbers on all Networks week after week. So I’m kind of hoping this will account for something on the long run.

      • Mahan says:

        To be fair it’s. Still higher than arrow and supergirl and legends of tomorrow. And all of these shows have been renewed. And u should. Consider the fact that the time slot for Aos is awful. But it’s still better than those shows

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Ratings relative to shows on other networks is irrelevant.

          • madbarchetta says:

            Really??? So what is the point of the networks tracking ratings and ranking shows accordingly?? You know, the little periods they have three times a year, called “Sweeps” when each network is trying their hardest to beat the other networks. Ratings might mean different things from network to network, as in: the CW is likely never beat one of the Big 3, but “irrelevant” is a completely incorrect term here.

        • Dave says:

          You took the words out of my…keyboard! Was going to say exactly that. AoS is equal to or better than all the CW comics-based shows, except The Flash, I believe. If it were on the CW, renewal wouldn’t be a question. It’s better written than those shows overall. As much as I enjoy The Flash, how many times can a man so fast he can run through time lose a battle of reflexes with normal humans??? It’s happened repeatedly for no other reason than the plot dictated and I have yet to see anyone cry foul about it! AoS pretty much never has had things like that happen “just because the script says so.”

          And, in the days of DVR and streaming, why does timeslot even matter??

        • Andy says:

          1) No, it’s not. Legends beat it two weeks ago and tied it last week. SHIELD has been doing .6 for weeks (only becoming .7 last Tuesday), which is lower than or tied with Arrow, Legends, and Supergirl. 2) The CW has HALF the affiliates ABC does, that means half the potential audience, which is part of the reason why the CW can get away with lower demo numbers. A .6/.7 on the CW is like a 1.5 on the ABC (or at least a 1.2)- SHIELD is the bottom of ABC’s ratings while Arrow, Legends, and Supergirl are some of the CW’s most consistent performers; no comparison whatsoever. 3) The CW renews shows with .6’s because that’s considered good for them; it’d be an embarrassment for ABC to do the same.

    • Really? How has season 4 been the best one yet? It’s been getting better now that Radcliffe and the LMDs have been taking more of the centre stage, but it still hasn’t been nearly as good as the previous seasons, IMO. Antagonists have been mostly dull, Ghost Rider didn’t fit into the show (even though I liked the actor), most of the main characters have gotten very little development, and they haven’t really had any huge, mind-blowing or heartbreaking moments that the show had before. Although it’s getting more interesting and maybe the last arc will blow me away, but so far it’s just been OK and nothing more.

      • Because it stopped being the Daisy show, and it’s finally starting to focus on the rest of the characters. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Daisy, she’s one of my favourites, but it’s in season 4 that we finally got to learn more about Fitz’s history, as well as Mack’s backstory. Ming is pulling some of her finest acting with the LMD storyline and she’s finally been given another arc to explore. Not to mention getting rid of Ward is what saved this show for me. I was close to dropping it in season 3 because I had just had enough of him. Radcliffe as a villain is exceptional and just what this show needed, and I found that Ghost Rider introducing the Darkhold in the first pot fit perfectly well into the first part of the season. Looking forward to the third pod and what they have in plans.

        • Finally starting to focus on the rest of the characters? Fitz had far more interesting development and more focus in the previous seasons, especially season 2 when he was struggling with brain trauma. Simmons also had tons of development in seasons 2 and 3, not to mention an entire episode devoted to her experience on Maveth. May had wat more development and focus in the previous seasons as well, with her backstory in Bahrein, leaving SHIELD and coming back, dealing with what happened with Andrew etc. This season she’s only had one episode where the focus was on her (“Wake Up”). And Coulson gets more screentime than anyone – he’s had more screentime than Daisy in every season other than season 2 (and had an entire hour more of screentime than anyone else in season 1), so it’s hardly been a “Daisy show” in the first place.

          As for Ward, well, to each their own. But clearly getting rid of Ward did not have the same effect on audience in general, considering the declining ratings. Maybe people aren’t that excited about all those incredibly interesting antagonists like the Watchdogs or those ghosty people that felt like a reboot of the ghost guy from one of the weakest episodes of season , or Eli, who did not have any real connection or significance to any of the protagonists, or the new Russian thug who seems very misinformed.

          I agree with one thing, Radcliffe is indeed a great character, and I love John Hannah, and Mallory Jansen is even better. They’re what is making me hopeful that things are finally getting more interesting this season. But the way they desperately tried to give his not-so-surprising betrayal a greater emotional significance by bringing up Ward and Fitz’s father, was pretty poor. It’s just not even the fraction of the emotional weight that Ward’s reveal had, not even for Fitz, let alone anyone else. It’s like they are desperately looking for another Ward type reveal, but it’s just not working.

          And then what can I say about Ghost Rider… I really like Gabriel Luna. I liked him by himself, with his brother, the backstory, his early interactions with Daisy – which were interesting, before it turned into “Quake and Ghost Rider help SHIELD defeat some dull, one-dimensional bad guys” show. But he really did not fit with the show, at all. It’s like he had his own story that went parallel with the rest of the story, but barely intersected. He had no meaningful interaction with anyone other than Daisy for some 2-3 episodes, and even that didn’t particularly go anywhere. The protagonists didn’t even have any strong reaction to him. You’d think that a guy with a flaming skull and a literal hellbeing inside him, who also happens to be a serial murderer/vigilante, would evoke some really interesting ethical and metaphysical debates in our heroes – but nope. The SHIELD was pretty blase about it (other than Mace, who pointed out that hey, dude did straight up murder a guy in that prison, but no one listens to Mace). He’s possessed? Interesting. *shrug* He’s a vigilante and murders people on a regular basis? Is that OK or not OK for Coulson and co.? I don’t even know, they were just like “whatever. He’s on our side.” And all in all, He didn’t influence anything other than bringing the Darkhold. Imagine some other way they get the Darkhold, and he may as well not have been on the show – nothing would have changed in terms of storylines or team dynamic or anyone’s development.

          • That was meant to read “ghost guy from one of the weakest episodes of season 1”. (Tobias from Repairs. To be fair, they did reference him directly when the ghosty people came up during the first arc.)

          • “And Coulson gets more screentime than anyone – he’s had more screentime than Daisy in every season other than season 2.”

            You do realize that he is the reason this show even exists and that HE is the “protagonist” (if there even is one in a show that’s pretty much an ensemble, but let’s state that for the sake of it), and not Daisy right? Remember #CoulsonLives ? So yes, I actually find it normal that he has more screentime than the rest of the characters. And in season 4 I think everyone’s been given pretty much the same amount of screen time (I still wish they’d made Elena a regular though because I do miss her in the episodes she’s not in).

            “As for Ward, well, to each their own. But clearly getting rid of Ward did not have the same effect on audience in general, considering the declining ratings.”

            I think moving the show to ABC’s death slot had more to do with the declining ratings than killing off a character that should’ve been killed long ago.

          • So is it a “Daisy show” then, or is a Coulson show? Make up your mind. First it’s one, then it’s the other?

            “I think moving the show to ABC’s death slot had more to do with the declining ratings than killing off a character that should’ve been killed long ago.”

            The overall numbers are still going down. They’re also down from what they were earlier in the season. So why aren’t the viewers coming back in droves now that they’ve finally not just killed off Ward (that happened in the season 3 mid-season finale, BTW) but gotten rid of all traces of him? Yay, Ward is super-dead now, that’s supposed to be the salvation for the show according to you, so why are the numbers further declining, now that the show apparently can have all the awesome writing and all the awesome new antagonists and no Ward to spoil things?

          • “So is it a “Daisy show” then, or is a Coulson show? Make up your mind. First it’s one, then it’s the other?”
            If you’ll check my message again you’ll notice I mentioned ENSEMBLE when I referred to the show. But for the purposes of your Daisy vs Coulson discussion, focus on Coulson and more screen time for him actually makes sense here. Regarding of you not liking him and him being your least favourite character (as you’ve previously stated).
            As for the viewers, once you stop watching a show, you rarely get back to it a season later. It’s dropped. It’s why AOS spending half of season 1 finding its feet hurt its audience on the long run. Not many have tuned back for it, regardless of it being the most diverse and with some of the best writing out of all the Marvel shows. Also, lower numbers from one season to the other is to be expected. Especially at 10pm on a Tuesday night!

    • Michael Norman says:

      Totally agree!

  9. Cut it. The show’s gotten worse and worse and has driven away the fans who loved season one for what it was. Plus, the way they treat abuse (in which they victim blame repeatedly), brainwashing, and mental illness (Jemma, Lincoln, Ward) is vile.

    • madbarchetta says:

      Back up a second. Please provide examples of this vile treatment of which you speak. I’m very curious as to what you’re talking about that is so vile.

      • For the abuse – as I said they victim blame repeatedly (Kara included in that as she was brainwashed and abused by Hydra), they played the game of “who’s telling the truth about the abuse or not”, refused to acknowledge Garrett kidnapped Ward (he was a minor and couldn’t legally consent to going with him) and physically and emotionally abused him for fifteen years. They also never once acknowledged that Lorelei sexually assaulted Ward. As for the mental illness – Jemma’s PTSD after Maveth was supposed to be an important plot but they dropped it and she magically recovered. Ward tried to kill himself multiple times and never received help (Coulson was talking to Andrew – it could have happened). Lincoln thought he had to die and sacrificed himself to make up for something that wasn’t his fault. Fitz magically recovered from his brain damage too.

        • I can see where you’re coming from, and I agree with some of that, but in some cases I’m not sure if you’re actually referring to what is shown in canon, what writers/producers said in interview, or how the fandom – or rather, portions of it – treated it? And if it’s strictly canon, what is on screen, is it really about how the narrative portrays it, or just about how other characters treat it? The latter can be very tricky, because of the question ‘depiction vs endorsement’ and when the former equals the latter and when it does not. If protagonists do something or act a certain way, does that mean we should assume the narrative it saying it’s the right thing? That’s not always clear. Protagonists can be very flawed people, being human means not always being a paragon, and characters can also change their minds etc.

          I absolutely agree about the Lorelei episodes. I hate that episode, it’s the worst ep the show has ever done by far, IMO. The premise is an incredibly sexist trope, and it’s one of those cases where TV writers write rape in the narrative without realizing it, due to double standards, which tends to happen often when the victim is male and the perpetrator female, especially if SciFi elements like mind control are involved.

          I partially agree about Fitz and Simmons’ mental issues. I was impressed that they devoted a season to genuinely exploring a character dealing with brain damage. But then I was disappointed that it seemed gone next season. Simmons’ PTSD took even less time to disappear. Still, this is something that’s a problem on TV in general, and in fact, I can’t think of many shows that even tackle PTSD or brain damage in any meaningful way, and any traumas tend to disappear after an episode or two. I think AoS, while far from perfect, is actually one of the better shows in that regard, for even dealing with characters’ traumas at all and not have them disappear pretty much immediately.

          With Coulson not getting Ward psychological help – this is where we come to depiction vs endorsement issue: are we supposed to think that everything Coulson does is perfect and that he never makes mistakes? There have been many cases when Coulson – and others – have acted on personal feelings and in a way that’s understandable considering their situation and history, but their actions were still bad. Does the narrative call them out on it? In some cases it explicitly does, but in other cases it’s left to interpretation.

          I don’t agree about Lincoln, because the show never implied any of what happened was his fault. His act was portrayed as a heroic self-sacrifice out of love and he was practically compared to Jesus, with Coulson saying “he’s paying for all out mistakes” (clearly referring to his own murder of Ward, which brought Hive to Earth and started the entire chain of events).

          With Kara, I’m not sure what/who you are referring to when you say ‘they’ victim blamed her. Other characters? Writers? Fandom? Just because a character who’s been victimized goes down a dark path and has a tragic ending, does not mean that they are not presented as a victim. And I really don’t know who you’re referring to as “refusing to acknowledge” that Garrett kidnapped, abused and groomed Ward. Some of the fans certainly refuse to acknowledge that, but as far as I can see, it’s an undeniable fact from the show canon. It was portrayed that way on screen. If you’re referring to other characters refusing to forgive Ward because of his past, that really just means that people who have been hurt, deceived and manipulated by someone they were very close to tend to find it hard to get over that or trust that person again, especially when little time has passed and when they are still seeing them as a threat (not just physically but emotionally). It’s a very understandable emotional reaction. And people can also change their minds or react differently in different situations: see, for instance, the difference between what Daisy says when she’s face to face with Ward and lashing out at him, and what she later says when she’s finally honestly talking about her history with Ward to Coulson.

        • Before you read know that i am not mothertongue. There were i few terminologies that i’m not sure they are correct or the correct translation.

          i just want to add something about the PTSD comment.
          I agree with what you said about Jemma. But i don’t think they really meant to undervalue her suffering. I think that that entire season had serious problems with time managment. There where way too many characters, way too many plot point, and too many arcs to take track of and so they did what they did. I was a bit disappointed as well.

          With Fitz i strongly disagree. Yes, he got better but he is everything but back to how he was in the first season. It is not a plot point (and i say of course, because it’s not a plot point but a characteristic of Fitz now), but the character is still written (or at least interpreted) with those pauses, those “manners”, those gestures, and hand movements that he acquired since the incident. Also, every single time the character is in an heavily emotional “moment” he staggers, struggle with words, take pauses or repeats words. At first i was also confused by how much he got better but i reserched a bit, i also found someone who shared his personal experience and it is possible to get to a similar point as Fitz, but it is possible. Then also add the fact that in the marvel Universe research and technologies are way far than where we are and maybe this helped him get better faster.

        • Will Jacquin says:

          Are you kidding. First Lorelei is from another word so she wouldn’t really care and neither does anyone else. Fitz only had a little bit of brain damage. It was influenced from his depression because he thought Simmons had left him when really she was just undercover!

          • What?! Who cares how Lorelei felt about raping Ward and other men? The point is that you’re supposed to care about how a victim feels – and did you seriously just say that “non one cares” about rape?! but they would first have to acknowledge it as rape!
            What else is it when a person mind-controls someone and takes away their ability to consent, and then has sex with them? “Jessica Jones” certainly acknowledges that this is rape, as it should.

            But the AoS writers obviously never realized the implications of they wrote in that episode – because of the gender double standard.
            I can only imagine how people would have reacted if they had instead written an episode where Loki comes to Earth, mind-controls Simmons and makes her think she’s in love with him, and has sex with her… but no one in the episode ever calls it rape, and they instead keep making jokes about how women have a “weakness” for hot men, and the entire episode never bothers to address how Simmons feels about any of it, instead focusing on how Fitz feels about it and whether he’s jealous/insecure about whether Simmons is into him or some other guy. And someone slaps Simmons in the end for turning against them under Loki’s mind control. Oh, and Tranduil comes to hunt Loki, and then he and Loki keep having catty arguments about how Loki “stole” Tranduil’s girlfriend once – by mind-controlling her. Wouldn’t that be oh so well received! The fandom and media would take pitchforks to AoS writers and ABC.u

  10. Adam says:

    KEEP. They just need to stop being screwed over. Bobbi and Lance leaving the show because ABC was going to give them a spinoff and then didn’t really hurt some of the dynamic. Then Marvel Studios saying that what happens in the TV show has no impact on the rest of the universe (including Inhumans storyline they’ve been building for years) also really hurt the show. They’ve been forced to scramble – the show needs to be treated a little better.

  11. The first two seasons were good, the third was ok, but this one is bad in my opinion. Axe it or fix it!

  12. Keep.

    SHIELD has been dire for 3 seasons. i actually gave up halfway through season 3, but made it back and its improved considerably.

    It’s strange considering the backing behind this and the whole marvel cinematic universe which really should have been this show a slam dunk. It just took too long to course correct.

    DC shows have been consistently good and sheild has been terrible. This season it seems the reverse is in effect. THe gjost tider Arc and LMD arc has been brilliant.

    It’s a pity that this show is a standalone, it doesnt fit into the netflix run of shows and Agent Carter ( which i disliked) was in another time period. Having “marvels most wanted” as a spin off show was a terrible idea.

    Greenlight Moonknight!

  13. Carrie says:

    Cut. It’s “amazing” DVR ratings are only one tenth higher than it was getting live during 3a and it was hitting 0.9’s in 3b.

  14. Mary says:

    Unlike the other two shows, this one does have a few more seasons behind it, so it’s likely to get it’s fifth season despite the ratings to boost the syndication deal it already has, but I really don’t see it going past that.

  15. Lisa says:

    Keep. Definitely. This show has been great for the last 3 seasons (and post-Winter soldier first season episodes), the acting is on par with many critically acclaimed dramas, the plot moves very fast so there’s rarely any stagnancy etc.
    But if they do cancel it, I sure hope Iain de Caestecker finds another job soon, because boy is he a good actor. Fitz and his progression made the show one of the best (if not the best, IMO) shows of that genre right now.

  16. Jason says:

    I don’t expect an outright cancellation of SHIELD. I imagine we’ll get a 13 episode wrap up season that takes them to 100 episodes, a first for Marvel and a milestone they would likely love to reach.

    • 100 episodes isn’t require for syndication now and Sheilds already syndicated .Plus,it’s up to ABC not Marvel and the Marvel name didn’t help Carter or Most Wanted and Marvel seems to be having more sucsess with thier Netfkux shows than this.

    • 1.ABC cancels fractional or low rated fourth season shows Evdn those not far from the 100 episode mark.( UB,Nashville,Revenge).Secind,It’s up to abc not Marvel and the marvel name didn’t help Carter or Most Wanted and Marvel seems to be having more sucsess with thier Netfkix suphero shows than Sheild.
      Third,100 episodes isn’t required for syndication and Sheilds already syndicated.

  17. Ellisxoxo says:

    A kids show at 10pm on a school night? Vod #’s will probably keep it around one more year. Bad move getting rid of the two best characters last season.

  18. Priscila says:

    I hope the show ends and Elizabeth gets a new role in a better show. She’s amazing actress (Iain is great too) and both of them are underused. They deserves a main role in others shows. Great/amazing actors deserves the spotline and here they are just a ship.

    • Sadly, with the abundance of characters and the focus on plot, everybody on the show is often underused, with the exception of Coulson.

      • C says:

        Not really sure it can be said that Daisy is under used. There are posts everywhere from people saying she has gotten too much focus lol.

        I think it will get a fifth season, but that will likely be the last one.

        • Yeah, from people who hate her. She had focus in season 2, then she had focus in the last arc of season 3, and a bit in the first part of season 4. This arc she’s hardly had any character development. That’s not all that much for a character that many consider to be the show’s real protagonist.

          Coulson has had way more screentime in every season other than season 2 (there’s actually a statistic on the screentime of MCU characters done by IMDB user ninewheels that shows that) and even then the difference wasn’t that large *unlike season 1, when Coulson had an entire hour more than anyone else – although back then at least that made sense, since his resurrection was so central to the plot) and fanboys don’t complain that he’s had too much focus. I can only wish that Daisy was really getting more focus than him, since I’ve found her and storylines centered around her way more interesting than watching Coulson go into “You killed/kidnapped mah woman raaar!!” mode once again, or having another villain inexplicably obsess over him while all the protagonists trip over themselves to explain why he’s so special and the awesomest dude and greatest leader ever. Well, I’d enjoy anyone getting more focus than him, since I find him to be the least interesting of the main cast (and less interesting than quite a few of the recurring guest stars).

          You may have noticed that Coulson is not exactly my favorite character.

          • Shoe says:

            Daisy has had plenty of development. She’s gone from being an orphan consultant hacker to Shield agent/protege to Inhuman, not-orphaned, activist leader, to reluctant face of SHIELD/hero in 31/2 years. The show just does a bad job at showing that evolution because it gives the same emotional cues over and over. I like the show when it treats itself as an ensemble. It pushes all of the actors and moves everyone forward. We don’t get overloaded with one story and entire sections of fans aren’t alienated.

          • RichieS says:

            If the show gets cancelled do you think the Daisy actress will go back to Nashville?

          • @Shoe: People getting superpowers or becoming a figurehead of an organization is not character development, character development is how they feel about it, what motivates them etc. And yes, the show has deal with that in the past. It’s just that, possibly because this is the first season of AoS that I’m watching weekly (I binge watched the first three), it becomes more noticeable how many episodes can go by before the show gets to focus on a character and show their feelings, thoughts etc.

            At the end of last season, she had a very dramatic arc, and, especially in the two-part season finale, we got a lot of insight into her state of mind and how she was feeling about things. Then during the first part of season 4, she was rogue and dealing with depression. grief, guilt, trauma, which is not surprising after what she went through towards the end of season 3, and really, for the last few years. Then she ended up back in SHIELD, which was predictable – but it wasn’t some big turnaround. She was there to help her friends but still didn’t want to come back, and then Mace blindsided her and she had no choice but to either go with the lie, or completely embarrass and ruin the reputation of her former organization and her friends and teammates. In short, this is not the usual day in the office – but it’s been four episodes and we still don’t know how she even feels about being back? About having to keep up with the lie? Is she getting therapy? (Did SHIELD finally manage to get some therapist other than the late Andrew? They’ve all needed tons of therapy for years. Instead, they usually go with the philosophy “just take all your pain and anger and turn it into violence to beat up the bad guys!”) Is she feeling better about herself now? I don’t think that a short “Coulson is great and cares about you” pep talk from May or Fitz making her feel bad about leaving was going to do the trick. Does fighting the Watchdogs help her deal with issues and past traumas that had absolutely nothing to do with Watchdogs or any Inhuman-hating organizations? It’s been four episodes since she’s been back, and all she’s been doing is fight the Watchdogs, brood and utter an occasional snarky one-liner about how much the Inhuman-haters suck – which really isn’t telling me anything new or interesting. Yes, they suck, and of course she wants to kick their asses, as she always did, what else would she feel.

            Now, I’m not complaining, because Aida and Radcliffe (and LMD Radcliffe) have been great, and I’m sure we’ll eventually get to some character focus for Daisy, too (and same for other characters). But it just makes me realize how many episodes can go before we learn how characters feel about things that have happened, instead of just following one plot point after another. (And come to think of it, it’s always been like that. It took an entire season and a half after the events of season 1 to see Daisy genuinely talk to someone about her history with Ward, and almost an entire season after season 2 to see her talk about her parents and why she decided to use her birth name.)

      • toni says:

        Coulson is just as underused as every other character without superpowers. The show’s focus is only on Inhumans and superpwowered heroes since Inhumans popped up and became what Agents of SHIELD is about.
        Agents of SHIELD is an endless repeat of the same story revolving around Inhumans, superpowered heroes and what it’s like to have superpowers since season 2b, instead of a show revolving around non-superpowered Agents handling various unusual cases.

  19. Jimmy says:

    Not sure I care either way. Honestly, I think they need new showrunners who can fashion better, stronger stories.

  20. AJ says:

    Can we cancel this and get a Ghost Rider show instead? He made the first half of S4 watchable.

  21. Mike says:

    Keep might make season 5 the final for the series

  22. Marie58 says:

    One of my most favorite shows, period. Excellent on every level. It does NOT belong in the 10pm slot. There’s so much crap on TV, I’ll never understand why this show, superbly written and acted, thrilling every week, is struggling. I would really, really miss it. At the very least, ABC needs to allow it to come to a satisfying conclusion. And not an accelerated one. If they only want to give it one more season, so be it. But it needs to have a proper end. KCOP has been showing Season 1 and 2 re-runs and it seems like no matter how many times I’ve watched an episode, each one is still a thrill. You sure can’t say that about every show on TV.

    • Maria says:

      Perfectly said! The show is one of the few with superb writing that does not sound cheap, and it deserves a proper ending. The time slot was the absaloute worst slot for what is meant to be a family show.

      • Marie58 says:

        Exactly! It has a terrible lead-in, too. The Real O’Neals?? ABC is killing SHIELD’s viewership by pairing it with comedies. Instead of canceling the show they should cancel some network employee contracts.

        • toni says:

          In my opinion, it’s not just the timeslot, it’s because of Inhumans too. The showrunners changed Agents of SHIELD to Inhumans-show in season 3, because superhero fanboys demanded superpowered heroes instead of regullar Agents in Agents of SHIELD, and the ratings declined more and more.
          The showrunners are alienating the fans who loved Agents of SHIELD because it was a family-friendly show revolving around a team of regular Agents handling various unusual cases and enemies.
          If a show revolving around Inhumans and other X-Men-replacements was what many viewers want to watch, Agents of SHIELD would have a huge audience and great ratings.

  23. Nero tTVFiddler says:

    This show has a nice following and was a great idea as a TV series in season 1. But every show runs its course… S.H.I.E.L.D. has reached that end state. As others have noted, perhaps a limited run series of a few episodes for next season to wrap things up, or to act as a bridge to another (the next) Avengers feature film.

    But as a weekly television series on broadcast TV – it’s at the end of its run. I’d have to say ‘cut’. ABC has holes to fill, and a new head of programming… time to allow her to put her stamp on the Primetime Lineup. Quantico, SHIELD, OUAT, Conviction… changes are coming in May.

  24. T.W.S.S. says:

    Shield has unfailingly improved with every season. Though the cast is fairly large, the characters don’t feel underserved (see Gotham). My favorite thing about Shield is its ability to zag when everything points to a zig. It deserves at least a shortened fifth season to wrap up its affairs.

  25. Kim R says:

    KEEP!!! Oh, was I yelling?? :D

  26. Maria says:

    I love the show, it always captivates me in a way no other show does. It’s exciting, it’s emotional. The characters are extremely well developed, the storyline is captivating, interesting, and has many plot twists that always keep me entertained. It’s one of the few shows without cheap writing or bad acting, the cast is truly amazing and the special effects are beyond par.

  27. Amy says:

    Honestly i love the show but if everything was tied up neatly in the season 4 finale i don’t think i’d be too devastated if that was it. It’s had a really good run, was a solid part of a one of a kind tv/movie/netflix shared universe and has showcased some talented young actors (Iain de Caestecker in particular is really fantastic and i hope he lands some good roles).I’ll truly miss it if it goes, but i appreciate what it’s given us.

  28. Jared says:

    The ratings are horrible plain and simple but the ABC/Marvel synergy will save this show atleast for another season or a final wrap up of episodes. Can we atleast all be honest in saying AoS NEVER lived up to the hype??

    • ALM says:

      Amen! It NEVER has been what it could and should have been with the Marvel powerhouse behind it. The same with season 2 of Agent Carter.

    • ALM says:

      I meant to also say that its first problem was Marvel planning a show about an organization that was going to be blown to bits in a soon coming movie. Since they knew it was coming, this show would have worked better as a one season and done showing Shield before with some of the minor characters from Winter Soldier and hinting very slightly at what was to come.

  29. MLD says:

    I don’t care that much. If renewed, go to a 13 episode season that is more tautly written. I’m tired of the characters from the Marvel Universe that they have watered down greatly for AoS like Deathlok, Ghost Rider and (worst of all) the Inhumans. Why have Inhumans unless you introduce the Royal Family (who are much more colorful than Quake) and eventually go to Attilan? I watch passively now because of kickass agent Mae but am not that invested otherwise.

  30. Crystal says:

    Agents of shield has an amazing cast and the chemistry is great. It has a terrible time slot and should be moved back to 9pm. While that wasn’t discussed in the article above, it’s relevant to the ratings issue. The season 4 storyline hasn’t been great, but the same can be said for shows that have been given a reprieve and lived on for better writing.
    They dumped Agent Carter too soon and I hope they don’t make the same mistake here.

  31. Lucy says:

    I haven’t been enjoying this season, for the first time I have lost interest and I’m never in a rush to watch it anymore. While I love that they brought in Inhumans, they just felt like Marvel’s version of X-Men (because they can’t do it due to Fox).

    I would be surprised if it gets renewed, if it does it needs a serious reboot. If they linked it with Agent Carter or the Marvel films coming out this year like they use to – that could help.

  32. Amy says:

    Keep, if only to do a final season so it can be properly wrapped up. Unless the alternative is to to move Melinda May to a Netflix series or to the movies. Then I’d be willing to negotiate.

  33. Cut it. The last episode was pretty good, and I loved the exploding man and the girl with cancer, but what is the show building to, nothing???

  34. Sherry Culpepper says:

    Terrible time slot! ABC what are you doing? You’re acting like NBC! What gives?

  35. ernestine12 says:

    #RenewAgentsOfShield S5!

  36. Temperance says:

    I’m on the bubble here, too. I would come just on the side of ‘keep’, because I love this type of programming and all the good reasons listed above. It enver rose to appointment TV for me.

  37. Val says:

    I will do everything I can possibly do to make sure AOS stays in play. We’ve dove into the personal lives of each of the characters and thus created attachments and love for them. These characters are ones that we will never be able to see on the big screen so at least keep giving them the show! I admit, it’s previous seasons did have their weak spots. But ever since the introduction of the Ghost Rider and LMD plot, the show has only excelled in its storyline!

  38. jericho says:

    The show got shifted to the 10pm slot this season. It was expected to fall in ratings. The night and time where the only show that has survived the slot in the past few years is basically a tv series zombie where “its better than nothing” (ie Chicago Fire).

    The series made a fundamental blunder with their decision to do Ghost Rider and the hype they had for it. It fell flat. The “Sky/Daisy on the run” storyline was horrible. But they quickly shoved that under the rug with LMD and it has been great again. Tossing away Bobbi and Hunter was stupid, but it cant be undone at this point. I’d say the show deserves one more season and transition to InHumans.

  39. Val says:

    Love this show

  40. Leo says:

    Does this show have 100 episodes yet? Isn’t that the magic number for syndication or something? Maybe that isn’t something this type of show would benefit from, dunno.

    I think 5 seasons would be good enough for this show. I really like it but something about the show was always off. So many things change from season to season. Kind of feels like it never really found its place.

  41. Agents of Shield needs an occasional infusion from the MCU to keep its edge. Even a side character like Sif made for great television, as did Fury and Hill. Since the bigwigs behind the MCU do not seem willing to somewhat prop up the television spin-off, however, I fear that Agents of Shield is doomed.

  42. Kasey Lee says:

    Pair a short run season to wrap up with a return of Agent Carter. I adore Coulson and several others but to this day I wish they had drawn Coulson back into the movie-verse.
    Was bitterly disappointed at the loss of AC. As ‘Conviction’ is dead in the water, Ms Atwater is free to revive Agent Carter.

  43. Chad Hill says:

    This is the best season of Agents of Shield by far. previous season’s I’d stockpile and binge watch this years watching each episode as airs or next day.

  44. Dan Kephart says:

    Love this season! Binge watched all 10 episodes today! The artwork, the pacing, acting are great to me. Shockley re-animating was phenomenal! It is better each episode. Love the way it works with the big screen movies ever so slightly. A great fix till the next epic Marvel movie.

  45. marcus starkey says:

    it’s on to late needs better time slot

  46. Dan says:

    One of the very few show I record so as not to miss a episode.

  47. L Warwick says:

    It’s a public service to keep Shield. It’s a source of hope in a bleak world right now!

    • Maria says:

      Exactly, I need this show to cope with the current issues at hand. It ties back to events in the real world so well too, honestly, it’s a way better show then people give it credit for.

  48. David Baker says:

    ABC has done everything in their power to kill off viewership to the show, constantly going on hiatus to kill off momentum. Just this season they skipped a week after ep 2, then 2 weeks after ep 6, 4 weeks after ep 8 and no listed air dates after Feb 21 (ep 15) which likely means another break before rest of season. This is a model example of how NOT to keep your audience engaged, frankly any ABC exec who does not see that has zero business working in television period.

    • Carrie says:

      Those gaps are absolutely normal scheduling – every show has them, both to a) ensure they have new episodes to show in the sweeps months and to finish in May and b) to allow adequate production time for each episode.

  49. Chfh says:

    Cut. And cut anything or anyone connected with whedon from working on marvel again.

  50. The slow start to SHIELD did irreparable damage to the ratings. Even though the quality of the show has come leaps & bounds since Season 1A, it has been like pulling teeth trying to get lapsed viewers to tune back in. I was really surprised with all of the hype on social media about Ghost Rider, and seeing tons of comments from firsthand viewers loving the new direction of the series… it didn’t do anything to help the ratings. Which is again an example of how outdated the ratings system is, since ABC and other networks do not consider Online Viewing to count, even if you watch directly on Not to say that a lot of fans aren’t watching it through other means, since a lot of them certainly do, and that does nothing for the ratings; but if they would at least count and their direct affiliates who stream the episodes right away; they should count those when considering cancelling/renewing a show. I’m going to miss SHIELD if it goes away, and I still miss Bobbi & Hunter since we lost them to the spin-off they were *so sure* was happening… they could at least release the pilot they filmed!